14 Year old Joey had just had sex with his 11 year old sister. As they lay dozing their 13 yr old sis walked in
apter 2

Fourteen year old Joey Frazier was roused from a light sleep by a most obnoxious screeching.

“Joey what are you doing?” Marti screamed at him from the bedroom door.

What a way to wake up. There is my sister in high dudgeon screaming at me.

“Joey just what in the hell is going on in here?”

At a loss as to how to react to her I simply said, “Hi Marti, why are you screaming?”

“Joey you’re in bed with Jamie; what do you expect me to do?”

“Closing the door and going on with your life might be a suggestion,” I replied.

My 11 year old sister Jamie and I were curled up together in her bed clad in just our underwear. Unbeknownst to Marti, Jamie had lost her virginity to me less than an hour ago.

Jamie awakened and sat up, looking at her sister and asking, “What are you screaming about?”

As Jamie sat up Marti, noting that she was topless accused, “You’re in bed naked with Joey, what am I suppose to think?”

“Well Marti, first, I am not naked, I have my panties on and Joey has his boxers, and secondly, I really don’t think it’s any of your business what we’re doing. Why not just go away and leave us alone.”

“No Jamie, I think Marti and I should have a talk. Why don’t you go and take care of that thing we talked about.”

Looking quizzically at me, Jamie asked, “The thing we were talking about? You mean the CD?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.”

With a smirk of a smile and a wicked look in her eye, Jamie left the room.

After Jamie had left I asked, “Why are you trying to start trouble for us. What Jamie and I do has nothing to do with you. Marti, it’s none of your concern. Don’t act like you’re protective of Jamie, we both know the only thing you’re doing is trying to build yourself a soap box so you can preach down at us. You never have a nice word or kind thought for either of us.”

“Marti, you’re beautiful, bright and, outside of our home, I know you are witty. We would love to be proud of you but, when it comes to your attitude toward Jamie and me you’re a pure bitch”

Without a word, Marti stepped forward and slapped him across the face, then saying, “Don’t you ever call me a bitch.”

Taking the slap without retaliation, Joey told her, “Don’t hit me; the payback will be three to one plus one.”

“What are you talking about; you’re the one who will be getting the payback. When the Parent get home and I tell them what I saw there’s going to be big trouble for both of you.”

“Marti, you’re not going to tell the Parents anything.”

“Oh yeah, just wait ‘til they get here. What did you think I was going to do?”

“Well, I kinda thought you might go to your room, undress and wait for me to show you something.”

She looked at aghast at the suggestion then again slapped him and flared at him, “Joey, are you out of your mind.”

“No, but you must be, you just slapped me again in spite of my warning.”

“I’m not scared of you, Joey. You’re the one that’s going to be in trouble.”

“Oh I don’t think so. I’ve got a little video disk I want you to watch.”

Marti began to sweat a little. She’d done some things with her boy friend Bobby that she didn’t want known; but there was no way Joey could be aware of that.

“Just what do you have to show me?”

“Let’s go to your room and I’ll set it up.”

Marti flounced from the room with Joey following. He admired her cute bottom. She was wearing white, mid-thigh shorts, with a matching white top. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was barefooted.

Once in Marti’s room he glanced quickly at her louvered closet door. He couldn’t see her but he knew Jamie was secreted behind it with a video camera. Joey walked to the TV and inserted the disk. Picking up the remote he walked to the bed and sat down.

Marti stood across the room glaring at him.

“You want to have a seat?” Joey asked.

“I’ll stand; just play to disk.”

On the disk were two episodes. The first had no sound. It was what he was going to play now.

“Ok, your choice,” Joey said as he hit the play button.

Oh, this is bad Marti thought. On the screen she was giving her boyfriend Bobby a blow job while he played with her breasts. She was wearing only a pair of panties. Bobby was completely nude. She watched horrified as Bobby climaxed, a small amount of his semen dribbling out the sides of her mouth. She remembered him trying to talk her out of her panties but she had denied him; she was a virgin and intended to stay that way. Then she saw him rubbing her bottom. Although there was no sound she certainly recalled what he was asking her to do. Abruptly, the video ended.

Marti stormed across the room and slapped Joey once again screeching, “Joey, you’re a vile, despicable bastard, you can’t show that to anyone!”

“I don’t intend to, that was just the preview of coming attractions. This next one is the one that I’ll post on your Facebook page and some other sites. It’s really so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if some internet pornographer didn’t pick it up and make you an international star.”

“Sit down and watch it with me.”

