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05/04/10 21:24:32 * Anala Blackblade had climbedher way into the Prilla's dorm room and was opening her draws looking for her panties
05/04/10 21:26:05 * Prilla walked to her dorm after having left class. All she wanted to do was rest after a long day. She walked into her room only to notice Anala going through her drawer. "What are you doing..?"
05/04/10 21:31:52 * Anala Blackblade opens her eye's wide as she looks at Prilla and blushed a bit "um um um i was just i ....." she seemed to have no realy anser she was known as the slave the pet she fallowed orders of a higer student called aeries "umm i was here to make shure every thing is clean"
05/04/10 21:34:18 * Prilla closed the door behind her and set her bag down. "Uh.. alright then?" Prilla wasn't too convinced that that's really what was going on. "I didn't know they had people here that cleaned the dorms. They must have just started that..?"
05/04/10 21:38:43 * Anala Blackblade smiles a bit as she looks about the room a bit more and then walks up to Prilla "umm well it was new they must of not told you yet itwas suposed to be told last week"
05/04/10 21:39:56 * Prilla nods, "I guess I just didn't get the memo." She looked the girl's body over for a few long seconds, "You are a bit too beautiful to be a cleaning lady, if you don't mind my saying so. What got you into that line of work...?"
05/04/10 21:41:27 * Anala Blackblade looks about a bit as she looks at her self "umm well i guess its a mater of needing to make a living?" she tilts her head a bit and sights lighlty
05/04/10 21:42:44 * Prilla chuckles softly, "Yes, I suppose you're right." She made her way over to the bed and sat down. "What's the matter, hun?"
05/04/10 21:44:06 * Anala Blackblade looks around the room a bit "umm well your room is umm very clean where do you keep your dirty laundry??"
05/04/10 21:44:38 * Prilla points to the bathroom, "In there. Why?" She looks at Anala, a bit confused.
05/04/10 21:50:14 * Anala Blackblade walks over to where she pointed looking in it a bit as she looked for a pair of panties "oh i was told to look for any place that could hide drugs while at it suprisingly meny people his them in laundy baskets"
05/04/10 21:53:15 * Prilla nods, "Well, feel free to check. I certainly have nothing to hide. Also, I hope you don't mind if I change? I'm so tired of this uniform." Before waiting for an answer, she walks over to the closet and begins to unbutton her blouse.
05/04/10 22:25:39 Anala Blackblade: hello
05/04/10 22:25:44 Prilla: Hi.
05/04/10 22:25:45 * Anala Blackblade forwns a bit finding no panties in the laundry mat as she gets up looking at the girl then walking over close to her and smiling "need some help with that hun she asked
05/04/10 22:27:21 * Prilla smiles, nodding a bit. "Actually, that'd be nice. Could you get the zipper on my skirt..?" She asks as she pulls off her top and drops it onto the closet floor.
05/04/10 22:29:06 * Anala Blackblade smiles lighlty as she slowly moved her hands to the girls skirt zipper and pulled it down very slowly then let the skit drop to the ground as she looked at her almost naked body "there we go" she smiled lighlty
05/04/10 22:31:59 * Prilla kicks her skirt to the side before pushing her underwear down her thighs. "Do you often help girls undress in their dorms?" She smiles, pointing to her back, "Could you maybe unhook my bra, too?"
05/04/10 22:36:51 * Anala Blackblade slowly unlocked her bra as she blushed "umm well mymistress yes but no one else" as she looked at her finding her very beautifull
05/04/10 22:40:58 * Prilla turns around to face the girl, "Well, I guess I've just helped you change that." She smiles, reaching forward to brush a strand of the girl's hair out of her face. "Does your mistress allow you to kiss other girls? Because, I have to be honest here, I'm having a very hard time keeping my hands and lips off of you..."
05/04/10 22:46:11 * Anala Blackblade blushess lighlty as she looks at her "umm no she does not" as she slowly pulled the girl to her as she looks into the girls eye's "umm thank you your very sexy your self Prilla"
05/04/10 23:02:26 Anala Blackblade: hello
05/04/10 23:02:34 Prilla: Hey.
05/04/10 23:03:28 * Prilla rests her hands on Anala's hips, "Oh, that's a shame..." She pulls the girl over to the bed and sits down, looking over her body again as she stands in front of her. "Thank you very much."
