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Not much sex in this chapter, more an introduction to the story.
This story starts a year ago. My sister, Xandra (pronounce it like Scandra), who is a hot, 18 year old blonde with legs to kill for, always orders clothing on-line, every now and then we (as a family) asked her to give us a show with her new clothing.

I will tell you first about the rest of my family, and me of course. Me father passed away when I was 13, while my mother remained and worked hard to get me and my sister to college and beyond. My mother is a very hot woman, in her late forties, who also has legs to kill for, she likes to show of, with very short skirts and and revealing tops. (did I tell you she had perfect breasts? Not to big, but also not to small?). My sister is just a perfect copy of my mother, just a few years younger.

Well, then we're talking about me, I'm a 17 year old boy, with a nice body. I like to keep my body in check, you could see me like a normal, but good looking boy. I have a good relationship with my sister, we are very open to each other. Just like best friends.

Like I told you at the beginning, my sister always orders clothing on the internet. One day, she and my mom left for a family visit a few hunderd miles away. They would me gone for a week, and they required me to look after the house and the dogs. No problem for me! My sister told me that she expect a delivery of stuff, so if I would be so kind to put the box on her desk. Of course I would. I'm the nice brother.

Finally they left for the nine hour drive, and I was alone. Alone in a house, filled with woman stuff. Did I tell you I have a fetish for woman clothing and also for latex? I was eager to look in my sisters closet, knowing we had around the same size (she always used clothing from me, to look "cool"), I thought, maybe I can fit some of her clothing.

When I was sure they left, I walked into my sisters room, to look around in her closet. When I opened her closets (it's HUGE!) first door, I found some dresses en skirts hanging. Even her very hot, and sexy dress she uses when she really wants some attention from the boys. I thought about trying it on, but first I thought that I needed to look for some underwear, couse, when you dress like a girl, you can't wear boys undies. So I looked for some panties. When I finaly found them, I put a very nice, soft silky pair on. I hooked up a bra, and went back to my room to put in the fake breasts I once got for my birthday from a friend of mine, little could he know that I was very happy with them at the moment.

With that done, and with a body (expect for my head) starting to look like a girls one, I went back to my sisters room to get some clothing. When I was back in my sisters room, I started to look around once again, and I pulled a part of her closet open, where I never looked before. I was stunned to look at a big collection of latex clothing, skirts, dressed, even a catsuit! All I thought was, forget about the woman's clothing, I want the catsuit on me!

I pulled, well, I yanked down the panties, and stepped out of them while unhooking the bra, and letting it drop to the ground. I picked the catsuit out of the closet, and with it felt a note. I saw it was my sisters handwriting.

Hello Thom,

I know of your latex fetish, and I want you to know that I share this fetish with you. The catsuit you're holding in your hands, is a very special one. If you have it on, it will snug to your skin like a second skin, like all catsuits do. But this one does more. It gives you the capability to switch sexes. If you put this on, you will feel nothing in the beginning, but if you have a orgasm in this catsuit, you will be given the capability to switch sexes. It only has one switch, and that's to the same template as me and mom are.

I know you're wondering, did my mom and my sister wear this one to? To answer the question, not this one. We each got one, specially made for us. If you decide to continue with it, your live will change, no-one will know you anymore like Thom, Only we (I and our mother) will. During your transformation you feel some pain. But it's all worth it.

[b]Whatever you decide, we will always love you

Kisses and hugs
Your sister

I at least wanted to try it on, so I got bold, and stepped in the catsuit, foot first, and then up my legs. It was really tight fitting, but I finally got it up to my waist. Then I started noticing something strange, my legs, they transformed into the legs of my sister! So did my feet, they were smaller. I continued pulling up the catsuit, put my arms in, and continued pulling. The catsuit finally snug around my shoulders, all that remained was pulling up the zipper, and pulling the hood over my head. When I finished pulling up the zipper, I saw breast had appeared. Then last step was pulling the hood over my head, it was tight, and difficult fit, but finally I got there. When I looked into the full-size mirror, I saw a beautiful lady dressed in a black, latex catsuit, with a body to kill for looking back to me.

I thought, well, live couldn't get any worse. I was horny like hell, so an orgasm wouldn't be to hard, I just put on some of my favorite porn, and began fingering my privates. With the latex between my finger and privates, it just felt overwhelming. In just 20 seconds I orgasmed, I passed out from the feeling. It was just so intense

When I got up from a dreamless sleep, I thought I was dreaming. The black latex had disappeared, and I was looking at the naked body of my sisters, from my point of view! I pinched my skin, and it really hurt, at least I wasn't dreaming.

When I got up, I started examining my new body. It was just like my sisters, also those legs to kill for, I looked around, and closed the windows, in case somebody was eavesdropping on the street.

With that done, I started exploring my new body, first my breasts, I slowly pinched them, en rubbed my nipples, it felt so different from when I was boy, this actually felt arousing and very nice. I continued rubbing them with one hand, while another slowly travels down, first my belly, circling down around my bellybutton, until it finally hit my new pussy, I started slowly moving over it, after a while of moving over my new pussy, and like the feel of fingers on my labia, I started concentrating on my clitoris.

That's when my first orgasm a woman slapped me in the face. It started in my toes, and while traveling up, and gaining strength, every muscle in my body tensed, and finally every muscle released all at once. While riding the wave of the orgasm, I came again, doubling the intensity of my orgasm. A experience to never forget.

After that orgasm I felt into sleep again. I slept for a few hours, before getting up. While I was getting up, I know I couldn't wear my boys clothing anymore, so I looked into my sister closet, and I pulled out a slip-on dress, I pulled up the panties I was planning to wear, and went down to grab something to eat.


Hoop you like it folks, chapter 2 is under construction. Please give a constructive comments if you decide to give one.

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wheres the rest.... I don't care, i want it on even if its not done!

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Very good, try extending it out though

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