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Jacob's Career is winding down, and Jake is bringing home the girl he will one day marry.
Jacob’s Retirement
By Allison Bodiford

Three years ago Jacob had made Chief Master Sergeant. He was First Sergeant of the 509th Missile Squadron now. He was at the heart of the command structure on base. That had meant that I was on my P’s and Q’s for the past three years, mostly.

We were part of the political structure on base. Betty has remained a good friend, though with the lesson of Sharon I had learned to take her judgments in stride, though not to heart. Perception so often becomes reality even when it isn’t. So she was a good pulse of what other’s perceived. I used that to let Jacob know what was going around base. He used the information to his advantage. We were quite the “power couple” really.

Jake was attending UNC in North Carolina, so I only got to see him on holidays and visits back to the Old North State of my youth. Melissa was at Duke on an academic scholarship, now in her third year there. She was working on a degree in Microbiology. Katy had graduated at University of Munich and elected to work in Germany for a few years. We had been lucky enough for us all to meet at my mother’s house in Raleigh for Christmas last year. (1984)

The boys, Monty and Robert both were in second and first grade respectively. Sheila had stayed with us after her parents break up until this past summer when she finally went on to college, at my cajoling, and our expense. She stayed close and was at University of Missouri. She was home most weekends. She had become a daughter de facto. (Yes, we still managed to share a bed from time to time.)

Jacob and I were settled in with all the older kids and Sheila gone. The boys kept me busy. Jacob was moving toward his retirement. I was still a little non plussed at being middle aged. I still turned heads, but I missed Jake and was glad for the stolen moments with Shelia.

I wasn’t a lesbian at heart but I did love fucking Shelia. She had turned into quite the dynamo in bed. But this past month she had brought home a girlfriend and I knew our time together was winding down. (Jacob was clueless about the situation with her. But the noise coming from the bedroom at night was unmistakable to my ear.)

Jacob was as always an attentive lover. In my heart and my body I could feel the sexual peak of my days slipping away. It scared me. Sex is not only romance for a woman. It is part of her power and I could feel mine slipping away.

Melissa wrote that she had met a boy in school. That was nice. He sounded like a good fellow. She wanted to move in with him, but she knew how her father and I felt about that. Still, with her so far away I didn’t harbor any illusions. Jacob did. I didn’t.

Jake would write me letters and in them he would slip me a coded message of love and lust from time to time. But he was dating a girl named Kara and wanted to bring her home this summer to meet us. I knew what that meant. I have to admit that while my head was always telling me it would happen one day, my heart was broken at the prospect.

I was no fool. I nursed my heartache on my own. Jacob and no one else for that matter ever knew of my feelings in this.

Summer was upon us and Jake with his new girlfriend Kara was due here in a week. I cleaned the house furiously. Soon it looked like it could pass military inspection. I prepared the two rooms that had been Melissa’s then Shelia’s, and Jake’s old room for guests. The boys remained in bunk beds across from mine and Jacob’s room. Thank the Lord that a CMSGT was allotted a four bedroom billet.

The day arrived and we drove to Kansas City to pick Jake and Kara up. I had let Sheila know Jake was coming and she was planning on coming down for the weekend to see him.

When he stepped into the concourse my heart leapt. He ran to us and hugged both me and Jacob to him. A beautiful young blond girl about 5’6’’ came up behind him. I could see at once why Jake was taken with her. Blond, brown eyes, a quick smile, and a curvy shape with at least C cup breasts, maybe a 34 C. She smelled like Gardenias. I liked her at once.

“Mom, Dad, this is Kara Richards.” Jake introduced her.

“Welcome to Missouri darling.” I said, my southern roots showing in the “darling.” I hugged her, the girl hug, and her breasts rubbed against mine. I thought of Sheila and how she liked to play with my breasts.

“Thank you for letting us come out, ma’am.” She was perfect for him.

Always the reserved senior NCO Jacob smiled warmly at her and offered a handshake. “Welcome to our home Kara.” He said kindly.

Jake took her by the hand and guided her through the air port to the baggage claim area. We collected the luggage. Jacob went ahead to retrieve the car and pick us all up at the curb out front.
The boys hung on Jake and laughed with him as he played. He really does love his boys. For a moment I was in the zone where only he and I exist. It was only for a moment.

