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sexual tension between co-workers satisfied
As a teenager I worked at a local pizza shop. The shop was family owned and operated and I only worked part time. My bosses had a nephew that work at the shop and not long after I was hired they hired their nephews girlfriend. She was sweet, outgoing and was drop dead gorgeous, her name is Kat. Over the course of a summer we got to know each other, we talked a lot and sometimes flirted, in front of her boyfriend. Truth is he was an ass hole and didn’t treat her very nicely at work, which led me to believe that he didn’t treat her very well outside of work. As we got to know each other we became better friends, which led to us becoming friends and talking outside of work. It started out innocent, talking on Facebook, IMing and texting. I don’t know exactly how it turned sexual but near the end of the summer it started to go in that direction. I think the mutual attraction between the two of us was just too hard to ignore. So, one day I asked her to come over and hang out. Go swimming, chill in the hot tub, hang out, but I know both of us had other thoughts as well.
She came to my house around 10 o’clock and we had work at four. When she showed up we just talked in the kitchen for a little while, but soon enough we decided to get in the pool. We went out the back door of my house and made our way down the stairs to the pool. As we walked she started to shed her clothes and I got a very good look. Kat is about 5’4” with medium length dark brown hair. As she shed articles of clothing she revealed her sexy curvy body, which was quite a treat to see for the first time. Walking behind her I took my shirt off as we walked. When she got all the way down to her bikini it was quite a sight to see her tan body and curvy figure shimmy in front of me towards the pool. She slipped into the pool gracefully and I smiled, she looked back at me and smiled. “Com’on,” she said, splashing water out of the pool at me and giggling. I smiled and took a few steps back before sprinting forward and diving completely over her into the pool. I swam to the far end before coming up. She already had her hair wet and was playing in the middle of the pool.
We flirted for a little while, nothing serious, just innocent flirting and playing. After about 20 minutes in the pool I decided to try and get closer to her. I was really subtle about it, brushing my hand across her skin under water, pressing my body unnecessarily against hers. She was very hesitant to my advances and rightfully so. She had a boyfriend! But this didn’t discourage me. I could tell she was into me a lot so I kept on trying. I had her against the wall of the pool three times. The first she just pushed me off and I gave up for a little bit. Second time she push me away but held my hands so I didn’t leave. The third time we came dangerously close to kissing, but she pushed me away slightly and lifted herself out of the pool. “Let’s go in the hot tub” she suggested because she was afraid of what could happen. When we switched it took about ten minutes to get back into the near kiss situation. This is when she decided to go back into the pool. I reluctantly obliged. This happened maybe five, six more times switching back and fourth and lasted for about an hour.
Our first kiss was in the hot tub. It was a surreal moment because I just shared an amazing kiss with the most beautiful girl I know. After the first, kisses grew more and more passionate involving tongue and roaming hands. As we kisses she worked her way into my lap straddling me now. As things heated up I asked her if we should move it upstairs and she agreed. We got out and I wrapped her in a towel and we dried off a little before making our way to my bedroom.
We got in my room and things just calmed down, the sexual tension was gone it just felt like everything was out in the open. We just hung out, hardly even kissing, just enjoying each other’s company. After a while, however, the attraction between us was too intense to ignore so we picked up where we left off in the hot tub.
We began kissing and soon her top was off and I was kissing down her neck, licking her skin on the way to her beautiful tits. I kissed and sucked on each nipple enjoying this treat and the company with an amazing girl. Next thing, we are both stark naked, rolling around on top of the covers kissing and playing hands rubbing, fingers searching. She went down and started sucking my already hard cock.
Soon Kat was on top of me straddling me and I took her off me gave her a kiss and retired to my closet to get a condom. I returned and opened the condom wrapper and put it on. Then I grabbed Kat and put her back on top of me resuming our last position. We kissed, breathing heavy, I whispered, are you ready into her ear and she gave a slight nod. I reached down to try and position my cock underneath her wet pussy but I seemed to be having a hard time. Kat leaned in and kissed me, smiled and then reached in-between her legs and grasped my dick and worked it into her dripping wet pussy. I shuddered in pleasure when she did this, her warm, wet pussy felt so good around my swollen penis. Kat began working her body up and down, pumping herself full of my hard cock. My hands were on her curvy hips as she started to bounce on my cock, slamming it into her pussy. As she rode my cock harder and harder the closer I can to orgasm. When Kat fucked me violently my orgasm surfaced and I blew all my cum into the condom that was still in her pussy. She kept going on my sensitive cock until she screamed out in ecstasy. She rolled off of me and we just lay there, talking, kissing, caressing. We did this until we had to go to work…

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2011-11-20 04:25:06
you call yourself a writer??


2010-06-28 03:02:06
Soooo..... why is this story tagged "Young"?

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2010-05-12 12:00:42
Pretty short story but totally believable to me....I gave it an 8 out of 10 for the content.....


2010-05-07 13:52:46
Good buildup but it needed a lot more detailed deion of the couple's sexual activity. That part is much too brief.

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2010-05-07 09:50:42
short swwe and simple well done

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