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The reluctant mother finally submits herself to her son.
The repetitive, rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh could be heard in Carl's bedroom. Over his king size bed, was a naked woman, Audrey, on all fours and with legs slight opened, bending over her arms while raising her ass to grant her young lover better access to her intimacy. Her elbows were pinning the smooth fabric covering the bed while her hands, closed in fists, had a strong grip on the sheets.

Her eyes were closed and lips slightly apart, feeling all the sensations she was having that moment. The impact of hips against her ass, creating loud slapping sounds, forcing her body slightly forward and wiggling her hanging breasts each time that small and hard penis was forcefully shoved inside the soft folds of her wet pussy. That small cock felt like a slightly longer and thicker finger sliding furiously inside her, like a lover fingering her fast. But it wasn't any of his fingers, since both of his small hands were holding her waist, pushing her back each time she was pulled forward, as if trying to impale her in his small stick.

Numbly, she opened her eyes, and saw an awed Carl right in front of her, holding a small video camera, recording what was happening. She looked straight at the lens, and despite her blushed face, covered with sweaty shame and misery, there was a hint of sexual arousal in her eyes, a sign that despite everything, she was enjoying the moment too.

Between her low, self-contained gasps, Audrey managed to regain some breath and whispered a couple words with her trembling, red lips.

“Happy now?”. She was looking directly at the lens, while Carl zoomed directly into her face, doing his best to keep her in frame, despite her back and forward movements, and Carl's own hand trembling with excitement.

“Absolutely...”, he said, although there was no need to answer with words. The wide grin in his face, as well as the bulge in his robe, that he occasionally caressed with one of his hands, were proof enough.

He shifted the camera's focus from the woman's face towards her lover. That was a face Carl would never forget, the face of a boy in total bliss, having the time of his life. And the resemblance between the two lovers was so striking and amazing, it provided enough proof of the exact nature of what was happening.

Audrey slowly closed her eyes again, as if going back to a state of meditation, and looking tired, lowered her head, still being pushed and pulled, back and forward by strong slaps that moved wildly the cheeks of her round, luscious ass. It was pleasing her body, but tormenting her soul. She tried hard to steer her thoughts away from what she was doing, her wicked, naughty act. The identity of her young lover was troubling her. Despite her efforts, his loud moans didn't allow her to escape reality of the awkward and surreal sexual experience she was having.

She knew that voice so well.

At least, he was obviously having a really good time. That knowledge brought some comfort to Audrey. None of them were supposed to be doing that, it was a huge sin, and yet, there she was, nude, leaning, opening her legs, and to add to her shame, her body was enjoying it too, as those occasional low moans escaping from her lips confirmed.

She couldn't believe how fast and easy her current situation developed. Carl, the bastard, was an expert in manipulation. Everything worked exactly the way he wanted.

It all started several hours earlier, when Audrey entered Carl's home, visibly shaking and nervous, standing in the middle of his living room and holding Alex, her beloved son's hand

Three people in a room, but only two of them were aware of what was going to happen. The sight of a mother holding her boy's hand, while he's unaware of what the grownups were planning to with him was arousing Carl even more. The contrast between a hot, tall, fully and graciously developed woman near her small, juvenile son helped too, specially considering what was about to happen between them.

Carl loved specially the fact that near his mother, Alex's face was near her bellybutton. He imagined the possibilities their height difference could provide.

Secretly, Audrey wished Carl would come to his senses and give up that absurd plan.

Waving his hand, Carl motioned mother and son to sit down on the sofa. Audrey tried to build up courage to refuse, and instead, leave that place, saving her soul and her son's innocence. She failed, and sat down, still holding the boy's hand.

Carl asked the boy if he knew why he was there. Carl explained he was about to have a lot of fun, and invited them over for a small trip around his mansion.

Alex had a vague idea something wasn't quite right in that odd situation, but since his mother had brought him there, and mothers are supposed to protect their offspring and have only their best in mind, nothing could go wrong, isn't it?