05/04/10 23:05:26 * Anala Blackblade shakes her head a bit as she pulled Prilla closer to her" instead she demands it" as she clossed her eye's tighlty and kissed her deeply
05/04/10 23:08:16 * Prilla moves her hands to rest on Anala's ass, squeezing a bit tightly as her tongue slipped pass her lips. Prilla pulls the girl onto the bed and quickly climbs on top of her, straddling her. She presses her hips against Anala's before pulling away from the kiss, "I hope you don't mind my taking charge. I get carried away when I'm in the presence of a sexy girl."
05/04/10 23:11:51 * Anala Blackblade blushess a bit as she looks at her and licked her lips "umm by all meens hun take charge" as she blushed a bit fealing her own little suprise in her skit pressing against it her cock hardening but her cunny juices could allrdy be smelled if she sniffed the air
05/04/10 23:18:10 * Prilla licks down her neck, then nibbles on her collarbone. One of her hands rubs up Anala's side and rests on her breast before she pulls her top off. Prilla makes a wet trail with her tongue, stopping at the nipple and biting it gently before she sucks on Anala's breast.
05/04/10 23:20:30 * Anala Blackblade closses her eye's and lets out a very light moan as she arched her back pressing her breasts out into Prilla's mouth her hands moving to the back of rpilla's head and rubbing her hair gently
05/04/10 23:26:18 * Prilla massages Anala's other breast gently, circling her thumb across the nipple. A few long moments and a large hicky later, Prilla begins to make her way down to Anala's crotch. "I bet you taste as nice as you smell, darling."
05/04/10 23:30:37 * Anala Blackblade moans out lighlty as she lifted her hips up to let Prilla slide her skirt down if she so wished her hips rolling a bit as she looke at her whondering to see her face once she saw she was a herm "umm you will need to tell me"
05/04/10 23:36:35 * Prilla's fingertips trail down the middle of the girl's stomach, getting a bit wide-eyed as she notices the cock. Her fingers run along the length of it, "This puts a very.. kinky .. twist on things." She looks up to Anala and grins before kissing along the inside of her thighs.
05/04/10 23:37:55 * Anala Blackblade bucks her hips a bit as she spreads her legs letting her hands as much room as she whanted a deep blush on her cheeks "umm i hope you dont mind" her hands moved to her own breastsas she rubbed them gently
05/04/10 23:42:11 * Prilla shakes her head, "Mm, no. I don't mind at all." She nibbles along the girl's thighs before letting one of her hands grab ahold of Anala's cock. As she strokes it slowly, her tongue slips pass her pussy lips and flicks back and forth.
05/04/10 23:51:57 * Anala Blackblade moans a bit morre as she arched her back and pulled on her noppled hars her cunny juices driping out of her her cock slowly forming a pree drop at the tip "umm Prilla dont stop"
05/05/10 00:01:34 * Prilla circles her thumb along the tip of Anala's cock, nibbling on her clit slowly. She rubs her other hand along her leg, slowly working her way up. Prilla pulls her head up and flicks her tongue along the tip of her cock, "Mmm. You taste amazing, babe." She shoves her tongue back against Anala's clit before letting it slide into her sweet little hole. Prilla's tongue shoves in and out of Anala as her hand grips tighter onto her cock and strokes faster.
05/05/10 00:09:09 * Anala Blackblade closses her eye's as she feals her self close to cumming almost over the edge as she moans loudly mmm hun im fealing my self abut to cum you tounge feals so good" her own tounge slides out the sid of her mouth as she pants
05/05/10 00:23:19 * Prilla grins as she shoves Anala's cock into her mouth, letting the tip hit the back of her throat as she shoves three fingers into her pussy. Her thumb quickly flicks against her clit. "Cum for me."
05/05/10 00:27:55 * Anala Blackblade moans ot loudly as she bucked her hips a bit her body started to shake a bit as she lifted her hips of the bed her eye's opening wide as she looked at her her cock exploding her seed into the girls troath her cunny juices squirted out from her cunny a bit "oh god yes"
05/05/10 00:34:02 * Prilla pulls herself up after sucking up every bit of juice that Anala has spilled and kisses her way up to her neck. She continues to pump her fingers in and out of the girl, biting and tugging on her neck roughly. Prilla then presses her lips to the girl's and kisses her passionately.
05/05/10 00:35:55 * Anala Blackblade closses her eye's as she kissed her back her hips roatating abit to the finger as she moans her tongue sliding into the girls mouth
05/05/10 00:38:36 * Prilla presses her tongue against anala's, pulling her fingers out and letting them interrupt their kiss. She then gets back on top of her and pushes her hips hard against Anala. "Fuck, you taste amazing." Her hands cradled the back of the girl's neck as she began to kiss her again, moaning into the kiss as their pussies rubbed together roughly.
