Jamie & Joey continue their relationship, Marti taken care of and Ginnie joins the fun
Chapter 3

It was the most embarrassing thing fourteen year old Joey Frazier had ever done. Jamie, his 11 year old sister, had told him that she had begun menstruating. Joey and Jamie were lovers, so, to keep Jamie from getting pregnant Joey had to buy condoms. It was expensive, too. Joey was too embarrassed to just buy the rubbers, so he’d filled his cart hoping the clerk wouldn’t notice.

The clerk checking out his purchases was a cute girl, maybe seventeen. When she got to the condoms she looked up at Joey and smiled. Red in the face, he paid and hurried out of the store.

He was anxious to get home. Jamie was waiting and they were both excited about trying out his purchase. As he walked in the door Jamie grabbed him, asking, “Did you get them?”

“Yeah, I got them, want to try them out?”

“God yes, let’s go upstairs.”

Jamie grasped his hand and pulled him along. He wanted to be in her but she seemed to want it even more. She pulled him into her bedroom and locked the door.

Stripping off her shorts and top she stood in only her panties looking at him, asking, “Why aren’t you ready, come on damn it.”

Joey pulled off his shirt and dropped his jeans and boxer shorts. He was already erect. Jamie knew that he liked to take her panties off for her. She lay on the bed and lifted her hips as he rolled her panties down and pulled them over her feet.

Joey parted her thighs and gazed at her open labia. Her lips were still pink but he could see they were darkening after only having had sex twice. He lowered his face, inhaling her light earthy aroma. Licking along her slit, he enjoyed her slightly salty taste.

Joey loved to watch and feel her reactions when he sucked on her clitoris. Taking it between his lips he began to suck like it was a nipple. Jamie was wailing away in pleasure when, after moistening his finger in her vagina, he slipped up her butt and began pumping her sweet little behind.

“Joey, oh Joey, do it deeper, do me deeper,” Jamie moaned.”

Pumping rapidly into her bottom while licking and sucking her pussy, Joey brought Jamie quickly to climax. The quantity of juices she produced was surprising for one so young; she soaked Joey’s face.

Still breathing rapidly and raggedly, Jamie wheezed, “Oh Joey, put it in me, I want you right now.”

Picking up one of the condoms Joey tore open the package and started to roll it on. Jamie stopped him, “Let me do that for you,” she said as she took him in hand and covered his cock with the latex shield.

Joey kissed Jamie and sucked on her breasts, then he rolled her over on her tummy.

“Joey, are you going to do my bottom? “Jamie whimpered.”

“No Imp but I do want to enter you from behind. Let me lift you up and get you in position.”

He lifted her by her hips, pulling her to her knees then he pushed her head down onto the pillow. Spreading her legs just a little more, he poised the head of his penis at the throat of her vagina and pushed into her. Joey really liked this position; he could look down and watch his cock pistoning in and out of her and her pink little rose bud was nicely displayed. Slapping her bottom lightly, he began to rub her tight little ring.

Jamie wasn’t sure whether or she liked it this way. There wasn’t nearly the intimacy as when he was on top of her face to face and there wasn’t the sense of control she’d experienced when she rode him. Then he thrust into her more deeply than ever before. Oh yes, she liked this. She felt stuffed by him; she liked him deep in her.

When he slipped a finger into her bottom and began pumping her in rhythm with his strokes into her pussy she nearly went off.

Jamie was grunting with each of his thrusts, he liked the sound but she was getting too close, he wasn’t ready for her to climax yet. He slowed his pace and the power of his strokes, trying to hold her right at the edge until he caught up with her.

Jamie was in no mood to delay. She jammed her hips back against his groin and began gyrating her bottom; she wanted her orgasm, now.

Joey couldn’t hold back any longer. Gripping her hips he forced himself into her as far as possible and held her against him as he filled her with his cream. Jamie climaxed at the same time, soaking his balls with her girl cum.

Joey continued to pump into her, slowing his pace as he drained himself and began to soften. Pulling out he hugged her and asked, “How was that for you Imp?”

