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Dad goes to a gangbang and finds the mysterious young girl on his cock is his daughter

I was in total shock. My sweet little girl was being shafted by my cock. As soon as I saw her smile I shot my load inside her pussychute. And I could still feel Eden dumping his load, his cock twitching in her asshole.

My cock was still hard as the last drops of cum oozed out of my cock inside my little girl. Then I heard Laurie call my name and I turned. I saw the flash from a digital camera and was momentarily blinded.

"What the fuck?" I said.

"Insurance," was all Laurie replied.

My cock was so hard but my mind made me slap Kylie and spit in her face.
"Whore," I yelled.

She licked my gob of spit off with her tongue. Will pushed me aside and rammed his prick into her little red cunthole. All I could see was his swollen cock pushing its way in her blonde trimmed pussy.

I got mad. "Fuckin' pervert bastards," I yelled as I tried to dislodge Will.

"That's rich coming from you dad," said Mike as he pulled me away. "She loves cock just like you and me love pussy. You could have been enjoying that cunt for years at home if you hadn't been so fuckin' uptight."

I watched as Will blew his load and got off Kylie. He wiped his cummy cock in her mouth and she licked the last drops of spunk off his knob. Laurie pushed Kylie to her knees while Eden pulled out of her fucked asshole. He flicked his prick clean on her face and she licked him clean. Laurie smiled and pushed his fingers into her mouth.

"Look daddy. She likes it," he said as he made her choke on his fingers.

"You set this up, you bastard!" I lunged at Laurie but my son still had hold
of me.

"Your little slut girl likes it and daddy obviously likes it too," Laurie smirked as he wrapped his fingers round my prick and tugged.

"Get your hands off me, faggot," I yelled.

The mood changed.

"You've got no right calling my dad names," Eden said standing up to me.

"Who cares what hole you shove your cock in dad, as long as its wet and tight?" Even my son was against me.

Kylie was lying there naked, her tiny pink cunt oozing cumsnot between her legs. My prick had to admit it was quite a sight. But my brain kept interfereing telling me that soft pink cunt belonged to my daughter and my son and best friend had just been porking it.

And so had I. It was no excuse I didn't know it was my own daughter. To me had just been teen cunt.

"I guess what we all want to see now," Eden said, "is a whole lotta family lovin'." And he pushed his fingers into Kylie's red asshole.

"Cunt or ass, dad?" Mike asked.


"Cunt or asshole?"

I didn't know how to answer.

"Well, I'll take her ass, dad. Been in her cunt channel once tonight. Besides, want to feel Eden's cum greasing my fuckpole."

"Here, let me help," said Eden, and pulling his slimy fingers out of Kylie's asshole, used them to lube Mike's prick and get it hard. Eden jerked Mike's cock just a little too friendly, I thought. Then Mike lay down on the floor and Laurie and Eden lowered Kylie's asshole down onto him. She winced in pain but Mike just slide right in. Eden pushed his cummy fingers in her mouth to clean them.

"Climb on board, dad," Mike encouraged. Kylie was facing me. Her dribbling cunt was so inviting but it was my daughter's face looking at me. Anyone else and my throbbing cock would have been embedded ages ago but ...

"Fuck her dad, she likes it. And you'll enjoy it more knowing it's Kylie's pussy wrapped round your cock," Mike said as he started pushing his prick into her.

"I guess he needs some help, some chemical courage," Laurie smiled.

I wondered what he meant but then Laurie's parties had always drowned in drugs. Everyone took Viagra before one of Laurie's parties, and during it some of them took speed, MDMA, crystal ... poppers, that's what I could smell. That shitty gay drug that makes you lose your inhibitions for a moment or two. It always gave me a headache but some of the guys swore by it.

Eden helped Mike take a snort. Then Eden took a lungful himself amd passed it to his dad. Laurie was an old hand and I thought he's snort most of the bottle but he brought it over to me and wafted it in front of my nose. He held one nostril shut and I inhaled. It was a habit. I tried to shake it off but it was too late. I felt the blood rush.

Eden held Kylie's pussy apart, showing me the puddling cum inside. "Come on, daddy, see her little cunt. Little cunt made with your cock. Show her little pussy what daddy'sa cock is really like.

I was jerking my cock as I watched Mike's cock disappear up her asshole. He was out of it on poppers and Eden was pressing an amyl soaked rag to his face.

"Shit, fuck, dad. Get on her. Fuck her cunt."

Laurie was guiding me toward her as I stroked my cock and Laurie fed my nose more of the drug. I felt another hand on my prick, jerking me.

"Hey, Mr. Owens," Eden called. "Lookee here."

I looked as Mike pulled Kylie flat against him and Eden lowered his asshole toward her mouth.

I struggled as he ground his asshole on to her mouth. I could see her tongue flicking the puckered hole. She was getting it all slimed up. I just wanted out of there before anything else happened but Laurie kept up pressure on my cock.

"She's a champion asschewer, Mr. Owens," Eden was grinding his asshole into her face while he stroked his cock near Mike. Mike was so far gone he was fucking like a savage. Fucking his little sister in her asshole. I saw him look at Eden and Eden bent his long, hard prick down. Mike looked at me for a moment then pulled his head up to meet Eden's cock, running his tongue along the length.

