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I had been working hard and was sleeping in on a Saturday morning. I usually get up very early, even on weekends.
I stirred around 8, smelling coffee, and sporting wood.
When I tried to get up, I realized I was bound to the bed. Leather cuffs were on my ankles and wrists, and a collar was around my neck, Each was attached to a tether that kept me from much movement.
Sherry came bouncing into the room, ah…have you gotten your rest? But you stay in bed, what’s up?
What is that? Sherry asked as she pointed at my stiff cock. She lightly stroked my balls, and spent a great deal of time pinching my nipples. When Sherry bent her head down, I readied myself for some sucking, but she instead licked by balls and ass hole while stroking my cock slowly.
Sherry started asking me questions…Do I want her to suck my cock? Do you love it when I wrap my lips around the head? Do you love when I take it in and out slowly while I lick the underside?
This dialog and her actions had me about to explode, when Sherry stood up. I whined and begged her to finish, but she said more prep was needed. She left the room.
When she came back after 10 minutes, my hard on subsided, and I needed to piss BAD. I told her so, and she laughed. Get up and pee then she mocked, knowing I couldn’t.
What will you do for me if I let you pee? Sherry asked.
I told her I would lick her. She laughed at that…you’ll lick me anytime I want as it is. Nah…pee the bed if that’s the best you can do. What do you want Sherry, come on I need to pee…I’ll do anything, let me up?
Sherry said if I agreed to be her slave for the whole day, and obeyed her every command, she would let me pee.
I had no choice, and quickly agreed to her terms.
Now let me up- Undo these straps I urgently implored her.
Sherry laughed. I didn’t say I would let you up, I said I would let you pee…if you want to pee…pee in this bed pan while I hold your dick. How humiliating, but I had no choice.
As I peed, Sherry was empowered. This thing is mine…you are mine. You will do anything and everything I desire all day into the night…and IF you do well, I will give you that blow job you’re begging for.
Sherry kneeled over my head, and started to pinch and twist my nipples, and running her fingernails all over my chest and torso. I stared at her shaved pussy. This was torture for me. When I gazed at her wet lips, and hardened clit, I HAD to lick and suck them. I was addicted to Sherry’s pussy, she knows it, and she loved to her how much I love her pussy.
Beg me to lower myself onto you face slave, or stretch that tongue, Sherry snickered.
I began to beg and plead for the right to suck Sherry’s sweet little pussy. After several minutes, she lowered herself, plastering her pussy on my face. I licked and sucked her wildly, and brought her to a powerful climax. She let loose a huge flow of nectar, flooding my mouth, as she screamed out in pleasure.
Well done Slave, Sherry complimented, getting up and off the bed.
She left the room, and came back with a tube of lubricant and a butt plug. She lubed up the toy, and shoved it into my anus, and then turned on the vibrator. She gave my stiff cock a quick stroke, pinched my nipples hard, and left the room.
I’m going to work out…I’ll be back in an hour
I pleaded with Sherry to let me up, or get me off, or both, but she strutted out the door laughing and reminding me of my commitment to be her slave all day.
I laid there trying NOT to think sexual thoughts, but that was impossible given the buzzing in my ass. Instead, all sorts of fantasies filled my head.
The time passed slowly, and I was in a state of desperation when Sherry came back. She stood at the side of the bed, looking adorable in her sweaty spandex. She gave the butt plug a couple of pumps in my ass, and sharply twisted my nipples. She pulled off her shorts, and showed me her sweaty pussy. Want to lick this sweaty thing don’t you, she tormented. She peeled off her top, and pushed her breasts into my face. Suck my nipples slave she commanded.
Sherry pulled away. She attached vibrating nipple clamps to my erect nubs, and took another vibrator and set it against my cock. As if I needed more stimulation. My cock was throbbing and had a long thick strand of pre-cum hanging from it. My nipples were numb, yet on fire, and my balls felt full and ached. My mind raced with what was next stimulating me even more.
I heard the shower turn off, and got excited anticipating Sherry’s return and my relief.
Sherry took longer than I thought, and I became anxious. I called out to her, and pissed her off. She threatened to leave me there and go out. She was getting ready she said, and I better behave, or the wait would be longer.
Now I was thinking of long teasing and wondering if I could handle any more.
