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My journey to becoming a merchant of sex slaves.
Diary of a Slave Merchant - 2007
BY E.Y. Toad

May 12th, 2007

I've finally decided to do it. I'm going to abduct a young girl and train her as a sex slave.

For those interested, the following is some background on me, my life, and my motivation for doing this.

My name is Edward. I am in my 40's, married to a very nice and attractive woman for 20 years, and fairly successful financially. I have been self-employed for most of my adult life. My wife and I still get along fine, but sex is basically non-existent. Her desire has slacked off quite a bit in recent years as she has been preoccupied with her ailing parents. I think we both still love each other, but realize we would be happier free to pursue our individual lives.

My journey to this decision started when I was about 4 years old. I was watching a movie with my dad. I have no idea what movie it was but I remember there was a big fat, king sitting on his throne and he had several beautiful slave girls surrounding him, rubbing his shoulders and fanning him. There was nothing sexual in the scene other than the scanty slave outfits. I thought to myself “Wow, that would be the life.” That scene has stuck with me my whole life.

Fast forward to the school years. I was always a bit chubby and socially awkward. I found it hard to talk to girls. I don't think I was ugly because the few girlfriends I had were reasonably attractive. I just had no confidence.

When I was about 17, my best friends sister was the object of most of my fantasies. She was about 15 or 16. She was not beautiful, but was cute enough, had the nicest tits and usually showed them off in tight pull-over shirts.

That summer, I was out of town for a few weeks. I called my friend to tell him I would be home the next day. He was not home but his younger sister was so I left the message with her. I lived in my mothers house, but she was rarely there because she lived with her boyfriend. When I returned home the next day I found out that the someone had broken in to the house. We didn't have much to steal, but several things were missing.

I immediately realized it was my friends sister that had broken in. I called her and confronted her about it (I lied and said the neighbor had seen her go in). She confessed and begged me not to tell her parents. I told her I had to because my mother was very upset (my mother never knew it even happened). She was almost in tears and kept begging, promising “I'll do anything...”. When asked what that meant, she said “I'll let you fuck me if you don't tell.”

I agreed and she came over a few hours later. We went to the basement where I knocked down a mattress we had stored down there. I milked it for all it was worth, making her remove all her clothes while I watched. I was in heaven! The object of all my fantasies lying there completely naked in front of me! I finally got to fondle and suck on those luscious tits! She acted embarrassed and maybe even slightly repulsed. I can't explain why, but that just added to my excitement.

When I told her to suck my dick, she said “I don't do that.”, to which I replied “You do now, unless you want me to call your parents?”. She was too air-headed to realize this was a complete bluff. There was no way I would tell anyone now since she could rat me out for the blackmail.

She reluctantly started sucking my dick. I could tell she had done it before and was lying when she said she didn't do it. But again, this added to the excitement. I was forcing this girl to do anything I asked!

She was very timid while sucking and only took an inch or two. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly worked my cock in to the back of her mouth. Every time she would start to gag, I'd pull back out a little. I didn't want to spoil a good thing by making her puke or have her get pissed off and refuse to continue. Every time she gagged, my dick throbbed from the excitement. I realized that making her gag was turning me on even more.

After sucking for several minutes, I told her to lick my balls, which she did without complaint. I debated on whether I could get her to lick my asshole or not and decided maybe that would be pushing it a bit. If she ever got two brain cells to work together she would have realized she could quit now and I'd be in more trouble than her if she told.

I told her to lie down on her back and I mounted her. I had only had intercourse once before this so I was nervous. She was very dry so I spit on my hand and rubbed it on the head of my cock and pressed in to her. After fucking her for a few minutes, I told her to wrap her legs around me and I fucked her for a few more minutes. Her tits were still mostly upright and perky, even while lying on her back. I miss young, firm tits like that.

I started to realize that since she was so dry, I had actually enjoyed her sucking me more than fucking her, so I pulled out and told her to suck me again. She put her face close to my cock, smelled pussy scent on me and said “I can't, it stinks!”. I said “You are too dry to fuck. Suck me or the deal is off...”. The look on her face as she put my smelly cock in her mouth was just too much. I knew I was going to come soon.

I realized then that what was turning me on so much was that I was degrading this girl; knocking her down a peg or two from her spoiled “I'm so hot” attitude. She was now just a slut that was naked, on her knees before me, at my command and was sucking her own pussy juice (what little there was of it) off of my cock.

After a minute or so I couldn't take any more and knew I was about to come. I grabbed the back of her head to keep her from pulling off as I spurted come in the back of her mouth. It took her a couple of spurts to realize I was coming and she tried to pull her mouth off. I held her head in place for a another second or two so I could get off one more squirt of come in her mouth. The last few squirts ended up on her forehead and in her hair as she bent over to spit the come out of her mouth.

She yelled “God damn it!” as she spit several times on the floor. I masturbated for a few seconds to get that last little bit of come out. She got dressed and left quickly, pissed off that I had come in her mouth.

We actually somehow became semi-friends after this. She called me a week or so later and offered to give me head again if I let her and her boyfriend use my bedroom to get high and have sex. I readily agreed (but had to promise not to come in her mouth) and she did this several more times over the next few years. He never knew she was sucking me off. He thought I was just a nice guy. Unfortunately, I could never find a good way to watch them and this was well before affordable video cameras.

This one event forever shaped my fantasy life. Since then, virtually every fantasy I have ever had revolves around sexual blackmail or non-violent rape. I am not a violent person and have no desire to torture anyone, cause bloodshed or do anything that will leave permanently scars. However, paddling and whipping with a belt for training purposes do play a major part in my fantasies.

Several years later, while I was in college, my best friend and roommate at that time was a guy named Wayne. He was one wild and warped guy. He was very popular with the girls, and had a huge cock, I'm guessing 9” or so. His favorite weekend sport was to get young college girls drunk and take advantage of them.

On more than one occasion, he would bring an already drunk girl home to our apartment and keep filling her with booze until she passed out, then invite me to tag team her with him. The girls never knew I had fucked them, and always assumed they had consented to sex with him.

This was not as fun for me as blackmail, because I enjoy the girl knowing I have power over her, but it did allow me to fuck hotter girls than I could have got on my own. Wayne probably could have fucked these girls without getting them drunk, but said preferred it that way because he didn't have to worry about pleasing them and could fuck them in any hole he wanted.

We talked about how great it would be to have a slave girl to fulfill our every whim, but it was mostly fantasy talk. We never really seriously talked about it.

My experience with girls since then has been them acting like spoiled bitches that flaunt their bodies, but look at me like “There is no way “*you* are getting any of this!”.

We'll see about that...

May 15th, 2007

After thinking it over for a few days, I've decided that I'm definitely going forward with the plan. I have been looking for a house in the country that has a finished basement and I want at least 5 acres. I don't much care about any other features of the house; it will just be me and my dog, a male retriever-sized mutt named Lex living there. And of course, my slave girl, but she won't see much of it except the basement.

I'm going to wait until I find a house to tell the wife I'm leaving. I don't think she'll take it very hard. She has been preoccupied with her family and elderly father for several years. She may actually welcome the freedom.

May 27th, 2007

I'm still looking for a house. And I've started wracking my brain trying to come up with a plan to find and obtain the girl. I certainly don't want to just go grab a cute white girl out of her bed and have her face broadcast on the news every night. An Hispanic or Asian girl would be ok, but I'm not really attracted to blacks. It's not a racist thing, I just don't find most of them attractive.

The main thing I am looking for is attitude. I want a cocky, spoiled, the-world-owes-me-because-I'm-so-hot bitch. The kind of girl you see in movies that is catty to other girls and manipulates guys. Then I want to break her. I want to break her hard. I want to tie her up and whip her until she calls me “Master” and begs to suck my cock.

An Asian girl would be ok, but most I've met are not spoiled and fairly submissive already. They would not be hard or very enjoyable to break.

I don't have a lot of experience with Hispanic girls. I do find them attractive enough, but their stereotypically portrayed attitude is more of a horny slut than a spoiled bitch. I have considered “buying” an illegal alien girl from some pimp or something, but I have no idea how to go about doing that. That would be about the ultimate way to go for safety. Almost nobody would care where she went or even notice her missing.

I'm not a complete monster. I don't want to do this to a nice girl, no matter what her race. Not all girls are spoiled bitches and I would not find much pleasure in terrorizing a “good girl”. But, in the end, any young, cute girl will do and will end up a submissive slave, but breaking the spirit of a spoiled bitch is half the reason I'm doing this; to pay back all the girls who gave me that “Don't you wish!” look over the years.

The highest priorities are she must be young, firm and not overweight. By “young” I mean 17-19. I could go for any girl that is fully developed (I'm not a pedophile), but it would be very difficult to get someone younger without causing a nationwide search and her face on Greta every night for months.

It would be a huge bonus if she was a virgin and had never had any type of sex. I would love to see the look on her face the first time I pull my cock out and tell her to put it in her mouth. And her amateur attempts to suck it would be entertaining.

It's getting harder to find girls that aren't at least a little overweight, so I may have to start with that and put her on a strict diet and exercise program. Unlike most guys, I don't like huge tits. I like them to be proportional and firm. Big fat tits do nothing for me at all.

I'm thinking a runaway would be ideal. Everyone would assume she just ran off with a boy or something. But where does one find runaways?

June 12th, 2007

I think I may have found a house. I looked at it today. It has almost 7 acres and a finished basement with only one window and a full bathroom. My nearest neighbor would be about a half of a mile away, so I won't have to worry about anyone hearing anything. It is vacant so I can get a quick closing. It's not ideal, but it will do.

June 18th, 2007

I close on the house next Wednesday. I'm going to tell my wife tonight just in case she flips out and I need to back out of buying the house.

June 21st, 2007

My wife took the news fairly well. We have drifted apart somewhat over the years. We still love each other, but do very little together and only speak for a few minutes each night after I'm done with work and ready for bed.

She is going to keep the house we're in now and probably have her parents move in with her. That simplifies things quite a bit.

July 12th, 2007

I moved most of my things in to the new house today. The dog loves having room to run around outside.

The basement will need some work. I'm going to add a second door to the bottom of the stairs. This way I can keep both locked and when I go down there, I can lock the top door and hide the key before unlocking the bottom door. This is just in case the girl gets brave and tries to escape. Even if I'm lying there unconscious, she won't be able to unlock the top door. Call me paranoid but it's cheap insurance against life in prison.

I will also need to install several rings around the room to anchor chains. I think I will run metal bars through several ceiling studs and secure the rings to them. This will make it much harder to pull them out.

I've still not figured out how I'm going to obtain the girl, but I want to be ready if the opportunity presents itself.

July 21st, 2007

The basement is pretty much done. I have 4 chain anchor rings; two at one end and two more perpendicular to those, like a “T” shape. This will allow separate chains for each arm while in a standing position, or one chain for both arms together along with one chain for each leg while lying down. It also allows for a single chain to be moved by me to allow her access to other parts of the room.

The basement has three rooms, plus a full bathroom. The dungeon room is connected to the bathroom. The other room is almost the same size and has a door connecting it to the dungeon, and another door to an unfinished storage area. The window is in the second large room.

The layout of the chain rings is such that if I connect her to the middle ring with about 25 feet of chain she will be able to reach the toilet, but not reach the top door going upstairs. I plan on her wearing a collar around her neck and being connected to the middle chain most of the time. The other chain rings are for the initial “breaking” period, or for punishment when she deserves it.

I furnished the room with a good quality futon, a recliner, a cabinet with a TV, DVD and a satellite TV system. At first, this will mostly be so I can watch TV while she massages me. She will have to earn the right to sleep on the futon or watch TV without me being there.

I found a very good deal on a portable massage table and put it down there also. I love to be massaged and we will probably be making use of it almost every night. The table is split in the middle so it can be folded up and carried away. I added two legs to the bottom so it can be folded but still stand up. This allows me to bend the girl over the table and have her face in the hole that is cut out for that purpose at the factory, but have her still standing with her ass exposed, assuming she's not too tall. It also has two arm rests that make for a convenient place to secure her arms once I fortify them a bit. I will also need to put something on the two legs I added to allow securing her feet.

Punishment will usually consist of paddling while bent over this table. For more serious offenses, I can hang her arms from the chain rings and whip her with my belt or a small switch or rod. Unless she bites my cock or tries to escape, that is about as severe as the punishment will get. Also, I need to rig up some way to prevent her from biting me, but have her still be able to use her lips while sucking me. It's a tougher problem than it might seem. Ball gag rings don't allow use of the lips very well. Once she is broken, I won't need it, but I'm not taking any chances at first.

July 30th, 2007

I have installed three hidden video cameras around the room and one in the bathroom. They are all connected to my computer upstairs and record 24 hours a day in low-res time-lapse mode. It can store about 8 days before starting to delete the older video. I can also switch it to high-res, real time video and get several hours of that whenever I want to record one of our sessions.

I am masturbating almost daily. Planning this out and daydreaming about it is making me incredibly horny. I need to find a girl soon. The basement is done enough to get started.

August 8th, 2007

I added a few more enhancements to the basement. The carpet was in rough condition so I decided to replace it. When I removed it, I discovered there was a drain on the floor and the floor had a coating on it, probably waterproofing. I realized this could come in handy, so I decided to leave the floor bare and I got an adapter to connect a garden hose to the bathroom sink. I have always hated taking showers (although I do take one every day). This will be a great setup for me to lie down on the massage table, get a massage with warm oil, and then have her bathe me and top it all off with a long, soft, slow blow job. It will also be handy to be able to wash away any piss or other fluids that may end up on the floor.

I think I need to go masturbate now.

August 12th, 2007

I placed a big throw rug in the room that covers most of the walking space but can be picked up for wet sessions.

I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing is just my mid-life crisis and a pipe dream I'll never be able to pull off. I have not backed off at all in my desire to do it, but getting a girl without a lot of attention is harder than it sounded at first. Unlike the sex stories I've read, it's highly unlikely a hot 18 year old girl will knock on my door to ask for directions.

August 28th, 2007

In my desperation, I have assumed the identify of a fictional 17 year old male on a popular social web site. I found a picture of a cute guy on the web and invented his name and background. I have always used an off-shore proxy for my “sensitive” web browsing because I am paranoid about privacy so I should be safe and untraceable without them getting warrants from supreme courts in at least two countries.

I've had friend requests accepted by several cute girls in my area. I'm talking to them almost daily, in some cases several times a day. One in particular seems to be really unhappy at home. She has both parents at home, a nice house (from what I can see in the pics) and mostly everything she wants, but she is still miserable and thinks her life sucks and everyone is so unfair. Awww, poor thing. And to make it worse, she acts like a catty bitch to other girls in their public messages to each other. Spoiled little slut. She is very cute though, and has a killer body. I'm really hoping this one works out.

September 3rd, 2007

I've still been working on the girls on the social web site. Especially the spoiled little slut, who I will now refer to simply as “Slut”. She has had some serious spoiling in her past and now still expects everyone to spoil her. I am also playing the poor, mistreated kid, unhappy with my life. I told her I have an uncle that I am thinking about going to live with because my parents are so unfair to me and treat me like a child. I jokingly told her she can come live there with me too if she wants to run away together. I'm assuming she couldn't possibly be stupid enough to run away with someone she's never met, but I can always dream. She is definitely hot and is the object of all my recent (and far too frequent) masturbation sessions. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but she seems to be about 5'8” or so, maybe 115lbs, fairly petite, just like I like them. Proportional tits, dark brown hair and eyes. She almost looks like she might have a bit of Hispanic in her, a few generations ago. She dresses slightly Emo but has no piercings or tattoos that I can see.

September 7th, 2007

I'm starting to think I may be able to fool “Slut” in to running away with me after all. She asked me yesterday if I was serious about running away together. She apparently got in a big fight with her parents and wants to leave home. We'll see how long she feels that way. I found out today she is 17, and will turn 18 in December.

I need to be careful to handle this right and not leave any trails back to me.

I'm also working on another girl. She is 19 and was an orphan who lived with foster parents that she didn't seem to like at all. She is living on her own now, but having a hard time of it, working at a book store. She isn't as hot as “Slut” but is definitely cute. She could stand to lose 10-15 pounds, but is certainly acceptable. Her tits are still proportional and her ass is nice. She just has a bit of extra meat all over, but spread out well. She has auburn hair, seems to be about 5'7” or 5'8” and about 130lbs.

She seems to be a nice girl. It won't be as fun to break her, but she has a look about her. She still has a bit of baby fat in her face. If I was younger, I could probably go for her. She has that kind of “good girl” look. Normally, I would probably pass on her because I don't think she'll have the bad attitude, but I'm starting to get desperate and not many people would notice if she disappeared. I have told her that I just turned 18. I'll call her “Baby”.

The other girls are going nowhere.

September 10th, 2007

“Slut” is still talking about running away together, but I'm starting to think it's all talk.

I'm still working on “Baby”, but no news with her yet.

September 15th, 2007

Oh my God! Slut messaged me and said she got in another big fight with her parents and is sick of it. She wants me to come pick her up tonight. I never thought this would actually happen. I'm not sure where to go with it from here. I'm obviously not a 17 year old boy. Fuck!

September 16th, 2007

I am excited, scared, nervous, and dead tired. I've not slept all night. I messaged Slut last night and told her I was working and couldn't come get her, but I'd have my uncle pick her up if that was ok, and I'd be home after I got off work at 10pm. She agreed! What a dumb bitch! I told her to leave a runaway note to her parents so they would not worry about her. I told her to meet my uncle at a McDonald's near her house. I described him (me) to her. I told her my uncle could get in a lot of trouble, so not to tell anyone what she was doing or that he was involved. I talked her in to leaving her cell phone at home by telling her it could be used to trace her, and I promised her I would get her a better one this weekend.

I also told her to delete her account from the social site “so they couldn't find us”. I know there are still records of it, but it won't be so easy for her parents to track what happened. She's almost 18. I doubt the authorities will get involved if there is a runaway note. I can't believe she is going for this!

I was scared to death I would find cops waiting for me at the McDonald's. I was very careful and staked the place out for an hour before she got there, but she finally did show up on foot. Everything seemed ok, so I approached her and asked if she was Slut (using her real name of course). She said yes and I introduced myself as the uncle and asked her to get in. I am very clean-cut and normal looking and she apparently trusted me so she hopped right in. This was about 9pm.

We had about a 45 minute drive to my house in the country. I assured her that my nephew would be home about 10:30pm and was telling her about all the things she could do with my nephew while living with me. I was a “cool” adult. I'd let them do pretty much anything they wanted to do, and I still smoked pot sometimes (I already knew she did sometimes as well).

We arrived at my house at about 9:50pm. We went in and she sat down in the living room. I got her a diet drink, told her to make herself at home until my nephew got home, and I excused myself to go in to the other room. I was unbelievably nervous and scared. Was I actually going to do this? Did I have the balls? It wasn't too late to back out.

I stood in the other room for several minutes trying to work up the courage. I finally decided it was now or never. I had a dog training collar in the kitchen junk drawer. It's the kind where you loop the chain back through the big ring on it and put it over the dogs head. When you pull on it, it tightens and basically strangles the dog until you stop pulling on it.

She was sitting in a chair watching TV with her back mostly to me as I was making a sandwich that I had no intention of eating. I looped the dog collar through the ring and sized it big enough to go over her head. And I put a length of small diameter rope in my back pocket. This was it; decision time. There is no going back once I do this.

In a burst of bravery, I walked up behind her and started to quickly put the collar over her head. She was startled by my getting that close to her and turned towards me just as I was putting it over her head, and she started to stand up at the same time.

It was now too late to turn back. I had the collar over her head but she was scared as hell and started scratching and kicking at me. I gave the collar a hard jerk and her eyes kind of bugged out a little bit as she got a horrified look on her face. The collar cuts off your breathing as well as the blood going to your brain. I wasn't sure if I could keep the pressure on until she passed out, or if it would just kill her outright, so I loosened up on it a bit, sat on her chest, trapping one of her arms under me, and I yelled at her to calm down. She kept fighting back with her free arm, and was thrashing around. I screamed that if she didn't stop fighting, I would kill her. I had no intention of killing my prize, but she didn't know that.

She finally stopped thrashing around, but was hysterical, crying and yelling “Why are you doing this!? Who are you!?” I tightened the collar again and told her to shut up. I took her free arm and put it under my leg. I told her to remain calm and I promised no harm will come to her if she did what she was told. At this she renewed the fight and managed to get one her arms free again. She put a hellacious scratch on my left arm. At this point I took the chance that she would pass out before she died and tightened the collar. The look on her face was horrible. She thought I was killing her. I didn't want it this way, but she was a lively one.

After a few seconds, I didn't count exactly how long, she stopped struggling and seemed to be passed out. I felt for a pulse and it was strong. I knew I may not have long to work, so I immediately picked her up and carried her downstairs. I laid her face down on the massage table, strapping her arms to the arm rests and folded the table in half, securing her feet to the legs of the table with ropes. I left her fully clothed, but bent over the table with her ass sticking up in the air and legs spread slightly apart.

I had my girl. Oh my God! I have a hot young girl tied up in my basement. I really did it. I was too nervous to do anything. I just stood there waiting for her to wake up. What was I going to say? I had fantasized about all the things I would do to her, but I never really thought about what I would say. She was taking longer to wake up than I thought, so I meekly fondled her ass a little bit. This was *my* ass now. I reached under her body and felt her tits. They were just as firm as they looked. My God, I haven't felt firm tits like this since my wife was 25. And these were *my* tits now.

I had my sex slave, and had her forever. I didn't want to rush things. I was much too nervous to get an erection anyway. I knew she would wake up soon so I formulated a plan based on some news story I read on the web once. Some guy convinced an abducted girl that he worked for a white slavery ring and that she was to be trained and sold. This sounded like as good a plan as any.

She was out maybe 7 or 8 minutes when she finally started to wake up. It took her a few moments to realize that she was tied down. Once she did, she started thrashing and screaming. I heard one of the table legs she was tied to crack, but it did not break. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back, lifting it up to what had to be an uncomfortable position. I looked her in the eyes and said “Stop fighting and shut up or I will kill you right now!”. This seemed to get her attention. Maybe she just realized she was securely tied down and had no choice. She just started crying and saying “Who are you? Why are you doing this?”

I said “Everything will be explained to you in the morning, but the short version is that you have been kidnapped. You are to be trained as a sex slave and sold to the highest bidder once your training is complete.”

At hearing this her face contorted and she started screaming “Who the fuck are you! You can't do this! Let me go God damn it!”.

“I can do this, and I am doing it.” I assured, “You will be trained by me to be a submissive slave. You will fulfill every whim of your master. For now, I am that master. If you refuse, you will be severely punished. If you are slow to obey, you will also be punished.”

She starting screaming again, barely making sense. I grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her head back even further this time, saying “You have no choice in the matter. Your life as you knew it is now over. You will live to please your master from now on.”

I lowered her head a bit because I could tell it was painful for her. I needed more time to plan how to proceed so I told her “I'm sorry for what I'm about to do to you, but if you always do as you are told, this will be the only time you will have to endure this.” She looked at me with a terrified look on her face, wondering what I meant by that.

I walked behind her and she started trying to turn her head both ways far enough to see what I was doing but was unable to see me clearly. I grabbed a paddle that I had in a drawer and stood behind her, to her left. I said “This is what will happen if you disobey your master. I am doing this now so you will know what punishment is like as a slave. Hopefully this will convince you to accept that this is your life now, there is nothing you can do about it, and it will go much easier for you if you obey your master.”

With that I pulled back and whacked her ass very hard. When I heard the way she screamed and saw the way the whole table jumped, I thought maybe I had hit her too hard, but decided that it was just about right. She was still screaming as I continued:

“I am your master now!” …Whack!

I paused between each whack for a few seconds.

“You *will* obey me!” ...Whack!

She is screaming bloody murder now. It is hurting my ears.

“You will obey your master instantly and without hesitation!”... Whack!

She stops screaming and starts begging “Please stop! Please! Oh God, please stop!”.

“Say 'You are my master and I will obey you' and I'll stop!”... Whack!

Her ass must be getting numb now as she has stopped screaming and just lets out a loud yelp when this blow lands and then starts sobbing loudly.

“Say it!” …Whack!

She totally fucks the line up and say something unintelligible, so I repeat it:

“Say 'You are my master and I will obey you'!”... Whack!

She lets out another loud yelp and almost says the line correctly. I decide it's close enough and stop paddling her.

I pull her head back again, but not painfully far. “Very good, Slut! You are learning quickly. I will leave you for the night so your new status can sink in to that pretty head of yours. This is your life now. You will never see your friends or family again. You will never have another cell phone, go to the mall with your friends, or have a boyfriend. You will live to please your master. Get your crying out of the way tonight. Your training starts in the morning and crying will not be tolerated.”

With that, I turn the light off and leave her in complete darkness except for the glow of the DVD display. She is still sobbing as I walk upstairs, locking both doors.

I am shaking all over. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. My mind races all night thinking of the possibilities. I could not sleep a wink. I'm betting she didn't either.

September 16th, 2007

I dozed off at the computer for about an hour.

I want to take this very slowly. She's mine forever now. I realize that no matter how hot she is, and how cool it is to have my own personal sex slave, at some point I will get bored of her and we'll settle down in to the same old routine every night. I want to delay that as long as possible.

At some point she will be broken and nothing will degrade or humiliate her any further. Which, by the way, is what I've realized is the part that turns me on more than anything else. I want to work through the different ways to humiliate her over time. I could go in there this morning, rape her, come down her throat, fuck her ass with a cucumber or whatever, but then what is left to do other than get bored?

My main decision today is how to get her naked. I will only see her naked for the first time once so I want to do it right. The two choices are to make her slowly strip for me, or chain her to the ceiling and slowly cut her clothes away with a knife. I think stripping would be the most humiliating, so I'm leaning towards that. Cutting her clothes with a knife would be scarier for her, but my goal is humiliation, not terror.

I never knew there would be so many decisions to be made, but it sure is a good dilemma to have!

I need to try to get some sleep.

September 16th, 2007

I did manage another hour of sleep. I'm not sure how as my mind is still racing. I'm in no hurry to have any kind of sex. I'm still very nervous about this whole thing and I've not spent a lot of time thinking about any actual sex acts.

