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Me and my "friend's" sister, alone...
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Revenge Against Luke

Luke was a twat. That’s all I thought of him. A complete bastard. I absolutely hated him. He thinks he’s ‘hard’ and that everyone wants to be his friend and that he’s so popular. But when his back is turned you can say to anyone, “Sure Luke’s a complete twat?” and they reply “Hell yeah!”. I rest my case. And this was why I was going to be spending my Wednesday night with him. At his house. That’s my greatest weakness. I’m too nice and polite. Instead of what other people would do, such as make an excuse or even tell him that he’s a complete twat, I said yes to going round his house. Even though I hate him. Yay.

Me and Luke used to be quite close. We’re both 14 and quite clever, being the smartest people in the class most of the time. But as we moved into year 9 he started talking to some people who think they’re hard, and so now he thinks that he’s hard and popular and likeable. He also says really annoying stuff like, “Oh Dan, you’re really sad ‘cos you do homework.” Firstly, everyone does homework, so either everyone’s really sad, or Luke’s wrong. Secondly, every night I go out at like 5 o’clock to hang out with my mates and don’t come in until 9. He has no friends near him to hang out with, so he says, so he spends pretty much all his days in his room playing Call of Duty. But I’m sad?

So at the end of school I walked out of school and got into his dad’s car. It was a very nice car, a silver Jaguar XK. Luke’s parents were quite ‘well off’ so he got loads of stuff. He always had all the latest games out, and his house (which is strangely rather small; maybe they don’t want to pay such a big mortgage?) was full of luxuries like 50 inch TVs and Jacuzzi bath etc. The Jag was his dad’s car, while his mum owned a 2-seater Smart Car. I think they must be trying to save on fuel or space to buy it.

Luke’s dad is quite fat. He must weigh about 20 stone at least. He’s very clever (which is why he’s paid so much) and he sometimes can be quite annoying, like Luke. For example, you’d make a joke about something, then he’d completely spoil it by giving a full explanation about what you’re talking about and then say how the joke doesn’t work. IT’S ONLY A FUCKING JOKE!!

Once we were in the car we had to wait for Luke’s sister. Now, Luke’s sister is amazingly hot! Her name is Cassandra, but everyone calls her Cassie. She has long silky black hair, a very slim, slender body, a nice tight ass, gorgeous slim legs, and one of the most beautiful faces ever shaped by the Lord. Her tits must’ve been around a 28C and they were nice and perky. She was two years above me and Luke, 16 years old. Her boyfriend, Charlie was two years older than her. He was awesome. He was funny and cool. He was tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim body. Not wanting to be gay or anything but he was the perfect boyfriend. He was also one of the luckiest guys in the world to be going out with someone like Cassie.

It was quite a sunny day as we sped along the motorway. Luke’s dad drives quite fast and we were soon at Luke’s house. We entered the narrow hallway and were greeted by his mother. She’s quite slim with a few wrinkles, and her hair was a bit faded, but overall she doesn’t look bad to be in her forties. I said hello and Luke and Cassie gave her a hug. Luke’s dad gave her a small kiss. Me and Luke kicked off our shoes and went upstairs.

Because Luke has no friends and is obsessed with games, pretty much all we do at his house is play Call of Duty. I don’t really play it much, I don’t even have the latest one, so obviously I’m not good at it at all. Luke, being obsessed with it is amazingly good at it. In most games he would beat me 20 kills to nothing.

After we’d played around 6 games, I heard Cassie announce loudly down to her mum that she was taking a shower. Just this thought made my 7 inch dick turn to rock. The thought of the warm water cascading down onto her smooth wet skin. I had to adjust the way I was sitting to hide my erection.

For dinner we were going to get Pizza Hut delivered. Just then Luke’s mum shouted up, “Luke, they say that the delivery system is down, so we’re going to have to collect it!”
“Oh what!!” Luke replied.
“Well it’s either that or you starve, ‘cos I ain’t making you anything.” His mum shouted.
“Ok fine.” Luke said in annoyance.
“Erm, one problem, you’re dad’s gone to the pub in the Jag so we’ve only got the Smart to go in.”
“Well, can’t you just go on your own then?” Luke said.
“No I need to know what you all want!”
“Well I’ll write it down for you then!”
“We’ve got no paper. You’re dad was meant to get some more but he never got round to it! So it looks like Dan’ll have to stay here!”
Luke turned to me. “You don’t mind staying here for a while do you? It’ll only be for an hour or so, ‘cos our nearest Pizza Hut’s miles away, that’s why we usually get delivery.” Yes I did mind staying here for an hour. The thought of staying home alone in a strange house with my mate’s fit-as-fuck sister naked in the shower just across the landing. I was petrified. But of course, being kind, polite me, I had to accept. “No, I’ll be fine.” I said, instantly regretting it.
“Cool, so what do you want?” Luke replied.
“I’ll just have Hawaiian thanks.” I said.
“Nice, I’ll cya later then.” He said, as he went downstairs. “Won’t be long, bye.” He shouted to me as he closed the door.

