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My phone rang at some un-godly hour Saturday morning. “Hello,” I said groggily while my husband Craig lay in bed still asleep.

“What’s up Christina?” It was Logan, an old friend of mine from childhood.

I rolled over to look at my clock on the nightstand and saw it was five in the morning. “Do you know what time it is?” I asked.

“Yea, its way too late in the morning for you to still be in bed,” he said in his military command voice.

“Don’t lecture me on how late is too late. I’m not the one that ran off to join the Army. And just to let you know, 5 a.m. for us civilians is early,” I said scolding him.

Logan laughed then said, “Well the main reason I called is to let you know that I’m coming to L.A. for some training that the Army wants me to do and I will be in town for the next two months. I figured since I was there that we could get together for dinner and drinks.”

Logan and I stayed in touch but I hadn’t seen him for more than four years so I was very excited about getting to see him.

“That would be great! You can finally meet my husband!”

“Great! Let’s say we go to dinner next Saturday, my treat.”

“Okay, I can’t wait!” I replied.

The week went by and Craig and I were getting ready to for our dinner date with Logan. Craig came out of the bathroom naked while I was putting the finishing touches on my make-up.

I loved seeing coming out of the shower naked. His 6’2” body was smooth from his freshly shaved head to his neatly trimmed pubic hair just above his long, thick cock. His well defined body glistened from beads of water and I found myself wanting him to fuck me before our dinner date with Logan.

“Are you ready babe?” he asked while he sat on our king size bed.

“Almost, I have just one thing to do before I’m ready.”

I stood up from my vanity and walked over to Craig. “Well you look ready to me, what else do you have to do?” he asked as he looked up at me.

“Oh … just this.” I said as I grabbed the hem of the black form fitting evening dress that covered my long legs, rounded tight ass and my 36DD breasts, then lifted my dress up slowly, showing him at first the lacy tops of my thigh-high black stockings and then my bare shaved pussy.

Wide-eyed, Craig said, “What are you doing?”

“Relax, Logan isn’t due here for another hour and he is always late,” I responded as I dropped to my knees between his legs.

“But …” was all Craig could say before I interrupted his sentence by leaning in and licking his shaved balls. My tongue dancing around his balls which made his cock swell up to its full nine inches in a matter of a couple of seconds. It always turned me on when I felt his cock grow in my hands and I could feel my pussy begin to grow wet because of it.

While I sucked on his cock I thought about his cock buried in my ass. I reached between my legs and began to finger myself so when I was ready for him I could use my pussy juice as lube for my ass. Craig moaned loudly as I worked my up the shaft of his cock and then wrapped my red painted lips around the tip, teasing him without mercy.

He looked down his body into my steel blue eyes and said, “Oh fuck! I love seeing your mouth stretched by my cock!”

Craig and I have always liked to talk dirty to each other while having sex. Other times when we fucked we would talk about one of our fantasies. He always said he wanted to watch me fuck another man and I wanted a three way with two men. It didn’t matter if we talking dirty or about our fantasies it always had the same result; it made both of us cum hard.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Yea but I know you really want to see me sucking on another man’s cock, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes! I want to see you sucking another man’s cock or being fucked hard by him!” he said in a shuttering voice.

I felt his cock twitch and grow even harder in my hand when said he want to watch me being fucked hard and I knew he was starting to go beyond the fantasy stage and was now seriously considering letting another man have his way with me.

“Ooh, I bet you would want me to lick his balls, suck his cock and let him fuck any hole he wanted to while the whole time you sit down and watch him use me like a dirty slut!” I said before taking his cock back into my mouth.

“Yea, I want to watch you be a fucking whore! I want to see a big cock slide in and out of your pussy!” he screamed out.

I deep throated him and held his cock deep inside for a few seconds then, after I came up for air, I said, “Mmm, I bet you would even want to help him fuck me by shoving your huge cock in my tight ass while he is pounding my wet fuck hole!”

“I would do anything for you! I would fuck your slutty little ass deep and hard if that is what you want!” he said as he fell back onto the bed. Hearing say that turned me on even more and I took his cock deep into my throat. My clit swelled and my pussy leaked profusely, so much that my juices ran down my thighs and dripped onto the floor.

