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They needed help
Social service had just called and asked if I had a 2 bedrooms or larger unit available. Actually I had 3 empty units and so I offered as was my custom. I have a standing agreement with the social service department that if they need a place for a domestic abuse safe house and I have an empty they can have it. Well it seems that there was a woman with two teenage daughters that needed a place.
Jane from SS said they needed to move fast and it sounded like life or death, so I said, bring them over and can you bring some help to move the furniture in.
Sure and they will need everything as they have just run out with very little and he seems to be armed and violent and drunk.
Okay but be sure you tell them the rules about telling anyone where they are. I don’t want the cops like last time. I will stock the frig and pantry as well. Hanging up John started picking up tools and heading to the garage where he stored furniture for just such occasions. He had been putting up families in danger for many years and sometimes there were some very nice side benefits. A smile crossed his face as he remembers some of the mothers and daughters that he had HELPED, mmmmmmmm. Oh well first things first.
He had stopped at his office and gotten a key to a second floor two bed unit and was just opening the storage shed when three cars pulled up. The first was Jane with a couple of boys, big boys, to help. The second was a newer SUV and John could see a woman and a couple of other passengers. The third was an unmarked police car.
Hi Jane, see you brought some good help, Hi fellows, so who is in the third car.
Police for protection, husband beat the wife and attacked the oldest daughter, the youngest called police. He ran out before they got there and is still on the loose.
Oh great, well be sure they understand the rules about NO BODY knows they are here.
I explained it and they are afraid enough to listen.
Okay let’s move them in. Jane motions for the family and waves at the cops who wave and turn and leave.
The woman gets out and comes up to Jane. Boy does she look bad, split lip and bruised cheeks, wearing dark glasses. MMM looking beat but nice body, some weight but mostly in the right places and well give the face time to heal and a little makeup she is good looking.
Marie, this is John the manager. It is understood nobody knows John owns the complex. John this is Marie.
Hello, I have a two bedroom upper unit you can use. The fellows and I will be moving in some furniture and in the mean time you and your girls can either hang out at the pools or the rec. room over there. I will show you now where your parking place is. John turns and walks away. Marie turns to Jane, I wanted to tell him how grateful we are but he just walked away. Don’t worry or take it personal John is cold some times; he has done this a lot. You will be as safe here, John will see to that. Jane remembers the gun man John killed 3 years ago.
Marie got in the SUV and followed John to the parking area.
John pointed out the spot. Marie parked and got out and followed by her daughters.
Oh god those two are sure good looking girls.
These are my daughters Maryann and Marilynn. Hello ladies, okay get your things and follow me. Marie here is your keys. Jane said there were 3 of you so I made a key for each. I always change the locks when a tenant leaves so you’re safe. You’re also on second floor so getting in windows is not an issue. There is also a good dead bolt on the door so be sure you use it. They reach the unit and John opens up and lets them in. Okay the fellows and I will be bring up some furniture. I have already moved in the kitchen and there is food in the frig and pantry that should carry you for a couple of days. I will show you where the local food pantry is and they will help you.
Mr. Johnson I want to thank you so much, I don’t know what we would have done I just……………
Thats okay and the name is John. I hate wife beaters and so I do what I can to help. You need anything you call me, here is my cell number and you CALL. Remember what Jane told you and do exactly what she said. We do not want trouble here. On the counter is a list of tenant rules for the pool and rec area you’re regular tenants and you can use the place like regular tenants. Ladies there are some other young ladies here and they usually hang out at the pool and rec room around 7.
Okay I have to give the fellows a hand.
John and the crew move in enough furniture to give them something. Even a TV.
John this is too much, you’re a saint. John thinks, Marie you could not be further from the truth, more devil than saint, especially what I was thinking when I saw your daughters. Down boy easy, mind back on track.
Things move along well for week then one night all hell breaks out. John is up and running across the court yard and up the stairs. As he round the corner there is a man with and ax chopping at a door.
Hey get the hell out of here now. John has punched the 911, “Domestic attack Sunrise Apartment Complex NOW man with ax attacking tenant, this is John.” Drops the phone open to the floor so cops can record what happens and the 911 get the location. Hey great I hear sirens, they were close thank god.