God how she hated him, she thought. He really does have the stuff with Bobby. If he had the one he’d just shown her he probably had the other. She cringed at the thought.

“Are you ready to see it Porn Star,” he gibed, as he hit the play button.

Marti and Bobby were just entering the room. They went immediately to the bed and began making out passionately. Bobby was sucking on Marti’s nipples and rubbing her pussy through her panties, from the screen they listened to Marti moaning in pleasure.
When Bobby tried to slip his hand down her panties she stopped him saying, “No Bobby, I’m a virgin and I’m going to stay that way.”

Bobby then started to rub her bottom and slipped his hand down the back of her panties. Although his voice was just a whisper they could him say, “How about here?”

Marti tried to put him off saying that she was afraid that it would hurt. He assured her that he would be gentle. Finally Marti said that if they were going to do it he needed some lubricant and told him to get the jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet. They watched as he rubbed the Vaseline onto her back passage and onto himself.

Listening they heard Marti ask how they were going to do it and Bobby’s answer. I want you on your back so I can see your pretty face. He positioned her on the edge of the bed and raised her legs, exposing her most private of places to the camera. They could see the moisture of arousal on her pussy. Her rose bud was pink and shiny from the lube. When Bobby tried to take her panties completely off she stopped him, so he just raised her legs a little higher and positioned himself to enter her.

As soon as he pushed into her Marti began to wail, “Stop Bobby it hurts.”

They watched as he ignored her pleas and continued enter her body.

Marti was in full throat, wailing and screaming in pain. Joey watched her watch herself on the screen. She had a horrified look on her face and she’d nearly stopped breathing. Between reliving the pain, the humiliation, embarrassment and shame she was feeling Marti wanted to die.

She watched as Bobby pulled out of her. She saw his cum dripping from her distended anus, amazed how she stayed open after he’d withdrawn. The video ended with her screaming at Bobby to get out.

Marti looked at Joey, she felt sick and her stomach was cramping in stress. “What are you going to do with this Joey?”

“That’s up to you. I’ll tell you what I want you to do. If you agree, I’ll give you the video and you can do whatever you want with it.”

“Joey, this is blackmail, what is it that you want?”

“Marti, first I want you treat Jamie and me like family. Get off your high horse with us. We want to love you like a sister. Give us a reason to love you.”

“Joey, I’ll try to be a better sister. Is that all you want?”

“No, unfortunately, there is something else.”

Marti waited for the other shoe to drop. She just knew he was going to make her pay.

“Secondly, I want you to undress. You can keep your panties on, I know how possessive you are of them, but everything else needs to come off.”

Marti didn’t argue, she just stood and began to disrobe. She took off her top and then her brassiere allowing her beautiful breasts to proudly jut forward. As she dropped her shorts and stepped out of them she watched as Joey walked to the bathroom and got the Vaseline.

As he came back into the room she saw what he was carrying. She pleadingly whispered, “No Joey you can’t do that, please anything but that.”

“I’m sorry Marti, but that’s the cost, either you’re an internet porno star or you give me your bottom, it’s your choice.”

Marti almost refused. She remembered the unimaginable pain. Then she reconsidered. If she took it, it would hurt but then it would be over. If she refused her reputation would be ruined. All her friends would see her; it would be all over school. She decided that being sodomized by her brother was the lesser of two evils.

Walking over to the bed she looked down on her brother, he was sitting upright with his back against the headboard.

“Ok, you win, I’ll let you.”

Reaching out for her hand he smiled and said, “I knew you’d he reasonable,” as he jerked her hand and pulled her across his lap.

Holding her down with his left hand in the small of her back, he rolled the back of her panties down. She had a beautiful ass, like twin sun ripened cantaloupes, her cheeks were perfect.

“What are you doing to me, Joey?” Marti asked in surprise.

“Remember when I told you that you’d get three for every one plus one? Well you’ve got coming, three for every slap and one extra.”

“Joey you can’t spank me.”

“Of course I can,” he answered, as he slapped her ass.

Joey didn’t really want to hurt her so he really didn’t spank her very hard but he did tell her, that one’s not included. Now, I want you to count the strokes for me. If you don’t count, it doesn’t count; ready?”

He slapped her beautiful bottom as Marti sung out, one.

Joey spanked quickly, two, three, four… She was turning a nice shade of pink.

It wasn’t all that painful although Marti did cry a little for appearances sake.

Completing the spanking Joey helped Marti to stand then stood beside her. He turned her so that her back was to the bed and lowered her, positioning her bottom on the edge of the bed and her feet still on the floor. Lifting her legs he grabbed her panties at the sides and pulled them off.