It was a nice surprise. Carl had carefully staged a very attractive scenario for a boy. Video-games, a incredibly huge HDTV and Home Theater, and several electronic toys of all kinds. Add to that the soccer field and huge pool in the back of his mansion. Carl even provided a soda dispenser, like the ones Alex saw in malls and airports.

In awe, the boy asked “Wow... is this all yours?”.

“Yes, it is”, he answered, almost laughing.

Still smiling, Carl looked at Audrey, the worried mother that followed them all the time.

“I have an idea, baby, why don't you go to the kitchen and fix a snack for us?”

Understanding her boss wanted to be alone with her son, Audrey complied, intending to keep a distant look on both of them. She wouldn't be able to hear their conversation, but she would see any inappropriate behavior.

Once alone, Carl explained the boy he really liked his mother and, since he could see Alex was a good boy, he was planning on inviting both of them to live with him. He lived there alone, and it meant that all that good stuff would eventually belong to Alex.

The boy was thrilled with such incredible prospect, living in a mansion and having all that nice stuff.

And to add to the boy's excitement, Carl told him that place had magical properties. Alex frowned. He didn't believe in magic anymore. He knew those magicians in TV were just playing tricks.

“Magical how?”

“Anything you wish inside this house, it becomes true. Like that genie inside the bottle tale, do you know it?”

Alex nodded, and inquired that, if he asked for a chopper, one would appear. Carl laughed, telling him that it wasn't so simple, some steps were required first. But there was a simple thing the boy could try to prove that house was indeed magical.

“I'll propose a test”, Carl added. “What if I told you that, right now, anything you asked your mother, she would agree? And, I mean ANY-thing!”

The boy's eyes were suddenly wide.


Swimming in the deep waters of her memories, an exhausted and sweaty Audrey barely managed to hear Carl's voice.

“Audrey, baby, he's getting tired... you must try another position”, he said, still recording. Carl was directing them, carefully crafting an unusual and perverted homemade porn.

The boy's rhythm was clearly faltering. Yet, his stamina was impressive. The camera registered 48 minutes of action so far, and despite his first signs of weariness, the boy clearly didn't want to stop. Carl was very impressed and proud, he was a young stallion. There were so many possibilities...

Audrey, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as thrilled as Carl, for obvious reasons. She was tired and ashamed, and even knowing her young lover was having a good time, she wanted it to end soon and go home.

Feeling that small dick leaving her, and his hands letting her waist free, Audrey collapsed in the bed. It was a very intense experience, both physically and emotionally. Her whole body trembled, she had never felt such mixed feelings in her whole life, even considering those months whoring herself for Carl and his friends.

There was never any doubt in her mind that what was happening in that bedroom was wrong. But at the same time, it felt so good for everyone involved, specially her young lover. Rolling over the bed, Audrey could face him, and there was pure glee in his face, a smile that would never fade. He was sitting on his knees, looking back an forth to Carl and Audrey, barely able to contain his eagerness for the next step in that incredible adventure he was living. Agitated, he didn't stop moving, and his glistening, young erection was still hard, pointing up, coated with Audrey's sex juices.

“Don't you think you've had enough, young man?”, Audrey said while sitting in the bed, in a lotus position.

The boy quickly nodded negatively.

“Can I have... some more... please, please, please?”, he added, barely able to breath, while putting both palms together, in a begging stance.

“Of course you can”, Carl answered swiftly, before Audrey could say anything. “But now, I want you to kiss each other”

“Oka-ay!”, the boy shouted, moving near the exhausted woman.

“Audrey, lean on the back of the bed and spread your legs... let him nest between your thighs”

She looked at the camera with a faint smile. Then Carl moved the camera's lens from her face towards her legs, registering her hesitantly opening them, closing in her carefully trimmed pussy, covered in a small patch of black pubic hair, seconds before the boy's head, then his back hided it, as he positioned himself between her thighs, trying to put his arms around her waist as much as he could.

Then, he pecked her left cheek with a loud pop.

“Ok”, Carl laughed. The boy didn't understand his request. “Now, I want you to kiss her again, but in her mouth”

“Okay!”, the boy answered, the moving his mouth towards her lips. She hesitated for a second, moving back her head and looking nervously towards the camera. Yes, they were having sex for almost an hour, but kissing his mouth felt like too much.