Believe it or not, the thing I am most looking forward to at the moment is just feeling her body. I want to grab those tits while she isn't lying face-down on the table. I want to fondle that ass. Just through her clothes for now. Seeing her naked for the first time is one of the milestones. No need to rush it.

I put together a set of video files that I had downloaded in the past. My thought is to show them to her as examples of what happens to the girls I have trained. I want to show her that cooperative slaves have a nice life, while trouble makers end up in torture movies or something. I'm not sure yet if I will use them or not. I will play it by ear.

Time to go see how she is doing.

September 16th, 2007

By the time I got downstairs, I decided to wait on the videos. I don't want her to have any hopes or any feeling that she is cooperating of her own free will. I will probably use the videos at some point, but I think it will take away from the excitement of breaking her.

I unlocked both doors very quietly. When I walked in, she was still in the same position and asleep. I have no idea how she managed to fall asleep in that position, with a burning ass, and knowing she was a captive, but she did.

I shook her lightly to wake her up. She stirred but was very groggy. Her hair was a tangled mess in the front. She apparently had cried quite a bit. Once she woke up enough to remember where she was, she started lightly weeping and asking “Why are you doing this to me?” I didn't answer, but held a bottle of water with a straw in it up to her mouth. She drank almost the whole 16oz bottle.

I then said “I'm going to put a collar on you, attach it to a chain on the ceiling, and untie you from the table. If you try to fight me or escape, you will find out about level two punishment. There are 3 locked doors between you and the outside world. You cannot escape. Do you understand?”

She meekly squeaked out a “Yes” and put her face back down in the hole in the table.

I put one of Lex's old dog collars around her neck and attached a chain to it. I really did not plan this part out very well. There is no way to lock the chain to the collar. It's just one of those kind where you move the lever with your thumb to open it. I need to secure her and go out today and get some things.

I asked her if she had to use the restroom and she nodded her head, so I walked her to the bathroom door and gave her enough slack to go in by herself and pee. I want to save the humiliation of me watching her pee for another time.

She was in there for a minute or two when I got impatient and told her to hurry up. As she opened the door, I noticed that there was very little slack in the chain. Suddenly she burst through the door and swung the end of the chain at me, aiming for my head but hitting me on the neck. She tried to kick at me, presumably aiming for my balls, but her foot deflected off of my right thigh. She was a mad woman, kicking, scratching and screaming wildly. Luckily, I'm a fairly big guy and subduing her was not too much of a problem. Fuck, I'm so stupid. This could have been a disaster. If she could have somehow disabled me, she could have taken the bottom door key out of my pocket and eventually found the hidden upper door key. I have got to be more careful. What a great “Professional Sex Slave Trainer” I am!

I decided I have to go out now and get some things to better secure her. I tied her back up on the massage table because I know that will hold her. I used an extra couple pieces of rope and a few more knots here and there. I will be gone for a few hours and want to make extra sure she is secure.

“You really fucked up. I was trying to be nice about this. It could have gone so much easier for you.” I said.

“Fuck you, you bastard!” she yelled, “My parents know where I went! They will find me and you will fucking die in fucking prison you fucking pervert!”. I knew she was bluffing, but I was glad she was showing some spirit again.

I replied “I am going upstairs to treat these scratches you gave me. When I come back, you will learn the hard way that trying to injure me in any way is the worst possible infraction of the rules. In that one act, you have broken three rules: resisting me, trying to escape, and physically injuring me. It will not be pleasant for you. Today you will find out what real pain is like.”

The look on her face was priceless, as I could tell she was terrified, but still trying to be defiant. “Go to hell you fucking pervert!” she choked out while trying not to sob.

With Slut secured, I am going to do some shopping.

September 16th, 2007

I just got back from the hardware store, and an adult book store that also sells sex toys. I don't want to spend the time listing everything I bought, but I spent over $700.

I'm going to try to catch a few hours of sleep. The nervousness is starting to fade a bit now.

September 16th, 2007

I managed a few hours of sleep and then went downstairs. She seemed to be half awake and half out of it. When I walked in, she popped her head up and started to try to make a deal with me.

“Listen, I know what you want. It doesn't have to be like this. Untie me and I'll do what you want. Promise you'll let me go and I will have sex with you. I'll make you feel really good, then I'll go home and no one has to know this ever happened.”

I walked up to her and stroked her hair, looking down at her with a mixture of pity and disappointment on my face, saying “It's too late for that now. You had your chance for this to be easy, and you chose to make it hard on yourself.”

“Please, I know how to make you feel good. I will do anything you want, I'll fuck you all night long if you want, just please let me go! She begged.

“Too late” I said, as I slipped a ball gag over her mouth.

She was trying to scream and started thrashing around again.

“Your first punishment is for resisting me. This is what happens when you try to fight me, refuse to obey an order, or hesitate too long in obeying an order.” I said, as I grabbed a 4 foot long, 1/2” wooden dowel rod I had bought at the hardware store.

She could not see what I was doing and was still screaming and thrashing.

I decided her ass was probably still tender from the paddling and decided to go for the back of her thighs.

Whack! Her whole body tightened up and she let out a blood curdling scream that was loud even with the ball gag in her mouth.



“This is what happens when you resist me!”



“Is this what you want! Does this feel good?!”



“You will instantly obey my every command, won't you?!”

She frantically starting nodding her head and screaming, I assume she was trying to say “Yes”. I had already decided that disobedience was punishable by 10 lashes so I gave her three more in rapid succession.


I waited a few seconds and then pulled the ball gag down so she could speak.

“Oh God, please stop. Please...Oh God it hurts.”

“Do you understand why you were punished?”

“Yes, more!”

I put the ball gag back on and said “That is your punishment for simple disobedience: Ten lashes.”

“Unfortunately, you also tried to escape. You must be punished for that as well. The best punishment for attempting to escape is to prevent you from trying it again for a while.”

With that, I grabbed a small foot stool, about a 18" tall and put it under her knees so she was kneeling on it. I then took some rope and tied it tightly around the bottom of the footstool and up around her calves so she could not move her legs and her feet were dangling off the end of the footstool.

After removing her shoes but leaving her socks on, I said “This is your punishment for trying to escape.” I then took a length of garden hose about two feet long and whacked her left foot with the hose, right at the ball of her foot, just below the toes. To say she screamed again is an understatement. Feet are very sensitive. I'm sure this pain was much more intense than the paddling or the caning.

I wanted to get this over with quickly so I hit the left foot 4 more times, at different places. I wanted her feet sore enough that she would have some trouble walking for a day or so, but not permanently injure her.

I waited about 30 seconds for her to calm down a bit, then I started on the right foot. I gave the right foot the same five lashes, in roughly the same places.

I had to take a piss so I left her there for a few minutes. When I came back she was still crying, but not quite so hysterically. I again lowered the ball gag so she could speak.

“Please..please... god... please...I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you ask. I will not try to escape again. I swear! Please don't hit me any more! Please... god...” and she started crying again.

At this point I was actually feeling a bit sorry for her, but I have to carry out all of her punishment. She has to learn what her place is and what the consequences of her actions are. I hope this is the last time I have to do this, but it must be done.

I told her I was going to move her and that if she resisted, she would get more of what she just had. She probably thought it was over at this point, but she was mistaken.

I secured both of her hands with two of the four pairs of handcuffs I had bought at the adult book store. I then locked light chains to the handcuffs and ran them to two of the rings in the ceiling. I untied her and told her to stand up. She slowly stood up as I was taking up the slack in the chains.

“Step over here!” I ordered. She complied but walked softly and slowly because her feet were very sore. It appears as though I used about the right amount of force on her feet.

“Raise your arms!” She did as she was told, but only raised her arms to about shoulder height. “Over your head!” I demanded. She looked at me with a look of “Oh God, what now?” on her face, but slowly raised her arms above her head.

I pulled the chain all the way through the ring until her hands were all the way above her head, then pulled them even more, forcing her to stand on her toes. She was still fully clothed except for her shoes, and still had the ball gag in her mouth.

This was what I was looking forward to; exploring her body.

I walked behind her and got close to her ear and said “You are mine now.” She let out a whimper as I grabbed her ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks and it felt wonderful. I had not felt a firm ass like that in so long. “This is my ass now.” I said as I continued to fondle it. I slowly worked my way up her sides and under her tits. “These are my tits now.” I said as I cupped her magnificent tits in my hands. They were just over a handful, just like I prefer them. I played with her tits for a few more minutes and worked my way down her stomach. Just feeling her firm body even through her clothes and bra was worth everything up to this point, and worth the risks I was taking. You have no idea how many times I've seen these firm young girls and only been able to fantasize about what they felt like.

I then worked my hands back around to her ass again and fondled it for a minute or so and then started working my way down to her thighs. I ran my hands along the back of her thighs and then to the inner thigh area. As I cupped her vagina in one of my hands I whispered in her ear “This is my pussy now.” She let out another whimper and squirmed a bit. I think she had to pee again. It had been many hours since the bathroom incident.

I had my fill of fondling her for now and lowered the ball gag. “Please, I'll do what you want. Please let my arms down and I'll do whatever you want. They are hurting, please let my arms down.”

I replaced the ball gag and replied, “I will let your arms down in a few minutes, but I think you may have forgotten that we still have to deal with you injuring me. I have six scratches, two of them fairly deep. I cannot let this go unpunished.” upon hearing this, she started crying again, begging and pleading but I could not understand what she was saying.

I just stood there in front of her for a few moments, letting her wonder what was going to happen. I then reached for my belt buckle and started to slowly unbuckle it. The look on her face was one of confusion. I imagine she was thinking “Was he going to rape me now? Why is he undoing his belt?”

I unbuckled my belt and pulled the belt off. As I doubled it over, the look on her face changed to one of fear. She now knew what was going to happen.

“I really do not enjoy this” I lied, “but you have given me no choice. You hurt me and that is the worst possible offense against your master. I hope I never have to do this again, but that will be up to you.”

I walked around to stand behind her as she was still begging and pleading. I started on her ass. I lost count of how many lashes she got on her ass and up and down the back of her legs, probably about 10. I was careful not to hit her hard enough to leave any permanent marks. She was kicking around the whole time, so I waited a few seconds between each lash for her to get back on her toes.

I then said “This will stop when you say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” I knew she couldn't say it with the ball gag on but she wasn't ready yet.

I walked around to face her directly and started on the front of her thighs and hips. After about 10 lashes in the front, I gave her a minute to settle down and again said “This will stop when you say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” and I lowered the ball gag.

“Oh god, please stop!... You're killing me!” she screamed.

“That's not what you were supposed to say.” I said as I replaced the ball gag. And walked behind her again. This time I targeted her back and shoulders. I gave her at least 12 lashes and then walked back around to face her. She was mostly limp and just hanging there.

“You have one chance to get this right: say 'I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command.'” and I lowered the ball gag.

She said something but it was barely audible. I started to put the ball gag back on and she really perked up and said very loudly “I am your whore slave and I will instantly obey your every command! Please stop! Please!”

I decided she had endured enough for now. I looked at the her and noticed there was a small wet spot in her crotch, like she had let out a bit of pee during her beating. This brought to mind that scene from the movie "Last House on the Left" and gave me an idea.

“Ok, slave” I said, “This is your first test. Piss your pants!” She looked at me like I was crazy and I think she didn't understand what I meant. I then raised the belt and whipped her on the thighs three times yelling a word with each lash “Piss!... Your!... Pants!”

She looked up towards the ceiling, then closed her eyes and had a completely humiliated look on her face. Her chin was quivering trying to hold back tears and I could tell she was concentrating, trying to pee. Finally after about 10 seconds, a wet spot started to appear. She must have really had to go as it made a huge wet spot down the front of both legs of her jeans and got the floor wet as well.

I guess I should have thought this through a little more. I now have her hanging there in wet, smelly jeans and piss on the rug that I forgot to pull up. But, man, that look on her face was worth it. She was no longer a spoiled brat flaunting her body. She was on her way to being broken. She's not there yet, but well on her way.

I went around behind her and looked at the size of her jeans and shirt, then lowered the chains a bit so she could sit down on the floor. “Stay right there until I return.” I said as I walked back upstairs.

I'm going to the department store to get her some clothes. I guess I should also pick up some girl products, but I don't really know what all she will need yet.

September 16th, 2007

I am exhausted. I've only slept about 3 hours in the last two days. I went downstairs, threw some jeans, panties and a white button up shirt down on the floor. I forgot to get her bra size so she will have to use the same one for now. I also gave her a box of baby wipes and one of those 99 cent ham and cheese lunch meals, as well as a small bag of beauty items such as a hair brush and some makeup that I just guessed at; I had no idea what to get.

I told her to clean herself up, change her clothes and I'd see her in the morning. Before removing her ball gag, I told her “Say 'Yes, Master'” and I removed her ball gag. She quietly let out a “Yes... Master.”

I picked the rug up and she let out a few faint whimpers as I turned the light off and went upstairs.

September 17th, 2007

I slept about 6 hours.

I realized I hadn't checked the social site in a few days and spent a little time catching up with it. “Baby” messaged me and told me she was laid off from her job at the book store. She is looking for another job, but is worried that she will lose her apartment because she is already behind on the rent.

If I didn't already have Slut, I think I may have had a chance at getting Baby. The thought occurs to me that two girls would be any mans dream. It would be great to have two girls at once, but the security issues make it difficult to justify. The two of them together may be able to overpower me given the right circumstances. I'll keep playing along with her for now.

I'm feeling fairly well rested. Time to go back downstairs and play with my new toy.

September 17th, 2007

This morning it was time to get her naked. When I went downstairs she had cleaned up and changed pants as I had told her to do. I had forgotten that she was wearing chains on her wrists and couldn't change her shirt.

She even brushed her hair enough to be presentable, but didn't use any of the makeup. I saw this as a little passive rebellion on her part. I hadn't told her to use it, so she didn't; she wasn't going to be any prettier for me than I specifically told her to be. I let it go this time.

I told her “Good morning, Slave”. She remained silent, looking at the floor.

“Master is talking to you, Slave” I said.

“Good morning... ... ... M-m-master.”

“We're going to switch you over to a collar and free up your arms” I said as I put the new dog collar on her and attached the chain to the collar and ceiling ring. I then freed her arms and she started rubbing her wrists. I left enough slack in the chain for her to walk around in about a 3 foot radius.

“Master is talking to you!!!” I growled.

“... Thank you... ... ... Master.”

There was a noticeable delay before she would say “Master” and a barely detectable sarcastic tone when she said it. Another of her little passive rebellions. We'll deal with this soon.

I pulled the recliner over from the corner and sat upright in it about two feet in front of her. I grabbed the dowel rod I used on her yesterday and put it across my lap. I told her to stand up and face me, which she did. I just stared at her for a few moments and she diverted her eyes and looked down.

“Look at me.” I demanded. She looked up at me but her eyes kept darting away for a fraction of a second.

“Look me in the eyes and quit looking away.” I said. She stood there staring at me and me staring back. I don't know what was going through her head right then but I can guess it was not pleasant thoughts about me.

After staring at each other for an uncomfortable minute or so, I said, simply “Dance.”

She looked at me and said “What?” with a tone of “Are you nuts!”. I immediately and with one swift motion swung the dowel rod off my lap and on to her left thigh, yelling “Dance!!!”.

She grabbed her thigh where I had hit her and looked at me with a look that I couldn't quite interpret. Maybe it was a look of “I can't believe this pervert” mixed with “That fucking hurt, you bastard!”. After about 3 seconds, she slowly started to swing her hips very slightly and said “Yes... ... Master”. That was a good start. I let her do this for a bit and then said “Move you hips more.” to which she again replied “Yes... ... Master.”

At this point I was getting annoyed at her delaying saying “Master” and whacked her again with the dowel rod, yelling “Stop pausing before saying 'Master'!”. She again grabbed the spot where I hit her and said “I'm sorry, Master!”, her voice cracking a bit as she tried to hold back the tears.

I repeated my last command: “Move you hips more.”

She replied “Yes, Master.” and started to swing her hips just a bit more, but it was good enough for now.

I switched the dowel rod to me left hand so I could hit her right thigh if I needed to whack her again.

“Move your upper body and arms, too.” I commanded. She complied, but it looked like some kind of timid version of a weird '60s dance.

“Dance sexy! Slow it down, grind your hips, thrust out your chest. Turn around slowly. Dance like a stripper. I'm sure you've seen them on TV, do it like they did.” I said all at once.

“Yes, Master” she replied as she started to at least try to act sexy. It wasn't really very sexy, but being in control of this hot, young girl was giving me a rock-hard boner.

“Face me and keep dancing.” I said as I clicked the remote for the TV and satellite box. I put it on the “Love” music channel. I didn't recognize the song. It wasn't exactly “sexy” music, but it was good enough.

“Look me in the eye and caress yourself as you are dancing.” I demanded.

She did as she was told and stared me straight in the eyes as she ran her hands up and down her sides and hips. I watched her for a few minutes and then commanded her “Caress you tits and and thighs too”. She started to get a look of humiliation on her face and started to tear up a bit, but did as she was told.

“Now, run your hands up your inner things, and against your pussy.” I demanded. This was getting to be too much; my balls were starting to hurt.

“Keep dancing. I'm going to ask you some questions. When I ask you a question you will always reply by repeating the question as a statement. In other words, if I say 'Do you like ice cream?' you don't just say “Yes, Master.” You will reply with 'I do like ice cream, Master'. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” she incorrectly replied. She obviously doesn't understand yet.

“Keep in mind that we have been watching you for months. We have listened in on your phone calls and read your text and Internet messages. We know most of the answers to these questions already. If you lie, you will be punished. Now, answer properly this time... do you understand?” I said, raising the dowel rod just a bit to make her take notice.

She looked confused for a few seconds and then said “I understand, Master.” Good girl.

“How old are you?”

“I'm 17, Master.”

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

She thought for a few moments and said “Four, Master”.

I quickly whacked her on the right thigh; “How many boyfriends have you had!?”

“... I... I have had four boyfriends, Master” she said as she rubbed the spot where I had just hit her.

“Are you a virgin?”

She looked very embarrassed as she said “I am not a virgin, Master.”

“So you have fucked a guy before?”

She hesitates for a second, embarrassed to say it; “I have fucked a guy before, Master.”

“How many times have you fucked a guy?”

She looks down at the floor as she answers “I have fucked a guy 1 time, Master.”

“Keep looking at me, Slave”

“I'm sorry, Master.”

”Did you enjoy fucking?”

“I did not enjoy fucking, Master. It hurt.”

Well, damn, I missed her being a virgin by one guy. Over the course of these questions, her dancing slacked off to not much more than slight hip movements.

“Turn to your right.” I said and she complied.

Whack! I lash her across both ass cheeks. She grabs her ass with both hands and cries “What did I do, Master?”

“Move your hands, Slave.”

She hesitantly moves her hands away from her ass and... Whack! I thrash across both ass cheeks again.

“The first lash was because you stopped dancing without permission. The second lash was for speaking without being spoken to. You never speak unless you are asked a question, or you are given a command. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master. I'm sorry, Master.”

“If you ever have anything to say you feel is important enough to risk punishment, you may simply say 'Master?'. If I decide to, I may say 'What is it, Slave?'. If I feel what you had to say was not important enough, you may be punished. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master.”

“Now, start dancing again.”

“Yes, Master.”

With this she starts dancing, and if it's not just my imagination, she seems to be trying a little harder to be sexy.

I wanted to get some action going now. “Face me and keep dancing, Slave.”

She slowly turned towards me and kept dancing.

“Unbutton the top button of your blouse”.

Her face turned a bit red and she got this look on her face like she knew where this was leading.

“In between my commands, you will continue to dance and caress yourself, but I want you to continue to face me unless I saw otherwise.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Unbutton the next button.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You do not need to need to respond to each command while you are dancing.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do the rest of the slowly buttons as you dance.”

She continued to dance as she unbuttoned the rest of the blouse. It was now hanging open, giving me a nice peep at her cleavage.

“Unbutton your pants.”

She looked like she was about ready to cry, but managed to hold it back.

“Unzip your pants until the top of your panties show. Unzip them very slowly.”

As she slowly slid the zipper down about half way, I saw the top of the white panties I had bought for her, with the little pink bow at the top. My balls were aching.

“Slowly remove your shirt, by raising your arms one at a time and pulling the sleeve off.”

She did as requested, but stopped looking at me while she was doing it.

“Look at me, Slave!”

“I'm sorry, Master.” she said as she looked at me and awkwardly tried to unbutton the sleeves.

With her shirt off now, I wanted to savor every minute. “Just dance for me now. Turn around a few times, slowly.”

She danced in place, slowly turning around.

“Have you ever kissed a girl, Slave?”

She looks around the room quickly, as if making sure no one else could hear and she said “I kissed a girl one time, Master.”

“When was this, Slave?”

“When I was... 13 or 14. It was my best friend. We were just playing around, Master.”

“Have you ever had sex with a girl, Slave?”

“God, no! I...I mean, No, Master.” I raise the dowel rod. “I mean, I have never had sex with a girl, Master”.

“Unhook your bra but do not remove it yet.”

She reached around with both hands and unhooked her bra.

“Hold your bra in place with one hand, and slowly slide the straps off of your shoulders as you dance.”

It was incredibly sexy watching her slide the straps off her shoulders, while trying to keep her bra up, all the while looking me right in the eye. I like the eye contact. It's too easy to do this while looking away. When she looks me right in the eyes, she knows who is in charge. My balls are about to explode, but I'm not going to ruing this moment by rushing it.

“Turn around some more as you dance.”

I could see a few faint red marks on her back as she turned around. I had used just about the right amount of force while whipping her; painful, but no damage.

“Face me and bend over towards me, but maintain eye contact.” I wanted to get a good view of her cleavage. It was beautiful.

“Now, stand up straight. I want you to keep facing me and gyrating your hips as you *very* slowly lower your bra.”

She did as she was asked, but tried to keep one arm partially covering her tits. This was actually ok with me. I like to be teased. I couldn't see them completely but could tell that she had medium brown nipples, exactly the kind I like. My wife had pink nipples, which are better than very dark brown, but Sluts tits were just about perfect.

“Use both both hands to cover your nipples and move your tits around, mash them up a bit and push them together as you dance.”

She stood there gyrating her hips and playing with her tits. I don't think I can take much more of this. I noticed the pants I bought for her were not a perfect fit. They were starting to work their way down her hips a little.

“Now slowly reveal your tits to me. Keep dancing.”

Slowly, the full glory of her young, firm tits became apparent.

“Take your index fingers and caress your nipples.”

She was getting more used to being almost naked in front of me. It didn't seem to humiliate her as much as it was at first. I'd have to do something about that.

“Ok, We're going to move to your pants. I want you to very slowly inch your pants down as you turn around and swing your ass and gyrate your hips, but keep your panties on.”

The look of humiliation started to return as she slowly spun around and lowered her pants. One side of her panties had worked in to her crack.

Once her pants were about half way down her thighs, they fell down and bunched up below her knees.

“Slowly step out of your pants and kick them away.”

She did as she was told and stood there in just her white panties and the blue socks she had on when she first got here. I could see the faint shadow of her dark pubic hair.

I told her to stop dancing and had her strike several poses as I took pictures from my recliner. When I had enough pictures, I said “Face me and stand up straight.”

“Lick you index fingers and caress your nipples again. I want to see them standing up erect.”

She complied and her nipples did indeed stand at full attention. I was not dumb enough to think she was enjoying this in any way. Whenever I read one of those rape stories on-line, I immediately quit reading and delete it when the victim starts to enjoy it. That just does not happen, and takes the fun out of it. If I wanted to read a consensual sex story, there are plenty of those available. But I digress. This was purely a physical reaction to the stimulation and cooling effect of the saliva.

“Have you ever masturbated, Slave?”

This time her face turns bright red and she looks down at the floor briefly, hesitating just a bit too long. I start to raise the dowel rod and she blurts out “I have masturbated, Master!”

“Good, then you know how. Show me how you do it.”

“Wha?... Master?”

“What is it, Slave.”

“Please... don't make me do that, Master!”

“Why not, Slave?”

“I can't do it, Master. I can't do that in front of you. Please, Master, don't make me do it.”

“Are you disobeying a direct order, Slave?”

“No! Master, no! I am not disobeying. I'm begging you... please... don't make me do this.”

“Slowly move your right hand down to your pussy, Slave. Now!”

“Master... please...” she sobs as she slowly moves her hand towards her crotch.

“Keeping caressing your nipples with your left hand.”

A tear falls down her beet-red cheek as her hand reaches the top of her panties.

“Slip you hand in to your panties.”

She lets out a pathetic whimper, but does as she's told.

“Spread your legs a bit...a little more. Ok. Use all of your fingers to lightly caress your pubic hair.”

It was at this point that I first saw her bush. It was... substantial. She apparently had never shaved. It might have been the hairiest snatch I had ever seen. We need to do something about that. It looks too scruffy.

“Now move your hand down and caress your pussy lips.”

More tears were flowing as she did as she was told.

“Do not cry. Your crying time is at night while you are alone.“

She sniffed a few times, wiped her nose with her left hand and tried to compose herself. She went back to caressing her nipples with the left hand.

“Now, I want you to masturbate for me, just like you do when you are alone.”

“Master, please...” She sobbed. “Please...” she trailed off with several more sobs.

I raised my voice for emphasis. “Do it now, Slave.”

She sobbed a couple more times as she started moving her hand around under her panties. Mostly left and right with an occasional up and down movement.

I couldn't take just watching any more. I got up and stood behind her. She acted startled so I said “It's ok, keep going.” I then started kissing her neck as I placed my hands on her hips and fondled her ass, and slowly worked my way up to her tits. You probably realize by now that I'm a “Tit Man”. I love a firm pair of tits more than anything else on a woman.

I fondled her tits for several minutes while kissing her neck, then moved around in front of her. I bent over, moved her hand out of the way and started sucking on her tits. After a minute or two of that, I got down on my knees in front of her and slowly started to slide her panties down.

“Keep going.” I said.

Once I got her panties down, she stepped out of them and I moved her legs apart again. She was completely dry and closed up. She was probably not even touching her clit or lips the whole time, but I didn't really expect her to.

“Lick your right index finger. Get it nice and wet. Slobber all over it, then use it to wet your pussy. I want to see your pussy lips open and glistening.”

She did as she was told, tears still streaming down her face.

Her pussy was still not responding, so I took her hand and spit on her fingers. “Rub that in to your pussy lips. I want you pussy wet and open.”

