Chapters 44-47
Gentle Readers I know you all have been waiting for this, and your going to be pissed off at me for the next couple of chapters.... Just understand that I had to do it to move the story along... and I was between a rock and a hard place to keep the story alive so I've introduced more characters! as if I didn't have enough already. And once again if you haven't read the first 12 parts Go back and read them, you will be completely lost if you don't. I've gone off the map... and I'm not coming back for a while.

Chapter XLIV

Janna looked at herself in the mirror, she had been crying again. It had been over a month since the Coast Guard had given up looking for the lost jet. Yet every day she cried, she couldn’t help but think of her lost daughter and the growing life in her belly. She had told her husband that she was pregnant, and he’d assumed that he was the father, but the news was spoiled by the news of the plane crash.

She had thought about Jeremy often enough every time she thought about the growing life in her belly. She had had such plans for her daughter and Jeremy. She was highly charged sexually and her husband Brian had started ignoring her needs shortly after her first pregnancy. She smiled as she thought of the little bit of the nice young man she still held on to. Brian had taken to spending more and more time at work. Janna had as a result spent more time alone and usually crying. Jeremy’s father Blake and his uncle Edward had come by the day that the news had broken calling off the search. There was no hope the authorities had told her, Blake and Edward had both just laughed at that and smiled at Janna. Edward had finally said “Jeremy is like a bad penny he’ll show up again eventually.”

“How can you say that?” she had asked

“He knows my boy” Blake said

“If anyone can survive its Jeremy” Edward said “And if he survived then I’m thinking that he’ll have saved as many other people as he could”

“How can you expect him to be so selfless?”

“Janna I doubt he sees it as being selfless he’s just doing what I taught him to do and that’s save as many lives as possible.”

“You really think?”

“Lets just say we aren’t going to mourn him just yet” Edward said

“How long were you disappeared Ed?”

“Six months” Edward grinned


“Just did Janna have faith Jeremy is good and he’ll do the right thing and bring your girl back alive and healthy, and if he’s really good…” Blake grinned


“Oh he’ll have established himself with one of the girls”

“I hope its Sara,” she whispered

“Give it a year I’m sure that something will turn up” Blake smiled

“I hope your right?” Janna said

“You gotta have faith Janna without it all is lost” Edward said

It had been two weeks since that conversation; she still sat in front of her dresser and cried every morning. The grief councilor had told her that Blake and Edward were in denial, that there was no way that anyone survived, or could have survived. She laid back on her bed and clutched a pillow to her…

Chapter XLV

Mary had gone over to Rachel’s house after the news the loss of her Daughter Rachel had been too much to bear and Rachel’s son Gary being lost as well had brought the two sisters together at last. They had spent the last few weeks hardly speaking just holding each other and crying.

It was two months after the crash now and Rachel turned to her sister “I’m sorry I’m horrible but I have a confession”

“What?” Mary asked

“Well you know Rachel came over to my house for a party before they left”

“No I didn’t I knew that she went to a party but I had no idea?”

“Well I…” Rachel realized that she couldn’t admit everything “I know that Gary and Rachel were intimate?”


“I’m sorry I didn’t know who she was or I would have done something”

“When did you know”

“When I saw her picture”

“I’m sure it’s all fine…”

“Are you sure I mean I’m sorry I didn’t know”

“How could you have known I was so pissed off that you and James had slept together and he’d gotten you pregnant”

“Yeah well that’s the past sis”

“It is…”

“So how is he”

“You didn’t hear?”

“No what happened?”

“Well he went out to his hunting lodge after the news broke, One of his aids went out there and found him.”

“He’s Dead?”

“Yes apparently the loss of well both of his children was too much and he started drinking and then well drugs”

“I had no idea I’m soo sorry” Rachel Said

“Its okay he wasn’t ever much of a husband after the first year or two he had wanted an heir and he had two and that was all


“He left everything to his children, we share it equally after 5 years of their death.”

“I know its kind of rude but how much?”

“Two hundred million dollars I think the lawyers will be contacting you soon.”