“Do it”, Carl commanded her, softly but serious. Audrey obeyed, kissing lightly the boys lips for a few seconds. Then, both of them were looking towards the camera.

Once more, Carl was in awe with the amazing similarity of their faces. Even with the age and gender difference, they looked like mirrored versions of each other.

“Audrey... teach him how to French kiss. I want to see some tongues”

After some explanation and training, Carl was recording, in a nice zoom, their tongues dueling in a very wet, passionate kiss. He regretted the fact the boy wasn't yet tall enough to penetrate and kiss her at the same time. Not a problem, there would be time for that.


Alex wasn't bold enough to test Carl's suggestion. He didn't believe in magic, and since his mother was very strict, that fact wouldn't change just because she wasn't in a “magic house”.

“Is there something you like to eat”, Carl suggested. “Something your mother forbids you to have? Like French fries, chocolate or sugary drinks, perhaps?”

“Yeah, chocolate is one of them”

“If you go there and ask her for a large bar of chocolate, she'll give you one”

Alex was thrilled. It was a win-win situation. If Carl was right, the boy would have a nice bar of chocolate. If not, Alex would love a proof that that strange man was full of sh*t.

“Alright!”, he said before sprinting towards the kitchen. Carl walked towards the kitchen's window, where he could see Audrey finishing some sandwiches. There was some eye contact between them before Alex arrival.

“Mom! Mom! Mooom!!!!”

Audrey looking at her giggling son, curious about the reasons behind his excitement.

“Yes, hun?”

“Mom! Can I have some chocolate? I mean, a big bar of chocolate? Can I? Can I?”

“Uh...”. Audrey knew it was somehow part of Carl's plan, and yet, she had no clue what he planned to achieve with chocolate. Unsure, she looked through the window, and saw a very serious Carl gazing at her, nodding slowly and menacing.

She knew that look, she became very used to it every time one of Carl's friends asked her for sexual favors, and she looked at him, not knowing what to do, and he nodded, letting her know she was supposed to obey.

“... hmmm... sure honey. You can. Here”. Audrey grabbed a jar filled of chocolate bars, probably strategically placed there by Carl. She opened it, and offered to Alex. “Help yourself”

Alex couldn't believe it. He picked the biggest one he found, and decided to improve his experiment.

“Mom, can I have TWO bars?”

If having one bar was hard enough, having too would mean an impossible goal. And to Alex's surprise, she agreed.

“Sure, pick two.”

A gleeful boy picked a second bar, and rushed towards his new best friend, showing a bar in each hand.

“Yes! Yes! You're right! She gave me two!”

“Do you believe me now?”

“Yes, sir, I sure do!”, he giggled while sitting down and leaving one bar over a table in Carl's back garden, and opening the another one.

Then, Carl explained the cheerful boy that the house's magic, about his mother, wasn't limited to chocolate. He could ask her anything, really. His mind wandered with possibilities, there were several cool things he planned, like food and candies, and watching TV till late etc. etc.

“Believe me, lad, anything you ask your mother inside this house, she'll agree, it doesn't matter what you ask”

Alex smiled with his teeth covered in liquid chocolate. He felt he was in heaven.

“But there's a catch”

“What?”, Alex said, showing his.

Yes, there was a catch. An important one. Carl explained the boy that that house, and whatever happened inside it, should be kept a secret from everyone. Only the three of them were supposed to know about it. The reason? Everyone would want to live in a magic mansion, and would try to take it away from them, even the government.

“You tell your best friend, and he'll tell his mommy and daddy, and they'll tell to other people, and soon, a lot of people would know. And they would try to take this house from us. You don't to lose this place, do you?”

Alex looked at Carl's eyes very seriously. The last thing he wanted was to lose heaven, now that he had found it.

“So, do you promise to keep it a secret? Do you promise not to tell anyone about our magical house, and about all the cool things that happen inside here?”

“Of course! I don't want to lose it!”

“Good. Now that we have agreed on that, there is one last thing”

“Sure!”. Alex was willing to agree with anything just to ensure he and his mother would live in that magical place.

