A girl is blackmailed into keeping her job.
Samantha had only just started working at the small county bank a month earlier, but already she had proven a valuable asset. Her boss, Mr. Steadman, had hired her almost on the spot and ever since had treated her as if she were his daughter. He was an older man, well into his fifties, with the beginnings of a pot belly and gray hairs, but he was a man, after all, and Samantha didn't wonder too long about the reason for his affections. She was only 5'3, but most of her height was in her legs and she didn't waste them in jeans. Her short skirt followed the bank's dress code, but only just. Her breasts were small, but clung sexily to her light blue cotton sweater; she made sure of that.

She had a sweet face, framed with short dirty blonde hair which she usually wore up, in keeping with the dress code. Her green eyes stood out in sharp contrast to the purple eyeshadow she wore. Eyeshadow that the girls at school had always said proved she was a slut, but she figured her male customers didn't mind. She was a tease and she knew it, right down to the shiny pink lipstick she painstakingly drew on her small pouty lips each morning.

Nineteen and ready, that's how she always thought of herself. She'd never even had sex before, but she sure as hell had practiced. She'd had her first orgasm at 12, rocking herself back and forth agaisnt her pillow and wondering how anything could feel so good. She used her fingers after that, later experimenting with anything she could find. At 13, she penetrated herself for the first time with her hairbrush, rubbing her tiny swollen clit so hard she thought she'd die. She usually masturbated at least twice a day, waking up in the morning with her panties already soaked through from her erotically charged dreams. Puberty never showed it's face with Sam, at least not beneath her panties, as she'd started shaving from the moment she saw the first sprouting hairs. Her fingers moved so much easier when everything was smooth.

By the time she was 15, she'd saved up enough money to privately buy her first dildo. She'd waited until her parents went out of town and scheduled the delivery just in time so she could run up to her bedroom, rip open the packaging and impale herself on her first cock. She'd loved it, rocking back and forth on it all afternoon, rubbing her clit against a towel on the floor as she took all seven inches of it. She'd cum loudly and forcefully, her juices soaking the carpet underneath her as her legs quaked with the strain. The dildo had come with a suction cup attachment and she wasted no time in sticking the still wet toy to the wall of her shower, lowering herself on hands and knees and backing up against it. The plastic cock had filled her pussy deliciously as she moved back and forth, pounding herself relentlessly against the cool ceramic tile until she'd cum once more, her shoulders dropping to the floor, her pussy convulsing in

Now she was nineteen and hadn't even sucked her first real cock.

She thought about it often, too often in fact, if there was such a thing as too often. She'd had boyfriends in the past but none of them had gone further than feeling the sweet mounds of flesh beneath her bra.
They'd wanted to go further, and they had definitely tried, but Sam had never been able to get up the nerve to just let them have her. After their inevitable rejection, they'd leave angry and unsatisfied and she'd let her panties fall to the floor almost as the door closed, eager to let her dildo snake up between the smooth wet lips of her waiting pussy.

Her thoughts were broken as the last customer of the day entered through the double doors. Sam let out a mutter of disappointment as her eyes fell on the hunched figure. Mrs. Whitmire, an old retiree who's paranoia caused her to come in at least three times a week, always to check the status of her forever unchanging account, ambled slowly through the lobby.

"Hello, Mrs. Whitmire, how are you today?" Sam tried to put on her best "I actually give a shit" smile. "The traffic on this side of town is terrible", the old woman barked, louder than necessary. "Can't you people put some signs out in that parking lot? I was almost run over on my way in here." Sam could barely stifle a remark of hopefulness in that regard. "I'm very sorry, Mrs. Whitmire, I'll have to talk to my manager about that. Would you like me to check your account for you?" Sam replied, already typing in the woman's information."Well what the hell else do you think I came in here for? A date?" Mrs. Whitmire swiveled around quickly, her eyes darting up to the ceiling. "Why do you people keep it so bright in here? Is that one of those damned marketing schemes too? Always trying to part people with their money in here, it's a damned shame..." And so it went, for fifteen minutes. Sam tried to interject in her ranting several times, always to be pushed back with Mrs Whitmire's constant theorizing about the bank's nefarious attempts to part her from her retirement account.