“Master?” she asked.

“What is it, Slave?”

“Please, I can't have sex with you, Master. It hurts too much. Please...” she begged, and then started sobbing louder.

I was torn. I was starting to feel a bit sorry for her, but I really wanted to fuck this firm, young body. I finally decided that I would save fucking her for another day.

“Slave, have you ever sucked a cock?”

She looks absolutely humiliated as she says “I...<sob>...I have not...<sob> sucked... a...<sob> cock before, Master”.

“Are you sure you have never sucked a cock before, Slave?” I was hoping that if she was lying, she would think I knew about it and confess.

“My boyfriend put his in my mouth once, but it was gross and I couldn't do it, Master.”

I walked back to my recliner and stood up in front of it, facing her. She was about 3 feet away now and completely naked except for her blue socks.

“Get down on your knees.” I commanded.

She complied and wiped tears from both cheeks.

“Now get down on your hands and knees”. As she got down on her hands and knees, I noticed the way her tits were hanging. It was very nice. They still held most of their shape.

“Crawl over to me slowly, Slave”.

She started to crawl, but a bit too fast for me. “Slow down!” I demanded and she slowed down. When she got right in front of me, she stopped and her face was towards the floor.

“Get back up on just your knees.”

“Master...” she sobbed as she put her hands up in front of her like I was going to hit her. I think it was maybe more of a “Please keep that thing away from me” gesture.

“Kiss my cock through my pants.” I commanded.

She did kiss my pants, but missed my cock by several inches. It was closer to my left ball.

“Unzip my pants, slowly.” I said.

“Master, please, don't make me do this. I can't! It will make me throw up. Please master!” she pleaded. It will do her no good.

“Why do you think you are here, Slave!” I yelled. “Did you think you were here to mops the floors? You are my SEX slave. Your job is to please me in any and every way I demand. You begged me not to fuck you, and for some reason I took pity on you and decided to put that off for now. But you WILL suck my cock or you will be tied up, beaten and then I will force it down your throat. Do you understand, Slave!? Do you!?”

She looked terrified at my outburst and backed away just a bit and said, almost hysterically “Yes, Master! I understand! I will do it. Please, Master!"

“You will do what, Slave?”

“I will suck your cock, Master.”

“You've went and pissed me off now. Maybe I will just take out my anger by tying you up and taking you by force!”

“Please, Master, No! Please, I will suck your cock. I promise. I'll do it just like you like if you tell me how. I've never done it before and I don't know how. Please, Master, let me do it!"

“Ask me nicely.” I said.

“Please, Master, may I suck your cock?”

“Convince me.”

“Please, Master. I want to suck your cock. I will do it for as long as you want. Please, Master. I will put it in my mouth and suck on it for you. Please. I'm begging you. Please let me suck your cock!”

“Ok. You may suck my cock. Slowly unbutton and unzip my pants, and slowly pull them down. Leave my underwear on for now.” (I wear boxers.)

She did as she was told and I stepped out of my pants.

“Now, reach your hand in through the leg of my underwear and caress me.”

She reached her hand in and clumsily fondled my balls.

“Take your other hand and pull my cock out of the hole in front.“ She immediately did as requested.

“Kiss it.”

She puckered up and laid a quick kiss on the tip of the head; about like you would kiss your grandma goodbye.

“Stick your tongue out and lick it.”

She looked up at me like I had just asked her to lick a pigs ass, but stuck her tongue out and gave it a quick lick. Her tongue was quite long and pointed. That would come in handy.

“Take your tongue and lick all over the head until I tell you to stop. Keep caressing my balls.” I had her do this for a minute or so and then told her to lick along the shaft. She definitely has a nice tongue.

After a minute or so of this I pushed her head away and told her to pull my underwear down slowly. As she pulled them down, she looked fairly repulsed by the full view of my cock and hairy balls.

“Lick my balls.” I demanded.

She let out a quiet sob, but started licking my balls. I was very close to exploding. My balls were literally aching at this point.

I had to release this load soon. I decided it would take too long to teach her proper blow job techniques so I just said “Suck my cock now.”

At this point I realized what a risk I was taking. I had not yet come up with a way to prevent her from biting me, so I decided to rely on fear. I grabbed her by the hair to stop her from putting my dick in her mouth yet and said “Listen to me very carefully.”

I jerked her head back a bit for emphasis and continued, “If you bite me, or hurt me in any way, I will torture you to death. If you hurt me badly, I will go to the hospital with you tied up down here, starving and sitting in your own shit, until I recover. When I get home, I will torture you almost to the point of death. I will then let you heal for a few days and then torture you almost to death again. That will be your life for as long as I can keep you barely alive. And once you do die, I will spend the rest of my life tracking down and killing everyone you know. Do you understand?” I saw that in some movie once. I hope she hasn't seen it.

She looked horrified by what I had said and replied “I promise I won't hurt you, Master”.

“Good. Suck my cock now.”

She looked up at me, apparently hoping I would change my mind, or tell her what to do. I wanted to see what her idea of sucking a cock was. I almost laughed out loud when I found out.

Whatever she was doing felt weird, so I told her to look me in the eyes. She stopped sucking when she looked at me.

“Keep sucking and look me in the eyes while you do it.” I said.

It was then that I realized she was literally sucking it, like you would a straw in your soda. Her cheeks were caving in each time she sucked in.

At this point I didn't care. I was about to explode, but figured I should warn her.

“Slave, I am going to come in your mouth now. Do not take your mouth off until I tell you to, or you will be punished.” She tried to say something, probably begging me not to come in her mouth, but I couldn't understand her with my dick in her mouth.

This was going to be a huge load. I was not going to punish her for taking her mouth off but she didn't need to know that. I wanted her to at least try to take the come in her mouth. It takes practice to be able to do that, especially with the load I was about to blow.

The “sucking” she was doing was not very stimulating, so I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her up and down on my cock, almost but not quite gagging her. She let out a small grunt each time my cock bumped the back of her throat.

It took about 30 seconds to start blowing my load. I firmly held her head in place as I shot the first load in to her mouth. She tried to pull back but I kept her head in place and rammed it into her again as the second load flew in to her mouth. She was putting her hands on my thighs now and trying to push me away.

I felt the third load fly out just as she managed to pull her mouth off of it. The come landed on her face and partially in one eye. She jerked her head back as the come hit her eye. I grabbed her by the hair and held her head in place as I shot the last few loads in to her face while masturbating. She attempted to block it with her hands, but most of it ended up on her face.

I finished masturbating myself and looked down at her. She was gagging and spitting on the floor. I let her spit a few more times the told her to look at me.

She still had a few globs of come on her face. I took my finger and scraped up one of the blobs.

“Open your mouth, Slave”

“Master, I can't... it's so gross. I'll vomit. Please, Master!”

I had now had enough of her arguing back. I grabbed her roughly by the hair and yelled “Open your fucking mouth, bitch!”

I put my finger on her tongue and wiped the come on it.

“Swallow it!”

“Mathter!” she said as she tried to not let the come touch the rest of her mouth.

“Swallow it!!!” I yelled.

The look on her face was priceless as she closed her mouth and tried to swallow it. She gagged and her face contorted, but she managed to swallow it after a few tries.

“Open your mouth!” I inspected it to make sure she really swallowed it. I then wiped off several more spots of come and wiped them on her tongue.

“Swallow it!”

This time it was a little easier for her.

“Good Slave” I praised, “It will get easier the more you do it. I will expect you to soon be able to keep your mouth on my cock as I come, and swallow it all without taking your mouth off.”

She just looked at me, not sure what to say.

“You have pleased your Master. I have decided not to punish you for taking your mouth off. In fact, I will give you a nice reward tomorrow.”

I went upstairs and grabbed some food and a drink for her. She hadn't eaten much since she got here. I gave her the food and said “Clean yourself up and get dressed before you eat.”

“Thank you, Master.' she said, but it wasn't very sincere.

I looked back as I was closing the bottom door. She sat there on her knees, naked and beautiful. This is as good as it gets.

I went back upstairs and slept. It was about 1:30pm.

September 17th, 2007

I watched the video I had taken of our session earlier today and got totally horny again. I started to rub myself, thinking maybe I would masturbate while watching it, then it hit me; what the fuck was I thinking. I have a hot girl chained up in the basement. I'll never have to masturbate again!

But towards the end of the video, it dawned on me that there was a bit of a discrepancy in the things she said. When she was trying to make a deal with me, she said “I know how to make you feel good” and that she would “fuck me all night long”. This does not sound like a girl who has only fucked once, and who acted scared to death when she thought I was going to fuck her. I think she is trying to manipulate me.

I can understand wanting to escape, and saying anything she has to say to make things easier on herself, but this is outright sexual manipulation; using her pussy to manipulate me...MY pussy. That pussy is MINE now. I will use it when and how I please.

I'm getting more pissed off as I write this. The bitch lied to me. I was actually feeling sorry for her and was considering lightening up on her, in the stupid hope that maybe she would come to accept me, maybe even love me someday. God, I'm an idiot.

I have an idea for a brace to put on the massage table that will hold her head in place and force her mouth open but still allow the use of her lips. It's basically a brace that is attached to the edge of the table, at the head end. I bought a giant vinyl “C” clamp at the hardware store the other day. I will attach two rounded off dowel rod ends to it, then attach the “C” clamp to the brace. It's hard to describe, but basically how it works is that the open end of the “C” clamp will be roughly where her cheeks will be, with the back of the clamp at the top of her head, almost like she is wearing a hat that happens to be attached to the table.

Once her head is in place, I can tighten the clamp, which will cause the dowel rods do push in towards her head. I will make her open her mouth and then tighten the clamp until the dowel rods push her cheeks inward enough to cover her teeth. The end result is that she couldn't bite down without biting through her own cheeks. You can understand the effect by pushing your cheeks in with your thumb and index finger and trying to bite down.

I am going to test her again tonight while I'm installing the brace.

September 17th, 2007

I installed the brace tonight. I think it will work well. She appears to be quite worried about what the clamp is for. She said “Master?” several times tonight trying to ask me a question, but I didn't respond. I could tell this was annoying her. She is definitely not broken yet.

Installing the brace kind of worked away my horniness, and I still need to catch up on some sleep. I've decided to wait until morning for our next session.

I gave her some dinner and went to bed.

I purposely left a fairly large screwdriver behind.

September 18th, 2007

Man, I slept a long time. I woke up to the horrible realization that it's slightly possible that she could have used the screwdriver to break her chains, open the doors and escape. The possibility is very remote, but I probably should not have left it there right before sleeping for so long.

I rushed to the basement door and it's still closed and locked. Damn, I have to quit being so stupid.

I'm going to get some breakfast and then go spend some quality time with my slave. I woke up with quite a hard-on today.

September 18th, 2007

After eating breakfast and taking my morning crap, I went to the basement, quietly opening the top door and creeping down to look at the bottom door. There were no signs of any tampering.

I purposely made some noise so she would know I was there, then entered the room cautiously. She was lying on the futon. I don't recall giving her permission to use it. I picked up my dowel rod and walked over to her and said “Did I give you permission to use the futon?”

She looked at me quit startled and begged “I thought... I'm sorry, Master, please... I thought this was my bed, Master, please... I'm sorry, Master.” and quickly rolled off the futon on to the floor.

“You must earn the right to use anything in this room. The floor is your bed. You do not touch anything else in this room except your clothes and whatever I have specifically given you permission to use. Get on your hands and knees.”

She immediately did as commanded.

“Lick my feet and beg forgiveness.” I demanded.

She looked up at me and for a brief instant looked like she wanted to kill me. Then she remembered her situation and started begging me, licking my feet between each few words

“Please forgive me, Master... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Please don't punish me, Master... I won't do it again... I will take good care of you today... I can suck your cock again, Master... I think I know how to do it now... Please don't punish me, Master please!”

This was surprising. She was volunteering to suck my dick. She is up to something.

I told her to lay down on her back on the massage table. She looked at the table and then at me, like she was trying to decide whether to obey me or not.

“Master?” she asked?

“What is it, Slave?”

“Can I please try sucking your cock again first, Master? I thought about how to do it all night and I think I can make you feel really good now.”

Now I knew something was up. “Maybe”, I responded as I sat down in the recliner. “Get down on your knees, in between my legs.”

She got down between my knees and started unbuttoning my jeans. As she bent over, I could see down her back, and noticed that something was making her shirt poke out at the bottom. It was obviously the screwdriver. She had it tucked in to the back or her pants. The bitch was probably planning on biting my dick, then stabbing me with the screwdriver.

“Wait a second, Slave, I want some music.” I said as I got up to get the remote from the drawer. “Stay right there.”

I got the remote, and as I walked back to her, I grabber her by the back of the neck and slammed her head down on the recliner. Her hands started waving around behind her trying to push me away, her screams muffled by the recliner cushion. When pushing me away didn't work, she started reaching for the screwdriver.

I grabbed her right arm and pushed it up her back, like kids do to make another kid say “Uncle!”. I needed to grab her other arm, so I let go of her head. She immediately turned her head and started screaming.

“No! Fucking damn it, God, please no, let me go... fucking... PLEASE let me go. I want to go home.” She was crying hysterically now. “I just want to go home! YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I WILL KILL YOU! Please don't hurt me any more.... please. YOU GOD DAMN PERVERT... please...”

She was going back and forth between hatred and fear. This was good. It was all part of breaking her. This will go a long way to make her realize how hopeless it is, and to accept her fate.

I swung her to her feet and knocked her down on the massage table. I told her if she didn't quit struggling, I would just kill her now with the screwdriver and be done with it. She slowly calmed down enough for me to flip her over on to her back and secure her arms and legs to the table.

I tightened the clamp just enough to keep her from moving her head, but not pushing in on her cheeks yet.

“That was very stupid of you.”

“I'm sorry, Master. Please don't... please don't” she trailed off, crying.

“You have committed a serious crime against me. You were planning on biting my cock and then stabbing me, weren't you, Slave?”

“No, Master, no, no, I swear. I... I was just hiding the screwdriver. I... I thought you'd be mad at me for... I... I wasn't trying to hurt you... please, Master.

“You are in a lot of trouble, Slave. We will deal with each infraction soon, but first I wanted to ask you again; how many times you have been fucked.”

“What? How many... I told you, Master, just one time and it hurt.” she said.

“I'm giving you one more chance; How many times have you been fucked?”

“Master... I told... Master... please... I'm sorry... I... I'm sorry, Master.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I'm sorry, oh God, I'm so sorry. I... I wasn't thinking straight. You asked me and I was scared... and you... I... I'm sorry, Master.”

“HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKED!” I screamed as I lashed both her thighs with the dowel rod.

“Ahhhh, God!!! I don't know, Master! I don't know. My old boyfriend... he... we... several times... Ten, eleven! Oh God, please, Master. I'm sorry. I don't know exactly...”

Hearing this I went in to a phony rage. I wanted to get her attention, give her something to remember.

I got right in her face, “You fucking, lying, bitch!” I yelled. Then I grabbed her shirt at the top and yanked it so hard all the buttons flew off and it popped open. She screamed in fear “Stop!!! Please!!!”

I then grabbed her bra and jerked it so hard she came up off the table a few inches. It sprang open and her tits flopped out as she landed back on the table. “Master!!!” she screamed. She was absolutely terrified.

I tucked my hand in to the front of her pants and jerked downward. It took several jerks but the button finally flew off and the zipper broke. Her ankles were tied to the table legs so I would not be able to remove her pants, But I jerked them several more times and got them bunched up below her knees.

I grabbed her panties and in one swift jerk, they were on the floor. She was now naked except for her socks and her pants around her calves.

She was still screaming and crying but was making little sense. It was mostly partial sentences begging me not to hurt her.

I took the dowel rod and gave her several quick, lashes on her bare thighs. I wanted to keep the rage going and keep everything happening so fast it would make her head spin, so I kept lashing her all the way up to her groin and up her stomach, finally reaching her tits. I backed off on the force around her tits. They are too perfect and I don't want to take any chances of scarring them.

By this time she is screaming, crying and sobbing so loudly it is hurting my ears.

I grabbed a handful of pubic hair and pulled. Not hard enough to pull it out but hard enough to hurt like hell. “You fucking, lying, manipulating, whore slut of a bitch!” I yelled as I jerked on her short hairs.

She screamed even louder as her whole body convulsed.

I then grabbed each of her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and squeezed, again, with enough pressure to hurt, but not damage. Her face contorted as she let out a prolonged moan. I started twisting her nipples and the pitch and volume of her moan changed as I did so.

“I will teach you to lie to me, bitch!” I said as I started to tighten the clamp. It butted up against her cheeks and she closed her mouth tightly.


She opened her mouth and I continued to tighten the clamp. When I was finished, she looked like a fish. Her lips were open, her tongue was wagging around, and her cheeks were pushed in. It looked like the clamp idea was working well. She continued to cry and scream but could not form any intelligible words.

I walked to the end of the table near her feet and as I was taking my pants off, said “You lied to me. You lied to me with that filthy bitch mouth of yours. You should not have lied to me with your filthy whore mouth. Now we're going to put that filthy mouth to good use.”

Her eyes lit up, scared to death, a dozen thoughts about what that meant probably racing through her head.

I folded up the legs at the foot of the table and let it drop to the floor, then repeated this with the legs at the head of the table so the table was now laying flat on the floor. I moved around the table to get behind her head and then crawled down over her head, facing her feet. I wanted to make sure my dick would still fit in her mouth with the clamp in place so I crawled down the table a bit and slowly slid my cock in to her mouth. It was a wonderful fit. Just tight enough to be comfortable.

She was letting out muffled cries as I pumped her face, not going too deep yet because I didn't want her to puke. After a few minutes, I decided to probe deeper and see how much she could take. I slowly inched it deeper in to her mouth and could hear her gagging a bit. I pumped several times at this depth to let her get used to it.

When the gagging subsided, I decided to go for it and jammed my cock down her throat to the hilt. I heard her try to scream and start to choke, so I pulled out about two inches. I waited a few seconds then jammed it down her throat again. I repeated this many times, always keeping her on the brink of gagging.

After a few minutes, I stopped pumping her face and told her to massage my cock with her tongue. I barely felt any movement, so I grabbed a handful of pubic hair, giving it a jerk and yelled “Move your tongue, bitch!”. She started flapping her tongue around frantically.

“Slower.” I commanded, and she slowed down the tongue movements. I started slowly pumping her face again as her tongue continued to massage my cock. This was feeling a bit too good. I had more plans and didn't want to come yet, so I pulled out of her mouth.

“You like that, Slut? You like having cock rammed down your throat? Yeah, I'll bet you did like that. I'll tell you what, since you liked that so much, I've got a special treat for you. You will love this.”

I stood up and while still facing her feet, squatted down over her face, asshole aim towards her mouth.

She moaned loudly, I think she was trying to say “please” “god” and “no” a lot, but it just came out as gibberish. Her tone was like “Oh my God, please not *that*”.

“You see that asshole, Slut? Got any idea where it's going? That's right, Slut, it's going on that filthy, lying mouth of yours. Have you ever licked an asshole? You will love it! Take a good look, Slut. I just took a crap before I came down here and I'm not feeling quite so fresh. You'll take care of that for me, won't you, Slut?”

She was letting out deep sobs as I was taunting her. I could tell this was the most horrible thing I had done to her since she got here. Obviously not the most painful, be she seemed to be especially horrified by this. I am always very thorough when wiping and was pretty clean, but she didn't know that.

“Ok, here it comes, Slut. You are going to lick my asshole clean. Don't make me punish you! Stick your tongue out now... DO IT, SLUT!”

She stuck her tongue out, but not nearly as far as I knew she could.

“Don't FUCK with me, SLUT! Stick your fucking tongue out as far as it will go!”

Her tongue popped out even a bit farther than I expected. I was looking at her upside down, between my legs.

“I want to see you move your tongue around. Twirl it around, move it up and down... there you go. Just like that. Perfect! You will make a good asshole cleaner. Do not stop until I tell you to.”

I started to lower myself on to her mouth. It was difficult to judge exactly where to land, but as soon as I felt her tongue hitting my crack, I adjusted and zeroed her tongue in on my asshole. Just as I felt her tongue hit my rim, she pulled it back and I stopped feeling it.

“LICK MY ASSHOLE, SLUT!” I screamed as I grabbed another handful of pubic hair and yanked. With this, her tongue started darting around, all over my asshole. It felt really nice. I had not had anyone lick my asshole since my wife and I tried it once a few days after we got married. We both liked the feeling, but didn't like being the one doing it so we never did it again.

She continued to moan her disgust, but not as loudly as before.

“Slow down, lick it like you are kissing your boyfriend. Make it sexy. Slow and sexy... there you go. Like that. Yes... that pleases Master. I'm starting to feel less pissed off. Keep going. Do a really good job and I may forgive you.”

She continued licking, and quite well. Her moaning had subsided to just a few grunts here and there. I think she was actually trying to do a good job, presumably to please me and get out of further punishment. But it wasn't over yet.

“Good job, Slave. You are pleasing your Master, but now you need to really clean me out. French kiss my asshole, Slave.”

I heard her moan again and sob a few times.

“You are pleasing me so far, don't fuck this up. Put your tongue inside my asshole before I start to get angry again.”

I felt her tongue probing my asshole, trying to push inside it.

“Good girl, there you go. Right there. Yes... now move it in and out. Fuck my asshole with your tongue. Yes... there you go. Oh yes, you are pleasing your Master.”

After a few minutes of this, I decided I need to blow my load, but had one other thing to do first.

“Ok, Slave, you have done well so far. Now I want you to stick your tongue out as far as it will go so I can wipe my ass with it.”

There were no more moans. She just stuck her tongue out as commanded and I moved my ass back and forth so her tongue wiped my ass from the top of my crack to the base of my balls. I did this several times, while giving her encouragement.

“Good Slave. Yes, very nice. You did well.” I said as I stood turned around to face her. I took one of her socks and wiped off the saliva that had been smeared all over her face. I did not notice any odor.

“Very nice, Slave. I almost forgive you. We have one more thing to teach you and all will be forgiven.”

She looked at me a bit strangely. I'm not sure what the look was; resignation maybe?

“I need to come now. I'm going to fuck your mouth and I want you to move your tongue like you did before; slowly and sexy. I'm going to come in your mouth and I do not want you to spit it out. I know it's hard for you to swallow with the clamp on your face, but do *not* spit my come out.”

I turned around this time so I could feel her tongue on the underside of my shaft, and pushed it in to her mouth.

She made not a single sound.

I started pumping her face, slowly working my cock down her throat until I was buried to the hilt. She let out only a few small gags.

It did not take long before I was shooting my load. It was spilling all over her face as I continued to pump, but she did not spit. Her mouth, chin and cheeks were covered in a come/saliva mixture, and my cock, balls and pubic hair had a fair amount on them as well. She also had a substantial amount of come in her mouth, mostly under her tongue where she seemed to be storing it.

I loosened then clamp enough for her to close her mouth. She flexed her jaw a few times to stretch it out, then opened her mouth back up to show that she still had the come under her tongue.

“Now... swallow it” I said.

She closed her eyes, squinted a bit, gulped loudly and then opened her mouth to show that it was clear. I tightened the clamp back in place and and put my dick back in her mouth.

“Clean me off, Slave” I said as I took a few long, slow strokes so she could suck the remaining come off of my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and put my balls on her lips.

“Clean my balls now.” She licked all over my balls as I moved around so she could reach all of the spots of come. The come was starting to congeal now.

“And out of my hair, too”. I moved around so she could use her lips to pluck off a few balls of come that had landed in my pubic hair.

“Very nice, Slave! Very nice job, indeed.” I praised, as I released her head from the clamp.

“As you now realize, I will get what I want from you, with or without your cooperation. I hope you see that it goes much better for you when you cooperate.”

“Yes, Master. I understand. I am sorry for having caused you trouble. I will obey you from now on, I swear it.”

I as surprised by what she said.

I spent about 20 minutes cleaning up as she showered. The chain won't quite reach to the shower, so I unhooked her and watched her carefully. When she got out of the shower, I handed her a white tee shirt and white panties. I bought small tee shirts so they would be tight.

“This is now your official slave outfit. You will wear only tee shirts, panties and socks unless I tell you otherwise. You are not allowed to wear pants, shoes, a bra or anything else. There are several blankets and throws under the futon if you get cold. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master” she said, as she sat on the floor.

“Also, you now have permission to use the futon. As long as you are obedient, it will remain your bed. You are still not allowed to use the TV or anything but the futon.”

“Thank you, Master.” she said, with just a trace of excitement in her voice. I think she was genuinely happy that she had pleased me and was earning more privileges.

She was either well on her way to being broken, or she was still a manipulating bitch that was saying what she thought I wanted to hear. We shall see.

September 18th, 2007

I checked my message on the social site. Baby had messaged me several times. She is frantic. She had an eviction notice on her door when she got home from work. She asked me if I knew of any place she could stay for a few weeks until she gets a job.

Damn! What do I do. I'd love to have two girls and I'm sure I could lure her out here. Do I want to risk having two girls here?

Fuck it. I'm going to do it. I'll tell her she can stay with me at my uncles house, just like with I did with Slut. Hopefully the same thing I did with Slut will work with her; have her come to my uncles house where I will meet her when I get off work.

September 18th, 2007

I brought Slut some dinner and watched her eat, both of us silent. She finished eating and set the plate down.

“Would you like to watch some TV?” I asked.

“Yes, Master! I would love that!” She said excitedly.

“Ok, we will watch TV, as you give me a massage.” I said.

“Yes, Master.” She said, a little less enthusiastically than before, but still happy to be able to watch TV.

“What channel do you want it on?” I asked.

“Can we watch MTV please, Master?” God... it figures. I guess I can live with it for a bit.

I turned MTV on and stripped my clothes off.

“Start on my neck and shoulders.” I said and laid face down on the table.

“Yes, Master.” she said. She seemed a bit distracted as she watched TV.

She massaged my neck and shoulders much too softly, and kept pausing, as if she was getting interested in whatever rap-filled crap she was watching and forgetting to massage.

I quickly sat up on the massage table, turned the TV off and grabbed her by the chin.

“Listen to me! Your job is to please your master. Watching TV is a privilege you get only if you first please your master. You *will* give your attention to massaging me first, then you can watch TV only if it doesn't interfere with your job! Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master, and I am sorry. I will do better.”