It was silent. I didn’t dare to move. The only noise was that of the shower that Cassie was naked in. I decided to make myself comfortable, so I went through Luke’s many games. I finally found a decent one, Just Cause 2. I put it in and started playing.

Not long after I heard the trickle of the water stop. I heard the door swing open and the sound of bare feet on carpet. The noise got louder until Luke’s bedroom door swung open and in it stood Cassie in a short white towel wrapped round her slender body. The towel was quite short and only stopped to around her thighs, leaving her smooth slim legs on display for me. Her silky hair was wet and stuck to her face. She smiled at me as she stood in the doorway. I looked up and down her body before I looked up at her and said “Enjoy your shower then?”
“Yeah,” she replied, “I love showers. Just the feeling of the water on your body, and the relief it gives you from everything.” Again I had to readjust my sitting position to hide my erection.
“So what pizza you having then?” I asked her.
“Meat feast of course! I just love meat! The taste and the texture on my tongue! I love it!” she replied. I had to stop myself from how dirty it sounded. “So whatcha’ playing then?” she asked.
“Just Cause 2. I have it at home, it’s amazing!” I said.
“Oh boys, all the same, only talk about games.” She said jokingly.
“Hey, I don’t play as much as Luke! I hardly ever play games actually!” I replied, offended.
“Oh, sorry then,” she said, giggling, “So are you okay then?”
“Yeah I’m fine thanks.”
“Okay, I’m just gonna get dressed now. Go back to your game, saddo.” She said, poking her tongue out as she went to her room. I had to stop myself from going with her and raping her! She was so fit.

I went back to playing the game. Suddenly, after around 10 minutes I heard a scream come from Cassie’s room. I stayed in Luke’s room at first, not knowing whether I should barge into my friend’s sister’s room. But soon I convinced myself to go to her room. I went down the landing to Cassie’s room. I could hear someone breathing very fast. I knocked on the door. No reply. I knocked again, and said, “Cassie? Is everything okay?”
After around half a minute she said, “Yeah I’m fine, just stubbed my toe.” Her voice was quite breathless, and she seemed to be talking between hushed moans.
“You want me to take a look at it?” I asked.
“No, I’ll be fine.” Seconds after saying this another loud scream came from her room.
“That doesn’t sound like a stubbed toe. What’s wrong?” As I said this I swung the door open and stood in the doorway. The sight that met me made my cock grow twice its size, even though it was already fully erect. I saw Cassie, on her bed. Naked. Her towel was thrown over the duvet and she was lying on it, her head rested on the cushions at one end of the bed. Her legs were spread widely, and I could clearly see all of her tight pink pussy with three fingers buried in it. As I opened the door her beautiful face changed from ecstasy and pleasure to complete shock and surprise.

“Shit!!” I cried as I entered the room, “I’m so sorry!! I didn’t realize!! Crap!! I’ll just leave now! Don’t worry I’ll forget all about it!” I quickly turned to walk out. Just as I was closing the door I heard her shout, “Wait!” I turned back around and reentered the room. She had closed her legs a bit, but I could still see her dripping cunt and her gorgeous tits. Her hand had now exited her vagina and was now resting on her stomach. “I’m really horny!” she said, sounding quite drunk, “And I think I had a few too many of daddy’s beer. You see, showers REALLY turn me on. They just make me NEED something in my pussy. And I think I see something that could do the trick.” She said, eyeing up the bulge in my jeans.
“Erm, okay, so is there anything I can do to help you then?” I asked sounding stupid on purpose.
“Oh yes, I’m sure there’s a lot of things you can do for me. Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention that there’s a rule in my room; anyone who enters must be naked. Sorry, but it’s the rules.” She said, still staring at my crotch.
“Oh, well if it’s the rules, I suppose I’ll have to obey.” I said, quickly pulling my top over my head. Cassie watched this, her already soaked pussy getting even wetter as she stared at me undressing myself. I then reached down and undid my belt. I unfastened my jeans and pulled them down. After that I pulled my yellow socks off. I threw my clothes into the pile that Cassie had made with hers. I could see her rubbing her nipples and getting really turned on as I pulled down my boxers, exposing my rock solid 7 inch cock. She moaned as I stood up straight, completely naked, as she was, my long thick penis protruding out from my body. She then got up on the bed onto all fours, facing me, her arse wiggling her in the air. I took her hint and moved over to her bed where she was bent over on her pink duvet.