Sam's eyes kept shifting to the wall clock, very aware that it was already ten minutes past five, the bank's closing time. She wondered where Mr. Steadman was, and why he hadn't come out already to shoo Mrs. Whitmire out of the lobby. Probably in his office masturbating, she thought with a shudder. Mr. Steadman wasn't what she'd call ugly, but he wasn't a handsome man by any means. Though she guessed it was her fault; she did love to tease the man. Mrs. Whitmire caught her glancing back at his office. "Are you listening, girl? Like I was saying, you should see the emails I get from those damned Nigerians..."

Sam sighed and nodded at all the right moments, silently slipping the old woman's account statement across the counter to her. She snatched it from the counter almost immediately and shoved it in her purse, "I'll be back tomorrow girl, and don't you think those swindlers will catch me with my pants down, no no." Talking to herself as loudly as ever, Mrs. Whitmire retreated back through the lobby and through the doors.

"Jesus Christ," Sam breathed, quickly moving around the counter to slide the lock closed on the door. She scanned the parking lot, saw that Mrs. Whitmire's was the only one, and gave a silent cheer, hurrying back behind the counter to close out her drawer and gather her things.

"Sorry I didn't try to save you, Sam." Mr. Steadman emerged from his office grinning, just as Sam had gathered up her purse. "I thought you could use the experience dealing with our more... troublesome customers. I've got enough of that for three lifetimes, you know." He stopped, his eyes wandering all over her body uncontrollably. Sam subconsciously stood up straighter, pushing her breasts out towards him and smiling sweetly. "Ha, that's what you say every time, Mr. Steadman." She looked towards the doors. "Do you mind if I go ahead and get out of here? Everything's closed up for the night." His eyes were just completing the slow circuit of her tight lithe body and he looked back to her quickly, broken from her spell. "Err, what? Oh, no. Sam, actually I needed to talk to you about something."

Sam was already stepping into the lobby, eager to get home when his words caught her off guard, freezing her in midstep. "Talk? What about?" Sam asked, already feeling nervous. Mr. Steadman's face had grown very serious, a complete transformation from the levity of a moment ago. "Just, um, just step into my office for a moment, please." He caught her eye for a moment and motioned to his office before his gaze fell to the floor. Sam stepped automatically towards him, nervous and confused.

The last time she'd seen his mood alter so rapidly had been when he'd had to fire a teller two weeks ago. He hadn't taken any pleasure in it and she'd left the bank crying, terrified that she'd not find another job. Mr. Steadman was a fair man, but everyone knew to play by the rules after that. At least in theory, that is. As Sam stepped past her boss and into his office, her mind flashed back to the day before yesterday, when she'd closed the bank by herself for only the second time. She'd been desperate, low on funds and figured the bank had alot of money, too much for anyone to notice the disappearance of fifty bucks. Her hand had moved almost automatically even as her brain processed the consequences of getting caught. By the time she'd decided it wasn't worth it, the money was already safely in her purse, tucked down amongst the makeup and tampons. She'd finished closing and quickly retreated, forgetting about the theft completely the next day after spending the day at the mall.

Now, her mind reeled. She knew she was caught.

"Sam, sit down, please." Mr. Steadman pulled out a chair from his desk with one hand, the other hand closing the door tight behind her. Sam sat heavily in the chair, smoothing her skirt with one hand and her hair with the other, trying to act like nothing was wrong. She'd just started school the semester before and her bills were piling up. The job at the bank was perfect and she knew she'd have trouble finding another after today. No one wanted to hire a thief. As Mr. Steadman found his seat on the other side of his desk, Sam noticed that her own hands were shaking.

He turned to his computer, typing commands quickly with his short fat fingers. "I think you know why I brought you in here today, don't you?" He asked, his eyes not leaving the screen. "Ye... yes, I think so." Sam replied, her voice quivering. He stopped typing and grasped the computer screen with both hands, pivoting it quickly to face Sam's seat. Sam looked up and felt a wave of shame and self-loathing. On the screen, in black and white, was a security camera's feed looking from behind the counters, direcly at Sam.