Marti cried out, “No Joey you’re not going to fuck me, are you?”

“Don’t worry, your virginity is safe. I know how precious it is to you, I won’t take that from you.”

“Then why take my panties?”

Answering, “I want to see you,” he stared at her nicely trimmed thatch. She was a natural blonde even down there, the fine golden strands catching the rays of the afternoon sun shining through the window.

“Lift your legs up and put your feet on the bed.”

As Marti complied, he spread her thighs and stepped slightly to the side. He wanted to be sure Jamie could get a good image as her pussy gaped open. Then he knelt between her parted legs and breathed in her scent. She had a stronger aroma than Jamie, still it was mightily arousing. As he felt himself swelling he thought he really would like to fuck her but he’d promised.

He thought, I didn’t say anything about oral though as he opened her further and dove in.

Marti screeched, “What in the hell are you doing to me Joey, stop that right now.”

Joey ignored her and concentrated on her sweet pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, savoring her mild taste. She was a darker shade than Jamie’s, still her lips and inner folds were a virginal pink. Finding her small hole he flicked his tongue in and out of her. He was amazed; she was not much larger than Jamie. He probed her with a finger. Yes, she was a virgin, he thought as he pressed against her hymen. Withdrawing his finger, he moistened it and began to massage her anus.

Marti was beginning to moan and not in pain. He boyfriends had rubbed her through her panties but it was nothing like this. What was he doing to her?

Joey licked up until he found her clitoris. Pulling it between his lips he began to gently suck.

Marti was experiencing sensations that she didn’t know even existed. Her tummy muscles were rippling and her vagina was spasming. Joey had slipped a finger into her bottom while he attended to her clit. She began wildly tossing her head from side to side while moaning loudly. Suddenly, with a feeling like her vagina had been electrified, she felt her juices pulse in an explosive orgasm.

Joey continued to tongue her slippery slit after she’d bathed his face with her love juices. He slowly brought her down from her climax.

“Damn you Joey, what did you do to me?”

“You liked that didn’t you,” he replied.

“Yes, I liked it. My God I had no idea an orgasm would feel like that. I’ve given myself little ones, you know, playing down there, but that was mind blowing.”

While they talked, Joey was massaging Vaseline onto her anus. She hadn’t even reacted to the attention but when he used a finger to push a glob of lubricant into her she caught her breath.

“You’re still going to do that to me, Joey? “She quietly asked.

“Yes, but I want you to be really ready. I’m going to pump you with my fingers to get plenty of lube in you and maybe I can stretch you a little.”

As he pumped first one and then two fingers into her bottom with one hand, he continued to rub her pussy with the other, talking gently to her the full time. Telling her how beautiful she is, how sexy how wonderful.

Finally deciding she was ready, he guided himself to her opening and gently pushed forward. He felt the head slide in then he stopped to allow her time to adjust.

Marti felt a small amount of pain when he’d entered her, she’d been ready to scream in pain and her body tensed.

Joey felt the tension and crooned to her, “You’re doing wonderfully, just relax,” as he stroked her hips and tummy.

She relaxed a little under his gentle ministrations but as he pushed deeper into her, she again tensed. She was feeling some pain but it was bearable. She just expected it to get worse.

Realizing it was fear more than anything that was keeping Marti tense; Joey began to play with her clit. Maybe is he could increase her arousal it would take some of the fear.

The attention her was getting along with what was becoming a welcome fullness in her bottom was raising Marti’s appreciation of anal sex. It felt good. She cold feel him slide more deeply into her, she felt her balls against her bottom and knew he had her completely filled. Then he began to gently pump in and out. There was still a tinge of pain but it was an exquisite pain, sharpening all the sensations she was experiencing.

Joey had watched Marti’s face throughout. What had started as a painful grimace was now almost a smile. As he pumped into her she began pushing back matching his rhythm. She was almost painfully tight as she flexed her internal muscles, milking him. Joey increased the speed of his fingering of her clit. He was about to come and he wanted her to have a second orgasm, too.

He picked up his speed and thrust deeply into her. He felt her tighten. He pressed into her, grasped her hips and flooded her bowels as she bathed his crotch with her love juices, her climax soaking him.

As he slipped out of her tight rose bud he could see his cum oozing from her. He helped her to her feet.

“Joey, you really are a bastard,” she hissed at him as she flounced off to the bathroom.

Going to the closet he said, “Come on Imp, get out while she’s gone, I’ll meet you in your room in a few minutes.”

