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Brother fucks sister
My Sister The Slut part one

Story about brother and sister, if it offends you please go somewhere else

I could hear a muffled voice from upstairs, figuring it was just my sister I ignored it at first. It was Friday afternoon and the coach let us out early from football practice. Still sweaty, dressed in my nylon running shorts I headed up the stairs for a nice cool shower and good workout on my dick, I hadn’t jerked off in two days.

As I rounded the corner I heard her again but this time there was another voice, oh great it was probably that geeky boyfriend of hers, I would never know what she saw in him.

“Don’t put it in Billy, please don’t, I’m begging you please don’t!”

What the hell was this all about?

“Please Jenny, just the tip of it, nothing more, I swear on my grandmother’s grave I won’t.”

I was ready to bust some chops. Quietly I crept towards her door that was luckily ajar. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there on Jenny’s bed my sister was spread eagle with Billy’s body between her legs. The sense of urgency in her voice surely wasn’t in her actions; her legs were wide, riding high on Billy’s thighs, so much so I could plainly see her cunt and Billy’s dick trying to punch into it.

Now I’m no pervert but my sister has grown up a lot in the past year, her legs are tanned and long, on his elbows beneath him was a pair of tits that looked mighty tempting. Right in front of me, a mere few feet away I could almost count the strands of golden hair covering her cunt.

But most disturbing was Billy’s dick as it tried to pierce her hole. I always knew he was a nerd but his dick was proof, I understood he was young but it couldn’t have been more than four and half inches long and talk about being a pencil dick the thing was pathetic, it looked like a hotdog.

“Please Jenny, can I, just the head of it?’

But the tip was already out of sight, buried amongst her puffy folds of labia, a glossy sheen bounced of their wet sex organs, with one good thrust his dick could have been out of sight.

She didn’t even try to push him away, in fact I think she wanted him to fuck her, at least her skirmish’s showed it, with her legs so high, her arms wrapped around his back as her hands pulled him closer.

“No Billy we cant, I’m virgin, it will hurt too much and worse I could get pregnant.”

“No, not you first time you can’t, only the second time doing it.”

What bunch of bullshit, his pre-cum was probably laden with sperm and some of them were already on a journey. I had to stop this now, busting the door wide open they both heard me before seeing me, and then I was standing at the foot of the bed about to beat the shit of the little jerk trying to fuck my sister.

But I couldn’t move, dumbfounded I stood watching Billy trying to fuck her. I couldn’t believe my eyes, neither moved to escape. Right there in plain view he was still making small gyrations with his ass that were matched by her ass.

All within twenty seconds his balls tightened up against his body and his dick started to convulse. The dope never made any attempt to pull way; he was cumming in my sister, just great.

Then they both came to reality realizing I was standing there watching them. I grabbed Billy by the foot and yanked him off the bed onto the floor. Scampering for his clothed he grabbed them and crawled toward the door as I made a move to beat the shit out of him.

“Stop Rob, leave him alone.”

Looking back at her Billy was out the door and down the stairs before I could turn back around. Good ridden to him.

“What the Hell Jenny, are you stupid or something, just what the fuck were you two doing? He almost fucked you, he almost had his dick buried in you cunt, wait till I tell Mom about this, she’s going to freak for sure”

Her eyes were welling up with tears, then I noticed, her legs still spread wide her swollen cunt lips were oozing Billy’s thick cum, a small curd of white stuff was beginning to drip from her. Disgusting, or so I thought.

My thoughts turned crude, I was watching my sister’s cunt as she cried. Then I noticed it, the front of my black running shorts had a large tent in them. I was turned on from all this. Sick.

What the Hell, I needed relief, and I needed it now. What more could a guy ask for? A girl spread wide, already lubed up ready to be fucked, wanting to be fucked.

Stripping my shirt off, then pulling my shorts off Jenny’s eyes opened wide as I started to strip my briefs off.

“Rob what are you doing?”