Their conversation was interrupted with Audrey's arrival, carrying a tray with several sandwiches.

“Audrey, honey, we're having a nice man-to-man talk. Why don't you stay for a while in the living room, watching TV or something?”

Alex thrilled by that “man-to-man talk” thing. He hated to be treated like a child. He was adoring his new friend.

“Sure”, she answered, blatantly annoyed and worried. Audrey hugged Alex, kissing his cheek, and left.

Watching the boy opening his second bar of chocolate, Carl continued. That house's magic didn't like having boys or girls living there, only men and women. Alex was confused, he wasn't a child anymore, and also knew he wasn't a man either, and asked what he needed to do to become a man and live there.

“Okay. Do you have a girlfriend?”, Carl asked.

“No. There's this girl I like at school, but she doesn't know that yet”

Carl told him he needed a girlfriend before becoming a man. Then, once dating, he would learn how to be a man, and would finally be able to live there. The boy frowned, it seemed like it would take a million years, and he wanted to live there now.

“Can't I learn how to be a man without a girlfriend?”, Alex inquired.

“Maybe. Let me think for a while...” Carl pretended to think, but truth is, he had everything planned since the previous day.

“Well, first, tell me something, Alex. Do you know what sex is?”


The kiss didn't take long, though. Soon the boy was far too aroused just for kissing, even with Carl's suggestion of fondling Audrey's breasts and pussy, something the boy liked a lot too. But he preferred penetration, and asked Audrey, staring at her eyes, if he could “put it inside her again”.

But it was Carl who answered. “Sure, buddy. Audrey, get up and kneel near the edge of the bed, and bend over the mattress. I wanna see you offering that nice ass of yours to him”

She silently obeyed, observing the boy's incessant giggling and his waiting penis throbbing with anticipation. To him, she had acquired a entirely new role in his life: a nice, smooth toy made of flesh, with curves he appreciated so much. Her body was now an amusement park he could have all the fun he'd like to, for as long as he wanted.

Once she positioned as instructed, Carl zoomed in her ass, and requested for her to wiggle it, while calling the boy to have some fun with her. Watching the nice curves of her hot, round ass wiggling, and her faint words inviting the boy over for a party, Carl felt like his cock would explode, it was so hot he wanted to remove his robe and plunge his cock inside her.

But he controlled himself. It was the boy's moment, he didn't want to ruin it. Also, he planned on recording all that event entirely, he knew a lot of people who would love it. There would be several opportunities for that, he couldn't wait to have some group action with those hot lovers. He could already picture the boy drilling one of her holes, while Carl filled the other.

Moving to the other side of the bed, Carl focused on her face. Looking at the camera, a quick grimace in her face punctuated the moment the boy buried himself back into her. The following back and forth movements of her body left no doubt about what has happening behind her.

“Audrey... I want to you to tell me who's behind you, and what he's doing. Use dirty words”

So much shame. It didn't matter how hard she tried to imagine it was someone else sliding in and out of her, she couldn't. And she couldn't believe it aroused her too.


“Sex? Uh...”, Alex's excitement cooled quickly. “... uh, kind of, I think”

“Do you or don't you?”

“It's... like, when two... people get naked and... do stuff...”

“Do you know what kind of 'stuff'?”

No, he didn't. Truth was, Alex knew almost nothing about it. If Carl had a heart, the sight before his eyes would probably break it. Alex was frowning and hunching, clearly saddened. Instead, Carl only hoped the kid wouldn't cry, it could ruin his plan.

Trying to cheer the boy up, Carl suggested there could be another way. A faint of hope illuminated the boy's face, as Carl told him that maybe, he could try a “temporary girlfriend” to teach him all about sex.

“But who?”, Alex asked.

“Hmmm I don't know... it has to be someone we could trust, and also loves you enough to teach you... do you have any idea who could be your temporary girlfriend?”

“Uh... no...”

They spent a couple minutes in silence, the boy munching over that problem.