“I don’t know what to say”

“Neither did I, I just wish it wasn’t true”

Chapter XLVI

Samuel and Gloria had said nothing to each other for two months, they had cried over the loss of their daughter. They had walked around their extravagant house on eggshells not speaking; their house servants prepared food and the business practically ran it self. Finally Samuel walked to where his wife was sitting on the couch in her cloud of depression. “Gloria dear I know you told me that Sunni was the only one you wanted, but maybe we should try again”

“How can you say that we don’t even know if she’s dead I haven’t seen her body”

“I know dear it troubles me as well that her soul maybe lost but we have to believe that she will find her way to heaven.”

Gloria Slapped him “How can you say that I refuse to believe that our daughter is dead our dear wonderful daughter cannot be dead”

“They found no trace of the plane”

“I don’t care” Gloria Spat “She’s not dead”

“Darling just think about it, having another child Sunni always said she wished she had a sister”

“I’m not talking to you about it” Gloria said

“I’m not asking you to talk about it love” Samuel said gently “Just think about it,” as he lightly patted her hand. She threw her arms around him and sobbed. He held her the same tears welling in his eyes. “If there is any hope that she is alive I promise I’ll do everything in my power, I’ll give everything to see her safe and happy” He whispered.

Chapter XLVII

Jeremy stretched as he got up Rachel Lay beside him, “its your last day with me,” he said as she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“I know” she said her hands seeking and finding his hard cock she stroked it lightly “I plan to make the most of it” she kissed him and pushed him onto his back, Rachel slowly lowered her soft mons against Jeremy’s throbbing cock she slid the parted lips of her slit up and down its length, her juices coating it thickly. She let it slide easily inside of her already pulsing and juicy quim. She rode it slowly leaning forward and letting him savor the sweet taste of her sweating breasts. Her hard nipples slipping easily into his mouth his tongue rolling them between his teeth. She moaned softly as her clit throbbed against his hips. She ground her hips against his as he mouthed her nipples. She rose and fell letting her pussy slap against his hips she could feel him throbbing inside her his cock swelling. She closed her eyes and Jeremy’s hands grasped her breasts. His cock twitched spurting white-hot baby batter deep inside her hungry pussy, she pounded her pussy on his cock faster and faster as each spurt shot deep inside her. She gasped as she climaxed on his cock; her body shivering and she slid off and milked the last drops from his cock with her mouth.

She lay there on the palm fronds her fingers stirring her overheated slit. She watched Jeremy get up again and put on his skirt and pass through the doorway. Jeremy headed out to mark his calendar, 65 days so far, and at least two of the girls were pregnant. He was on his way back when he ran into Sara.

“Hi Sara what’s up?”

“I was just wondering why you don’t just knock us all up I mean fuck every girl whenever you want? You could you know.” She said her hand dipping under her own skirt.

“Mostly because What happens if you all go into labor at the same time, or even close to the same time”

“Well then we all have babies at the same time”

“Sara dearest, have you ever seen a woman have a baby by herself?”

“No, there is usually doctors and nurses and”

“And we don’t have any of that right here, do you know how to deliver a baby?”

“No I mean I’ve seen it on the TV and stuff”

“But you have never actually been present for one?”


“Well neither have I and I’m both nervous and scared about it which is why I want to spread them out as much as possible”

“Well since you put it that way”

“Yes which is why I’ve been trying to keep too many girls from getting pregnant at the same time”

“Well couldn’t we just you know fix the boat and boat back?”

“Have you looked at the boat?”

“Yeah its on its side”

“And it has a hole in the side the size of a Subaru and even if we could fix that, which would be tricky at best we would have to re-float it and I’m not sure I would know where to begin. I know motors not naval engineering.”

“But Jeremy you’re so smart and everything couldn’t you figure it out?”

“How long do you want to be pregnant and sea sick?”


“Because that boat will ride swells like a drunken bull and I expect everyone will be sea sick on it.”

“But I mean I have been on boats before and I never got sea sick”

“On the ocean, on the open ocean? Jeremy asked.


