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My name is Mindy and I am thirteen and a half years old. I am very pretty and have always worn my blond hair in pig tails since I was a little girl. I have braces that most often have pink bands in them. I like tight jeans that show off my hot tight ass, but I have to wear a stupid uniform to my fancy private school. My tits aren’t that big yet and I don’t like to wear a bra, so sometimes you can see my nipples through the white button down shirt we have to wear with our uniform. My parents are rich and send me to this private boarding school a thousand miles from home. They don’t pay attention to what I do and don’t seem to much care what goes on here. I do get everything I want though.

About six months ago I learned about masturbating from my roommate Patty, whom I met when I started at this school. We go online and find sex sites where we have learned a lot about sex. Patty, who is only a few months older than me, seems to know a lot about sex too. As a result, I masturbate two or three times a day. I like cumming while rubbing my clit and fingering my hot pussy.

Patty and I even jerk each other off once in a while. I like it ok, but I think she really likes to play with pussy, especially bald pussy. Patty was the one who showed me how to keep myself bald down there. She says boys like that and it does make me feel naughty and sexy. It feels really good when I finger my pussy since I got rid of the hair. The other night we got so hot fingering each other that we rubbed our bald pussies together for the first time, like the women in the videos, and I had a very good cum that way.

I don’t think I’m a lesbo, but there aren’t any boys here so we have to make do. I’ve heard stories of groups of girls getting together at night to masturbate and fool around with each other, even make out. Everyone here has a dildo or vibrator, I think they hand them out. Patty gave me one and I use it all the time.

I was sitting in a bathroom stall after one of my classes bringing myself off when the principal, Dr. Tobias, burst in. My legs were spread wide open. I had pulled the crotch of my white panties aside with one hand, and was fingering my pretty baby-bald pussy with the other, sucking my sweet pussy cream off my fingers as I went along. I love the taste of sweet pussy cream.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He demanded, staring straight away at my bald pussy.

My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped as I felt my cheeks flush hot. He grabbed my sticky cum covered hand and hauled me to my feet as I tried to pull my panties back into place.

"You're coming with me young lady." He snapped, pulling me down the hall and into his office.

Everyone else was all ready gone, so when he locked the door behind him and told me to bend over his desk, I started getting scared.

"Wh..Wha…What?" I stammered, lamely.

"You heard me!" He bellowed, pushing my face onto his desk. "Bend over, and show me your little tight ass!"

As I bent over a little he pulled my short pleated skirt up and started slapping my panty clad butt hard. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I cried out with each stroke. I wasn’t wearing the regulation panties. I was wearing petite bikini panties that were very thin and almost see-through. I liked them because they made me feel sexy. Especially when I rub myself during class and make myself wet. Patty likes the smell of my wet panties when she sits next to me.

"No Dr. Tobias! Please don't….!" I screamed, trying to move my ass out of range of his hand. He grabbed me by my panties, pulling me back to where he was.

"Oh no you dont, you get your tight ass back here." He said, pulling my panties up tight into my crotch.

"You want me to tell your parents how I found you? Sticking your fingers into that tight pussy? You don’t even have the right panties on!"

I immediately panicked.

"No! Please don't tell my parents." I pleaded, not wanting my self-gratification secrets revealed to them.

"Well then." He said, as he started spanking my ass again. "You lay your little titties against my desk, and take your punishment."

I bent over the desk, placing my chest flat against the top. There was a sharp pain and a loud smack every time his hand made contact with my supple young ass. I tried not to cry out with each slap, but it hurt and I was so scared that I could not help myself.

Before I knew what was happening he had stopped spanking me and he had started rubbing and squeezing my ass instead. He rubbed his hands along the inside of my thighs right up to my crotch.

"What are you doing?" I sobbed, with a mixture of fear and confusion.

"I'm giving you what you deserve you little schoolgirl slut." He growled.

That's when he pulled my panties down baring my ass and especially my young bald pussy.

“I like that pussy.” He gleamed. “I like a girl who keeps her pussy bald just like a little girl tramp.”

Dr. Tobias then reached into his desk and pulled out several pair of new white see-through thong panties and sheer white thigh high stockings.

“When you leave here, these are what you will wear to school from now on.”