The idea of learning all about sex, that strange beast that seemed to be everywhere, and yet, all the adults kept if a secret from him, looked like a great plus to his dream. Yet, the boy trembled before the idea. The unknown was so scary.

No matter how hard Alex tried to imagine someone who could help him, he couldn't get to the point Carl was trying to lead him to. Despite not knowing what sex was, he had this notion that his mother wasn't “sex material”. He didn't even saw her as a woman, but as an intangible entity. He respected her enough to dismiss any sexual thoughts about her. And even if he did otherwise, Alex was sure she would never, ever agree with that, and it felt wrong too.

But it looked like to be the only way. Was it worth a shot? He was afraid just considering it would make him look like a freak, and Audrey could be mad at him.

Feeling like he had no other option, he begun to consider it. Alex was so agitated, he couldn't stand still. His legs and feet were moving quickly, like he was kicking imaginary soccer balls.

“I... thought about someone... but I don't think she'll agree... and it feels kinda weird too”

“Who is it? We can take my car and pick her up!”

“No need for that...”

“No need for that? Why, she has her own car? Can we call her instead?”

“Uh... yes, but... no. Well... do you promise me you won't laugh at me, or think I'm weird?”

“Of course not, we're buddies, right?”

“Right. Well, I was thinking... you said it has to be someone that loves me and we could trust our secret... well... I... uh... my mom loves me and we can trust her... do you think maybe...?”

“I see... well, maybe it could work”

“Yeah, but... it's kinda weird...”

“Well, I don't see it that way. You know, sex is an act of love. If you and your mother love each other enough, it won't be weird, it would even be very beautiful”

“Oh... ok... but I don't know, I think she will never agree, she's so strict and serious and stuff”

Carl laughed.

“Well, she may be strict outside, but you're forgetting where you are right now”

Alex's face shined slowly, as he recalled the “magical” properties of that house. Anything he asked would become real. His mother didn't deny him two bars of brown sugar. Would she deny to teach him about sex?

“Do you think it could work?”

“I guarantee you, ask her, she won't deny. As I told you, this place is magic. Are you willing to learn all about sex with mommy?”

He nodded shyly, looking at the floor. It still felt an awkward thing to do.

“Well, lad, then let's go there! All you have to do is ask your mother!”

“What if she gets mad?”

“She won't. I promise you.”


After a while, the boy's rhythm was faltering again. Carl was getting impacient, he wanted the boy to orgasm. He considered that, since the boy was a virgin, he would cum soon, although Carl wasn't sure he already could ejaculate.

But the boy seemed like he had quite the opposite of premature ejaculation: he was taking so long time to orgasm. No, actually he seemed to have orgasms in several occasions during the last hour, and just recovered quickly from them, another impressive feat. The youth has its advantages.

Carl wanted it to end soon. He feared the camera running out of battery, and he didn't want to stop recording just to find the recharging set, and risking to miss the boy's final, collapsing orgasm.

“Hey, buddy, I have an idea”.

“What?”, a breathless boy asked, almost asthmatic and still concentrated on his incessant humping.

“You're tired again... let's try another position. Lie down over the bed on your back. Audrey, sit over him. You're gonna do all the work from now”

“Cool!”, the boy said, quickly dismounting the woman and jumping on the bed, his glistening cock looking like a finger pointing at the ceiling.

Slowly, Audrey got up, and just stood there for a moment. Carl moved the camera's lens all over her body, starting from her feet, climbing her legs, zooming over her wet pussy leaking sex juices down her thighs, her small pussy lips slightly opened and hanging, then passing her bellybutton and focusing for a second on her D-cup breasts, her big pink aureoles surrounding her protruding and thick nipples.

Audrey watched all that surveillance over her body in silence, and only spoke when he reached her face.

“Please, Carl... I'm tired... can we rest for a while?”

“No. Now move. I wanna see you impaling yourself in his cock, and a lot of wiggling and moving and moaning. Do it”

Audrey then crawled over a gleeful boy, and looking at his happy anticipation, took his small cock with her right hand, and carefully positioned it right under her pussy lips, till the cockhead touched her wet entrance, and then slowly lowered herself into him, feeling her sex crevice sheathing his pole, till it was completely inside.