While I sucked him deeply I ran my hand from my pussy to my ass and rubbed my own pussy juices against my puckering asshole. At the same time I broke away from sucking his cock and large amounts of per-cum oozed out of the tip of his cock and ran down the shaft, which I used like a lube as well.

Once I had his cock and my ass slippery with our combined fluids, I stood up and crawled onto his naked body. I reached down between my legs and grabbed onto his throbbing cock and guided it into my hungry ass. I slowly worked my hips in an up and down motion, easing Craig’s thick cock into my ass until he was completely buried inside of me. After I had him inside of me I rocked my hips, grinding his cock hard.

“Oh god! Your cock is so fucking big!” I squealed.

Craig clasped his strong hands onto my slender waist and began to take control of my body. At first he rocked my back and forth slowly but with each passing second his pace became quicker and harder.

Before I realized it, he was rocking me so hard against his cock that the heavy oak head board of our bed was beginning to slam against the bedroom wall.

“Oh fuck! Fuck my ass hard you bastard! Fuck me as hard as you can!” I said as I placed my hands on his chest so I wouldn’t fall off of him. Craig had rolled me onto my back and pushed my stocking covered legs back so my knees were by my ears and drove his cock as deep as he could into my ass.

“Tell me you like getting fucked, slut!” he screamed.

I screamed out loudly, “Oh fuck, yea! I love to be fucked! I want you to watch me get fucked like this and be treated like a filthy fuck toy!”

Craig’s pace went faster and hard until his body shimmered from the small beads of sweat that was now coming out of his pores.

“I’ll do more than just watch, I’ll fuck your pussy while you get your ass bored out!” he shouted back at me. With him fucking ass hard and talking about my fantasy, I felt my pussy grow wetter and tingled. I knew I was going to cum soon.

Craig slid two of his fingers into my pussy and pumped them fast and hard, alternating them between the thrusts of his cock. “Tell me that you love this slut! Tell me you love having both of you holes filled! Tell me that you’re a filthy little whore!” he demanded.

“Oh fuck yea! I’m a whore! I’m a filthy, god-damn whore that loves to be … oh my god!” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I began to cum hard from Craig’s cock and fingers. My whole body shook as I felt my clit become almost too sensitive and a hot sensation race throughout my body, starting from my soaking pussy and ended at the top of my head and bottoms of my feet.

I screamed out in pure animal lust and my pussy gush a stream of cum, spraying up to Craig’s chest and covering my own belly and breasts. “Oh fuck that is so hot! I’m going to… fucking… cum!” he yelled.

I could feel his cock unleash his hot load of cum into my tight ass as his body begun to shake uncontrollably on top of me. Once he was done coming he slid out of me allowing his sticky cum to ooze out of my freshly pounded ass and we both laid there quietly to catch or breaths.

Craig looked up at the clock and realized that Logan was going to be at the house in 30 minutes. “Oh shit! Look at the time! We need to get cleaned up!” he said jumping out of the bed and running to the shower.

We both got cleaned up and I had to find another dress, since the one I had on, ended up covered in cum. But Logan being Logan, he was 30 minutes late getting to the house. And we were ready to go to dinner before he got there and Logan was none the wiser for it.

We all piled into my jeep and went to dinner. We ate and the “boys” drank.

Craig and Logan were hitting it off which kind of surprised me since Craig tends to be a little shy around people he doesn’t know. But they had so much in common and Logan is the type of person that never has met a stranger, before I knew it they were acting like they had known each other forever.

We left the restaurant and we were heading towards my jeep when Logan asked, “Well it’s still early, what do you want to do now?”

Before I could say anything both Craig and Logan said in unison, “Strip club!”

I had nothing against strip clubs but I didn’t want to go to some rat hole where the ladies look like they smoked too much meth or had more stretch marks on their bodies that there were lines on a city map. So I agreed to go and babysit them as long as I got to pick the place. Both agreed.

I took the guys to a place called “The Body Shop”. It was a large club with plenty of hot girls to look at. Drinks were kind of expensive but not watered down and for those wanting a special one on one dance they had private rooms to go to. Logan asked how I knew about this place. Before I could answer, Craig spoke.