05/05/10 00:41:29 * Anala Blackblade murred lightly into the kiss her murrs muffled b it as she sldies her toung ino the other girls mouth kissing her back with jst as much passion her own hands played with the grils tail a bit before moving to her reand and holding it tigh
05/05/10 00:51:44 * Prilla kisses her for a few more minutes before sitting up, grinding against her. She grabs ahold of Anala's hands and guides them up her body, letting them rest on her breasts. Her hand rests between her own legs, fingers flicking against her clit. "Mmm."
05/05/10 00:56:20 * Anala Blackblade rubs hr her breasts soflty asshe licked her lips lighlty fealing there size and there shapes gripping them a bit to feal there firmness as she then rubbed her niples soflty and pinched them "mmm you like that??"
05/05/10 00:59:26 Anala Blackblade: [[night]] (Offline message sent May 04, 11:59pm FST)
05/05/10 01:09:40 Anala Blackblade: : rubs hr her breasts soflty asshe licked her lips lighlty fealing there size and there shapes gripping them a bit to feal there firmness as she then rubbed her niples soflty and pinched them "mmm you like that??" (Offline message sent May 05, 12:09am FST)
05/05/10 01:18:46 Prilla: [sorry. internet was being stupid.]
05/05/10 01:19:41 Anala Blackblade: [[its okay]]
05/05/10 01:22:26 * Prilla moans softly, "Mmm, yes." She pushed her hips roughly against Anala's, pushing one of her hands to her pussy. "You've gotten me soaked, hon."
05/05/10 01:24:15 * Anala Blackblade blushess a bit as she leans in to the girlandlooked at her soflty "umm does that meen yo whant me to clean you or you whant my cock inside your tight little cunny" as she keeps on playing with her breasts bucking her own hips liglhty to rub bolth there clits togeather
05/05/10 01:30:43 * Prilla slides off of her, grabbing Anala's hands and pulling her on top of her. "I want you to lick me clean, then shove your cock in me and make another mess." Her hands slide down to Anala's ass, pulling her hips down. Prilla groans as Anala's cock slides against the outside of her pussy lips.
05/05/10 01:36:38 * Anala Blackblade noces lighlty aas she leans down and licked at the girls cunny softly
05/05/10 11:00:18 Anala Blackblade: [[hey sorry power outage last night]]
05/05/10 11:01:04 Prilla: [It's alright.]
05/05/10 11:01:18 Prilla: [Would you like to continue?]
05/05/10 11:01:23 Anala Blackblade: [sure]
05/05/10 11:02:42 * Prilla pushes her hips up, shoving herself against Anala's face. "Mmmm, yes."
05/05/10 11:08:08 * Anala Blackblade smiles as she pressed her small cold bunny noze against the girls clit her tounge then slies inside of her pushing inside suprisingly her tongue was much longer then it semme as she pushed in about 4 inches her hands wraoing aroud her legs to hold her to her face
05/05/10 11:11:46 * Prilla moans out, hands resting on her breasts. She circles her hips around and bites onto her bottom lip, panting heavily.
05/05/10 11:16:44 * Anala Blackblade was starting to whonder how dirty this girl realy was she pushed her toungs in a bit more her tounge laped over eits self doubling in thickness the tip of the tongue comming out f her cunny and circles the girls tail hole
05/05/10 11:19:57 * Prilla curls her toes as she grabs onto the back of the girl's head, knotting her fingers through her hair. She arches her back and shoves her hips against her face again, "Gah, fuck. This feels ...amazing." Prilla gasps, a tiny squeak escaping her lips as she felt Anala's tongue exploring new places.
05/05/10 11:21:11 Anala Blackblade: the tounge pushed in deepd into her cunny as she looked at Prila's reaction her toungs fucking her like a hard cock as the tip of it pushed into the girls tail hole
05/05/10 11:26:34 * Prilla shivers slightly as she got closer to her orgasm, one leg wrapping around the girl's back. She moaned out, massaging the back of Anala's head.
05/05/10 11:34:33 * Anala Blackblade closses her eye's lighlty as she pushed started to push more of her tongue into bolth holes and started to pump into her cunny and tailt hole as hard as she could her head shaking to stimulate her clit
05/05/10 11:38:17 * Prilla lets go of Anala's hair, gripping the headrest on the bed as her sweet juices began to seep out of her pussy. She pushes her hips forward again, shoving herself against the girl's face.
