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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
Sarah Webb at thirteen was becoming a tart, so her concerned parents
enrolled her at Avondale Academy in the hope that the regime of harsh
discipline would cure her of her wanton behaviour.

The memory of Sarah's interview still makes her mother's heart miss a
beat and acts like an aphrodisiac for her father. Caroline only has to
say to her husband, "Do you remember her interview?" and that's enough to
make him rampant.

There was something quite exciting about watching Sarah being made to
undress and stand naked, then to be told by Miss Ashton to part her
thighs and bend over with her hands on the floor.

"Remember?" she would murmur breathlessly to him, watching his cock stir
as he remembered how her lovely charms were displayed between her parted
bottom cheeks.

Their sexual relationship had taken on a whole new life as they both
recalled the moment when Miss Ashton slid her hands up Sarah's thighs and
slowly fondled and pinched her genitals, making her struggle with
uncontrolled excitement.

Miss Ashton's response was to spank Sarah much to the delight of her
parents, and today they would be seeing her again, only this time she
wouldn't know that they were watching, a factor that they hoped would
lead to an even more erotic display of her wanton behaviour.

The girl escorting them stopped at the viewing room door and opened it so
that they could enter. When John entered the dim room, he was confused
for a moment until he saw the spy holes. Caroline following closely
behind him gripped his arm, as they peered through the spy holes into the
brightly lit punishment room.

"Dear God," John breathed as he saw the instruments hanging on the wall,
with a wooden rail and a long bench reflected in the mirrors.

"Sir, I'm Rebecca. Miss Ashton asked me to stay with you and assist you
with whatever you needed," the girl told them.

John and Caroline had forgotten all about her, yet hearing her, they
turned and stared, watching with open mouths as she stood before them

"Anything?" Caroline asked her. She'd often wondered what it would be
like, to make love to a girl.

"Yes! Anything Madam," Rebecca replied, as she watched them gaze at her
nakedness, her nipples rising as if they had been touched and a warm
slipperiness started to seep into her vulva.

"Caroline," John gasped, his hand covering hers as his eyes slid past the
naked girl and through the spy holes into the punishment room.

Sarah was being ushered in, her face showing her nervousness as she
glanced fretfully all around her.

"Remove your clothes, NOW!!!" her teacher told her sternly.

"That's, Miss Marshall, her teacher," Rebecca explained.

Blinking back hot tears, Sarah began to do as she was told, totally
unaware that her parents were watching.

Her little breasts appeared, the skin marble smooth while the dark little
nipples slowly puckered in the cold air of the room.

"My, my," Caroline murmured, entranced by Sarah's budding breasts.

John was no less entranced, but his eyes were now eagerly following the
removal of her other clothing until she was naked again just as he had
seen her at the interview. With a groan he watched Sarah try to hide her
pubis with her hands, only to have them slapped away by her teacher.

"She's shaven!" Caroline gasped, her eyes drawn to Sarah's little vulva
where the cleft peeked out, the skin smoothly curved.

"She's been plucked Madam," Rebecca told them, showing them her own vulva
and stroking the smooth curved skin.

"Every morning, the pupils are examined by Matron and any hairs are
plucked out with a pair of tweezers," she explained.

"I will not tolerate your wanton behaviour, Sarah!" Miss Marshall told

"Please Miss. I will try and stop," Sarah wept, not really sure what it
meant but knew it was obviously naughty, because she was about to be
punished for it.

"Yes, but you don't do you," Miss Marshall said contemptuously.

"Hands on your head, NOW!" she ordered.

Miss Marshall retrieved a wickedly thin cane from the wall and bent it in
front of the sobbing child. Sarah obeyed, a wail escaping her as the cane
was slowly tapped across her pert little breasts.

"No, oh please no," Sarah, begged.

"Do you want to be expelled?" Miss Marshall hissed.

Sarah shook her head and sobbed uncontrollably, pushing her elbows back
causing her breasts to flatten, and her nipples to harden with her

In the viewing room, Caroline and John watched, enthralled.

Neither of them moved, not even to blink, watching Sarah weep and shake,
as her teacher held the wicked looking cane, ready to strike her little

The cane was raised and then held for a moment, enough time for John and
Caroline to gaze with excitement until it was brought down across Sarah's
pert little nipples.

