Chapter 48-50
Right Chapters 48 49 and 50... First I want you all to know about the only think I ever saw that was close to an Episode of Lost was Gilligan's Island which was pretty piss poor as far as realism. Second, not all of the girls in the story are stupid, naive yes... stupid well only one or two, its probable that most of them couldn't show you the oil filter on a car much less change it. But there are at least two who know their way around and it's possible that a farm girl might know a thing or two even if she is a spoiled brat. That Said this is Part 14 if you already haven't read parts 1-13 I'll ask you to go back and read them. If you have criticisms or comments please PM me or E-mail me I'd love to discuss them with you, if you just love the story go ahead and post your comment at the bottom. If your just a hateful troll then please post at the bottom also, I'll ask everyone to do their best to ignore you, though I will read what you have to say. Thank you again my friendly readers for reading and I hope this meets your expectations. Of course if your a hateful troll where were you when I started this story? Oh wait your reading it aren't you, well aren't you the hypocrite? Well without further ado I give you Part 14 Chapters 48, 49 and 50.

Chapter XLVIII

Jeremy woke up, he still felt something was amiss, the rain hadn’t stopped it was coming mostly straight down today. He looked over at the sleeping Sara and smiled. He soon found himself on the path to his calendar, it was a daily ritual that he followed religiously, and keeping track of what day it was, though he was fairly certain that he might have lost a day or two over the last couple of months. On across from the tree where he was making hash marks was another tree and it had three fresh cuts in it. Odd he thought he hadn’t made those marks. He was reminded of the footprints in the sand though by now the deluge had obliterated any sign of food prints. He started looking around the area. Nothing the sand was bare, except for what little wind and rain had caused. He heard a loud thunk and everything went black.

Jeremy opened his eyes he wasn’t sure where he was; his scull was pounding, he looked up a Woman he had never seen before watched over him, she was wearing a single strip of cloth wrapped around her breasts and turned neatly into a skirt. “Don’t speak,” she said holding up a cup fashioned out of a coconut half, she brought it to his lips he drank. It was a bitter liquid but he felt the pain subsiding, and after a few minutes his eyes became unfocused again and he drifted off.

Jeremy woke up again the sky was light possibly mid day judging by the shadows, he stood he felt a little dizzy and he touched his head there was a sore knot on it. More people are killed every year by falling coconuts he murmured to himself. But what about that woman, she was quite lovely pretty face smooth skin, he really couldn’t remember the details. A few minutes down the trail and he found the camp buzzing with worries and rumors because he had been missing so long. Sara found him and asked what happened.

“I think I got hit on the head by a coconut”

“You think?”

“Well I had just finished my calendar and then suddenly everything went black, and I woke up on the ground with a coconut next to me”

“We are just lucky you have a hard head”

“Yeah Lucky me” he said.

“I’m just glad your back” she said pushing him into the hut and slowly straddling his hips.

“One more time” she smiled at him.

“They way things are going you girls are going to fuck me to death”

“Oh no we won’t let you die” a voice from behind Sara said

“Mmm no we sure won’t will we Sunni?”

“What’s this?”

“Oh well since Sunni shared with me I’m sharing with her is all” Sara blushed down to her bare nipples”

“Yeah she asked me if I wanted to earlier.”

“And you said yes?”

“Of course I did Master I need your baby in me as much as Sara does.” Jeremy felt the girls fondling his cock as Sunni settled her slit inches from Jeremy’s face, He felt Sara’s tight warm pussy envelope his cock. She started slowly to rise and fall on his meat her fingers spreading and tickling Sunni’s juicy gash inches from his face.

“Oh Jeremy” Sara Cooed you are so hard, Jeremy had to agree with her he was so hard it almost hurt, the wet slickness of Sara’s tight pussy felt like a soothing salve on his aching cock, as Sara began to ride up and down on his dick. Jeremy reached out with his tongue and tasted Sunni’s dripping snatch while he felt the warm feeling of Sara’s pussy coaxing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. It didn’t take him long before he felt the telltale signs of his impending orgasm. And a few seconds later his hard cock erupted inside of Sara’s fertile womb. When the first stream splashed the back of her pussy Sara cried out “Oh Guugg guuhg” and began trembling uncontrollably, then shaking and thrashing as her entire body orgasmed around his cock. She collapsed against his chest and Sunni pushed her off of him almost ignoring the fact that her friend was unconscious.

