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After accidentaly watching an adult movie, a girl's mind is filled with curiosity and temptation. And then she has a wicked idea...
It all started with this weird e-mail.

The title was misleading, she was completely positive it was from one of her school classmates. Despite all the lessons she got from her father about internet security, for a second she forgot to check the sender's address, and simply opened the file attached to it, a video whose filename resembled one of the documentaries her friend was supposed to sent for their school paper.

But once the video started running, Clarice was appalled, and realized the huge mistake she made. Before her eyes was a video of two naked people, a couple, and the woman was slowly stroking the man's “thing”. Shocked, Clarice failed to close the video quickly enough, and in a matter of seconds, the woman put the man's thing inside her mouth, and was then sucking it like a lollipop.

Clarice knew boys used to pee from there, something that added to her shock. She had this faint notion of what sex was all about, but that thing Clarice was watching was something completely new and gross to her.

She closed the video, and panicked. She was in trouble, deep, deep trouble. She quickly deleted both e-mail and file. “Oh my God, daddy is gonna find out, and probably freak out”.

But despite all her fears, she couldn't get what she had just seen out of her mind. Gross? For sure. Fascinating? Hell yeah. She wanted to know more.

The file was still in the garbage bin, easily retrievable. “I am already in trouble, so, why not make the most of it?”, she reasoned, desiring to watch the whole video this time. What would happen next?

It turns out the video was very short. She was again watching the blonde girl fellating the man once more. Clarice had this “icky” feeling, but the woman was clearly enjoying it. That blondie was moaning so much, and her face looked like she had the most delicious dessert in her mouth.

Clarice couldn't help but wonder what it would taste and feel like. Salty? Sweet? Sour? Would it just feel like sucking a finger, basically no taste at all? Or did that big purple mushroom-like thing at the top of it tasted differently?

Near the end of the video, the big, sausage-like thing squirted a lot of some white liquid. It did a big mess in the woman's face, and even fell inside her mouth. Clarice was intrigued again. It came from the very place pee comes from, and yet, it looked nothing like pee. Deepening the mistery, the woman enjoyed it so much that she swallowed all “juice” inside her mouth, and even collected a lot from her face with her fingers and licked and swallowed it too.

Black screen, end of the video. The girl was amazed and disappointed, she wanted to know more. She watched in several times then, paying attention to several details. The woman's crotch was almost completely bare, like hers, something she was thrilled. But unlike her, the woman had huge boobs that made her tiny, newborns tits in form of two protruding nipples look like nothing at all.

But what she paid special attention was the man's “pee-pee”. Clearly bigger and thicker than a sausage, it had all these veins around. It looked like a pillar, a homage to man's stamina and power. It looked weird, and at the same time, so beautiful, hypnotic.

So delicious.

Clarice felt good watching it, so good that she touched herself lightly, throught the fabric of her pijamas. She barely knew about masturbation too, but had already learned that touching herself in the crevice between her legs felt very good.

She was so distracted with that naughtiness. The knocks on the door scared her so much she almost jumped out of her skin. She lived alone with her father, so she instantly knew who was knocking.

“Princess? Can I come in”, her father asked through the door.

“Just a minute!”, she answered with urgency, quickly closing and removing the video completely.

She then turned the monitor off, got up sit on her bed, trying to pretend she had just finished getting dressed.

“Okay! I'm ready!”

Horace opened the door, and as an experienced, loving father, immediately knew something was quite “off”. She was blushing heavily, evidently aggitated and worrying. Horace could almost read “guilty” in her forehead.

“Pumpkin, are you okay?”

“I'm fuh... I'm fine!”, she tried to smile.

“I see. Is there something you'd like to tell me?”, he inquired, looking at the computer. It had all it's lights on, but the monitor was off. It doesn't require a “Sherlock Holmes” to realize she was at the computer when he knocked.

“I'm so busted”, Clarice thought. “No... uh... the computer is still on because I'm waiting for Paul's e-mail, about that documentary we're supposed to watch and write a paper about”

“I see... well, not really, since the monitor is off. How were you planning to check your e-mail like that?”

“Duh-uh, I'd turn it on! I left it off to... rest a bit”

“If you say so... well, I'd recommend you to turn it off completely, think about what you're not telling me, and just sleep. I'm expecting some sincerity in the morning, alright?”


“Good night, princess”

“Nighty, dad”

Minutes later, the only things still turned on was her lava lamp and the heat in her body. That video was still playing in her mind, an eternal looping that was probably going to keep her awake all night.

She caressed her again in her naughty place. That sausage-like thing, what it would feel like to touch it? To kiss it? To suck it? That white liquid too... so many new things working out her precocious libido, she wanted to try it all, it didn't matter how wrong it still felt.

