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it was the last day of school....
She sat there waiting for the clock to strike 3pm thinking to herself "Damn i wish class would hurry up and end already" meanwhile she didnt even notice that her teacher Mr.Stiltner was staring at her in an unusual strange way."Um is there something wrong?"she asked him,and with a look of embarrassment on his face he replied"Uh no Ms.Elkins there isnt."but Madison knew different she had been thinking all semester long that he had a sexual attraction to her after all who wouldnt she was a gorgeous young lady about 5'4 blonde hair that struck her just below her shoulders,hazel eyes that would make your heat melt and a body that the girls would kill for,and to top it all off she was head of the schools varsity cheerleading team,basically she was the girl everyone envied.Now the clock read 2:45pm she just couldnt take it anymore so she jumped out of her seat and yell "would you just let us get the fuck outta here i mean it is the last day of school u know and i have better things to di with my time than set around in this hell hole"
"well well ms.elkins looks like u get to see me after class is over thanks to that little outburst of yours"mr.stiltner madison just slumped down in her chair and layed her head on her desk since she was gonna be there for awhile.the bell rang and everyone said their last goodbyes to the end of the school year.after everybody was out of the classroom mr.stilner got up from behind his desk and shut the door and walked over to were maddy was settin"now tell me ms.elkins" "please call me maddy mr.stiltner u make me sound so uggh OLD" she interrupted,"well okay then maddy tell me why u done what u did in class today?" "because im just so sick of this place its boring here man am i glad that i graduated"
i bet i could show u something that would make u wanna stay maddy mr.stilner said,yeah sure and just what would that be?she questioned.with that being said he got up and slowly unzipped his pants revealing his HUGE buldge in his boxers oh my she said as she stared at it her heart began racing and her nipples were growing harder and harder and her pussy grew weter.she never knew a teacher could be so fit so goodlooking and was about 30 with a good looking body after u seen him outta his clothes.she knew what she had to so so she got up and stood in front of him kissed him full on the lips then went to her knees and shoved his hard cock right into her miost teenage mouth"oh fuck yeah" he screamed as he grabbed the back of her head on forced her mouth down "suck me u cock hound bitch""suck me like the little slut u are"thats right suck daddys hard pecker"she was rapidly going at it moaning from all the excitment she was feelin she had to have his dick in her that all there was to it and she wasnt givin up until she got what she wanted,so maddy jumped to her feet pulled off her jeans and black thong and layed back on her desk saying "fuck me and fuck me hard NOW!!!with no hesitation he rammed his eight inch member right into her teenage pussy and with each thrust their moans and screams were getting louder until they both was the best feeling they had ever had in their lives.
now with both of them sadisfied and very tired,they look at eachother and maddy says well guess i was a very "NAUGHTY GURL" to have to stay 3 hours after school."yes u were Ms.Elkins...I..I mean Maddy!!!"

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2012-06-04 19:41:49
Absolute SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-12-03 16:35:40
i bet even the girl in this story knows how to write better than you


2007-03-28 23:05:41
why dont u Just buy a gun and shoot ur self


2007-03-24 23:21:15
that sucked


2005-06-16 22:12:38
s t u p i d

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