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This is a love story, a story of how I came to be with the love of my life, my partner, my best friend and my lover.

Here is a story I wrote over one year ago. This is a fantasy involving brother and sister incest. If this isn't your thing, please don't read it but if it is, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment.

I grew up in an average house, painfully average. You know people like us, two working parents, two kids, a nice average house, neat yard, if we were food we would have been wonder bread. My parents were good people, they loved their children, and did their best to provide for us, but as they both worked they weren’t very involved in our lives and since we were latch key kids we weren’t very involved with others our ages, and this would come in handy later on as you will see.

My sister Kris was a cute girl, she wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but like me she did play some sports so she kept herself trim, if not buff. She had brown hair and eyes, she kept her hair shoulder length, and she kept her figure well hidden in non tight jeans and baggy t-shirts. I never saw her date and I found out later she never did date in high school, turning down a few boys because she was painfully shy. At that time she was a student at a local community college and spent her days at school and home studying.

I played a few sports, none very well, so while I was active I was no star. I dated some during high school, but not much, most girls weren’t interested in dating a bench warmer, but enough were so I did get a little action.

Our simple lives were drastically changed one cold January night. It was a Friday night, a light snow was falling and my sister and I were home alone. Our parents had decided to have a night out by themselves, dinner and a play at the local community theatre. Kris was in her room where she usually stayed when mom and dad were gone, while I was in the family room watching a movie. It was about 11 PM when I saw the headlights of a car pull into the driveway and back out again only to pull up to the curb outside. Nothing unusual, there were a few neighbors who couldn’t park in their garages so they often parked on the street, but then I perked up when I heard boots on the front walk, since mom and dad always parked in the garage, I looked to the window and as I watched two figures walking to the front door I heard what sounded like police radio chatter. My heart began to race as did my mind while I tried to think about what I could have done to get into trouble, but my thoughts were cut short by a knock at the door.

I stood up and approached the door, I turned on the porch light and checked the peep hole and saw a police officer next to a person in street clothes, so I opened the door and peeked out. Both men looked nervous and suddenly I had a feeling of dread as I realized the time and that mom and dad were usually back home by this time.
“Is this the home of Mark and Janice Johnson” the officer asked?

I nodded yes, eyes wide and my heart bounding in my chest, I couldn’t speak with my stomach in my throat.

The civilian spoke next “I’m Father Phil, and I’m afraid I have very bad news… are you the only one home”?

“No” I managed to answer “My sister is in her room”.

“How old is your sister” the man asked?

“20” I answered.

“I think she will want to hear this too” Father Phil added “could you get her please”?

I went to Kris’s room and told her who was at the door, and she just sat on her bed staring at me, only moving when I told her again the men wanted to talk to both of us. Kris slowly stood and put a robe over her flannel night gown and then followed me to the family room.

Both men were still standing, the officer holding his hat in his hands, playing with the brim nervously. Father Phil spoke “Hello Miss… ummm… I’m Father Phil and this is Officer Thompson… I’m afraid I have some very bad news, about three hours ago Mark and Janice Johnson were in an accident and both perished”.

“Noooo” Kris moaned “Noooo, you’re wrong… it’s not true”. Tears were running down her cheeks, her face a study in panic.

“Where did it happen” I asked softly?
“Acacia and Promontory” the officer replied, “about 7:30 this evening”.

“I heard the sirens” I said almost as if in a dream.

Father Phil asked me “How old are you son”?

“Seventeen” I replied “I’ll be eighteen in a couple months”. I suddenly realized the danger I was in, I was a minor with no parents, I realized I needed my sister to be mature in a hurry so I could avoid foster care. I put my arm around my sister and pulled her close and she buried her face in my shoulder.

Father Phil next asked me “Will you two be OK? We can have someone come out here tonight if you think you need some help”.

“No thanks” I replied “We’ll be OK, our parents planned well for this… no… we’ll be OK”.

“OK Father” Phil said “but you can expect a visit from somebody from the county in a few days, probably a call first, then a visit. Here…” he handed me a business card with a few numbers on it “here is a card with some useful numbers, including mine if you ever feel you need to speak to someone”.

“Thanks Father” I said as I took the card.

“OK… if there’s nothing more than we can do… we’ll leave you alone for now and… we’re really sorry for your loss”.