“I liked it, but I liked them all. Each one is different in its own way. When you were on top of me I liked the way we could hold each other and see each other, but I liked the freedom and sense of control I got when I was on top of you. This way you can go really deep in me and you can play with my bottom, I liked that, too. Joey, they’re all wonderful. How did you like it?”

“Oh man, it was great. I could watch me pumping in and out of you, your cute little rose bud was open for me and I enjoyed the smell. The rubber took a little of the feeling away but it was still sensational, in some ways it’s my favorite.”

After cleaning up and hiding the box of condoms in Jamie’s closet they went out to the pool and lounged around.

It was three nights later, Joey and Jamie had enjoyed sex every day, exploring each others bodies and finding the intimate spots that brought the greatest pleasure. Joey was lying in bed, nearly asleep when in the dark shadows of his room he heard his bedroom door slowly opening.

Looking into the darkness Joey saw a form moving toward him. He exclaimed, “God Imp, you’re insatiable.”

A whispered reply came, “I’m no Imp you bastard. You are fucking her aren’t you?”

“Marti, what are you doing in here?” Marti was his 13 year old sister.

“Answer my question, are you screwing Jamie?”

Joey realized there was no denying it, he’d indicted himself with his own mouth when she’d come in.

“Yeah Marti, Jamie and I are. Now answer my question, what are you doing in here?”

“It’s real simple, Joey. You are taking care of Jamie and you’ve got to take care of me, too.”

“What do you mean; I have to take care of you, too?”

“Joey, I’ve been in my room fingering myself for the last hour. It isn’t doing any good and I’m sexually frustrated. After what you did to me the other day, all I can think about is sex. I want you to take me again. I want you to do the same things. I know I could get my boy friends to do it but they’d expect more than I’m willing to give.”

Jamie had videos of Marti and her boyfriend. He’d used them to blackmail her into having sex with him. He’d spanked her, performed oral sex on her and had taken her analy but had agreed not to have straight sex with her. She was adamant about retaining her virginity until her wedding night.

Marti walked to his bed and set something down on his night stand.

“What’s that,” Joey asked.

“It’s the Vaseline, keep it in your drawer, you’ll need it again,” she whispered as she crawled under the covers with him.

“Are you going to try to keep your precious panties on again?” he sarcastically asked.

“No Big Boy, I’m not. In fact, I don’t have any on now.”

Joey inquisitively reached down and felt. Her legs were splayed open. As he cupped her bare sex he could already feel her moisture. “OMG he thought, this is really happening.”

Marti was about the hottest girl in school with a beautiful face, long blonde hair and pert 34B cup breasts, she was smokin’.

Joey thought, no reason to delay, as he lifted her top above her breasts and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked.

Marti began to breathe deeply, almost a sigh, as he kissed down her flat stomach and found his way to her vaginal slit.

Joey parted her pink lips and looked at her coral core, inhaling deeply, enjoying her heady redolence. He loved the smell of her but, licking her inner lips, he thought, he enjoyed the taste even more.

Before going further, Joey opened the jar of Vaseline and set it within easy reach. He wanted to be prepared when the time came.

Returning to her sweet pussy, he probed her little hole with his tongue and teased her clitoris with his fingers. Marti was mouthing quietly, “Ohhh yes Joey, God that’s the spot, lick me, suck me, ohhh make me cum.”

Picking up a glob of Vaseline on his finger, he began to massage her back entry as he continued to suck on her clit. He inserted a finger in her bottom and began to pump her. Marti started groaning and grunting as he probed her bottom. She was humping back against his finger and grinding her pussy against his face.

Suddenly, Marti exploded in the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had. She had never squirted before…She did now. Gush after powerful gush of her scorching juices spewed from her vagina, soaking Joey and the bed clothes. She just continued to flow as Joey licked up her hot, sweet nectar.

Slowly coming down from her high, Marti smiled at Joey, “You’re still a bastard but you sure know how to turn this girl on, my God Joey, I felt like my dam broke.”

“That was sweet Marti; I loved to feel your juices flooding my mouth, now are you ready for the rest.”

“You bet, that’s what I came in here for.”

“You mean you liked that better than my mouth?”