I was now really confused. These panties were almost nothing. Sexy for sure, but why wear them at school? And the stockings, I only knew a very few girls that wore stockings with their uniform. Patty was one of them, now that I thought about it.

Dr. Tobias continued to sooth my ass by rubbing it. It started to feel very good considering the alternative. His strong hands rubbed closer and closer to my pussy. What was happening? What was he doing to me? Why did I feel this way?

“Oh my god!" I yelped, fearfully as Dr. Tobias suddenly pulled my white bikini panties down to my ankles.

He still had me bent over his desk with my little plaid skirt hiked up so that my bare, and now fully visible ass and pussy, were on lewd display to my principle. I tried to stand up, but he put a hand on my back holding me down against the desk.

"No!" I cried out, "Stop, please no!" As his other hand reached up and forced my lean legs apart as he started rubbing my little virginal pussy.

"What are you doing to me?" I wept, tears streaming down my face.

I now realized, with some certainty, that he was going to rape me. One thing I should tell you is that Dr. Tobias is a black man, a very black man. He is tall, fit, mostly handsome, and strong in his own right.

He suddenly let go of me for a second and opened his trousers, releasing his hard black cock. I stood up and started reaching for my little panties, but he grabbed a hold of my wrists, and pushed me back down, slapping my little breasts hard against his desk. He let go of my wrists and grasped me by the back of the neck with one hand while the other hand rubbed the tip of his hard penis against my tight little girl vagina.

“Look at that bald snatch, it sure looks sweet.” He said.

"No," I whimpered, as I felt the hot tip of his penis moving up and down my unwilling, but now moistening slit.

"I'm only thirteen, I’m a virgin! I’ll get pregnant!" I screamed, not knowing what to say or do.

I grunted and hissed in pain as I felt the tip forcing its way into me, splitting my little bald pussy open. I clenched tight so that only the tip could get in and then I felt him pull back. The tears stung my eyes as I opened them and tried to look behind me, my cheek pressed against the desk where he held me firmly. I saw him put his fingers to his mouth, and as he brought his hand back down, I could feel him rubbing his thick saliva into my little hole. His eight inch cock stood out rock hard, drooling precum. Then, despite my attempts to keep him out, his bulbous black cock head slid slowly into my tender young white vagina.

"Ooooooohh my godddd… nooooo…….!" I cried as he slowly pushed his long black cock deeper into my tiny thirteen year old love hole. As he worked the head in and out of me the pressure was almost unbearable.

"Please, take it out." I begged between my clenched teeth, "It's too big for me."

"Oh I'm sorry." Dr. Tobias said with mock sympathy, slowly withdrawing the head of his throbbing manhood.

I was just about to heave a sigh of relief as I could feel the head of his penis exiting my virginal pussy, when he suddenly shoved his cock into me hard, all the way up to his black balls.

"Aaaaaahhhh………. shit! No, don’t rape me….!" I shrieked, and then started crying even harder. This was not how I imagined my first fuck. Not being forcibly raped by my black principle.

Dr. Tobias laid his chest across my back, his hard cock still all the way inside me as he whispered in my ear. "Shh, shh, shh, it's okay little whore. The hard part is over now. You might like the rest of you being trained as a baby slut."

I could feel his hips rubbing against my ass, swirling his black cock inside of me, stretching my tight hole as he chewed and licked my ear.

"Now we can just have fun and use that pussy for what it is intended for." He said to me, stroking my face as he rolled his black cock around inside my no longer virgin pussy.

I could feel his hard dick slowly withdrawing from my tender little hole until just the head was in.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh." I grunted, as he thrust his cock halfway into me four times fast, and then as he slowly pushed all eight inches back into me, banging into my cervix as his cock looked for that precious entrance to my womb. I tried pleading with him again.

"Ohh-ohh-okay Dr. Tobias," I began pathetically, panting hard, "I learned my lesson, I won't play with myself at school anymore. I won’t stick my fingers in my bald pussy and cum on them anymore." My voice rising in pitch and volume as the last few inches slid back inside me.

“You don’t understand Mindy, I want you to do that, I want you to do every nasty thing you can. You are at your peak for learning to have sexual pleasure and deviance, and you will, I promise you.”