The attacker faced John and scream a string of fuck you , bastard, asshole and such then comes at John with the ax. OH SHIT John can not turn and show his back as he has to keep an eye on the ax. The man swings over head, misses and then sideway and misses , John steps in the punches him in jaw. Man staggers back and swings, John is not quite fast enough and takes a cut across the chest. John is down and the man is coming in ax up and the 3 loud bangs, the man staggers and falls across John’s legs.
Well it is over the man is dead, the wife beating husband, and the woman is in the hall crying and the two girls are there eyes wide looking at their dead father and John bleeding propped up against the wall. The sirens announce the arrival of the rescue squad. The girls both go to John and look at his bleeding chest and Maryann takes and rips the bottom haft of the tee shirt off and holds it against with both her hands. Marilynn puts one hand on chest and the other behind back and pushes harder.
God John we’re sorry, he is a crazy drunk asshole and you well please be okay.
Easy ladies nothing a few stitches and a bottle of painkillers won’t fix.
And two cute females such as your selves with your hands on my chest and so close to me , hell I feel no pain at all. Fucking liar, it hurts like hell AHHHHHHHHHHH. Breathing deep and faster, getting light headed.
I think I better lay down before I pass out , get the feet up.
Cops were taking care of the dead man and the wife while the girls took care of John. The medics came in and took John to a hospital where he was stitched up.
John is cheap and will not stay in hospital.
Great got ride here now I need to get home, call cab at 1 am , probably have to ride with a bunch of drunks.
Here John over here. It was Maryann, she had come to the hospital to check on John and well now she could give him a ride home. Marilynn had come along as she was not going to let her sister be alone with John as she was jealous.
Well actually after what had taken place in the hall and seeing John’s bare bloody chest and touching him. Looking at John across the lobby she was thinking what a man, I would like to see a lot more of that body and I want him to see more of me and touch me and hold me and OH STOP it. He is not interested in little girls he thinks I’m a child I know it.
Well hello there ladies. You here for me.
Yes, we will take you home.
This has got to be one of the worst days in my life and also one of the best. Two cute well even beautiful young women come to take care of me, I died and went to heaven, ya right John you will never make heaven.
They look so nice the younger one is a little heavy but cute and sweet face. The tight jeans are REALLY tight, nice little butt and the top is just tight enough to show everything. Then there is Maryann, well she drives so she is over 16 big deal still jail bait you fool. But what bait. Those cutoff pulled tight into her crotch and the white shirt knotted across belly was so tight John thought he could see nipples, wishful thinking.
Dam she is really something and the long brown hair. Careful you might get a hard on, not likely with the blood lose you had.
John is pale and a little bent over and face is drawn tight with pain. His shirt was torn and his pants were blood soaked.
The girls are on either side of John with an arm through each of his trying to help hold him up. John pulls his arms in tight and squeezes the girl’s arms into his side. Well at least something feels good.
Okay ladies take me home PLEASE. Hey I am real sorry about what happened to your father, no kid needs to have that happen. Is your mother okay, you probably should have stayed with her, she is going to need you close for awhile. That has got to be a real shock to her.
Marilynn looks up at John with a very deep understanding look and says. That’s okay he got what he deserved and mom is better off without him. He has been beating her for years and has been after us for years too.
I am glad he is dead.
Marilynn how can you say that.
Well you said you wished he was dead before so don’t act so surprised and be happy he is dead, the drunken bastard.
Okay easy with the language, that is not the way for a little girl to talk.
I am not a little girl I am 15 and I am holding up a big man that can not walk by himself.
Oh ya, pulls arms out and straightens up and stomps off. John gets about 10 feeet from the SUV and staggers and goes down on one knee. The girls run up and grab each arm.
Okay macho man. They hold him tight and lift up and head for SUV and then put him in passage seat and buckle him in.
AHHHHHHHHH easy with the belt, the across chest hurt like hell. He is weak and a little dizzy and feeling just a little sick to his stomach. Maryann is driving and Marilynn is hold his head between hands and then holds belt away from the chest and has her head next to his and the snuggles in.
John is a little light headed and not thinking clear and he snuggle his head back to hers and the sighs. Oh she feels good and this is fine, I can die now and he dozes off, well more like passes out again.
They pull up to his office apartment and pull into manager parking slot.
John wake up & give me your keys. The girls get John out and to the apartment. It is 6am. They argue as to who will go tell their mother they are back it. They both want to stay with John. For more than one reason.
