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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
At Avondale Academy, when pupils reach sixteen they become assistants to
the staff, and Claire Aldiss is one such pupil who has taken full
advantage of this rewarding opportunity.

As midday approached, Claire, who was normally calm, was bubbling over
with excitement, earning her a scolding look from Miss Evans as she
chewed on her nails waiting impatiently to be summoned to Miss Ashton's

Finally, a tall boy entered the classroom to request her presence in the
headmistress's office and Claire took a series of deep breaths as she
made the short walk.

A knock on the door and a moment to wait for the offer to enter, then she
was in the same room as her family, curtsying and smiling shyly, heat
flooding into her face as she saw her father's eyes twinkle with his lust
for her.

"My, you do look well Claire!" Her mother told her, as she stood to
embrace her daughter.

Claire returned her mother's embrace, pecking her on the cheek while her
father's eyes continued to twinkle with his lust.

"Father," she murmured, turning to him, her cunt exploding under the thin
material of her uniform.

Then he was standing and she was pressed up against him, inhaling his
fragrance, her nipples so painful that she thought they were going to

Her attention turned to Matthew, her fourteen-year-old brother who had
been told to remove his clothes, his face burning brightly as he stood
with his hands behind his back.

They were able to admire his handsome body, his shoulders pulled back to
bring up his chest and flatten his abdomen, his cock jerking with a mind
of its own over his tight little balls.

Claire looked at his jerking cock and felt its pull; the urge to have it
slide into her mouth, smooth and sweet, her face feeling the soft caress
of young pubic curls that had yet to become wiry and coarse, and would be
plucked away as soon as she was finished.

His seed would jet powerfully into her mouth and his erection would
remain for hours on end, becoming sore before finally becoming limp.

"Claire! I want you to show Matthew around the Academy and then help him
to settle in," Miss Ashton told her.

"However, first your parents would like a few minuets to catch up on
things, so I'll take the boy," she told them, guiding Matthew towards a
communicating door to a smaller and more private room.

The door closed and Claire was alone again with her parents.

Had her mother not been there she would have fallen onto her father,
begging him not to spank her too hard her while her fingers clawed at his
breeches, hoping that his pent up lust would overcome his desire to
punish her.

But her mother was there, smiling and watching her with an expression she
hadn't seen before, nor understood.

"Your mother knows," her father told her, seeing her uncertainty.

"She knows?" Claire mumbled, her knees weakening.

"How long?" she asked, her face burning while her mother watched her and

"Since your enrolment. You know of the viewing rooms?" he asked.

She did, and since learning of them, she had always wondered if her
parents had ever watched her punishments.

It had been a recurring fantasy of hers that they had been watching as,
nude; her teachers exposed her charms and sadistically punished her.

"I'm told you have been taught to be bisexual," her mother said.

She rose and watched her daughter as she undid the clasp of her dress and
let it slide down.

She chuckled at Claire's surprised expression when she revealed her
undergarments with a crotch gleaming with spilt wetness.

She stepped out of them, then sat and spread her legs, her fingers
unfolding her cunt to her daughter.

"Come," she told her, her need making her voice deepen.

Claire licked her lips, remembering back to the last time she had licked
a cunt as hairy as her mother's another mother, who was watching her
daughter being punished.

Claire had been steered to her, nude but for a mask that covered her eyes
and ears. She could still recall the pungent scent and the tart taste of
the woman even now, months later.

"Before you begin, Claire," her father said, standing and taking his
jacket off, his cock bulging in his breeches, an often-stroked weapon
she'd never yet felt within her.

"Take your uniform off. We don't want anything coming between my hand and
that lovely bottom of yours, do we now?" he chuckled.

"No! Father," Claire gasped.

She looked up at him adoringly, dreaming of the moment his fatherly cock
would part and stretch her, removing her uniform to bare her bottom and
her smooth and hairless vulva to her parents.

She stood still for a few moments, shaking uncontrollably as her parents
feasted their eyes on the perfectly smooth pubis from which her vulva
hung, labia flushed with excitement and glowing with want.

"Oh yes," her mother breathed.

Claire blushed and hurried to kneel between her mother's thighs, her back
dipped to offer her father her bottom while she leant her face back, the
better to force her mouth up against her mother's cunt.