He rolled his hips again, moving his hard cock around inside my tight little girl pussy. He continued to lie across my back, holding one of my wrists in each hand and pinning me firmly to the desk.

“You need to learn your lesson you little slut." He whispered in my ear. “You have a lot to learn about being a good cock whore and little girl dyke in my very special pervert’s club.” Mr. Tobias was panting harder now as he spoke to me.

I was growing more confused by what was happening. It sounded as if he liked this and wanted me to be bad and that this was going to be going on for a long time. I really wasn’t sure what he wanted, but I would soon find out. He again pulled out until just the head was in and he worked it in and out of me like that for a long time as my vagina became accustomed to his intruding black prick.

“Now, I’m going to pound your little pussy hard." He said, obviously engrossed in my underage and illegal rape.

On the word ‘pussy’ he thrust his hard black meat all the way into me, splitting my wet swollen vagina wide open. It felt so good, but deep down I knew it was wrong. He was my 47 year old principal and I was just his 13 year old student. I still had pig tails and braces for Christ’s sake, I shouldn’t be raped by this man and have his massive hard cock sliding in and out of my young baby-bald pussy.

Dr. Tobias was rolling his hips again, swirling his hard cock around inside me.

"Ooohhh.” I moaned as he licked and bit my neck again, sucking on my sensitive flesh.

Whispering in a breathy voice to me; "You dirty little girl, you really like my hard black cock up in your tight little pussy, don’t cha?"

He pulled out to the tip again, and then slowly, inch by inch, he slid his thick meat back into me. He'd pull out then slide back in, working that inch four or five times real good, before slowly going in another inch. I suddenly realized that I was moaning and panting to the rhythm of his thrusts as he's hovering over the last few inches. When his cock stopped moving inside me, I had stopped breathing. After a few seconds he drew in a sharp breath, at that moment he pulled back out to the head.

"Don't cha slut?" He asked again, before slamming his thick hard cock all the way into me, his stomach slapping hard against my firm young round ass. Dr. Tobias continued teasing my pussy and making my pussy feel good until I responded as he wanted me to.

"Yessssss!" I screamed. "Yes, yes, oh god,yes!" I sobbed, as he stood up and grabbed my young pubescent hips, burying his stiff rod even deeper into my tight fuck hole. My swollen little pussy got even wetter as he once again swirled around deep inside me, massaging the entrance to my fertile womb with his thick pulsing cock head.

"Oh god, it's wrong, I’m a good girl, I’ve never fucked anyone." I panted through my diminishing tears as he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking me really good. It started feeling better and better. My rape was becoming something I was starting to enjoy. How could I enjoy forcibly being fucked?

His hips were now slapping rhythmically against my ass cheeks. My eyes rolled back into my head and I started moaning loudly to the beat of his hard cock punishing my tight little virgin teen-aged pussy. I pulled my arms in close to me, sucking on my thumb like a little baby.

"Mmmm…. Mmmm….. Mmmm….. mmmm." I hummed, as his large black shaft thrust in and out of my smooth vagina. I could feel my pussy cream and his precum running down my thighs. I gasped as he pulled his meat all the way out of me. With one hand he grasped my ass cheek, spreading it and with the other hand he held the shaft of his cock rubbing the tip up and down my creamy smooth slit and against my tight anus. The feeling was spectacular.

"Oh, you're right." He cooed, "This is so wrong, fucking a little girl like you, I should stop."

Then he put just the tip of his massive baby maker against me and used the tip to rub over my engorged clit.

"I have to stop, what am I doing?" He asked himself, and started to pull his cock back away from me.

I rolled my hips, pushing my ass back against him and his pulsing, red hot cock.

"No, noooooo…. please don’t stop now." I begged, before I even knew what I was saying. I pushed back getting his cock head back into me, but he pushed me against the desk, popping the head back out.

"I don't think I should." He teased, swirling the tip of his cock at the entrance of my steamy fuck hole again.

"Should I stick my hard cock back into your sweet young little girl pussy? You are only thirteen."

"Yeth." I lisped, over the thumb in my mouth as I sucked like a baby, a wonton baby whore.