“Mrs. Bodiford, I am looking forward to staying with ya’ll.” I do love our southern accent. It is so civilized and refined. Yankees have no idea. They have their own charms, don’t get me wrong. But to hear a southern accent and think the speaker is uneducated is to underestimate a person at your own peril. There is a lot that goes into teaching a southerner about society. Racism was on its way out thank the Lord. But not all things southern were bad.

Kara's genteel way spoke well of her upbringing. Her easy manner was comforting. Temperamentally she and Jake were almost the same.

“So, mom, dad, I was thinking of taking next semester off and going to Greece with Kara. She is studying archeology and bagged a spot on the Troy dig.” Jake said.

“Sounds kind of exciting; doesn’t it Jacob?” I envied the prospect of being in a foreign country with Jake, so close to where it all began for us.

Will you be able to come back to your own studies later?” Jacob asked, ignoring my remark.

“Yes sir. I have it all planned. I can show you when we get to the house.” Jake held Kara’s hand a little tighter.

“I promise sir, if I let him come with me, I will make him finish school. I don’t date bobble heads.” She giggled. Right then and there she won Jacob’s heart.

“Sounds like a fine sensible girl you got there, son.” Jacob smiled.

“Thanks dad just wanted to get one as good as you got.” He smiled at me.

“Well, you have to go a long way for that.” Jacob stood up for me. As retirement grew closer, he was growing more and more emotional.

Once at the house I got her settled in Melissa/Sheila’s old room, and Jacob helped carry in the bags. For Jake, it was coming home so he needed no tending. Still, I wanted to steal a moment with him, but knew it wasn’t the time or circumstance. If he wanted me he knew he could have me. I would have to wait and see.
Dinner was nice. We took the boys to the park, them running ahead, Jake and Kara in front of us, both couples walking arm in arm. It was a nice moment. I saw a glimpse of the future pretending for a moment that the boys were Kara and Jake’s. I would be a grandmother someday and it was exciting and frightening at the same time.

We took up the bench in front of the play area as the boys climbed the monkey bars, and slid down the slide, or swung in the swings. Jake was busy explaining his plan to his father and I could see he had Jacob’s approval. Kara was talking to me about her plans for Greece and the dig. She was a charming, beautiful girl. I would be lying if I didn’t say I imagined her naked.

Now, if Jake and I had never gotten together I would have been quite content to live my life out in an ordinary fashion. Jacob was always a good lover, and his eye didn’t drift, at least never in my presence. He was attentive. Sometimes I curse that nude beach. But for the most part I am glad for its part in my life and the way it had opened my life up with Jake. We were good lovers together.

If we had never gotten together and crossed that taboo I would not have allowed Sharon to seduce me, and I would never have seduced Shelia. But all that did happen, and I did open myself up sexually and I have enjoyed it all so much.

The thoughts danced around my head as I breathed the sweet air of Missouri and felt the warmth of the late spring day on my face. Kara was holding my arm softly as women do when talking to each other. The boys were laughing and playing. Jake and his father were deep in conversation and paid no attention to us.

“Mrs. Bodiford, I really like it here. It’s so nice.” Kara was winding down.

“Yes, but I think I am looking forward to Jacob’s retirement and getting back to North Carolina. I miss home. My father passed away three years ago, and my mother is getting to the point that I think she needs me. I am an only child, so I think I need to be there.” I said.

“I met you mother. She is so nice. You look like a younger version of her.” Kara said. (Didn’t I tell you that southerner’s teach such good manners?)

“You’re sweet to add the “younger” honey.” I patted her arm to let her know I was teasing.

We laughed. The boys wanted to know what was funny. We told them to mind their own business. I could sense then that Kara was the one for Jake. It turns out I was right, but that is in the later stories.

Jacob’s career was winding down. He had put in his retirement papers and this summer would be it for us. He would retire in three months, July 10, 1989. After 28 years in the military he was tired of roaming, and he knew he was up for another overseas tour if he stayed the last two years. It was his decision and I played no part in it.

