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If you read my last story you found out that I used to be a regular dad. I work from home, have a beautiful wife (her name is Liz), and three children. I told you that I was a real family man who loved his kids very much. This is still true, but now I love my two young daughters for different reasons. I now lust after my 18 year old daughter Alex, and my 11 year old daughter Maggie. Previously I discovered that Alex, who was a sleep walker, had been sucking off her brother Kyle every night she came home buzzed. She would walk out into the living room and blow Kyle as long as he was in the recliner. I also found out that Alex was no longer virgin after I molested her. To top it all off I gave 11 year old Maggie a facial while she slept in her bed and told her I loved her when she woke up. These events changed my everyday life forever.

Upon discovering Kyle’s little secret Saturday night I decided that I was going to find out how good Alex’s mouth felt around my cock. I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday hoping that Alex would walk into the living room and suck me, but she never did. She didn’t sleep walk on Monday night either even though I waited for her in the recliner. This left me feeling extremely horny and I was ready to unleash my sexual frustrations. Tuesday morning came and I was ready to explode. I was doing some work at home and began sending erotic texts to my wife who was at work.
“Mmm I cant do any work right now” I sent her.
“Why is that?” She sent back.
“Cuz im thinking about u…” I replied.
“Whatcha thinking about?” She asked.
“I’m thinking about you and me, no kids, and a romantic dinner tonight”
“Cant. Nowhere to send the kids.”
I was feeling extremely put out by this because it meant I would really have to work to put her in the mood.
“How bout we just skip to the good stuff tonight when the kids fall asleep?” She sent back right away.
Jackpot! “Sounds great babe!”
We were on for tonight and I planned on taking my frustrations out on my wife that night. I didn’t get any work done that day because I just kept thinking about finally getting off.

I completely lost track of time and almost forgot to pick up Kyle and Maggie up from school. I ran out the door and drove to their school, by the time I got there they were some of the last kids waiting.
“Sorry guys I’ve had a lot of work to do today. Have you been waiting long?”
“Kind of,” they replied together.
“Does this mean you won’t be busy when we get home Daddy?” Maggie asked.
Immediately I devised an evil plan in my head. “No sweetie Daddy still has some work to do, but you can help if you want,” I answered
“Okay,” she agreed.
When we got home Kyle went to his friend’s house and I knew Alex wouldn’t be home until dinner time because she usually has stuff to do after school. Meanwhile Maggie and I went to my office to do some work. Luckily I hadn’t gotten anything done during the day so I had plenty of work left over. I started hatching my plan and asked Maggie if she would like to sit on my lap. She agreed and I pulled out one of my files and began to do some work. I was explaining my work to Maggie so that her attention would drift away from what I was really doing. Having her on my lap was really driving me wild and my cock got extremely hard. Before Saturday night I had never felt this away about Maggie, but now I was enjoying having my hard cock rubbing against her. She seemed to be interested in what I was talking about but began to squirm when I started to rub her thigh and hips with my left hand. I was also involuntarily moving my hips as a reaction to how turned on I was. I believe this made her feel very uncomfortable because she asked if she could leave. I wasn’t sure if 11 year old girls knew anything about what just happened and I was worried about what Maggie thought about me. However, I felt too awkward to bring it up with her and let it go for today.

Everyone came home and we had a normal family dinner while talking about our days. Maggie stayed pretty silent and I was pretty sure that it was because of what happened earlier. We finished eating and we all helped clean up. Usually after dinner the family watches TV together in the living room and tonight was no different. My wife and I let the kids choose what to watch unless they can’t agree on anything in which case we choose. On this particular night we picked the TV shows and intentionally picked ones the kids wouldn’t want to watch so that they would go to bed earlier. The plan worked wonders and one by one all three kids went upstairs to their rooms starting with Alex and ending with Kyle. Liz and I continued to watch TV on the couch to make sure everyone was actually asleep. After a while Liz started rubbing my neck and thighs and reached for my cock trying to tell me it was time to go upstairs. I got the message pretty easily. We got up and were about to go upstairs when I got an idea. I sat down in the recliner that Kyle sat in while I watched Alex suck him.
“What are you doing?” Liz asked.
“I was thinking we could fool around down here tonight,” I replied.
“What about the kids?”
“They’re asleep.”
“What if they wake up?”
“Come on. Just one blowjob. It’ll be so hot!” I egged her on, while I pulled my cock out.
“Okay but a quick one.”
The real reason I wanted the blowjob in the recliner is because I wanted to pretend it was really Alex who was sucking me. Alex looks so much like her mother it is ridiculous, I have to give my wife props because she has really kept herself looking quite young over all these years. Liz got on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She looked extremely sexy as she bobbed her head slowly. I pretended that it was Alex but it wasn’t quite the same because my wife didn’t take my cock as deep as Alex took Kyle. In order to make the experience more realistic I pushed Liz’s head down and started to skull fuck her. She struggled with my cock but surprisingly didn’t object even though she was gagging and choking. This was the first time I watched my entire cock disappear in my wife’s mouth and it looked and felt amazing. I felt the tip of my cock being forced down her throat. My balls began to swell but I stopped before I came and asked Liz if she was ready to go upstairs. “Oh god yes that was amazing, I want you to fuck me just as hard,” she replied. I told her I planned on it and we scurried up to our bedroom.