As she watched, the video Sam grabbed a fifty dollar bill from the till and stuffed it deep into her purse. She was fucked.

"In case you were wondering, I've been in here for the last two hours trying to figure out why you would do this." Mr. Steadman said slowly. "I'm very disappointed in you, Sam." His eyes fixed on hers and she looked down quickly, burying her head in her hands. "There's not much I can do from here. You know how I feel about this." Sam felt it coming, knew she would be leaving the bank soon, never to come back. "I'm going to have to let you go."

The tears came silently, but with force and she felt her head start to spin. She'd never been fired from a job before, never been labeled a thief. Every job from here until the end of time would take that into account and she just knew she'd never find work again. What was she going to do about rent? What about school? "Mr. Steadman, I..." Her voice shook, losing it's strength. "I'm so sorry, I am. I.. I don't know what I was thinking. Mr. Steadman please, I need this job." She gasped, looking up at her boss slowly, hoping he'd take pity on her.

"I'm sorry, Sam. There isn't anything I can do. I'm required to report any employee theft and deal with it accordingly." He looked genuinely sorry and she felt even worse. She knew there was no way to turn him around. He was a stickler for the rules and did everything by the book. There wasn't any way out of this one. Her head pounded again and she buried her face in her hands again, knowing that her expensive new makeup was smearing.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and opened her eyes to see Mr. Steadman's shoes. He'd walked around his desk and was standing beside her, awkwardly trying to comfort her. She swiveled her chair to face him and looked up, her tear-streaked face pleading with him to reconsider. "Mr. Steadman, sir, please. Isn't there anything I can do? I need this job more than anything, please."

"I don't know what to say," her boss said, "I'm sorry." And with that, he stepped back, clearly wanting her to take her leave. She slowly composed herself enough to stand and stepped towards the door, her back to Mr. Steadman. She could already feel his eyes on her ass as she reached for the door and she shuddered, suddenly angry at him for what he was doing to her. She wiggled her ass slightly in defiance as the door opened, childishly wanting him to realise she'd never be there as his eye candy again. She was looking down when his hand shot past her and pushed the barely opened door back into it's threshold, keeping her right where she was. She spun, confused.

"Wait Sam, wait. Maybe there is... uh, something, we can work out. Something you can do, I mean."She was confused only for a second, quickly understanding as her eyes focused on her boss's crotch, which had grown considerably in the last several seconds. She knew he'd lusted for her, but he had no idea just a wiggle of her ass could do this to him.

"Sir?" She said, already knowing.
He was clearly very nervous, unsure how to go forwards. "You're a very beautiful girl, Sam." He finally blurted, staring at her small supple breasts. That was it, the decision was made. He wanted a handjob, she knew it. He'd never say it and she knew she had to do it quickly, while the man was still thinking with his cock. She wanted her job back and didn't want to lose this opportunity. Her eyes fixed on his and she wiped her face with her hands, clearing the tears and smeared eyeliner. "Thank you, Sir." She said, her eyes never leaving his.

Slowly, her hands dropped back down, one of them moving over towards Mr. Steadman, aiming for the large tent of his crotch. With a small shudder, Sam moved her hand closer, finally finding the fabric of his suit pants and very gently caressing where she thought his cock was. He sighed and moved his eyes to the ceiling, waiting.

Sam's fingers worked quickly, her eyes shifting down to her boss's crotch as she moved to his belt, unbuckling his pants. She wanted this to be over quickly, wishing Mr. Steadman's cock didnt' have to be the first one she saw, wishing his stomach didn't fall so far over his pants, wishing he wasn't old enough to be her father. She lowered herself to the ground just as his pants hit the floor, his hardened cock instantly creating a new tent in his briefs. She hesitated, her hand ready but her mind not quite there. She looked up at her boss, his eyes meeting hers with a silent plea to keep going, that her job was at stake. She slipped her hands over the hem of his briefs and brought them down to his knees. She gasped in surprise as his cock flipped out into view.