“Thanks you Father and thank you Officer Thompson” I said as I shook their hands “Have a good night” and I ushered them to the door.

When the door clicked shut I looked at Kris and she just stood there, arms at her side, tears rolling down her cheeks, her eyes locked on mine, she spoke softly “What’ll we do Ben… What are we gonna do”?

I approached her and put my arms out and said “We’ll be OK” I said “Don’t worry mom and dad prepared for this, you remember what they showed us, where they kept all the stuff we needed if they died”.

Kris softly sobbing into my chest as we hugged said “I don’t know what to do”.

“Don’t worry Kris, we’ll get through this” I then guided her to the sofa where we sat and held each other. We both cried for a long time, holding onto each other, eventually we had no more tears to shed and were just sitting in shock, then I felt Kris’s sobbing stop, and her breathing became regular and deep, so I reached out and shut off the lamp and pulled a blanket over us, eventually falling asleep.

When the sun came up Saturday morning I woke, not sure if last night wasn’t a dream, but then I realized my sister was curled up on the sofa with me, softly snoring. I carefully disentangled myself from her without waking her and stumbled to the bathroom to pee, then I went to my parent’s office and went to the file we were told to use if something happened to them. I pulled out all the paperwork and spread it out on the desk. As I was looking it over I heard my sister quietly walk up to the office door and stand there, watching me. I looked up and she was leaning against the door frame, her light blue terry cloth robe pulled tightly around her, covering her cream colored flannel night gown.

“Hi” she said quietly.

“Morning sis” I said.

“What ‘cha lookin’ at” she asked?

“Mom and dad’s files” I answered. “They planned well, we just need to make a few phone calls Monday”. I was worried about her, she was always needy for our parent’s attention, and I felt she probably never would move out. I then asked “Hungry sis? I make some breakfast if you want”.

“No” she said “I’m not hungry… I’ll be in my room if you need me” and she turned and walked away.

The rest of the weekend I lived in a daze. I got all our ducks in a row, all the people I needed to call and all the things I needed to do. Kris never came out of her room and every time I asked her if she wanted to eat, or if she needed anything she just lay on her bed curled into a ball and shook her head. Mom and Dad were cremated as per their wishes and I knew where they wanted their ashes scattered, and the life insurance was dealt with as well as the long process of gathering together all their final arrangements. I was absent from school for the whole week so later in the week I got my sister to get cleaned up and some food in her belly so we could carry out mom and dad’s wishes.

The weather had warmed a little and the snow from that horrible night had melted, Kris and I walked up a hill in a nearby state park that overlooked the countryside. It was a favorite spot that we had used many times for picnics over the years, and it would be a beautiful resting spot for mom and dad. As the ashes floated away in the light breeze, Kris held tight to me, and when all was gone I put my arms around her and said “It’s really beautiful here, I think they would be happy it was so nice when we did this”.

Kris looked at me and said “Thanks Ben… I know I’ve been really worthless this week, but… I’m lost, I just don’t know what to do” and started sobbing again>

“Shhhh” I whispered “It’s alright sis, I understand, this is getting to me to. Hell the only reason I’ve been able to do this is because mom and dad already planned it all”.

Kris chuckled and said “Ben, you have to promise me you’ll never leave me… I don’t think I could live without you”.

“Nonsense” I said “You will be fine, it will just take some time, just about everyone has to face the death of their parents sometime, we just had to do it earlier than most.

As we walked back to the car I continued to keep my arm around her, trying to shield her from the things she was afraid of. We drove home in silence, Kris staring out the window, lost.

The county contacted us, but the case worker saw we were doing OK and so she had an excuse to close our file as I was with my sister and I was almost 18 anyway. I went back to school, and hardly anyone asked where I had been or what happened, I was invisible. Kris also went back to school and she was home every day when I got home, sitting alone in her room, hardly ever coming out.

This went on for a few weeks, then one night after I had gone to bed my door opened and Kris walked in and asked if she could sleep in my bed with me. I said she could so she climbed in and curled up facing away from me and quickly fell asleep. I lay there watching her, concerned about what was going on with her until I also fell asleep.