We kissed like teenagers when we reached our bedroom and started tearing off each other’s clothes. I threw her on the bed face down and then dragged her to edge by grabbing her legs. I ripped off her panties and plunged my dick inside her wet pussy. I don’t remember ever fucking her this hard in the 20 years we’ve been married. However, in my mind I wasn’t fucking my wife, I was fucking my daughter Alex. From the back Liz and Alex are identical and it really helped my fantasy. My wife has a reasonably tight pussy but I could only imagine how tight 18 year old Alex is. I grabbed Liz by her tiny waist and plowed into her pussy. I pretended that I was in my daughter’s room fucking her this hard and it was starting to get me off. Then I crossed the line between reality and fantasy when I referred to myself as “Daddy”
“You like Daddy fucking you like this?” I blurted out, without thinking.
“Oh Daddy yeah fuck me just like this!” my wife replied.
Apparently she thought that I was just referring to myself as “Daddy” to be sexy even though I had never said this before. I was relieved she went with this and even more relieved she didn’t catch on to what I was really thinking. During my insane pumping Liz really got into this whole Daddy thing and I thought it was really sexy “Oh Daddy I’m so close. Fuck me Daddy fuck me!” She yelled. She kept talking but I was fucking her so hard her sentences were disrupted.
“Uh Daddy, uh uh uh. Oh fuck. Oh yes Daddy. Keep uh Fucking me uh uh uh DADDY!!!” This really made it seem like I was fucking Alex and when my wife’s orgasm squeezed my cock I came as well. I shot a huge load deep inside my wife’s pussy while she screamed “Cum inside me Daddy!“ It was by far the hottest sex we have ever had together and afterwards she asked me where I got that Daddy thing from. I said I didn’t know even though it was because I was thinking about her daughter the whole time.

Liz quickly fell asleep after our steamy fuck session. I could not fall asleep though which was unusual because normally after sex I’m out like a light. I looked over and saw that Liz was fast asleep with the biggest smile on her face. I had to get up and get a glass of water because I just couldn’t fall asleep. When I walked past Alex’s room I had to peak in, but she wasn’t asleep. Alex had her legs raised in the air while she enthusiastically played with her pussy. I couldn’t see her pussy because she was under a blanket but I knew she was definitely masturbating because of the sounds she was making. Alex shares a wall with our room so if she was awake she definitely overheard Liz and I fucking like animals. I got extremely hard watching Alex touch herself despite the fact I had just blasted a huge load inside my wife’s pussy. I thought that perhaps Alex was masturbating to the sounds of her parents fucking or that she was thinking about me fucking her because she had overheard her mother call me Daddy. These thoughts were put to rest when she started panting a boy’s name. It sounded a lot like Billy but I couldn’t be sure. I kept watching until she came and I was very turned on by the fact that I was watching my own daughter masturbate. When she got off her legs stretched out straight into the air and she let out a very high pitched squeal that wasn’t very loud. If I had been asleep there would have not of been able to hear her. When she finished I slipped away back into the hall so that she wouldn’t know I was watching.

I finally went downstairs to get that glass of water, boner and all. I knew what I wanted to do but questioned whether or not I should. Maggie already felt uncomfortable because I touched her inappropriately today. She wouldn’t react well if she woke up this time. Lust overcame reason though and I decided that I wanted to give her another facial. I waited downstairs with my water so that I would be sure Alex would be fast asleep again when I returned upstairs. After about a half hour or 45 minutes I climbed the stares and snuck into Maggie’s room. I noticed that she was sleeping in kind of a funky position. She was rolled up in a little ball and her face was almost invisible because it was buried in pillows and blankets. This ruined my original plan but I did notice that her bony ass was very visible. Maggie was wearing pink underpants that almost entirely cover her ass. I decided that I was going to jack off all over her tiny ass which was actually a better idea. There was less of a chance she would wake up. I positioned myself behind her while she slept and took my cock out of my boxers. I brushed it up against her ass which felt amazing, the warmth from her cheeks made the tip of my cock feel great. I pushed my cock against her butt cheek while I stroked myself very quickly. I felt my orgasm build in my balls and let out an audible moan as it shot from my cock and all over Maggie’s ass. I quickly wiped the cum off her ass and left the room but I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It looked as if Kyle’s bedroom door and just closed, and I began to wonder if he had been watching me in Maggie’s room. I looked inside and saw that he was in his bed and I hoped that he had been there the whole time but really had no idea. I returned to my bedroom and climbed back in bed with my wife. This time she did not wake up she still had the same smile on her face from earlier.

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