Jeremy looked at Sunny, her eyes were unfocused and her nostrils were flaring as she gasped “fuck mee” she lay out on the floor beside him pulling him onto her, His cum slick cock was to his surprise still hard. And it slipped easily inside of Sunni’s hungry slot. He could smell the sex and the hot sweat he sucked and bit at Sunni’s nipples and neck as his hips pounded her tight little pussy. Her legs wrapped around him as her body started to spasm and her hips pounded back at him “Its soo big” she gurgled “oh god” Jeremy could feel Sunni’s tight little twat contracting around his cock sucking him inside of her. A few minutes later Jeremy felt his nuts tighten again and he flooded Sunni’s hotbox with his creamy man sauce. She moaned loudly and clung to him as his balls emptied deep inside her. She gasped panting and fell back on the bet of palm fronds.

Jeremy lay there catching his breath and looking at the two girls on either side of him. He was still hard as a rock and his cock glistened with the juices of the two girls he had just dumped a dose of pregnancy juice into. He closed his eye and tried to find focus, it was hard, literally to find a place where he wasn’t imagining fucking one or more of the girls, but he finally relaxed enough that his turgid piece of meat began to wilt. He dressed in his simple skirt and quickly exited the hut. He avoided the other girls and headed into the jungle. Was he losing control he thought to himself? What was the matter with him, he could hardly keep his mind off sex. What was wrong with him, he wandered through the sparse jungle, thinking. He looked up at as he heard laughing, a sort of musical laugh. He followed the sound and found himself in front of a great old mangrove tree, there sitting on one of the Knobby roots was the woman from his vision or was it real.

“Jeremy isn’t it” her speech was slightly accented but only slightly perhaps an English accent or maybe Indian he couldn’t be sure, for all he knew it could have been Australian. She was neither old nor young. Though by Jeremy’s eighteen-year-old standards that was still older than he was. She had large almost pear shaped breasts and he could make out the hard erect nipples through the gossamer white cloth that clung to them. He skin was a light brown perhaps oriental perhaps not, he couldn’t tell her features were quite lovely strong cheekbones and thick pursed lips and sparkling blue eyes, more the blue of the mountain sky than the blue of the sky at sea. “Jeremy is your name?” she asked again, her thin white shawl wrapped around her waist and only just covered her when she stood but she wasn’t standing and his eyes traveled up her smooth golden thighs to the nexus where he could just make out the pouty lips of her slit. “Jeremy” she said

“Yes” he said trying to collect himself and bring his eyes away from the woman’s delightful body.

“It is working then?”

“What it working ?”

“I’ll give you another dose or two in a few days, it is a special tea, my mother like her mother before her and my great grand mother were all doctors like me we specialized in roots and herbs to cure the sick, of course we experimented with other things along the way my mother was killed when the pirates attacked our village and I was away gathering herbs. When I heard the shots, I hurried back to camp. There was nothing I could do so I slipped aboard their boat and hid until I could safely do something. I know nothing about boats Jeremy, I understand little beyond my roots and herbs, I did of course go to school as a child and later to university, but my studies were limited and so I am not so worldly as you are.” She smiled at him her pink tongue darting out to caress her reddish lips, her hand casually brushing her breast. “So I saw what you did, you took care of my people, I was unsure of you at first a young man alone with so many women.”

“Are you an Angel or something is this a hallucination”

“Jeremy no I’m real and I’m just good at hiding, and well making medicines and such, so no this is not a hallucination. You are a good honest man, resourceful and kind and not judgmental. You refuse the advances of the women, yes I have seen them trying to get to you well, but not for selfish reasons but for practical ones, very wise.” She continued, “So I gave you the gift that my family has held secret for a long time, a very long time, of course I have and my predecessors have improved it over the ages, we usually give it to our husbands, but you have been doing so well and deserve this reward”

“Reward what reward”

“Ah well the potion I gave you in addition to relieving your headache, will over the course of time cause your penis to grow some and you will produce much more semen than the average man, and that semen will have an addictive effect so that those who have taken it either internally or externally will crave it, it will cause them to orgasm and continue to orgasm until it loosed its effectiveness. Also it has increased your pheromones by a factor of ten, it is unlikely that any woman will be able to resist you, or perhaps all women will be attracted to you. A little something I added while in school, it worked marvels on lab animals.”

“So you’re saying that I’m some sort of weird sex god now?”