Sarah erupted, screaming loudly and cupping her breasts to squeeze and
pull on her burning nipples, dancing on the spot and crying
uncontrollably as the pain seared deep into her.

"Hands on your head, Sarah!" Miss Marshall called, her voice cutting
through the loud sobs and cries of the poor girl.

Still weeping and shaking, she obeyed.

Miss Marshall pulled her over to the mirror to inspect her artwork
knowing that her parents were watching, and squeezed her breasts to make
her little nipples more prominent and smiled as Sarah's crying slowly

"You like pain, don't you?" the woman breathed softly, her fingers
massaging and pulling her little breasts, and sometimes running a nail
over her tender little nipples just to hear Sarah groan or gasp.

Sarah whimpered and shook her head, her trembling renewed as new, and
fierce sensations invaded her young body.

"Ah, but you will!" Miss Marshall promised.

She was a true sadist, and smiled as she wondered if Sarah's parents were
clawing at their clothes yet.

"Shall we give them another one?" she asked the snivelling girl.

Sarah whimpered, fresh tears sliding from her eyes. She looked up
beseechingly at her mistress, warm tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Oh, please don't Miss," she whined. Miss Marshall decided it was much
harder to strike the nipples the second time, and besides she had only
just started.

John let his eyes slid from his naked daughter, to Rebecca who was
standing naked in front of him.

"What shall we do with her?" he asked his wife.

"Would you like her to suck you?" she asked.

"Or perhaps she could lick both of us, in turn," she suggested.

"Yes!" John gasped. "Come here, quickly!" he told Rebecca.

Rebecca watched with a flushed face as the tall and powerfully built man
opened his breeches. His cock was thick and dark with a bulbous head that
would all but fill her mouth.

Caroline sat on the edge of her chair, lifting a leg to expose her cunt.
Rebecca dropped to her knees, her nose flaring as she inhaled the woman's
full fragrance.

Her hand reached out to the man, holding his thick cock and stroking it
while moving in between the woman's thighs. She compared the shaft to
that of her father's and groaned softly as she realised this one was even

The cunt in front of her was so different to that of her mother's, the
fleshy portals missing the darkness of flesh, the bulb of her clitoris
hood that much smaller and more delicately toned.

Looking up, their eyes locking together, Rebecca opened her mouth and
gently pressed her lips to Caroline's cunt, her tongue gently sliding
over tender flesh to bring a gasp and a jerk from the woman.

"God that's good!" John gasped.

Distracted from Rebecca's sucking, he watched as Sarah was fastened to a
bench, and Miss Marshall lowered the end where her head lay to lift her
bottom up high into the air.

Sarah wept fitfully, begging between sobs to be given another chance.

Miss Marshall positioned Sarah's thighs under her body, then turned the
bench, enough so the mirrors reflected her lovely cunt and anus which
were now perfectly exposed between her little bottom cheeks.

Once more picking up the cane, Miss Marshall knelt with her back to the
mirror and laid it along Sarah's tender anal cleft, stroking it back and
forth and watching how it pulled at her labia, drawing it slightly from
its twin.

Sarah gleamed from within, bright flesh waiting to be explored and

"Stop!" Caroline gasped. Pushing Rebecca's tongue from her cunt, her eyes
now wide and totally captivated, she watched Miss Marshall stop her
caressing to lift the cane, and then, bring it down hard.

As Sarah arched against her bonds, screeching with the intensity of the
white hot pain, Caroline pulled Rebecca against her cunt again and shook
with glee, erupting on the young girl's face while staring at her
daughter squirming in agony.

John panted, his hearing having caught the unmistakable sound of his wife
coming beside him.

But he'd seen that before, many times, and it had lost a lot of the power
to excite him, unlike the sight of Sarah laying on a bench, her upper
body lowered so that her lovely bottom was raised, her thighs held under
her so that all her lovely charms were exposed.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, she was being expertly punished too.
A vivid red line had appeared where the cane had landed, glowing in
intensity where it landed beside her puffy vulva.

John stilled the hand that was energetically pumping him and battled for
breath, staring at his daughter.

Sarah was frantically squirming in her bonds, screaming breathlessly as
she felt her teacher place the cane to the other side of her vulva and,
as before, gently rub it back and forth against her soft flesh.

Rebecca sensed when Caroline could no longer stand another touch on her
sensitive cunt and shuffled away to move towards John. His hands had
stilled her, but she now drew his gleaming cock downward and eagerly slid
her mouth over it.