Soon Clarice was so horny she lowered the pants of her PJs, and her panties too, till her feet. Lying almost naked from her waist and downwards, she was still touching her, feeling good and guilty. She even took one of her fingers, now covered with her juices, and sucked it. In her mind, she had that man's thing in her mouth. It tasted good, but deep in her mind, she knew it wasn't the real thing. She wanted so much to try it, it almost ached, like a really annoying itch you can't scratch.

Then, a lust-driven idea struck her mind like a powerful thunder. Like some thunders, it's lightning illuminated her mind completely, and created several spots of fire she simply wasn't capable of putting down. Those flames burned her body, driving Clarice so mad she was scared of it completely.

There was a cock inside her house. Her father's.

A cock she could see, touch, maybe even taste if she was lucky – and bold – enough. Despite all her efforts, those flaming ideas consumed her. She had all the information she needed. She knew during summer he enjoyed sleeping naked, she had, years before, accidentaly walked in his bedroom in the morning, what led to another useful information. He never locked his door. And also slept with a lamp near his bed.

But most importantly, she knew whenever he had a beer or wine, he sleeped as a rock. She had tried before to wake him in the middle of the night, usually because of some bad dream or scaring storm, and saw how hard was to awaken him.

He drinked almost a full bottle of wine during and after dinner that night.

Feeling she was the smartest girl in the world, she pushed her pants back up, and decided to wait almost an hour, to ensure he was really asleep.

Then walked towards her father's bedroom. At first, walking as slowly and quietly as she could, then, realizing it was really dumb, since he was probably so drunk not even a crashing airplane would awaken him.

Before opening his door, she whispered “daddy”. Raising her voice gradually, she called him six more times. No answer at all. And opened the door.

Her courage diminished once she was in front of his bed. It would be really easy. He was lying on his back, and had only a thin blanket covering his waist area, concealing his “thing”.

Easy, easy, it would be easy. She knew climbing in his bed didn't wake him with after a glass of wine, what to say about a bottle? Easy. All it would take was to slowly remove his blanket, and hope he was naked that night. He only occasionaly drank a glass of wine, and a bottle? It was the first time Clarice saw him drinking so much. It was clearly a once in her life opportunity. She felt it would be stupid not to take it.

She didn't think twice. Holding her breath, Clarice slowly pushed his blanket to his side, till his soft, small thing was finally revealed. So disappointing. It looked nothing like what she had seen hours before. Unlike that gourgeous, erected monument in that naughty video, her father's seemed like a small rodent sleeping in a furry nest.

Clarice carefully crawled over his bed like a cat stalking that little mouse, and gently touched it with the tip of her finger. So soft and warm. She ran her finger over it, till his “thingy” moved slightly to one side. She silently giggled, it was fun toying with it. With the help of a second finger, she grabbed the tip of it, enveloped in a blanket of soft flesh, and slowly raised it. Yup, so much smaller than that one.

In a swift motion, she grabbed it, enveloping it with four small fingers and a thumb. The smoothness and warmth of it felt very good. And started to stroke it, very slowly and carefully, as if she was caressing a fragile bird.

After the second stroke, she finally uncovered the tip. It looked like a mushroom, but with the lamp's faint light, she couldn't say if it was the same color. During the third and fourth stroke, Clarice watched her father's face instead of his “thingy”, to ensure she was safe. Yup, completely asleep.

She increased the pace a notch. At first, she believed her mind was playing tricks. The thingy felt it was growing in her hand. Several strokes later, she was sure of it: it was magically growing. Amazed, she increased the pace gradually, almost reaching the same speed she saw the woman applying on the video.

And it became so big, and so hard, and yet, it still felt smooth. The small mushroom on top was now completely exposed. Now it resemble the one she saw earlier. Some more stroke later, she realized it was oozing some liquid on top of it. Not as white nor abundant as on that video, it was just a drop or two, but Clarice was amazed anyway.

Then her father moaned and snored, almost at the same. Clarice left his bed in such rush, she almost leaped from it. Watching him from a safe distance, she realized he was still sleeping. Now she wasn't feeling smart anymore. The smart thing was to return to her bed and be satistified with her discoveries, but noooooo, she watched his now hard and big thingy laying over him, pointing to his bellybutton, and it felt like it was calling her. She needed to feel it again, and worse, she needed to taste it too.

It took almost a minute to return to her previous position, and have daddy's thing in her hand again. She just stroked it a few times, and moved her face towards it, till she was close enough to touch it with the tip of her tongue.

It had a strong, masculine scent. She opened her mouth, and after a bit of hesitation, touched the tip of it, the place where that liquid was oozing from. It tasted slightly salty. Clarice couldn't decide whether she liked it or not, but was sure she wanted to further her experimentation. Then, she enveloped the mushroom-like thingy with her lips, closed her mouth, and sucked it lightly till it was out of her mouth again.

“Not bad”, she thought. And then repeated the process a few times, always trying to fit a longer portion of it in her mouth, till she had her mouth full of daddy's shaft. Disappointed again, she wasn't nearly as capable of fitting it as that woman. She tried to swallow more of it, only to almost gag.