"Yes?" He asked, still rubbing the head around inside the folds of my moist bald vaginal lips, sometimes poking the tip in my hot honey hole. "Yes what, let me hear it. Tell me what you want little baby slut."

I pulled my thumb out of my mouth, and pleaded. "Please, please put your hard cock inside me. I have to cum….Oh yes…. I want to cum so bad!"

I now sounded like a complete whore. A bitch in heat that was willing to mate with any male phallus.

“Inside where?” He asked me, panting hard.

“Inside my tight little pussy, fuck my thirteen year old pussy, please do it now!” I cried out, wanting to feel more pleasure from my illicit sexual intercourse.

Slowly he slid the full length of his throbbing black manhood back into the velvet glove of my tight lily white pussy.

"Ooooh….. oooh…. Oooh…..." I cooed, as inch after tantalizing inch of black cock filled my pink little fuck hole. He laid his chest across my back again, pulling my head up off the desk by my blond pig tails, licking and sucking on my neck and ears.

He whispered, once again swirling the full length of his manhood inside me.

"Tell me what you really want. Tell me you want to be a little white whore."

"Yes I want to be a whore. Fuck me." I begged. "Fuck my little white pussy with your black cock, I want to feel your cock shoot cum inside me! Make me have a baby!

I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I didn’t know where these words were coming from, but my hormones were now in charge. My maternal animal instincts were now in complete and full control of my barely pubescent body.

I could feel and hear the slap, slap, slap, of his black cock as it pounded in and out of me. It sent shivers through my little body as I felt the pressure of my orgasm building. The sensation of the impending ecstasy was mind numbing.

"Oh my God, Oh my fucking God!" I cried, "I'm going to cum on your black cock, you’re making me cum, I’m cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck my pussy!!!!"

He stood up again, firmly grasping my hips with both hands, and pounding his cock into me harder, and faster.

"Oh My God, Oh My God!” I panted, as the waves of sexual pleasure swept over me.

I rolled my hips, squeezing his hard thrusting shaft, and he growled, "Cum on my cock. Yes Mindy, cum on your principal's hard black cock. Give me that white pussy juice!"

My whole body was shaking with the excessive force of my first fuck orgasm, as my pussy clenched rhythmically around his thick meat. He pulled back out to the tip, and then once again slowly inserted the full length of his fuck muscle into my wet, pulsing vagina. He was rubbing his hips against my ass, swirling around inside me as the last few pulses rippled through me. I had spread my arms out across the desk, and Dr, Tobias bent over me, sliding his hands under my arms, grasping my shoulders.

"Come here." He said, as he pulled me up off the desk. He took a step back and I was carried along by his hands on my shoulders with his hard cock still buried deep inside my dripping little snatch.

"Uh huh." I grunted, as he sat down on the wooden chair opposite his desk, pushing his cock even deeper into me.

He stepped out of his trousers, which had fallen down around his ankles, and kicked them aside. Then he reached out, and pulled my panties from my ankles and threw them on the floor. He grabbed my thighs, spreading my legs open wide.

I rolled my hips, groaning lustfully as I felt his sweet meat moving around inside me again. I gasped deeply as he suddenly ripped open my white, short sleeve shirt, causing the buttons to fly everywhere, and exposing my heaving chest. He grasped hold of my young, firm little breasts, rubbing and squeezing as he kissed and licked my neck and shoulders. His mouth felt hot against my creamy flesh and his hands felt strong as he massaged my little tits I kept rolling my hips, trying to get his hard cock even deeper into my tender young pussy.

"Ooooh, Dr. Tobias." I moaned. "You feel so good up inside me. I want to feel you cum. I want you to cum inside me…in my tight pussy!"

“Don’t worry baby girl, you’ll get everything you are asking for.” He said, panting heavily as his orgasm approached.

Little did I know that he literally meant I would get everything I asked for, including knocked up with his black baby.

While one of his hands continued to play with my nipples, the other slid down my belly and ended up rubbing my clitoris. I panted and moaned, bucking my hips to move his cock around inside me as he fondled my little hard nipples with one hand, while expertly working my yum button with the other. I wanted, no I needed, another hard cum, badly.