John sobbed and gripped his wife's thigh, his eyes never leaving his
daughter's parted bottom cheeks.

The cane rose again and he stiffened in anticipation.

The hot little mouth around the head of his cock sucked him pre-come from
him, the little hand squeezing his shaft.

With the same deft flick of her wrist, Miss Marshall sent the rattan cane
flying into Sarah's crotch and she erupted against her bonds, another
high pitched screech filling the room as she again felt the terrible pain
sweep through her.

A mark appeared on her slender young thigh where her squirming had partly
diverted the teacher's aim. Yet still, another bright line appeared to
the other side of her vulva, glowing brightly, burning into her as
fiercely as the pain.

As Rebecca chewed on his cock, his pleasure escalated merging with the
excitement of watching his daughter being punished, enough to bring him
to ejaculation. He cried out with the fierce explosion in his balls,
stiffening with a jerk as his burning cum shot into her little mouth.

Throughout his turmoil he kept his eyes on Sarah watching her squirms
slowly die away with exhaustion, and leave her weeping uncontrollably
while the cane marks glowed on either side of her little cunt.

Miss Marshall chuckled, reaching out with her fingers to caress her
burning flesh and press firmly downward, watching as Sarah's eyes widened
in shock, then her mouth open to expel a sharp gasp.

Looking directly into Sarah's startled eyes, Miss Marshall drew her
fingers along her cunt, kneading and pulling at the slender lips and
drawing them apart, to ease the insertion of her middle finger into the

Her finger found a burning wetness. Sarah gasped and flung her head back,
then panted and shook, clearly on the edge of a sudden orgasm.

"You are going to be my little tart, aren't you?" Miss Marshall said with
a grin, her finger pushing harshly into her tender little cunt.

"Please no Miss, please don't make me," Sarah wept.

Miss Marshall sighed with disappointment and removed her finger.

She licked it of the young girl's flavour, and then rose to unfasten the
child and help her stand.

Straight away Sarah bent forward to put her hands between her legs,
softly weeping as she rubbed herself.

"I hope you don't think that your punishment is over," Miss Marshall

Putting aside the slender cane she picked up a martinet and ran the
smooth leather braids through her fingers. "Looks mild compared to the
cane, doesn't it?" Miss Marshall said with a smile, and showed Sarah how
the tips ended in hard unforgiving knots.

"Please Miss, don't hurt me!" Sarah cried, weeping uncontrollably.

"To the rail!" Miss Marshall spat.

Still weeping, Sarah removed her hands from between her legs and went to
the rail, her eyes fixed on the reflection of her teacher in the mirror,
and totally unaware of the way her nakedness had excited her parents.

"Now! Place your right leg on the rail, Miss Marshall ordered.

Sarah shook as she extended her leg onto the rail and watched in the
mirror as the martinet was flicked.

The knotted leather tips scoured her little bottom and Sarah howled, her
body stretching upwards as she pulled her bottom inwards.

"So! You can stand up straight!" Miss Marshall observed.

Miss Marshall flicked the martinet, smiling once more as Sarah jerked her
bottom in, screeching with the agony of having the tips scour her flesh.

"Please Miss. I'll be good, I'll be good," Sarah wept, doing a little
dance as she tried absorbing the pain sweeping into her.

Starring into Sarah's eyes, Miss Marshall flicked the martinet low to aim
it between her parted thighs and strike close to her little cunt.

Sarah wailed and shook, tears dripping onto the hands that held the rail
as her legs threatened to give way.

"I need to make sure that you will be good," Miss Marshall murmured.

Pressing her body up against the side of the child, she leant forward
slightly to slide her hands over her burning bottom.

"I want you to be my little pain tart," she told the girl.

"Please Miss. Please don't make me," Sarah wept.

Miss Marshall stepped back and took a fresh grip of the martinet.

"Now! Place your left leg up on the rail," Miss Marshall ordered.

With fresh tears the young girl reluctantly took up the position;
standing on one leg while the other was raised and stretched out,
quivering along the rail.

Her parents stared, as nothing revealed their daughter more vividly than
having her stand before them with her legs up on the rail and stretched
so marvellously apart.

The cuts of the rattan cane to each side of her vulva had deepened in
colour, becoming a bright and vivid red that competed with the rich tone
of flesh now revealed by the parting stretch of her young vulva.

