A friend my son brings home from college for spring break rapes me
I had no idea what was going to happen when Carl, my son, came home from college for two
weeks on spring vacation with a friend. Had I known, I might have done things differently. Might

"Mom! I'm home!" Carl yelled as he came in the door.

I as cleaning bathrooms. I hadn't expected him to arrive for another hour, so I was dressed as I
always did while I was cleaning, in an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts that were both worn out and
too small.

"Damn it!" I said to myself.

I was hoping to be done and changed before he and his friend arrived.

I pulled off my rubber gloves and called,"I'm in the upstairs bathroom cleaning. I'll be right

My plan was to duck into my room and change my clothes before greeting my son and his friend.
Unfortunately my plan didn't work. Carl came bounding up the stairs, threw open the door and
swept me into a bear hug.

When He let me go I looked over his shoulder and got my first look at Carl's Samoan friend, Ao'
La'au. He was tall, 6' 2" , with the dark Polynesian coloring, except for his eyes which were sea
green. He had broad shoulders huge muscular arms, and an infectious smile.

When Carl had told me his name over the phone he had also told me that most of the students
couldn't pronounce it right, so they all called him Lou. When I ask what his friends name meant,
Carl had laughed and told me that Lou's parents had a quirky sense of humor and it meant "long
stick". When I ask why they had named him that Carl had replied with a large grin that I really
didn't want to know.

Carl released me and introduced me to Lou. As I shook his hand his eyes scan down my body,
lingering on my breasts (which were outlined by the tight shirt I had on) and even longer on my
crotch. I didn't realize it until I went to change a few minutes later, but the shorts I had on were
tight enough to cause a camel-toe.

As his eyes scanned me, sexual excitement began to tingle between my legs from the thought
that such a handsome young man was taking so much interest in me.

I released his hand and said,"Carl, why don't you take Lou to his room while I change?"

Lou grinned and said in his accented english,"No need to change for me. I don't mind." To
punctuate his remark his eyes again scanned down my body, again lingering on my breasts and

"I really need to change out of these old clothes." I said, wondering if he actually liked what he

I dismissed the thoughts as just fantasy. I started down the hall as Carl lead Lou towards his
room, then for some unknown reason I glanced over my shoulder. When I did I found Lou staring
at my ass. He looked up from my ass and locked eyes with me as I glanced back. The tingle of
sexual excitement went up a notch as his eyes met mine, he grinned and nodded his head as if to
approve of what he saw. When I got to my room my panties were soaking wet.

In my defense, I hadn't had sex, other than with my vibrator, for a long time, and had been
depressed for most of that time. Carl's father Frank, hadn't touched me for a over a year. I also
hadn't had anyone look at me like Lou just did for ages. I was 38 and had never been with
anyone but Frank, so after a year of being ignored and depressed I had begun to wonder if I was
attractive to any man. Getting a look like I got from Lou caused all kinds of reactions, emotional
and physical.

Frank worked on an oil platform, three weeks on two weeks off. He had left two days before for
his shift, so I was alone with the two boys. I changed my clothes and took Carl and Lou out for
dinner. Lou proved to be a funny and engaging conversationalist. We talked and laughed for
several hours as we ate. On the way home we stopped to rent a movie. The boys picked out
several action movies.

When we got home I made it through the first one before I was ready for bed. I bid the boys
goodnight and headed for bed. Our bedroom had two doors, one leading to the hall and the other
one into the bathroom. The bathroom also had two doors because it was the only bathroom on the
second floor, so everyone had to use it. The door leading into our bedroom had a lock on the
bathroom side but not on the bedroom side.

As I lay there, I began to think about how Lou had looked at me. Before long I was again soaking
wet, so I reached into my night stand, pulled out my vibrator and began to fantasize as I

I groaned as I shoved the pink vibrating dildo into my vagina and soon found myself
moaning,"Yes, yes....shove it deeper. Fuck me! Oh yes fuck me. Oh Lou...fuck me!" As I
fantasied about being fucked by my son's young handsome classmate.

I came hard a few minutes later. Biting my pillow to keep from screaming. I snapped off the
vibrator and lay still, enjoying the after glow. I knew I'd never do anything like what had been
flashing through my head, but the fantasy was very nice.

