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There' s a lot of things people don't know...
Guardian Angel stories.
There’s a lot of things that people don’t know; well perhaps they half know them, then they make up the rest. This has been getting to me and so I have decided to let you in on a few secrets. First the introduction. I am a facilitator. That’s not the real name but it is the most neutral. The Americans call me a fixer, religious folk call me a guardian angel. Some just think I am a ghost. Gamblers call me the roll of the dice or… well it goes on. As a facilitator I am responsible for sex. A guardian Angel to those engaged in or thinking about sex and as sex is the central reason behind the human race… well I guess that makes me pretty important, more important than fixers in charge of actors or transportation for instance.

What do I do? Easy, I keep human beings interested in sex. I titillate them. Ensure that the girl with the big tits gets looked at. The guy with the pecks and a square jaw gets noticed. I ensure that a whole system is put in place to make folk want , above all else, to fuck and fuck and fuck some more.

Things sometimes grind to a halt or maybe have trouble getting started. Shyness, social convention; all sorts of things can get in the way of the smooth workings of sex. That’s when I come in; ride to the rescue of the tongue tied or embarrassed person or persons. I give them a little nudge. That’s me, that’s my job.
You want to know how it works? OK, here’s the picture. (I change the names like they do in the true confessions.) Chris is married to Lucy and they live in a London suburb. Lucy works in advertising, nothing fancy, just magazine stuff. Chris is a draughtsman in an engineering firm and is happily married to Lucy. They have a good sex life. Chris is well built, nearly a hunk in the body and definitely a hunk in the tool department: he is really well hung. Lucy, although she feels she is a bit over weight, has a good figure. Her tits have not yet begun to sag too much and she really likes her husband’s cock, riding it cowgirl style whenever time permits.

Lucy used to work with a girl called Jane who left to get married, moved down to the south coast and then discovered that her new husband was a bit short in the sex department. She got a job with a firm in Brighton. Same line; ads. She and Lucy keep in touch and go out shopping together whenever Jane comes up to visit. Jane is shorter than Lucy, blonde – Lucy is chestnut – and they are both thirty eight years old. Jane is stocky with a pert bum and full breasts. Lucy has a cuddly figure and has to remember not to eat the food she really likes. Chris says he likes the fuller figure and definitely loves her smooth, well trimmed, fanny. So now you know the cast.

We join them one evening at Lucy and Chris’s home. Jane has come up and is staying with them for the weekend and the two girls have spent the afternoon shopping. They sit in the lounge with the TV on low and chat. What are they thinking. Chris is thinking that he would love to get his hands on Jane’s tits. She is wearing a sweater and is filling it out in the most enticing way. They look full and heavy and Chris imagines getting his lips around her nipples. Feeling their soft weight in his hands. Come on, what’s he got to offer in a shopping conversation! He watches Jane’s lips as she talks, notices the slight overbite of her teeth. Gives her a bit of a bossy air. He watches her tits again.

Lucy has fleeting thoughts. She after all is entertaining and old friend, making sure they have something in for breakfast, all that sort of thing, but every so often she wonders what it would be like to watch her husband’s lovely big cock sliding into her friend’s juicy little pussy. The thought, when it comes, flits into her mind giving her a little thrill in her soft, smooth belly. Would she mind? Jealousy flickers then fades in the light of the image. She watches her friend wriggle onto Chris’s big cock and tells her husband to fuck her hard. There, that would make it all right. They continue discussing the merits of sequinned tops.

Jane? She is not getting enough. She is randy but then she always is when Chris is around. She has always fancied Chris. Remembers once, when they were embracing for a farewell kiss, feeling his erection push briefly against her thigh. She can feel it right now. She is drinking tea and wondering what it would be like to have him. She wonders about Lucy. That would surely be the end of any friendship, wouldn’t it? Unless… Someone had once asked her would she ever consider a bit of naughty with another woman. She had answered no but had thought about it later and… well maybe, perhaps, if the woman were soft and cuddly, if she liked the woman, if… if the woman were Lucy and Lucy was willing and… She remembered Lucy trying tops on in the shops changing room. Full soft breasts and lightly tanned skin. She saw her back tense as she pulled the top up and watched her tits bunch in the white bra as her friend untangled her chestnut hair from the garment. Mmmm?

So, I have these people together and left to themselves they will continue like this until Jane goes back to Brighton day after tomorrow. Then Chris will take Lucy to bed - first night alone in the house - and feel her tits, slide his hand between her legs and eventually push his cock up into her wet vagina. Lucy will imagine it pushing into Jane’s hot cunt and Chris will imagine the same, each will work on their private fantasy with not a word being spoken. Unless.

Time for me to intervene. Facilitator’s nudge. For Jane, an angel touch on the inside of her white, soft thigh. She moves her position in her chair letting her legs slant more, pushing her knees slightly apart. The thrill of my touch brings the thought of Chris’s hard on back into her mind. Now I feed her the classic line.
‘Is it me or is it hot in here?’ She wonders why she has said such a thing.
‘It’s you, sweetie,’ says Lucy to my prompt, ‘that jersey is too warm for in here. You’ve got a slip on. Chris won’t mind, will you love? Take it off.’ She also wonders why she has said these things, like people do, not knowing that a facilitator is operating the autocue. Again I brush Jane’s thigh and she lifts the hem of the jersey over her head to reveal her well filled bra to Chris’s wondering gaze. ‘Wrong about the slip,’ she says and blushes at her apparent brazenness.