I had thrown one arm behind me, tightly holding on to Dr. Tobias' neck while the other reached up, and joined him playing with my tits. I had laid my head back, resting it on his shoulder when the hand that had been playing with my tits slid up my neck, gently guiding my face toward his. As our lips met and he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, it was like a shiver of electricity ran through me. I tightened my grip on his neck, swirling my tongue in, and out of his mouth, and as I squeezed one of my tits, my head was spinning. It was like the full reality of the situation came rushing into my mind.

I'm sitting on my principal's lap with his hard cock inside my underage pussy. I'm thinking to myself, he's rubbing my clit, I'm holding his neck and now he's holding me as well. We're kissing passionately and I'm squeezing my hard nipples. I had just enough time to think two things simultaneously. This is so fucked up and wrong, fucking an older black man and at the same time that I'm so fucking turned on! The intense rush that had started in my pussy had hit my brain, wiping out all rational thought. It was as if a light exploded behind my eyes, as my young keegals rhythmically and involuntarily squeezed his cock looking for the injection of his baby seed.

A stream of saliva dropped onto my breast as I pulled my mouth away from our wet kissing, and threw my head back onto his shoulder hollering.

"Oh shit! Oh god! Oh fuck. I think I’m going to cum again!"

My whole body quivered, and writhed violently as another orgasm approached. I slid my hand from my tits to my tummy and I could feel the pulse of my pleasure in my palms as I pressed them against the supple young flesh of my flat teen tummy, feeling the hard black penis on which I was wantonly impaled.

"Uh,uh,uh, uh, uh...uh....uh.......uh." I grunted, to the approaching ecstasy and let out a moaning sigh, "Uuuuhhhhooooo I shouldn’t, uh, let you do this, not a baby in my tummy…… uh.. uh.. oh yes, this is soooo fucking good, I want to cum, fuck my pussy harder and cum in me, give me a baby!."

I leaned forward and for the first time watched the black cock now sliding effortlessly into my very wet and very tight pussy. The sight was so erotic and forbidden. His black glistening cock penetrating my very white and very bald, thirteen year old pussy.

The only word on my mind now was 'more', as I bucked up and down riding his cock, my ass slapping against his lap.

“Oh yea, give me more, please fuck me more, I have to cum again!”

"Oooh yeah baby. "He cooed, lecherously. “Fuck me you little school girl, fuck me with your young pussy."

I tried to smile and I would have laughed, but the only sound I could make was, "Ooo, ooo, aah, ooo, ooh." as I bounced up and down on his throbbing manhood.

My pussy was ready to explode with an intensity greater than that of the orgasm I'd just had. I was really close to cumming again. My thirteen year old body was now doing what it is designed for, reproduction. Since my period was about two weeks ago I knew I was probably fertile and now I just didn’t care.

Dr. Tobias grabbed my ass and I reached out to grasped the edge of his desk to steady myself. He was pushing my ass up on each stroke and I was slapping it back against his lap, grunting lustily every time I took him inside me. Time seemed to stand still and it was almost as if I couldn't remember, or foresee a time when I wasn't a fucking white slut whore fucking black men.

Then he pushed my ass up and held it, leaving only the head in me. I tried to push down harder, but he held me firm. I whimpered loudly as I rolled my hips, trying desperately to get his cock back inside me, but he just tightened his grip on my ass. I was so close, just on the edge of orgasm.

"Oh, you want something little girl?" He teased, as I felt like I was losing my mind.

Dr. Tobias was panting heavily now, I knew he must be close to cumming. I sat up and grabbed my tits, as he slid his wrists and forearms under my ass, grasping a thigh firmly in each hand. When he did this his cock slipped into me another couple of inches, and I let out a shuddering moan. He quickly lifted me up again, and his cock popped out, slapping against his belly. I quickly reached between my legs, grabbing a hold of his throbbing muscle, guiding it back to the entrance of my slick hole. He let me down far enough to get the tip in and the educator asked me teasingly;

"What do you want whore?"

"Cock!" I burst out pleadingly, as I practically lifted my feet off the floor trying to get him back inside me.

"Beg for it." He demanded.

He was really doing a number on my head, because I began crying in full blown sexual frustration.