“Yes” she hissed her hands stroking her parted thighs

“So no hope of ever having a normal life”

“No life is normal for anyone Jeremy,” she said “Its just life and now you have a gift, come back here in a few days and see me, my name is Lee, I’ll be waiting, and think if there is anything I more I can do to help you.” And with that Lee nimbly stood and darted into the jungle, while Jeremy stood there dumbly watching the wisp of cloth disappear.

Jeremy was unsure how to take any of this as he followed his feet back to camp. He had been on the trail he didn’t know how long, he had been watching his feet not really paying attention, when he bumped into someone. He looked up It was Rose and Kahni they were out picking fruit. “Hi” Rose said “fancy meeting you here”

“Jeremi” Kahni said and waved at him smiling shyly.

“Oh hi Rose hello Kahni how goes the picking?”

“I think we have enough for a while” Rose said

“That’s good rose,” Jeremy said all the while looking at her breasts, which were bound up to give her great definition and cleavage.

“See something you like?” Rose asked following his eyes, her eyes darted down to where his skirt was tenting “I’ll say you do” she said almost mechanically dropping to her knees, you don’t mind if this little doggie slut sucks some of your sperm do you?” she said pulling his cock free and stroking it in her hand.
“If you start I don’t think we will be able to stop” Jeremy said

“Fine by me” rose smiled, I so want to watch you fuck Pricilla too, I want to see her lose her mind on this wonderful big cock” she mewled her tongue flicking out to taste his aching cock. Kahni watched in interest and then when rose pulled out Jeremy’s cock her eyes widened and she knelt beside Rose trying not to miss anything. A little lick on the head and rose engulfed half of Jeremy’s cock into her mouth she started sucking hard as if his cream were the last of the milkshake at the bottom of the glass. Her hand stroked the rest of his cock as her head bobbed up and down her other hand was trying to free her breasts and when that didn’t work she pulled up her skirt and started frigging her clit like a mad woman. Jeremy took her by the hair and pulled it tight in his fists and started to fuck Rose’s face, she gagged and choked the first couple of deep strokes but soon adjusted and took his thick meaty shaft to the hilt his balls bouncing against her chin. It took only a few moments before Jeremy’s cock erupted in this streams of cum, coating Roses tongue and tonsils as rose flailed in orgasm her mouth sucking and slurping at his cock the entire time while her body trembled everywhere.

Rose collapsed and Kahni looked at him and looked at his still raging cock. She Shrugged out of the light shift she was wearing. And stood up Jeremy lifted her into his arms she was a good deal shorter and he took one of her brown nipples into his mouth and sucked it. Her tight viselike slit rubbed up and down his cock, as her hips undulated under the stimulation. He grasped her hips and let her slide up and down the length of his cock a few times before he impaled her on the tip, she rocked her hips up and down to get more of the meaty monster inside of her she only managed half of it before Jeremy’s cock bumped against the girls cervix. Kahni wiggled her hips some more and closed her eyes and Jeremy felt as if some wonderfully soft mouth was sucking his cock inside the young girls pussy. He fucked her hips as deeply as he could slow at first and then faster each thrust giving more and more accommodation to his cock. Jeremy felt his balls tightening and he erupted inside of the young girl she wailed and trembled her body shaking in his arms as spurt after spurt of hot baby sauce spewed deep inside of her cervix.

Jeremy laid the trembling Kahni on the ground and turned to Rose who was watching her legs spread and her fingers twitching in her twat, Jeremy found that he couldn’t resist and moved to mount the now naked rose. Rose took his cock in hand and guided it to her drooling gash one thrust and he slipped smoothly into her his balls slapping lightly against her ass. He started thrusting hard and fast his cock pounding the tender flesh of Rose’s pussy he sucked the girls breasts and kissed her, his balls tightening and as she felt him start to throb she wrapped her legs around him locking her ankles behind him just as Jeremy slammed his cock in deep, the hot cum spurting out filling Rose’s slit to the brim with his fertile seed. She gasped and trembled and moaned and thrashed she turned over gasping for air and almost trying to get away. Jeremy took Rose by the waist and plunged his rampant cock back into the Rose’s spasming pussy for two, three strokes; and then he positioned the head of his cock at Rose’s rose-colored pucker, he pressed into it. Rose gurgled and groaned as his cock parted the tight flesh of her anal passage and slipped inside. It was lubricated enough from her drooling snatch and Jeremy pounded her tight little chute hard and fast, rose crying and wailing all the while her body twitching and thrusting to meet him. Jeremy pushed in as deep as he could as his cock exploded a fourth time. He pulled out of Roses ass and Rose barely able to control her motions moved to take Jeremy’s cock in her mouth. She slurped it clean and sucked the last drops of cum from his balls all the while her fingers diddling her throbbing clit.