Her mother groaned and sent her hands into her hair, pulling her face
more firmly into her crotch while, behind her, her father had started
stroking her bottom in a prelude to spanking her with his large, firm

Years before coming to the Academy, such spankings had been playful,
smarting more than hurting. Young Claire had quickly learnt that such
punishments weren't designed to hurt, but to make her toss her little
bottom and squirm, erotically exposing her genitals to her father who so
adored her.

So she played the game, squealing as if it hurt and squirming as much as
she could, burning with the thought that her genitals were exposed to her

Now though, her father had seen how harshly the teachers at Avondale
supervised them, and watched Claire and her fellow pupils undergo
punishments that were designed to hurt and stimulate, never stopping
until they had many orgasms.

There were no signs of any recent punishment on Claire's bottom, just
smooth flesh that spoke intimately of her adolescence.

Emma, rolled her eyes and jerked with the expert tonguing, and her
husband slid his finger down Claire's anal crease only to find that the
entrance to her vagina was pouting, in readiness for him.

With a fatherly groan, James slid his finger into Claire's hot little
cunt and gasped as he felt her close tightly around him, gripping his
finger with her vaginal muscles.

"Claire!" he gasped, pulling his finger out with some effort only to find
it gleam, and coated with her thick prelude to sex.

Claire didn't respond as she continued to suck the wetness from her
mother's cunt, then slide her head up to use her tongue on the stubby
little clitoris at the head of her meaty gash, before returning to find
the juice that had accumulated in her absence.

She bathed her head in her mother's wetness, groaning passionately as the
wetness coated her cheeks and her mother's thighs to let her face slip
easily up and down along her slit.

James licked his daughter's flavour from his finger while gazing down at
her pert, half parted bottom.

The hint of darkened skin around her hidden anus held his eye and his
thoughts turned to the time he would find out just how well they had
educated her at the Academy.

Until then, spanking her bottom and using her mouth and fingers, just as
he'd always done, would have to suffice.

His hand rose and descended sharply, a large manly hand that landed
solidly on his daughter's bottom. The sensation was exquisite; even Emma
felt it, her knees rising as her daughter's face was pushed more solidly
into her pliant vulva.

"Yes!" she gasped, her legs rising as she held the back of Claire's head
to her cunt and felt the girl's tongue dive once again into her liquid

"Yes, yes," she gasped, beginning to shake with the pleasure that was
building up inside her.

Licking his lips, James pulled Claire's legs apart and spanked her
bottom, taking every opportunity to ensure his fingertips slapped between
her legs where her vulva was soft and tender.

It was easy to see when he succeeded; Claire jerked far more, even
squealing into her mother's furry cunt as the riot of sensations flew
into her young body.

As he spanked her bottom, his hand began to sting as he brought her
smooth flesh to a burning red. Then, breathless with excitement, he
stopped and stroked the burning flesh, reaching between her legs to feel
her smooth labia yield under his probing fingers.

Emma gasped with pleasure and shuddered with delight as a much-needed
orgasm sprang through her.

James watched, letting Claire savour her mother's spurting wetness, then
he was gripping her hair and pulled her harshly from between her mother's

His cock met her wet mouth and he drove her head downward, his face
raised as he cried out delightedly with the grip of her lips and the
stroking of her tongue. Claire held her father's hips as his cock swelled
within her mouth, spurting a torrent of hot seed.

The taste filled her mouth before she could swallow yet again, his large
manly hands holding her head as he continued to spurt, giving her what
was her due before letting her loose.

Emma leant forward to kiss her daughter, their tongues sharing the
remains of the seed before parting.

"Look after Matthew for us," her mother, told her.

"I look forward to the time when all four of us will share a bed," her
father chuckled, his cock now beginning to flag.


Claire led her brother down the stairs and along the corridor. She knew
he would have lost all sense of direction by now, practically everyone
did until they'd had been at the Academy for a few weeks.

He was quiet, letting Claire lead the way; his eyes big and round as he
took in everything around him.

"This is where you will sleep," she told him, showing him the large boys
dormitory that had been partitioned into rooms. Matthew looked at his
small room, the narrow bed and the cabinet for his clothes.

"They didn't let me bring any clothes," he told her.

"Someone will be round to give you them," she told him, licking her lips
as excitement began to drive through her again.

"Until then, you are to remain naked," she explained.

Matthew looked at her and blinked.