As I put my vibrator away I thought I heard a squeak from the door into the bathroom. I glanced
over at it but couldn't see anything. I fell asleep that night thinking about how it was to bad I
couldn't just fuck Lou, but also knowing I never would.

The next morning I got up at 8:00 AM to make breakfast. I was dressed as I usually was in the
morning, for comfort, an oversized sweat shirt, sweat pants with no underwear. I wasn't worried
about anyone seeing anything. The sweat pants and shirt were so oversized and baggy, they hid
the fact that I didn't have on a bra or panties. Carl came running down stairs at 8:30.

He grabbed a piece of toast and said around a bite of it,"I have to run mom. I've got a summer job
interview at 9:00 AM."

"Is Lou coming down soon?" I ask,"Or is he going to sleep in?"

"He'll be down in a few minutes." Carl said, than added as he ran out the door,"He's going to
meet me after my interview and we're going to a party at Greg's house. We'll be home before

Lou walked into the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Breakfast?" I ask.

"Sure!" He said with that infectious grin.

I cooked him a cheese omelet. He ate it, all the bacon I had cooked as well as three slices of toast.
We talked while he ate. He told me about Samoan and his family, about how everything was very
laid back. He talked frankly about his life on the island. As he talked I was very surprised at how
open his people were about sex.

I told him about me and mine, our family and Franks job. When he was done eating I picked up
the dishes and started to wash them. I was telling him about Frank and his job, that he worked
on an oil platform, which means he was gone weeks at a time.

I felt something press against my ass and stopped talking as I glanced over my shoulder. Lou was
standing behind me, a hand on the counter on each side of me, his crotch pressed tight against my

"Wha.....what do you think you're doing!" I gasp at a loss for words.

He grinned, leaned down and whispered,"I saw you last night, using that little pink vibrator on
your pussy. And I heard you too."

" into my bedroom?" I yelped, then tried to turn as I said,"You shouldn't be
pushing against me like that! It''s indecent!"

"Oh it's totally decent." He whispered,"You like it and you know it. And I think you really want
more. You know what? I think I'll see if I can make you cum right here at the sink."

I pushed back against him and began to struggle, trying to get out of the spot I was in. To my
surprise and dismay, he wrapped one of his huge muscular arms around me, grabbed both wrists
and held me immobile against his chest.

"You want this, you know it." He said as he reached down, shoved his hand up under my shirt
and cupped one of my breasts.

"Aha!" He said as his fingers began to tweak and roll my nipple,"No bra...nice."

"Please,"I groaned,"Please stop! You can't do''s rape!"

"It's not rape if you want it." He chuckled,"Go ahead tell me you weren't fantasying about me
fucking you last night while you were shoving that vibrator into your pussy."

"That....that was different!" I yelped as I felt his hand start to slide down my stomach.

As his fingers slid under the waist band of my sweat pants I gasped,"I'll scream! I swear I'll

Lou stopped for a second, then grabbed me by the hair and twisted my head and upper body
around until I was staring into his sea green eyes.

"I don't think you will." He said, then added with a grin,"Because I'm going to make you cum
multiple times!"

"Please sto....." I didn't get the whole word out of my mouth before his mouth covered mine and
he was kissing me.

As his tongue slid between my lips, his fingers slid into my pussy. He knew just where and how
to touch me. Before long I was moaning as the sexual tension in me built toward a climax. As it
grew to a peak, I forgot all about fighting him, all about doing anything other then standing there
and letting him finger my pussy.

The sexual pressure built and built, until finally a climax flared through my body and I screamed
into his mouth at the intensity of it. Lou pulled me tighter against him, rammed two fingers
farther into my pussy and kept right on finger fucking me.

The pleasurable waves of my climax faded, only to be replaced with the building tension of yet
another. I have no idea how long we stood there, his fingers pushing me to first one climax then

Finally I pulled my mouth away from his and whimpered,"No more....please no more!"

Lou grinned and replied,"Fine. But now it's my turn."

He picked me up like I weighed nothing and carried me to the couch in the livingroom. . He held
me against his chest with one large arm as he pushed my sweat pants down with the other. A
moment later I felt them fall off my feet. He sat me down on the cushions, then with a grin
unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his ankles.

My eyes went wide as I got my first look at his cock. It had to be 8" long and at least 2 ½" thick.
At first I was shocked, then fear hit me. He was going to try to put that inside me!