Jeremy pulled his skirt down his Cock wilting only slightly after the exertion. He walked the rest of the way back to camp, leaving the two gasping women on the trail. He went inside the hut to try and work out what was happening. It seemed like only a few minutes Jeremy had of reflection before Rachel called everyone to dinner. Jeremy sat down across from the two groups and attacked his food with a vengeance. When he was finished he retreated back into his hut, and was shortly joined by Sara, who the moment she entered he pushed her down on the mat, and plunged his cock into her tight little slit. “Oh Jeremy” she cried “I’ve never seen you like this, but I love it” she moaned her fingernails raking his back. He pounded into her his cock throbbing with every thrust as his hips met hers. He found that his balls were boiling all too soon and he stabbed deep into Sara’s little snatch when they boiled over flooding her wanton slit. He rolled over with her trembling body still impaled on his hard cock. He held her close her swollen nipples pressed against his chest, as her body seemed to contract around his cock. Jeremy drifted off into sleep.

Chapter XLIX

Jeremy woke up his cock was throbbing and still impaled in an unconscious Sara, she was slumped against him and he could feel his own congealed cum sticking their bodies together. His cock was apparently marinated in the stuff. He rolled to the side and his cock exited her gooey gash with a pop. Sara’s pussy was swollen and puffy apparently she woke up from time to time during the night and ride his rod till either he blew a load in her or she collapsed from exhaustion. He pulled on his skirt and walked out to the ocean to wash off. Khani and Mi intercepted him before he got more than ten feet from the hut and Mi Looking almost angry took him by the arm and guided him to the south beach away from camp. “You make baby with Khani?” Mi asked “You make Baby with Talla and Channa too also make baby with Joli no good you make baby with Kahni”


“She …” Jeremy whipped off his skirt and exposed his cum caked cock to the girls, and as he watched them their eyes dilated and their nostrils flared. He gently pressed the girls on the shoulder and they both dropped to their knees. Kahni leaned in and licked at his cock and shivered as her mouth sought out gooey bits of cum on his cock, Mi watched for a moment and tasted his cock tentatively with her tongue, she too trembled as the two girls began to suck and lick at his cock and balls their small tongues darting in to extract bits of cum from all the crevices. He pulled Kahni up to her feet and then pulled her into him. Kahni just melted against Jeremy’s body and as he kissed her his tongue probing her tropical flavored mouth, he squeezed her ass. Jeremy then leaned Kahni back on his arm to suckle her delightfully distended nipples, for a few seconds.

Mi was suckling the last crusty bits from Jeremy’s balls when he pushed her away. “You want more?” he asked and she nodded “You do not tell me what to do anymore, you ask or you beg understand?”

“What is beg?”

“Ask Joli I’m sure she has an idea” He said as he turned and walked back to camp. When he arrived he met up with Nicole and Sunni, who were preparing the morning meal

“Where is Sara?” Sunni asked

“In the hut sleeping I think” Jeremy said

“Maybe I should check on her” Sunni said

“Sure go ahead” Jeremy smiled and watched as the other girl disappeared into the hut. He then turned to Nicole.

“There is something different about you Jeremy I can’t put my finger on it or maybe I want to put my finger in it, why is it every time I get near you I want to finger fuck myself into oblivion.”

“I don’t know Nicole why?”

“Because your big cock makes me so horney and I want it inside me and I, well yesterday I was with Sunni after you fucked her and god I smelled the sex and I couldn’t help myself I was insatiable all I could think about was your big hard cock pounding my pussy and you hot cum filling me up.

“God I wish I was pregnant”


“So you could fuck me anytime you wanted or I wanted”

“Mmm sounds like a good idea to me,” Annabel said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She dropped her clothes, which she hadn’t bothered to put on yet, and moved over in front of one of the tables and bent over offering herself to Jeremy. Nicole lifted the hem of Jeremy’s skirt and exposed his prod. Jeremy leaned forward and took Annabel by the hips and positioned the tip of his cock at the moist entrance of Annabel’s slit.