‘Is that the one you bought today?’ asks Lucy about the bra and Jane eases the straps and tells her yes.
Chris gets up. Lucy notices the bulge in his trousers. ‘I’ll make us some coffee,’ he croaks and heads for the kitchen. He hears them both giggling and feels almost tempted to nip up to the toilet and have a wank over the image of Jane’s lovely full bra. I stop him. That would be the end of the evening. He makes coffee. Loads the tray and does the hotel waiter bit back into the lounge. Lucy is trying on Jane’s bra. Jane is now topless and she turns as Chris comes in, pulls her shoulders back and lets him have the full view of her pink, nipple tipped breasts. She feels wonton. ‘Fuck me now’ screams in her head. Lucy settles the warm bra onto herself. ‘Go on Chris, have her now, let me watch your lovely cock slid into this little blonde.’

In reality nobody says a word. Chris is literally speechless. He cannot speak. He wants sex. Time for another little nudge. I push my ghostly hand up Lucy’s skirt and find her hot little cleft. I rub gently and she reaches behind herself, unclips the bra and advances on Jane.

‘Evens,’ she says and touches her taut brown nipples to Jane’s, now taut, pink ones. The sensation is fabulous. Electric. Jane closes her eyes. Lucy closes her eyes. Chris opens his wider. He gulps in the scene, watches as the soft breasts seem to meld together. The two women embrace. He puts the coffee tray down and feels faint as his wife finds Jane’s lips and pushes her tongue into the girls mouth. She can taste the lipstick, feel the warmth and strength of her tongue as it searches her own mouth. They tongue, they devour.

Now I can almost leave them to it. Now is too late to go back. Chris places his hands each side of Jane’s body feeling her soft warm skin. He undoes the clasp at the side of her trousers and pulls them down. Her full little bum fills frilly black panties, he kneels down and runs his hands up her thighs then pushes her trousers and shoes off. He kisses her bum through the briefs and senses the movement as she opens her legs going up on tiptoe to push against Lucy. He runs his fingers up the inside of her leg then presses into her hot crotch. She works her hips relishing the feeling of his fingers and the warm push of Lucy’s mound.
The die is cast. Lucy wants to watch.

She lays her friend down on the rug. The coffee table is pushed aside spilling the milk from the creamer. Lucy pulls the blonde’s panties down and kisses her belly as Jane opens her legs. Her cunt is swollen and ready. Lucy looks up at her husband. ’Have her. Have her now.’ Chris drops his pants and his prick snaps up against his stomach. Lucy pulls a cushion from the sofa and pushes it under Jane’s hips. She leans down and kisses her friend’s hot, fuck ready cunt then guides her husbands cock, wet from her mouth into the blonde bush and watches her dream come true as the tip slips gently up between the full labia. Jane gasps and pulls him in. Lucy watches slipping her skirt and pants down. She lays back on the sofa and finds her clitoris. The thrills surge through her body as her friend urges up onto the big cock.

She feels she could come just right now but I nudge and she wants to experience more. She kneels down beside them her tits brushing their thrusting bodies and cups her husband’s balls. They are hot and heavy, full of come. ‘But not yet,’ I say and she moves up to fondle her friend’s softly moving breasts. She puts her finger into Jane’s mouth and then into her own. Jane opens her eyes and gazes at Lucy almost in a trance as she feels the full size of this man’s cock. It is so stiff, so hot, so hungry. She parts her lips for Lucy’s tongue and sucks it into her hungry mouth. She pushes her hand down and finds the smooth mound, the full labia, the wet clitoris. Lucy shags against her fingers.

I slow them down. Chris rolls over onto his back, his cock shining with Jane’s juice. Lucy straddles him and slides her smooth cunt down it’s slippery length, down to his bush. Jane watches Lucy’s tits bounce, sees her head thrown back, her hands behind her grasping her husbands strong hard thighs. Watches her soft belly move as she swivels on the hard penis. She kneels up and inches her way to straddle his mouth. A classic pose she had seen once. His tongue does not hesitate and pushes into her juice. She fingers herself then leans forward and fingers her friend. Lucy comes. She shouts, she growls, she groans. Her cunt scrubs on her husband’s cock, rubs against Jane’s questing finger. She comes again. Chris holds back. He wants more.

Lucy climbs off and Jane leans down to take his wet cock in her mouth tasting Lucy’s juice and feeling the hard throb as he urges it in. Lucy takes the image of the sixty nine in. Jane wriggles her bum on her husbands mouth and slides her lips right down his cock. Again she kneels beside them and again cups his heavy balls in her hand. She feels them jerk as he shoots into Jane’s mouth. The blonde sucks hard then, lifts her head and Frenches the cum into Lucy’s eager mouth.

I felt that I had done a fine job here. I watched the closing scenes of this session with great satisfaction as both Lucy and Chris took turns to lick the blonde into spasms of passion. He got hard again and took her while Lucy frigged on the settee. By three o-clock in the morning they were all exhausted and the coffee had long since grown cold. They all bunked down in the big king-size bed and Lucy woke during the night to hear her friend whimpering as Chris fucked her. She lay beside them and gently stroked Jane’s tits.
The sex carried on right through until Monday. Jane acquired a lasting taste for Lucy’s quim and particularly when Chris was hard up her from behind. Lucy would watch and wank bringing herself off almost without stop and the beauty of it all was that none of them could quite remember why it had come about. That’s a good facilitator for you. I felt that they would be alright and left.

How did it all end? Well it still has not ended but it did make a big difference to all of them; most of all Jane who could now answer the question would you go with a woman. Yes! Yes! Yes! Back in Brighton she found a lovely WPC. Her husband never suspected anything amiss; after all, he thought, she was too busy with her lady friends to embark on an affair. Perhaps I shall give his prick a little feel one day and set him off somewhere.
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