That night, Jacob dropped the bomb on the kids. He had waited till Jake was home to tell anyone but me what he was planning. He wanted to go home.

“It’s time.” He said to Jake.

Kara for her part was interested in Jacob’s career. She asked all kinds of questions and listened to the answers he gave. As was his habit at 9 pm sharp he excused himself and went to bed. We had put the boys down at 7:30 and they were fast asleep, though they had fought it valiantly to peek around the corner to see Jake, and the pretty girl he was with.

Kara was tired from her flight, and so I took her back to Sheila’s room and got her settled in. When I came back into the living room Jake was out on the patio drinking a beer and smoking a cigar. I hadn’t known he started smoking. We never had. It made him look older somehow.

I opened the French doors and poked my head out. “Hey, feel like a walk?” I asked. I was exited to have him home too.

“Sure. Let me finish this beer and we can go.” He sat down in the deck chair. I joined him.

“She is very beautiful, honey. Have you asked her yet?” I broached the subject.

“Asked her what, Ali?” When he called me that I would get so wet. It was foolish. But it was us, and I liked it.

“Don’t be coy with me. I am the other woman you know, not just mom, I can read the signs.” I hoped I didn’t sound too jealous.

“No, I haven’t asked her yet.” He said simply. We knew this was coming. His twenty-first birthday would be soon and I knew he wanted to ask her.

“Well, I really like her Jake. I can tell your father loves her already.” I was making idle chatter.

He puffed away silently as we sat there. We were two lover’s making a leap to another place and I had to let him go to keep him. I guess I would be just mom now.

“Ali, I have to ask you something.” He said so seriously.

“What is it Jake?” I was a little afraid.

“Would you think less of me if I didn’t give you up?” He looked sideways to gauge my reaction.
I shifted in my seat to face him. I took his hand in mine and looked in his eyes.

“I’m here however you want me Jake. If that means just mom, okay. But if you want me, you can have me. I only have one rule. It can’t break up either marriage. Ever. Do you understand?”

“I feel the same way. It’s just that our relationship is so deep. It gives me a dimension that I can’t explain. But to give you up would be like losing a part of me. A part I can’t and don’t want to live without.”

How that boy could talk!

I must have let a tear drop. He reached over and wiped it away. Speaking so softly I could almost not hear he said, “I love you so much Ali. I really don’t know what I would do without you in my life as my lover.” He was quiet after that. We held hands like two lovers as he finished his beer and his cigar.

Overhead the stars were bright. The moon was in quarter phase, and the air was warm and clear. In the distance an owl hooted. At night when the planes aren’t flying there is nowhere more peaceful and quiet than an Air Force Base.

He took his last sip and put the bottle down. He killed the stub of his cigar and dropped it into the bottle.
Ready? He asked.

I shook my head. Somehow talking seemed intrusive on the moment. He took my hand and led be around the side of the house out onto the sidewalk. We walked toward the park hand in hand neither of us speaking.

When we got to the park it was empty. At ten o’clock the base is in bed, and no one is stirring except the AP’s. (Air Police) We went to the bench by the oak behind the bushes and took a seat. He held me close and kissed me. I kissed him back.

He fondled my breast as we made out like two teenagers in the park. It was one of those perfect moments between people that love each other. I guess the thing about loving your son and your husband is that neither relationship gets stale. In a way you are stealing moments from one to be with the other. It is like having a lover, only they are both your lover. I can’t explain it better than that.

His hand moved under my blouse to my stomach. He drew little circles on it as he kissed me with his mouth open, our tongues dancing. Slowly he moved to my breast. He cupped me over my bra. I moved my hand to his cheek and let it glide down lazily to his chest. I circled his nipple with my finger. He loved to have his nipples played with.

I lifted his shirt to touch him. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra freeing my breast for him to gaze at in the moonlight and to fondle. I moaned into his mouth. We broke our kiss. He looked me in the eye and I nodded.

He undid his jeans. I slipped my panties off from under my skirt. His pants came down and there was that beautiful cock of his just an inch from my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put himself in.

