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Nathan spends some time with his daughter and her shy friend Jessica. But will Jessica become more than his daughter's friend.
I told Jessica it was okay and she could play with me all she wanted. She came into the room followed closely by Amber. Together they climbed onto my bed, both naked like I was. My cock was slow to come around so Amber quickly started playing with my balls. She motioned to Jessica and she grabbed my cock. Her soft hands were cold and soft and the combination quickly coaxed my cock into action.
“Why don’t you kiss him,” Amber offered.
She was hesitant at first as she moved in closer to me. I grabbed her and pulled her into my lips. She hesitated at first then reciprocated the act. Her hand tightened on my cock, squeezing it as her tongue entangled with mine. I pulled her away and said, “Would you like to kiss my cock?”
She nodded. “I would like to.”
“You can take his cock while I play with his balls,” Amber said.
After a few minutes Amber moved up my shaft and the girls took turns putting my cock in their mouths. My hand slipped down and around to Jessica’s ass and I slid a finger into her asshole. It startled her at first, but she was quick to relax and I started moving in and out slowly.
Amber had them stop and with my finger still in her hot little ass, Amber popped one of Jessica’s breast into her mouth and began sucking on her. My cock bounced as it pulsated. The scene caused more blood to be pumped into the organ and like before it started throb until it hurt.
“Let me have those,” I said motioning toward Jessica’s lovely breasts. I took my finger from her ass and she moved up placing them before me. She had a tiny birth that I hadn’t noticed before now nearly in the center of her chest making her breasts very unique.
As I sucked on her nipple making them harder, Amber spread Jessica’s legs apart and slid her body onto hers until their pussies met. Amber slowly started rubbing her pussy on Jessica’s. Soon they were matching pace and the rubbing turned into grinding.
Jessica arched her back drawing away from me and both young girls moaned from the orgasm they both just shared. I felt a steady stream of precum on my leg. I knew I was ready for one of their pussies.
“Why don’t you take care of my cock while I play with Jess,” I said to Amber.
She nodded and climbed on top of me, straddling my body facing away. I helped Jessica sit on me so the both girls’ backs were together. When they were settled I pulled Jessica in and began kissing her. She was a great kisser, especially for a twelve year old; I definitely looked forward to spending more time with this twelve year old. While we kissed I slipped a couple of fingers into her tight pussy.
Amber slowly worked my cock while I massaged Jessica’s insides. She was quick to orgasm and quickly covered my stomach in her juices. Amber orgasmed thirty seconds later adding to the mixture. Very quickly my balls were cover with her juices as well.
“Both of you need to lie down for me,” I ordered.
They complied lying next to each other. I started on Jessica first because I wanted to taste her juices before they were all gone. I started by licking around her pussy lips gathering up all of her sweet juices as I could.
Amber was playing with Jessica’s nipples with her tongue while watching me enjoying myself. I drove my tongue into the young girl and spent some time with her. She moaned and moved around a bit. I wanted to have a bit of my daughter. So I moved over to her, starting with her clit.
She was more involved then Jessica and I took that to be part of her reluctance with having me instead of one of her friends licking her pussy. Amber started to jerk after a few minutes and took to grinding her pussy into my face.
“I’ve got to cum daddy,” she moaned. So I went at it a little harder. Her hand came down on the back of my head and she grinded harder against my face. A few seconds later my mouth was filled with her juices.
I went back over to Jessica’s little pussy and repeated the same technique with her. She got more into it after seeing how Amber enjoyed it and like Amber, she grabbed my head and grinded her pussy into my face. Moments later she exploded.
I moved up and kiss them both. “Are you ready?” I asked Jessica. “Are you sure you want to lose your virginity?”
“Oh yes Nathan,” she moaned.
I pressed the head of my cock to her pussy and softly pushed until it slid in. “Oh daddy!” she yelled. A flush of excitement ran through me. I slowly slid in and out of the tight virgin pussy while Jessica continued moaning, “Oh daddy, oh daddy, fuck me, fuck me daddy.”
Eventually she started to meet my cock with each stroke. Jessica pulled Amber in and started kissing her. It was too much for me and I felt my cum building up.
“Are you ready for my cum?” I asked her.
“I want all your cum,” she said. “Bury it deep in me daddy.”
At the sound of the girl calling me daddy as if she were my real daughter I slammed my cock in as deep as I could and burst. Her hips shot forward and she arched her back and let out a loud scream that I thought would shake the house all the way to its foundations.
Her spasms slowly ceased and as I laid on top of her I kissed her lips lightly. I pulled out and slipped down between her legs. Her pussy was still pulsating as I stuck my tongue into her pussy, licking out some of my cum. I moved back up to her and kissed her. We shared my cum as she slipped her tongue into my mouth.
Amber moved in between her legs and began licking my cum out of Jessica’s pussy for herself. When Amber was finished I said to Jessica, “I would like to fuck your ass for you.”
“I’m ready,” she said. “I want you to watch daddy fuck my ass,” she said to Amber.
Amber slid to the edge of the bed as I bent Jessica over to gaze at the tight ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart and pondered how my cock was going to fit in it.
“Are you ready?” I asked.
“Yes daddy.”
“It may hurt a little,” I warned.
“I can handle it daddy, just fuck my ass until you cum.” Her tone sounded demanding. So I sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. I parted her ass cheeks once again and split onto her asshole. After rubbing my spit around, I put my cock head to her asshole.
I slowly guided it in. Her ass clamped down tight around my cock, giving it a real good, tight squeeze. I began to work it in and out slowly until it became a little easier to move inside the tight hole.
“Mmmm, fuck me hard daddy,” she moaned. “I cumming,” she said and then orgasmed. I increased my pace and in less than twenty seconds I was filling her ass with hot cum. I stayed in her until my body stopped jerking.
When I pulled out Amber was at our sides. She pulled Jessica’s ass apart and sticking her tongue in her asshole eating my cum as it poured out of her ass.
I laid back onto the bed and the girls converged on my cock licking it clean then kissed each other. When they finished each laid down in each of my arms.
“I love you daddy,” Amber said, then she gave me a kissed goodnight.
A few minutes later, just before I dozed off I heard Jessica say, “I love you too daddy.”

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2011-05-16 00:15:29
That's 2 clveer by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

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2010-05-19 19:58:21
Intence story I like it very much, and thank you for the memories, when my cousin let me fuck her friend alice, and the finaly was when I fuck my cousin in bougth ass and pussy, it was fantastic to have two girls to fuck an suck, it was my best fantasy?


2010-05-08 23:33:46
another great story this is a excellent series now for part 8

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2010-05-08 20:02:50
Excellent story!!!!!!!!!!!

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