“It looks so big” Nicole noted as Jeremy’s cock split Annabel’s lips and slid into the hilt.

“It feels, oh god, even bigger” Annabel moaned, as she rocked her self-back to meet Jeremy’s hips. Jeremy took only a dozen strokes to warm up and soon the squishing slaps came in a rapid staccato. Annabel gasped and grasped and groped her swollen breasts as Jeremy pounded her pussy. “Oh god” she moaned and Jeremy groaned as cum boiled up from his toes and filled Annabel’s hot hungry box. Annabel shivered and shook and squirted all over Jeremy’s cock and the ground Nicole moved to hold her up as her trembling legs threatened to buckle. Jeremy pulled out of Annabel’s squishing quim his cock still dripping with slime, as Nicole helped Annabel to one of the Logs that acted as seats around the campfire.

Jeremy pulled his skirt down over his still rigid cock just as Sunni called Nicole “Nicole come here you won’t believe this?”

Nicole asked “what”

“Jeremy filled Sara so full she’s leaking everywhere” Sunni sucked her fingers “God Jeremy’s cum is good” she moaned.

Jeremy took that moment to escape and he walked quickly down the path away from camp it was hard not to just fuck every girl in sight. He had the urge to fill every hole he came across with cum, and keep filling them. He meandered for a while and found himself at the old Airbase. He sat in the cool dark of the hangar, and rested.

“I thought I would find you here” The friendly familiar voice of Naomi said waking Jeremy from his nap.
“Why did you think to look here?”

“Well this seems like a good enough place to be alone no one comes here they are too busy getting supplies and gossiping.” Naomi said. She stood in the doorway her silhouette outlined in the drab light of the day. The rain today seemed to be coming from every direction, there was no wind but everything was wet. Naomi was dressed in a skirt that was split up the sides and held in place by only a single strand of rope, her belly was bare and from what Jeremy could tell slightly swollen with his baby and her breasts rested atop half cups that barely contained them. They looked swollen and firm from where he sat.
“So?” Jeremy asked trying to change the subject

“So Sara woke up after Nicole and Sunni spent a half hour sucking your cum out of her puss."

“Good I’m glad she…”

“She wanted to know where you are?”

“Did you tell her?”

“No, have you seen the girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“Her pussy is so swollen and puffy from fucking you all night that she can barely walk.”


“And I’m not going to ask if you fucked Rose she was picking your cum out of her pussy and ass and cleaning it off her fingers last night.”

“Ah well”

“And did you fuck Kahni?”


“Jolly says she’s barely fourteen, she smirked thought you would like to know.”

Jeremy frowned “Its just I can’t help it.”

“You didn’t have any trouble before helping it, what’s changed?”


“Lee who the heck is Lee?”

“She is the woman who lives in the woods she came off the pirate ship too, she says she’s a doctor, more like a witch doctor. “

“What when did this happened how I’m terribly confused?”

“Well you remember the other day when I got knocked on the head by the coconut?”


“Well” Jeremy began “when I woke up she was there and she gave me something to drink and I passed out again shortly there after I was sure I had dreamt it, but then later I was marking my calendar and I met her again well I followed her or maybe she wanted me to follow her and then it was like she explained to me that the drink she had given me would increase my sexuality, prowess size, fertility, and make me almost addictive to sleep with.”

“Well you were already almost addictive to sleep with, Jeremy you are such a sweetie”

“No but I mean I’m losing control”

“Jeremy no one ever really has control”

“Of themselves?” Jeremy asked incredulously “I get started having sex or getting a blow job and I don’t want to stop, I find it hard to stop until I have pumped two or three loads into whomever is available.”

“Interesting” Naomi, said.

“I think its best that I stay away from the girls for a while”


“Because I don’t want to get everyone pregnant?”

“Why not? I think it’s fucking sexy as hell that you have already knocked up a half dozen girls.” Naomi grinned sauntering towards him.

“But what happens when I have a dozen babies?”

“Let us worry about that Jeremy” Naomi said as she kneeled down and leaned over him.