As I gaped at his cock he grinned and said,"My name came from this."

As he stepped forward, holding his cock pointed at my pussy I gasp."I've....I've can't
put that in won't fit!"

"Trust me." Lou said,"It will fit."

He put the purple, plum sized head against my slit, draped my legs over his arms, grabbed my
hips and with a grunt slammed forward. I wanted to scream, cry and gasp all at the same time as
the crown of his cock slammed into my cervix.

The only sound that came from my mouth as he began to fuck me was a soft mewling. He pushed
my legs farther up and cupped both my breasts as he hammered that huge phallus into me.

I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed with a mixture of fullness and pleasure as he slammed into my

He leaned down over me, grinned and whispered,"Are you going to cum for me again? Are you
going to cum on my cock? Cum for me!"

I was floating on a sea of pleasure. The feel of his over sized cock sliding in and out of my
stretched, leaking pussy, hitting my cervix with each inward thrust, kept me floating. But at the
sound of his voice, his insistent urging for me to cum, I felt the pleasure double, then triple, until
I was sure I was going to explode.
As I heard Lou say,"Cum for me. Show me you like it baby," I felt my climax crest.

I began to scream as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through me. It seemed to last forever. I
felt Lou put his hand over my mouth as I continued to scream. Finally the waves began to
diminish, then I felt Lou's cock begin to throb as he came inside me.

The feel of his cum being deposited inside me, his huge cock throbbing in my pussy, instantly
pushed me up over another climatic edge. I remember going rigid as waves of pleasure again
filled me. Then it faded to nothing.

I came to a few seconds later with Lou looking down at me, a grin on his face.

"Call it rape if you want." He said,"But if you're going to cum until you pass out, I'd say you liked
it. It isn't rape if you like it."

Lou stepped back and pulled up his shorts.

As he started out the door he looked back and said, grinning,"Thanks for breakfast...all of it."

I sat up slowly as the door closed behind him. I was exhausted, totally sexually sated, guilty and

‘He raped me!' I insisted to myself. "He forced me to have sex. It was rape!'

But a small corner of my mind kept saying, ‘But you liked it. You came over and over. How can
it be rape if you climaxed so many times?'

I stood and slowly pulled my sweat pants up. I could feel his cum running down the insides of my
thighs. I wanted, needed a long hot shower. A few minutes later as I stood under the cascading
water slowly soaping my body, my mind was still whirling with arguments. He had raped me,
that was a fact, but I had also cum like a bitch in heat, that was also a fact. So was he wrong for
raping me, or was I wrong for thinking it was rape because I enjoyed it so?

By the time I got out of the shower I was so confused from all the conflicting feelings and
thoughts, my mind was numb. I just pushed what had happened away and left it. I convinced
myself I would think about it later and decide what to do.

I spent the day cleaning the rest of the house trying to keep my mind occupied.. That evening I
sat in the dark on the couch my mind again in turmoil. The two thoughts that kept going through
my head were: he raped me, but I climaxed multiple times so I must have liked it. I finally went
to bed at 11:00, but laid awake staring into the darkness until I heard the boys come home.

I heard them go down the hall and into their rooms. It was quiet for a short time, then I heard
someone go into the bathroom. A moment later my heart started to pound as the door into my
bedroom opened and a large figured entered. The door closed and I watched him come across the
floor towards the bed. I felt the blankets being raised, then he slid into bed next to me.

I knew it was Lou. I knew what he was there for. I was frightened but also I could feel the
wetness from my pussy coating my inner thighs.

"You can't do this again!"I gasp,"You can't rape me again! I'll scream and if I do Carl will hear

I felt Lou's hand slid over my stomach and then cup my breast.

He chuckled and said,"Scream all you want. Carl is passed out drunk."

"Please!"I whimpered,"You can't rape me again! Please no!"

Lou's hand slid down over my stomach then I felt him push his fingers between my clinched
legs. He was strong, a lot stronger than me and I had to allow his fingers access. He found my clit
and I moaned as he began to rub it.

"I tell you what," He said as he leaned down and began to suck on my nipple,"if you can keep
from cumming I'll not touch you again. But if you cum, then it's proof you want it."