Mr. Steadman was huge. She'd seen plenty of cocks before, rubbing herself furiously to countless porn movies, but never had she seen one in real life. Especially not one so... In spite of herself, she could feel herself growing excited. Mr. Steadman, she told herself. This is Mr. Steadman. Old, pudgy, nerdy Mr. Steadman. Mr. Steadman with the stupid jokes. Mr. Steadman with the beer belly. Mr. Steadman with the stupid duck ties and boat shoes. But now, all she could think about was Mr. Steadman's massive cock. More than anything, she wanted to feel it's heat and it's hardness, feel the way it moved under her hands. She made herself not look up because she knew she'd be grossed out by the old man looking down at her, the old man growing excited as her hands touched the flesh of his dick for the first time.

"Wow, Mr. Steadman", she breathed, her hand sliding across the head of his cock, "You're huge." He grunted, unable to form words. She stroked the length of his cock, the contours of his veins sliding under her little fingers. She moved down, her fingers caressing the underside of his cock as she explored it, her eyes big. She came to his balls, hanging heavily underneath and lightly teased them, cupping them in her palm and moving her finger to the side of his cock. He breathed out again, looking down at her, his eyes now full of lust.

"Is this what you wanted, Mr. Steadman?" Sam asked, gaining confidence. "You've thought about this alot, haven't you?" Her hand moved more quickly now, her fingers wrapping themselves around the thick cock. Her wrist began to move rythmically, almost instinctively, as she gently began to stroke the entire length of her boss's shaft. Mr. Steadman grunted, his eyes closing and his cock growing harder by the second. Sam could feel it pulsing beneath her skin, growing warmer as she went from the very tip of his head all the way to the base of his cock.

Sam shifted on the floor, putting all her weight on her knees as she brought her free hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers, wetting them with her saliva. Mr. Steadman moaned loudly, as if he'd been holding his breath, as Sam's wet fingers grasped his cock and began to slide more easily down the length of it. Sam used her tongue to wet the other hand and moved down to his balls, caressing them with her saliva as she stroked him more firmly now. Mr. Steadman stepped backwards against his desk and eased himself onto the edge of it, taking the weight off his legs to get more comfortable. Sam moved forwards with him, her hands never leaving his cock as she stroked him back and forth, up and down his delicious length. She'd wanted this over quickly when it had started, but now Sam thought it might not be so bad after all. As Sam had moved forwards, her legs sliding together under her short skirt, she'd felt the first tinglings between her legs and known it wouldn't be long before she was wet through. It usually didn't take much, and this massive cock before her, Mr. Steadman's or not, was more than enough.

Sam finally looked up at her boss, her hands still working his cock. "You like this, Mr. Steadman?" She asked, her eyes huge. "Ye- hmmm, yes. Yes I do," he replied, looking down at her with pure lust. Sam wet her hand again, bringing a new round of moans from the man above her. She looked back to his cock and realized how much closer it was to her mouth now that he'd settled lower on the desk. She met his eyes again. "Is this all you want, Mr. Steadman? Is this enough? Or would you like..." She gave his cock a playful lick with the tip of her tongue, "...something a little more?" She smiled up at him, starting to really enjoy herself. "Oh God," was all the answer he could muster as another moan escaped his lips and he looked back to the ceiling.

Sam had practiced giving a blowjob before on her dildo, even going so far as to minimize her gag reflex. Now, she'd get the chance to finally taste one. She knew she'd already gotten her job back at this point, all she had to do was make him cum. That would be easy enough, once her tongue joined the party. Moving closer, her hand slipping down to the base of his cock, Sam slowly parted her lips and allowed her tongue to linger on the head of his shaft. She closed her eyes and tasted his salty precum. She moved even closer, her lips parting further to allow his head entrance to her mouth. Her tongue moved around underneath, caressing his skin. His moans had grown louder and more frequent, "Too easy," she thought, her mouth starting to fill with his shaft as she finally closed her lips around him and pulled back, sucking his head deeply.