“She used to come here now and then we she was going through grad school. A matter of fact this is where we met for the first time.”

“Wow, really?” Logan asked.

“Yep, I saw here and figured that a hot lady like Christina here would come into a strip club she had to be a little freaky. But after I got to know her better the pure sexual desire was replaced by love,” Craig said.

“Aw aren’t you Mr. romantic?” Logan replied.

We all laughed and continued our conversation on the way to the club. We got to the club around 10, which was a good thing because we were able to get a table close to the bar and stage. The boys drank while I sipped on soda and we all threw a few dollar bills at the dancers.

As the night went on both Craig and Logan were getting a good buzz on, which was fine by me. They weren’t acting stupid but Logan was giving both Craig and I money for the dancers like it was going out of style.

Then finally Logan called three girls over to the table and bought each of us a lap dance in a private room.

I ended up having a petite redhead as my dancer. She was only 5’2” and maybe weighted 100 pounds but she was really sexy for her size. She had a body that have an ounce of fat on it, emerald green eyes and a 34B chest that was perfect for her body.

“Lexus” was her name and she took me by the hand and led me to one of the private rooms

. Once inside she asked me to sit on an oversized leather couch and she locked the door.

“So have you ever had a lap dance before?” she asked.

I smiled. “More than most,” I answered.

Lexus walked seductively towards me and looked me up and down and said, “Well you most know the rules then.”

I lean back further into the leather couch and said, “It has been a while since I had a lap dance but I know the big ones.”

At this time the redheaded vixen had reached me and lowered herself between my legs and slowly spread them with her soft hands, causing my dress to ride up my thighs. “Well don’t worry about the rules; they are mainly to keep the guys in check. Besides you are one sexy lady and I don’t mind bending the rules as long as you don’t mind.”

“Rules are made to be broken.” I replied with a smile.

Her hands slid up my legs until they reached to tops of my stockings, where she used her painted fingernails to tease the soft bare flesh just above them. Chill bumps raced throughout my body and I spread my legs a little wider so Lexus could get her body closer to me.

She pulled her hands out from underneath my dress and removed her red lace bra she was wearing and slid her matching G-Strings off her hips.

The music started and she began to move with the beat. She lean back on her knees putting her hands behind herself onto the floor and spread her knees apart, exposing more of her body. It was almost perfect. She had pink eraser sized nipples and her tight looking pussy that had patch of red pubic hair neatly shaven in the letter “V” just above it. Her skin was a flawless milky white and I wanted to feel her against my body.

Lexus moved seductively for a minute or two on the floor, showing me the rest of her perfect body. Her ass was the best part of her body. It was a small rounded tight ass and completely smooth. The type of bottom that looked like it needed to have a good spanking.

As I watched her danced I remembered I why I liked this club so much. I just wish my favorite dancer, “Starr”, still performed. She used to give me special dances in my college days, which always left me completely drained and satisfied.

After Lexus was done doing her floor movements she slid back up my body and between my legs where she had started. But this time she had moved her soft hands further up my legs and she used her finger tips to dance just outside of my pussy causing me to tingle. I was beginning to think that I might have a new favorite dancer soon.

“Are you okay with this?” she asked.

I slid my body so my own spank-able bottom was on the edge of the couch and spread my legs wider. I reached up and softly stroked Lexus’ face and said, “I’m more than okay with this.”

Lexus lean in and kissed me softly on the lips, and then she kissed me deeper. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths and one of her hands moved to my pussy and flicked at my clit causing me to get wet. She broke from our kiss and shifted her body so her left nipple was close to my hungry mouth, which I quickly took. I sucked and nibbled on her nipple until it was stiff. I the same to other one and took turns on them until I heard her whimper softly. The entire time I was teasing Lexus body with my tongue, she used her finger on my clit and gotten me thoroughly wet.

“Oh shit your good!” she said.

“You aren’t too bad yourself,” I said in a lustful voice.

Lexus lean in and kissed me deeply again and laid me back onto the couch, sliding my dress above my waist and worked her way on top of me and between my legs. The entire time she didn’t break from our deep kissing. “Oh fuck you got me so fucking horny!” I said.