From Carl's angle, the boy was almost complete covered under a lot of sexy ass and thick thighs, a very arousing sight.

She caressed his face lovingly for a moment, looking straight at his eyes. Looking at his lustful face, she already knew the answer, but she wanted to ask it anyway.

“Are you enjoying this, baby? Do you like do it... with me... like this... hunny?”

The boy smiled to the tall and hot woman above him, and nodded happily.

“It's happening, she is losing her inhibitions”, Carl thought. “Good”.

Picking both of his hands, Audrey moved them toward her tits, while slowly moving her hips, forcing the cock inside her against her inner walls, feeling the strong grip of her muscles in his cock. She wanted to milk him, to suck him entirely inside her body, to feel him completely. She desired he had a bigger cock.

“Caress me... caress my tits... do you like them?”

“Yeah, very much”.

Audrey closed her eyes, feeling his small hands massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Releasing a long, low moan of pure lust coming from the depths of her lungs, she started to move her hips in more intense, circular movements. Almost 90 minutes of pure, raw sex built up an intense and powerful orgasm in her body, an orgasm she tried to hold up due to an overwhelming shame.

But now the shame was going away. She opened her eyes, and saw again who was under her body, and whose cock was, that nice, yummy cock inside her pussy.

Shame fading, she realized she was enjoying that. She enjoyed doing that to him. She loved him so much, and now, she was loving him even more. Loving him completely.

And using her body to demonstrate how much she loved that boy.


When she saw Alex and Carl entering the living room, Audrey was sitting in the couch, restless and distracted, trying to concentrate on a strange movie on TV, a weird and lame comedy about talking dogs and cats.

A part of her believed Carl's plan was meant to fail, and hoped he would let her know she was dismissed and could finally go home with her son.

But looking at Alex blushing and ashamed, trying to avoid eye contact with her, she knew something else was going on.

“Baby, are you ok?”

He looked at her, still blushing, and nodded.

“He has something to ask you”, Carl informed.

Audrey hugged her son, and looking at him, inquired him.

He stuttered, coughed and stammered, and failed to say anything useful. Asking his own mother for sex was harder than he initially thought.

“It's okay, baby. Just tell me.”

“Do you... do you promise you won't be mad at me?”

“I...”, Audrey considered it carefully. She was swimming in dangerous waters, she could feel it. “... I promise, baby”

“Would you... could you... I want... to... I... you know, there's this thing I want to learn, and I was thinking... maybe... you could... you know... teach me...”

“... and what is this 'thing' you want me to teach you?”

“You know... it's...”, his voice lowered to an almost inaudible whisper. “... sex”

“But baby, we have already talked about it. Don't you remember? Sex is something that happens between two people that love each other very much. That's how you were born, remember?”

“Yeah, but...”

“Just ask her what you want, Alex”, Carl interrupted.

“Okay... I, uh... mom, I want to learn how to do it. Can you teach me?”

“I...”, Audrey managed to say before diving in a deep, trance-like silence. She was cornered. If she denied her son's wish, Carl would cancel their arrangement, and it would be poverty all over for them.

On the other hand, Alex was clearly willing, and it was her only condition, even if Alex didn't know for sure what he was asking for. Agreeing to that would probably mean a nice financial improvement for their life.

Again, Audrey knew she had no real choice on that matter.

“Hunny, are you sure want to learn that with mommy?”

He nodded enthusiastically.

“Ok then... I'll teach you”

“Cool!”, he shouted.

“Wait a second”, Carl asked, with a very satisfying look. Moments later, the embarrassed mother and the smiling son saw Carl emerging with a video camera in his hands.

Shocked, Audrey asked “What...? What are you going to do?!?!?!”

“What do you think? I want every second of this magical moment saved for posterity. One day, you'll thank me for recording the moment you taught your boy how to love you in every possible way”

Controlling her panic, Audrey, against her will, agreed. “I hope you know what you're doing. So, what you want me to do first?”

“Don't worry. Now Alex, tell me, have you ever seen some tits?”