Joey had gone to his room by the time Marti returned. She lay down on the bed in deep thought. What had happened was blackmail pure and simple but there was nothing simple about how she’d felt. Both the oral and anal sex were better than anything she’d ever experienced, she wanted those feelings again but therein lay a conflict. If she let her boyfriends do those things to her they would want and probably take more and she’d sworn to herself that she would remain a virgin until her wedding night. She closed and locked her bedroom door and lay down to take a nap.

Joey waited a few minutes then went to Jamie’s room.

“Whatta you think, Imp. Did you get good pictures?”

“Yeah, I got good pictures but what I think is you enjoyed that way too much, that’s what I think. Remember, you’re mine now and I mean it.”

“Ooo a jealous Imp. Take it easy, you’re still my girl.”

“Joey, I want you to do that to me.”

“Jamie, I’d hurt you and I don’t want that, we’ll wait a while before we try that. Besides, I like doing everything else with you, don’t you?”

“Yeah Joey, I like the other things, too.”

The next morning after the Parents were gone and Marti was out wherever Marti went, Joey and Jamie lay out by the pool.

“You want to get in the water,” Jamie asked.

“No, I just want to lie here and bake. Did you bring the tanning lotion?”

“Sure, it’s right here,” handing him the bottle.

“Take your swimming suit off, I’m going to give you a full body massage with this lotion.”

Jamie unfastened her top, shimmied out of her bottoms and lay belly down on the chaise. Joey started the massage and worked down her back. He skipped her bottom then did her legs.

Coming back up he gently opened her thighs and cupped her sex, opening her slit with one finger and probed into her. He wanted to find her “G” spot. Probing along her inner wall he found what he was seeking and began to massage.

Jamie, slightly moaning asked, “What are you doing, Joey, That feels nice.”

“Making you feel good, now just lay back and enjoy.”

Using the lotion as a lube, Joey rubbed her tight little rose bud as she began to pant. He slipped his thumb into her tight hole and pumped her, God was she tight. He had her like a bowling ball, one finger in her pussy and a thumb in her bottom. He started pumping with both digits.

Jamie changed from moans to grunts. The pressure in her bottom was pretty intense. It felt good but it was different. She just went with the flow, enjoying the feelings.

Joey slipped his finger out of her pussy and started to rapidly twang her clit as he pushed his thumb more deeply into her bottom. Each time Joey pushed his thumb into her she grunted. He started pumping her more rapidly, he liked the sound of her grunting, he found it arousing. The combined attention to both asshole and clit rapidly brought Jamie to climax. It wasn’t explosive but he felt her tighten her bottom as her girl cum flooded his hand.

“Did that feel good?”

“Yeah, that felt good, now let’s go upstairs, I want more.”

Jamie led him to her bedroom; she was naked, having carried her bathing suit with her in her hand. She pulled Joey’s suit down and pushed him onto the bed.

Taking him in her mouth she got him steel hard then squatted over his shaft.

“This time I ride,” she whispered as she guided him into her and lowered herself, taking him all in.

Joey gripped her hips as she rode him with wild abandon, her hair flying and her lips smiling as she took all he could give, screaming in ecstasy she bounced up and down on his stiff cock pounding her little butt into his groin.

Joey thought, God I’m going to be sore after this fucking, she’s a wild woman. He felt his cum rising from his balls.

“Oh God Jamie, I’m ready, I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too,” she exclaimed as he gripped her and held her to him thrusting deeply into her. Her orgasm exploded just as he filled her with him cum.

She remained astride as Joey softened. She liked the feeling of intimacy this contact gave her.

“Joey, you’re right, I think I’m too small to take you in my bottom. It felt good with your thumb but I had some pain. You can play there though, it felt kinda nice.”

“Something else, Joey, I’ve started having my periods. Can you get some condoms? I don’t want to get pregnant yet.”

“I’ll buy some but what do you mean, you don’t want to get pregnant yet?”

“I told you, you’re mine. I’m going to marry you then we can have kids.”

“Jamie, you’re my sister, we can’t get married.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll work it out.”

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Vaseline and thin laytex condoms dont work out. Ky and waterbased dont lead to failure as often. I hope he shoots a couple stings of cum into his older sis .... just getting extra lube... without breaking her hymen...just enough to knock her up. Or she slips and falls on him cowgirl position and he fills her tank.

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the way he calmly blackmailed her was suspenseful liked it

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Great story! It might be time for a threesome and maybe a few of her 10 to 12 yo girlfriends Likemyoung


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Yes now for part #3. Very good ! Thanks. Larry55

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Half good half bad....Blackmail...bah....concensual...good....
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