“No, I think I like your mouth better, but it’s what I can do for you. Maybe you didn’t understand what I said when I set the Vaseline down. I told you to keep it in your drawer because you’ll need it again, I mean I’m gonna come see you again when I’m needy.”

Joey gave her a hug and rolled her onto her onto her tummy, stroking her bottom then reaching between her thighs to finger her pussy slowly.

“Joey, why am I on my tummy?”

“I’m going to take you from behind tonight,” he whispered in her ear as he reached across and turned on his night light, “I want to see you.”

Spreading her cheeks, he pumped one Vaseline coated digit into her and after several moments added another, stretching her and getting her ready.

He lifted her hips as she pulled her knees under herself. Joey had her fold her arms and pushed her head down on the pillow. He wanted her to have a pillow to cry into if he hurt her.

Spreading her thighs, he guided his member to her waiting rose bud and pushed into her.

Marti did feel some pain, not pure agony like it had been with Bobby but more that she had felt the first time Joey had taken her. Tears came to her eyes and she used the pillow to muffle her loud groans as he pushed further into her tight bottom.

Joey was deeply embedded in her as he began to stroke. He looked down and saw his cock sawing in and out of her, her tight ring coming out and going back in with each thrust. It was the most luridly erotic sight he’d ever seen.

As Joey picked up the pace, thrusting deeper and faster, Marti realized he wouldn’t last long. She wanted to get off, too, but he couldn’t reach her to help her like he had the last time. Balancing herself on one arm she reached between her legs and started rapidly rubbing her clit. Joey gripped her hips and thrust deeply into her. Holding her steady, she felt his cock swell and felt his hot juices flooding her. She brought herself to climax just as he exploded. When she felt him shrink and fall out she lay down on the bed.

Joey lay beside her, holding her.

“Marti, we need to talk. Joey will be jealous when she finds out what we’re doing and I won’t hurt her. If I can’t get her to understand we won’t be able to do this again.”

“Joey, I know you won’t try to fuck me. I know I’m safe with you and I have sexual needs that you can satisfy. Talk to Jamie, get her to agree to share.”

After Marti returned to her room Joey lay awake thinking. Jamie could be a problem. She was his girl, no question, but he did like indulging in cunnilingus and sodomizing the prettiest girl in school, even if she was his sister. He’d have to be a hell of a salesman but he’d try, tomorrow.

Bright and early Jamie came bouncing into his bed. “Come on sleepy head, I want my guy,” she enthused.

“Morning Imp, I need to talk to you.”

Joey’s somber tone quieted Jamie’s enthusiasm, “What’s the problem, Joey?”

“Jamie, Marti came to my bed last night. She wanted me to do the same things to her that I did while you were recording us. I did it and she wants to keep doing it when she feels the need. I don’t want to hurt you and I won’t do anything else with Marti if you say no but, she feels safe with me. You know how much we like sex, well she does too and she’s afraid that if she does what I did with someone else that they won’t stop until they’ve taken her virginity. What do you say?”

“What do I say, what do I say he asks, I hate the bitch, that’s what I say.”

“Jamie, settle down, I told you if you say no I won’t do it, ok?”

“No, Joey, go ahead and do it, I understand her fears and her needs; just don’t tell me about unless I ask.”

“Jamie, maybe I could talk her into all three of us getting together, what do you think?”

“Joey Frazier, are you out of your fucking mind? No way.”

“Ok, ok, I just thought a little threesome might be fun.”

“You want a three way, really?”

“It was just a thought.”

“Well hold that thought. No way will I share you with Marti but Ginnie Donovan wants to do it, she was ready to go all the way with Donnie but she’s been pissed off at him since he came in her mouth, maybe I can get her to join us. Would she be ok?”

Ginnie Donovan was Jamie’s best friend. Joey hung out with her older brother Donnie. Joey knew Ginnie had given Donnie several hand jobs and a blow job. Donnie had cum in her mouth and she’d hated it.

Joey considered Jamie’s compromise. It worked for him. Ginnie was a cute thing. She was a little bigger than Jamie, maybe 5’ tall and around 95 pounds; she had short auburn hair and was developing a nice girlish shape with a pleasantly rounded bubble butt and budding breasts. Yeah, she’d be fine.