The hood of her clitoris stood proud of her stretched and flattened
labia. Brightly flushed skin gleamed with wetness, quivering so badly
that all detail was lost to those watching.

Enraptured by the view, they missed seeing Miss Marshall prepare, and
then flick the tips of the martinet upwards between her bottom cheeks and
directly on her unprotected cunt.

Sarah's scream pushed her parents heads back for a few moments, then they
had returned, their eyes wide and their breaths quickening as they
searched for evidence of the impact. Sarah flung her hands to her cunt,
rubbing madly at the burning pain.

Miss Marshall ordered Sarah to stop, and yet she couldn't, needing
desperately to fiercely rub her cunt. Strong, firm hands pulled Sarah
back to the rail and attached them to restraints while ignoring her
tearful pleas that she'd had enough.

Her leg and thigh were similarly fastened, holding her exposed for the
next stroke. Her parents gazed in rapture at her glowing little cunt.

Caroline glanced away for a moment and looked down at her husband's
crotch, groaning wantonly when she saw he was hard again, an almost
unheard of re-awakening.

"You're hard again!" she panted.

John pulled his eyes from his daughter's young cunt and licked his lips.

"Do you want to?" he asked.

Caroline sobbed with the thought of his hard cock thrusting into her
soaking cunt, yet a movement by the girl with them caught her eye and a
fresh idea made her legs buckle.

"She can lick me while you fuck her!" she gasped, the thought making her
spill down her thighs. John stared at his wife in wonder, and then woke
to the need to hurry.

"Rebecca! Quickly!" he cried.

"You're going to love this, Sarah" Miss Marshall said as she teased the
weeping girl, caressing her smooth young body with the martinet.

"Before I've finished, you are going to be begging me for more," she told
Sarah as she starred into the mirror, confident that her parents were
being well serviced by Rebecca.

Rebecca bent herself back over the chair, leaning her head back and
willingly drawing her legs up and apart. She spread her slender legs with
an easy grace while welcoming the thighs of the woman to either side of
her face. She swung her arms around the woman, gripping her full and
mature bottom in order to hold on to her, and then eagerly applied her
mouth to her full-lipped cunt.

As she did, she felt his powerful hands grip her waist and his large cock
enter her. Squealing into Caroline's cunt, she felt the first of her
orgasms strike her.

The parents didn't notice. Even as they moved their crotches back and
forth, using the girl for their pleasure, their attention was totally on
little Sarah, bound to the rail with one leg lifted, Miss Marshall
preparing to strike the child's defenceless cunt again.

The martinet didn't appear to strike that hard, yet the impact on the
flattened tips on Sarah's cunt making her squeal loudly. More bright
marks appeared between her thighs, glowing as she squirmed and fought
against her bonds.

Caroline stopped her movement to welcome the explosion of sensation in
her cunt, jerking with each flick of Rebecca's tongue. Meanwhile, John
continued to thrust and pant, his cock overly large between the slender
hips of the young girl.

The martinet slapped across Sarah's bottom, the tips flicking between her
legs. She arched yet again, breathlessly howling before squirming

Stepping up to Sarah she rubbed her bottom, before then sliding her
fingers between her legs.

"Ah yes. Wet aren't you Sarah?" she grinned.

John groaned, his pace now quickening as he watched Miss Marshall toy
with his daughter's immature cunt. Caroline reached between her own legs,
her fingers pulling her flesh apart.

"There!" Miss Marshall breathed.

She pushed her fingers into Sarah's little cunt, and then drew them out,
letting them reappear gleaming with wetness.

"Are you ready to become my little pain tart now?" she asked, sliding her
fingers back in again.

Sarah quivered and panted, her eyes growing unfocused on the mirror
before her. Unable to stop herself, she pushed her pelvis back in
anticipation of its return.

Her finger well moistened, Miss Marshall drew it back to poise it at the
corrugated sphincter of Sarah's anus, and then fed a different finger
back into her hot little cunt.

"You're so hot!" she breathed into Sarah's ear, pumping one finger into
her cunt and another into her anus.

"Now!" She ordered.

A long high-pitched cry came from between Sarah's clenched teeth. Her
young torso rose and tensed against her bonds, then quivered with the
force of her orgasm.