They got John to his bed where he just flopped down, they did take off shoes and that was all. Secretly each thought about taking more off, a lot more off. Marilynn wanted to see what he looked like NAKED as she had only see a naked men in the pictures and not real well not real UP CLOSE. She wondered what it would be like to touch him all over. She just wanted to hold him now, he was hurt and he saved their lives oh she wanted to……… The thoughts of a young girl coming of age are hard to figure.
Marilynn looks at John and then her sister and back to John and thinks, if you were not here I would take his clothes off right now. I wonder what he looks like naked, I would like to touch and feel that body. She looks at his crotch and gets a tingly feeling in her pussy. But he is covered in blood and that stops the thoughts John needs help.

Okay you stay here and I will go get mother and Maryann runs out. Their apartment door is closed but there are big chunks hacked out of it. Marie is sitting on a sofa, head down sobbing. Mother are you okay. Marie jerks up and looks at her daughter. I am fine just CRAZY , oh god how is John. He is okay but I think he passed out but we put him to bed and Marilynn is with him. Okay lets go down there, this place is, well lets go.
They got back into Johns place there is Marilynn on the bed next to John, on her side stroking Johns face and hair. Marilynn is everything okay. Yes he is sleeping I guess but he is so pale and the bandage is wet. Do you think he is still bleeding? The nurse said they put 42 stitches in him.
There is a knock on the door and then a woman enters, I’m Elizabeth, I’m a nurse at the hospital so let me see him. She pushes past the group and looks down at John.
Dam he looks bad, they told me someone cut him with an ax. What the hell was he doing? Never mind I need to get him in bed properly. You can leave.
Marie looks at her and says… He was helping us , my husband was attacking us and he got in the way. I want to help take care of him. You girls go out and wait in the other room.
Oh you’re the new tenants. Okay you help me undress him and get him settled.
Elizabeth and Marie went to work taking off John’s clothes, first the shirt and then the socks and pants. Blood soaked everthing. His shorts were bloody and Elizabeth just took hold and pulled down and Marie gave a little gasp, John was, well he was as they say endowed nicely. Elizabeth did not seem the least bit moved and through the sheet over John and went out of the room to get a towel and water.
When she returns Marie goes out to the girls in the living room.
Okay this is what has happened, the bastard burned the house down or at least most of it before he came looking for me. He was going to kill me this time and maybe anyone else that got in the way. It is over now and you know I am not sorry. You girls are safe and well we have each other. They gathered for a hug and then started to cry together. They went back to their unit.
The ladies went to work, first to find someone to look at their door. Marie called the SS dept. to talk to Jane to see what she needed to do now. Now they were not in danger any more but they were homeless. Jane told them they would probably have to go to a Red Cross shelter until they could find houses and they no longer qualified for domestic abuse shelter. Great one more worry, no home no clothes no friends and soon on the street. Well they would eat a meal and then figure out what to do. Marie fixed a lunch, soup and sandwich.
Elizabeth had to go to work and found Marie and the girls and told them someone had to stay with John.
Maryann was quick to volunteer to stayed with John to keep an eye on him, OH ya lots of eyes, and Marilynn was very upset with that, she though she should stay.
Here is you lunch you eat this while I take this to Maryann and maybe John is awake to have some soup.
I am going with you, I can eat my lunch there too. I want to see if Johns okay.
Marie smiled, Marilynn seems to have taken a deeper interest in John. She had seen her girls looking at him a couple of time over the past week, while he was working at the pool and when playing in the pool with the little kids. She had seen their whispering and pointing and figured it was normal curiosity. Hell even she had taken a second look at him the other day when she saw him in the garden area all wet with sweat. Then when she and Elizabeth had undressed him, well that was nice.
John was only barely conscious and it seemed like a fuzzy dream. He could hear voices but could not make out what was being said and he did not feel like opening his eyes his head hurt. Then he could feel a touch , a hand on his face and then across his chest and then all over his chest very softly and then across his belly and then oh yes there was a hand touching his cock in a very soft and gentle way and so was his cock. Then the hand touched his balls and thighs and then it was gone. More noise , voices.
Marilynn raced into the room, Is he awake is he okay.