“Mmmm… I think I can make you even more excited if you want me to?”

I simply nodded my head and she smiled at me. Lexus moved her body to my feet and then scissor her legs between mine. When her hot pussy touched mine we both let out a small gasp and I began to play with my nipples through my dress.

Feeling my nipples stain against the satin bra I wore that night and myself pinching at my own nipples really had me turned on. I really wanted this hot girl to fuck me hard.

Lexus began to grind herself against me and she bit at her lower lip. Seeing her getting lost in the lust filled moment was causing me to grow closer to my own orgasm.

The sexy nymph’s body began to shake and her breathing became erratic, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and I knew that she was going to cum soon.

“That’s it baby… cum for me… cum on my pussy!” I said in a whisper just in case someone was just outside the door and as listening in on us.

Lexus was breathing hard through her nose and she was pinching her own nipples hard.

While she rubbed hard against my pussy, I squeezed my own breasts and pinched at my nipples. My clit was hard, juices were pouring out of my pussy and I felt a hot intense sensation building up in my lower stomach and it was working its way down to my soaking hole. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came.

“Oh shit…oh shit… I’m fucking cummi…” Lexus grunted through mashed teeth trying her best to be quiet.

Her body thrashed about wildly and I could feel her pussy gush a flood of cum onto my pussy and the couch we were on. I was amazed on how hot her cum was and how much she squirted. I thought that I was one of the few women that squirted so it was nice to find another one.

Lexus was still grinding her pussy against me as she came, and I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm. But just before I could cum a loud pounding came from the door that startled us both. It was the bouncer telling Lexus that time was up and I needed to leave. She quickly answered back and went to a small cabinet where there were towels and cleaning supplies.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry… I got so wrapped up by you I forgot about you!” she said.

I was a little upset that I didn’t get to cum but I understood the house rules and didn’t want her to get into any trouble. “It’s okay; I can always go home and fuck my husband,” I replied.

I took the towel she handed me and cleaned myself off, making sure that my dress didn’t have any wet spots on it and began to head out the door. But before I left, Lexus said, “Wait! Here let me give you something.”

She ran over to the cabinet and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something down and returned to me. “Look I really feel bad about cheating out of an orgasm, so here is my cell phone number and my real name.”

Before I left the room, she told me to call her anytime if I wanted to finish what we started.

Sexually frustrated but happy that I met a new “friend” I went back to the table where Craig and Logan were seated. Both looked up at me with cheese eating grins on their faces before Logan finally spoke.


“So what?” I asked.

Craig chimed in, “So how was your lap dance?”

I looked down at the two of them for a second then a wicked smile came over my face. Not because of what just had happened but I had decided that I had two horny men sitting in front of me and that night I was going to have my fantasy.

“So are you going to say something?” Logan asked.

“Yes, a matter of fact I’m going to say two something’s. One we need to leave, so get your shit and let’s get going; and two, a lady never kisses and tells.”

Both Craig’s and Logan’s jaw nearly hit the floor on my last statement and I think their poor little “man brains” damn near exploded.

I started towards the front door of the club and the two men followed.

The drive back the two were asking questions about my lap dance and they realized that they weren’t going to get anything out of me they started to talk about their lap dances. And from what I was hearing them say about them, my dance was far better.

About 40 minutes later we got to the house and I was able to “convince” Logan to stay the night with us, by telling him he had way too much to drink to drive back to his hotel.

He didn’t argue one bit and asked if we had anything to drink in the house. I ensured him that we did and got the two buzzing men into the living room. The two talked about the lap dances they got and were comparing notes on the dancer’s styles and how they would “tear that pussy up” if they had a chance.

I, on the other hand, played the dutiful wife and made sure they had drinks and had something to eat before I excused myself to get changed into “something more comfortable.” The two had no idea what was going to happen next.

I ran upstairs to the bedroom and quickly changed into a black satin corset that I had and my matching elbow lengths satin gloves. I decide to forgo the panties that night. I went to my vanity and “slutty-uped” my make up before I returned to the living room.

I was looking at myself in the mirror and felt a wave of nervous energy wash over me. “What am I doing? Am I sure I want to do this?” I asked myself.