In a few minutes Sherry came into the bedroom, naked but with hair and make-up immaculate, wearing 6 inch heels. Needless to say Sherry looked great, and I told her so. She smiled and said thanks. She sat on the edge of the bed and seemed to inspect my cock, checking the hardness and amount of pre cum drooling from it. She squeezed my balls rather hard, and worked the butt plug in and out a few times. My cock jumped as she did. You are almost ready, she said as she slapped my balls lightly. The nipple clamps were removed causing sharp pain, but sent shocks directly to my nuts.
Sherry detached the tethers connected to my wrists, ankles and collar. I was pulled by them to my feet. We’re done in her slave…and we headed downstairs.
I was seated on a straight chair in front of the TV in the family room. Sherry turned on the TV, and an x rated dvd was playing. It was a Fem Dom video we had, one that featured a lot of strap on play and facesitting. Sherry had a bowl of ice cubes and rubbed them on my nipples and balls, alternating between them.
The scene on the TV showed a DOM feeding her slaves cum to him from her just fucked pussy. Sherry noticed my cock jumping, and knew this excited me. She began to talk about making me eat my cum today, and how she would make me cum again, just to see me eat again. Another slave was eating his mistress’ ass and Sherry pushed her hot ass into my face. Lick it slave she growled. I dove in and licked for all I was worth. She was standing bent over in front of me, and reached back to stroke my cock. I just about lost it after a few quick tugs, but got control. Sherry was close to cumming, and I have trouble stopping my orgasm when she cums. I tried to ask her to stop pulling on my cock, but my pleas were muffled by Sherry’s sweet ass cheeks.
Her orgasm began slowly, but built into quite a crescendo. I somehow managed to keep from joining her and Sherry almost seemed disappointed. I think she lanned to punish me for cumming here.
Well, you can’t come, huh Sherry bitched. I guess I don’t turn you on anymore.
I whined that she had ordered me not to cum, and that I worked hard to obey my mistress.
Sherry laughed. You pissed me off trying to please me…that’s funny.
Well. Watch the movie…I’ll be back in a little while. Don’t play with yourself slave. Sherry giggled.
She left the room, and I was stuck in a chair, my cock has been hard since I woke up, and my balls ached. The movie scene showed a guy tied to a chair, alone in a room…hmmm. He wasn’t alone long. Soon several women and a couple of guys take advantage of his predicament. They take turms shoving dicks and pussies into his face. They suck his cock, and fuck his ass- men and women with strap ons. They cover him with cum, and make him eat it. When they let him cum, he has to eat that load too.
Now I was freaking out. Was this going to happen? Would I be the center of an orgy? I wasn’t ready for that. Of course I was turned on beyond belief by the thoughts.
Sherry came into the room, wearing a cute t shirt dress that showed off her cute breasts. There weren’t others with her now, but…
Sherry sat down on the bed, and told me she was going to suck my cock until the timer goes off. When the timer goes off she would stop, and start again after at least a 30 minute pause. I was free to cum if I could. The time of the clock was random, ranging from 10 to 150 seconds. Neither of (or not me anyway) would know the amount of time, and the clock featured a no display option, so there was no indicator at all. It made the time seem so real. Each second was important, and the next not promised.
The 1st session was actually a long one, and I could have cum twice, but fought it back. I knew Sherry wanted to play this out, and I did not want to disappoint. She told me exactly that, as she stopped and pushed her pussy into my face, forcing me to lick her and bringing her to a thunderous climax.
She quickly left the room again after changing the dvd.
My new torture/ entertainment was non stop lesbian…not a real dick to be found. Like most guys, I love to watch a girl girl scene, and always am open to a threesome with Sherry and a hot girlfriend. The flick was kind of anti male, insulting the penis often. They were all hot, and they came and came, eating each other and squirting all over each other. I wanted to be the only guy there, and hoped that Sherry was coming in with a friend or 6.
I was lost in a fantasy, and physically numb when Sherry came back in. She unhooked me, and had me follow her into the bathroom. I was told to pee, and get in the shower. I was to wash and shave my genitals. Sherry stood over me and watched to make sure I didn’t masturbate. It’s a good thing she did, I struggled to not beat off madly and spray cum all over that shower. I ran the razor all over and cleaned up my already shaved pubic area. I washed and rinsed quickly, I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted to masturbate.
Sherry laid out an outfit…or my tools of torment. There was a set of nipple clamps that attached to a cock ring…a collar and matching leather wrist cuffs. There was also a device that I had to step into. It featured a big vibrating butt plug, and a vibrating cock harness. She left the room and said don’t touch that cock. Be downstairs in 2 minutes.