“Ok, I think we can have some fun with Ginnie. See if you can talk her into it.”

“Great, now that I’ve solved all your problems, take me to bed.”

Afterwards, they lay in bed embracing and talking. “Jamie do you think you can Ginnie to come over tomorrow, we can have her for breakfast, ah, Freudian slip, I meant have breakfast with her.”

“I know what you meant, now quit drooling.”

Jamie talked on the telephone with Ginnie for about an hour. They talked about how Ginnie wanted to have sex but she was afraid; afraid of pregnancy, afraid it would hurt and her general fear of what, to her, was an unknown. Jamie confided that she had had sex and that, yes, it did hurt the first time but the pleasure was so great that that pain was soon forgotten. They finally agreed that Ginnie would come over the following morning but she was making no promises. Jamie told her she should bring her swimming suit, a change of panties and a sanitary pad. Ginnie asked, “Why the sanitary pad?”

“Ginnie, if you decide to go ahead, there will be some bleeding,” Jamie advised.

As Jamie walked back into the room Joey asked, “So what did she say, Imp?”

“She’ll be here tomorrow morning then it’s up to you to get her into bed.”

Bright and early the next morning Ginnie was at the door. Jamie let her in and led her to the kitchen where Joey was serving bagels and orange juice.

Joey greeted her. “Good morning Ginnie, that’s a cute outfit you’ve got on, come on in and have some breakfast.”

Picking up a glass juice Ginnie replied, “Thanks for the juice and the compliment.”

Her outfit was cute, pink short shorts snuggly caressed her hips and bottom and a pink and white candy stripped top accentuated her young breasts.

They chatted amongst themselves for a few minutes before Ginnie brought up the subject of sex.

“Joey, can we go upstairs now?” she asked.

“Jamie, I want you to come, too.”

Jamie led the way. They went to her bedroom where she closed and locked the door.

“Joey, I want to but I’m so scared. My tummy is jumbling and I’m ready to pee my panties. I don’t think I can do it.”

“Ginnie, there’s nothing to be afraid of, sex is a normal, natural human function. It will happen for you sooner or later. If you’re afraid, that’s understandable. The first time for a lot of things is scary. But if you don’t want to, that’s ok.”

Walking over to him she said, “Thanks Joey; but there is one thing I want to do,” as she unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans down.

Joey was utterly amazed as Ginnie dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. He thought she didn’t like this.

What the hell, he’d just enjoy.

Ginnie wasn’t particularly skilled fellator but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. She bobbed up and down his shaft then took him from her mouth and licked his length and tonguing his little hole.

Damn, this feels good thought Joey as she again took him into her mouth. She was sucking him clear to the back of her throat. Joey took her head in his hands to pump into her. She gagged a little but never missed a stroke.

“Oh God Ginnie, you’re the best, oh baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

Joey expected her to release him, he knew that when Donnie had cum in her mouth she’d hated it, but she sucked him even harder.

“Ginnie, are you sure?”

She simply nodded her head up and down in the affirmative.

As Joey blasted into her mouth she kept sucking while she swallowed his creamy offering. She couldn’t quite keep up and ribbons of cum leaked from both sides of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She ignored it and kept sucking until Joey was drained. With him softening between her lips, Ginnie looked up at him and smiled.

Joey reached under her arms and lifted her to stand before him, “Hey, I heard you didn’t like that?” he asked.

“Donnie never told me what he was going to do; it surprised me and made me mad at him. When Jamie told me how much she liked doing this for you I wanted to try it but not with Donnie, I’m still pissed off at him.”

“Well, I feel like a lucky guy,” Joey enthused as he gave her a big hug.

Jamie piped up, “Ginnie I know you’re not going to do it today but would you like to see it done, you wanta watch?”

With a bug eyed expression Ginnie answered, “Can I?”

Joey just smiled at his little sister, damn what a little show off he thought.

“Step out of those pants and get on the bed Big Boy, I’m gonna give you a ride.”