"Naked?" he asked.

"Yes. It's quite normal," she assured him.

"You'll find we do a lot of strange things here," she warned him.

She shook as she imagined him bent over for the first time, his balls
being held from behind as the large enema nozzle pushed roughly into his
cute little bottom.

Matthew shrugged and began taking off the clothes that he had arrived in.
Having already had to do so for the headmistress, it didn't seem so odd
to have to do so again, though doing it in front of his sister felt a bit

When he had finished undressing, a blush crept across his face as his
cock started to stir.

"My, it has grown," she told him with a smile, her hand capturing his
cock and holding it; helping it to swell and feeling it pulse hotly
within her grasp.

"Claire, Please!" Matthew gasped.

"We have a few minutes yet," she told him breathlessly.

With that she knelt in front of him, caressing his handsome cock and
crooning as her excitement built with the pulsing of the dark veins
running up the shaft.

At its base grew little hairs and hoped she'd be the one to pluck them
out, doing so with a pair of tweezers, one at a time while a stroking
hand competed for his attention.

She would reward his agony with an intense orgasm, hopefully the most
intense he'd ever had. Satisfied, Claire lowered her brother's cock and
fed the tip between her lips.

His adolescent cock slid smoothly into her mouth, her lips and teeth
drawing the foreskin still further back to allow her to lick the rich
flavour from his cock head.

As the rich flavour slid down her throat, Claire's hands slid round his
lean abdomen to caress his bottom, delighting in its roundness and the
deep anal crease.

As her mouth slid lower over his cock, her hands gripped his bottom
cheeks, nails gripping into the flesh and pulling them apart for the air
to reach his anus.

As Matthew gasped, Claire felt the soft hair of his pubes tickle her nose
and moaned around the slender but throbbing cock now fully in her mouth.

Her tongue avidly licked the shaft of his boyhood flavours while the roof
of her throat worked the tender head. Above her, Matthew gasped and
sobbed, his breath loud as he gazed down at the top of Claire's head.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" He cried, the incredible sensations so much
better than when he masturbated.

Claire moved her head back to let his jerking cock fill her mouth with
hot seed, and while he was in the throws of his pleasure peek, thrust a
finger into his anus, her eyes watching his expression as she massaged
his prostate.

As his sperm shot into her mouth, hot and sticky, filling her with the
rich flavour, the door opened and Matron entered, starring her
disapproval, an eye brow raised as she saw the pale cream trickling from
the corner of Claire's mouth.

"He's all yours now Matron," Claire grinned.

She licked her brother's seed from her lips and then sauntered out,
looking forward to their future meetings.


Matthew waited outside the dormitory as instructed. He was fidgeting; his
bottom still sore from the spanking he had received from Matron for not
cooperating during his morning enema.

He blushed, as he recalled the large nozzle travelling slowly in and out
of his anus and Matron's smile as his cock had risen, right in front of

Telling him not to worry, she had held him close and roughly stroked his
cock, crooning until it jerked powerfully, jettisoning his sperm all over
her wrist and arm.

Claire smiled at her younger brother. She could guess his feelings of
embarrassment and pecked him on the cheek before leading him down the
corridor towards one of the special rooms.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"There's something we need to do before you can begin your classes," she
told him, continuing at such a brisk pace he had run to keep up with her.

"What's that?" he asked.

"You'll see," she told him, turning a corner and briskly climbing another
flight of stairs.

"You're going too fast!" Matthew complained.

Claire stopped outside a plain door. "Here we are," she told him with a

She opened the door and inside, Matthew found a small room made to appear
larger because of the mirrors.

He looked at his reflection, and then nervously at the bench, the chair
and the small tray of tools that stood beside it.

His parents watched breathlessly from behind discreetly placed spy holes
as Claire closed the door and smiled at her younger brother.

"What's that for?" they heard Matthew ask.

Emma groaned again and gripped her husband's wrist in order to stop
herself from frantically rubbing herself.

"It's for removing pubic hair," Claire told him walking forward well
aware that her parents were watching, and their eyes drinking in the
erotic spectacle.

"But I haven't got many!" he complained, his cheeks growing hot at the
thought of his sister removing them.

"You are not allowed any at Avondale Academy," she explained, holding up
the tweezers so that everyone could see them.

"Do I have to?" Matthew asked Claire.