“Naomi?” Nicole called “He Oh!” as she rounded into the doorway. Naomi was on her knees in front of Jeremy who was sprawled sitting, she leaned over and licked his neck. Jeremy looked Naomi in the eyes her pupils were dilated to the edges of her irises and a little bit of drool escaped her mouth. She pushed up his skirt exposing his engorged rod and she took it in hand and stroked it with one hand, with the other she untied her clothes and tossed them away. Her large brown swollen breasts pressed against Jeremy’s bare chest. “Hey Naomi” Naomi only grunted as her eyes studied Jeremy’s oozing cock. Nicole walked from the door and pulled Naomi away by her ankle out the door. She lay there naked in the sun her body shining with sweat and oil, as her fingers worked themselves to frenzy on her erect little clit. She groped her breast her eyes closed as she worked herself harder and faster with every passing minute. Until she came gasping and moaning her hips thrusting into open air.

Naomi looked up from where she lay, three of her fingers buried in her drooling snatch. “I don’t know what came over me one minute I was talking and the next all I wanted to do was fuck my brains out on Jeremy’s cock, mmmh” she moaned her fingers squishing inside of her juicy box.

“I noticed” Nicole said, “and I almost joined you for a second.”

“Why didn’t you? Scared to get his fat dick up inside and get you all full of baby juice?”

“No Naomi be serious” Nicole admonished

“It’s hard”


“Being serious and Jeremy’s cock. I would have let you have some when I was done I swear”

“If I had stayed that close I’m sure I would have taken you up on that”

“And then we could have eaten his cum out of each other oooh that sounds soo good!”



“Stop thinking about sex?”

“His cock was so hard and there was precum drooling out the tip”



“There was something we needed to talk to Jeremy about?”

“There was, his big hard cock I need it in my mouth”

“I’ll make sure he sticks it in your ass if you don’t get it together”

“That sounds fine to me, I could use a good ass fucking”

“Naomi come with me” Nicole said disgusted dragging Naomi to her feet she walked with her to the edge of the water and pushed her in. Naomi came up out of the water spluttering and angry.

“What the hell did you do that for”

“You weren’t acting like yourself”

“I wasn’t,” Naomi asked taken aback “no I suppose I wasn’t I mean all I could think about was Jeremy and that wonderful cock of his and it going in and out of me and filling me all full of cum. I thought about taking a bath in Jeremy’s cum.”

“Do I need to push you back in?”

“No, I think I’m okay now”


“Jeremy could you come out here and talk to us?” Naomi asked

“Sure” Jeremy said and he appeared in the door way

“So um before I got distracted you were telling me about Lee.”

“Who the fuck is Lee?” Nicole asked glaring at Jeremy.

“You guys act like its all my fault” Jeremy said and he explained Lee and the incident that took place and why everyone seemed to be acting particularly randy and all the other things that had happened.

“Okay” Nicole said when he had finished, “Why don’t you stay here tonight and I’ll send Sara down to be with you, and we’ll come and check on you and her in the morning”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Jeremy said resignedly

“You don’t sound too thrilled”

“Well actually I would love to have fucked Naomi and I would have done you too I can’t seem to get rid of this hard on, I mean it goes down a little bit but it’s always like I’m half hard, and then when I get around a woman, its raging and all I can think about it fucking them and filling them up with my cum. Cumming on them, fucking their mouth, their ass, hell If I thought it would work I’d fuck their ears.”

“Jeremy!” Nicole said pulling Naomi a little further away “Just go back inside and relax I’ll see about some girls for you tonight”

“I’d appreciate it, I’m so horny right now I’d fuck a rock pile if I thought there was a snake in it."
Naomi laughed and Nicole looked at both of them and shrugged her shoulder and led Naomi off down the path towards camp.

Chapter L

Marissa sat down staring down the barrel of the bottle of wine she had been drinking, she got up she had to pee, she tripped over the pile of bottles in the middle of the room and came crashing to the floor. She picked herself up again and made it to the bathroom. She let out a long hard stream into the toilet bowl, just as her phone rang.


“Oh hi Janna, no well sure I’d love to see you when?”

“No I can’t go out right now I’ve been, well you know since the news about Shannon I’ve been a wreck.”

“Well you know I started crying and then I started drinking…”

“Your what? No I had no idea you were pregnant”

“No it’s okay come on over, well I mean sure you can come over the house is a wreck I sent the servants home and haven’t called them back.”

“No, no I don’t think I’d be too embarrassed, your Sara was all Shannon would talk about when she wasn’t out running around with Tiffany they were like the three musketeers.”