“The Ocean is a different beast entirely Sara dear”

“So another lottery tonight?”

“Yep and Naomi and Rachel and Tiffany and Annabel are out of the running, and Sunni and Nicole aren’t due so I guess its between you Shannon and Rose and Pricilla.

“What about the other girls?”

“What about them?”

“Are you going to fuck them too?”

“I really hadn’t planned on it”

“They want you to”

“I have heard”

“Well what if they make you?”

“Make me?”

“You know like tie you down and take advantage of you” Sara grinned “I know I have thought about doing that myself”

“Well you are a naughty girl” Jeremy said squeezing Sara’s ass and she giggled “But I don’t see the others letting them”

“Your probably right. Sara conceded “So I’ll see you tonight?”

“If your lucky” he said patting her ass.

Jeremy walked out onto the beach; the girls were playing in the surf with Jolly watching them. They were laughing and splashing, he watched them for a while unnoticed. Then one of them spotted him and squealed. The group of six swarmed toward him, he made no effort to escape or move, he simply found a tree and sat down leaning up against it. “You come make baby with us now” the one called Mi asked, “You make baby with Joli then Channa.”

“You have to wait until it’s your time”

“We want time now?” Mi said the other girls nodded their naked nubile bodies glittering in the sun.

“Not now” Jeremy said trying to convince himself not to have an erection but the sight of so many delicious and perky young bodies he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

“Maybe you like Talla better” Mi said thrusting the youngest of the group forward she was just over 4 feet tall and had a nicely curved and firm butt, her breasts were just light slopes on her chest capped by almond colored nipples.

“We will talk about it tonight at dinner”

“No we talk now about it” Mi demanded Jeremy stood up and walked into the woods the girls started to follow but he gave them a glare that would have curdled milk. He wandered the woods for some time until he came upon some footprints in the sand. They were small and light and they were not heading towards camp, which was where he should be going now that he thought about it the sun was beginning to set. As Jeremy walked back toward the path he had the distinct feeling he was being watched, in an almost predatory way. He walked carefully back to the path and the trip to camp was uneventful though he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something or someone else on the island that hadn’t been there before. Dinner was good plenty of fish and some fruit, the new girls and the old girls nearly got into a fist fight over who would be chosen next. It was finally decided that they had to be on the island for six weeks before they would be eligible for Jeremy’s cock.

The lottery was to be held shortly and Jeremy retreated to hit hut to await the outcome. A little while later the door was pulled back, and Sara entered, she quickly removed her clothes and pressed herself against Jeremy’s body her large breasts soft against the firm flesh of his chest. She gasped as his ridged cock slipped between the lips of her swollen pussy. She just rested there her body trembling with desire as he kissed her soft touches like the wings of a butterfly she clung to him like a moth dancing around a flame. He rolled her over onto her back and kissed her again, She could feel his mouth tracing down her neck the soft bristles of his chin against the smooth sensitive flesh of her breast, his tongue circling the crinkled flesh of her nipples. Jeremy let his cock slide over the swollen flesh of her sex, the head of it bumping and teasing her clit. She reached down eager to feel him fill her, and he rested his cock just at the entrance of her gripping gooey slit He slowly leaned forward taking it an inch at a time, her pussy clamping and sucking on each throbbing inch until she felt full and fulfilled. Sara’s legs wrapped around Jeremy’s muscular body as their hips rose and fell to meet, he suckled from one breast and then the other and she could feel him pressing inside of her stretching her tight little opening with each thrust. She gasped as the feelings overwhelmed her senses the tingling in her clit and nipples at first then the hard contractions of her pussy as the orgasm took her she could feel him throbbing inside of her and then she felt the first spurts of his hot baby making man juice spurting deep into her womb. She gasped and cried her fingernails raking his back as she pounded her impaled pussy on his wonderful rod. She clung to him she loved to feeling of him inside her and she pulled him down to sleep on her breast his cock still buried in her throbbing gash.

Right still more to come... love your comments and suggestions...

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