"Like that mate?" Eden asked. "Your sister's ass juice and my cum. Lethal."

Laurie forced me to my knees near Kylie's pussy. He told me to breathe deep and just look at the juicy little cunthole.

I breathed deep and the rush went to my brain. I kept staring at Kylie's wet pussy. My own little girl, my own flesh and blood, my own daughter. Waiting for daddyprick.

I thought it was my mind telling me but it was Laurie chanting it over and over. And the more I stared at that pussy the more I wanted to be inside. It was like a hellhole sucking away all my self-control. I didn't just want my cock inside that wet squishy tunnel I wanted my whole body inside. Laurie pushed my face down and my tongue darted into the entrance, finding her slit and licking, sucking, chewing. Kylie groaned and thrust her hips down to meet me. Her pussy was wet and slimy. I tasted cum: my own, my son's and ...

I didn't dare think about it. My Kylie impaled on all that mancock. Loving it. Like I'd seen Justin enjoying it. I'd spawned a family of sluts. And here was I licking out my own daughter's fucked cunt.

I came up for air and Eden had moved his asshole down so it was level with my face. He was pulling the cheeks apart.

"See where your little girl has just been licking me out, daddy." I shuddered at Eden calling me daddy. "Looks so inviting. Why don't you suck where your own little girl has been licking and sucking, daddy. You'll love it."

No, I wouldn't, I thought. I'd never licked a guy's asshole and I wasn't about to start now.

But Laurie held the poper-soaked rag to my face until I went purple and my mind and body were ready to do anything including eating a teen bike boy's asshole that had just been slurped clean by his own daughter.

Fuck, Laurie pushed my face into Eden's steamy ass. Eden backed his asshole against my mouth and rubbed. Smearing his ass over my face like ... well, it was like nothing I'd ever done before. I licked, I chewed, I tongue fucked that puckered biker butt. And I felt my cock entering my daughter's cunthole. This time I knew it was her cunt and my cock felt like a thousand electrical currents were running through it.

I sank into her pussy like a comfortable sofa. It felt so right. My little girl's cunt was made for daddy to fuck just like Eden's asshole was to be eaten.

I felt Mike's cock in Kylie's asshole, thrusting hard. Eden took one last swipe of his asshole on my face and then got up.

I looked at Kylie and she was smiling: her lips puffy from sucking cock, and thin strips of dried cum patching her face.

I leaned forward to kiss her and my little daughter opened her mouth to take her daddy's asscrack tongue. Her cunt, her mouth were mine. I made them and now I would fuck them. It wasn't just the drugs talking, though that was part of it. I had made a little slut in my own image. A girl slut. Kylie. And a boy slut, Justin. And a son who was as big a pervert as his dad.

As I pummelled her little blonde cunthole I knew I would enjoy more of this at home and I knew what I wantred most was to watch my buddies fucking her, buried to their balls in her cunt, her mouth and her asshole.

As I fucked her with my rock hard prick and my tongue I glanced down and saw Mike smiling. He had a snail trail across his lips from Eden's cock. I reached back and squeezed his balls as I could hear the slapping of cocks being jerked in the background. I squeezed as I felt Mike's balls contract in preparation to blowng a load. I could feel my own juice bubbling up as Will and Laurie moved in toward Kylie's face. Mike went first and Eden shot soon afterwards as he heard Mike grunting. Most of his cum shot over Kylie's
face but some of it dropped down on to Mike, deliberately I thought. As I was coming inside Kylie her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed as she arched her back. Seconds later Laurie and Will dumped their loads and I saw Kylie smiling with a dumpload of cum swimming around on her tongue.

I leaned forward and kissed my little girl, sealing out future with a tongue covered in manslime. And I knew I would fuck this pussy always and all ways.

The aftermath of the gangbang was strained. We all dispensed with coffees and headed out. Eden, Kylie and Mike were the least affected and headed out for more action. I admitted a twinge of jealousy but soon buried that. I was buggered - although not literally. I wanted home.

I parted on strained terms with Laurie and Will. All Laurie would say is "We'll talk." And Will slinked away while we were all cleaning up.

I drove home alone aware that there was a hot throbbing in my groin. My cock was still ramrod hard. But there was no more cum. Or so I thought.

As I pulled into the driveway of our house, I noticed parked some way down the street almost hidden in a black spot from street lights, Gene's car. So now I knew where he'd gone for young cunt.

I wondered whether I'd be in time to see the action.

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After I read it. Yah its a fuuckng great makes my dickk hard but I have 2 heads .
My dickk and my head.
My dickk went hard.
My head told me that was too gross.
That's ur own blood.
U r fuckng perverteddd.
That's really gross.
U r the dad u know the good things.
But u followed ur mates or fucckng people who whispered to u!! U r damn !! And fucckng shtt. What do u feel about someone destroying ur daughter and son's life.
Not just let them . U joined them too.
I felt hurt after I read this.
I know it feels good 2 u but still gross.
It looks like letting someone kill your family then u r still smiling and let ur self join killing.
U can say all the bad things to me @
But I really want to emphasize this.
“How do u feel about killing your own kids?"

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