“Yes I know the Musketeers were men”

“I’m just saying they were always together”

“Well let me call Gloria I’ll invite her over too and we can have a nice long chat.”

“Sure I’m sure she wouldn’t mind”

“Okay see you in a bit then”

Marissa hurriedly picked up the odd bottles that littered the floor of her house and dumped them into the trash until it was full, she started a pot of coffee, and started the tea kettle on to boil. While she called Gloria and invited her over, she was just finished putting all the empty bottles in the trash out back when the doorbell rang she hurried to get it. Both Gloria and Janna stood on the doorstep.

“Marissa” Janna said, “is no one here?”

“No, no one why?”

“Get inside” Janna replied.


“Well your wearing that gossamer robe and you haven’t a stitch on underneath it” Gloria replied.

“The neighbors might talk” Janna added.

“Let the prudish fuckers talk they can kiss my ass” Marissa said and she flung her robe on the front steps and cupped her tits and turned in an arc of the houses facing hers, then she spread her legs and separated her labia with her fingers and yelled “Yeah You like this fuckers”

“Come on” Janna said pulling her inside.

“Oh Kay” Marissa replied picking up her gown and following the other two women through the front door wiggling her ass as she went.

“Are you okay” Gloria asked.

“Me I’m just dandy, can I get you all something to drink?”

“Water would be fine” Janna said.

“Whatever you have” replied Gloria.

Marissa led the two other women into the kitchen, where Janna and Gloria took a seat on the stools at the counter while Marissa poured a Glass of Water for Janna and Two glasses of wine for herself and Gloria. “How are you holding up” she asked as she handed them the drinks.

“It’s terrible” responded Gloria “Isobel misses her sister, and I miss her terribly too.”

“I miss Sara terribly and Jeremy too”

“Isn’t he that poor kid that was always doing work around your house?” Marissa asked.

“Yes he was” Janna responded looking away

“He was quite the looker I wouldn’t have minded if he came and cleaned my pool, or fixed my leaks.” Marissa joked

“He seemed quite nice, very polite and well mannered,” Gloria added

“Yes” Janna said.

“So did your husband and you start after?” Gloria asked Jana who looked suddenly very guilty of something “Oh it’s not your husbands baby?”

“Of course it is” Janna managed not to convincingly.

“Who was it then” Marissa asked, “Does he have a big cock something long and thick to scratch your itch?”

“I’m it was my Husband, and it’s a nice size.”

“Don’t bullshit us” Gloria said word on campus is that your husband is hung like a bic pen, not very long and well not impressive.”

“You can tell us Janna were your friends” Marissa added.

“Well if you must know he is very well endowed, I can barely get him down my throat on the times that I”

“Oh no you have to tell us everything” Marissa said.

“Yes tell” Gloria said.

“Fine if your going to be like that, I mean can’t I keep just one little secret?”

“Its not so little a secret” Marissa said rubbing the Janna’s now slightly swollen belly.

“Okay then but you have to promise me you’ll never tell.”

“You can trust us” Gloria said

“Ditto”-Responded Marissa

“It was Jeremy, It took me months this was while he was still in school of course he would come by and mow the lawn, trim the hedges”

“I wouldn’t mind if he trimmed my hedges” Gloria said.

“Maybe just a little water on mine” Marissa responded spreading her legs and rubbing her fingers over the baby smooth skin between her legs.”

“You two stop or I’m not going to tell the story”

“Why don’t we go out to the pool and catch some sun and chat?” Marissa suggested.

“Sounds good to me” Gloria said.

“You know damn well we didn’t bring suits,” Janna snapped

“It’s a private yard and if your going to be prudish like that you can borrow” Marissa quipped. The two other women followed Marissa to her bedroom where she pulled out a few bathing suits and handed them to Gloria and Janna. Gloria’s was Yellow and wouldn’t have fit her if she had wanted it to, the top was just too small for her generous chest and the patches that were supposed to cover the nipples only did just that her areola’s were almost completely exposed and the bottoms of the bikini appeared to be simply a string that ran between the thick lips of her pussy and up the crack of her ass. Gloria however did not complain she kind of liked the bad fitting suit even it if was a little uncomfortable. Janna’s suit covered her crotch and ass but only just her swollen belly stuck out obscenely from the top of it and her swollen breasts wouldn’t even come close to fitting into the tiny suit, it wouldn’t even tie properly. “Marissa”
“Oh just go topless Janna and stop it a little sun would do you good” she said to the very pale Janna
“I suppose your right” Janna conceded. The three women retreated to the back of the house and found themselves chase loungers on which to recline and chat.