Easy and quiet silly. He seems to be sleeping so let us go and let him sleep
Marilynn --- I will stay and watch him while you and mom eat. As she sat on the bed and put a hand on his head. He is very warm, does he have fever? Why did they send him home so soon? What are we going to do now with the house gone and all our things?
Easy one thing at a time. He is home because he insisted on coming home as he does not have good health insurance and hospitals are expensive. Second they gave him lost of meds for everything so I do not think he has a fever but maybe, I don’t know but we will keep an eye on him. We can take care of him. MMMMM that sounds like a really nice idea, I like the thought of taking care of him, I could see giving him a sponge bath, big grin appears on MaryAnn’s face. I wonder what would happen if I touch his cock when he is awake. A slight tingle is felt in her pussy and wetness develops. I wonder what it would be like with him touching me. MMMM that would be nice. She thought of what it would be like to lay naked next to that body she had been touching earlier.
Okay you girls what is going on, soup is getting cold go out and eat now.
Ah mom we were just well we were just looking after John, he is very warm.
Okay I will get a rag and some cool water and you will eat you lunch now. The nurse said he might run a little fever but they gave him enough to take care of him.
The girls go off to eat and Marie looks at John, mister you have 3 nurses now you better get better. She smiles and goes for the cloth and water. Then she remembers Elizabeth the real nurse and wonders just what is the connection there as she seemed to look at John in a more than clinical way.
Well enough thinking for now. She takes the water and wipes his forehead. The sheet is only over his waist and his upper body is exposed. MMMMMMMMM you’re a good looking man when you’re not all covered in blood.
Thank you John Johnson thank you so much. Marie looks at him, arms on each side of head she bends down and very softly kisses his lips.
John is in a fuzzy dream land and thoughts running through his head. He has been touched in some very pleasing ways and now it seems a pleasant smell and pleasing touch on his lips. MMMMMMMMMMMM and by instinct John arms swing up and wrap around the warm soft body above him kissing him and pulls close and the kiss is hard and his tongue darts out all on its own. The body, female, is pulled down to crush him and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he scream out. The pain shoots through his brain and everything goes blank.
The girls rush in and Marie is in a hug crushed to Johns chest then she gets up quickly.
Mother what are you doing what happened.
Nothing I slipped and touched his chest and well , are you okay John?
Ya fine but I feel like shit, oh sorry ladies Like hell like I have been run over by a train. Man I had some weird dreams, I hope I did not do and say anything bad.
Oh no you were just sleeping.
Then john realized he was naked under the sheet. So who undressed me? Looking at the 3 of them with a dirty smile on his face.
Elizabeth and I did, said Marie.
Elizabeth was here well then I am sure I will be okay, hahahaah, she is a good nurse. Thinking , a VERY GOOD nurse.
Marie notices the smile on Johns face and realizes there is more to Elizabeth and John.
She moves in closer and touches Johns face and smiles. John looks up and smiles a very warm friendly smile.
She bends down and kisses him very softly on the lips. MMMMMMMMM
Now here is a woman with some feeling and mmmmmmmmm I think I remember a kiss like that.
Hey I think you already did that but that’s okay I like it.
I don’t know what to say John but thank you does not seem to cover it. I am so sorry you got involved.
Hey things happen and well your alive and safe and I’m alive so that’s good. Now you need to do me a favor and get hold of Bill in unit 61. His is a carpenter and tell him to fix the door. Can’t have you without a door to lock.
John I need to tell you something, Jane said I no longer qualify for housing from SS so we have to go to the Red Cross. The bastard burned the house down and we have nothing now.
What are you talking about, you are going no where.
But SS is not going to cover the rent.
SS never pays anything for rent. I….. the owner lets me let the SS use the unit without paying rent. So you just stay put. No sense letting them know John is a soft touch.
Oh but I will pay rent but just need to get things in order. I don’t know what to do now.
Easy , one step at a time. We get you settled into here first. You been here almost a week. What about personal things like clothes and such.
Well it seems the clothes are gone in the house. We got some from the food pantry , they have a clothing area.
They gave us several things and well just a few personal things and I can get that.
Okay so go get the door fixed.
I’ll stay with him and keep an eye on him, Marilynn volunteers with a big smile.
I can stay and keep an eye too. Maryann wants to be alone with him especially while he is sleeping mmmmmmmmm she wants to see that naked body. That tingle again and now her pussy is wet.