05/05/10 11:40:17 * Anala Blackblade pressed her face agains the girls hips she she closses her eye's tightly her mouths sucking on her cunny to taste and drink her juices asshe her self moaned as how ecited this girl was
05/05/10 11:45:44 * Prilla grabs onto the girl's hair again, pulling her face away from her crotch. "Mm, come here." She pulls the girl up, quickly shoving her tongue into her mouth in a passionate kiss. Prilla's hands slide down the girl's sides and push her hips against hers. One hand then rubs on her ass for a few seconds before giving it a firm slap, other hand making its way between the girl's legs. Her fingers press against her clit and massage a bit roughly.
05/05/10 11:47:41 * Anala Blackblade moans to the girls touch as she closses her eye's she kissed her bakc letting some ofthe girls own juices slide into her mouth as she pushed her hips a bit then broke the kiss "you whanted my cock now i think??"
05/05/10 11:49:14 * Prilla nods, "Mm, yes. Fuck me."
05/05/10 11:51:07 * Anala Blackblade pushes her thick fully harden cock into the girls cunny as she looked down at her once all the ay inside shestarted to pump her hips one of her hands moved to the grils rear and fingered her tail hole finding that she liked fetting it fucked by her earlyer reaction to the tongue
05/05/10 11:58:53 * Prilla wraps her legs around Anala's waist, fingernails digging into her asscheeks, "Mmm, you feel .. so .. good." She bites onto the girl's neck, tugging at it roughly before nibbling and sucking on it.
05/05/10 12:02:52 * Anala Blackblade pumps into her harder and harder as she closses her eye's "oh my god yes" she pumped harder and harder into the girl tight cunny her mouth nibbled on her neck as she closed her eye's
05/05/10 12:14:07 * Prilla groans, gasping each time Anala's hips met with hers. She knots her fingers through her hair again and pulls her head back, neck more than visible as she begins to leave red bite marks all over.
05/05/10 12:16:24 * Anala Blackblade keeps on pumping as she closses her eye's and moaned her hand pushed a second and third finger into the girls tail hole as she panted lighlty note sure howmuch longer she could fuck her for
05/05/10 12:19:21 * Prilla lets out a squeal as Anala entered more fingers into that tight hole of hers, "Cum for me.." She shoves her hips forward, grinding against Anala's cock.
05/05/10 12:22:02 * Anala Blackblade pants lighlty as she pulled the girl to her "pushing her fingers all the way inside and then letting her seed filled cock explode into her her cock pumping all her seed into the girls womb as she kissed her deeply
05/05/10 12:28:56 * Prilla returns the kiss, breathing heavily into it as she felt Anala's seed fill her up. Prilla's juices started to squirt out not too long after, mixing with Anala's. "Mmm, fuck...."
05/05/10 12:34:53 * Anala Blackblade pumps her cock into her a bit more afher she wasfinished as she blushed and pulled out leaning down between her legs and licking her lips "now did you whant me to clean you now or did you have sommthing that needed filling??"
05/05/10 12:42:30 * Prilla thinks for a few seconds, clit still throbbing from all the excitement. Without saying anything, she pushes Anala off of her and onto her back, then quickly climbs on top. She lifts herself up high enough to let the head of Anala's thick cock press against her tight asshole for a few seconds before she slides herself slowly down onto it.
05/05/10 12:45:29 * Anala Blackblade moans out loudly as she looks at Prilla and pants lighlty "oh god" she pushed up with her hips looking at prila's body as her hands moved to her breasts and played with them
05/05/10 12:49:33 * Prilla's ass slides onto Anala's cock with ease as their fluids made the process a lot easier. Her fingers pressed against her own clit, flicking against it quickly as she began to quicken her pace on top of Anala.
05/05/10 12:52:13 * Anala Blackblade moans loudly as she clossed her eyes tighlty her back arching as she started to pump a bit more pree into the girls tail hole her hands pulled at the girls niple and teisted them "you like my cock in your tail hole??"
05/05/10 12:54:03 * Prilla nods, closing her eyes as Anala toyed with her nipples. "Mmm, yes. I love it." She grinds her ass against Anala before she begins to use her other hand to play with the girl's clit, as well as her own.