"Yes! Now remove your uniform, and sit astride the bench," she told him.

"Please Claire," he murmured.

"Do I have to call a teacher to punish you?" she asked, her eyes gleaming
with the thought of it.

"There is a regime of harsh punishment here you know," she warned.

In the darkened viewing room Emma's breath caught as she visualised
Matthew naked again, She gripped James's arm even more tightly and
stared, as did he, without blinking at the sight in front of them.

Matthew sighed and timidly began undressing again, his eyes often turning
on his sister, as if wondering if she'd repeat the act she'd done on him
the previous day.

Thinking of it made his cock swell and made him embarrassed, but it was
in the half hope that she would that made him stand in front of her
straight and tall, his cock partially standing between them.

Claire giggled as she wondered how her mother was taking the sight of her
son partially erect. She went to him and guided him astride the bench,
then helped him lie back, his head partially elevated so he too could
watch, unaware that his parents were on the other side.

Claire knelt to fasten her brother's arms behind him, then shuffled
across to do the same with his ankles, holding him in position while the
boy stared at her in surprise and disbelief.

"It's all right," she told him, taking the seat beside him and then
reached for his cock.

"It's only to protect you," she explained.

"Protect me from what?" Matthew asked, testing the bonds and finding them

Claire grinned and deftly placed one little soft strand of pubic hair
between the jaws of the tweezers. With a sharp pull the hair was torn
from Matthew's groin and, with a yell of pain, his body attempted to roll
up and protect himself.

"See?" Claire giggled.

"That hurt!" he complained, blinking back the tears.

Still grinning, Claire stroked his shrunken cock and crooned to it,
urging it to rise up and expose its tender head to her again.

Despite the remaining if fading pain, Matthew fell back and panted as the
new sensations invaded his lower body.

"Claire!" he begged, his loins lifting from the bench as he gained full
and aching hardness.

One hand busy pressing his cock behind the tender head, and the other
wielded the tweezers again, selecting a fine hair on the underside of his
cock, just where his ball sack fell away.

With a sharp pull the hair was pulled free and Matthew screamed in agony,
the fierce jerk of his body twisting his cock free of her fingers. Claire
giggled, recapturing her brother's cock before noting the wetness
gleaming in his eyes.

"Oh, don't be such a baby!" she crooned, her thumb now rubbing the
underside of his cock while another silken hair was selected for pulling.

"No, no, please!" Matthew gasped, his body arching with the pleasure of
having his tender cock head caressed.

Another hair was pulled and he cried out in pain, jerked into lifting his
loins and panting as he came down again.

"Please!" he begged.

Behind the mirrored spy holes, Emma released James's arm to rise from her
stool and urgently lift her dress.

Her eyes never left the little scene now being played out in front of
her, or Matthew's contortions as the pubic hairs were pulled out, one by
one. His pleading voice, begging his sister for leniency while all she
did was continuing to torture him.

Sitting once again, her hand going between her legs to begin stroking her
needy flesh, Emma wondered how her elegant and beautiful daughter had got
her sadistic streak, sobbing with delight as Matthew yelled in his pain,
his body tossing in the bonds, his young cock sticking up in the air,
just begging to be covered by a mouth or cunt.

"Jesus, Emma!" James gasped, tearing his eyes from his children to watch
his wife stuff three fingers into her cunt, her thumb rising to flick her
stubby clitoris back and forth.

"Which one do you want, Emma?" he asked her.

Waiting patiently behind them were two naked pupils, a boy and girl who
had been sent to service Mr and Mrs Aldiss. Their faces were half covered
by tight leather masks that covered their eyes and ears, but left their
nostrils free to smell and their mouths free to suck and lick.

"Which one?" James asked his wife as she continued to stare at the scene
in the other room, watching with growing excitement as Claire continued
to torture Matthew.

"The boy!" she gasped finally.

James pulled the boy forward and pushed him down onto his knees in front
of his wife, letting Emma do the rest by gripping his mask and shoving
his face into her crotch.

Then James was drawing the girl forward. Like his wife, his attention was
hardly on the naked girl at all as he pushed her down in front of his
stool and sat with his legs on either side of her.

He was watching spellbound as Matthew cried out yet again as Claire
viciously pulled another hair from his groin, then roughly caressed his

James drew the young girl's head forward and sighed as she eagerly took
it and sucked on the bulbous and circumcised head. Her tongue swirled
around before swallowing, then dipped lower on his cock for more of his
manly flavour.