Slowly I moved up and down his shaft, cradling his testicles. He ran his fingers through my hair and down my neck to by breasts. He held both of them in each hand and moaned. I knew he would cum in my mouth. I was getting wet with the breast play and the feel of him moving in my mouth.

I felt his ball sack tighten. I knew he was about to cum. I pulled back to just the cockhead in my mouth and was rewarded with the spurt of his sweet cum. I gulped rope after rope of cum as he held rigid with the orgasm. Sadly he finished. I could drink his cum just to live off of. I really could.

I wiped my lips with my fingers, looking up I said, “My turn.” He grinned at me.

Kneeling in the dirt he sat me back against the bench and scooted my little ass up to the edge to give him access to my girl. She was giddy with anticipation. I could feel her wet and spasming, longing for the touch of his tongue.

He kissed the inside of my thighs teasing her, teasing me. He blew his hot breath on me, and I almost came then. His tongue tentatively licked my labia and opened her to my vulva. He licked the slick cum forming there. Up and down he moved, stimulating my blood flow until I could almost scream. Then he found my clit and began to suck it in earnest. His fingers violated my vaginal canal, and I was so close.

He sucked and licked and made out with my sex. Then it came. My muscles spasmed, my clit fully gorged let loose the juice he alone seem to bring from me. I squirted into his waiting mouth and he drank from me like a thirsty man.

Soon I became so sensitive I could stand the ministrations no more and I gently pushed his head away.

“God, I have missed you this year.” I told him.

“Me too.” He answered.

Standing he brushed his knees clean of the dirt. He was a comical sight there with his pants down around his ankles, his cock standing at its full nine inches. I giggled. He knew at once why and laughed too.
He sat down on the bench and pulled me onto his lap. I lifted myself up and lowered onto that cock. I could feel him as he penetrated my, the lips of my girl moving aside, stretching to accommodate him.

I was facing away from him, sitting on his lap, and he was fully in me. I sat still holding onto the moment. But I couldn’t stand it anymore than he could, and started to rise and fall on him. I felt him as I moved up sliding against my vaginal wall, the head of him hitting my G-spot. Then I would feel him sliding back in me as I lowered myself onto him again. Slowly I moved, up and down.

I was not in a rush to have it end. We were making love under the oak tree, hidden from the prying eyes of the world and exposed at the same time. A car drove by, I could hear a baby cry in one of the houses close to the park. A dog barked. The Acadia’s made their hum, and the air moved slightly across my exposed sex. The feeling was incredible. I was joined to my son as a lover and I was part of the Earth and the tree and the people around me. It was a strange and sensual moment. I had never experienced it before or since.

But the effect was electric. I was overcome with the need to finish him so I could have him again. I became faster in my motions. Then it swept over me, and him at the same time. I was cumming, squirting onto the ground and him. He was cumming inside me, I could feel it. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. It seems to last forever too.

When I finished moving I was winded. I breathed deep gulps of air. His hands on my breast accentuated the motion. It connected us on a very deep and primal level. His head was pressed against my back and I could hear, no feel him whispering my name.

“Ali, Ali, Ali…” he was saying.

I lifted off of him with a plop from the quick exit of him from me. I turned and sat back down on him. He entered me again without either of us guiding him. I kissed him deeply and wetly.

His whisper of my name was like a druid chant. I was lost in it and transported with the kiss to a place where only he and I existed. We were two people and we were one. More deeply than I had ever felt it before I experienced our love for one another. He sensed it too.

Neither of us spoke for fear of ending all too soon this moment between us. He was hard in me, his mouth danced across my nipples and I buried my nose in his hair. (He needed a haircut. Okay, so some of the mom was there, what can I say?) I took in his scent. He was my young, my lover, my deepest love. Breathing in his scent seemed to be the air I needed to live just at that second.

Again he moved inside of me. We were rocking now, back and forth, his shaft moving ever so slightly against my clitoris, and G-spot. I put my mouth over his and breathed the same air as he, both of us breathing through our nose and each other.

I lifted up and sat back down, and did it again and again as he moved back and forth in me. I could sense more than feel the impending explosion between us.

“Jake.” I whispered my druid chant.