He threw back the blanket, and a moment later was on his knees between my legs. I felt him
grab my ankles and push my legs up until my knees were against my shoulders. I closed my
eyes, fully expecting him to shove that huge cock of his into me, but the next thing I felt was his
tongue probing between my pussy lips.

Bolts of pleasure shot through me as he licked at my pussy, then began to suck on my clit. I was
so taken with the feel of his tongue I didn't realize I was about to cum until the waves of pleasure
engulfed me. As I began to cum I felt him shift his weight, then a moment later I felt him shove
his cock into me until the crown again hit my cervix.

He began to fuck me with long hard strokes, grunting as he did,"Oh yea! A hot MILF you are!
Cum for me baby. Show me you like my big stick stuffed up your tight mommy pussy."

My first climax had not yet washed through me as the second one slammed into me. As it did I
surrendered, I quit thinking about being raped, quit feeling guilty about cumming, I just let the
orgasms flow through me.

I had no idea how long he fucked me, or how many orgasms I had, but finally I felt his body
stiffen, felt his cock begin to throb as he came. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around his neck,
clamped my legs around his hips and pulled him into me, wanting him as deep as possible as he
filled me with his seed.

As his cock twitched it's last I heard him chuckle then say,"I told you you wanted it. You're my
little mommy fuck toy now. Admit it. Quit fighting it. Enjoy it."

As I lay there under his muscular young body, his long, hard cock still inside me, my arms
around his neck, my legs still wrapped around his hips, I had to admit I liked what was
happening. He raped me yes, but it was so good I was forced to admit I wanted it to happen

As if it were someone else doing it, I shoved my hips up, sliding his magnificent cock deeper into
my pussy as I whispered,"Please...fuck me again...I ....again."

Again I heard him chuckle, then he pulled me tight against his chest and rolled. We ended up
with me sitting astride of him, his cock still buried in my pussy.

"I think this time you need to fuck me." He said as he locked his fingers behind his head.

I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed downward with my hips. I felt his cock head hit
my cervix before his balls touched my ass. I slowly began to slide up and down on his hard rod,
but as his hard pole slide in and out of me, as his cock head banged into my cervix, as I felt his
balls slap my ass, I couldn't help but go faster and faster until I was slamming up and down on
that hard stick of his grunting each time his crown hit my cervix.

I knew I was getting close to another climax, but didn't have a clue how intense it was going to
be until the waves of pleasure filled me. As the pleasure hit me I sat impaled on his cock unable
to move, A soft mewling animal sound spilling from my lips.

As my climax washed away, I collapsed on his chest, spent. He circled my body with his arms
and held me as I bask in the after glow.

He let me lay still for a few moments, then he urged me off. I slide to one side and lay on my
belly, still feeling the glow. I felt him get behind me, then I felt him lift my hips. A moment later
I felt the delicious feeling of his cock sliding into me.

He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me with long slow strokes. It felt wonderful, but I didn't
think I could climax again after so many intense orgasms. I was wrong and within minutes I
could feel the pressure of yet another climax building. I surrendered to it, floating on a sea of

As he fucked me I was dimly aware of something probing at my rectum. It didn't hurt, but added
to the pleasurable sensations as he fucked my pussy. Over the next little while my ass felt fuller
and fuller. I didn't know it but he had worked three fingers into my rectum.

I felt him withdraw his fingers from my ass, which made me groan, then he pulled out of my
pussy, which made me groan even louder. A second later something pushed at my ass, then I felt
it stretch to the maximum as he shoved his cock in.

I didn't protest, I didn't say anything, at that point I didn't care as long as he kept fucking me. He
began to fuck my asshole with long deep strokes. I'd never taken a cock up the ass and it was a
very different feeling. I felt him reach around under my hips and push his fingers into my

Again I could feel an orgasm starting to build. I thought that because of all the ones I had
already, it couldn't be a very big one. But as the minutes ticked by, as he continued to ram his
large hard cock deep into my ass, continued to finger fuck my pussy and rub my clit I could feel
the pressure build and build until I wondered if it would kill me when it finally hit.

I heard him grunt, then the wonderful sensation of his cock throbbing inside my ass pushed me
over the edge. Thunderous waves of pleasure washed through me. As if it were someone else, I
heard myself scream as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through me.

It seemed to last for hours, until finally I dropped to my belly on the bed and moaned,"

I felt Lou slowly pull his cock out of me, then a moment later I heard him whisper,"I told you,
you're my little mommy fuck toy. I'll be back for more later."