That next morning she was gone when I woke up, so I went about my day and then that afternoon she asked if she could cook me dinner. Surprised at this change I agreed and she said went to the store to shop, this was the first time she had gone anywhere but school since the accident. Later I was in mom and dad’s office handling some of their last bills and as I sat there I realized Kris was humming in the kitchen, and I hadn’t heard her hum in so long, it really warmed my heart t hear it. I popped my head out and asked if I could help her. Kris gave me a big smile and said “No Ben, I’ve got it” then she changed her mind and added “Actually if you don’t mind could you set the table”?

“Sure I answered” glad she was showing some life.

“Thanks Hun” she said.

As I walked to the cupboard I asked myself “Did she just call me ‘Hun’”?

I started setting the table, thinking it was just a slip. Mom and dad always called each other Hun as well as the two of us, I was sure it was an innocent slip. I then noticed how nice Kris looked. She was wearing one on mom’s old aprons, but it was over some nice jeans and a sweater that didn’t obliterate her figure. I also noticed she was wearing makeup and perfume, things she never wore before, so initially I thought she was coming out from her shell, then I realized the sweater was mom’s as was the perfume, the makeup could have been Kris’s but I bet it was also mom’s. Now I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Dinner was nice, and Kris seemed very happy, and attentive to my wants and needs, never letting me get up for anything saying this was her treat. After dinner she told me she would clean up since I had been doing so much and that I should sit and relax. I tried, but it was hard, I wasn’t sure what was going on with Kris. Kris even walked into the family room later with two glasses of wine just like mom and dad would drink sometimes after dinner.

“Kris” I started to ask “Are you OK”?

“Yes, of course” she answered looking truly confused “Why do you ask”?

“Oh… nothing” I replied unsure “Just wondering, you’ve been so quiet since the accident”.

“I know Ben, but I think I’ll be OK, you’ve been such a big help”.

Over the next few weeks I noticed Kris work a lot of moms’ things into her outfits, jewelry, sweaters, blouses, even skirts. Kris was becoming mom in many ways, and she was becoming very cozy around me, sitting right next to me when we watched TV, she even kissed me good bye one morning, then turned away sheepishly when I looked shocked, but even that episode didn’t stop her and things just got curiouser and curiouser until finally things came to a head.

It was another Friday night, late March, cold with a light snow falling, probably the last of the year. We had finished a dinner that Kris had cooked. Kris has seemed nervous that whole afternoon and evening, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. I loved Kris and I was worried about her. After dinner she offered me some wine, but I turned it down, but she set it next to me if I changed my mind then she said she would be right back and left the room. I began to channel surf, and think about what would happen come the next fall when I went away to college. Kris would be alone and I wondered if she was going to be able to handle that. After she was gone a few minutes I began to smell the strong scent of perfume and I wondered what Kris was up to, but I didn’t have to wait long because next thing I knew she walks in wearing a black teddy, her face done up in heavy makeup so unlike Kris. My jaw dropped.

“What do you think” Kris asked nervously.

“I don’t know WHAT to think” I answered “I don’t know what’s going on”.

Kris fidgeted nervously, wringing her hands at her chest and spoke “I want to show you what a good wife I would make for you Ben”.

“Kris” I answered “You don’t need to show mw anything, I know you will make someone a wonderful wife, I’m not the person you need to convince”.

Now even more nervous Kris said “No Ben, you… don’t understand…. I mean a good wife for…” and she got very quiet again “…for you Ben”.

“Me” I asked louder than I meant? “Me? Kris you can’t… we can’t…. We’re brother and Sister Kris, it can’t be done! You’ll find someone in time, someone special to call your own, but that someone can’t be me”.

Kris almost pleading said “Why not Ben, I mean… I know it won’t be easy, but we already have the same last name, so if we moved far from here who would know”?

“Kris” I started to answer then paused “Kris, besides the legal issues there is the idea of children, you do want children don’t you? You don’t want two headed children do you? Besides it’s just so… well… wrong, it’s just not done”!

Kris had walked closer to me and I saw she really was very attractive in mom’s teddy, her figure shown off to full effect, her legs shapely, but her perfume stung my nose. Kris was pleading with me. “Ben, I’ve looked all that up, if we had kids they would probably be normal unless we both carried some defect we didn’t know about, yeah there is risk, but I’m willing to take it to be with you”.

“Kris, Kris” I said “We can’t… I can’t do this, it’s just so wrong”.