He answered with a suck on my breast. I was so close now. My inch long nipples were rock hard. I could feel the tingle of excitement in my stomach as it begin to build. His breath came in shallow gasps as he approached his orgasm. I was breathing deep and holding it and then breathing and then holding it.

His cock was stretching me, moving at new angles inside of me. I could feel him in me as never before.

We moved, we breathed, we fucked, we made love, and then we came together again. Two magical moments so rare in lovers and we got them tonight in less than an hour. Wow.

I squirted again and again, my contractions so wonderful they were painful. I stifled a scream by pressing my mouth on his. He moaned into mine. I could feel the juices of our lovemaking run down my thighs and dropping onto the bench.

So joined at that moment were we that we puffed our breaths into each other’s mouth. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss. His hands were gently massaging my breasts. I was sat still, his cock in me, though it was softening. I held him so tightly I thought I might break myself against him.

I don’t know how long we sat there like that. Another car passed. The baby had gone to sleep. The air had grown still and the night quiet. There was only us. He was inside me. I was on his lap. My breasts were in his mouth when it wasn’t on mine.

At last both of us were breathing normal again. Usually Jake and I are very vocal in bed. But tonight we passed a threshold of our love. We were talking without saying anything. Tonight I was making love to a man, not a boy.

As I have said before, I hate it when he pulls out of me. I feel so empty after our lovemaking. You really have no idea, none at all unless you are a woman lucky enough to fuck someone so well endowed. But it was time. So I pulled up and let him fall out of me. I kissed him one more time before getting my wits and moving behind the tree to let myself drain as much as I might.

When I came back around he was fully dressed again. He helped me with my bra, and I buttoned my blouse. Recovering my panties I put them. We took each other’s hands, and we walked home in bliss, never saying a word. I love that boy, that man. I really do.

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2014-12-28 23:07:27
"Jacob's (Sr) Retirement" - Married Mother of Five Babies Allison Bodiford And Her Pre-adolescent Son "Jake" Jacob Bodiford Jr, and Their Now Seven and Six Year Old Sons Montague and Robert; And Jake's Fiance' Kara Richards.

Our "happily married" mother to Jacob Bodiford Sr is living her life "truly in love with him", but she's more realistically in LOVE with her twenty-one year old, oldest son Jake/Jacob Jr!!! She's borne five children, the first two are older daughters living their lives mostly away from the family, and her third child--her lover AND the father of her two young seven and six year old boys, Montague and Robert--being the apparently truest love of her life, "Jake" Jacob Jr!!

Over the past three years she Ali (as she's affectionally referred to by her lover son Jake), has a strong urge for several non-pertinent female pussies!!

She's still quite young, fertile she's still fucking her son bareback; maybe she and Jake will a third child, a daughter!


2014-03-28 08:32:22
"Jacob(Sr)'s Retirement" - Allison Bodiford and Jacob(Jr), Montague and Robert, and Kara Richards - (Mother and Son, Sons of Allison & Jacob(Jake)Jr, and Jake's Girlfriend)

The story is now about seven years later than "Allison's Confession". Allison and Jacob(Jake)Jr still have random and less frequent sessions as man and woman, mother and incestual lovers! They have recommitted and vowed to be lovers forever, as Jake is thinking of proposing marriage to Kara Richards. Allison's husband, Jake's father, is retiring within the next couple months, and the family is planning retirement to their original home in North Carolina (my original home)!

There is the induction of Betty, Sharon and Sheila in this Chapter; they were not mentioned before, nor any details about them now; however there is lezzie (though allison denies her being a lesbian) trysts! I'm am GRATEFUL they were NOT made a part of the story, remaining an "afterthought"!!!!!

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2013-05-02 15:23:21
Same as in the chapters before this one, but she has become even a bigger, more unfaithful, ungreatful, cheating wife!
Not only she is a cock slut, but also a cunt slut!

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Great story. Have Jake's third baby after your loving session in the park..

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2010-08-31 00:52:02
A great story. Hopefully your loving sex in the park got you pregnant again with Jake's third child. It would be a nice reminderon his last visit before going to Greece with his new girl an the Troy dig. Whe they get back from Greece and she is pregnant and they get married, then Jack and you can fuck whenever it is convienent for the both of you.

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