But as quickly as my nerves came, they went away and was replaced by pure lustful desires. It only took a few seconds of me thinking about having a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time to cause the “tingling” sensation to flood my aching pussy. Looking back into the mirror I said to myself, “Oh yea, I want this.”

I went back down to the living room and strolled over to the stereo. At first the two didn’t even realize that I returned let alone that I was dressed up like a high class call girl getting ready to service her client. But that only lasted a second.

Without a word I put a CD into the player and pushed the play button. The music I picked was good “stripper” music. Once the first song came over the speakers I turned around to face Craig and Logan.

“Um… dear?” Craig was asking me, in those two word, what in the hell is going on?

I looked down at both Craig and Logan and said, “Tonight is a fantasy night.” I looked over at Logan and spoke.

“For Logan it was a hot stripper rubbing his cock through his pants and he was ‘fantasizing’ that she would find him totally incredible and would fuck him right then and there.”

I then looked into Craig’s eyes. “For you, it was the fantasy of a strange woman fucking you and your wife being okay with it.”

Then I looked at both of them and said, “And as for me, well I’m tired of fantasies. So tonight Craig you will get yours and I will get mine.”

Logan was dumbfounded and didn’t have any idea I was talking about, so he looked over at Craig for answers, which he didn’t have. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Craig asked.

I didn’t answer him with a single word but instead I started to move my body in time with the music. I moved towards Logan in a way that a stripper would until I was about eight feet from him. There I worked my way down to the floor and laid on my back, putting my heels to the floor and arching my back while rubbing my body all over.

I looked over to Craig just to make sure he was doing okay with my “performance” and saw that he had reclined in the chair and was rubbing his cock through his pants. Once I knew that he was okay with what was going on, I turned my attention to Logan. I tormented a little by moving like Lexus did for me. I arched my back, showed him my wet pussy and fingered myself in front of him.

I could see by the bulge in his slacks that he was enjoying the show, so I decided to add to the heat by slithering on the ground and moving towards Logan like a cat in heat. When I reached him I slid between his legs and looked up at him. “Are you ready for this dirty whore to fuck your brains out?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me, so I took his silence as a yes.

I ran my hands up his legs and the down his thighs until I had reached to large bulge in his pants. I could feel through his pants his hard cock and was impressed by what I was feeling. It felt thick and long, just like Craig’s cock maybe even a little bigger. I massaged his cock with my hand for a little bit before I worked my way further up his body.

When I got to his chest, I slowly unbutton his shirt exposing his powerful chest. I leaned in and flicked at his nipples with my tongue, which made him moaned. I pushed him back into the chair he was in and then stood up, turning around so my firm ass was close to his face.

I looked over to Craig and saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was slowly stroking himself. “Mmmm baby do you want me to take Logan’s big cock with my mouth?” I asked Craig.

“Yea…I want to see you suck his cock,” he replied.

I sat on Logan’s lap and began to grind my ass on his swollen cock, still trapped by his pants.
“Or do you want to see his big cock splitting my pussy lips and filling me up?”

Craig nodded and I smiled because, although he didn’t know it yet but his cock was going to be deep in my ass soon. I turned to face Logan and unbuckled his belt, his pants and slid them off his body. Logan was a little shorter than my husband, but all that Army training made every inch of it lean, cut and very sexy.

As soon as I could I threw Logan’s pants to the side and kissed my way down his body until I was back on my knees and between his legs again. I pulled his cock down towards me so he could see it push past my red slutty lips and down my throat. I first licked his cock and balls causing him to squirm in his seat, making him beg with his eyes for me to suck it.

He softly reached down with his hands and clasped both sides of my head and guided his throbbing cock to my lips. I didn’t try to stop him and let every inch of him go down my throat slowly, the whole time I looked up at him. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I pushed in deeper until my nose was against him.

“Oh fuck!” Logan yelled out as I deep throated him. I sucked on him until I could taste his salty-sweet precum ooze onto my tongue. At that point I stopped sucking his cock and lay on my back in front of him and so Craig could get a good view of Logan’s cock plowing deep inside of me.

“Come and fuck me.” I told him.