In the other room, Claire smiled at her breathless brother, enjoying his
whimpering as she moved his cock to one side to get at more young hairs.

She changed tweezers, discarding the small ones for a larger pair, and
one that would grip more than just one fine strand at a time.

"Why not just cut them off!" Matthew begged, his breath shortening as he
tried evading the tweezers.

"Because they would grow back too quickly," Claire remarked.

The tweezers now closed over a number of hairs, abruptly stilling
Matthews squirming.

He stared at her beseechingly, begging her not to pull.

"My poor little brother," she crooned, her other hand leaving his cock to
slide under his balls and stroke the roughly textured flesh between his

Her stroking fingers made him grunt and lift his pelvis, his cock jerking
with the sizzling sensations sliding up his belly. As he gasped, unable
to lift his pelvis any further, Claire gave a firm jerk on the tweezers
and several strands pulled free.

Matthew screamed all over again, tears spilling from the corner of his
eyes as his middle body tossed and turned to the limit of his bonds.

"Please stop!" he begged again, clearly in total anguish.

"I can't," Claire told him.

She stroked his balls then lifted his cock to pump it once more, her
circling fingers ensuring she pulled the foreskin back, heightening his
pleasure while she searched out the last of the hairs and closed the
tweezers over them.

"No, no, please!" Matthew cried, his breath quickening and his body

Claire turned from him to smile into the mirror, watching herself and her
brother while imagining her parents just beyond the glass.

She pulled upwards slowly, her brother lifting his haunches to follow the
tweezers. He reached his limit, but she pulled on, a slow pull that
brought a shrill scream from her little brother as four hairs were slowly
extracted from his flesh.

"Nearly there," Claire promised him.

Her touches were no longer enough to waken his little cock while he
sobbed and shook his head, blubbering and begging to be let loose, to be
able to go home.

She lowered her mouth to him, first licking the shaft from his balls to
the little eye, then taking it all into her mouth to hold and suck,
waiting for it to grow and push her head upwards.

Still it refused. So Claire rose and drew off her uniform, her back
turned towards the mirror so her parents could admire her bottom as she

Matthew's weeping died as he watched her pull the firm flesh of her
smooth pubis, drawing her labia forward and half exposing the rich flesh
peeking out from within.

"What are you going to do?" he whimpered.

"This should take your mind off the pain," she grinned.

Turning again towards the mirror, Claire swung her leg nimbly over her
brother's reclined form, and then stood astride his chest, her cunt
poised and glowing with her excitement.

"Do you like that?" she asked teasingly.

The look on his face told her he did. The slow rise of his cock confirmed
it also and made her giggle.

"Would you like to taste me Matthew?" she asked, wondering what her
father would think of her, sitting on her little brother's face and
squirming with delight as he poked his little tongue into her.

Thinking of her parents watching, Claire bent her legs and reached behind
her, pulling her tight bottom apart and giving her brother a full view of
her knotted anus lying just above the open and gleaming mouth to her

"Lick me!" she told him breathlessly.

"Claire?" Matthew whimpered. His cock hurt, it was so hard.

Claire slid her hand around it and began to pump it, her legs slowly
bending to draw her open crotch closer and closer to his face.

Breathless, hovering where she could feel his breath flowing over her
open labia, she roughly caressed his cock, closing a finger and thumb
over the last little group of his pubic hairs.

Staring into the mirror, Claire descended onto her brother's face, a gasp
torn from her as his tongue flicked between her inner lips and drew off
her excess wetness.

Fully on him, pressing her anus against his nose, she pumped his slender
cock until she felt it begin to swell. Then, as her brother's body tensed
beneath her, ready to explode with his orgasm, she tore the last of his
pubic hairs from his loins.

His squeal traveled up her vaginal passage, as arousing as a hot hard
cock doing the same and she erupted on his face, gasping with the
pleasure just as his cock sent a fountain of sperm across the short
distance to the mirror where it had splattered.

Her orgasm over and her brother's cock now wilting in her hand, she rose
and went to the mirrored wall.

Smiling into the mirror, she knelt and placed her tongue against it and
then for her parent's enjoyment, licked the long trail of sperm and
swallowed it, before returning to release her brother.

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