I was asleep before he got off the bed.

At first, when I woke the next morning it seemed like a dream. I lay still wondering if I had
dreamed it, until I moved and found that both my pussy and ass were sore and that my thighs
were coated with dried cum.

As it hit me it was real, his last words came back to me,'I'll be back for more.'

As they sunk in I could feel my pussy begin to get wet, even as sore as it was. I got up and
stepped into the shower. As the water cascaded over me I thought about what had happened, and
what I should do. By the time I turned the water off I had come to the resolution that I wasn't
going to do anything.

He had raped me, but I had never, ever felt like I had while he was fucking me. I wanted more of
it, and he had promised more. As I dried myself, I pushed the guilt out of my mind and thought
about what the next time with Lou would be like.

I was in the kitchen making toast when Lou came in. I stopped and turned to look at him. Two
things happened, my pussy grew wet and my face turned red as I remembered the night before.

" Carl coming down?" I stammered.

Lou grinned and said as he walked toward me,"Not for a while. He's pretty hung over."

I walked up to me, put one hand on the counter top on each side of me, and pressed me to the
counter with is body.

He stared into my eyes, grinned and said,"So my little mommy fuck toy, did you enjoy last

For an instant I wanted to scream at him,"You raped me you bastard!" then the remembered feel
of his cock inside me, the feel as I climaxed over and over filled my head and I slowly nodded,
my cheeks flaming red as I did.

His grin got wider as he took my hand and walked to a chair. He sat down unzipped his shorts
and pulled out his hard cock. He put a hand on my shoulder and gently pushed down. I sank to
my knees between his legs and looked up at him, wondering what he had in mind.

"Breakfast." He said with a grin as he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it toward
his hard cock.

I had never sucked a cock before. I looked at his huge, veined pole in front of me, then looked up
at him.

"I've....never..." I stammered.

"Never?" He asked.

I shook my head and her chuckled as he said,"Wrap your hand around the base, wrap the other
one around my balls, then take the head into your mouth and pretend it's an ice cream cone."

"But what if Carl....?" I started to say.

"Don't worry, he won't be awake for hours yet." Lou said, then pulled my head toward his cock
as he said,"Now suck."

I did just as he instructed. As I began to suck on the crown of his cock a musky flavor hit my
tongue. Instantly my pussy grew wetter then it had been. Before long as I sucked and licked at
that huge pole I could feel the wetness coating the inside of my thighs.

I squeezed my legs together trying to make it feel even better. As I tasted more and more of the
musky flavor of his cock, I fetl several mini orgasm shoot through me. I lost track of time as I
sucked on him, until I was brought back by a groan from Lou.

"Oh fuck baby," He groaned,"I'm gunna'....gunna'....CUM!."

I felt him grab the back of my head and pull it down onto his cock as his hard shaft swelled, then
exploded in my mouth. A moment later I found my mouth full as the first blast of his cum hit the
back of my throat. I almost gagged, then defensively I swallowed. A moment later another blast
hit me and again I swallowed, then again and again. Each time I did another blast of cum would
fill my mouth.

Finally after five hard blasts, he sat back and sighed,"Oh fuck that was good!"

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet saying,"your turn."

He picked me up and put me on the counter on my hands and knees. I felt him pull my sweat
pants down, then felt his hand slide up between my legs.

"Holy shit!" He said,"The insides of your thighs are wet halfway to your knees! Damn!"

A moment later I gasp as I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, then felt his tongue slide into my
pussy. It took all of 30 seconds and a climax crashed through me. As it ebbed I felt his tongue
slide up my pussy, then felt it probe my ass hole. As his tongue tip licked around then probed
into my ass hole, the feeling was indescribable.

Within minutes I was cumming a second time.

As my second climax ebbed Lou grabbed my hips and turned me to face him. He jerked my
sweat pants off my ankles, stepped between my spread legs and with one hard shove rammed his
cock full length into me.

As he began to fuck me he grunted,"Now my little mommy fuck toy I want you to cum for me
again. Cum on my cock, Show me you like riding my big stick! Tell me you like it.....tell me!"

As he hammered his hard rod into me I groaned,"Oh...yes! Fuck me!"