“Let's teach you how to massage first, then I'll think about turning the TV back on.” I said as I laid back down. “Now, rub my neck with both hands, firmly. If I want sexy, soft strokes, I will ask for them. Otherwise, assume I want a deep, firm massage.”

She started rubbing my neck, quite firmly.

“Very good, Slave. That is nice. Keep it up.” I said.

I let her rub my neck for several minutes, then told her to move to my shoulders, rubbing both of them at the same time. She was doing a rather good job.

“I'm going to turn the TV back on now. If I think for even one second that you are distracted, or you do not hear and immediately obey my orders, I will turn it back off for the night, and you will keep massaging without it. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master. I will do a good job.” she replied.

“If your hands get tired, you may use your elbows for a minute or two so your hands can rest. You can run your elbows along my muscles, or use them to dig in and rotate them on my muscles. Do not worry about hurting me. I will tell you if it is too hard. I do not want to hear you complain about being tired. You will massage me until I have had enough and tell you to quit. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master. I will not disappoint you.”

She lived up to her word. I had her massage me for a good hour and she did an excellent job, with me only having to direct her a few times. I had her do my neck, shoulders and back for about 30 minutes then 10-15 minutes on just my ass, and the rest of the time on my legs.

About half way through the massage, I gave her the remote and told her she could watch whatever she wanted. She flipped between a few music video channels. At times, I would look out of the corner of my eye and she would be very slightly dancing or mouthing words to songs. She seemed overly happy, given her situation. I think maybe this gave her a chance to feel somewhat normal again and forget for a few minutes that she was a slave. I don't mind, as long as she keeps her priorities straight.

After the table massage, I laid back in the recliner and had her sit at my feet and massage them for another 25-30 minutes. She faced sideways so she could see the TV while she massaged and still massage with her thumbs.

It was the first good massage I'd had in many years. It was quite incredible actually. I was so relaxed and happy that I let her watch TV for another hour or so after she was done massaging. We will be doing a lot more of this.

I finally got out of the recliner turned the TV off, walked over to her and told her it was time for bed. She looked at me like she wasn't sure if that meant it was time for sex or not. I bent over her, got in her face and said “Give Master a kiss goodnight.”

She looked at me with a surprised look on her face, but reached her head up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. She continued to look at me, unsure what was going to happen next. I said “Not like that.” as I bent over and gave her a firm kiss on the mouth.

I walked away, turned the light off and went upstairs.

September 19th, 2007

As I was heading to bed, I brought up the video monitor software on the computer and put my headphones on. It was dark in the basement, but I could hear her lightly crying and sobbing.

September 19th, 2007

I slept in again today, trying to catch up on my sleep. I checked my messages on the social site. Baby is thrilled that she can stay with me and wants to come out tonight. Everything she owns is in her car and she has no place to go.

I thought about this more last night and I think I will definitely got for it. She just has this look about her, one of those looks certain girls have that drive you crazy. I wish I had more time to break Slut before Baby got here, but I don't want to miss this opportunity.

I told her to come to my uncles house about 8pm, before it gets dark so she won't get lost, and that I would be there about 10pm. I gave her directions and told her my uncle would be expecting her. I have some preparation to do today and things to buy today.

September 19th, 2007

Baby arrived a few minutes late. She was wearing a blue pull-over and a blue and white skirt. She looked very cute. I invited her in, and it went down just about the same way it did with Slut, up until I put the collar over her neck. Her reaction was much different. As I put the collar over her head, she turned around with a terrified look on her face, but made very little sound. She seemed to be petrified and put up only minimal resistance.

I wrestled her to the ground, rolled her on to her stomach and tied her hands behind her back. She was still making very little noise; no screaming, no crying, no anything. I think she was blanking out or something. I'm such a fucking amateur! I forgot the collar and chain downstairs.

I tied her feet together so she couldn't run away and went down to the basement to get the collar and chain. Slut looked at me startled because I was moving so quickly. She must have thought I was going to attack her or something.

“Sit right there.” I said “Do not move from the futon. I have a surprise for you.”

“Y-yes, Master.” She stammered as I ran back up the stairs, leaving both doors open.

I put the collar on Baby, attached the chain and untied her feet. I jerked the chain as I told her to stand up.

“What is this?” she said, finally finding her voice. “Where's Dalton?” (my fake name on the social site). “Who are you?”

I pulled on the chain, cutting off her air and grabbed the back of her neck.

“There is no Dalton. Walk towards that door!” I demanded.

She started slowly walking towards the basement door. When we got to the door, she stopped walking. I shoved her but she resisted. She did not want to go in to that basement.

I pulled the chain even harder. “Down the stairs.” I said, “NOW!”

She finally started to slowly walk down the stairs, one step at a time.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Slut and Baby saw each other.

“Oh my God!” Baby gasped, when she saw Slut with the collar around her neck, chained to the ceiling.

Slut had a very confused look on her face, but said nothing.

“What is this! Please tell me what is going on!” Baby begged.

“You will find out soon enough.” I said as I pushed her towards the massage table. I had already folded the bottom portion down earlier today.

I knocked her down on the massage table, face down. She still was not struggling.

“Please... tell me what is going on! Who are you? Who is that girl?” Baby cried.

“Stay right where you are. Do not move.” I said as I started to tie her arms and legs in place. I then removed the collar and chain.

I looked at Slut. She looked back at me with a confused look on her face

“I brought you a roommate, Slave” I said to Slut. She did not respond.

I walked around to the front of the table, near her head, and bent over to get close to her ear.

“Everything will be explained to you in time. For now, the only thing you need to know is that you are now a sex slave. You will be trained and then sold to the highest bidder. You will never have your old life back. Pleasing your Master is your life now. You will obey my every command, instantly and without complaint. “

She started crying. “Why are you... what?... please let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please... You!... girl... tell him to let me go. Please help me!”

I looked at Slut. She looked scared. I slowly shook my head “No” at Slut and she seemed to relax a bit.

I walked over and grabbed my paddle.

“This is your first lesson. This is what will happen if you disobey me or are slow in carrying out an order.”

I lifted her skirt up and laid it over her back. She was wearing yellow panties. Her ass was very nice; not fat at all. She is just bigger overall than Slut.

I reared back and wailed on her ass with the paddle. Whack!

She let out a single loud yelp, but there was no screaming, just some crying and sobbing. I could already see a red spot appearing.

“I am your master now!”

I pulled back for a second blow, harder this time.


“AAARRHH!” She yelped.

Her ass jiggled a bit after each blow.

“You will obey me instantly, and without complaint!”


“PLEASE!” she begged.


“I want you to say 'You are my master and I will obey your every command'.”



“Say 'You are my master and I will obey your every command'.”



“This will not stop until you say it!”




She still was not saying it and had even quit yelping, just letting out a quick, high-pitched grunt with each blow. She was a stubborn one.

“Slave, hand me my rod.” I said to Slut.

Slut walked over to the corner, grabbed my dowel rod and handed it to me. She slowly backed away and sat back down.

I moved to the back of her thighs.





“Good. Now say it: 'You are my master and I will obey your every command'.” I demanded.

“You... you are my m-master and I will... do... obey your every... command. Now STOP HITTING MEEEE!”


“I give the orders here, not you!” I yelled as I moved back to her ass.

I gave her three lashes in rapid succession.



“Say it!.”

“You are my... master and I will do... obey your commands'.”

“NO!!!” I screamed. I flipped her skirt back down over her ass, pulled her shirt up to her neck and moved to her back.


I put stripes all up and down her back. She was definitely screaming now.


“This is your last chance. Say 'You are my master and I will obey your every command.'”

“You are my master and I will obey your every command!” she said, and then laid there sobbing.

“Good. You'll catch on to how things work around here. That is a good start.” I gloated.

I took out my pocket knife and opened it. I made sure she could see me opening it.

I moved the knife towards her face as a look of terror came over her. As I got close to her face, I changed directions slightly and ran the knife down the back of her neck and cut away her shirt.

I ran the knife down her back, lightly scraping her with the tip.

“UUMFF, Please... Please don't hurt me!” she sobbed.

I braced the knife under her bra and with a swift motion, cut her bra off and then pulled both her bra and shirt out from under her body. Her tits were bulging out of both sides of her chest. She was bigger than Slut, but not too big.

I walked behind her and ran the blade up her left leg, up her outer thigh and over her hip. I slipped it under the band of her skirt and sliced through it, ripped it down the seam and threw it aside. She was now standing there in just her panties, socks and shoes.

“Master! Master! Please... Master! Don't hurt me!” she pleaded. She is catching on quickly.

I bent over and ran the knife up her inner thigh and slid it under the right leg of her panties. I went slower this time, slicing the panties upwards until I had cut through them. I discarded the panties and took a step back, admiring my work. She had red marks from the paddle, overlaid with many red stripes from the dowel rod.

I'm not sure what came over me at this point. I had no intention of doing what I did next. It was completely spur of the moment.

“Slave, come here.” I barked at Slut. “Get on your knees and pull my cock out.”

She did as she was told.

“Lubricate my cock. Put it in your mouth and get it wet. Spit all over it. Make it as slippery and as slimy as you can.”

“Yes, Master.” slave replied as she took my cock in to her mouth.

“Please... Master?... What are you doing!?... Master?” Baby sobbed.

“Shut up, Whore!” I yelled.

I pulled my cock out of Sluts mouth.

“Go back and sit on the futon, Slave.”

I walked over to Baby, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She started screaming.


I aimed my dick straight for her asshole and thrust it in with one hard push.

“AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed, louder than Slut ever had, as she jerked her head backwards. “OHHH GOOOODDDDD!!! PLEASE NOOOO!!!!”

It was unbelievably tight, almost painful. I had never fucked an asshole before.

As I fucked her ass, she let out a shrill “OW!” or “ARH!” with each thrust. I was tearing her apart, but I did not see any blood.

I pumped her ass for maybe three minutes and knew I was about to come.

“Here you go, Whore!” I said, as I started spurting in to her asshole. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had. I'm not sure if it was the tightness, or just the thought of what was going on.

It felt so good that I kept pumping her well after my last spurt of come. There was a trail of brownish come dripping down her leg.

I was starting to soften up, so I pulled out. I walked around back in front of her, grabbed a handful of her long, auburn hair and wiped my dick off with it.

“That is why you are here, Whore. You are here for my pleasure, at any time, and in any way I choose.” I said.

All she could manage was a long, deep moan.

“Slave!“ I said to Slut, “Clean her up as best you can with the baby wipes, but do not untie her. She will spend the night tied to this table just as you did. There is some lotion in the drawer. Rub some on her welts. Cover her up with a blanket if she wants.”

I started to walk back upstairs, then turned around and said “Also Slave, start teaching her the rules.”

“Whore... this girl is my #1 slave. You do as she tells you and it will go much better for you.”

I locked the doors and headed upstairs. I went immediately to my computer to monitor what they were doing.

Slut was cleaning the come off of Baby's legs. It looked like Slut was talking but I couldn't hear anything. I turned the volume all the way up and I could now hear what she was saying, almost in a whisper.

“You heard what Master said. I'm #1 here. Don't even think about fucking with me. You have to do what I say. You heard him!”

Still the catty bitch, I see. Oh well. I want some tension between them. There's less chance they will work together against me if they hate each other. I will have to foster those feelings in them.

Slut kept talking to Baby as she was cleaning her up and treating her welts. Mostly she was explaining the rules; to always call me “Master”, how to answer questions, not to speak unless spoken to, etc. She said all this with a slightly bitchy tone of authority.

At one point, Slut started to cry a little bit as well. She told Baby that it was hopeless. Neither of them could escape. She said she had tried once and would never try it again. She told Baby that she should accept her situation and do whatever she had to do to make me happy.

Baby didn't say a word the whole time, she just cried softly.

I'm starting to think that Slut has accepted her fate and is not trying to manipulate me anymore, but I'm not convinced yet.

September 20th, 2007

I slept like a baby last night. The combination of the long massage and a huge release of come had relaxed me so much that I slept better last night than I have in years. I daydreamed about a four-handed massage as I booted up my computer. I have deleted my account on the social web site. None of the other girls were going anywhere and I wanted to make it harder for anyone who might be looking for the girls.

I'm going down to “evaluate” my slaves. I need to start doing more to give the impression that they are being trained for eventual sale. I'm beginning to worry that if they have no hope at all of ever leaving my basement, one of them might kill themselves or something, out of despair.

I brought a clipboard, a pad of paper and a few pens.

September 20th, 2007

When I got downstairs, Slut was using her fingernail to clean her toenails. They really need something to occupy their time.

Baby was still on the table, with a blanket covering most of her body. She flipped her head over to look towards me. Her face was red on the left side. She had apparently fallen asleep on that side of her face. Her hair was brittle where I had wiped my dick off.

“Master?” she asked.

“What is it, Whore?”

“I have to pee, Master.”

“Just a minute, Whore.”

I attached the collar to her neck and the short chain leash to the collar and untied her. I let her keep the blanket over her for now.

“You are going to take a shower now.” I told her.

Having learned from Slut's escape attempt, I formed a plan to not only be more secure, but to humiliate them a bit in the process.

I walked her in to the bathroom and steered her to the front of the toilet, facing it.

“Get down on your knees.” I said.

She complied and knelt before the toilet.

“You can think Slut for this. She tried to attack me once when I let her go to the bathroom. Ask her about it sometime.” I said as I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed.

“Put your face down in to the toilet, but not into the water... Wait... pull your hair out of the way... Good. Now, wrap both of your arms around the bowl as if you were hugging it.”

She did I she was told.

“This is the “Ready” position. You will assume it when I bring you in to the bathroom unchained. When I leave and close the door behind me, you may get up and do your business, shower, whatever. When you are done, you will assume the Ready position again and call to me that you are done. Do you understand, Whore?”

“Yes, Master... I... mean, I understand, Master”.

“That's a good Whore. There are some cosmetics, toothpaste and other things under the sink. Make yourself presentable. You have 30 minutes.” I said, as I took her collar off and walked out, closing the door behind me. I did not give her any clothes to wear but left the blanket on the bathroom floor.

I spent the next 30 minutes nailing the door leading to the other room shut. There was nothing in there that I needed and I planned to let them roam the room unchained soon. Keeping both of them chained up and walking them to the bathroom to shower every day was going to be a pain in the ass.

“I'm done, Master” Baby called.

I put my tools on the stairs and re-locked the bottom door, then opened the bathroom door. Baby was kneeling there, in the Ready position, with the blanket around her. I put the collar on her and walked her out to the room and attached the chain to the ceiling, then sat in the recliner.

“Face me, Whore.” I ordered.

She turned slightly to directly face me.

“It's time to evaluate my slaves.” I said, as I picked up my clipboard and a pen and leaned back in the recliner.

“First of all, you both need new names. You will need to earn proper names, so for now your name will be 'Whore'. Do you understand, Whore?”

“I understand, Master.”

What is your name, Whore”?

“My name is 'Whore', Master”.

“Good girl” I said.

I then looked at Slut and told her that her new name was “Slut”.

“I understand, Master.”

What is your name, Slut”?

“My name is 'Slut', Master”.

“Good girl” I said again.

Turning back to Whore, I said “I'm going to ask you some questions. Do not lie to me. Slut can tell you about what happens to liars here. Are you going to lie to me?”

“She told me, Master. I promise I will not lie to you, Master.”

“See that you don't.”

I readied my pen to take notes and started asking Whore questions.

“Are you a virgin, Whore?”

“I am not a virgin, Master”.

“How many times have you been fucked?”

“I have been fucked many times, Master”.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“My foster father fucked me many times, Master.”

To say I was stunned would be an understatement, but I did not flinch.

“You had sex with your foster father?”

“Before I ran away at 17, he would rape me when he was drunk, Master.”

I'm not sure I completely hid my astonishment, but I continued.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“I have sucked a cock, Master. My foster father made me do it until I was old enough for him to rape me.”


“Did you ever tell anyone?”

“I told my foster mother, Master. She did not believe me.”

I paused and took some notes.

“Have you ever kissed a girl”

“I have never kissed a girl, Master”.

“Have you ever had any type of sex with anyone besides your foster father?”

“Just with you last night, Master”. She said. I wasn't sure if she was being a smart-ass or not but I let it, and her incorrectly formed response go for now.

I turned the page of the notepad

“Drop the blanket” I ordered.

She complied and the blanket fell to the floor.

“Get the blanket, Slut.”

Slut immediately grabbed the blanket and put it on the futon.

Whore had a very nice body. Thicker than Sluts, with just a small amount of extra meat here and there, and a very slight bulge in her stomach, just above the waist. She was not petite like slut by any means, but this gives me some variety.

She was a natural red head, with creamy white skin but had virtually no noticeable freckles. Her fiery red bush was well trimmed and triangular.

“Raise your arms to your sides, shoulder level” I said.

She complied, and her tits heaved and separated a bit.

I gave the clipboard to Slut and told her to be ready to write down what I said.

I walked up to Whore and felt her hair.

“Hair: 85. auburn....write that down, Slut.”

“I slightly pulled down on each of her cheeks to open her eyes a bit wider.

“Eyes: 75. Blue”

I then grabbed her lips and squeezed them together, They were very full and sexy lips.

“Lips: 90. Full”
“Mouth: 90. Used”

“Master?” Slut asked.

“Used. U. S. E. D. As in 'not new'.”

“Ok, Master.”

Whore started to get a look of humiliation on her face as she realized what I was doing; grading her as if she was a cow for sale at the market.

I grabbed her face around her chin and cheeks, turned her head side to side.

“Face: 75. Baby fat.”

I slid my hand from her face, down her neck and to her left tit, as I took my left hand and grabbed her right tit. I played with them for a few seconds, pushing them together, pulling them apart and squeezing them several times.

“Tits: 80. C cup.”

I then lightly pinched each nipple and gyrated them around a bit. They were more of a dark pink than brown.

“Nipples: 70, dark pink”

I moved down to her stomach, grabbing for any flab. I could grab about two inches near her waist.

“Stomach: have a few pounds to lose, Whore.”

I glanced over at Slut to make sure she was getting all this. She was just finishing writing and looked up at Whore with a slightly bitchy smile on her face.

I pushed Whores legs apart and grabbed each thigh, squeezing and jiggling them.

“Thighs: could lose a few pounds here too, Whore.

I then turned my attention to her bush.

“Bush: Red. Trim.”

I cupped her pussy in my left hand and squeezed a few times.

“Open your mouth, Whore”.

I put my right index finger in her mouth and said “Lick my finger. Get it wet.”

She licked and slobbered on my finger.

I spread her pussy lips and took a look. It was fresh and pink. I then worked my finger in to her pussy. She grunted a bit and her legs tightened.

“Pussy: 90. Used. Tight. Pink.”

“Turn around, Whore”

She spun around, positioning her ass towards me.

I grabbed her ass and played with it for a few seconds.

“Ass: 80... a couple pounds to lose here maybe, but very nice, Whore.”

“Bend over”

She bent over as far as the chain would allow.

“Spread you ass checks.” I ordered.

She took both hands and spread her ass cheeks. I looked up and down her crack.

“Ass crack: 80. Clean”

I then stood up and put the same finger in her mouth again.

“Get my finger wet again.” I could tell that she could smell herself on the finger and didn't care for it.

She wet my finger again and I bent down and gently inserted it in to her asshole. She moaned a bit. She was obviously still sore from last night.

I reamed her out just a bit, pumped my finger in and out a few times as she squirmed, then removed my finger.

“Asshole: 80. Used. Tight.”

“Step on the scale.” I demanded.

“Weight: 132”

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I came back, I took the clipboard from Slut and looked it over to make sure she got it all. She had, except on “Stomach” she added ”Fat!”.

I unchained Whores collar from the chain hanging from the ceiling and told her to sit on the futon.

I then unchained Sluts collar from her normal chain, and put that chain on Whore.

“Your turn, Slut... Strip.” I said.

“Yes, Master.” she replied, with a tone of confidence. She was sure she would score higher than Whore.

I handed the clipboard to Whore, and repeated the same inspection on Slut:

“Hair: 75. Dark brown.”

“Eyes: 75. Dark brown.”

“Lips: 75. Thin”

“Mouth: 70. Used”

“Face: 75. Thin.”

“Tits: 95. B cup.”

“Nipples: 80, light brown.”

“Stomach: 80. Tight.”

“Thighs: 80. Firm.

“Bush: 50. Dark brown. A complete fucking mess. Have you ever heard of a razor, Slut?” Slut looked at Whore with a “Don't you fucking say a word.” look on her face.

“Pussy: 70. Used. Medium-tight. Off pink. ” Slut shot Whore the evil eye again.

“Ass: 90. Firm. Thin.” Slut got a bit of a smile on her face.

“Ass crack: 60. Stained.” Slut looked humiliated and turned her head away from Whore.

“Asshole: 80. Virgin. Very tight.”

“Weight: 112”

After Sluts inspection I had them sit against the far wall and face me. They were both still naked. I sat on the recliner and did some calculating.

“In case you are interested, the results are as follows; Whore: 1,100. Average score: 78.5.”

I paused for several seconds. Slut was fidgeting and anxious.

“Slut: 1,055. Average score: 75.3”

Slut looked quite disappointed. She thought she definitely should have won. And looking at her in clothes, walking down the street, I would have agreed. She was overall hotter than Whore. She mainly lost points in things that you don't normally see, but were still important for a sex slave.

Whore didn't show much of reaction.

“You both need work in some areas. We will address that as we go over your daily agenda and clarify some rules.”

“You have both been good slaves so far. I am going to give you a little bit more trust. Starting tonight, I am going to unchain you both and allow you to walk freely in this room and the bathroom.”

Both of their expressions picked up a bit.

“But...when you hear me walking in to the room, you will immediately stop what you are doing and take you places against the wall, right where you are now.” Slut was on my left, and whore on my right. I chose this wall because I can see them both by just cracking the door open.

“You will kneel down on your knees and rest your asses on your feet, backs against the wall and hands on your thighs. Do this now.”

They both shuffled around, getting in to position.

“You will assume this position every time I enter the room, or you hear me knock on this door.”

“Your daily routine will be strict. I am going to set up an alarm clock. The alarm will be set for 7:00am every day except on weekends, on which it be set for 9:00am.

“You will get out of bed when the alarm goes off. You will not use the snooze button.”

“Every day when you wake, you will do the following:”

I handed the clipboard to Slut and told her to write this down.

"1. Use the toilet if you need to.”

"2. Do your exercises I will give you both a list of daily exercises. Whore, you will have some additional exercises to help work off that extra flab.” Slut got an evil smile across her lips and looked over at Whore.

"3. Make your bed and tidy the room and the bathroom. I want the tub rinsed out every day, as well as the sink and toilet. Especially the toilet. I needs to be kept immaculately clean. I want it clean enough to eat off of. You will scrub them all out thoroughly on Saturdays.”

"4. Shower, wash and dry your hair. Pay special attention to keeping your pussies clean to avoid infections. Slut, you will spend an extra few minutes washing you ass crack. I expect to see some improvement there soon.” Slut looked down in shame.

"5. Get dressed. I will be bringing you several sets of slave clothes later today. Every day I want you to both to be wearing fresh clothes, but you each will wear a different color. I don't care which color you each wear, but the shirt and panties you wear should match.”

"6. Brush and floss your teeth and use mouthwash. This is very important. There will be no dentists visits. If you get a cavity, the only option is a pair of pliers. It would not be pleasant.”

“I expect all this to be done within two hours of waking up. By 9am, or 11am on weekends, I expect you both to be fully prepared and ready to go for the days events.”

“At any time during the day, if you have to take a crap, you will use baby wipes to clean your ass after normal wiping and then wipe the toilet clean as well.”

“Any questions?”

“No, Master.” they both said, almost in unison.

“Next we are going to talk about rank and the two of you living in this small space together. It is very important that you two get along and not argue. For this reason, I am going to select one of you to be in the “Senior Slave”. Do not let this go to your head. I am still your Master, and you are both still my slaves. I only need one of you to make decisions amongst you to keep the peace. Whomever I select, do not get cocky or abuse your power. I could decide to put the other one in charge at any time, and as they say, 'Payback is a bitch”.

“The Senior Slave will be responsible for making some decisions and will have some perks, but will also ultimately be responsible to make sure things run smoothly and the rules are followed.”

“For example, the Senior Slave may select which outfit they will wear each day. The Junior Slave can then select any different outfit.”

“The Senior Slave will clean the tub each day. The Junior Slave will clean the toilet and sink.”

“But, as I said, the Senior Slave is responsible for making sure it all gets done, and done properly.”

“There will be no fighting or arguing. If there is a disagreement, put it on hold until you can talk to me, and I will make a decision. If the decision can't wait, the Senior Slave makes the decision until I am available.”

“Do you understand all of this?”

“I understand, Master” they said simultaneously.

“Ok, it's time to explain how this whole thing works. I am training you both to be sold on the slave market. Yes, there actually still is a slave market. It is only open to a select, and rich few, but it does exist.”

“Your training will take anywhere from a few weeks, to several months. It all depends on you; how quickly you learn and how well you follow orders.”

“When a girl is captured and begins training, she will usually quickly fall into one of three groups.”

“The first group is for slaves that are uncooperative, defiant, hostile, try to escape or are otherwise unfit to be sold as a sex slave. These girls usually end up being sold for a low price, to a slimy underground pornographer. She will generally be the star of two or three torture movies and then make a final appearance in a 'snuff' film. In case you don't quite understand, I'm talking about real torture, not acting. They are tortured on film, to be sold to men who enjoy that sort of thing. Once they are too beat up or scarred to be in any more regular movies, they make one final movie, where they are actually tortured to death. These are called 'snuff' movies. You do not want to be in this group.”

“The second group is for the girls who 'shut down'. They are the ones whose minds cannot handle their situation, so they ball up in the corner, rarely speak and cry all day. These girls are usually sold to a pimp and end up a cheap hooker, laying on a mattress on the floor in a shabby apartment in Mexico or Taiwan, while twenty foreign men fuck her each night for $20 each, while she stares off in to space.”

“The last group is where I'm sure you will want to be. These girls have accepted, and many have even come to enjoy, their life as a sex slave. They are sold to rich men, sometimes even to kings or princes of small countries. They live luxurious lives in big houses, their every need taken care of. The only thing they have to do is please their Master. It is even possible for them to earn their Masters trust enough to be able to roam freely, and in some cases, even go in to town by themselves on occasion.”

“Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master.” They reply.

“Good. Now, within this last group, there are three classes. There are Class 'A', 'B' and 'C' slaves. This is based largely on your looks, but also on you talents. You could be absolutely beautiful, but be horrible at socking cock, and that could knock you down from a Class 'A' to a Class 'B'. By the same token, it is possible for a slave that is not quite beautiful enough to be Class 'A' to move up to Class 'A' by being an expert at pleasing their Master.

“Class 'A' slaves are the ones that are bought by kings, princes and owners of small islands. Class 'B' slaves are bought by corporate CEO's or other rich guys living in Europe or Asia. Class 'C' slaves are also bought by rich men, but they tend to be drug lords in Central American countries or mob leaders. You may have a good life for a while, but there is always the risk of your Master being killed or arrested, and you along with them.”

“You are both solid Class 'B's' in your looks. With a little help, and a lot of training, you both could possibly be moved to Class 'A'. Sorry, you are both very cute girls, but Class 'A' standards are very high and neither of you quite meet them on looks alone. Conversely, if you do not train well, and are not experts in pleasing your Master, you could slip down to a Class 'C'.“

“Whore, you need to really work on your weight.” I said as Slut grinned.

“Slut, nobody likes a dirty-looking ass or pussy lips. I will search the web to see what can be done about it.

”Slut again lowered her head in shame. Whore had no reaction. I was starting to fear she may end up in that second group.

“Ok, that is it for now.” I said as I started to walk back upstairs. I then remember something and turned back around.

“Oh, by the way, based strictly on seniority, Slut is the Senior Slave for now.”

Slut sat up just a bit more stiffly and smiled.

“But don't get cocky... that could change at any time.” I said, walking through the door, locking it behind me.

I came back down a few minutes later to bring them lunch. I told them they could watch TV for a while, but I wanted no arguing over what to watch and told them to take turns for one hour each, with the Senior Slave choosing for the first hour.

Slut looked pleased with herself.

September 20th, 2007

I went shopping today. I got enough sets of tee shirts, panties and socks so they can each have a different set every day. I bought several other things as well.

As I mentioned before, I'm a little worried about Whores lack of reaction to anything. I'm not sure if it is just a personality difference, but it took several beatings and a rampage on my part to break Slut. It took less than one hour and an ass fucking to break Whore. Is there something about being forcibly ass fucked that helps break them? Actually, Slut broke after I forced her to French kiss my asshole. Is it just something about asses? Like, is that the last barrier... the final taboo, and once that is breached, there is nothing left for them? I don't know. Maybe I'm over-analyzing it.

It's time to go down and give Whore some attention.

September 20th, 2007

I went downstairs, rapped on the bottom door and gave them a few seconds to get in to position. Cracking the door, I saw them both on their knees, against the wall, just I as I had instructed.

I walked in and held up the bag with all the shirts and panties I had bought. I tossed it to them and told them to pick out a set to wear. Slut grabbed the bag and said “I get to pick first!”.

Once they had both picked an outfit, I asked Whore “Did slut tell you what happened to her when she tried to escape?”

“She did tell me, Master.”

“Do I have to worry about you trying to escape, Whore?”

“No, Master. I have nowhere else to go.” she replied.

I was floored. What was she saying?

I unchained Whore and told her to get dressed. While I am going to stop keeping them chained while I'm not in the room, I will still keep at least one of them chained at all times while I am with them. This is to keep them from being able to work together against me to escape.

I sat back in the recliner while Whore got dressed. When she finished, I told her to stand in front of me.

“Tell me more about you having nowhere to go. Do you not think being free would be better than being here?

“I... Master... I mean...”

“You have permission to speak freely.”

“Master... I don't remember my parents. I only remember my foster parents, but I hated it there. They didn't love me or care about me. They only wanted the money they got for keeping me. And he wanted... you know...”

“He wanted to rape you.”

“Yes, Master. But him raping me was not the reason I ran away. The raping hurt, and I did not want it to happen, but... but... at least it was some type of... attention. It made me feel... for a few minutes at least that... that... someone... wanted me... needed me...”

“And what do you think about being a slave?”

“I... I think... I mean... if someone would even want me... and will take care of me, I will work to be a very good... slave... for them.”

Man, this girl was really starved for attention. Looking at her face makes me want to just melt. There is just something about her...

At that moment, I changed my plans for the evening.

“Ok, Slaves. Tonight we start our first lesson. It is a very simple lesson: Kissing.

I stood up and walked over to Whore and put my hands gently on her cheeks.

“For example...” I said, as I bent over and kissed Whore on the mouth.

“Kissing is a very important part of pleasing your Master. You must be able to do it softly, gently and sexy. Nobody like to be slobbered all over. There is an art to it, and tonight we're going to practice.”

“Whore... kiss me.” I said.

Whore walked up to me and gently kissed me. It lasted a few seconds. Her lips were so full and soft. Wow! It was not a sexual feeling; it was more like... fireworks? My God, I'm an idiot. I'm letting this girl get to me. I had to get my head out of the clouds.

“Um... Slut... come over here.”

“Yes, Master” She replied as she walked over to me.

“Kiss me.” I said.

Slut kissed me and it was nice. I mean, just “nice”.

I have always thought there where two types of girls in this world; the ones you fuck, and the ones you fall in love with and bring home to mother. It was now obvious which type both of these girls were.

“Now Slut... kiss Whore.”

“Master? What?... Master?”

“Slaves, listen. One thing I may not have made clear earlier today was that you new Master will not necessarily be a man. They usually are, but we do have several woman that may bid on you. And even if a man does buy you, he may also expect you to service his wife or girlfriend, or possibly service another one of his slaves as he watches. By the time your training is over, you will be equally skilled at pleasing men and women.”

They both looked at me, fairly astonished. I'm not sure why this was so surprising to them. Did they really think I would have two cute girls locked up in my basement and not make them put on shows for me?

“Master?” Slut asked?

“What is it, Slut?”

“Master... who... I... who are we going to... I mean... her?... each other?”

“Yes Slut, eventually. But right now we are practicing kissing. Concentrate on that.”

The girls looked awkwardly at each other then looked away.

“Yes, Master.” Slut said.

“Kiss her now, Slut.”

Slut took a step towards Whore and after a couple of false starts, started kissing Whore.

“Keep going, Slut. Whore, kiss her back... there you go. Slut, use some tongue. Slow down... think sexy, Slut! Slow it down. Stop!”

“Slut... you are not in a race to the finish here. You do not wag your tongue all over her face. Watch...”

I pulled Whore close to me, with both of my arms around her, and stared kissing her. Deep, passionate kisses. She was retuning the kisses. She was very good at this.

We kissed for a good 30 seconds. As I pulled away, I looked Whore in the eyes. She was still staring at me. I gave her a quick wink of my left eye, and turned towards Slut.

I then pulled Slut close and did the same thing with her. She was getting better at it, at least she was not flicking her tongue like a lizard anymore.

“Better, Slut” I praised. “Now kiss her again.”

“Better... keep going... nice... very nice...” I said as I could feel my pants starting to bulge. Watching them kiss, and their tits rubbing together through their thin tee shirts was definitely getting to me.

“Now, both of you, rub your tongues against each other. Act like the others tongue is an ice cream cone... lick it... there you go... very nice.”

“Ok, that's enough for now. We will practice this more later.” I said.

Slut started spitting and grabbing at her tongue. “You got your fucking hair in my mouth!” she said to Whore.

I had had about enough of her bitchiness. I grabbed my dowel rod and whacked her across the ass.

“Ahhhh! I'm sorry, Master!” she yelled.

“Who the fuck do you think you are! You are bitching about a hair in your mouth? I'll give you something to complain about!”

“Get down on your knees, NOW!” I yelled at Slut.

“Whore, take your shirt off and get on your knees.”

She did as requested.

“Crawl on your knees, Slut, over to Whore.”

“Good, now kiss her tits.”

Slut looked at me in horror.

“Master?” Whore said.

“What is it Whore?”

“Please Master, it's ok. I didn't mind.” Whore said.

“Yes, I'm sorry Master. She didn't mind!” Slut added.

“Whore, just do as you are told. Slut needs to learn not to be a bitch.”

“Yes, Master.” Whore replied.

“Slut, kiss her tits. That's right... Kiss and lick them. Gently... sexy... there you go. Switch to the other one... yes... twirl your tongue around her nipples. I want to see them erect.”

After a few minutes of this, Whores nipples were fully erect.

“Stand up now, Whore.”

“Slut. Kiss her stomach. Put your hands on her hips. Kiss and lick all around her belly button.... Right... Like that... now move down and kiss along her pantie line...yes, like that... Pull her panties down just enough to see some hair... there you go. Lick her along the hair line...”

“Master, Please!” Slut begged.

“Not another word, Slut. You know where this is going. Continue”.

“Pull her panties down all the way now. That's right... now move to her pubic hair. Purse your lips and nibble on her hair... deeper... massage her with your lips... I want to see wet hair... there you go.”

“Whore, spread your legs.”

“Slut, work your way down to her pussy lips... slowly... keep massaging with your lips... there you go... now, start massaging her lips with your mouth... Move your mouth like a fish... now start using some tongue... you need to start lubricating her pussy.”

“Unnngghh uhhh uhhh” Slut groaned. It was hurting her neck to bend it at this angle.

“Stop, Slut.” I commanded. She quickly wiped her mouth off with her arm and started pulling at her tongue.

I took a pillow off the futon and threw in on the ground.

“Lie down on the floor, Slut, head on the pillow!”

She lay down, still flipping her tongue around, trying to expel a pubic hair.

“Whore, straddle her head.”

Slut looked at me again in horror. I think maybe she thought it was going to be her turn to receive since I had her lie down.

“Whore, get on your knees, positioning your pussy over her mouth.”

I got down and took a good look. It was a perfect fit. Whore's pussy was just about an inch from Sluts mouth, some of the fiery red hairs brushing her lips.

“Whore, tell Slut to lick your pussy.”

“Master? I... she... ... lick my... pussy.” she said, very timidly.

Slut started darting that long tongue in and out of her mouth, trying to look busier than she was.

“Slut... Slow down. Do not keep pulling your tongue back in to your mouth. Lick up and down the lips... there you go... nice. Now, put your tongue between her lips and slowly work them open... just like that... yes.”

Whores pussy lips began to stretch out and she started getting wet.

“Slut, work your tongue up to her clit. Do not lick directly on it too much... that's right.. lick all around it, touching it occasionally. Nice... you are doing fine.

“Ok Slut, here comes the part you really won't like. Move your tongue down to her hole...right there, yes.”

Slut let out a muffled gag and a moan.

“I know it isn't very pleasant. I'm betting that hair in your mouth earlier doesn't seem so bad anymore.”

“Now push your tongue in and out of her hole. Fuck her with your tongue... there you go.”

I leaned over to Whore and told her “Being able to have an orgasm is very important. If you do not orgasm, your Master will think you do not enjoy his attention. At the very least, you will need to be very good at faking it, but I want you to try to learn to relax and enjoy it.

“Yes, Master.” She replied.

“I want you to close your eyes and think about something you find sexy. Don't think about who is doing this to you, but concentrate on the feeling. Pretend it's that cute guy from school down there if it helps.”

“Slut, you will do as Whore tells you to do.”

I turned back to Whore. “Tell her what to do. Make her do whatever feels best to you. I want to see you have an orgasm. Don't be shy; she won't be when it's her turn...”

“Ok, Master. I'll... try.” she said hesitantly, as what I said sank in. I maybe should have waited and said that later.

“Do... do it up... up farther... near my... clit.” She said softly.

“Mmmmm.” she moaned lightly.

“Use her name when giving her instructions.” I said.

I started licking and sucking her tits, hoping this would help her orgasm.

“Mmmmm... ahh... ahh!” She sighed.

“Slower... go slower... ... Slut.” She said.

“MmmmmmmHmmmm... yeesss!” she moaned, more excitedly now, for a full minute or more. She started to gyrate and grind her pussy in Sluts face.

“Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, OOOOhhhhhh!”

She was convulsing now and moving her upper body wildly. I pulled away from her to watch. At this point I think she was fucking Sluts face rather than Slut licking her.

“Oh, Oh, Oh my God! Oh God! Ohhhhhhhh Gooodddd!”. She was either having her very first orgasm, or was the best actress I'd ever seen.

She continued to tighten and pump her thighs, rubbing her cunt against against Sluts face for another 30 seconds, almost as if trying to coax out a few more bits of orgasm.

She finally wore herself out, and fell to the floor, rolling over on her back, letting out a loud sigh and closing her eyes.

“I didn't know it was like that.” she said, almost under her breath.

Slut rolled over on her side, facing away from Whore and started sobbing, her face glistening with pussy juice and saliva from her chin all the way up to just below her eyes. Whore really went wild on her.

I knelt down to her and whispered “It's over now. You did great. It is important that you know how to please a woman. It will be your turn next time.“

She kept sobbing, quietly... and sticking her finger way back in her throat trying to remove hairs, gagging herself several times in the process.

“Whore, take this towel and clean Sluts face.” I ordered as I tossed her a towel.

Whore gently cleaned Sluts face and said to her “I'm sorry... I didn't know... couldn't control myself.”

“Kiss her nicely and tell her 'Thank you'” I said.

Whore bent down and laid a nice kiss on the side of Sluts mouth for several long seconds and said “Thank you for that. It was nice.”

I stood in front of the recliner and wanting to take advantage of Whore still being in the afterglow of her first orgasm, called her over to me.

“You need to go a little easier on her next time.” I said quietly, so Slut could not hear me.

“I'm sorry, Master... I never knew...” she whispered, trailing off.

“I understand. That is all that will be said about it.” I affirmed.

“It's my turn now, Whore.” I said, at normal volume. “Get down on your knees.”

“Yes, Master.” Whore replied.

“Please me as Slut pleased you. I like it slow and soft. I will give you no further instructions. Do your best to please me.” I instructed.

“I will please you, Master.” she said as she ran her hands up my thighs and lifted my shirt.

She kissed my stomach while caressing my chest with her hands, slowly moving them lower, down towards my pants. She unbuttoned my pants and started kissing and licking my upper groin area, lowering her licks, inch but inch, as she slowly unzipped my pants. When they were fully unzipped, she started inching my pants and underwear down, licking as she went.

Once my pants were down far enough, my erect cock popped out. She kissed the head lightly, and flicked her tongue along the underside of the head as she looked up at me. She then tilted her head and started nibbling the underside of my cock. My God, this girl knew what she was doing.

She continued to lower my pants slowly as she teased my cock with her tongue and lips, but not putting it in her mouth yet.

Once my balls were free, she pulled my pants completely down and I stepped out of them. She pushed my pants off to the side and turned her attention to my balls.

She lightly nudged me backwards, prompting me to sit down. I sat on the very edge of the recliner, then laid down with my shoulders against the back cushion, leaving my balls hanging freely.

She expertly circled each of my balls with her tongue several times, then started lightly sucking on them with just her lips. She grabbed my cock with her right hand, placing her thumb on the underside of the head and massaged it lightly as she continued to work on my balls.

She moved her mouth back up to my dick and put just the head in her mouth and looked up at me as she slowly flicked her tongue around. She then started lightly caressing my balls as she very slowly, very softly started going up and down on me, looking me right in the eyes the whole time.

My legs were quivering. She kept taking more and more each few times she went down. After about a minute, she was taking it down to the hilt, without a trace of gagging. She was taking a good three seconds to go all the way down, then another three seconds to come back up. This is exactly as I like it. Slow and steady, no hands touching my cock, building up to an explosive conclusion.

My legs are quivering even more. I can't take much more of this.

She then does something that surprised me. She quit massaging my balls and moved her right thumb down under my balls and pressed against the bone that is just under the balls. It was slightly uncomfortable at first, but then as she pressed against it and massaged the area, it started to feel really good.

She sped up her head motion just a bit, to help build up the excitement...It was working. She kept going, speeding up just a bit every few seconds.

I am not normally a vocal person during orgasm, but my God. I had never felt anything like this.

“Ohhhhhh GOOOODDDDD” I cried as I spurted load after load of come. She kept her mouth on me the whole time, swallowing every drop.

She kept going, slowing down, bit by bit, but stopping just short of the head on the way up. The girl even knew how sensitive the head is just after orgasm and avoided direct contact with it.

After she moved her mouth up past the head for the last time, she took her left thumb, pressed it in to my balls, just under the base of my cock and ran her thumb up the underside, squeezing out a last large drop of come, that beaded up at the tip of my pee hole.

She put her mouth over the head of my cock one last time and slowly and gently slid her lips upwards, sucking up that last drop of come and swallowing it. She ended with a light kiss on the underside of the head of my cock, looked up at me and smiled.

“Did I please you, Master?” She said, feigning innocence and already knowing the answer.

I looked down at her and said “My God, girl! I think I'm in love!”

She looked quite pleased with herself.

I glanced over at Slut. She had a defeated look on her face. She knew she could not compete with that.

“Where did you ever learn to suck cock like that, girl?” I asked.

“My foster father taught me how when I was 8 years old, Master.” she said, matter-of-factly.

Wow. Just... Wow.

“I expect you both to start following your schedule tomorrow.” I said as I went back upstairs.

September 21th, 2007

I had let my work fall behind the last few days as I had spent all my time with my new toys, so I figured I'd give the girls a break today.

I was still in a very good mood from my exceptional blow job last night so I made bacon and eggs for all of us. I went downstairs to bring the girls their breakfast and see how they did with their schedule on their first day.

I rapped on the door, waited a few seconds and cracked the door. They were both against the wall, Slut was wearing a light blue outfit, and looked quite good, having used some of the makeup.

Whore was in black, but looked more plain. I don't think she used any of the makeup, and hadn't done much with her hair. Come to think of it, she didn't seem to wear much makeup in most of her pictures on the social site either, and her hair was usually straight or in a pony tail. She either doesn't like to fix up, or doesn't really know how.

I handed them their plates, but told them they could not eat until they passed inspection.

The bed was made, things had been put away and everything looked tidy. I went in to the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. The tub was very clean, the soap dish had been rinsed out and the hair products were in place and even facing the same direction. But, several of the bottles had a trail of product leading from the cap, down the side of the bottle.

I picked up one of the bottles and went back in to the room.

“Senior Slave... up front!” I shouted.

Slut put her plate down, stood up and walk up to me.

“Yes, Master?” she asked.

“Do you see this?” I said as I pointed to the gunk trailing down the bottle.”I want the outside of these bottles cleaned off every day!”

“Yes, Master. I'm sorry Master. It will be done.” she said.

I walked back in to the bathroom, replaced the bottle and inspected the sink. It looked clean and dry. I then lifted the toilet lid.

The toilet water was a light yellow. It was very light yellow, but someone had obviously pissed in it and not flushed. There were also several small spots of crap along the inner edge of the rim. Only five or six spots about the size of a pin head, but it had obviously not been cleaned very well, if at all.

I walked back out to the room. “Who is responsible for cleaning the toilet?” I said, already knowing the answer.

“I am, Master.” Whore said.

“Get in here.” I demanded.

She walked in to the bathroom. I grabbed her by the back of the neck, forced her down to her knees and put her face just above the toilet.

“Does that look clean to you?” I asked.

“Master! I don't... I don't understand. I... I did clean it, Master, I swear!” She begged.

“Obviously not well enough!” I said “I told you I wanted this toilet clean enough to eat off of. If I see the toilet like this again, you WILL eat off of it! Do you understand?“

“I understand, Master, but I...”

“No excuses, Whore. That will be all.” I said, walking back in to the room.

“Senior Slave, show me the exercise checklist.”

“Here it is, Master. “ Slut said, handing me the clipboard. I walked over to Whore, looking over the checklist as I walked. Everything was checked off for the day, Slut having done eight exercises, Whore having an extra four to work on her problem areas.

“Good.” I said as I caressed Whores stomach. “We'll work that flab off of you in no time. You have one less egg and one less piece of bacon than Slut has, and only half a piece of toast. Once we get you down to 120, you will be given the same amount as she gets, assuming you keep your weight in check. ”

“Yes, Master.” Whore said, looking down, embarrassed. Slut also looked down, trying to hide her smug smile.

“Ok, that was not too bad for your first inspection. I expect those things done right tomorrow.” I said, continuing “I want those things done as soon as you are finished with your breakfast.”

Slut said “They will be done, Master.”

I left them for a while so they could eat.

I returned about 45 minutes later, with a notepad and pen in hand. I quickly inspected the bottles in the bathroom and toilet. They were all clean.

“Today I will be very busy working, so I am giving you the day off.”

Both girls perked up a bit.

“Senior Slave... You can both watch TV freely all day. I brought you some videos to watch if there is anything there you would like to see. See that there are no arguments. You can select the first movie, or up to 2 hours of TV, then you alternate. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.” Slut replied.

“Before you turn the TV on, I do have one task for you.” I said, handing Slut the notepad and pen.

“I am going out later today and will be picking up a few things. By the time I leave, I want you to have three lists written down for me. The first list is things that you both will need. I mean, like female products and other things that you NEED, not things you WANT. I DO want you to include anything that you will need to make yourself pretty for your Master, such as makeup, hair products, etc. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” Slut answered.

“On the second list, I want you to write down things that you would personally like to have. Things that you could live without, but will make your life easier, or make you happy. Feel free to put anything you want on this list.”

I looked at Whore and said “Whore, You will do the same for the third list.”

“Keep in mind that these personal lists are not things you will definitely get. Some items on the list may be given to you from time to time as rewards when they are deserved, or maybe for an exceptionally good performance while pleasing your Master.” I said, glancing over at Whore. A slightly embarrassed smile crossed her lips and she looked down.

“Get on those lists and I will come down later for them.” I said, as I walked back upstairs.

September 21th, 2007

I went downstairs to get the lists from the girls. They were watching “Titanic”. Hopefully they agreed on the movie since it is well over two hours. I took the lists and went back upstairs. I'm always careful not to let them know exactly when I'm leaving the house or when I return.

Wow. Women. The “Need” list was fucking huge. Who the hell needs all this crap? Q-tips, alcohol, bobby pins? What do they do with all of this? Bronzer? What the fuck is that? Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Slut's personal list was also huge. Dr. Pepper, Oreo's, a dozen different CD's, etc. There were over 40 items on her list.

Whore's list was much different, to say the least. It contained three items: “Chocolate”, “Books” and “Someone to love me.”

I'm still not sure if she is trying to manipulate me, but in a different way than Slut did, or if she is really this sad and lonely.

September 21st, 2007

I returned from shopping but left the girls alone for the night after checking on them and bringing them some food. They were still watching TV. It must have been Whore's turn because they were watching country music videos.

Tomorrow is Saturday and our weekly “Cleaning Day”. They don't know it yet, because I made it up just now.

September 22nd, 2007

I have the girls upstairs cleaning the house, as I sit in the dining room on my laptop. I found several places to anchor chains. None of them are fool-proof, but good enough with me sitting here. They couldn't break them without making a lot of noise.

Whore, as the Junior Slave, got restroom and window washing duties, while Slut did the dishes, cleaned the refrigerator and is now mopping the kitchen floor. She also has a load of their clothes in the dryer. They should be done cleaning in another hour or so.

They both look out the windows every chance they get.

September 22nd, 2007

The girls did a really good job cleaning the house today. They are downstairs watching TV. I have worked out a bit of a surprise for them. I drilled in to the deck in the back yard and installed two rings to attach chains, fired up the grill and am about to go get them for a nice cook-out. They have been very good this week and I thought some time outside would be good for them. The back of my house faces the woods so there is little danger anyone would ever get close enough to notice they were chained up.

I went downstairs and got the girls. They seemed to be very happy to be going outside. I took them out and chained them up. Slut asked if she could sunbathe. I told her she could and started preparing the chicken.

A few minutes later, I turned around and Slut was lying in just her underwear on her back, on a lawn chair, shading her eyes with her arm.

I walked inside, grabbed my sunglasses and went back outside.

“Slut, if you are going to sunbathe, take the panties off too. Tan lines are not attractive.” I said as I tossed her my sunglasses.

“Don't you want to sunbathe too?” I asked, looking at Whore.

“I don't tan very well, Master.” she said, with some disappointment in her voice.

“That's fine. Personally, I like creamy skin.” I said.

I noticed just then that I was calling her “Whore” a lot less frequently. It just didn't seem to fit. Slut's name still seemed to fit, because she had the bitchy and spoiled streak running through her, but this girl just did not seem at all like a whore.

I kept glancing over at Slut. The sun glistening off her lightly sweating, already tanned body was getting to me.

Overall, we had quite an enjoyable afternoon. I think the sun and air did them some good. They also met my dog Lex. Whore played with him and fed him table scraps but Slut kept her distance. She didn't seem to like him.

About 7:30pm, as the sun was starting to get less intense, I had the girls help me clean up the grill and picnic table. I purposely left the extra large tub of butter out.

I then brought Whore back downstairs and locked the doors as I went back up, telling her Slut would be down in a few minutes.

I went back outside. Slut was sitting there, looking off in to the woods.

“I brought Whore back downstairs. Did you get any more of a tan today?” I asked.

She spun her arms around, looking at them closely. “I think so, Master.” she replied.

“You are incredibly sexy when you are tanning.” I said.

“...Thank you, Master.” She said, quite surprised.

“I think it is time I got a sample of that pussy of yours.” I said.

“Master?... Ok, Master.” she stammered.

I moved the butter to her edge of the table and told her to remove her clothes again, as I removed my clothes and sat on top of the picnic table.

“Take this butter and slowly smear it all over your body, except your face and hair. Keep the sunglasses on”

“Yes, Master.” she said, and did as ordered.

I watched as she slid her hands all over her near-perfect and tanned body. My cock was standing at full attention.

As she was doing her thighs and getting near her crotch, I said “Make sure to lubricate your pussy especially well.”

“Ok, Master.” She said.

When she was done, I motioned for her to come over to me, which she did. I was sitting on the edge of the table. “Squat down and suck my cock. Do not get on your knees or the dirt will stick to you.”

“Ok, Master, Like this?” she said as she put my cock in her mouth and started trying to move like I had forced her to do before.

“Not... no... listen, just take the butter and smear it all over me, especially my cock.” I said.

She really was awkward at sucking cock. This girl still needs a lot of work.

