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and she loved it......
It was the same as any other day. The daily office grind. Filing, typing and all of the other so unexciting duties that Lynn had become numb to. She longed for more. She dreamed of more.
Little did she know that her life was about to be turned upside down. A chance encounter at a coffe shop would send her normal blase' world on it's ear and she would never be the same.
It was at lunch on Tuesday that she saw him. She really did not even take much notice except for the fact that they bumped into each other reaching for the same cup.
"Oh, I'm sorry" she said.
"No, No, I am sorry. But the pleasure is all mine".
His retort to her apology was strange "the pleasure is all mine" she thought to herself. She shrugged it off and moved around him in line and took her seat. It was only after she realized that he was staring at her from across the cafeteria that she became ...well....sort of uncomfortable and somehow aroused at the same time. She repositioned herslef in her seat and tried not to look over her book at him, because each time she did.....their eyes would meet. She was perplexed.
" Why is he staring at me?" was her only thought......and it carried on for days. Everytime she would see him, he was staring a hole into her. She became uncomfortable with the attention and finally summoned up the courage to confront him to ask about his gaze.
" Excuse me, could you tell me why you have been staring at me all week?"
" I am sorry, doe sit make you uncomfortable?" he asked.
" Of course it does......nobody likes to be stared at!"
" But you are so.......well are so..."
"So what?, clothes are funny.....what....what is it?"
" No, you are so attractive. I am sorry for this." and he got up and walked away.
She was floored. She just stood there in a daze. It had been years since she had been told she was anyone...not even her husband, and here was this handsome black man unable to take his eyes off of her. The rest of her day was a mess. Lynn could not take her mind off of him. She had never so much as even looked at a black guy let alone think the way she was now thinking. She was so alone in her marriage. No attention, no love and definitely no physical contact. She longed for it but would never break her vows.

On Friday afetr work she left the office and started her walk home. It was about a block into her walk that she realized she had forgotten her lunch bag in the she turned around to retreive it. As she entered back into the building it was dark. Just the security guy at the front desk. All of the offices were empty. She walked down the hall and around the corner and BAM.........right into her admirer.
She screamed as she bumped into him as she thought she was alone.
"Oh my God you scared me!"
" Once again I am sorry" he said as he stepped aside.

She looked back at him as she continued on her way and he was looking at her again.His incessant gaze was more than a little unnerving. She entered the break room and upon reaching the fridge she leaned in to get her bag when she sensed she was being watched. She stood up and turned around and there he was......holding her lunch bag.
" I was going to leave it in your office" he said.
"Oh thank you....but I will take it" as she walked up to him.
As she reached out for the bagm he took her by the hand. She blushed.
"My bag" she whimpered. She was beside herself. Here she stood all alone with a large black man holding onto her hand.
" bag". she graciously asked again.

He took her hand and pulled her towrds him. She was right against him...staring up into his eyes when he dropped the bag. She looked down at the bag and when she looked back up he kissed her. She was caught in a flood of emotion. She tried to pull away the whole time but she found herself kissing him back. He reached around her and put his hands around the small of her back. She was tingling with fear and excitement when she came to her senses.

"What are you doing?" she faintly gasped.
"Nothing that you won't enjoy" he said as he leaned in and kissed her again.
His hands were strong and while he kissed her he lifted her up and set her onto the breakroom table. He walked into her and this caused her to spread her lags apart. She put her hands down to keep her skirt from unveiling her womanhood but he took her hands and held them above her head. He kissed her again.
She was terrified but she could not find it in herself to resist. She knew he was going to rape her but she just did not have it in her to fight. Although she knew this was her fate, she found her body alive with a sense of exciitement that she had never felt.

With her hands still above her head, he lat go with one hand and forced her legs even farther apart......causing the slit in her skirt to open all the way.......exposing her thighs. She stared into his eyes as he began to rub from her knee all the way up to her crotch. He could feel her warmth........he could feel her tremble. He rubbed the cotton gusset of her pantyhose until he could feel the wet spot start to from.
"See, you like that." he said.
A quiet almost inaudibel "Yes" was all she could muster.
He rubbed her crotch harder and harder until she was being forceably moved back and forth on the tabel. She was almost going to have an orgasm at the hand of her attacker. She could not believe it when.....he stopped.
He let her hands go and they fell to her sides. Her crotch was wet and she was panting heavily. He smiled at her as he looked down and unzipped his pants. In no time they were around his ankles and she was face to face with the biggest blackest cock she had ever seen or even imagined possible.
She looked up at him as if to say "Now what?" and he could see the questionin her eyes.
He did nothing more than to pull her blouse up out of her skirt, unbutton it and smile. he then leaned in to kiss her and she kissed him back with all the fire that she had building up inside of her. While kissing her he slid one hand down into her skirt and under her pantyhose to her wet hairy mound. She gasped. He looked into her eyes as he pushed his fingers through the nylons with a loud rip.
He stood straight up and pushed her softly back onto the table. As she layed flat, he took hold of her right heel and lifted her right leg onto his shoulder. He took his manhood in his other hand and held it at the moist opening of her soul. He leaned in to kiss her and as he did his enormous cock started to slide into and past her lips. It was as if she was being torn open......but it felt sooooo good. By the time they were done kissing he was burried to the base of his pole. She could feel him in places that no man had ever been. He stood back up and started to slowly, methodically fuck her.
It was only a matter of moments that she came to full orgasm and squirted all over this tender attacker. He smiled as gush after gush after gush pulsated from her g-spot and soaked the two of them and everything on the table.
He pumped and pumped until she could not take any more. He helped her to stand up and turned her around to face away from him. He lifted her left leg up onto the table and penetrated her from behind. It hurt sooo good that she almost blacked out. He did her like this for what seemed forever when he pulled out with a plop.
He took her by the hand and lead her to a chair. He sat down and motioned for her to sit oon him. She was still fully dressed so she willingly pulled her skirt up and mounted him. The massive pole slid in easy but she could not take it all in this position so she worked the top half of it it with the inner walls of her vagina. It had been many months since she had been sexual in any way. Her vagina was tight and firm and he could sense this. He slipped his hands up under her bra and found two of the hardest nipples he had ever held. He pinched them and she moaned.
She stayed ontop of him for over a 1/2 hour when she started to get sore. She slowed down and just kindof sat there moving her hips. She sensed that he was about to cum so she tried to get up but she could not. He had her with both hands around the waist. She was trapped by his grip. He started to thrust up into her causing her cervix to dialate and becoem incredible sensitive. She could feel the head of his penis pry open the door to her woom when she felt it.
With a loud grunt, he emptied his semen into vagina, then her cervix and undeniably right up into her deepest most inner female places. She felt ever last pump anf throb of his load and the lost count at 8. She collapsed into his chest and sat there with his penis acting as a plug for all of the semen he just put inside of her.
He smiled at her and siad the two words she would never and could never forget......
"You're Mine" and she new at that point that she was.
It was about a month of after work rendevous that she became empregnated by her lover / rapist. She stayed on at the office until she could not work any more and upon having the baby, left her husband and lived alone with her love child. Her lover would visit on occassion to breed her but she never became pregnant again. She had what she wanted and would live happily ever after with her son.

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2010-05-22 09:58:45
i liked it all except the last paragraph. i love sex with black men, their bodies are so beautiful, but wanting to have a baby by a complete stranger is not very believable

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