“I know it’s wrong” she was now standing in front of me crying, her mascara turning her eyes to raccoon eyes, “I know Ben, but I have no choice, I don’t want to be alone and you’re the only family I have left, if you leave me….” Her body was now racked by her sobs “If you leave me, I don’t think I can live”.

“Nonsense Kris, you’re better than that” I replied “You will be just fine”.

“Not without you” she whispered.

“Kris we can’t, we can’t be married, so even if we lived together we couldn’t be married because someone sometime would ask for a marriage license… what would you do then huh”?

Now totally lost Kris through her sobs softly asked “Don’t you find me attractive Ben”?

“Of course I do Kris, but you’re my sister… and I’m your brother, we just can’t do this, what would mom and dad think”?

Kris was crying uncontrollably by now, there was no consoling her, I took her hands in mine but she was too far gone. This was more than I could take, so I stood and walked to the garage and said “I’m going out for some air”.

When Kris saw what I was doing she screamed my name “Ben, no Ben, come back, don’t go out tonight… the snow Ben, please don’t go”.

As I backed out I saw Kris follow me out into the snow, waving to me to come back, but I drove off into the night. I was alone with my thoughts, the only noise being the radio and the click of the wipers. I couldn’t believe what my sister was asking me to do, that was incest. As I drove I kept thinking about how nice she looked tonight and if she wasn’t my sister I would have gladly taken her up on her offer. I began to consider what would happen if we did what she wanted, but I quickly shook that thought from my mind, she was my sister. I went to a local 24 hour restaurant and ordered some coffee and a piece of pie. I nursed these for a couple hours as I thought everything over. I couldn’t believe I was actually considering what she asked, I just knew it couldn’t be done, but I was considering it anyway. Finally early in the morning I knew what I would do and I began the drive home. I turned off the radio, the rhythmic tick tick of the wipers keeping me company, I finally pulled up to our house. The snow made getting into the garage impossible so I parked outside and walked up to the front door. The porch light was on but the house was dark, so I put the key in the lock and quietly entered. As I closed the door I heard someone sniff like they were crying and looking into the darkness I saw a figure on the sofa. “Kris” I asked?

No response at first, then she said “I thought you were dead, I thought you had left me like mom and dad did… just like that night”.

“Kris, mom and dad didn’t leave us, they were taken” I walked over to her and sat down, Kris was bundled under a blanket and her robe “Besides Kris, I’m still here, nothing happened to me”.

“Yeah” she replied softly “But you’ll be gone soon enough, you may as well be dead… I may as well be dead” and she started sobbing again.

My heart was filled with love and concern for my fragile sister, I reached for her and she leaned into me, resting her head on my chest. “I’ve been thinking Kris… about what you said”.

Her sobbing stopped and she asked softly “And”?

“And… and I think maybe… maybe you’re right, maybe we can make a go of it… but you have to give this time and if either of us says no more, then the other one has to go along with it… OK?”

I could see Kris looking at me in the dark of the room, she stared for what felt like an hour but was probably just a few seconds. “OK Ben… I agree” and she reached out to me and we hugged, her head against my chest, I stroked her hair and breathed in the smell of my mother’s perfume and I began to cry.

Kris felt this and pulled back startled and in a panic asked “What’s wrong Ben”?

I laughed self consciously and answered “Nothing Kris, but I need to ask you not to wear mom’s perfume”.

“I’m sorry Ben” and she reached up to stroke my face “Does it upset you”?

“Memories I’d rather not deal with right now, all things considered” I said softly.

“OK Kris said and she stood up and said “I’m going to go get cleaned up” and she walked out.

I soon heard the shower start, so I went to my room and got ready for bed. When I was in bed a few minutes Kris walked into my dark room, she was wearing her flannel pajamas and she walked up to my bed and sat on the edge and spoke softly “Thank you Ben”.

“For what” I asked, kind of knowing the answer.

“For giving this a chance” and she bent in and kissed me softly on my lips, a quick kiss that felt better than I imagined it would. I had kissed my sister a thousand times, but this kiss had something extra to it, it wasn’t the sweet safe kiss of a sister, but a kiss with the strong possibility of something more.