Okay Marilynn you come with me and Maryann you can stay. You stay in bed.
Okay , oh get Bill to also check on getting the carpet taken care of. Seeing blood on the hall carpets is not good for tenants relations. John laughs and the winces in pain. I think I could us a pain killer. Marie gives him a pill and water.
Okay we will be back later. She leaves with Marilynn in tow against her will.
Maryann grabs a chair and comes over to sit beside the bed.
Hey you do not have to site right here, you can go out and watch TV or play a game on the computer. I usually leave it on.
No I have a book and I can read.
Okay and hey thanks for caring, you make a very cute nurse and ……. John dozes off again.
He is asleep and I wonder if , oh hell . Maryann reaches over and lifts the covers and looks at Johns naked body and gets a tingly feeling all over again and her hand drops to her crotch and she starts to rub and rubs faster and harder. Then she unsnaps the jeans and opens them she rubs her belly and slowly slips hand down and feels the fuzz and the mound and down and one finger slips between the wet lips of her young pussy. She is looking so longingly at the soft limp cock. She moved the sheet down and took hold of the beautiful cock.
OOOhhhhhhh that feels so nice as she squeezed the cock and rubbed her pussy. Her finger was rubbing her clit while the other fingers moved to spread the lips apart. Now she slipped one finger into her very wet pussy.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned very softly and put her head back and squeezed the cock even more and pulled on it and squeezed. The cock seemed to get a little bigger but still limp and then it flexed and seemed to jump in her hand and she let go and pulled her hand out of her shorts and stared at John wondering if she had woken him up. He did not move and was breathing deeply. Oh god I thought I woke him, dam and now I am really horny. Oh that cock is so nice I just want to mmmmmmmmmm. She bends down and kisses the cock and then puts her tongue out and licks it and kisses it and the licks it more and more. She pick it up and then slips the almost limp cock between her lips and nibbles a little on the end and I pulses again only this time she does not let go and moves her head down over the cap and sucks and her tongue works on the end and the cock pulses again. Her hand is back deep in her panties and rubbing her clit and lips and then a finger moves into the very wet pussy and she pushes it in deeper and rubs fast and faster , OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and she puts a seconded finger in and sucks harder on the cock and is not ramming her finger deep into the pussy and rubbing the clit faster. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she lets go of the cock and grabs a breast and pinches a nipple and works her pussy with a fever. She tries to keep the volumn of the moans down but still there is the sound of ecstasy in the room. She has had a great orgasm and rest both hands on the bed. She reaches down and pulls the sheet up but only after bending down and kissing his cock one more time.
Oh John I want that cock hard and deep inside of me soon. She looks at him with a longing smile that is more than just lust for a young woman.
There is a noise in the outer room and she can hear Marilynn coming in.
I came down to see if John is okay.
He is just fine and sleeping and you did not have to come down I can take care of things just fine.
Ya will I wanted to help and I can if I want to. Mother has gone to get some things at the store. So what have you be doing down here alone with John.
She responded with the fast NOTHING and Marilynn knew she was lying I bet you were looking under the sheet weren’t you. Is it big.
Marilynn, what are you talking about.
Oh sis, I know a lot more than you think and I know your no virgin. So is it big.
I did not look.
Give me a break, the look on your face says different. Besides I want to see it.
You little bitch you. What would mother say or what would John think.
I bet he would like it and mother well she had enough to worry about and besides I bet she would like John as well.
Well lets drop the subject and leave it alone. Lets go out and let him sleep.
The girls go to the living room and sit on the sofa looking around at Johns life. Well not much here.
Maryann can feel the wetness soaking through her shorts and it will start to show soon so she knows she has to change them.
You wait here cause I have to run back to the room to change, that time and I think I have spotted my shorts.
Leave John alone and I will be right back.
Marilynn knows Maryann is lying about the time as she knows her sisters cycle like her own. She figures there is more to it but glad to be alone with John.