She felt Mr. Steadman's hand fall on her head and she smiled around his cock, glad he was enjoying it and glad she'd gotten her job back. Now, with only the tip of his shaft in her mouth, her tongue gently flicking it, she stroked his slippery cock with her hand. She knew it'd be over soon, almost hoping it wouldn't be. Subconsciously shifting her knees, she parted her legs ever so slightly as her free hand caressed her own bare thigh gently. She wasn't surprised when she suddenly felt a hand move along her chest, reaching for her breasts which were still covered by her blue sweater.

Opening her eyes, she saw Mr. Steadman's arm moving to the side and felt his hand grope her breast roughly. Instantly, her nipples stood out against her light cotton bra. Rather than stop stroking his cock to let him know it was okay, she moved her hand from his cock and quickly slid her lips along it's entire length. His shaft filled her mouth as she took all of it, not stopping until she felt his heavy balls against her chin. Fighting her gag reflex, she quickly moved back, her lips tight against his cock as she sucked him off. Mr. Steadman's hand stopped for just a second as he fought the urge to cum hard into her throat, then moved forwards with relentless energy.

His fingers groped the hem of her sweater, lifting it just enough to force his way against the bare skin of her chest. Sam knew he wouldn't get past her bra, so she brought her hands down to her side and grasped the bottom of her sweater and shirt, pulling them both quickly up and over her head. As her shirt passed, Sam's mouth broke contact with Mr. Steadman's cock just long enough for it to bob up and down once, before she'd swallowed it back into her throat.

Sam was no longer thinking normally. She wanted his hands on her breasts and she wanted his cock in her mouth. That was it. She threw her shirt and sweater backwards against the closed office door and moved one hand back to the clasp of her bra. She could hear her boss breathing heavily above her as she deepthroated his huge dick. With one quick movement, her bra fell forwards onto the floor. Her small supple breasts were now free and she felt Mr. Steadman's hands immediately find them. For the first time, Sam moaned loudly around his cock as his fingers closed around her pink nipples. A fresh flood of wetness soaked Sam's panties as she moaned again and again, his fingers tweaking her virgin nipples as she licked the length of his shaft with her tongue.

Without realizing it, her hand had moved back to her thigh and begun to creep lower. Her knees shifted again, further apart this time and she hiked her skirt up a little as she moved. Her hand fell lower and lower, now between her legs, feeling the incredible heat building up beneath her panties as she sucked her first cock. Her fingers found her soaked panties and she slowly, firmly pressed against them with two fingers. She moaned louder, her mouth still full of her boss's cock, his fingers still firmly twisting her nipples. Her clit was already swollen and slippery with her sex juices as she pressed against it, eliciting new waves of pleasure through her body. Mr. Steadman's cock slipped deeper into his teller's throat as she rubbed her panty covered slit faster and harder. He had to fight the urge to cum as his balls settled against her chin once more and she rose up on her knees, her arm muscles taut against her skin as she rubbed her clit as hard as she ever had before.

All thought left her brain as she came hard, Mr. Steadman's dick still deep in her throat. Her lips slipped quickly along his shaft as she fell back to the ground. Her fingers were still pressed deep into her slit, her panties buried in the wetness as her body was wracked with spasms. Her moans filled the office, escaping out into the empty lobby. In a faraway part of her mind, she heard her boss breathing heavily above her, but knew he had still not cum. She sat back on her heels, her moans calming as she slipped her fingers out from between her legs and grasped the cock still waving impatiently before her eyes. She coated his huge dick with her fresh cum and started stroking him again, still hungry for more.

Sam looked up at Mr. Steadman, catching his eye and knowing the lust had turned him into someone completely different. He said nothing, only reached down and grabbed her arms, lifting her up off her feet. She went along with him, still recovering from her orgasm. He stepped away from his cluttered desk and swept everything to the floor with his free arm, his other hand still gripping her tightly. He kicked his pants away from his feet and stepped quickly around behind Sam, pushing her forwards against the desk. She had no time to resist as he pushed her legs against the edge and then used both of his hands to press her shoulders down hard against the wood. Her wrists were brought around behind her forcefully, her breasts now flat against the calender of her boss's desk. He grabbed her wrists and pressed them into the small of her back with one hand, the other hand moving towards her ass.