“Good night” I said softly and watched her walk out of the room. I soon fell asleep. The morning came bright and sunny, with the promise of spring not far away. The snow from the night before glistened and sparkled in the morning sun, I felt excited about the possibilities ahead, but knew there was work to be done so I got up and headed to the office and made a list of things we would have to do.

About 11 AM Kris walked into the office and said a sleepy “Good morning Ben” and she came over and stood behind me to see what I was doing then asked “What’s this”?

“Things we need to do if we want this to work out” and I leaned out of the way so she could read it.

“That’s quite a list” she said.

“Lifetimes aren’t simple” I said with a smile.

Kris saw my smile and she smiled back “I suppose not” and she leaned in and gave me another soft kiss.

I said “How about some breakfast, then we can go over this and work out the kinks”.

“Breakfast” she asked? “More like lunch”.

“I was thinking waffles” and gave her a hopeful look.

Smiling “OK Ben, waffles”.

While we ate I told her we would need to get her a false identity, something we could use to get a marriage license, then she could use her name and we would have the license. We could then create a life far from our home, somewhere we could live anonymously among strangers and raise a family. Kris seemed excited at the thought and agreed to find out how to do it. I also got her to agree that we needed to get rid of our present life, destroying everything that tied us to our past, and about that she wasn’t happy, but she agreed it was best. Finally I said we needed to sell the house after I turned eighteen in a week.

“I forgot about your birthday” she said.

“Were not even married and you’re forgetting already” I teased?

“OK smart ass” she retorted “When’s mine”?

“October” I said nervously.

“October what” she asked with a smirk?

“Never mind that” I tried to deflect “We have work to do, I’ll start by cleaning out the garage to sell all dad’s stuff, you pack up their clothes”.

“I thought so” Kris said, “October 8th, now don’t forget it” and we both laughed.

By the end of the weekend all mom and dad’s clothes were donated and I had organized the things in the garage to either give away or sell. That night I was tired and after I showered I was walking down the hall to my room and I passes mom and dad’s room, the bed was turned down and I heard Kris in their bathroom humming. I went in and found her in her night gown brushing her hair and she looked at me smiling and said “I thought I’d go to bed too, I’m kinda’ tired”.

“Kris” I said pained “I can’t sleep in their bed… it wouldn’t be right, I wouldn’t feel right”. I knew immediately she was crushed so I continued quickly “I would rather share your bed”.

Kris brightened and said “But it’s so small, just a double”.

“That’s OK, we’ll make it work, hell we slept together on the sofa didn’t we”?

“I guess we did… OK, I understand, mine it is” she said.

I walked to her room, the frills of a little girl’s room were everywhere, I don’t think she had redecorated since she was twelve. I asked what side she wanted and took the other, and when she turned out the lights and we were under the covers I said “goodnight”, nervous about what she might have in mind.

Kris moved close to me in the darkness, and I could see her eyes sparkle in the dim light as she moved her face close to mine. My cock was getting hard, but I wasn’t ready yet for the step she wanted to take so very much. “Kris… no… I’m not ready”.

Kris quickly turned her back to me and said “I’m sorry Ben… I thought… I mean….”

“Relax Kris, I’m just not ready to complicate things too much yet. I don’t want to be alone yet either, but I’m not ready for… that … just yet” and I reached over and rubbed her back.

Kris relaxed at my touch and she softly sighed and said “That feels good Ben” so I continued to rub her back and shoulders, sitting up to get a better angle, my shorts tenting from my erection. As I rubber her back I admired the shape of her figure, just hidden by her flannel nightgown, the soft swell of her ass below the hollow of her lower back, my hands so tantalizingly close to her forbidden flesh, it took all my will to resist what she would have so willingly given. I didn’t sleep well that night thinking about Kris and what almost was.

Morning came and we went our separate ways, parting with another gentle kiss. When we were together again that afternoon we talked and agreed we would sleep separately until I had graduated since we didn’t want to ruin my grades by distracting me, and besides, school was almost over and we would see changes soon enough. April and May flew by. We found a realtor to sell the house and she did quickly, we would have to move about 1 week after I graduated, which was fine by us but I finished my last final and then came the graduation ceremony, and a new day dawned.