As soon as she is alone she hustles into the bedroom and to the bed. She stares at John with the look of a young girl with feelings for a man. She touches his face and neck and runs finger all over his shoulder and arm and then across the bandage and down to his belly. She bends down and kisses him very softly on the lips and then kisses his neck like the boy she knew kissed her. There was a warm feeling down in her belly and a tingling sensation in various parts of her body. She looked at his hands and wondered how it would feel if he was playing with her breasts like the boy had. Mmmmmmmmmm Now she was feeling a sensation in her nipples as she remembered what if felt like when the boy had felt her up. She was also getting a very nice feeling in her pussy and OH MY it is getting wet. She had put on some gym shorts that were very baggy in the leg and she was able to pull up the leg and feel her panties which had developed a small wet spot on them. As she touched the wet spot she sent an electric thrill through her body. She was going to have to masturbate again soon as the urge was so great, she might try to sneak in and get her mother vibrator again, mmmmmmmmm that was really good last time. Now she pulled the sheet back and there it was, a beautiful big cock and OH MY it seems to be a little stiff, now why would he be getting a hard on. She looks up and toward the door and gets a big devilish smile on her face. Well sister I bet you did more that look. Where upon she reaches down and strokes the cock with her fingers very lightly and then hold it in her hand and squeezes it. It pulses and she lets go in startled reaction. But when she see John did not wake up she picks up his cock and squeezes it again and it pulses and she squeezes and the goes on for several time and then she is holding it and looking and then bends down and kisses it. She kisses up and down the full length and then kisses up his belly and hips and is kissing him all over while holding his cock in one hand she has slipped the other back up her shorts and is rubbing her panties. She slips a finger between panties and pussy and starts to rub her fuzzy pussy lips and then finds her clit and as she first rubs it she gasps and moans and starts to squeeze his cock harder.
At this John moan and his hips buck and he moans more. She lets go of him and pulls the sheet back over him.
Reluctantly pulls hand from crotch. Bends down and kisses him softly on the lips and then kisses harder and pokes her tongue between his lips, as his eyes open, and then open WIDE. He whips his head to side.
Hey what is this, what are you doing little girl. That is not nice to take advantage of an invalid or unconscious man. MMMMMMMMMMM but then….
I was just checking on you and well I wanted to thank you for all you have done and I, I,I,I, well I wanted to see want it would be like to kiss a man. If I had asked you when you were awake you would not have let me, right.
Right, I am old enough to be your father and besides you should be out kissing boys your own age not old men.
You’re not that old and I know more than you think. You should hear the women in the laundry room talk about you. Besides boys my age kiss like pigs and I well I wanted to kiss you and so I did. So you did not like it.
So what have you heard in the laundry room? You and the boys your age learn together that’s half the fun and I would be lying if I said I did not like it. You’re a very cute pretty young lady and I feel honored you wanted to kiss me like that.
He felt more than honor that’s for sure. He had the beginning of a hard on and where did that come from. He had been asleep for the past couple of hours but oh man the dreams he had had. Then to wake up with this cute little girls kissing him.
Kissing boys my age is well not the same and besides kissing someone your age would teach me more.
Hey you want to learn to kiss you practice with the boys or hell even your sister can teach you something’s but not me. Someone see you kissing me like that I would end up in jail.
Nobody saw us and nobody will besides I am 15
What do you mean NOBODY WILL, like this is going to happen again. It is not young lady and that’s that.
HeHeHe we will see mister, if you only know what I kissed already. I bet my sister kissed you good too.
Okay I need to get up. At that John starts to get up and realizes he is naked and blushes. I need to go to the bathroom and I need to put some clothes on so you get out.
You need some help? I can keep you from falling.
No I do not need your help, I am naked and I can go to the bathroom on my own. Gee what kind of offer is that. I am beginning to think you’re a naughty little girl.
Maybe I am and so you want to give me a spanking? She has heard of such things but never thought much about it but mmmmmmm maybe that might be fun. The thought of John spanking her, well there was a little turn on to it. She pictured herself across Johns legs with her bare butt getting spanked by him and there was that tingle again in her pussy, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe. She left and went to livingroom.
John came back in and went to the living room. Sitting in his big, really big easy recliner, he picked up his laptop and checked email and then cell phone for messages. He was wearing a pair of new jeans, cotton button up shirt and crocs on his feet. She like what she saw and gave him a sweet smile and he returned it.
Good no email and puts the laptop down. 3 messages from tenants wanting repairs or just complaining.
Well I will have to go see to these and I have to check the pool. So I suppose you want to tag along to keep an eye on me.
