starting my new job he finds new ways to expose himself
I had just got my first job cleaning at the town hall. It was not a really big building with a raised front door to get in then there has the town office and the library and the R. M. room. There was a large set of stairs going to the downstairs and around the back there was a smaller set of stairs going up to the door to the outside that was on level ground and then another to up to the main level. The cleaning room was downstairs and the sports office for all the sports that go on around town.

It only took about an hour to clean if you just cleaned but I would always be there for like 2 or more hours. I would hurry and get my cleaning done or most of it anyway. The library was always open late and the librarian was good looking it was a small library only one room. I would pull my pants down a little and have my dick hanging out the top of my pants with my shirt hanging over it so just standing there you can’t see anything but if a was to put my hands up to high it would pull my shirt up and you could see my dick hanging out. I would do that and go in and clean the library dust everywhere. I would reach up my dick would come out and someone could see. I was always facing away when I would have to dust up high. I would have to empty the garbage witch is right beside the librarian. My dick would be like right on her arm as I would reach in and get the garbage and then have to put in back. Thinking about my dick touching her arm was starting my make me hard so I had to leave before my dick started to stick right out. I headed back down to my cleaning room.

Next I would go in to the sports office and start wiping my dick on her phone or anything she would touch or put her mouth on then jack off onto it. In her office she had a bathroom I would go in there and lick her seat of her toilet thinking about licking her ass.

After I was done in there I would start to play games I would tell myself I have to run out to the main stair case that in right in front the main door to come into the building and stand there with no pants on for 30 secs. I would run out there and stand with my hands on my head and count to 30 and then run back to the cleaning room. I would tell myself I had to jack off on the middle step. I would run up the stair case and start to jack off but I would hear someone coming and have to run back down before I blow my load. I would wait 5 mins for that person to leave and then run out there and try again this time know one came and I blow my load on the step and ran back down to the cleaning room.

I knew I had to punish myself for not jacking off the first time. I just didn’t know what I could do. All I had was my stuff I used for cleaning so I go a broom and took the handle off and put a bag over the handle. I would have to put the broom stick up my asshole and walk up both sets of back stairs and down the one hallway to the main one and stand there for 30 secs with the handle up my ass and then head back down the stair to the cleaning room without taking the boom stick out.

I got the broom stick and put the bag on and taped in down so it would not slide up or come off. I used the sink and got the bag wet so it would slid up my ass I put it up to my asshole and started to push back onto it and it slid up my ass about 3 inches the length of the handle so then it would stay in good because my ass would close around the handle and not let the broom stick fall out and I started out of the cleaning room thinking this is going to be easy and walking up the stairs was easy too I had to hold the broom stick in because it was just wanting to fall out. Once I got up the stairs I headed for the main hallway and got out in the middle and started to count 1 2 3 all the way to 30 once I go done I started to turn around that was harder because the broom stick was 5 feet long and would get stuck on the carpet when I was turning and it would turn in my ass but I got turn and back down the hallway and back to the stair.

Once back at the stair I had to go back down them so I started just walking down them not thinking it was going to be any harder then going up. After I got down the 3rd step I found out quick it was not going to be as easy by far because as I was on the 3rd step the end of the broom stick was still on the top of the stairs and I had to bend over to keep moving down the stairs. It was putting lots of strain on my asshole but because it was only 3 inches in my ass it would flex my asshole from the inside. As I got to the 4th step the broom stick fell down to the 1st step and in doing so gave me a little jolt in my ass from the fall. This is where the really bad part started because I had to bent over I was heading down the stairs with my legs straight and my head pointing down the stairs hanging on to the hand rail so I didn’t fall down the stairs head first. It was starting to really hurt my ass with the end of the broom stick handle pressing hard agents the wall of my ass from being up three stairs higher then me. But I was going to finish I went this far I could make it the rest of the way.

I got the broom stick down one more step and then I thought I heard someone down stairs so I panicked and went to back up the stairs but then I backed up I ended up ramming more of the broom stick up my ass it was like 6 inches up my ass now and I still need to get back up stair before this person that was down stairs seen me so I needed to turn around and as I was turning I got to the wall and I was close to getting turned on the stairs but with that broom stick in my ass I couldn’t turn it was to long I need to get more if it in my ass to make it shorter so I bent over more and started pushing back on the stick so I could get it to slide farther up my ass and I found out that if I move the stick around in my ass it would go farther and farther up my ass I got it like a foot up my ass and then went to turn around quick an it hurt lots because to get the broom stick that far up my ass I had my upper body strait with the broom stick to slide it in farther and to turn I had to stand up strait. So I started to stand up and it put so much pressure on the walls of my asshole I had tears in my eyes but I got turned and back up the stairs.

After about 5 mins I didn’t hear anyone down there anymore so I started back down the stairs with the broom stick so far up my ass now I had to bend my upper body perpendicular with the stairs and hang on to the railing so not to fall down the stairs once I got down the stairs I got to the cleaning room and started to remove to broom stick. I put my finger right at my asshole and pulled it out so I could see for sure how much I had in there. When I pulled it out I was in aww at how much was in there, there was 14 inches in my ass and there was a little blood on the end of the broom stick. I must have torn the wall of my asshole a little when I was turning on the stairs.

When I was leaving I just had to lock all the doors before I go. When I went into the sports office to lock the door she was in there talking on the phone. She just looks up and me and gave me a little wink. I walked out the door thinking in my head did she see or hear what I was doing out here.
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