I felt mixed emotions as I accepted my diploma, I missed my parents, but I felt proud of my accomplishment, and excited at what the future had in store for me. I looked for Kris’s face in the crowd and when I found her I saw she was crying, her face surrounded by strangers, a face of love and beauty, I realized I had fallen for her, and I was ready to move forward. After the ceremony I searched for her, finding her smiling with pride at her little brother, we approached and hugged tightly, only reluctantly separating, then we walked together to our car and our trip home. I reached for her hand and she gave it to me and we drove home in silence, only the sound of the radio playing softly in our ears, we both knew what was ahead and even though we both wanted it we were both afraid of what we were about to do.

We walked into the house, mostly bare since we had sold just about everything in preparation for our move. I dropped the graduation gown on a table and said “We have something we need to do now Kris”.

“What’s that” she asked?

“Wait here, I’ll be back” and I went to our parents closet where we still had a few things, including all our family pictures. I walked back to her with the box of pictures, baby pictures, pictures of our lives, of our past and I said “We need to burn these”.

Kris nodded her head and I set the box on the floor in front of us. Kris opened the box and began to look through them, tears welling up in her eyes ‘Can’t we keep a few and maybe lock them away, just for us”?

“No Kris, we can’t, our lives end here and new ones begin when we leave, our past will be made new, and we can’t have any reminders… none”, and I looked her in the eyes, both of us about to cry about what we were about to do.

“OK Ben” and Kris smiled a wan smile.

I lit a fire in the fire place and one by one we burned our past, until it was completely cleansed by fire. Kris and I sat on the sofa, her head on my shoulder, and my arm around hers, we watched our past fade in the flames. Finally Kris stood and said “I’ll be right back’ and she softly padded away down the hall. I sat silently, sad, waiting for her to return. I heard her come back into the room and she cleared her throat, I looked up and saw a vision I would never forget. Kris was in a long cream colored robe that our mother had bought just before she died. Kris looked so beautiful in its silken drapes, the front dipping deep below her breasts, and the lengths falling around her feet, her painted toes peeking sexily from beneath the folds. I went from feeling sorry for myself to feeling positively happy. I know I was supposed to get rid of this, but I thought it was just so pretty, I wanted to wear it at least once”.

Slowly I spoke “You look beautiful Kris”.

Kris beamed at that and practically hopped over to me “I’m so glad you like it, I was afraid you’d tell me to take it off”.

I stood and took her hands in mine and with a smile I said “Oh, I intend to take this off you all right, but I want to enjoy it first”.

Kris’s eyes sparkled, her smile beamed, and her hands squeezed mine, I bent down and when I kissed her this time, there was nothing gentle about it. Our lips grasped at each other, my hands released hers and encircled her waist, pulling her close, her body yielding to me, her lips parted and our tongues began a dance never intended to be danced by brother’s and sister’s. My hands slid from her waist and grasped her ass, the silk robe sliding easily over her soft skin. Kris’s arms wrapped around my shoulders, and I felt the robe open. I broke the embrace and looked upon my lover, the robe parted and I saw her soft brown bush below her smooth, flat belly and above all that the gentle curves of her cleavage. I scooped her into my arms, the robe falling away even more to reveal her naked beauty, I carried her to our waiting bed, where I laid her down on the Downey comforter. I stood straight and took off my clothing.

Kris watched with anticipation and whispered “Oh Ben, I love you so much”.

My erection sprang up when I removed all my clothes, leaving nothing but my smile to hide behind, I laid myself next to Kris, my hand gently sliding each arm out from her robe, I said to her “I love you too Kris”, my smile sincere.

Kris smiled like I had never seen her smile before, then I leaned in again and kissed her, my hand exploring the forbidden areas of her body, the soft swell of her breasts, the smooth skin of her belly, the firm muscles of her thighs and finally her warm and wet womanhood. Kris sighed softly and spoke sweetly into my ear, “I’ve been waiting for this Ben, waiting for you for so long….”

“So have I Kris, ever since that night I scared you, I’ve wanted you, but I couldn’t have you, until now” and I rolled her body into mine crushing her lips into mine, our tongues circling and thrusting, our unnatural lust heightening the excitement of our young love. My cock was fully erect and I wanted in, so I pushed Kris to her back again and I quickly moved over my sister, her body looking small and defenseless beneath me, my erection angry and hard, the bulbous head slick from my excitement.

Kris’s hands went to my chest, almost as if to push me off, and she quietly whispered “Ben… You’re my first….”