Sam was completely caught off guard by Mr. Steadman's complete change in character. He'd always been fair and nice, always kind, but his lust for her had awakened some primal urge. She would never have guessed at the animal hiding just underneath the surface. "Mr. Steadman, wha... what are you doing?" She grunted, trying to look back at him as he groped around underneath her skirt.

He said nothing, only grasped the top of her sopping wet panties from underneath her skirt and pulled quickly down. They fell to her ankles heavily, laden with sweet smelling cum and she felt Mr. Steadman's cock bob up against the slit of her sweet pussy. She moaned loudly, despite the pain of being pressed against the desk, and suddenly wanted nothing more. Her pussy burned with desire, her swollen clit pulsing against her soaked lips as she squirmed underneath her boss's iron grip.

"Fuck me, Mr. Steadman." She whispered. His cock pressed forward against her slit, forcing her lips apart. Her legs parted and she arched her back as much as she could, opening herself up to him. "Please, Mr. Steadman. Fuck me."

His eyes could scarcely believe what they were seeing. His teller's sweet bare pussy spread wide open before him, her ass bent over his own desk, her voice pleading with him to finish her off. He pressed forward, his cock hard against the entrance of her pussy as she moaned underneath him, her hair draped over her back, her arms bent backwards over her, entirely helpless to his motions.

"Fuck my virgin cunt." With that, all resistance left Mr. Steadman and he plowed forwards in one quick motion, stretching Sam's lips apart and filling her with his massive cock. He fell forwards into her, only stopping as his balls fell heavily against her sweet pink clit. Sam screamed out, her moans cut short as she was filled to the hilt with her boss's fat cock. Her cries echoed out into the empty bank lobby as Mr. Steadman's shaft slipped all the way back out for a second, only to bury itself back into the sweet virgin pussy.

Mr. Steadman couldn't believe his luck and he knew what he was doing was wrong, taking advantage of a desperate young girl like he was, but what morality was left was buried under a thick layer of primitive lust. He'd spent weeks staring at Sam's body as she moved behind the counter, always ready for a quick peek when she bent down to pick a dropped pen, his mind taking note for the benefit of his masturbatory sessions in his office. He never would have dreamed she'd be so ready and willing to take him up on his offer. He'd been nervous to even suggest it, knowing he could lose his job if she told anyone. Now his mind was reeling, his cock throbbing with each thrust into her tight little cunt. She arched back to him readily, seeming to want him more than he needed her. He was breathing heavily above her. He hadn't had exercise like this in months. The sight of her lithe young body rhythmically moving back against him as he pounded into her was sending him over the edge, and he wanted to get in as much time as he could before it ended.

Sam was in utter ecstacy, forgetting for the moment that it was her sweaty old boss pounding into her, happy to have traded cold plastic for the pulsing shaft of cock sliding against the sopping wet walls of her pussy. She screamed out as another orgasm rocked her body, her legs bending at the knees away from her boss's desk. She felt Mr. Steadman's hands grasp her ankles, pulling her back against him as he fucked her relentlessly. She could feel his hairy belly against her round ass with each thrust. His heavy balls were slapping against her clit, sending waves of pleasure into her skull. Her hands came around her body and she gripped the edge of the desk hard, trying to hold herself in place as Mr. Steadman's thrusts began to get more and more frenzied. He pounded her harder and harder, stretching her legs apart, gaining deeper ground inside her. Her mind was empty, her moans vibrating louder and louder against the walls of the office as she came again and again. She could feel her cum dripping and sliding down her legs, easing the movement of her boss's dick as he finally groaned louder than ever. He thrusted deep, once, twice, three times, his cock spasming inside her.

Sam barely managed to find words as her orgasms raked over her body, "N-No, Mr. Steadman. Not inside me. Not inside..." Her words were lost as his groans filled the room, his cock spurting the first thick streams of cum deep inside of Sam's sweet pussy. His strong hands gripped Sam's shoulders, pushing her hard onto the desk as he thrusted again and again into her, emptying his heavy balls. Orgasms still coursing through her, Sam's head rolled back and she looked to the ceiling. She barely had time to think about the blinking video camera in the corner of the office before her boss finally collapsed over on top of her panting heavily.

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