“Uh... once... in a magazine over a friend's place. She was wearing a bra, though”

“And would you like to see a nice pair of tits without any clothes on?”

“Uh... yeah-ah!”

“Audrey, show him what mommy's boobies look like”

With a defeated look, Audrey unbuttoned her blouse. After removing it, Audrey was wearing only a nice, white d-cup. Alex's eyes gorged over his mother's plentiful tits barely contained in that bra.

She hesitated for a while. Showing her breasts to her son felt so wrong, and yet, what choice did she have?

“Do it”, Carl commanded.

Opening the clasps in her back, Audrey let her breasts free, and removed her bra, showing Alex the very breasts her nursed on, so many years ago, and now was lusting all over them.

“Alex...”, Carl added, using his free hand to caress his rock hard cock through the thick fabric of his robe. “... touch mommy's tits. Feel how smooth they are”

He obeyed in a blink of eyes, much to his mother's dismay, and Carl enjoyed the sight of two small hands covering and caressing those nice tits.


Audrey was feverishly riding the boy's cock, mounting him like a female in heat, moaning out loud, feeling his hands all over her breasts once more, but now, she was enjoying it so much. She didn't take her eyes out of his face. Knowing whose cock she was riding wasn't a source of shame anymore, but of sexual bliss. She was completely dominated by her most basic instincts. She was devouring the boy.

Sensing both would climax soon, Carl couldn't resist anymore, and sitting in a chair, he opened his robe and did his best to masturbate while keeping focus on the camera. He failed, the shaking of his body was noticeable, and reflected on the movie, but he didn't care anymore. He needed to cum too.

No hint of shame was left, and Audrey was now shouting her young lover's name, asking him to fuck her more and more, saying dirty, naughty things about the nature of their act. The boy tried to match her movement, and Carl, watching her ass going up and down fast, was delighted to know the boy was succeeding, well, till a certain point. Yet, he was a natural fucker. His first time and he was doing a great job.

When Audrey's pitch begun to raise gradually, Carl knew it was close. A few more rides, and Audrey's whole body tensed, and an incredible orgasm blow all over her, a wave of sexual energy burning through every cell of her body, and stars exploding inside her brain.

The boy tensed too, and forced his body up as much as he could, lifting her in the process, increasing the intensity of her orgasm. His scream joined hers as he came inside her pussy. Nobody knew at the time, but a small quantity of transparent liquid flowed from his cock inside her pussy. It was his first ejaculation.

Carl gasped, and all his body was suddenly convulsing uncontrollably. Incapable of holding it any longer, his camera fell on the ground, and he spilled cum all over his robe, some even falling in his chin.

For almost a full minute, all you could hear was the sound of three satisfied people breathing heavily.


While removing her skirt with shaking hands, Audrey couldn't believe that was happening to her. She was always a good mother, she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Having to undress in front of her son, to let him touch her, and probably have sex with him.

She was standing right in front of him, wearing only her red panties and high heels. Alex was hungrily staring all over her body. Following Carl's suggestion, Alex naughtily caressed his mother's ass, enjoying the kinkiness of that game. Looking at the camera, Audrey wished to end it all that minute, get dressed and leave, but she knew what it would mean, and simply couldn't. Was it too much of a burden for a mother, let her son caress her for money?

While feeling her son's small hands opening the cheeks of her ass, Audrey heard Carl say:

“Alex, now stand in front of your mother. I want you to remove her panties”

He giggled and obeyed. He was already staring at her crotch, trying to peek whatever he could through the red fabric of mommy's panties, but now, he was anxious to see what secrets existed between a woman's legs. But he still respected his mother enough to silently ask for permission to lower her last piece of clothing.

Touching her bellybutton with his chin and looking directly at her eyes with a huge grin, through the landscape formed by her breasts, Alex gripped the sides of the waistband, and waited for a sign. She was so tall, he still felt she was intangible, but his friend Carl was making it happen. Audrey's heart was beating uncontrollably. There was no real choice, so, she simply swallowed hard the saliva in her mouth, and nodded, looking at Alex's eyes.