I looked into her face, smiling, full of pride, I loved this girl and I wanted this to be a special night. I said lovingly to her “Take me in your hand and guide me” I nuzzled her neck and added “Show me where you want me”.

Kris took hold of my cock, rubbing it gently and guided it to the entrance of her pussy, I slipped in, Kris took in her breath as I invaded places never before violated, and the sensation of her sex was incredible. Kris wasn’t my first, but she was the best. I pulled back and looked into her face again and saw her love, and I knew I made the right decision. Gradually I began rocking in and out, Kris’s hips thrusting with me, adding pressure where she wanted more pressure taking some away when she wanted less, the sensation was incredible. I kissed her, plunging my tongue deep into her mouth, her hands left my chest and again wrapped around my neck, pulling me in tight, I felt her legs wrap around my hips like a vise, and I knew she was close. Kris’s breathing became ragged and she began moaning, softly at first then with increasing urgency, and with her growing excitement I began to feel an increasing urgency, and excitement, soon I would be filling my sister with my seed. For a brief moment I thought of the danger of pregnancy, but that was quickly overpowered by my excitement, the wickedness we were participating in, and our terrible lust. Kris opened her mouth wide, her breath coming in fits and starts, at the same time my sex boiled up from deep inside my belly and I exploded into my sister. As I sinfully thrust my cock into my sister, I looked into her face, her eyes locked on mine, her breath slowly returning to normal, and a smile creeping over her face.

“Wow” she whispered.

I lay next to her staring at the ceiling, my mind going a mile a minute, my chest heaving, my cock softening, feeling cool and wet in the night air. “There’s no turning back now” I whispered.

Kris rolled into me and lifted her head up and said “I don’t want to turn back” and with a soft kiss she added “I only want to look ahead”.

We fell asleep, the sleep of the contented and satisfied, a deep sleep, full of wonderful and happy dreams, we both awoke in the dark of the early morning and shared another passionate embrace, hot and intense, full of both love and our intense dark lust, we were new lovers, giddy with the excitement of the new and the forbidden. When morning came we slept late and then made love again, this time gentler and more loving.

Kris was walking around the house in that sexy robe, her body moving sensuously beneath its flowing fabric, her face glowing from within, lit by our love. I took her in my arms as we fixed breakfast and said, “Let’s leave today, there’s no reason not to because there’s nothing holding us here”.

Kris threw her arms around me and said “Lets”.

We only had a few things left, we put the mattress out for the garbage to pick it up, and wrapped up the bed linens to donate and threw our few belongings into the old crown vic, a quick stop to drop off our last few donations and then we headed out of town. I drove to the park where we scattered our parents ashes and when Kris looked at me puzzled I said “I want to say good bye… I don’t think we may ever be back”.

I grabbed a blanket and we walked to the hill we scattered their ashes that cold day that seems years ago. It was a beautiful and warm afternoon, there was a warm and gentle breeze moving the green grass and the wild flowers were still blooming. The sky was a deep, rich blue with just a few wispy clouds moving lazily across the sky. The view from the hill was beautiful, not a person was to be seen so I spread the blanket on the soft green grass and we sat down. Kris was dresses in khaki shorts and a white button down blouse with little white socks protecting her small feet from her white tennis shoes. Kris’s brown hair was blowing gently in the warm breeze and her brown eyes looked at me soft and warm. I reached into my pocket and brought out a ring. “I had mom’s engagement and wedding rings made into a new set”, I reached for her left hand and Kris gave it to me, her breathing quickening “I had the gold melted and everything made anew… this is a sign of my love for you Kris” and I slid the ring onto her finger.

“It’s beautiful” Kris said, tears welling up in her eyes.