When I was “dressed” I made my way down the hall and to the stairs. I paused and listened for voices, but couldn’t hear anything. I walked down the stairs and toward the family room. The house seemed empty, and I began to panic. I also realized I was alone, and could make myself cum.
Suddenly the doorbell rang. Sherry invited people over, and now wasn’t here to let them in…did she think I would? Dressed like this? The doorbell rang again, followed by insistent knocking. I had to answer it, and walked to the door and peer out the window to see Sherry was on the other side of the door. Relieved, I swung the door open laughing, only to see Sherry did have 2 friends with her.
I was led into family room and tethered on my back in the middle of the floor. Sherry and friends quickly started to make out and fondle each other. They undressed quickly and settled into a chain. Sherry was getting licked by a cute blond with perky boobs, while she buried her face into a hot Asian beauty.
No one paid any attention to me, yet I really thought I would cum from all of the stimulation. The ladies were howling in the those of passion for quite some time. They were cumming again and again, and had no need for me it seemed. After what seemed an hour, Sherry got up and came by me. Enjoying the view slave, she asked. She said it was time to suck my cock. Sherry had the others come over and explained the random timer, and then pressed a couple of buttons to set it, and swallowed my cock to the hilt in one swift move. Sherry then pulled it out slowly until just the swollen head was still in contact with her luscious lips. She started to swirl her tongue all over the head while stroking it wildly with her hand. I was about to surrender to the orgasm, when the timer went off. Sherry stopped instantly and her friends scurried out with her all of them giggling.
I could hear the others leaving, thanking Sherry and wishing her luck with me. Sherry then came back into the family room. She told me I was a god slave, and deserved to cum. She grabbed my cock and stroked it. She told me she was going to suck you and make you cum hard. You deserve it slave, I can’t make you wait any longer. Here goes baby get ready to cum…and she set the timer…what the fuck…noooo. I cannot wait.
Sherry ripped into my dick like a lion attacking a side of antelope. She sucked it and stroked it rapidly. I was turning into mush. I felt the orgasm of my life start to build deep within my core. I began to shake, as Sherry increased her pace.
Then the timer went off.
Sherry took the timer and tossed it…never mind that timer. That was wrong. I feel bad. You should have gotten to cum. You need to cum, don’t you slave, she asked.
Yes, I really do mistress. Please don’t make me wait and watch another movie…I can’t take it. Don’t leave. Stay. Untie me, please? I begged.
Sherry left, but returned right away. She sported a strap on dildo, and had a tube of KY in her hand. I am going to fuck your brains out slave, Sherry threatened.
Sherry pulled my legs up and tethered them so that my legs were above my head and my seeping dick looked me eye to eye.
She began to lube my ass, and then greased the dildo. My ass was prepared after holding a butt plug all day, so there was no pain as Sherry pushed her dick in. I knew if I started to beg for her pussy, or mouth, Sherry would simply stop and I’d have no chance to get off. As she sawed the dildo in and out, she was treated to a vibrator pressing against her clit. This caused her to explode in a massive orgasm, screaming out as wave after wave rushed through her body.
Sherry pulled out of my ass and took off the dildo, and plopped down on my face, saying lick me slave, as if I had a choice. She was wetter than ever, and seemed to keep cumming over and over as I sucked and licked her clit. She kept repeating what a great cunt licker I was, and kept gushing her juices into my mouth and all over my face.
Finally, Sherry lifted her pussy from my face, and lowered her moth to my cock, still kneeling above my so I was staring at her dripping pussy. She began an unbelievable assault on my cock. Sucking it deep, fingering my ass, squeezing and slapping my balls. When I felt the build up coming, I warned Sherry I was about to cum. She stopped, and I started freaking out…no don’t stop, pleaaase I roared.
Instead of stopping however, Sherry was simply just shifting positions. She moved to between my legs, and started licking from ass to the tip of my cock, over and over. She had grabbed the dildo and shoved it back in my ass.
Finally, my orgasm began. Starting deep in my balls, a trembling radiated throughout my body. I started shaking uncontrollably, the 1st stream of cum shot out like a speeding bullet, and landed directly in my mouth. Volley after volley of spunk flew onto my face, coating me, as Sherry kept licking. The stream subsided, but my cock continued to spasm, even if there was no more spunk.
As Sherry got up, she grabbed a camera, and took several photos to capture the moment, before untying me. We kissed deeply, sharing our tasty mixture of juices.
Sherry then asked…how soon will you be ready to go again…I still didn’t get fucked
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