Logan looked over to Craig as if he was asking permission from him. “Don’t look at me; she is the one in charge here.” Craig said.

Logan slid off the chair while removing his shirt and placed his head between my legs and began to eat my pussy. I first felt his hot breath on me, which sent little tingles to race throughout my body. But when Logan’s tongue touched the bottom of my pussy and ran up to my clit, the tingles turn into wave of pure pleasure that curled my toes and made my nipples push hard against my satin corset.

I turn my head towards Craig and said, “Do you like this? Does it turn you on having your slutty wife pussy eaten in front of you?”

Craig sat in his recliner, stroking his cock slowly, smiled at me. “Fuck yea!” he replied.

Knowing that Craig was comfortable with me being fucked by Logan; I was able to truly enjoy his talented tongue. Logan licked and nibbled my clit while thrusting his middle finger deep inside my pussy stroking my G-Spot for several minutes, making my pussy wetter and wetter.

“Oh my fucking god!” I screamed out as I felt my pussy begin to contract around Logan’s finger in a milking motion.

The combination of Logan pleasuring my filthy fuck hole and Craig watching while fondling his massive cock caused my pussy to convulse in my first massive orgasm of the night. I soaked Logan’s face, my ass and the floor in a river of my gooey cum. As I came, Craig moved from his recliner to the floor by head and kissed me deeply. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths which muffled my cries of desire.

While Craig and I kissed, Logan continued to lap at my spewing pussy with long flat strokes of his tongue and pummeled my tight hole with his finger. After I finished cumming I instructed Craig to put his back against the couch while sitting on the floor. He did exactly what I told him to do and I move myself between his legs with my back against him so I could feel his hot cock against my lower back.

Turning my head over my shoulder, I said to Craig, “Hold my legs and spread them for Logan.”

Craig reached down and grabbed my legs just behind my knees. He pulled them back and spread them just like I told him to do, exposing my still leaking pussy to Logan. “Now Logan, I want you to feed my pussy your hot cock,” I said.

Logan crawled to me on his hands and knees and when he was close enough to me, he took the tip of his cock and rubbed my pussy lips, lubing himself with the sticky sap that still oozed from my soaked pussy. Once his cock was wet he leaned back, so he wouldn’t block Craig’s view of his cock entering my fuck hole, and pushed his thick cock inside of me.

“Look at it! Look at his cock going inside this slut’s pussy!” I demanded. I could feel Craig’s cock pressing hard against me and his precum painting my lower back, running down to my ass.

“Shit that is so fucking hot!” Craig whispered in my ear.

Logan began to thrust his hips, burying his thick cock deeper inside of me with each stroke. As Logan fucked me, Craig kissed me neck, freed my breasts from my corset, pinching my nibbles until they stood straight out and burned from lusty desire. The three of us stayed locked together, fucking and playing with each other until I felt another orgasm building deep inside of me.

“Come on … fuck me … fuck me harder!” I demanded Logan.

Logan grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against his cock while at the same time he shoved himself as hard and as deep as he could inside of my soaking pussy. Craig whispered in my ear, “Do you love being fucked slut? You like having his big cock filling you pussy whore?”

In between gasping breaths I replied, “Oh… fuck… I love it!”

“Are you a dirty slut?” Craig asked.

Hearing Craig asking me if I was a slut pushed me over the edge, “Yes… I’m a… dirty filthy sluuuut!” I screamed out as I came for the second time that night.

My pussy was completely soaked and Logan’s cock was covered in my gooey cum but I wasn’t done with him yet.

I pushed back and told him to lie down. As soon as his back was on the floor, I quickly straddled his hips, grabbed his huge cock and guided it back into my dripping hole.

He massive cock felt good sliding inside of me and it filled me fully. My lips were stretched wide, the walls of my pussy wrapped tightly around his cock and the huge mushroom shaped tip of his cock was pushed hard against my cervix, sending chills to race through my body.

Craig’s cock almost felt the same inside me as Logan’s but Craig’s cock was a little fatter then Logan’s and had more veins running along the shaft. My husband cock almost had a feel of a large dildo but instead of being cold and lifeless, his was hot, powerful and full of life.

