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Cathy was a pretty nice girl. Me and my boys met her at a pool hall on a Friday night and she was all about some group action frpm the start.

Cathy, 19, stands about 5'4 with long brown hair, blue eyes, killer body, nice smile, and white skin. Me and my boys are all over six feet tall and black. My boys are 4 of my friends that I grew up with.

In the van on the way to our place Cathy sat on my lap with no where to sit. From there she rubbed her tight ass on my dick for a good feel. About half way there she was ready to fuck every nigger in the van and had her jeans down to her ankles bent over between three of us with her ass changing directions.

She was grabbing her ankles and begging us to eat her shaved pussy. I grabbed her ass and dug my tongue between her pussy lips stretching for her clit. Her pussy felt tight and tasted fresh.

After licking and biting her clit for a few minutes I looked up and she had one of my bro's dicks in stretching her mouth. Bob was choking her with his big black dick while I ate her pussy at a steady pace.

After she readjusted herself I got my dick out and spread her legs while she sucked Bob in the seat next to me. She was getting double teamed between two seats by two fat black dicks and lovin it.

As I started to pump her pussy from behind I noticed her drooling all over Bob's cock and moaning. As my dick rocked her back and forth she went with the push and tried to deep throat Bob every time I inserted my length into her pussy.

I worked on her pussy for a few minutes before she grabbed our dicks and collapsed on the floor of the van.

"I want this cock in my ass," she said grabbing my dick. "And I want this cock to cum in my mouth, then I want two fresh cocks the same way after."

She thrusted her ass into the air towards my dick and I grabbed some lube from under the seat to get ready to fuck her ass. She looked up at me while I lubed it up in front of her brown eye.

I slowly inserted my dick into her ass as she sucked on Bob's dick. She moaned as I pushed in every inch of my dick into her tight ass. Her ass was tight, but I wasn't planning being on gentle so I stretched her ass to the limit by trying to go balls deep into her ass every time.

She loved it.

"Fuck my ass, more, more, more!" she screamed.

Then Bob smacked her across the face with his fat dick and she opened her mouth wide for her dinner. Bob humped her face in synch with my ass fucking and came in her mouth making a mess.

She spit most of the cum out onto her chin as Bob pulled his cock away from her lips. I kept hammering her ass all the while.

She grabbed DJ's fat dick and sucked it loudly as I pounded downward on her asshole. My cock had taken too much and I filled her asshole with cum as she sucked on DJ.

We had just pulled up to a gas station in the van and my brother G needed to get a drink. So she continued sucking DJ's dick in the parking lot with cum oozing out of her asshole onto the van floor.

She deep throated DJ out of nowhere and the fat prick came in her mouth. This time she tried to swallow it all and did. She pulled his dick and looked up at him licking her lips.

By this time we were bout done with Cathy so we bitched about the mess she made and she cleaned it up gladly. Licking the cum off of the van's dirty metal floor as we watched her. No less than 20 minutes later the bitch was dropped off back at her parent's house walkin funny.


2007-02-15 15:08:12
hey....cum dump....i've got a 12 inch niggacok in my hand hard as steel ready to bring you to your knees.....mmmmm I'll BURY my PIPE up your ass and make you lick my cock CLEAN!!!


2006-10-31 21:09:10


2005-10-01 13:36:18
This is total crap, I think you should be barred from ever writing again. You come off as some white boy trying to sound black and insulting the whole african american nation in the process. You need to learn how to write, learn some grammar, give some depth, or at the very least, make it interesting, I couldn't even make it past the second or third paragraph before I threw the bullshit flag. It was so bad, it DESERVES a 0/10


2005-07-08 14:36:23


2004-11-21 14:17:09
Terrible. 1/10

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