She knew exactly what I was doing, when she first got a good look at my dick, a man sized dick, six and a half inches long at least, and fat to boot she cringed upwards towards the headboard.

“Now you’re going to see what a real man can do Jenny” I crawled over towards her as she moved further away, but it was too late, she ran out of room to move, backed up against the wall and headboard I had her trapped. Grabbing her by the ankles I pulled her to the middle of the bed and spread her legs open

“No Rob, you cant, I’m your sister, it isn’t right, and it’s incest.”

But I can and it was right for me. She was no match for me, lying on top of her body I reached between us grabbing my dick and running it up the length of her virginal slit while picking up a glob of Billy’s sperm to lubricate the tip of my dick I placed it in the middle of her cunt lips and made a push forward.

“Noooo….ooohh, it hurts Rob take it out I’m begging please stop before it’s too late.”

But it was too late; I buried it to the hilt inside my sister’s cunt, my ball bag resting against her asshole as she cringed under my weight. I couldn’t have cared less if it hurt her, I wanted satisfaction and I was getting it.

Not really wanting to hurt her all that badly, after all she was family, I stayed in place not moving, letting her get use to the invasion into her body. Tears once again welled up in her eyes then began flooding out running down her pretty cheeks.

I waited a good two minutes then the temptation overcame me, I pulled my dick out to the outer edges of her tight little cunt before gradually reinserting it back inside. I did this several times. Then I noticed something, something I didn’t expect, her body was wiggling under me, but it was an attempt to escape, she was responding to me fucking her. What a slut I had for a sister.

Her legs rose up my thighs, her hands held on for dear life as I picked up my tempo, now she was moaning as I fucked the shit out of her.

“Oh Rob I think we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You want me to stop Jenny?”

“Well you are my brother, it might be OK if you do it a little longer, just don’t go telling any of your friends, or mine”

The little slut wrapped her ankles around my knees and started pushing her cunt upwards matching each thrust I gave her, what a whore.

I was going at her in earnest plunging into her cunt like a wild man, I just had too, I raised up and looked between us where our bodied conjoined, the little nerd before must have dumped a mother lode in her hole, Billy’s cum was beginning to froth up forming a bubbly foam at the base of my dick.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt the tide rising up within me, deep inside me it started, my prostate was bugling ready to burst, my nuts tightened as the valve from them opened mixing sperm with the other fluids, my dick swelled tight and then it began to twitch and spasm as it released a strong squirt of seed, then another and another until it finally stopped, but the damage was done. I had filled my sister with sperm.

Resting for a few minutes until we both came down from our sex induced high our breathing became less ragged, our bodies relaxed. When I rolled off her my dick made this nauseating sound as it withdrew from her cunt. There was way too much cum for her young body, it was trickling out, thick ropes of cum exited out, dribbling down past her brown asshole pooling on the dark blue bedspread.

“Rob we shouldn’t have done that.”

“Yeah, I know, dangerous. Especially now that we know what it feels like, we may want to do it again.”

“You think so? Maybe we try once again just to see if we both really like it.”

With that Jenny wrapped her dainty fingers around my dick which was quickly becoming soft. The cum lubricated her pumping action but I was spent beyond believe, my body was tied from football practice and my dick was tired as a result of that. But Jenny wanted more.

“Rob, just a once more, just for a few minutes, can you get it up for me… please?”

“No Jenny I don’t think it’s going to work again for a little while.” I could see the disappointment in her voice and looks.

“I have an idea if your game. I could call my best friend Dave; he could be here in about five minutes if you like.”

“Where is the phone?” she cutely replied.

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wtf man why are yall young litte ass kids reading shit like this and wanting to have sex when yall are only fucking 12 man you kids is fucked up kids now and how the you know you gay at 13! thats to young to be knowing your sexuasality at such a young age

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Im 13 Ansel wanna have sex. 5107304539

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Im 13 Ansel wanna have sex. 5107304539

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6/10 boring and lacking deion... Although the sPelling and punctuation were ok :)

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