While I rode Logan’s cock hard, I looked over my shoulder again and saw Craig still leaning against the couch. He had removed his cloths and sat with his legs slightly spread stroking himself, watching my ass move up and down on Logan’s cock. Precum flowed from the tip and ran down the shaft onto his smooth balls. Seeing him totally lost in the moment, playing with his precum oozing cock, I knew this was the time to have my fantasy.

“I want you! I want your fucking cock in my ass!” I said in a raged voice.

I wasn’t sure if he heard me or didn’t want to fuck me in the ass while Logan had is cock in my pussy because he didn’t move at first, but then I saw him spit into his hand and rubbed his cock.

Craig mixed his spit with the slick precum that was all ready covering his cock and moved towards me.
I leaned forward onto Logan’s body so Craig could get my asshole and fed him my left nipple, which he greedily sucked on.

Craig got behind me, standing, and then squatted down so his cock was in line with my begging ass. Once he lined up with my body I felt the tip of his cock begin to push pass my cheeks.

My heart was pounding and my pussy was flooding, I was about to get what I wanted, two hot cocks inside of me.

I stopped moving just long enough to let Craig’s cock ease into me. As soon as he was inside my tight ass I began to rock back and forth, slowly at first but faster as I got used to both of my holes being filled at the same time.

I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other inside of only being separated by a thin strip of flesh. The heat of the two inside of me radiated up my pussy and ass and traveled up into my lower belly causing me to scream out. “Holy fuck!! Fuck me … fuck me hard!”

Logan sucked my breasts and was moaning. I knew he would cum soon. Craig had clasped my lower back to stabilize his stance over my ass and was slamming his cock deep and fast into my stretched asshole.

“Take it you fucking slut! Take these cocks!” Craig said to me while using his right hand spanking my ass hard.

The sharp sting of his ran from my ass, through my pussy and caused my nipples to grow even harder.
That was the little push I needed to make me cum again. “Oh shit! I’m cumming… I’m cumming…cum…!” I squealed.

My pussy began to pour a flood of cum, spilling all over Logan’s cock, hips and onto our floor. Logan’s eyes rolled back into his head and he screamed out, “God damn!” I could feel his cock begin to twitch inside of me and unload its hot sticky cum deep inside of me.

“That’s it you fucking bastard, fill my pussy with your load!” I yelled at Logan as he came. A second later I felt Craig’s cock pulsate in my ass and I knew that my ass hole was next to be filled.

The feeling of two cocks dumping their load inside of me at the same time drove me to another orgasm, even thou I just one.

“I’m going to fill your tight ass bitch!” Craig shouted.

“Oh fuck yea fill my ass you fucker, fill my…ass!” I screamed back over my shoulder.

“Oooh … motha … fuckin…whore!” Craig said as he buried his cock deep and came, releasing his hot load inside of me.

The three of us bucked, screamed, bit at each other until we collapse on the ground totally drained. I rolled on the ground, faced Craig, and kissed him softly. “Thank you.” I said.

“Don’t thank me just yet; as soon as I get some water and come back it will be my turn to be in your pussy while Logan gets to feel how tight your ass is,” he said.

Then he looked over my body over to where Logan was laying on the ground and asked, “What do you think Logan? Want to get your cock in Christina’s ass?”

I looked over at Logan and saw that his cock hadn’t go down from its erect state and looked back at Craig and I and said, “Well, I got this raging hard-on, I would hate to see it go to waste.”

Craig and I laughed and the three of us spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking until the sun came up.

After we got some sleep and were rested up from the night’s events, Logan left to go back to his hotel so he could get ready for the next day. But for the rest of the time he was in town we would spend every weekend together trying different positions and milking both cocks of their sweet cum.

Logan still visits us when he takes leave from the Army. Sometimes he will bring one of his hot girlfriends with him and we have wild sex parties at the house where I and the other girl would perform for both Logan and Craig.

As for the sexy stripper “Lexus,” I did go back to her and eventually brought her home. Craig and I shared her together on a regular basis.

Craig and I had a great sex life but now it is far better. It's amazing how one night can change your sex life.

The End

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wow, that was a great story!

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Mmmm Nice story. I wish my wife would fuck like that

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