Eyes wide, she starred into the mirror and watched her mistress grin down
at her, unaware that her parents were watching her display of wanton
passion with the greatest of delight, as young Rebecca Allcot expertly
serviced them.


Caroline and John were reminded not to say anything of what they had just
witnessed. "Remember, Sarah doesn't know that you were watching her
punishment," Miss Ashton told them; in an attempt to ensure that the
viewing rooms remained a secret.

They were seated on the sofa in her office awaiting the arrival of their

"Did you enjoy watching Sarah's punishment?" Miss Ashton asked them.

"Oh Yes!" they both replied.

John glanced at his wife Caroline whose cheeks started to colour with the
memory of Rebecca's tongue between her thighs. She already ached to feel
it again, but the memory of watching Sarah's punishment were too strong
and vivid images sprung into her mind flooding her with a new arousal.

"Are you certain that you want to examine Sarah?" Miss Ashton asked.

She had raised this question before, and like before, Sarah's parents had
glanced at each other and then nodded their consent, John licking his
lips while Caroline blushed brightly.

"Very well," Miss Ashton said, ringing the little bell on her desk.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door and an assistant
teacher led Sarah in to the office.

"Mother! Father!" Sarah cried out, her eyes widening happily as she saw
her parents for the first time since her interview three months ago.

Sarah started to run but was slowed down by the searing pain in her cunt.
Her parents, although delighted to see her let their smiles fade as they
saw her pained expression.

The knowledge of why she hurt tinged their skin but was kept from their
expressions as they pretended concern and curiosity.

"What's wrong darling?" they said instead, almost as one.

Caroline reached out and drew her between them, stroking her hair and
wanting desperately to undress her so she could caress her precious
little breasts.

She hoped the mark of the cane would still be on them and swallowed as
she thought of sucking the nubile flesh, of feeling those tender little
nipples in her mouth and licking their tender young flavour.

"Nothing. It's nothing," Sarah told them.

"Are you sure?" her father asked, for all the world acting like a
concerned parent.

"You have been punished, haven't you?" Miss Ashton murmured, faintly
smiling at the young girl's attempt to hide her soreness.

Sarah glanced at her, and then quickly and meekly lowered her eyes.

"Yes Miss," she murmured.

"Good heavens!" Caroline said, her hands on Sarah's shoulders shaking
with her growing excitement.

"It's all right mother. I deserved it," Sarah heard herself saying.

"Deserved what exactly?" John asked.

"Oh dear! Well, I suppose your parents have a right to know how you were
punished, Sarah," Miss Ashton told her.

The girl swallowed as her heart began to beat faster. A dread settled in
her stomach as she guessed what the headmistress was going to tell her to
do next.

"Remove your uniform! You can use my desk to lie back and show your
parents how you were punished," Miss Ashton said, her eyes warning her of
the intensity of any further punishment should she refuse.

Pleading, bargaining and refusal were all out of the question. All Sarah
could do was hide her eyes from her parents as she undressed.

Blushing hotly she removed her uniform with her back to her parents, but
then there could be no further delay and, biting her lip while feeling
her face burn, she turned to sit on the desk.

Trembling with the sound of their gasps, Sarah leant back and lifted her
legs, bending them outward as she had been taught so her crotch was
spread, the once bright and burning lines on either side of her little
cunt now dark with bruising.

"My god," John breathed, aroused as much by Sarah's nakedness, as by the
vivid evidence of her punishment.

Caroline was breathless, he crotch suddenly flooding with her hot juices
as she stared at her daughter, her mind full of how obediently she had
removed her clothes and exposed herself.

She rose from the sofa and approached the desk, licking her lips as her
fingers moved delicately over the darkened, and swollen nub of Sarah's

"Do they hurt, darling?" she asked.

Sarah licked her lips, the touch igniting a burning ball in the pit of
her stomach. Although tender, her nipples grew swelling up against her
mother's brushing fingers.

Even the softest of touches sent pain spiralling into her breasts, yet
she shook her head, wanting her mother to continue.

Following Caroline's example John approached Sarah, letting his eyes
devour the delicate folds of her burning cunt. As Caroline had done, he
reached out a trembling hand to feel the soft smoothness of her inner
thigh, and then followed it down to her cunt, his breath held as he
traced the first of the two welts.

"You must have been very brave," he told Sarah; conscious suddenly that
she was panting more loudly than he. Wide-eyed and unblinking, he watched
her precious little cunt gleam as wetness seeped slowly from it.