Joey lay on the bed as Jamie got a condom and rolled it on him. He was already hard again. Jamie stripped completely and straddled him. She guided him to her vagina then sat down completely engulfing his rigid rod.

Jamie felt a little pain, she’d taken him too quickly, but it was soon forgotten. Posting on him like she was an English steeplechase rider she pounded her bottom against his groin.

Damn Joey thought she’s trying to break it. He gripped her by the hips and tried to moderate her. Jamie was screeching, her hair flying wildly and her head swinging in cadence with her pace. This wasn’t going to last long; she was still so tight and she was pounding him so violently he knew he’d cum quickly.

Reaching under her with one hand while he held her hip with the other, he rubbed her clit. Jamie screeched and moaned all the louder. He felt her vagina tighten around him as he felt himself swell. With one last powerful bounce she pressed down as he held her hips. They both exploded in climax, he filling the condom while she soaked his groin.

As they came down from their high they both looked over at Ginnie. She simply sat there, eyes wide and mouth agape. “OMG I can’t believe that,” Ginnie whispered.

“Yeah, pretty awesome isn’t it,” grinned Jamie.

“Wow, did it hurt Jamie?”

“No way, it feels fantastic.”

After they had cleaned up, the three of they went out to the pool. Joey was in the water swimming laps while the two girls lounged in the shade sipping Cokes.

Ginnie asked, “Jamie could you come over to my house later, I really want to talk to you privately.”

“We can talk here,” Jamie replied.

“No, come to my house.”

“Do you want to go now?”

“We could, no one else is at home, no one will interrupt us while we talk,” Ginnie answered.

“Ok, let me tell Joey.”

“Joey, Ginnie and I are going over to her house for a while.”

When they got to the Donovan’s, Ginnie led Joey upstairs to her room where she shut and locked the door.

“Jamie, that was awesome, I do want to do it but I’m still scared. What if I get pregnant?”

“Ginnie, you saw that thing I rolled on Joey, that was a condom, it catches all of his cum. If you use one of those, you won’t pregnant.

“Really? But it’s still going to hurt, isn’t it?”

“Yes, like I told you before, it’ll hurt the first time, but believe me, it’s worth it. You saw how much fun I was having.”

Jamie thought for a minute then asked, “Would you like a little sample of how good it feels?”

“I’d love to, but how can we do that?”

“Come here, I’ll show you.”

Ginnie walked over to her, when she stood before her, Jamie lifted her top over her head, exposing her brassiere. Ginnie stopped her before she could unhook her bra.

“Jamie, what are you doing?”

“Showing you how good it can feel, now just go along.”

Jamie turned her around and removed her bra. Turning her back, Jamie admired Ginnie’s chest. Her boobs were bigger than Jamie’s and were tipped in pink. Jamie pulled her shorts down and let them pool at her feet.

Leaving Ginnie in her panties, Jamie stripped herself completely and led Ginnie to the bed. She lay her down on her back and climbed in beside her. Looking into Ginnie’s eyes, Jamie saw a questioning fear.

“Don’t worry Ginnie, I won’t hurt you. I’m going to make you feel good.”

With that, Jamie took one of Ginnie’s nipples into her mouth and began to suck greedily. She heard Ginnie’s raspy intake of breath and then her sigh. Slipping her hand down Ginnie’s soft tummy, Jamie cupped her sex through her panties and began to rub her vulva.

Ginnie’s breathing was ragged as she whispered, “Jamie, what are you doing to me?”

“Just lie back and relax, I think you’ll like this,” as she slid her hand under the waist band on Ginnie’s panties and began to finger her slit.

Ginnie began to moan gently, “Gosh Jamie, that feels fantastic.”

Jamie rolled Ginnie’s panties down and pulled them over her feet. She directed her to spread her thighs and rubbed along her slit. Finding her tiny opening, Jamie eased a finger into her.

Ginnie gasped, she’d felt a little pain.

Jamie noticed and said, “I just touched your hymen, that’s what tears when a man enters you.”

Jamie found her clit and began rubbing it. She looked up into Ginnie’s eyes, asking, “You like?”

Ginnie didn’t answer, she just nodded.

