...... it's 2:30 AM and I am just lying down. I took a quick shower in the basement where I live. I live in my parent's home. The house is big; it is a ranch style bungalow; four bedrooms downstairs along with a utility room, shower and pantry. There are a couple of other rooms where ‘pa’ keeps his tools, etc...
The main floor has two guest rooms, a master bedroom, kitchen, den, living room, and a play room for the kids. Mom and dad put a pool in a few years ago. They added a huge deck atop the garage last year. All in all 20 people could live in this old house.
I moved back home after my second divorce. My name is John I’m 39 years of age. I have been back at home for 4 months now. I work in the Oil patch; which might explain my abrasive personality.
The celebration is winding down; Thanksgiving at mom and dad’s is always a happy event. My parents; Mr. & Mrs Perry, hold three major gatherings per year. They hold a BBQ in the summer; and Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
The guest list contains some important people from hereabouts. This thanksgiving party list must have 200 plus people on it, of which perhaps 50 are family.
My uncles, aunts and father tolerate me only because my mother and oldest sister care about me.
Apparently I can be a bit of a jerk.
I have a younger brother who is overseas in the military, and is highly thought of both in and outside the immediate family. I have a younger sister who hates my guts; the feeling is mutual. Of course my trying to rape her when she was 15 might have darkened her view of her oldest brother. We are civil most of the time; but a definite chill is in the air when we are alone.
Then there is mom. I love my mom. Fifteen years ago this thanksgiving I did what many a male wants to do. I fucked my mother. .... God my mother has a nice cunt.
I had an exclusive celebration today, the 15th anniversary of my great gift to mom.
I toast myself; ‘Oh what a good boy am I’; and a good time was had by all. ..... Quietly laughing!
............................. I lay in my bed thinking back all those years. ...........................
Reflecting; wow; that was some night. ...................
The party that day went very well. My sisters and their families where staying overnight. My wife at that time, Kristen, and I, stayed the night. We slept downstairs in the same room I am in this night. Everyone else who stayed, including three none related families, stayed outside in their tents and mobile homes, etc...
Dad had stayed until 9:00 PM. He had to rush off to catch a flight to NY on business. This pissed him off as her liked these gatherings very much. I knew this ahead of time.
At 2:53 AM; according to the clock-radio; I arose and left my wife sleeping. Kristen had started taking med’s which put her into a deep sleep. This was mostly due to me I think, but then again, maybe not.
I walked upstairs without any concern of discovery. I had switched one of mom’s pills while she was with the guests outside. ..... I peered outside; no one was about at this time of the morning. The bathroom to be used by the guests was a good 40 feet from mom’s bedroom. I opened mom’s bedroom door and closed it behind me. I went straight to the patio door in her bedroom and opened it a few inches, and unlatched the screen; then closed the patio door again, but unlatched. Mom kept the blinds and curtains drawn tightly.
It was 3:04 AM and I was alone with my drugged mother. She always had a bed side light on in her bedroom when dad was away. Mom kept her pills by the lamp; the pills where gone.
"Thanks mom!"
I walked over to mom in her bed; “I love you mom.” I looked at my beautiful mother for a minute or more. I kissed her on the cheek, her nose, her eyes, and her mouth. I stuck my tongue into mom’s mouth and tongue-fucked her mouth. Mom had, and still has, a beautiful pair of lips; I wanted to enjoy sliding my tongue between those sexy lips. I spent a few minutes licking my mother’s mouth in a most un-son like manner. I licked the inside of her lower lip, tickling her, mom flinched; I smiled.
It was 3:13 AM and I was alone with my drugged mother. I rolled back her covers exposing her body, covered with her night gown; which came to just below her knees. Mom was on her side so I moved her onto her back and lifted her knees up so I could slide her night gown up to her waist.
I’ll always remember her pussy. Her mound was covered with light brown hair, a sparse amount of pubic hair. I opened her legs to about 4 feet between her ankles.
Mom’s lips are small; her inner lips showed about ½ inch; no more. I took two pillows off the bed and placed one under each of her knees.
I had some Vaseline in a tissue. I covered the end of my cock with Vaseline. Crawling between her legs I entered her in one gentle slow motion. She felt tight. She even let out a small moan as my cock penetrated her lovely cunt. I pulled my cock back slowly, mentally logging the feeling of every sensation as I pulled out. I re-entered my mother with the same slow penetration I used before.