Mom said to keep you quiet and to keep an eye on you. Just how much do you think you can do in your condition?
I can do plenty little girl.
I am NOT a little girl and I will follow you around just to see to it you do not pass out AGAIN.
John grins and looks at the determined little girl, correction, young lady that seems to have taken a serious attachment to him. It feels good to have someone want you or feel about you like that, dangerous but still it is nice. These are strange feeling old man.
As they are going down the hall checking on the issues of the day, Marie and Maryann show up.
What are you doing up.
I have a place to take care of and people are counting on me to fix things. Oh what about the door.
Bill says not for 2 days as he has to order a new one and the frame is badly damaged. Now what is this about people counting on you to do what? You’re in no condition to be walking around doing anything. The girls and I will help, right girls.
That’s right mom we can do what every John needs done. There was a lot more to that statement than was hear out loud and the girls and mother all sort of looked at each other with a funny smile on their faces. John just looked down the hall like a dumb fool. Oh this business.
Okay ladies this is what is it going to be, first you cannot stay in a unit without a lock and the others are all being painted and smell terrible. So you move in with me.
At that the two girls smile and Marilynn almost jumps up and down. Even Marie smiles but shakes her head.
No we cann’t do that. Oh yes you can and will, period. There is a second bedroom with a queen for the girls and a day bed in the office for you.
And so Marie and the girls get some clothing and personal things and move into Johns apartment, which is bigger than an as it is actually two two bedroom units combined.
Elizabeth knocks on the door and is surprise when Maryann answers.
Hello, you’re still here are you? How is John doing?
Yes and John has told us to move in with him until the door on our unit is fixed. He is doing better, he slept most of the day. He got up just a little while ago.
Elizabeth marches in past the girls and Marie over to John in the easy chair.
So you doing okay. Yes I am alive and getting hungry, dam pain killers really mess with the mind and stomach. May gut is a mess and the dreams I had today were something else. John smiles from ear to ear with that statement and thinking all that went on was just a dream. Two young ladies on the other side of room also have big smiles.
Ya well it is either the pain and food or no pain and no food.
I’ll take the food but the dreams were nice  .
Okay lets see the bandage. At that Elizabeth become all business, she changes the bandage and washes the wound. John and the others all get to see the damage for the first time.
DAM that looks like hell, how much did it damage the muscle.
Your fine but you will hurt for some time and will take time to heal the cut tissue. So no heavy work for some time. You’re going to have to rely on others for help for a change, John is going to have to ASK for help, hahahaha. I know you that is going to be difficult.
At that point there is a knock on the door and Marie opens it for find a whole group of women of all ages there.
Hello can I help you,
YES, we heard about the trouble and are here to help,
Marie could not make out one from the other and the talk just flowed.
I made a casserole for you John I know how you like. I made you some cookie. Here is a pie, apple John, just the way you like. I made a casserole too, it will keep.
HI John, are you okay. Jessica and her 2 roommates form unit 88
Well there was a lot of trouble walking into the room and John felt threatened. This is not good, over half the women he had had sex with at one time or another and a lot of anothers,  . Man if they all start comparing notes I am dead. But no, they all just seemed to be truly concerned for him. Mmmmm how does a man rate this. Now each of these is another story.
Thank you ladies, I really appreciate all this but all of a sudden I am not feeling so good, been up a little too much. So I think I need to go lay down as it has been a really hectic day. Marie will put the food away for later but and John slowly starts to sink. 3 of the women rush to grab him and keep him from falling.
Thanks, I better get back to bed.
In a choirs several of the women volunteer to help PUT JOHN TO BED. Ya right.
They helped him to the bedroom and start to undress him without even giving a second thought like this was something they had done before. John was to dizzy to say anything and they got him down to boxes and put him in bed.
They all sort of smiled at each other and left the room. There seem to be an understanding the John was sort of public property with the women of the apartment complex. No one could claim single rights to him.
This did not set to well with the girls and Marie was a little amused to say the least.
The story continues for tomorrow is another day.

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Yah a lil hard to read n too much dialogue too. Btw, what was d story about?

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Author, you need to go back to elementary school and learn how to write. You are definitely not smarter than a 5th grader.

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You really need to utilize quotation marks. This was very hard to read. The story was good, but again, hard to read with the lack of quotation marks.

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