Cassie had positioned herself so that when I stood at the side of the bed, her mouth was in the perfect position to receive my rock hard cock. Because of this I stood at the side of the bed, while she moved to the edge and took my dick in her hand. She gasped as she felt how thick and long it was. She rubbed it up and down a bit, before leaning her head forward and opening her mouth wide. I pushed my hips forward slightly and my cock slipped into her wet mouth.

I felt like I was dreaming. My cock felt so good inside the smooth wetness of Cassie’s mouth. I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock, causing me to moan softly. “Oh baby, do it like that. Oh yeah.” I moaned as Cassie continued to rub her tongue over my cock. Every so often she would push her head forward more and I felt my penis touch the back of her throat. It felt so good. Just as I was on the edge of orgasm, she pulled my dick out of her mouth with a loud pop. After rubbing the shaft up and down with her slender fingers a few times she turned round, still on all fours with her ass in the air, wiggling that glorious ass in my face.

I could see her tight puckered asshole and the pink wet lips of her pussy poking through. I quickly bent down next to the bed and started licking out her smooth vagina. It was sweet and juicy. I licked out the inside of her pussy and her large swollen clit. I then moved up to her asshole where I poked my tongue in and rubbed it around a bit, meanwhile I fingered her cunt with two fingers. After three minutes she was moaning as she drenched my fingers in sweet pussy juice. I took them out and sucked on them, swallowing all her nectar.

By now my cock must’ve grown another inch it was so hard. I stood up and took my cock in my hand. She then turned over to lie down on her back with her legs spread wide. I took up position between her smooth pale legs and rubbed them a bit. I then took hold of my cock and guided it into her entrance. We both moaned as I pushed the head into her tight pussy. My saliva, her pussy juices, and her saliva on my cock all gave loads of lubrication, but she was still tight as fuck. It was obvious that her and Charlie didn’t have sex much. When I’d been at Luke’s house previously while Charlie had been there, only once had I heard them having sex. And I’d been to Luke’s house at least fifteen times, since we used to be quite close friends.

I started pushing more of my cock into her tight pussy. She wasn’t a virgin, which was clear from the lack of her hymen. I pushed in all the way until all 7 inches was buried in her. I felt my cock touch her womb. I then began thrusting my hips in and out of her. She moaned as I fucked her fast. I reached forward and sucked on her hard nipples as I drilled her pussy. She then reached up and put her hands around my neck. I got her hint and reached behind her back with both arms. I pulled her up as she wrapped her legs around my ass, my hips still thrusting in and out. I was now standing, holding her in a tight embrace. We started kissing passionately as I fucked her pussy below. I moved my lips down and kissed her neck. I caressed her soft skin with my tongue as she arched her back and looked at the ceiling. I then moved down and sucked on her breasts as well.

Soon I was on the verge of cumming again and so I stood forward and laid her back down on the bed. I continued to fuck her quickly, but soon she screamed with pleasure as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she flooded me with her juices. This sent me over the edge and soon I too was moaning as I filled her womb with my warm creamy cum. I buried my cock deep into her vagina as I squirted my semen into her.

After what seemed like a year I withdrew my cock from my friend’s sister’s pussy. She lied on the bed, breathing long and deep, cum dribbling out of her pussy onto the bed sheets. She looked down and stuck a finger into her cunt. When she pulled it out it was covered in both our cum. She licked and swallowed all it off her finger.

Suddenly there was a large slam from downstairs. Shit! They were back! I quickly grabbed my clothes, and Cassie’s panties, and rushed across the landing into the bathroom, naked. I quickly got dressed and exited the bathroom casually as if nothing had happened. Luke was at the top of the stairs. “You hungry?” he asked. “Yes I fucking am you twat, I just banged the shit out of your sister and pumped her full of cum. Ha!” I thought.
“Um, sure!” I actually said.
“Cool come on then!” he replied. I followed him down the stairs in disgust. After a few minutes

Cassie joined us in a white tank top, through which I could clearly see her braless boobs, and a short pink pleated skirt. When she sat down I knocked my fork off the table. I quickly dived under the table to retrieve it. I quickly noticed Cassie’s pussy completely exposed with her legs spread with no panties. I gave her clit a quick stroke with my finger and then got back up. Cassie said nothing, but when I touched her, her breathing quickened.

Around a month later Luke came into school and said to me, “Guess what! Cassie’s pregnant!” In my mind all I could think was “Shit, fuck, oh my god!! Crap!”
To Luke, I said, “Oh my god! Did she get a bit busy with Charlie?”
“We dunno,” he replied, “But she wants to keep it! And mum and dad now hate her. So all in all, a pretty normal day.” He said sarcastically. We got our stuff and walked to our lesson, thinking of Cassie, carrying my baby.

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