I leaned into Kris’s face and our lips brushed, then gently nibbled and as we continued to kiss I tasted the salt of her tears. My hand reached to her waist and hip, feeling her womanly curves then reaching around to her lovely ass where I felt her panty lines under her shorts, my fingers lightly tracing their outline then moving up her body, first her belly then to her lovely breasts, which felt soft in her light bra. Kris’s breathing became deep and when I pulled back I saw lust in her eyes and I knew she and I wanted the same thing. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside then Kris quickly followed my lead, unbuttoning her blouse then expertly undoing the rear clasp of her bra and allowing it to fall away and freeing her breasts with their nipples erect with anticipation. We were both soon naked, my cock was erect and her fingers were wrapped around my rock hard shaft. As our lips tasted each other, my hand drifted to the warmth of her pussy, her thin and wispy brown hairs were soft as silk, and the wet slit was slippery under my fingers. Our kisses were intense, our lips crushed against each other and our tongues were thrusting and probing, until Kris pulled back and breathlessly said “Lay down”, as she pushed me down on my back, and saw her head drop to my cock and for the first time I felt her lips wrap around my erect member the heat and sensation were intense.

“Oh god Kris, that feels so good” I moaned.

Kris pulled up and looked at me with a devilish smile and said “I’m glad you think so my love” and then she went back to work.

I was quickly getting close to blowing so I pulled Kris off me, and when she looked hurt I said “I was about to cum and I want this to last”.

Kris smiled when she knew how she was effecting me, but now it was my turn, I hadn’t yet tasted her tangy nectar, her natural juices were calling to me, so my face was soon in her crotch and my tongue was lightly gliding over the crinkled folds of her lower lips, stabbing into the depths of her belly then retreating to the hard little button of her clit. Kris’s juices flowed freely, covering her nether reaches and bathing my face as her hips ground up and down into my face as her moans softly drifting upward, sharing the warm afternoon air with the sweet sounds of the many birds treading in the trees. I couldn’t wait any longer, I lifted my face from her pussy and soon my wet lips were kissing Kris, my excitement building as I thought of her tasting her own juices on my lips, and as I prepared to stab her with my lust I whispered to Kris “I love you” and then she was impaled again.

Kris’s kisses were intense, her hands wrapped around my head, pulling my face to hers, causing my inner lips to bleed as she ground my lips to my teeth. Our breath whistling through our noses as I pumped my cock deep into my sister, her hips grinding into mine and my hand drifting to her ass, pulling her up to meet me. Suddenly Kris let out “I’m cumimng Ben” and she reconnected her lips to mine, sucking hard on my lower lip as her body began to tense and softly shake. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I began thrusting faster and faster, my cum rising from the depths of my belly to then explode deep into the belly of my sister sending my seed speeding to her womb in search of a partner for an unnatural union. I collapsed and lay next to Kris, both of us on our backs, our naked skin flush from our sex and our breathing gradually slowing, the warm gentle breeze cooling our skin, I felt so happy and so full of love. Kris and I lay there for a few quiet minutes, enjoying the moment.

Kris giggled and said “I’m leaking”.

“What” I asked?

Kris rolled to me, putting her head on my chest “I’m leaking I said… your stuff is leaking out and it tickles” and she kissed my chest.

I thought about what she just said, the whole idea that I just had sex outside with my sister was blowing my mind, but I didn’t want it to end. “I never thought I could feel this good… I never thought I could love someone like I love you”.

Kris popped her head up, a huge grin on her face “I love you to Hun” she said and we kissed again.

“We better get going” I said chuckling, “it would really suck getting caught here by someone we know”.

We both dressed, only interrupting what we were doing with kisses about half a dozen times. I folded the blanket, putting it under my arm, and took Kris’s hand and walked back to the car. I watched her check out her ring time and again as she walked along, so I knew I made a good choice.

We drove out of town for the last time that afternoon, heading across country to a place no one would ever know us. Along the way we stopped and used an ID she assumed from a dead girl with her same first name and same age, so we had a marriage license. We set up housekeeping near my college, and Kris even was able to enroll eventually, and when we graduated we moved again and started a family. I never stopped feeling passionate about Kris. I loved everything about her, the way she tossed her hair after washing it, the way she looked at me when she was in the mood or the way she sighed in my ear as we made love. The way she smiled at me when our children did something cute, or the way her eyes sparkled whenever I walked in the door at night.

We had a wonderful life for many years, watching our two children grow into well adjusted young people, the twisted history of their parents forever hidden. This all came to a tragic end last year when Kris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and quickly succumbed. Kris was cremated and I flew her ashes back to our home and one warm September day and standing alone I scattered her ashes over the same hill we had scattered our parents so many years before, the same hill where we had our naked embrace shortly afterward, baring our skin as well as souls.

Hope you Enjoyed! Thanks for reading.

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