05/05/10 12:56:07 * Anala Blackblade moans loudly as she pumped her cock harder and harder into the girls tail hole her own cunny ws wet as ever and her nice har clit was sending shivers up her body as she double stimulation
05/05/10 13:00:14 * Prilla pinches the girl's clit, finger sliding into the sweet pussy hole of hers as Prilla continued to ride that throbbing cock. Heavy moans echoed throughout the room, fingers pumping in and out of Anala.
05/05/10 13:02:22 * Anala Blackblade pants heavely not sure how much longer she could hold before she has another orgasme as arms pull the girl down to her as she gives her a deep kiss her tounge sliding into the girls mouth
05/05/10 13:11:53 * Prilla's fingers continue to pump in and out of Anala's hole, ass bouncing up and down on top of her cock. She moans into the kiss, pressing her tongue against the girl's.
05/05/10 13:13:05 * Anala Blackblade rols her tongue around the other girls tongue as she clossed her eye's tighlty her hips still working there rithem into the girls tail hole she had a hiden fetish for anal sex and she loved it all
05/05/10 13:17:57 * Prilla pulls away from the kiss, breathing heavily. After a few seconds, she pulled her ass off of Anala's cock. As she sat up, she held her pussy up over Anala's stomach and began to squirt her sweet nectar onto her stomach. "Oh, fuck." She then got onto her knees in between the girl's leg and licked her stomach clean.
05/05/10 13:20:56 * Anala Blackblade moans loudly as she feals the girls squirt her juices all over her stomach her hips rotating a bit as she waited for her to finish licking her clean her hand pumping her cock a bit as she then grabed the girl placed her on all 4 and pushed her cock into her tail hole again as her seed one more erupted into her this time filling her tail hole "ummm yeah thats just where i whanted to fill you"
05/05/10 13:29:56 * Prilla rested on her elbows with her ass in the air, moaning out as Anala pumped into her ass again. She screamed as those hot juices filled her hole, toes curling as she shoved her face against the bed. "Oh, fuck yes. Mmm. That felt so good."
05/05/10 13:42:44 * Anala Blackblade lens over her back as she licked at her neck lighlty umm you like having yout tail hole used dont you hun" as she pulled out and leans down her tongue then pushed as deep into Prilla as her body would alow her too
05/05/10 13:44:11 * Prilla gasped, nodding. "Mmm, yesss." Her toes curled again as her fingers gripped the sheets. "Oh .. fuck....."
05/05/10 13:46:59 * Anala Blackblade keeps fucking this sluts tail hole with her tongue as she mutted tasting her own seed as well as her anal juices her hands moved over the girls back rubing it lighlty
05/05/10 13:54:01 * Prilla panted heavily, "Oh god, yes!" She moaned out again, getting exhausted. She moved her ass in a circular motion before sitting still again, eyes closing tight.
05/05/10 13:56:43 * Anala Blackblade pulled her tounge out andkissed her ass lighlty as she gets up grabing the pair of pantied she whanted and placing them into her bag then waking over to the oher girl "umm i realy enjoyed fucking yu hunwas thee any thing ense you whanted before i leave??"
05/05/10 14:05:45 * Prilla kissed her again, "I hope you'll be back...."
05/05/10 14:06:43 * Anala Blackblade giggles a bit as she jumps pout the way she came in the window seeing as she was banned from enerting the building "iwill"
05/05/10 14:07:41 * Prilla grabs a sheet and covers herself as she watches Anala go out the window.
05/06/10 14:50:55 Anala Blackblade: [mistress whant me to rp this]
05/06/10 14:51:18 Prilla: [Ok]
05/06/10 14:52:00 * Anala Blackblade had left her cell phone in the room as it rings
05/06/10 14:54:35 * Prilla was caught off guard by the ringing, quickly searching for the source. She answered, "Um...hello?"
05/06/10 14:55:51 Anala Blackblade: another voice other then anals is herd. "Thank you fortaking care of my pet and for the good show"
05/06/10 14:58:42 * Prilla was confused for a moment, "Oh? You were watching?"
05/06/10 15:02:12 * Anala Blackblade a giggles can be herd "yes i was and i thnak you for treating my slut the way you did"
05/06/10 15:02:57 * Prilla grins, "Well. She's very beautiful. It was hard to keep my hands to myself."
05/06/10 15:06:41 Anala Blackblade: maybe i should send her to you more ofthen
05/06/10 15:07:10 Prilla: I'd certainly enjoy tasting her again...
05/06/10 15:07:32 Prilla: [Sorry, I have to go for a bit. I'll be back later, though.]
05/06/10 15:08:18 Anala Blackblade: [okay]

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