She lubed up my chest, stomach and legs and started walking around behind me.

“Just the front is fine. Do my cock and balls now.” I said, lying down on the table.

She smeared the butter all over my cock, and worked it in to my pubic hair and under my balls.

“Climb up here on top of me.” I said.

She straddled me as I massaged her tits and sides, down to her hips, back around to her ass, then slid my hands back up to her tits. I loved this girls tits.

“Rub your body against mine. Slid your tits up and down my body” I said.

She took long strokes with her tits, running them from just above my crotch area, up to my neck and then back down, as she straddled me on her hands and knees.

I reached for the butter and took out a big glob with three fingers. “Move towards me a bit.” I told her and reached under her cunt, smearing the butter and parting her lips with my middle finger, working her lips to loosen and open them.

I took her by the hips and guided her over my dick, saying “Grab my cock and lower yourself on to it, until it is all the way inside of you.”

She did as she was told. She was not especially tight, but it was a nice fit. She slowly slid down, small grimaces showing on her face as she inched it up inside her.

When she finally reached bottom, I grabbed her by the hips and held her in place for a moment.

“Now fuck me. Do it however you want. Show me how well you can fuck!” I said, trying to encourage her.

She started moving her ass up and down with her hands on my chest.

She started out slowly, and a little awkwardly, but after a minute or so she seemed to get in to a good rhythm. She sat straight up, very stiffly, tits proudly raised high by her posture and they were gently bobbing up and down with her motions.

I grabbed one of her slippery tits in each of my hands, running my thumbs in circles around her nipples and kneading them like I was making bread.

She started pumping her hips in waves now, like she was on one of those bull riding machines, as she lightly ran her fingers across my stomach and upper-groin area. She was not showing any signs of enjoying it or having an orgasm. It was more like she was on a mission to prove she was good at something.

And good she was. It did not take long for me to explode in to her. I'm not sure she even realized I had come because a minute or so after I came, she was still fucking me with gusto. I patted her on the hips and said “You can stop when you are ready.” I wanted to give her the opportunity to have an orgasm if she wanted.

She apparently wasn't trying to orgasm. She slowly raised up and let my dick flop out. Before dismounting, she looked at me and said “Did I do alright, Master?”

I took her by the sides of her head, pulled her down to me and gave her a long, slow kiss, with just a bit of tongue and said “You did very... VERY well.” She seemed pleased.

We got up and went downstairs. Whore looked at us surprised and confused.

“Take a good shower, Slut. Don't get butter all over everything.” I said. Whore looked even more confused.

“I'll leave you two alone for the night. You can stay up as late as you want and watch TV. The clock is set for 9am.” I said, as I went back upstairs to shower. Butter is fun, but it's a pain in the ass to wash off.

I have special plans for tomorrow night.

September 23rd, 2007

After the morning inspection, I chained the girls up and sat them down because I had several loads of things to bring downstairs and needed to leave both doors open for a few minutes.

As I carried down the small, portable refrigerator and then the microwave, the girls were talking quietly to each other, seemingly happy about their new appliances. I plugged them in and sat the microwave on top of the refrigerator and rolled them against the wall in the corner.

I also brought a couple boxes of groceries, and a large case of bottled water. I relocked both doors and unchained the girls, telling them to put their groceries away.

You would have thought Santa just gave a bag of toys to a couple of 6 year-olds. Slut especially liked the 12-pack of Dr. Pepper. I also bought a 12-pack of Diet Coke for Whore.

“You need to stretch out the soft drinks. When they are gone, they are gone. I cannot promise you will get any more.” I cautioned.

“Whore, you stick to the Diet Coke. I expect you to show restraint and keep working on your weight, or I will take the food away from both of you. Understood?”

“I understand, Master”. She replied.

They thought I was being nice, but in reality, I was sick of cooking for them three times a day. This will make it much easier for me. They can feed themselves most of the time. All I have to do is buy the groceries.

“I will be back down later today. Tonight we have out first weekly evaluation. Starting tonight, you will both be evaluated every Sunday night on your performance, obedience and eagerness to please your Master for the previous seven days.” I said, both girls looking up at me.

“I want you both to look as good as you can. Slut, I want you to help Whore with her makeup and hair. You seem to have a knack for it.” I said, continuing “But, how she looks will reflect directly on you. Do not try any of your catty crap tonight. Do the best you can on both of you. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.” Slut replied.

“I will be back down about 7:30pm. Do not eat anything after 2pm.” I said as I left them to their groceries.

September 24th, 2007

I woke up this morning in my bed, with my arm around Whore's naked body.

Last night we had our first weekly evaluation at about 7:30pm. I went downstairs carrying a bag with some items I had bought earlier. Both girls had done their hair and put their makeup on. Slut apparently did as she was told, because Whore looked much better tonight. I could hardly believe the difference, but I would still say Slut has a prettier face overall. That may change once Whore gets her weight down. They were, of course, still wearing their slave outfits of tight cotton tee shirts and panties, and socks.

I had the girls stand up in front of me. “Stand up straight” I said, “Hands at your sides.”

“Whore, step on the scale.” I said, scooting the scale over to her.

“129! Excellent! Down 3 pounds from last week. Keep it up!”

“Slut, you're next.” I ordered.

“112, just like last week.” I said, “Keep it there and you will be fine.”

“First off, I want to explain what we are doing tonight, and why.” I started, as I walked back and forth in front of them.

“As I told you earlier, every Sunday evening we will evaluate both of you on your performance, obedience and willingness to please over the last seven days.”

“These evaluations will influence your eventual class designation. It will also be used to either give rewards, or to dole out any punishment that was not already administered.”

The girls looked at each other, slightly worried about that last line.

“I will tell you now that both of you were very good this week. Neither of you are due any punishment.”

Both girls looked relieved.

“I will also tell you now that you are both in group #1; potential high-end slaves. You have both adjusted fairly well to your new life.”

“Also, you will be given a final score for the week, 0 to 100. A score of 70 or above is considered acceptable. Anything less than 70 will entail punishment, possibly severe. Here is how the scoring works:”

“90 to 100: Major reward.”
“80 to 89: Minor reward.”
“70 to 79: Nothing.”
“60 to 69: Five whacks with the paddle.”
“50 to 59: Ten lashes with the rod.”
“Below 50 will be at my discretion, but will normally be a severe beating with the belt, while chained to the ceiling. You do not want to score below 50.”

“Additionally, any score below 70 will include the loss of some, or possibly all privileges such as TV, soft drinks or other things, also at my discretion.”

“You both start out each week with a score of 70. I will add points as they are earned, based on especially good performances, or going above and beyond to please your Master. These are called 'Merit Points'”

“But I will also deduct points when necessary for things such as being slow to obey an order, not getting along with each other or not properly completing your daily chores. Notice that this leaves you no room for error. If you screw up one time, you will be in danger of at least a paddling, so you'd better think of ways to gain some points before the next evaluation. I will not always tell you when you have gained or lost points. Lost points are called 'Demerits'”

“Whoever scores the highest for the week will be the new Senior Slave, at least until the next evaluation.”

I glanced over at Slut who had a “That's not fair!” look on her face. “

“If you tie, the current Senior Slave remains Senior Slave for that week.” I continued.

“Lastly, it is time for you to start learning how to behave in a more intimate setting. Your eventual new Master will not always want you to be locked up and have to order you to have sex with him. You must learn how to behave on those occasions where your new Master desires your company and not just your obedience.”

“So, starting tonight, whoever has the highest score, in addition to being Senior Slave for the week, will also spend the night upstairs with me. You will dress up, have a nice dinner with me, dance to romantic music and sleep in my bed.”

Both girls looked at each other, then at me, not sure what to make of this.

“You will generally be treated as a 'date' for the evening rather than a slave. You may or may not be allowed to call your Master something other than “Master” for the night. This is at his discretion, so you will still call him 'Master' unless told otherwise.

“Have no illusions about this. You are still a slave. Before the night is over, you will end up in bed with your Master and be expected to perform, but you should not have to be told what to do. You should do your best to please your Master without instructions. This is your chance to build up the trust your Master has in you, gain his favor and possibly even his love. It is not unheard of for a Master to end up marrying his favorite slave, the slave gaining freedom, independence and a high-limit credit card limit in the process.”

“Keep in mind that your 'date' could be a woman. As I told you before, your Master may be a woman. But even if it is a man, it is possible that he will have you entertain his wife or girlfriend. Diplomats or business associates, male or female, are also possibilities. The bottom line is, you must be prepared for anything.”

Both girls just kept looking at me, trying to let it all sink in.

“Ok, before we talk about scores, we have one problem we have to address, and this concerns both of you.”

“I have noticed an increasing number of lapses in the rules concerning the way you are to address me, the proper way to answer questions, and speaking without permission. You have both become lax in these areas.”

“This is going to change as of right now. Just because I do not always address you as 'Slave' or call you by your slave name, does not mean you do not have to ask permission to speak, address me as 'Master.' or answer me in complete sentences.”

“From now on, you will observe these rules, every time you speak, with the exceptions I noted before on 'Date Night'. Any failure to observe these rules will result in you being given demerits, or possibly punishment on the spot. I am quite serious about this. Further lapses will not be tolerated. Is that understood?”

“I understand, Master” they both replied.

“Ok... Whore...” I started.

“Yes, Master?” she replied.

“You were very good this week.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“I wanted to compliment you on your expertise at sucking cock. You received major points for that. It was definitely above and beyond. You could have done the minimum and got by on that, but you took the extra time and trouble to please me. Very well done.”

“Thank you, Master.” she said, looking slightly embarrassed.

“However, I want to caution you not to depend on this in the future. Doing the same thing, no matter how enjoyable it is, will get boring. You need to mix it up; think of new things to do to keep it exciting. Change your tongue movements, vary what you do with your hands or anything else you can think of.”

“I will try, Master”.

“Your score for the week is 94.”

Whore looked very surprised. “94!?” she said, excitedly. Slut just stood there with her mouth open.

“Whore! You have just earned your first demerit for next week. Did I not just tell you about speaking without permission?”

“I'm... I'm sorry, Master.” she said, “I will do better.”

“See that you do. You are now at 69 points and have a paddling coming next week if you don't think of ways to earn merit points. I would advise you to start thinking of ways to earn them.”
“Yes, Master.” she said, dejected.

“Overall, you are well on your way to becoming a Class 'B' slave. Your oral talent alone could be enough for Class 'B'. Lose that weight and you have a good shot at Class 'A' status.

“Thank you, Master.” she said, somewhat relieved.

“Slut...” I started.

“You were also very good this week.”

“Thank you, Master.” she replied.

“And you also deserve a compliment. After an awkward start, you found your rhythm and fucked me like an expert on the table yesterday.”

“Thank you, Master.” she said, with a mixture of pride and cattiness on her face.

“I also caution you to change it up and keep it exciting.”

“I will, Master.”

“However, you definitely need work on your oral skills. I understand you had never done it before coming here, but you will still need to get much better at it. We will start working on that tomorrow.”

“Ok, Master.”

“Overall, you are a solid Class 'B' slave. Your looks alone get you there. You have a good shot at Class 'A' status if we can work on your oral skills, and train that catty streak out of you.”

“Master?” she inquired.

“You know what I'm talking about. You see this as a competition with Whore. This is not a competition with each other. You are competing with yourself to reach Class 'A' status. You would do well to work together and stop being such a bitch to her.”

“I... Ok, Master.” she said, unconvincingly.

“Strictly because of a few points deducted for your bitchiness, your score this week is a 90.”

“What?!” she said, quickly correcting herself “I mean... Yes, Master! I'm sorry Master.”

“You have also earned a demerit, Slut.”

“Yes, Master.” she said, looking down at her feet.

“So, Whore, you are now Senior Slave for the week. Be ready by 8:30. I will will pick you up for our 'date' then.”

“Yes, Master.” Whore replied, with no particular emotion.

“With scores of 90 and 94, you have both earned major rewards.” I said, reaching in to one of the bags.

“Whore... I knew you liked to read, so I have 3 books here for you. I really didn't know what you liked to read, so I bought three different books. They are all girly, romance type things, one of them is about vampires I think.” I said, handing her the books.

“Thank you, Master. I like these kind.” she said, studying the covers and not looking up.

“Slut, I think you will enjoy this...” I said, handing her an MP3 player and headphones from the bag.

“I uploaded four of the CD's you put on your list to it. You may get more songs in the future if you earn them.”

“Yes, Master! Thank you!” she said, gleefully.

“One more thing, Whore. Because of your outstanding performance this week, and your generally submissive attitude, I am going to change your slave name to something less demeaning. You are no longer 'Whore'. I am changing your slave name to what I used as your nickname before you arrived here. I picked it because of your baby fat, so it is not completely complimentary. Your slave name will now be 'Baby'.

“Yes, master!” She said, fairly excitedly for some reason.

“Ok... Baby... I will pick you up at 8:30pm. Be ready, and have some ideas on how you are going to please your Master. You will be spending the entire night with me in my bed.”

“Slut, you help her get ready. As before, how she looks will reflect on you. Make sure you do your best helping her.”

“I will, Master.” she replied.

“Once she leaves with me, you are free to watch TV or do anything you want to do. You are free for the night. I have turned the alarm clock off. You can sleep late tomorrow. Do not worry about your morning chores until Baby returns. Do not eat before I pick her up.”

“Yes, Master.” Slut replied, then went back to studying her new MP3 player.

“Oh... here is something for you to wear tonight, Baby.” I said, handing her the other bag.

“Master...?” Baby said as she opened the bag and pulled out a long, dark green evening gown, a pair of matching shoes, and a strapless bra. “It's... beautiful!”.

Slut looked up from her MP3 player, stunned and obviously envious.


I 'picked up' Baby promptly at 8:30. She was stunning. Her hair was up, coiled in the back. The dress (which I had a girl at the store help me pick out) fit well and complimented her slightly less-than-perfect figure. Slut had apparently pinned it up in several places to make it fit so well.

“Very nice job.” I said to Slut, handing her a container of Japanese food. “She looks great. You did a good job with her.”

“Thank you, Master.” Slut replied.

I walked Baby upstairs and held the chair for her as she sat down at the table. It was fully prepared, several types of Japanese food laid out in matching dishes. I had two candles on the table, lighting the dim room and a bottle of wine chilling in an ice-filled, stainless steel bucket.

I sat down across the table from her. “I hope you like Japanese.” I said, touching her hands.

“I do like Japanese, Master.” She replied.

“Baby... for tonight you can be less formal. You do not need to respond in complete sentences.”

“Yes, Master... Master?” She inquired.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Um, Master... tonight, I mean, since you are calling me 'Baby' now... could I... I mean... just for tonight, could I... um... may I call you... 'Daddy'?”.

I just stared at her for a moment. Her embarrassed/innocent/sly smile was enough to melt me right then and there. I was always a bit creeped out by guys who got in to being called 'Daddy' or had women dress up like little girls. What is the root cause of that? I can't think of any non-creepy reasons a guy would want that.

But... I have to admit that when she said the word 'Daddy', my balls tingled and retracted just a bit. I have a grown daughter and I swear I have no latent sexual attraction to her, but there was definitely something sexy about her calling me 'Daddy'.

“You may call me 'Daddy' for tonight if you wish.” I said, deciding I could always have her stop if it started feeling creepy. I imagine having never known her real father, and being repeatedly raped and then ignored by her foster father, she was probably desperate for a father-figure.

“Thanks, Daddy!” she said, making my balls tingle even more. Maybe this wasn't so creepy after all.

We had a nice dinner, talking a bit between bites. It was a bit awkward at first.

After dinner, we talked for a while, mostly about mundane things. Her favorite foods, music, etc.

Around 9:30, I got up from my seat and held out my hand to her. She took my hand as I pulled her chair out for her. I hit the remote and started playing a CD I had prepared. It was all soft, romantic slow-dance music.

We danced for about 45 minutes. Neither of us were great dancers, but it was still very pleasant.

Towards the end of the dancing, I started lightly kissing her on her bare neck. There is just something incredibly sexy about a womans bare neck when her hair is up.

After a few minutes of kissing her neck and caressing her shoulders, she took my hand, pulled away from me just a bit and started to lead me upstairs. She is seriously good at this. Apparently, reading all of those romance books has taught her a thing or two.

When we got upstairs, I think she realized that having never been up there before, she had no idea where to lead me, so I bent down and picked her up, carrying her to my bed and placing her down gently.

I do not feel the need to detail our night from this point. I can't explain it, other than to say that in another life or if I were younger and our circumstances different, I think I could really fall for this girl. I think committing to paper details of our intimate encounter would do nothing but cheapen what is easily my best memory of this whole thing so far.

I will say only that it is incredibly sexy to be called 'Daddy' while making love to a beautiful woman.

Unfortunately, after we were done, I still chained her to the bed with a short chain around her ankle, attached to the bed post. I really hated to do this after the night we had, but I was still taking no chances that she was just manipulating me. She seemed to understand and did not compalin.


When we woke up the next morning, I unchained her and sat on the side of the bed as she was still lying there.

“Baby, “ I said, “I want you to know that last night was one of the best nights I have ever had.”

“Thank you, Daddy. “ she said.

“Baby... I'm speaking to you as your Master now. As I said, last night was incredible. However, it was ultimately a part of your training.”

“I understand... Master.” she said.

“I would change very little of what happened last night, but I do have a couple of things I need you to work on.” I said, “I wanted to tell you now when while we still alone.”

“What is it, Master?”

“First of all, you were beautiful and graceful for most of the night.” I started.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Until it came to the actual intercourse. If you remember, you started out on top.”

“I remember, Master. Did that not please you?” She asked.

“Yes, Baby, that pleased me, but it was... well, it was awkward. You need to work on your rhythm. It was stiff, and mechanical.” I said. “You need to learn to move more sexy. That is why I changed positions several times and eventually moved on top of you.”

“O... ok, Master. I... I have never been on top before. I will work on that for you.” she stammered. I think it hurt her feelings.

“Also... you need to work on controlling yourself better when you are excited. When you were nearing orgasm, you got so excited and were thrashing so wildly that my cock fell out of you twice. That tends to break the mood. Do you understand what I'm saying?”

“Yes, Master, I understand.” she said.

“I think Slut can help you with your rhythm. “ I said, adding “and probably with your self-control issue too, come to think of it, but she won't like that very much.”

“Pick up your clothes now, lets go back to your room.” I said, opening the bedroom door and gesturing.

We got to the bottom of the stairs and I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds. I cracked the door and looked in. Slut was not in her position. Oh shit! What was she up to?

I told Baby to take a few steps up the stairs and I opened the door quickly, opening it all the way in case she was standing behind it, ready to hit me with something. As I opened the door and looked in, my heart sank. She wasn't there! What the fuck? how could she have escaped? Panic began to set in.

I ran and looked under the futon... nothing! Fuck, this is bad...

I ran in to the bathroom and swung the door wide open.

Slut was sitting there on the toilet, panties around her ankles, headphones on, eyes closed and her upper body dancing to the tune only she could hear. Thank God she was still here!

My relief quickly turned to anger. I banged the door against the wall, “SLUT!!!” I screamed.

She seemed to jump about a foot off of the toilet and dropped her MP3 player on the ground, her headphones twisting around to end up on one cheek and back of her neck.

“MASTER!” she cried.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU...” I started, then quickly realized that she had really done nothing wrong. “... finish up and get out here!”

In the thirty seconds it took her to finish and come out, my anger had subsided and I was chuckling inside about her reaction and the look on her face.

“Listen Slut,” I said. “No more MP3 player in the bathroom if Baby is not here. I knocked and you were not in position, so I naturally assumed the worst.“

“I'm sorry, Master. It won't happen again.” she said.

I realized that Baby was still half way up the stairs. “Come on down, Baby.” I said.

Baby walked down, still naked and holding her clothes in her hands. Slut looked at her with that bitchy look she has.

“Attend to your morning duties and have some lunch. I'll be down afterwards . We have some training to do today.”

“Yes, Master.” they said.

September 24th, 2007

I made a quick trip to the adult book store and grabbed some food from a drive-through.

I brought my bag of new toys downstairs with me and rapped on the door. Both girls were dressed and in position.

I made a quick inspection. Everything seems to be in order until I got to the bath tub. There were several hairs around the drain. “Senior Slave, get in here!” I ordered.

Baby quickly entered the bathroom. I picked up the hairs from around the drain and and held them up near her face.

“What are these...” I demanded.

“They... they are hairs, Master, but... but I cleaned it... I swear I did.” she pleaded.

“Apparently we have different definitions of 'clean'. That is five demerits. You are getting dangerously close to a rod thrashing.

“Get back in position!” I barked.

“Yes, Master!” she said, scrambling back to the wall.

“Today, we are going to work on your sexual techniques. Slut, you have very good rhythm when it comes to fucking. You will be helping Baby with hers.”

“Baby, you have excellent oral talent. You will be working with Slut to improve her technique.”

“Both of you stand up and strip down.” They both complied and awaited further orders.

While they were stripping, I took two rather realistic strap-on dildo's out of the bag, along with the belts that came with them. They were about the same girth as my dick, but a bit longer. I wrapped one around each end of the massage table, about three feet apart, dildo's sticking straight up.

I handed Baby a tube of female lubricant, saying “Slut, spread your legs wide.”

Slut did as she was told, a humiliated look on her face as she deciphered where this was leading.

“Baby, squeeze out a good amount of lubricant on to the fingers of your right hand.” I said, watching as she carried out her order.

“Now, carefully place the lube on Sluts pussy lips... rub it in... use your fingers to spread her lips apart... right... that's right... open her lips up.” Baby followed her orders as Slut stood there humiliated.

“Now, I want you to gently start prodding your index in to her pussy... watch your nails... there you go, get that finger all the way up there. Now... pull the finger out some and work a second finger in at the same time. Ok, work those two fingers in and out... there you go. Ok. That is good. Stand up and spread your legs.”

“Slut, you heard how it's done. Grab the lube and do as Baby did.” I said “Good... now two fingers, work them in and out, stretch those lips. Ok. Now you move to the head of the massage table. Baby, you move to the foot of the table.”

Both girls moved in to position.

“Hop up on the table and mount the dildo's, facing each other. Slut slid down on her dildo fairly easily. Baby had a bit more trouble, wincing several times as she worked her way down.”

Both girls eventually worked their way down all the way so that their asses were resting on the table, dildo's in their pussies to the hilt.

“Now Slut, I wanted you to start fucking it. Do it like you did me the other day.” I said, as she started slowly moving her hips up and down. “Get in to your rhythm... there you go... do it slow and sexy.”

“Baby, watch her... start moving your hips like she is. Try to match her timing. Stop being so mechanical! You see how her stomach and hips are rolling, like a wave? Try matching her movements. There you go, that's better. Keep going. Not bad...”

Just then, Baby closed her eyes and started moaning, “Mmmmm....Ooooo”. Her movement sped up and started becoming very jerky. I knew I had to stop this so I grabbed my dowel rod and whacked her across the ass. Whack!

“Yaaaaahh!” Baby screamed, stopping all motion and grabbing her ass.

“Baby, this is not orgasm time! This is training time! Your job is to please you Master, not yourself. When you get excited like that, you lose control and start jerking around. This is not pleasing to your Master.”

“I'm sorry, Master.” she said, tears forming in her eyes.

“It is acceptable for you to have an orgasm while pleasing your Master, but you must learn to control yourself so it does not interfere with your Masters pleasure.”

“Ok, Master. I understand.”

“Let's try again. Slut, start over, vary your speed and movements more, try some gyrations. There you go... Baby, watch her and concentrate on following her movements. ”

After a few minutes, Baby got in to a good rhythm, but again started to get jerky as she bit her lower lip, trying to suppress her orgasm. My god, it doesn't take much to set her off!

Whack! I lashed her across the ass again, but only hard enough to get her attention. “Concentrate... please your Master, not yourself!”

This went on for several more minutes, me whacking her two more times.

“Ok Baby, your Master is about to come. This is it! Please your Master. Keep with regular motions now. He likes what you are doing at this moment. Do not vary your movements once he starts to come, it may be distracting for him.”

I got behind Baby and mimicked the sounds of her Master coming “Yes... Oh God, Yes!... Ohhhh... ahhhh... OoooooH Gooodddd, Yessss... Yesss... fuck me... YESSSSS!!!”

“Keep going, Baby, keep riding him until he relaxes.” I said, motioning Slut to get off the table.

“Now is your time... you have pleased your Master, now you can please yourself if you can do it quickly. Go ahead, keep fucking him until you orgasm, but remain in control of yourself. He does not want you going hog-wild on him at this point.”

She closed her eyes and sped up just a bit, rotating and gyrating on the dildo. I stood at the head of the table so I could get a better view. This was turning me on quite a bit.

She was biting her bottom lip again, trying to maintain control, and started to grunt with each gyration. Suddenly, she put her head down and took the other dildo in to her mouth, burying most of it down her throat. “Mmmf... Mmmf... Mmmf!” She changed her movements to forwards and backwards and started to get a little wild again as she sucked one dildo while riding the other, “Mmmf.... Mmmf... Mmmf...”

“Control...” I whispered. As she slowed back down, pulling her mouth off of the dildo and arching her back. “Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhhhhh!” she moaned, still getting a bit wild, but was much better than before.

“Mmmmmmmm... Ahhhhhhh... Ah! Ah! Ah! AAAHHH!!! AAAHHHH!!” She started yelling a word with each thrust, “Oh! God! YES!!! Oh! God! Fuck! ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Meeeee!”

I just stood there watching her. This was amazing. She really... I mean *really* gets in to her orgasms.

She finally finished and fell to the table, dildo still deep inside her, grabbing the other dildo in her fist. She laid there panting for several minutes.

There is now no doubt. This girl would be a solid Class 'A'... if I hadn't made all that stuff up.

“Ok, Baby, get off the table now and come over to me.” I said, as I stood in front of the futon.

“I want you to show Baby how to suck cock. I am going to say very little. I want you coach her, and demonstrate for her when necessary.”

I dropped my pants and laid back on the upright futon, my ass on the edge, and my balls hanging down.

I would detail what happened here, but I was mostly concentrating on not coming too soon. Baby would take my cock in to her mouth, lick around the head or go down a few times, then take her mouth off and explain what she had done. Slut then tried to do the same.

I completely lost track of who was doing what to me because my eyes were closed and I was alternately thinking about my grandmother and baseball, trying not to come.