Sucking it slowly one more time till the thingy left her mouth with a low pop, and stared at daddy's thing. She felt like she had just made a new friend. Only that friends don't swallow each other, leaving the swallowed one covered in saliva. She smiled, and checked her father's face again. Clear.

There was one last thing she wanted to taste: the white liquid. She remembered it required some good sucking to produce it. “Maybe I have to suck it more and more, I mean reeeeeally suck it from inside him, really fast and really deep, like that cartoon where they suck gasoline through that hose”, Clarice deduced, feeling clever.

She enveloped it deeply with her mouth again, holding what was left of it with both hands. And begun to suck it feverishly, like she competing with herself. Faster, faster, faster, she wanted to bring that white juice as fast as she could, she was afraid her father could wake up any minute.

Then her father moaned and snorted again. She was scared, but unlike before, she didn't move, not even remove her mouth from his shaft, she just remained still for several seconds, looking at him. Sensing he wasn't waking up, she begun to suck it again, twirling her tongue around it, gradually increasing her pace until she was quickly sucking it again.

Another moan and snoring, this time, followed by some movement from his hips. Now Clarice was scared enough to stop sucking it and got up, sitting down in his bed over her feet, breathing hard and fast, worriedly watching his face.

Yes, still asleep, but Clarice knew she was playing with fire. Deciding to avoid any further risks, she went back to her room, where she lowered her pants once more, and masturbated while thinking about sucking her father.

That night, she had her first orgasm. Covered in sweat, Clarice made a decision. Whenever her father drank more wine than his usual, she'd go there in the middle of the night and suck him again. She wasn't ready to give up yet, she wanted to taste that white liquid.


In the morning, they had breakfast as usual. Clarice was feeling slightly guilty whenever she looked at her father. He didn't ask anything about last night, and Clarice cleverly didn't mention it. She did her best to act normally, till the time was up, when she kissed her father's cheek, and left home, ready for the school bus to pick her up.

Minutes later, he was in front of her computer. He almost felt sorry for her, she didn't know erasing a file from the garbage bin wasn't enough. Using the right tools, Horace recovered the lost e-mail, and watched the video.

Checking the content of the video, Horace just shruged, then removed it, now absolutely unrecoverably.

Through his notebook, Horace connected on the internet using his wireless connection, then fired up an encrypted communication program. Someone called “proudfather38” was online.

“You were right”, Horace, now nicknamed “hornydaddy32”, typed in the software. “The video raised enough curiosity in her, and she believed I drank wine instead of grape juice”

“I told you. It worked with my daughter, I knew it would work with yours too. Tell me, how was it?”

“Fantastic. My baby girl is a natural cocksucker. Damn, her tiny mouth blowing me was so hot, too bad I moaned and scared her”

“Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Wait a few days and try again. You'll soon be cumming in her mouth”

“Cumming in my princess' mouth, WOW, I can't wait, it's so hot”

“Don't forget to arrange that hidden night camera. I wanna watch it too, like you saw my baby girl”

“I'll buy it today. I'm eager to share her with you”

“We will share them soon, don't worry. Just stick to our plan, and don't rush anything. Gotta go, late for work. Bye”


Horace closed the communication software, and erased any traces of their conversation. He felt like stroking his now fully erected cock, but didn't. He wanted to save all his cum for his daughter.

Life was about to be so good for him, he could barely wait.


2018-03-02 11:24:44
I just copied and pasted this to my Word program. The amount of red and blue underscores is too much. Use your spellchecker and make corrections. Your spellchecker is smarter than you are. That's what they're for.


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I just copied and pasted this to my Word program. The amount of red and blue underscores is too much. Use your spellchecker and make corrections. Your spellchecker is smarter than you are. That's was they're for.

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2015-11-29 11:52:39
I loved the story cause it's much the same as mine. The only "big" difference being I've two twin little honeys to play the drunken, sleeping old dad bit on. You wouldn't believe how much "suckcess" I've had by planting hot, nasty videos both their computers several times now. The stories you here about twins knowing each other's thoughts is true. Oh man the feeling my two sweet little girl's twin mouths, and 4 wee hands on my dick just about drives me nuts. It's sooo fuckin good!!!

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2014-09-03 15:56:40
I remember sneaking into my daddy's room trying to see his cock. My friends all said they had seen them and I wanted to know. I ended up waking up my dad and we had a long talk about sex. He let me loo and explore all I wanted. Then he asked if I wanted to see him shoot. He masturbated for me and he shot about four feet in the air when he came. We had several of our "special" talks and eventually he showed me how to masturbate and cum. I asked him to take my virginity when I was 15 but he said if I still wanted him to, he would when I turned 16. For my 16th birthday he took me to dinner then we got a room in a fancy hotel and he made love to me all night. It was fantastic. Daddy and I were occasional lovers for about 10 years until he passed.

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A very nice idea - hope to see more parts.

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