Gloria set down her wine glass and said, “Spill it?”

“Yes all the dirty details” Marissa grinned

“Well it all started on day I asked him to change the oil in my car. Well he was out in the Garage getting all greasy and smelly, so I went inside and fixed some lemonade and got it cooling in the fridge. Don’t get me wrong I’d fantasized about him before. Seeing his sweaty body while he mowed the grass, or when he would help me hang pictures or get things out of the attic. Being around his hard young body was intoxicating. So I was in the kitchen waiting for him to finish and thinking about him, wondering about his cock and how it would feel in my tight little pussy. So I put on my white bikini well it was Sara’s really but since she and I are almost the same size I could squeeze into it. So I go out to the garage and there he is under the car just his legs sticking out and the bulge in his pants it was all I could do not to reach down and squeeze it. So I call him and he crawls out from under the car and sits up and he’s looking up at me his face and hands all covered with grease, and I’m looking down and his face is so close to my throbbing pussy I can barely stand it and I hand him the lemonade and I watch him drink it, I loved the way his shirt just seemed to be painted onto his body and the smell of oil and his musky sweat just drove me wild. He handed the glass back to me after he had finished and crawled back under the car. I had the most wicked thought, and I got down on my knees and set the glass down and opened his pants and pulled out his big hard cock. It was so much bigger than I had imagined and I leaned over and wrapped my lips around it and it was so delicious of course he said things like what the hell and Janna what are you doing but I didn’t care I had that wonderful cock all to myself and I let my tongue do the talking for me. I sucked his juicy balls and then I licked up and down his big hard shaft. I let that big purple head slip between my lips as my hand stroked his shaft.” Janna looked up at her friends “What are you guys doing”
“What it’s a hot story keep going” Marissa said with three fingers buried inside her.

“Yes keep going” said Gloria who was doing much the same but had one hand pulling her nipples.

“I didn’t know this was going to be like this?”

“Oh, well maybe you didn’t know but I found some photos of our girls that would surprise you?”


“Oh Sara with her face buried between Shannon’s legs, and Shannon with her hand stuck all the way inside Tiffany’s twat and the girls sucking each others titties.” Marissa replied

“I don’t believe it?”

“Believe it Shannon went down on me one night when the girls were all having a slumber party. The other girls were in Tiffany’s bedroom and I guess the music was loud and they were doing innocent girl things and I had just come out of the shower. Shannon just walked right into the bathroom and kissed me. She was just wearing a t-shirt and well, she pulled off my towel and started squeezing my breasts.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” Marissa asked?

“I was too shocked to say anything before her sweet lips and tongue were dipping into my honey pot and at that point I didn’t care.”

“I can’t believe it” Janna said

“Oh I can I can surely see what my Shannon sees in Sara just looking at you”

“You’re not suggesting?” Janna said.

“Why not” Gloria asked, “I’m game for a little slit sucking?”

“I mean its bad enough that I cheated with Jeremy and am having his baby?”

“So what’s the harm your story has gotten us all horny anyway” Marissa asked.

“I’m not about to go home to my battery operated boyfriend when I can get a good tonguing here.” Gloria said

“Come on Janna don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it and I know you were checking out Gloria’s Tits earlier.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been with a girl before” Gloria said getting up and untying her top, and peeling off her bottoms.

“It’s not that it’s just” Janna hesitated

“Just what?” Marissa asked as she peeled away Janna’s suit, “your pussy is just as hot and juicy as ours are.”

“Well I mean oh!” Janna exclaimed as Marissa’s tongue touched her hot throbbing clit she unconsciously dropped her hand down to Marissa’s head and clutched at her hair pulling her face between her legs. Gloria leaned over and dangled one of her cigar butt sized nipples in Janna’s face, Janna not caring now took it between her lips and suckled it hard.

Janna soon found her mouth pressed between the thighs of one of her friends, sucking and slurping the viscous fluids while another mouth was busily working on her own hungry swollen slit.

The three friends lay lazily on the grass basking in the glow of their orgasms, their lips and tongues tired and their pussies sated for now. They watched the clouds dancing across the pale blue of the evening sky.

It ain't over yet, and I haven't seen the fat lady so that must mean there is more to cum.

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