Rolling over between Ginnie’s thighs, she spread her further and looked at her pink lips surrounding her pearly little clitoris. Ginnie’s smell was fresh and mellow, milder that Jamie knew her own to be. Although she’d never done this before she knew what felt good to her, she dropped her head between Ginnie’s open thighs.

She licked along Ginnie’s slit and tongued her tiny opening, licked upward, found her clit and vibrated it with her tongue. Ginnie was producing quantities of moisture, she hadn’t climaxed yet but she was lubricating heavily. Jamie coated a finger with Ginnie’s juices and found her little rose bud. Rubbing it, she could feel Ginnie’s sphincter muscle spasming. She slipped a finger into her and probed her tight hole.

When Jamie invaded her bottom, Ginnie lost it. Screaming, wailing, grunting and moaning, her orgasm flooded Jamie’ face. Jamie loved the taste; slightly acidic, it was almost the flavor of citrus. Jamie gripped both of Ginnie’s thighs and, holding her tightly, lapped up her love juices.

Ginnie was wailing, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Jamie, God, oh yes…no more, no more, please, oh Jamie, please, please.

Jamie gave her one last lick then looked up at her. Ginnie’s eyes were teary but her face had a small smile.

“Jesus Jamie, what did you do to me, when you were licking and sucking me I knew I was in heaven but when you put your finger in my bottom I thought I’d explodeded, what did you do?”

“I just gave you a sample of how good you can feel if you will let yourself enjoy it.”

“Does it feel that good with Joey?”

“Better, when he’s in me, it’s divine. I can’t really describe the feeling he gives me, but I know I like it and I want more of it.”

“How come it felt so good when you were in my bootie? My pussy I can understand but why in my bottom?”

“Ginnie, you’ve got a lot of nerve endings there, maybe you’re just extra sensitive.”

“Well, you can do that to me any time you want. Do you want me to do it to you?”

“No, I think I’ll stick to Joey’s cock. I only did this so you could get the good feeling. Maybe if you let Joey do you we can all play around together in the bed.”

“You think so? I’d like that. Will Joey still want to do it with me after I turned him down this morning?”

“Oh I think he will. He really likes your cute bottom, I think he’d like to hold and kiss it.”

“Can we do it today? I want to.”

“Ginnie, it’s pretty late, Marti could come home or, even the Parents. Let’s wait ‘til tomorrow.”

Giving Jamie a pouty face, Ginnie said, “Ok.”

Bring the same things I told you to bring today when you come.

Returning home Jamie saw that Joey was lounging at poolside. She said, “Let’s go upstairs,” and swished into the house.

Entering the house he saw Jamie climbing the stairs; he followed.

Jamie was already undressing when he came into her bedroom. He locked the door and took off his swimming suit. Jamie was in just her panties. He walked to her, knelt and pulled then down.

Jamie hugged him, saying, “Take me gently, I want some love.”

Already fully erect, he rolled on a condom and climbed into bed. Taking Jamie into his arms, he hugged her to him and kissed her passionately. He kissed her neck, eyes and ears as he massaged her breasts.

Jamie reacted to his romantic caresses, pulling him closer to him and guiding his hand down to her hot, moist core. She reveled in his love and attention.

Joey entered her softly and gently while he continued to hold her and kiss her. As she began to respond, thrusting her hips against him he probed more deeply into her.

It was not wildly passionate; more languidly loving, the caresses more important that the sex act itself. Jamie moaned softly on his shoulder as the both experienced their release.

They lay, embracing for ten or fifteen minutes, simply enjoying each other’s company before Jamie spoke, “Ginnie’s coming over tomorrow morning; she wanted to come now but I wanted you for myself.”

“How did you convince her?”

“Joey I’m embarrassed and a little afraid to tell you.”

“Imp you know you can tell me anything; there’s no reason to be scared.”

So she told him what she’d done.

“Joey, when I put a finger in her bottom she went off like a fire cracker, I thought you should know that. Maybe, even if you won’t do me that way, she might like it. She’s bigger than me, too.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

They napped in each others arms for half an hour before going to their game room to watch a video.

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