When I could take it no longer, I said “I'm going to come. I want Slut to take the come in her mouth and swallow it.”

I soon exploded in to a mouth, which I assumed was Sluts. At least that's what I had ordered, and I vaguely remember hearing gags and chokes that sounded like Slut.

When I had finished coming, I looked up and it was indeed Slut, her mouth still on my cock. I pulled her mouth off of my dick and she had come all over her chin, a large drop about to fall on the floor. I took my finger and wiped the come from her chin, up her bottom lip and in to her mouth.

“Swallow it.” I ordered.

Slut gulped and winced as she swallowed the glob of come.

I looked at the floor and there was very little come. There was also very little on me. I looked at Baby inquisitively. “She swallowed most of it, Master.”

I caressed Sluts cheek, pushing her hair back over her ear. “Very nice. That was excellent.” I encouraged.

“Thank you, Master... Master?” Slut asked.

“What is it, Slut?”

“Can I please get some water, Master?”

“Of course.” I affirmed.

Slut grabbed a bottle of cold water out of the fridge and took a large drink, swishing it around in her mouth, put her hand up to her mouth and looked around as if to find something to spit it out in. I looked at her with a stern expression. She looked back at me and slowly swallowed the water.

She then drank most of the rest of it, swishing each mouthful around before swallowing it.

“You both have the rest of the night off with full TV privileges.” I said as I grabbed the bags I had brought with me and headed for the door.

“...AFTER you clean up. Make sure you clean the dildos, straps and table very well.”

As I unlocked the bottom door and walked through it, I turned around and said “Very nice job tonight girls.” and I reached in to the bag and threw Baby a Hershey bar and Slut a small package of eight Oreo's. I was tempted to tell Baby to only eat half of her chocolate bar tonight, but decided she'd earned the right to cheat on her diet once.

“Thank you, Master!” They said, as I locked the door. As I was heading up the stairs, I paused because I heard the bathroom door open and slam against the wall. I listened closely and heard Slut gagging and spitting. She may have been vomiting, but I couldn't tell for sure.

September 27th, 2007

The last few days have been fairly uneventful. We worked on Baby's rhythm and control, and I had Baby work with Slut on her sucking technique using a dildo. I told Slut that later this week she would be tested. She would be expected to be able to take my whole cock down her throat, and swallow all of my come without spilling any.

During inspection, I again found hair around the drain in the tub. I was highly disappointed in Baby, and gave her five more demerits. She again claimed she had thoroughly cleaned the tub. As of now, she has a paddling coming on Sunday, one more screw-up and it'll be a rod thrashing. I hope she makes up for it soon. I do not relish the thought of beating her.

September 28th, 2007

Baby screwed up again today. This time there was brown crud in the tub near the back, opposite the drain. I don't understand how she keeps fucking this up. A rod lashing is a near certainty now.

September 29th, 2007

Today was cleaning day. I had Baby doing the dishes and Slut vacuuming the floor as I worked on my laptop in the dining room.

I kept glancing over at Slut as she was pushing the vacuum cleaner around, bending over to pick things up or scoot furniture around. I must confess that if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be Baby. She is much sweeter, more innocent, and just has a better overall personality and attitude. She is is a fine looking girl. I have no complaints about her looks.

But Slut... she just has a smoking hot body. Watching her tits bounce in her cotton tee shirt as she moves around and seeing them hang down as she bends over gets me seriously hard. Couple that with the way her ass moves as she walks around, her panties inching their way in to her crack and exposing her cheeks... it just drives me crazy.

I could not take it any more and decided it was time for her test. I walked up behind her and grabbed he by both ass cheeks, massaging them as I kissed her neck. She turned the vacuum cleaner off and just stood there, letting me have my way with her body.

I massaged her ass for a few moments and then worked my way up to her chest. I never get enough of playing with those tits!

“Time for your test.” I said, slowly and gently pushing her down to her knees.

She spun around to face me as I unzipped my pants. I was already aching and didn't need a lot of build up. I just pulled my cock out and pulled her head towards it, saying “Take it all and do not spill any come on my carpet.”

She started sucking my cock, trying to use some of the techniques Baby had shown her. I probably should have waited for this test because I was ready to explode and just wanted to get to the good part.

I grabbed her head with both hands and gently started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She started gagging when I tried to bury it in her throat. I just wanted to come and didn't want to wait so I decided to be satisfied with what she could comfortably take and quickly started coming.

I think my coming so quickly caught her completely off guard. About the second spurt she realized I was coming and started making muffled noises.

“Mmmf, guhhh, guuhh, guhhh” she mumbled as I shot my load in to the back of her throat.

Just as I was finishing coming, she jerked her mouth off of my cock, put her hand over her mouth, jumped up and took a few steps towards the kitchen. She didn't make it. She hurled all over the dining room floor. Luckily, the dining room is not carpeted.

She begged forgiveness, forcing out words as she continued to have a few more dry heaves. “I'm... sorry... Master... please... I tried... I'm sorry!”

Baby looked at us shocked, having no idea what was going on.

I pet her head and said “Don't worry about it. Go downstairs, clean yourself up and lay down. You are done cleaning for today.”

I got a bucket of soapy water and a rag and cleaned up the mess myself.

I've got to think of a way to get this girl used to swallowing come.

September 30th, 2007

I just finished our Sunday evaluation.

As Junior Slave, Slut was first. She was still 112 pounds. She had 79 points for the week, just missing reward. I told her she still needs to work on her tolerance for swallowing come, and that I had an idea for a way to help her. We would get started on that tomorrow.

It was now Baby's turn.

“Stand up, Baby.” I said.

“Yes, Master. “ she said, her voice quivering.

I had her step on the scale. She had lost another two pounds, but neither of really cared at that point. We both knew what was coming.

“Baby... I'm very disappointed in you this week. You have 58 points. I think you know what that means. Do you have anything to say before you are punished?” I asked.

“Only that I stand by my statement that I cleaned the tub properly every time, Master.” she said.

“I'm sorry, Baby. I do not want to do this, but rules must be followed. “ I said, standing up and grabbing the dowel rod, “Face the wall, bend over and grab your ankles.”

She slowly did as she was told, whimpering and starting to cry.

“You are to received 10 lashes. After every lash, you will say 'Nine more lashes please, Master!', counting down until we are done. If at any time, you let go of your ankles, fall down or turn around, we will start over at 10. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Y-yes, Master” she said as tears starting running down her cheeks.

“Slut... as new Senior Slave for the week, you will administer punishment.” I said, handing Slut the rod.

“What? Master... Me?” She said, astonished.

“Yes. Do you not think she deserves it?” I asked.

“Yes, Master. She does deserve it!” Slut said, a trace of glee in her voice.

“Baby, Pull your underwear down and then grab your ankles again.” I said.

Baby slowly pulled her underwear down, almost to her ankles. She was audibly crying and sobbing now.

“How many lashes do you want, Baby?”

“T-t-... please Master... t-t ten... lashes please... Master”. She stammered.

“Now, Master?” Slut asked impatiently.

“Hold on just a minute, Slut.” I said. “I have a question for you.”

“What is it, Master?” Slut asked.

“Did I ever tell you about the video cameras I installed in this room and in the bathroom?” I asked.

“... No... no, you didn't mention them, Master”.

“Yes, and they store over a weeks worth of video.”


"Yeah, They store over a week of video. I generally do not look at the bathroom videos. I'm not really in to that kind of thing, and I think everyone deserves a bit of privacy when doing their business.” I started.

“But, I don't know... Something just wasn't adding up. Baby has been very reliable and trustworthy ever since she got here. How could she screw up something so simple as cleaning a tub three times in one week?” I asked.

Slut was getting nervous. “I... I don't know, Master. She was probably in hurry... or....”

“Or what, Slut?” I inquired.

“Maybe... maybe she... maybe... Oh God, I'm sorry, Master... I'm sorry, Baby. Please, Baby, tell him... I was... it was a joke... a prank... I didn't mean...” she trailed off, terrified.

“Baby, pull your panties back up and stand beside me.” I said.

Baby looked confused and unsure what was going on. “Slut, get on your knees in front of us.” I commanded.

Slut immediately fell to her knees, putting her hands on Baby's thighs.

“Please Baby, I'm sorry.” she begged.

“Tell Baby what you did, Slut.” I ordered.

“Baby, I'm... I'm so sorry... I... I... took hairs... out of the... the hairbrush and put... put them in the tub. I'm so sorry, Baby. Please...” she pleaded.

“Why did you do that, Slut?" I asked, "And DO NOT lie to us!”

“I... I wanted to be Senior Slave. I... I deserve it! I was here first! It wasn't fair!” she said, finding a bit of courage.

“Slut. What you did was not only a serious offense, it was a betrayal of your roommate, and only friend.” I said.

“I can't believe you did this to me.” Baby said. “I stuck up for you! How could you do this?”

“I'm sorry, Baby. I'll make it up to you. I'll... I'll do your chores for a... I'll do anything you say... Please, Baby. I'm sorry.” Slut begged.

“Slut, not another word until we decide your punishment. I mean it! Not another word!”

“Baby,” I said, putting my hands on her shoulders, “You are now permanent Senior Slave.”

“What?... Thank you, Master.” she replied.

“Also, I was going to tell you about this later, but now seems like a good time. I have a possible buyer for you already.” I said.

“Master? Wha...? Baby gasped.

“But... he wants more than just a slave. He is also a Slave Master. He gets new girls frequently and he needs a Mistress to help train them, be their leader and help acclimate them to the slave lifestyle. Does this interest you at all?”

“Master?... I... I'm... Yes, Master... I... How soon would I be leaving you? I... I mean... How soon would I be sold?” she asked, with uncertainty in her voice.

“You will still need training as a Mistress so you will be here for a while yet. But understand this; you will have to be able to train the girls, give orders, make them follow the rules, and administer punishment when they don't. You will sometimes have to be harsh. Are you up for that?”

“I... I'm... not sure, Master... I mean, Yes... I think I can.” she replied.

“Also know that as Mistress, while you will technically still be his slave and he still owns you, you will be largely free to do as you wish; you will not be chained up and will be able to go in to town when you need to and live a fairly normal life.”

“I... Ok, Master. I... I can do it.” she said.

“Are you sure you will be able to administer punishment strictly but fairly, without letting your personal feelings about the girl get in the way?”

“Yes, Master. I can do that.” she said, gaining more confidence in her voice. “But... will I ever see you again?”

“I'm sure you will see me from time to time.” I said, giving her a quick, vague wink. She looked relieved.

“Ok, so there is your first test.” I said, pointing at Slut. “She betrayed a fellow slave, deceived her Master and was going to allow her roommate to get ten lashes because of her deceit. What punishment does she deserve?” I asked.

“Well, Master..." she began, hesitating to think it through, "she definitely at least deserves the ten lashes the roommate was going to get.”

Slut let out a sob and started crying.

“Is that all, Baby? Does she deserve something more? Should she somehow make it up to the girl she betrayed?” I prompted, raising my eyebrows, sticking my tongue out and flicking it from side-to-side.

“Yes... yes, Master, I think she should make it up to the girl.” Slut said, a sly smile on her face.

“Then proceed. I will step aside.” I said, handing Baby the rod and moving off to the side.

“Um... Slut.. stand up! “ Baby ordered tentatively.

Slut looked up at Baby, defiantly.

Baby whacked her on the hip with the rod. It was quite a wimpy blow. Slut just said “OW!” and put her hand where she had been hit.

Slut looked at me quizzically. I motioned to her by making a lashing motion with my hand, and grimacing my face as if to say “Harder!”.

Baby looked back down at Slut, raised the rod, and smashed it down across the front of her thighs. “I said 'STAND UP!'” she yelled.

Slut scrambled towards the wall, standing up while using the wall for support. “MASTER?!” She pleaded.

“Baby is now your Mistress. You will obey her as you do me.” I said, “Proceed, Mistress”.

“Slut! Turn around and grab your ankles! NOW!!!” Baby yelled. Slut jumped a bit as she was startled by Baby's raised voice.

Slut turned around and slowly started going down to grab her ankles. “P-please... Mis... Mistress. I'm sorry, Baby... I mean... Mistress... PLEASE!”

“GRAB YOUR ANKLES!” Baby demanded, as she looked at me, with a look of “Do we really have to do this?” on her face.

I slowly nodded my head, them made a grabbing and yanking motion with my hand while tipping my head towards Sluts ass.

Baby put her hand down the back of Sluts panties, bunched them up in her hand and yanked downwards several times until they were ripped free of Sluts ass.

“Eeeeeee!!” Slut yelled, startled.

“How many lashes do you want, Slut?!” Baby yelled. She catches on quickly.

“Baby... Mistress... PLEASE Mistress, PLEASE.” Slut begged.

Whack! “HOW MANY LASHES DO YOU WANT, SLUT!” Baby yelled.

“Ahhhhhh Oh God!!! Pleeeeeassseeee!”

Whack! Whack! “HOW MANY!?!” Baby screamed.

Slut was sobbing deeply and crying as she said “T-t-ten...<Sob> Ten... <Sob> lashes please, Mistress!”

Whack! “How many more!?!” she yelled.

“ nine more lashes...please... Mis... Mistress.” Slut managed to say.

Slut paused for a moment and said “Ok, Slut, I have an idea. We are going to administer your punishment at the same time you make amends to the girl you betrayed. “

Slut looked up at her, tears streaming down her face.

“Remove my panties!” Baby ordered. Slut looked stunned. “Do it!” Baby demanded.

Slut pulled Baby's panties down and Baby stepped out of them, walking to the recliner and having a seat on the edge.

“Can you think of any way to make it up to me, Slut?” Baby asked, running her fingers through her exposed bush. Now it was my turned to be stunned.

Slut looked at her with a look of confusion that slowly changed to humiliation as she realized where this was leading.

“I... I... Mistress... I could... I could do... I could do you... down there?” Slut asked... or stated. I wasn't really sure.

“You could do what 'down there'?” Baby asked.

“I could... could... ... lick you down there.” Slut said, completely humiliated.

“You could lick what down there?”

“Your.... pussy, Mistress.” She barely got the word out.

“You could, if I decided to allow it.” Baby said.

“Please Mistress...” Slut begged, not wanting to have to endure the humiliation of asking.

“Please what, Slut?” Baby asked. “Speak in complete sentences.”.

“May I please... lick your pussy, Mistress?” She was way past humiliation now and just trying to save her skin.

“You may lick your Mistress' pussy to make up for your betrayal, Slut, but this does not get you out of your punishment. You still have nine lashes left. Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me slowly.”

Slut got down as told, and started to crawl towards Baby. “Stick your tongue out and lick your lips as you crawl.” Baby demanded. Man, this girl was good.

Slut was on auto-pilot now. She was doing exactly as she was told, without complaint or delay.

When Slut got close enough, Baby grabbed her hair and bent her head upwards to make eye contact. “You will lick and suck my pussy until I tell you to stop. You will do your best to please me or I will double your punishment. Do you understand?” Baby asked.

“I understand, Mis...” as Slut started to reply, Baby slammed her face in to her pussy yelling “Lick Me now!”.

Slut raised her arms straight out behind her as Baby held her head in place. Baby laid her head back and moaned “Yes... lick it. Lick my clit... Ohhh... right there!” She forced Slut to lick her for several minutes, moving her head in circular motions.

Baby slammed her legs against Sluts head, locking it in place. Suddenly she lashed Slut across her lower back, right at the top of her ass crack. Slut let out a muffled scream as Baby moaned loudly “Oooooooo yessssss.” Baby was getting off on the vibrations of Slut screaming in to her pussy! I was starting to think I had created a monster... an incredibly warped and sexy monster.

Whack! Slut screamed again as Baby moaned “Ohhhhh My... Ooooo” I think she was starting to come.

Just then, Baby landed a barrage of lashes across Sluts lower back and ass as baby kicked her feet around and steadily screamed in to Baby's pussy.

Whack! OHHHHH GODDD! Whack!! Mmmmfff, Mmmmfff, Mmmmfff! Whack, Whack Whack. Ooooooo eeeaaattt it, cuunnnttt! Whack! Fuck me with your tongue! Whack! You fucking Slut! Whack! Who's the bitch now! Whack! Whack! Suck me, whore! Suck me! Whack!

Baby dropped the rod and grabbed Slut's head with both hands, violently jerking Slut's head up and down as she wiped her pussy all over her face. “OOOOOOHHHH!!!! FUUUCCCKKK! FUUUUUCCCCCKKK!” Baby said, obviously enjoying her orgasm.

Baby slowed down the pace of her grinding as she quietly moaned and sighed. She finally let go of Sluts head and let Slut fall to the floor. Slut rolled over and just laid there crying and sobbing. She didn't even wipe her face off.

“Baby... Wow...” I said. “You seem to be getting the hang of it.”

“Mmmmmmm.” She said, still basking in the afterglow.

I put a collar on Slut and chained her up to the ceiling. “You really fucked up this time. You just lost everything you had gained. I was starting to trust you. You are now back down to the status of a day-one slave.” I said.

“You are now the lowest of the low in this house.” I continued. “You hang there while Baby and I get some dinner, then I'm going to show you just how low you are now.”

Slut didn't reply, sobbing louder now.

September 30th, 2007

After a nice dinner with Baby, we went back down to the basement, leaving both doors open. Slut was still hanging there by her collar, balanced on her toes.

“Master... please... my feet... hurt...” she pleaded.

I grabbed the end of the chain and let out some slack so she could drop to the floor. She sat up and began rubbing her feet.

I gave her a few minutes to recover.

“Slut, I am now going to explain to you your new place in this house.” I said. “I am the Master of this house. Everyone in it answers to me. Just below me is Baby. She is now a Mistress-in-training. You will answer to her just as you would me. You will address her as 'Mistress' and follow all rules for asking and answering question that you do with me.”

“Yes, Master. “ she said, weakly.

“Baby has has full authorization to punish you when you deserve it. She also has full control of your body. If she tells you to eat her pussy or bend over and stick a dildo up your ass, you will do it immediately and without complaint. Is that understood?” I asked.

“Y-y-yes, Master...” she said, holding back tears.

“As I said, you are now the lowest member of this house, so there is still one more that is above you.” I said.

Slut looked at me confused.

“LEX!” I yelled. “Come here, boy!”

Slut's jaw dropped as she realized I was talking about the dog. Her expression changed to great humiliation as it sank in that she ranked even beneath the dog. She did not quite yet understand where this was leading. I don't think Baby even realized where this was going.

Lex came trotting down the stairs and came up to me. I pet his head as I continued “You brought this on yourself, Slut. You were well on your way to becoming a good slave. Now you are back to square one. It's partially my fault. I was too easy on you; too lax in enforcing the rules. You got comfortable and started taking me for granted. That stops now!” I said, forcefully.

I took two socks out of the drawer and two rubber bands out of my pocket.

“As the lowest member of this household, your job is to please everyone else, at their whim.” I started, as I pulled the socks over Lex's paws and rubber banded them in place. “And Lex has not had a female in months...”

Slut's face contorted, and tears started flowing “No, Master! Please, you can't... I can't... No, Master... you wouldn't...” she collapse on the floor, sobbing and crying uncontrollably.

Even Baby had a 'Oh my God!' expression on her face.

I walked Lex over to Slut, grabbing the dowel rod on the way. “Lay on your back and spread your legs!” I ordered.

Slut slowly rolled over and timidly started spreading her legs. “Pleeeeaassee, Master! Not that! I can't do it, Master... Please!”

“Spread your legs! “ I yelled, giving her a light whack on her inner thigh.

“There you go, Lex. Check it out, boy!” I said to Lex.

Lex walked in between Slut's legs, sniffing the floor first, then Slut's crotch. He licked around her pussy a few times and was becoming visibly more excited.

“Oh God... God... please! NoNoNoNo, God, No” Slut cried.

“You like that, boy! I said, rhetorically.

“Down!” I ordered. Lex immediately laid down on all fours.

“Over!” I said, as Lex rolled over on his left side.

I grabbed Slut's chain and pulled her over to Lex. “He needs some help, Slut.” I said. “Start with his balls.

Slut was still crying and sobbing as she put her head down to Lex's balls and timidly stuck her tongue out. She slowly moved her head towards him until her tongue barely touched his balls.

“I CAN'T!... I can't... please, Master... let me suck you! I will swallow all of your come... I promise! Fuck me! Do it in my... ass... please Master, I will do anything you want.” she begged.

“I KNOW you will do anything I want, and right now, I want you to lick the dogs balls. DO IT NOW!!!” I screamed, raising the rod.

She cowered in fear of the rod for a moment and the she went for broke. She started licking Lex's balls, both of them, all around, both sides and underneath. “Gah! Uhhh!” she started to gag a little.

The tip of Lex's red penis started to protrude. “Work your way up to his cock.” I ordered.

Slut started licking her way up his cock with her eyes closed. When her tongue touched the red tip, her head jumped back “Yuuuhhh!” she yelled, wiping her tongue off.

“Lick it!” I commanded, raising the rod.

“Oh God! I can't, Master. It's disgusting! It's making me sick!” she cried.

“I'm not going to tell you again, Slut!” I yelled, lashing her across her left ass check!

“OWWWWW! OK! I will, Master! I will....” she said, lowering her tongue back to Lex's cock.

She licked it like it was a lollipop; just straight licks. “Twirl your tongue around... Like that... There we go...” I said as his cock started emerging. “Lick up and down the full length... right... that's it.”

His cock had almost fully emerged now. It was about 6 inches long.

“Put it in your mouth, Slut.” I said. She seemed to have resigned herself to it now and put an inch or so in her mouth.

“Take more, Slut. Go down on it... more... more... good girl! Now suck that thing like you would me... up and down... all the way. There you go! Nice...”

I had her suck on it for another minute or so. Lex started kicking his back legs around a bit and pawing at Slut with his sock-covered front paws.

“Now, Slut, get on your hands and knees! I ordered.

“Master! Please... please let me just suck it! It will hurt me! Please, Master.” she begged.

“He's no bigger than I am. You will get on your hands and knees and let Lex fuck you!” I ordered.

She slowly turned around and raised herself up on her hands and knees, crying and sobbing. I took some lotions and lubed Slut's pussy, quickly inserted a finger to ream her out a bit. Slut's ass tightened and she let out a small yelp.

“C'mon boy!” I prompted, as I put his front paws on Slut's back. “Baby, Lex needs some help. Grab his cock and guide it in.”

Baby got down and did as she was asked. Once Lex felt the tip of his cock in something warm, he took over from there, immediately jamming it in to the hilt. Slut's ass jumped about a foot as she let out a loud, high-pitched yelp and started trying to crawl away from this beast that was violating her.

I grabbed Slut by the hair and yanked her over to the recliner, smashing her face down in to the cushion. “Baby, put it back in.” I said, “Move again, Slut and we will put it in your asshole instead!” I yelled.

Slut just cried and whimpered.

Baby guided Lex's cock back in to Slut's cunt. Lex started going to town, pumping faster than I have ever seen. The socks were a good idea. He was clawing at her back and sides quite frantically, trying to hold her down, or just grab her to brace himself. I'm not sure which.

“Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh, Huh!” Slut grunted in time with the end of each deep penetration.

I'm certainly no expert on dogs. I really don't know how canine sex works, so when a large knot started to appear in Lex's cock, I got a little worried that it might hurt or stretch out or rip Slut's pussy lips, so I pulled Lex off of her.

“Turn around and suck his cock!” I commanded. I think she was relieved to get it out of her cunt.

“There you go... take it all... down to the knot! Keep sucking it....” I said, as Lex was trying to pump it down her throat. As Lex was struggling to go deeper, his cock flipped over and stuck out backwards, between his legs. I knew dogs got stuck together ass-to-ass, but seeing his cock sticking out backwards was weird.

I turned Lex around to point his now backwards cock at Slut's face again. “Keep sucking it! I ordered.

Slut sucked it for another few moments, then suddenly jerked her head off of it, gagging and choking. Thin come was shooting all over Slut's face. It almost looked more like piss. I grabbed Slut's head and forced her mouth back on to his cock. The dog was showing no real reaction. He wasn't howling or jerking around with orgasm.

I pushed her head up and down on Lex's cock several more times as she was gagging and letting the come pour out of the side of her mouth and fall to the floor. Her eyes were rolling around a bit and she looked like she was going to puke.

I grabbed a bag that was on top of the the drawers, turned it upside down to empty it and put the bag up to Slut's mouth. She hurled in to it three times an continued to gag and dry heave for a full minute or more.

She wiped her mouth off and rolled over on the floor, lying on her side. She just laid there with her eyes closed.

“So, do you understand your place now?” I taunted.

“... ... Yes... Master...” she said, little trails of puke dripping down the side of her face.

“Get yourself a shower and rest. You are done for tonight.” I said. “No TV, no music, no nothing. You will need to earn these privileges again. I will be down at the normal time tomorrow. I expect everything to be done and you to be clean and ready to go, just as before.”

“Yes... Master.” she said.

“Baby, gather your things. This is the slave quarters. You will sleep in my bed from now on.” I said.

Baby looked pleased. Slut just rolled over again and moaned.

October 1st, 2007

I got a phone call early this morning. It was Wayne, my old college friend. He apparently struck it rich with some medical device he invented and will be in town later this week. He wanted to have lunch on Thursday to catch up and talk about the 'Good ol' days'. I readily agreed. It will be good to see Wayne again.

I ordered a pizza for Baby and I last night. We watched a movie and had a nice time. It is awkward sitting there watching a movie and laughing with her but still having a chain on her ankle. I really need to figure out for sure if I can trust her or not. She has never given any indication that she even wants to leave, but given the chance, with me in the bathroom or something and nothing to stop her from bolting... I'm just not sure.

I told Baby she could call me 'Daddy' all the time if she wished, unless we were around Slut. I still need to be 'Master' around her.

I checked on Slut via video camera. She was just laying there in the dark, looking off in to space. I was starting to get concerned about her 'shutting down'.

I came back upstairs and told Baby that she should go and talk to Slut. I told her to use a little good cop/bad cop with her. Get Slut to trust her, and believe that Baby was on her side and that she would protect her from the bad slave master as much as she could, but she will have to accept her new life and be obedient. But, she had to be careful to maintain authority. She was still her Mistress, not her friend.