I climaxed again, then again. As I felt Lou grab my hips and shove all the way into me, I knew he
was about to cum.

I hooked my heels into his back, pulled him into me and reveled in the feel of his long hard cock
filling my pussy with his warm sticky spunk.

When he was done he slowly pulled his cum covered cock ot of me, grinning at the sight of his
cum dribbling out onto the counter. He pulled me up to a sitting position, took my chin in his
hand and held my head up so I had to look into his eyes.

"You wanted it, didn't you?" He ask.

I sat sill for a long moment, then slowly nodded my head.

He grinned and said,"You want more don't you?"

Again I nodded my head.

Lou leaned forward and gently kissed me, then said,"Well as long as I'm here, you'll get it. You
are one hot mom! Man you have a nice tasty pussy! I like fucking you!"

He helped me down off the counter and I pulled on my sweat pants.

"Now, how about some food?" He said with a laugh.

Lou and I ate breakfast without saying much more. Every once in a while he would pat my ass or
cup my breast as I walked past him. Carl got up an hour later. He was so hung over he didn't eat

The boys went out to be with friends and returned late in the evening. I was already in bed,
waiting to see if Lou would come. I fell asleep only to wake sometime in the early morning as he
climbed between my legs.

This time he said nothing. I parted my legs as he climbed between them. I felt him put the head
of his cock against my pussy and a moment later it was buried inside me. He grabbed my ass
cheeks and fucked me until I climaxed. A few seconds later he grunted as he filled my pussy with
a load of cum. He slipped out of my bed and left. Not a word was spoken by either of us.

For the next two weeks Lou fucked me every chance he had. I had never, ever been so sexually
satisfied. By the time the boys were ready to go back to school I would fuck him anytime or any
place he wanted.

The day they left Carl hugged me and carried his bags out to the car, leaving Lou and I alone for
a few moments.

He made sure Carl was out of sight, then he pulled me to him and kissed me saying,"Aw my
horny little mommy fuck toy. It's been grand!"

"Will you be coming back?" I ask, hoping the answer was yes.

"I'll try." He said as he picked up his bag,"but it all depends on where I get a summer job."

As he climbed into the car I knew my life had changed. I was no longer satisfied with not having
sex and knew I would have to do something about it.

At the end of the school year Carl called and said he would be coming home because he had a
summer job with a company in our town. When I ask if Lou would be coming with him, he said
that Lou had taken a job on a fishing boat for the summer. Needless to say I was very

Carl got home on a Friday. When he came in the door he hugged me then said,"Mom, I have a
couple of friends, Jamal and Will, that have jobs on a drilling rig. They'll be working a week on
and a week off. They need a place to stay when they're on shore. They will be replacing each
other so only one at a time will be here. Can they stay in our extra room?"

"Sure why not?" I said, a bit depressed because I was hoping Lou would come back.

Carl introduced me to Jamal. He was a tall, handsome, and black. The boys put there stuff away
in the rooms, then Carl yelled at me he was going to see his friends. I was washing dishes
daydreaming about Lou when I heard someone behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see
Jamal coming into the kitchen.

"I thought you would be going with Carl to meet his friends." I said turning back to the sink.

A moment later I felt a hard lump push up against my ass and Jamal's voice whispered in my
ear,"I decided to stay here and meet Lou's little mommy fuck toy I'm going to be fucking for the

My heart skipped a beat as I felt his hands slide around my hips and begin to burrow under the
band of my sweat pants.

He pushed his hands down into my panties. A moment later his fingers slipped into my pussy.

"You''d rape me?" I groaned, spreading my legs to give him better access.

"It's not rape if you want it." He said,"So tell me, do you want it? Would you like me to fuck you
till you cum?"

As t he slid two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, and used two others to rub my clit, I
knew I would let him do anything he wanted.

"So, little mommy fuck toy, you ready for a hard cock?"

"Yes....yes...fuck me!" I groaned.

Then a thought struck me and I groaned "Does Will know....?"

"Oh yea. Lou filled us both in. You're gunna' get your momma pussy filled with black and white
cock for the rest of the summer."

I felt him push my sweat pants down, then felt him push on my back urging me to bend over the
counter. As I bent over I felt him put his cock head against my leaking pussy. And a moment
later as he shoved it in, I thought,'I'm being raped again!.......don't stop...God please don't stop!'

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