Ohhhhh! .... She is nice and snug.
It was 3:20 AM and I was fucking my drugged mother. I slowly moved in and out of her; feeling her, fucking my own mother. I kept up a moderate pace to the fucking I was giving my mother.
I sat back on my knees, and picked up mom’s legs from behind her knees. I held her up in a “V”, her legs bent at the knees, I held her legs open and watched myself fuck her. I enjoy looking at myself gliding in and out of a beautiful cunt. Mom had a beautiful, loving cunt.
Much to my delight I noticed her clit was a little swollen after only a few minutes sex. I slowed my pace to see if I could make her cum in her sleepy drugged stupor. I love my mother.
Mom was in her early 40’s and going through the change of life, I had overheard conversation about how horny she was at times. I wanted to feel the cunt of a hot older woman; this was perfect.
I slide in and out of her for another two or three minutes, not changing anything in how I moved my splendid cock...
Every stroke I made filled my mind with sexual sensations.
Listening carefully, I picked up on a change in her breathing.
I saw her nostrils change. I heard her breathing change, and best of all, moms hips moved a little, not much, but I was thrilled. I was fucking my mother and she was aroused.
Keeping up this exact rhythm, I watch as I move within her. I push in deeper. Her nostrils flare, her head moves just a little to one side. Mom’s tongue comes out briefly, licking one corner of her mouth.
Back and forth inside her I glide, in and out tracing small circles; touching her deep and seeing her respond to that inner feeling of me she is getting. I notice her pussy lips are swollen. I keep watching her as I use her
Drugged and out of it, I was experiencing my mother’s sexuality; and I loved it.
............................ Mom is a good fuck.
Her eye’s flickered, but she never gained consciousness.
She moaned loader as I rubbed my shaft along her vaginal walls.
Ohhhh ... the heat from her hot little cunt. My God she feels good.
Mom’s hips are moving now; no pretence, my mother is fucking me. I feel the heat inside; small spasms greet me at the end of each thrust.
My middle aged, drugged mother is un-knowingly giving her son a fine piece of ass.
Pushing in deep; pressing firmly; I pin mom’s hips to the mattress with my cock and hips. I watch her eyes. Her eyes open; she stares right at my face, her eyes flicker and close.
I move to meet her thrust. Mom has grabbed my arms; she squeezes my biceps’; it hurts but I love it. Her arms are pulling at me, wanting me on top of her.
Pushing in and twisting, reaming her hole, I watch my own mother fuck, eyes flickering; hips slowly pumping, gasping out load, her head pressed back; she clinches my cock with her cunt, she cums quietly as I slide in, and pull back. I keep fucking her; makes a son proud. God she is a good fuck.
What a thrill watching your own mother’s hips buck under you when she comes. Her body tenses. Her movement so erotic, I’m fucking my mom and she loves it. .... What a slut, I smile.
I touch some special place in her body. Her arms let go; her head rolls back into the pillow; and arching back with belly so sweet to watch, her gasping breath, she cums again on her son’s splendid cock; some moaning; mom’s cunt sucking at my cock.
I keep pressing against this place I have stumbled upon. I lean forward, pushing her legs high toward her tits; my cock presses firmly against mom’s insides; she spreads her own legs as far as she can, drawing her loving son in as deep as he can go.
I feel her spasms, her body convulses; and yet she is unconscious; I think.
I slow my pace; she is sensitive; I feel her respond to every move I make; I feel her spasms. Soon her spasms stop.
I look at her as her breath returns to normal, and her body relaxes.
I pull out, take the clothe I had brought with me and clean my beautiful mother off. Lifting her legs I pull her night gown down. I pull the covers back over her.
Mom mumbles something; probably thanking dad for a good fuck; checking the room, I leave.
It was 3:49 AM and I had just closed the door on mom’ room.
I got a couple of strange looks the next day, but nothing was said. Well, except for my young sister who glared at me; I don’t care what she thinks though. Nope, she is just a fat fucking pig.
One of these days I’m going to kick her right in the cunt; vile fucking bitch.
I love my mother. Mom is lucky to have a son who cares for her as deeply as I do.
..................................... That was a fun night for me an mom back then; I should have fucked her more often. She is a good mother; she deserves me.
It’s been 15 years, damn I have been negligent.
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