He lowered his stare towards mommy's secret place, and slowly begun to push her panties down. When the first dark, pubic hairs appeared above the line of the waistband, he stood in awe. Lowering it even more, he could see all of his mother's pubic hairs, and delighted with the small lips that formed her pussy. He delighted with her smell too, a perfume of sexual arousal he would be addicted for the rest of her life.

With a quick motion, he lowered her panties till her ankles, and returned to his admiration of her naughty place. While watching her son staring at her pussy like he was hypnotized, Audrey carefully stepped out of her panties.

Carl moved to their side, and registered the boy's worshiping. “What a sight”, he thought. “A boy admiring, with eyes wide opened, his own mother's pussy”

“So, Alex... what do you think of mommy's pussy?”, he asked through the camera.

The only thing that moved in Alex's face were his lips. “It's... beautiful”

She would probably be very flattered with such an adorable reaction to her intimacy, if her admirer wasn't her own son. She caressed the boy's hair while letting him stare. Despite the wrongness of their deed, she still loved him so much.

“Audrey... tell him he can touch you”, Carl commanded.

Knowing it was useless to refuse, Audrey cleared her throat before proceeding.

“Baby... you can... touch me... if you want”

He didn't respond, just moved both hands, and caressed her pubic hair, like a hairy teddy bear.

“Audrey, open your legs a little bit, let him feel you better”

She did. And suddenly, she had her son's fingers caressing the lips of her pussy. Despite her shame, the stimulation was making her so wet. He instinctively slid the tip of his middle finger inside, producing a gasp from his mother. He was enjoying the warmth and wetness of it, and slowly deepened his finger inside mommy's pussy. His body was full of previously unknown nice sensations, his little cock was getting hard, and he had the sudden urge of touching it too.

Carl intended to go slowly. He wanted to first teach the boy how to suck and lick his mother completely, teach him all the tricks to give Audrey nice orgasms. The, he planned to command her to give the boy the blowjob of his life, sucking it good, swallowing it all, even his balls. He wanted to check if the boy already ejaculated, something he hoped would happen, he would love to see Audrey with a mouthful of her own son's cum, and her face covered in in too.

But he was far too aroused to go slow. He wanted to see the boy fucking his mother, and wanted to see it now.

“Audrey... now it's your turn to undress him. Then take him to my bedroom. It's time”

A minute later, with both relatives-but-soon-to-be-lovers naked, Audrey took Alex by his hand, and led him to Carl's bedroom, ashamed by what she was about to do. Carl's camera followed both mother and son holding hands, Audrey's nice ass wiggling as she walked, and the boy looking at her with a bright smile.

Oh, the first position Carl wanted to see was Audrey on all fours, her elbows pinning the sheets, while Alex humped her vigorously.


Both cuddling each other, the boy had his face near Audrey's breasts. He enjoyed listening to her heart beating while staring and caressing her breast. So tired, and yet, he wanted more.

Audrey still could feel shame and regret pinching her mind, but that moment, she only wanted to rest and enjoy their afterglow.

It took them a while to notice that Carl and his camera were gone.

After a while, he returned, wearing a new robe. He plugged the camera in a wall outlet for recharge. He planned on fucking Audrey in front of the boy, even make a double action with him, but first, he knew she needed to rest a bit. He would patiently wait for a while.

“Mom”, Alex asked, breaking the silence.

“Yes, hunny?”

“I liked it. I mean, I really liked it. Really, really. Did you like it too?”

“Baby, I...”, she paused, unsure of what to answer. “... of course I liked it too”, she continued, kissing the boy's forehead.

“Cool. Can we... uh... would you... let me do it with you again?”

Carl wanted to answer it for him, but didn't do it. He saw Audrey looking at him. He wanted to know what she would answer.

Audrey knew what she had to say.

“Yes, baby...”, she answered with a sigh. “We can do it again, anytime”

“Great!”, Alex replied, closing his eyes. “Love you, mommy!”

“Love you too, hunny”

Carl smiled. Perfect. Once they settled in their new house, the three of them were going to be a fantastic family.

He only regretted Audrey didn't have a daughter. But of course, he had plans to fix that too.

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