"Please!" Sarah whimpered, shaking like a leaf as both her parents looked
down at her nakedness, the expressions of awe and excitement
communicating with her.

"You must let them," Miss Ashton warned. "Your parents have a right to
examine you," she told her, watching approvingly as, encouraged, they
began to more freely caress their daughter's body.

Caroline's hand squeezed her little breast upwards, and then took the
little pubescent nipple in her mouth and John used both hands on his
daughter's cunt, one to help part the slender young labia, the other to
slip a finger slowly into her vagina.

Sarah gasped and shook, her eyes wide as she felt the suction on her
tender nipple, then the glorious flick of her mother's tongue. She flung
her head back to gasp, then whimpered as she felt her father's dry finger
pull at her tender cunt mouth, pushing flesh inwards.

"Oh yes!" her father gasped, watching his finger reappear gleaming with
wetness. The sweet scent of her arousal captured him along with the
realisation that there was no longer a hymen, and breathless with that
knowledge, he slid the finger back into her hot tightness, her gasp of
pleasure exciting him.

"I'm afraid three months training will not have been enough to allow her
to take you properly," Miss Ashton told her father, watching his
expression as he more readily slid his middle finger in and out of his
panting daughter's moist cunt.

"I think she will be ready in another three months, perhaps sooner if she
continues with her wanton behaviour. However, she has been taught to use
her mouth," she explained.

"All right!" John exclaimed, almost immediately dragging his finger from
the clinging walls of Sarah's little cunt so he could quickly open his
breeches and release his large cock. Caroline panted hotly as she urged
her daughter to slide off the desk and to her knees in front of her

With Miss Ashton helping, they got Sarah onto her knees, then bent
forward to take the his cock into her mouth, filling it with the bulbous

"Grip it, grip it, that's a good girl," Miss Ashton murmured, as she
watched closely to ensure the girl did not disappoint her.

Sarah was breathing loudly through her nose, her mouth working on the
swollen crown of her father's cock while her hands curved around the
base, pulling on the flesh as she urged it to spill his seed into her

Caroline knelt beside her daughter, her little bottom now raised as her
mouth worked hard. With a little groan her hand slid down her daughter's
back, her fingers caressing her tender anal crease.

"Oh, my sweet little darling," she whimpered, her finger trembling as it
slid around the curve of Sarah's bottom to rest over her anus. She could
imagine what it looked like by her touches; small and neat, the sphincter
moving, unsure whether to pout or clench.

Breathless, Caroline moved her finger around, her breath quickening as
her daughter's cunt relaxed to accept her finger.

John leant back and panted, his head drawn down to gaze at his bent
daughter, her head in his lap. Her hot little mouth was tight around his
cock and little slobbering sounds could be heard as she swallowed the
saliva that his strong flavour helped to produce.

Little hands clutched at his cock, sometimes loosening, then suddenly
tightening in the way that she had been taught.

"I'm going to come, I'm going to come!" he gasped breathlessly, his body
shifting in readiness for the explosion.

"Over her face!" Miss Ashton murmured calmly.

She took a grip on Sarah's hair and pulled the girl off her father's
cock, raising her head until it was perfectly presented.

Taking himself in hand, John rose to point his cock directly at his
daughter's face and, with one long slide of his hand, brought the first
spurt of seed from it.

With a strangled cry, he thrust his cock forward and watched a long trail
of seed strike Sarah's face. It struck from brow, across her eye and nose
and finished on her jaw before another pull brought a second eruption, a
stream of seed splattering her lips, the base of her nose and chin.

Then a third shot, hitting her jaw as she turned her face away.

Caroline sucked on her sticky fingers and watch Sarah open her eyes, a
length of seed sticking to her eyelashes. More pearly white seed hung
from her jaw and chin in lengthening strings until breaking to drop to
the carpet.

She bent and licked some of the warm seed from her daughter's cheek then
savoured the taste, rolling it on her tongue before turning to kiss her
delicately on the lips.

Her tongue drew the young girl's mouth open and exchanged flavours, Sarah
groaning as she tasted her father's seed.

"Very good," Miss Ashton said approvingly.

"You may visit Sarah again in three months, but for now, she must hurry
along to her next class, or she will be punished again, for being late!"
she grinned.
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