"Please!" I cried, "Please!" I wept, "Put your cock inside me where it belongs. I want to feel you cum in me, please shoot it in me and make a black baby in my flat tummy!" I was now rubbing my belly with my hands as if to create the swelling that would surely come with my underage pregnancy.

My sobs became interspersed with sighs of relief as he slowly lowered me, spreading my ass cheeks with his forearms. As I reached his lap his cock was penetrating my so deeply that I could feel his pubic hair tickling my ass. Suddenly he lifted me back up until just the tip was in and then let me back down until he was half way in me. He then lifted, and lowered me half way on to his cock real fast five or six times before he slowly lowered me all the way down, and I took his thick meat all the way back inside me.

Again, he lifted me rhythmically lowering me half way onto his cock a few times.
I squealed with delight, and then squirmed with carnal desire as he let me down twice, quickly sliding his cock all the way in, and then lifting me back up to the tip, holding me there.

My thoughts, which had been scattered by lust ever since I'd given in to Dr. Tobias’ hard seduction and forcible rape, suddenly focused like a laser and I realized that there was nothing I wanted more at that moment then to feel his cum inside me and to be pregnant with his baby.

Suddenly, Dr. Tobias thrust his cock deep into me, and started fucking me hard. As his thick, black meat pounded into me, my orgasm came over me. My body shook and shuddered as I nearly passed out.

I screamed, "Fuck me harder!" To the sound of his balls slapping my ass, as his black cock repeatedly split my wet, clenching pussy. I didn't think that I could cum any harder, and then he thrust into me balls deep, and stopped, letting out a long low grunt.

"Uhh, Uhhh Oh God, I shouldn’t cum in your pussy!" Dr. T mumbled.

For a moment I thought he would pull out.

“Don’t you pull out of me, I’m ready, knock me up!” I screamed.

As I said that I could feel his cock as it twitched inside me, I could feel his hot sperm squirting deep into my little pussy and it was as if a switch got flipped in my head. I started getting off so hard that I became completely unaware of anything except his pulsing cock thrusting its hot seamen deep into my vaginal cavity.

As we recovered from our orgasms, I learned that Dr. Tobias had a special fondness for young white girls. In fact, he had two other girls at the school who he was involved with. One was my friend Patty. He explained how I could not tell anyone, and that’s why Patty never said anything. He told me that if anyone found out our families would be ripped apart and I would never see my parents again. However, since I was part of the club, Patty could talk about it with me. Patty had suggested he rape me and get me on board. What a friend!

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2017-08-03 13:57:16
Lol, the comments. Like white people are any better than black people. Hate everyone equally, human germs and learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

To those who're here saying it's fucked up he fucked a young teen: STFU. Why you even here with your holier than thou shit? Don't like that shit, don't read it! Fuck your prude, religious asses, Mary wasn't much older when your genocidal 'god' knocked her up.

P.S. Once you go black, you want your dignity back but once you go white, a trailer is in sight. Fuckers.


2016-08-27 02:36:42
"Oh, My God" - Thirteen and Half Years Old Pubescent Privately Schooled Virgin Girl, and Forty-seven Year Old School Principal, Dr Tobias.

First I am white. Second I am not racist; several of my best friends are black, males and females. The idiots that have to use derogatory inflamed language and rhetoric ought to be banded from this Website!! Period.

The story is quite well written, though in some places it is hard to follow the narrative. This story is somewhat extreme from both ends, with a thirteen year old school girl, indoctrinated into a no-holes barred fuckfest--and she loves every inch of Dr Tobias' hard eight inch black cock!! She's begging to be as her pussy is fertile and receptive and needs to be impregnated by the end of the fuck session, and her lover gives her lots of chances to beg for more!! Dr Tobias her twat to overflowing with loads and loads of black cock, baby-making sperm!!

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2015-04-19 16:26:48
The racism in this comment section is unbelievable. All humans are the same there is no difference in DNA from Asians Africans Caucasians Anglo Saxons Hispanics Latinos or middle easterb . We are ONE human race.

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2015-04-19 01:15:41
The racism in this comment section is unbelievable. All humans are the same there is no difference in DNA from Asians Africans Caucasians Anglo Saxons Hispanics Latinos or middle easterb . We are ONE human race.

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2015-02-17 16:08:40

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