She brought Slut two pieces of pizza and a Mountain Dew from the fridge. They talked for almost an hour. I didn't listen because I was on the phone, but I was watching them on video. Baby held her hand, they hugged several times and Slut cried a lot. Near the end, Slut seemed to have cheered up. She shook her head 'Yes' a lot and then strangely got on her knees and hugged Baby around her thighs, head sideways against Baby's groin area as Baby petted her head. Just before she came back upstairs, Baby turned the TV on and handed Slut the remote.

Baby came back up and rubbed my neck and shoulders until I off the phone and continued while we talked for a while. I did not ask her to do this. She told me the good cop/bad cop thing worked well. Slut had promised she will be good and try harder.

Baby believes she has Slut's confidence, and that she really has changed. But also said that while she understands her role as Mistress, she does feel the need to foster their relationship and be a buffer between Slut and I, so she needed some input in to how Slut was treated, and she would need to be able to occasionally 'rescue' Slut from me to strengthen their bond.

I agreed, as long as she could maintain the proper balance between 'Mistress' and 'Friend'.

I asked about the kneeling thigh-hug and Baby told me Slut just grabbed her and started repeating “Thank you, Mistress!” over and over when Baby promised her she would try to stop me from making her have sex with the dog again. We both agreed that being raped by the dog is what finally 'broke' her, but it would not be necessary again in the future.

Baby and I had a long, intimate talk last night in bed. She has had a rough life. Her parent died in a car accident when she was 3. She barely remembers them. She didn't spend much time in an orphanage; most normal, white 3 year olds don't, but the way it turned out, she wishes she had.

It sounds like her foster parents were pretty much assholes. Her foster mother was doped up and depressed most of the time, and her foster father was drunk virtually all weekend.

They would rarely let her go outside or have any friends. It sounds like they loved and cared about her at first, but their marriage went to hell and she was caught in the crossfire. Eventually she became a burden they had to bear to get their monthly check.

He started molesting her when she was 8. He would make her suck his cock when he got drunk, threatening to send her to live with evil people in China, or some shit like that if she told anyone.

She sucked his cock two or three times a week for five years until one night when she was 13 he decided she was old enough to fuck, then he made her do both, depending on his mood. This explains why she is so good at giving head; he had almost 9 years to train her.

He violently took her virginity that night, and continued to rape her for the next 4 years, until she finally ran away at 17.

She lived with friends and co-workers from the book store until she could afford her own small apartment. She quickly fell behind on the rent, and that's how she ended up here.

Baby bared her soul to me, telling me her deepest thoughts and feelings. At one point, she started to weep and told me I was the only person who ever asked her how she felt, or cared enough to listen to her. This girl really melts my heart.

We finally fell asleep around 2am with my arm around her, her head cradled on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. And unfortunately a chain around her ankle.

We did not have sex.

October 1st, 2007

Baby did the morning inspection today. This is going to work out perfectly. Baby frees me up from all the day-to-day chores of having slaves. My work has really suffered lately. I need to get some money coming in again.

I went down to the basement about noon today. Slut was in position against the wall, Baby standing by her side.

“Mistress, how did inspection go today?” I asked.

“She passed with flying colors, Master.” Baby replied.

“Slut, come here.” I said, sitting straight up in the recliner.

“Yes, Master. How may I please you?” Slut asked, going down on her knees before me. Wow... Baby works fast.

“Mistress says you had a long talk last night and now understand your role in this house.” I started “Can you tell me what your role is?”

“My role is to please you, Master.” she said, adding “And my Mistress.”

“Very good. That is excellent. Is the bitchy, scheming Slut we used to know gone for good?”

“Oh yes, Master!” she assured.

“Great! Baby told me to expect a whole new attitude. I want to give you a new name. One that fits the 'new you'” I said.

Slut looked at me with anticipation.

“What do you think about 'Star'? I think that fits, the way you like to sing and dance.” I said.

“That would be fine, Master!” She said excitedly.

“Is that ok with you, Mistress?” I asked Baby.

“I think it is a fine name, Master.” She replied.

“Ok then, 'Star', what does Mistress have you working on today?” I inquired.

“Mistress has been showing me more about how to please you with my mouth, Master.” she replied.

“We have been practicing with the dildo.” Baby added.

“Good! Good. I rigged up something that I think may help you get used to swallowing come.“ I said, taking my contraption out of a bag. “You must improve in that area if you are to please your Master.”

It was a soft rubber dildo, with a hole drilled all the way through it, from the tip down to the fake rubber balls. I inserted a tube through this hole and connected it to a fist-sized ball that could be squeezed. I filled the ball with a mixture of slightly watered down Mayonnaise and a bit of salt. It was the closest thing I could think of to emulate sperm with with the ingredients I had on hand.

It actually worked quite well. When you squeeze the ball, 'come' shoots out of the tip of the dildo. I gave it to Baby and sat back down in the recliner.

Baby sat on the edge of the futon and held the dildo between her legs. “Star, I want you to come over here and suck my cock.” she said. I can't explain why, but hearing her say that gave me a massive hard-on.

“Yes, Mistress.” Star said as she walked over to Baby, knelt down and immediately started sucking on the dildo.

Star sucked on the dildo for a few minutes, Baby guiding her head at times, and speaking instructions and encouragement to her in a kind voice.

“Ok, Star, I'm going to come now. “ baby said. “I want you to keep your mouth on it. Swallow what you can and to hold the rest in your mouth until you are able to swallow it. Try very hard not to let any spill out.”

“Mmmm, Hmmm” Star mumbled, rubber cock in the back of her throat.

Baby started squeezing the ball. Hard and fast at first, spacing out and using less pressure each time. Star gagged several times and quite a bit of 'come' spilled out of her mouth and on to the floor.

Star took her mouth off, let a glob fall out of her mouth, then looked at me and pleaded “I'm sorry, Master! I am trying! I will get better, I promise!”

Baby petted her head. “You did fine, Star. It's not an easy thing to get used to.”

“Master,“ Baby said “I think we understand how it works now. We will practice some more and I will give you a progress update later today.” She winked at me and I understood what she meant.

“Ok, Star. That was a good first try. “ I said. “Let me know how it goes, Mistress.”

I went back upstairs and masturbated while watching them on the video camera. I have two hot girls in the basement and I was jacking off. Go figure.

October 4th, 2007

The last couple of days had been uneventful. At Baby's request, I had to go out yesterday and buy more mayonnaise. She will only say that Star is “doing fine.”

I lost one of my major customers yesterday. It will hurt financially, but I'll manage.

I am leaving in a few minutes to meet Wayne for lunch.

October 4th, 2007

Wayne and I had a really nice time at lunch. We sat around in the bar for a couple more hours, just talking about old times, and catching each other up. He hit it big with his medical device about five years ago. His wife of eight years promptly left him and took half of everything. Even so, he is still a multi-millionaire after he sold out to a large corporation.

The divorce left him bitter against women. He swears he is never going to get married again. He has put on some weight and is balding. He is not fat, just has a gut, but he is no longer the ladies man he once was.

We ended up in his car, talking while he snorted what I assumed was coke. He offered some to me, and I politely declined. I don't like anything more than an occasional joint.

We laughed and reminisced about tag teaming the drunk girls in college. I was starting to get an idea and tried to feel him out a bit.

“You remember our fantasies about owning a girl to fulfill our every whim?” I asked.

“Sure, I still think about that sometimes.” He replied. “We were crazy back then.”

“Yeah, I know! But, man! I still think about it a lot.” I said, “That would be so cool!”

“Yeah, it would be. What I wouldn't give for a nice, young piece of ass again! But you can't just go out and buy a woman, unfortunately” he countered.

“Well, I actually know a guy...” I trailed off. I was taking a bit of a risk here, but the guy fucked unconscious drunk women and snorts coke. He wasn't exactly a saint.

“What? You know a guy that sells women? You are so fucked up, man. “ he said, laughing at me.

“No, seriously. I know a guy...” I assured.

He looked at me with a shocked look on his face. “You...You ARE serious. What the fuck are you talking about, man?”

“I just mean that I know a guy. He... sells women. Well, young girls, 18, 19 years old.” I said.

“You mean, like a pimp? Prostitutes?” He asked.

“No.” I replied, “I mean, like slaves. They are fully trained, obedient and eager to please their masters.”

“You are a crazy man. You mean I can just buy a girl and keep her locked up in a room?” he said, disbelievingly.

“Well, yes. That's exactly what I mean.” I said.

“You... you are fucked up man... you... you're shitting me, aren't you?” he asked.

“Not at all. Is this something that would interest you?” I inquired.

“What... you mean... like fucking buy a girl? An 18 year old girl? What the fuck man... you lay something like that on me... when I'm buzzing. You are a trip, man.” he said, pausing to think for a moment, “... right... how much would this 'slave' cost me?”

“That depends on the girl. If you want a young, hot girl, usually around $100k.” I said.

“One fucking hundred thousand dollars! That is insane man!” he exclaimed.

“Well, Wayne... what did your last piece of ass cost you?” I said, “And this one would never refuse you, bitch at you, fuck you over or spend all of your money.”

He just sat there, thinking.

“How long has it been since you had a firm 18 year old body under you?” I taunted.

He adjusted the crotch of his pants a bit.

“How much is $100k to you, man. Think about it.” I said. “Give me a call sometime, we'll talk about it more. Maybe I can get the guy to let you sample the merchandise, but only if you are dead serious.”

He nodded his head, still looking off in to space, deep in thought.

“You have my number. It was great to see you again, man!” I said.

He suddenly snapped out of his trance. “It was, man. I'm glad we did this. Listen, I'm in town over the weekend. I might just give you a call. See if we can set something up... maybe Saturday? Let me think about it for a while.”

“That would be fine, Wayne. Hope to hear from you.” I said, getting out of the car.

I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. I was actually considering selling Star to him! I would miss her super-hot body, but I would still have Baby, and the money definitely wouldn't hurt either.

And, there are plenty more girls out there waiting to be to trained.

October 5th, 2007

Earlier today, Baby told me that Star wanted to show me something tonight. She wouldn't say what, only that is was a surprise.

Baby called me downstairs about 8pm. Star walked up to me and said “Master, may I please you tonight?”

I was a bit surprised by this, and said “Of course, Star.” I looked at Baby and she was just sitting there watching and smiling.

Star unbuttoned my shirt, and then got down on her knees and started unbuckling my pants. She lightly kissed my cock through my pants, as it started to harden and throb. She worked my pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

“Will Master lay on the table please, face down?” she asked.

I did as she requested.

She moved to the head of the table and started rubbing hot oil on my back and shoulders. Over the next thirty minutes or so, she massaged my entire back side, adding some light toe sucking towards the end.

“Will Master turn over now, Please?” she prompted.

I turned over and she was naked. I'm not sure when she removed her clothes.

She crawled up on me and moved her body up and down along mine, sliding her tits all up and down my body.

She rubbed her tits across my dick several times and then put it between her tits and fucked me with them slowly for a minute or so.

She then moved down and started licking my cock, much more expertly than she had before. She moved down to my balls, and licked and sucked on them.

I could tell she kept trying to go lower and lower, so I raised my ass off of the table to give her better access. She slowly worked her way down to my ass and started circling my asshole with her tongue.

It felt really great. This girl was trying seriously hard to please me.

She worked her way back up to my cock and gave me quite an incredible blow job for several minutes, gobbling my cock down to the hilt. It wasn't quite like Baby, but it was pretty damned good.

As I started to get closer to coming, she started massaging the bone below my balls as Baby had done.

I soon exploded, shooting several large loads of come. I heard a very slight gag or two as I was pumping my cock in to her face.

Star expertly slowed down at just the right rate to bring it to a smooth conclusion, avoid the post-orgasm sensitive areas of the head. She then ran her thumb up the underside of my cock, to squeeze that last bit of come out, licking it off the tip of my cock and swallowing it.

I sat up and looked around. There was not a spot of come visible anywhere, except a small dribble on the left side of her mouth. She felt it there and quickly licked it off.

“Did I please you, Master? She asked with anticipation.

“You did indeed! That was absolutely wonderful! I am very proud of you. Star.” I encouraged.

“Mistress, please make sure Star is appropriately rewarded for her practice and hard work. I will leave it up to you decide her reward.” I said, caressing Star's cheek. As I caressed her face and looked at her cute, eager smile. I thought to myself 'Could I really sell this girl?'

October 6th, 2007

Wayne called last night. He wants to 'sample the merchandise'. I told him I would set it up with my 'friend' for tonight, but that he should come to my house about 7pm and we'd go from there.

October 6th, 2007

I went down to the basement about 4:30pm tonight to prepare the girls for Wayne's visit tonight.

“I have a very important client coming over tonight. I want you both to be showered, made up, and in your slave outfits by 6:30pm.” I said.

Baby looked at me with a look of confusion. “Both of you.” I said. “He is a potential buyer.”

Baby looked utterly dejected. I knew this would hurt her, but I have to remind her every now and then that she still is, ultimately, my property.

“Be on your best behavior. You will refer to him as 'Master' and obey him as you would me.” I ordered as I walked back upstairs.

Wayne showed up a few minutes early. He must really be anxious.

I let him in and had him take a seat.

“So, the guy was cool with me having a 'sample'?” he asked.

“Wayne, it's not quite that simple. This guy will not just let me bring anyone over to sample his girls. You are going to have to prove you are serious.” I said.

“What do you mean? I am serious, what do I need to do?" He asked.

“I mean, before we can go see him, we need some proof that you won't have a change of heart and turn us in tomorrow or try to blackmail us or something like that.” I said.

“What? Listen, man, it's me... Wayne! You know I'm cool with this.” he protested.

“Wayne, I need you to read this note... on camera. It will be you confessing that you are fully aware that you are attempting to buy a human girl, that has been kidnapped and held against her will. And that you are doing this with the full knowledge that it is illegal.”

“Man... come on! Is this really necessary?” he argued.

“Yes, Wayne. In addition, your entire time with her will be video taped. It will be very obvious that you knew what you were doing. It is necessary so that if you try to take us down, you go down with us. The video will be encrypted and stored in a safe place. It will never be viewed by anyone... except by the law if you turn on us.” I said.

He reluctantly agreed and read the note on camera.

“Great, Wayne! I'm sorry for that formality, but we have quite a thing going and can't take any chances. Are you ready?” I asked.

“Fuck yes, I'm ready. How far away is it?” he asked.

“Closer than you think, but first I have to go over the rules with you.” I said.

“Ok...” he said.

“You only have about 20 minutes. I will be there the entire time.” I continued, “She will refer to you as 'Master'. You should normally refer to her by her slave name, which I will give you when I introduced you to her.”

“Man... this is... fuck...!” he said, excitedly.

“She will do anything you tell her to do. Just state your desire such as “Get on your knees...” then her name. She will respond “Yes, Master.” and then do as you ordered.

“But... this is only a sample. You can touch her and have her suck your cock if you want, but you cannot fuck her, punish her, or harm her in any way.” I said “Do you agree?”

“Fuck yeah, man. Lets do this.” he said.

“Ok, Wayne, let's go to the basement.” I said, motioning towards the basement door.

“What? They're here? Wait... no way! You're the guy? ” he said, incredulously.

“Yes, Wayne. I'm am the guy.” I said with a smile.

We walked to the bottom basement door. I knocked and waited a few seconds, then opened the door. Star was in position, with Baby standing beside her.

“Holy fuck, dude! Oh my God! This is for real!” Wayne exclaimed.

We walked to the center of the room. “This is 'Star' on the left, and 'Baby' on the right.” I said, “Girls, this is Wayne. He is here to have a look at you. He is potentially going to be your new Master.”

“Hello, Master.” Baby said, nudging Star.

“Hello, Master.” Star said.

“Let me show you how this works, Wayne.” I said. “Star, step forward.” I commanded. Star immediately said “Yes, Master.”, stood up and took a step forward.

“Remove your shirt.” I ordered. Star again said “Yes, Master.” and immediately slid her shirt up over her head, revealing her gorgeous tits.

“Oh... my... fucking... “ Wayne trailed off.

“Give it a try, Wayne.” I prompted.

“Ok... um... you... uh... Baby was it?... um take... take off... your shirt.” he timidly ordered.

Baby looked at me with an extremely sad look on her face. I figured I had made my point with her now and walked over to her, put my arm around her shoulders and said “Sorry, Wayne... this one is mine.” Baby looked at me and then put her arm around my waist, squeezing me tightly.

“Ok... cool... cool... um... Star... Take your panties off.” he said, with a little more authority this time.

“Yes, Master.” star replied and slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

“Oh, my God, you are gorgeous!” he said. I could see his huge cock bulging up in his pants.

“Um... what now? Um...” he stammered.

“Star, why don't you show Wayne your new-found talent?” I said.

“Yes, Master.” Star said, walking over to Wayne and getting down on her knees.

“Oh... my... “ Wayne was speechless.

Star unzipped his pants and pulled them down, Wayne's full 9 inches falling out. Star's eyes opened wide, like saucers. She could not believe how big it was. I looked at Baby and she just stood there, mouth open in disbelief.

Wayne reached down and grabbed her tits and massaged them. 'Fuck!” He said as he felt their firmness.

Star started demonstrating her new talent and Wayne stood straight up to give her full access. It was a huge hunk of meat and she could not take it all, but she did manage to get about 7 inches or so down her throat, only gaging a few times.

Wayne took only about 45 seconds to start spurting, “Ohhhhhh... fuucccckkkk! Fuck! Ohhhhh... fuck!!!” he yelled, coming in to Star's mouth.

She made an admirable attempt, but it had apparently been a long time for Wayne; he had a massive amount of come, and it was a bit too much for Star. She didn't take her mouth off, but she was not able to swallow it all.

After she was finished, she stood up, looked up at him and asked “Did I please you, Master?”

“Fucking right you did! Oh my God you are incredible!” He gushed.

He moved his hands over her tits, down her sides and grabbed her ass. “My God, you are incredible!”

Star looked embarrassed. ”Thank you, Master!” she said with a smile.

“Ok girls, thank you very much. I will see you later tonight.” I said, motioning Wayne to go back upstairs. I looked at Baby and winked.

Wayne and I went back upstairs. He could not stop talking. “She was fucking incredible, man. How long have you had that sweet piece of ass here? The other one is fucking nice too, man. I see why you want to keep her, but Star... she is so fucking hot!”

“I know. Wayne. The are both very good slaves.” I said calmly.

“Ok, so you've seen the merchandise. Think about it for a few days and get back to me.” I said.

“I'm ready, man! I will buy her on Monday!” he said.

“Wayne, this isn't like buying a car. There are preparations to make. Where will you keep her? Until you can fully trust her, you will need to keep her chained or locked up when you are not with her.” I said, bringing him back down to earth.

“Yeah, yeah, I see what you mean.” he said “I want you to know that I definitely want her. Don't sell her to anyone else, man. I definitely want her.”

“I will hold her for a week. Fly home on Monday as planned, think it over, make sure this is what you really want, and prepare a place for her. If you still want her, let me know by Thursday.”

“Ok, that sounds good, man.” he said.

“It would not be wise to fly her home with you on a plane. I will drive her to your house since it's only about six hours away. I will get her set up in her room and then leave you with your new toy.” I said.

“$100k, right?” he answered.

“Yes, $100k.” I confirmed.

“And Wayne, it's 'cash only', so keep that in mind.” I said.

“Ok, cool.” he said.

Wayne and I talked for a few more minutes before he left then I went down to see the girls.

“What did you think of Wayne, Star?” I asked.

“He seems like a cool guy, Master.” she replied.

“He's very rich, too. You would be well taken care of.” I said. Star's eyes lit up a bit.

“I've known him for years. He is a little eccentric, but he is not cruel. I think you would be happy with him, and if you treat him right he would probably treat you more as his wife than a slave.” I added.

“Yes, Master.” Star replied.

October 10th, 2007

Wayne called today. He definitely wants to buy Star. He has the cash in hand and is preparing a place for her in a back bedroom. He has seven bedrooms, so I Imagine he had one to spare since he lives there alone now.

He said everything would be ready by Sunday and we agreed that I would arrive with Star on Sunday afternoon.

Star was excited by the news. Baby and I are both a bit sad, but we realize she will be happier there than in the basement.

October 14th, 2007

Today is the day we deliver Star to Wayne. It's a long drive, so we're leaving in a few minutes.

We all slept in my bed for our final night together. Again, it would cheapen the memory to commit the details to writing, but it was a bitter-sweet night.

I will say that last night we had two firsts; Baby eating pussy, and Star having an orgasm. Baby seemed to enjoy pleasing Star. It had never really occurred to me but Star had never had an orgasm the whole time she's been here. I'm not sure she has ever had one.

She finally did last night while Baby went down on her. Star acts much differently than Baby. She just kind of tenses up and moans a long, low “MmmmMMMMmmmmm”. She almost acts like it's painful, but she is smiling and you can tell she is getting off.

October 15th, 2007

Baby and I slept late today, and for the first time, without Baby chained up.

We dropped Star off at Wayne's yesterday and stayed about 2 hours while she got set up in her new room. I believe she will be happy at Wayne's. On the way there, we had a long talk. Star is a very pretty girl, but also quite shallow. I think she hated her life before I got her. She of course hated captivity and the beatings too, but once she found her place, and especially once she met Wayne and realized she was going to live in a mansion and have a rich owner, I think she realized this was a better deal than being a dental hygienist and marrying a salesman or something.

On the way back, I decided to go for broke. I needed to know if I could trust Baby or not. We stopped at a gas station right off the interstate. I pulled up, pointing the car back towards the road, handed her a $20 bill and told her to go in and get us something to drink.

There were a lot of people in there. She could have easily asked for help and been safe. She bought the drinks, came back out and hopped in the car like it was nothing unusual. I knew right then that she was were she wanted to be.

I think it's largely because she sees me as a father figure, but I'll take it. She is so beautiful.

I think I may be in love with her.

October 28th, 2007

Baby and I are now acting more like a couple than a master and slave. She still knows her place, calls me 'Daddy' in private and asks permission for most things, but we go out to eat together, went to a movie a few nights ago, and have wonderful sex about every other night.

She is still a beast in bed and wears me out.

October 30th, 2007

Baby and I went out for dinner tonight. I told her that I cared for her deeply and that I was releasing her, but she was welcome to stay with me for as long as she liked, and that I loved her and hoped she would stay with me forever.

I was a little worried she may leave and turn me in, but I didn't care. I love her. I'm sure of that now. If she didn't love me back, I didn't care what happened to me. In reality, if she would have left, I would have run, changed my name and avoided the law for as long as possible. And when caught, probably killed myself.

To my great relief, she told me she has loved me since that night we spent together on the first evaluation day.

November 11th, 2007

Wayne called tonight. Star has really taken to her new life. He still chains her up at night and mostly keeps her in her room, but she is slowly earning his trust. I think they will be like Baby and I soon.

I think he really likes her, but Wayne was never quite happy with one girl. He told me he might be interested in buying Baby as well. When I told him she was not for sale, he offered me $150k. I told him she was not for sale at any price.

He told me to let him know if another girl becomes available. He said he knows a few other guys in his close circle of friends who might also be interested.

November 23rd, 2007

I've been thinking about what Wayne said. I love Baby, and this whole experience has somewhat satisfied my desire to beat attitudes out of spoiled girls, but I miss it, and I must admit the money is good.

I had a long talk with Baby about this. Encouraged by how well it turned out for her and Baby, and knowing that Wayne was a good guy, she agreed that we should try it again. Her one stipulation is that we get a troubled girl, such as a runaway; a girl that once acclimated to the life and sold to a decent Master, would have a better life than she would normally have any prayer of achieving.

I stressed that we would have to be hard on the girls until they were broken. You can't train a slave with niceness. She would have to be willing to punish the girls, humiliate them, force herself on them and watch them as I forced myself on them. She understood and agreed.

We talked for hours, planning how to acquire the girl and what role we would each play. We agreed that the good cop/bad cop thing worked well with Star and we could use that after the initial shock wore off. We also agreed that drastic measures like Star with the dog would be used only as a last resort.

She is going to start hanging out a few nights a week at the local girls runaway shelter. She is only 19 and can pass as a 17 year old runaway. She will also start trolling the social web sites.

December 12th, 2007

Baby has a couple of promising prospects at the runaway shelter. She is working on one in particular. A 17 year old blond with a streak of black in her hair. Nice body, attractive, very bad attitude. She has three or four piercings, dresses in black and is a real tough 'Nobody-fucks-with-me' hard-ass. Right up my alley

She told the girl she was going to go live at her uncles house and that she would talk to him about them both staying there.

December 22nd, 2007

We spent a good chunk of money fixing up the basement. It is now two separate finished rooms, both with chain rings and both suitable as slave quarters.

We installed a larger refrigerator, microwave and some cabinets for food in the main room.

The unfinished storage room has been partially finished and has several extra chain rings on the ceiling, a twin bed with a heavy frame and several padded beams of different heights made out of saw horses. It will server as the punishment room.

December 31th, 2007

Baby brought the blond girl home last night. We went the easy route this time and got her so drunk she was too fucked up to fight back much. She passed out during the struggle. She woke up this morning chained spread-eagle and face-down on the twin bed in the punishment room with a ball gag in her mouth. I think I'll name this one 'Cunt'.

We went down to introduce her to her new life. I explained her situation to her as she made muffled noises and her face turned red. I then removed the ball gag, only to be assaulted by the longest string of curse-laden insults and death threats I think I've ever heard.

This one is going to be fun....

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2016-06-05 18:59:27
you sadistic bastard if I ever find you I will torture you till the point you beg for death and it will never come

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2015-11-26 05:26:05
I luved it fits my fantasy to a t I luv my role as a slave

SpanishJX KittyReport

2015-07-12 03:37:58
This shit sounds real to me, I mean the characters do, and I'm amused by how he describes the kidnapping of the "emo girl", because of the way he describes her.

I also wonder why he doesn't mention neither his name, nor the true names of Star or Baby (there's a moment where he says he called Slut by "her true name" through chat).

Maybe it's because I'm new to this, but I can't help myself to think we are reading a story about a true sex trafficker...which, if true means that the girls we masturbated at through the series were really kidnapped, raped and sold.

Just saying.

Entertaining stuff anyway...we must all be scum...

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If I was Star I wouldn't mind a doggie dick in my wet pussy

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OMG This a great story. There are two I would like one let me know how Star is doing in her life two how would things go with girls of other races. Oh did Baby and her Master every Marrie? :-)

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