Zack and Sam Part 4
Zack and Sam Part 4
So I was led by my cock to the dungeon followed by Sam and the brothers Mark and Steven. As I seen at the dinner party Mark was not a very nice person and even though he was younger was in control of Steven.
Once in the dungeon I was strung up again by my wrists naked and totally vunerable.Mark sat in a chair and Steven sat on the ground at his feet.Zack got some leads that were attached to a machine and had pads on them .He placed a pad on each of my nipples and one on my balls. He then took hold of my cock and put a metal top over it that was attached to a wire. The top also contained a thin strip of metal that slid into the slit of my cock with some discomfort.
Once everything was attached Sam spoke.”Okay Mr M.On the whole not too bad tonight but a few things that need addressing. First of all there was four times that you forgot to use the word sir when addressing the guests.”
He switched on the machine and took a remote control in his hand. With this control he could send jolts of electricity to any of the pads and also control the intensity. He set it four my nipples and sent a jolt to them. It hurt but it was also rather exciting. I noticed that my cock was getting hard I wriggled a bit and then it was over. The next one was stronger causing me to cry out and he third one stronger still caused me to scream and shake. Mark was smiling and laughed out loud when the fourth one caused a huge scream from me and my body writhing. The final shot was so strong I yelled. Tears rolled down my eyes and my body spasmed involuntarily. The pain subsided and if hung my head. Mark had dropped his pants and his brother was sucking his cock.I watched in amazement
I was sweating.Zack took the control and said.”Now we move to the two serious things. Firstly spilling wine on Jarrod even though you sucked it off you still have to be punished”
“Oh please no “I begged but he flicked the switch and sent a long strong jolt to my balls. I screamed and my head flicked from side to side “Oh My God .NOOOOOOOOOOO! STOP! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!
Finally the shock stopped. Sam spoke and said “Finally when our friend Mark here relieved himself down your throat you spilled some on the floor. You licked it up but you still must be punished. But we are going to get Mark to do it ‘Mark pushed Steven off him and stood still with his hard wet cock sticking out in front. He took the control and I begged him not to hurt me it was obvious where the next shock was going to be. He let it fly and my cock was shocked but he held t for a long time. I was violently thrashing around and Zack and Sam were loving it. Finally it stopped and I was left there to hang and sweat and cry like a baby. Finally the wires were disconnected and I was let down. I was allowed to lay on a mattress and Mark looked at Steven and said “Your turn”
Steven got up from his position and started to undress Zack and Sam left to go to bed but I was left there at Mark’s request in case I “could be useful”. Once Steven was nude Mark told me to tie him up the same way I had been. I did so marvelling at the strong frame tanned and beautiful and so handsome. I was aware that Steven could probably bash his brother’s brains in if he wished. Once tied up Mark got the key from around his neck and unlocked Steven’s dick from its restraints. It was hard straight away and Mark fitted the pads and wires in the same way that I had been I Ws told to move back to where the machine was and Mark removed his shirt so the three of us were naked. I was told to get down and suck his cock.If he came I was not to stop. I started to suck on his cock still wet from his brother’s mouth. I was facing away from Steven so I could not see him but I certainly could hear him. Mark started off with a very light vibration and Steven was moaning in ecstacy.He obviously started to turn it up as Steven’s moans turned to grunts and groans as it started to hurt. Mark was sending shocks to his nipples, balls and cock all at the same time. I continued to work on Mark’s hard prick. He was hard as a rock. He was enjoying his brother’s discomfort. Mark turned it up and Steven started to really make noise not screams yet but a lot of “OHHHHs”.Mark grabbed the back of my head so that his cock stayed still in my mouth, He shot hard down my throat and as instructed once he had cum I continued to suck his soft cockshy had turned the switch up and now there was some screaming from Steven. Just light but worse was yet to come. The sounds of Steven anguish was also turning me on. I was getting hard as a rock, Mark looked at my cock and laughed and turned the power up agin.Poor Steven let out a scream and Mark just kept the power going. Steven screamed and screamed and Mark told me to play with myself and I did listening to Steven screaming and begging. His pleas went unnoticed as Mark turned it to full and Steven went berserk although I couldn’t see him I could hear his terrified and agonising cries. Finally Mark turned it off and told me to stop jerking off and to stop sucking him. His cock came out of my mouth with a plop. He picked up a dildo shaped silver item and put some Vaseline on it. I noted that this also had a wire on it and was connected to the machine. He walked over to Steven whose sweaty body looked so hot. Mark inserted the tube into Steven’s ass while Steven let out a moan. Mark came back to the machine and indicated to me to get sucking. I did and despite Steven’s weak pleas Mark turned the machine on this time blasting him in the ass.I was sucking Mark off and for the next two hours Mark punished his brother with electricity sometimes to one area or sometimes to all. Steven’s screams and please became more pitiful each time. I continued sucking Mark’s dick.He came several times the last just a dribble. Finally he stopped torturing his brother and took off all the wires from Steven’s body. Steven hung there panting, sweating and crying. Mark told me to come forward and kneel and suck Steven off. He was semi hard and sweat was pouring off his dick and balls. I put my hand on his cock and he started to go rock hard. I found out later that he’d been in that cock cage for six weeks. I sucked him and then I heard him ask Mark if he could cum.Mark said that it was and Steven let out a loud grunt and started shooting down my throat. It went on and on and wad after wad went down my gullet. When he finished Mark had me take him into the shower and wash him and dry him before Mark put the cockcage back on. Then Mark told Steven to blow merit had been a long sexual scene and it didn’t take long before I creamed down Steven’s beautiful mouth. Steven and Mark dressed and left and I lay back down on the mattress.
When I awoke I went straight to my cock with my hand but I felt something on it. I opened my eyes and looked at it and to my horror I was in a cock cage very similar to what I had seen on Steven and Sam was there swinging a key in his hand
“Good Morning Mr M”he said with that evil smile on his face.”See you’ve noticed what Zack and I call the Preventer.”
“Yeah”Zack said “It’s going to stop you from jerking off and being with other girls or guys”
“And you will only be able to cum when you are here and we let you “Sam said throwing me my clothes and telling me to get dressed before leading me to the door “Oh and by the way we aren’t around next weekend so you will be here the weekend after. You should be pretty desperate for relief by then”
So saying Sam pushed me out the door and I headed for my car. These boys now had my life and my balls in their hands. It would be a long two weeks.

(Do you want to know how it happened that Mark rules his brother look out for the story Mark and Steven How it all began)

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