I always watched and dreamed about young girls. Finally I got my chance to make my dream come true.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.


The Island trip
by po469

The older I get the more I think about young girls. I am 52 and divorced now and my favorite hobby is looking at the girls in the mall and in the restaurants etc., etc. I really like ones that are in their early teens and have just started to develop. A petite young thing with perky B-cup tits really turns me on. I never acted on my thoughts because of the trouble I could get into but that does not stop me from looking and thinking about their naked bodies and having them suck my cock before I sink it deep up their cunts and drive them wild. I have a good imagination.

A couple months ago I booked a week in a timeshare condo on this small Caribbean island. When I got there it was a great place on the beach at the edge of a small city. The first full day that I was there I went out on my balcony and got my first look at the beach. It did not take me long to get over my shock at seeing that it was a clothing optional beach. I spent that full first day watching the people on the beach. It was a mixture of tourists and locals. Most were nude or at least topless. Many of the ones that I thought were locals were younger females from maybe 10 to 20. Oh ya, almost all of the locals were black and most of the tourists were white. That is mostly what I based my opinions on. Every once in a while I would see a local girl, strike up a conversation with a tourist. Man or woman. Sometimes after a couple of minutes they would leave the beach together. Mostly I saw young black girls leave the beach with white men but I also saw young black girls leave with white females and young black boys leave with both white females and with men. Boy did I get horny. I whacked off three times that day and night gawking at what I saw. The next day I was going to spend at the beach for sure.

That night after supper I decided to walk into town to see what was happening. I walked the several blocks along the beach past the hotels toward the business part of town. Soon I came to a row of newspaper vending machines. A couple were printed in English and I was reading the headlines. About the fourth one I looked at caught my eye because it had a picture on the cover of an attractive young black girl. She looked about 16 and she was nude. She was posed sitting on the ground with her hands covering her crotch but her delectable tits were in full view. The title of the paper was "Island nightlife" and it was in English. The machine took one of their coins that I think was about $1 US. I had one in my pocket so I quickly bought a copy and sat on a bench under a streetlight to look at it.

The paper was mostly ads for local nightclubs with sexy pictures of young ladies and stories about some of the clubs. One of the first ones that I read said, "Do you like hot sexy young girls? Remember that the legal age here on the island is 12. Come to the Club Pussy Cat and see the hottest young girls on the island." My cock immediately told me that I had to go see this club. I flagged down a cab and told him where I wanted to go. "Sure thing sport. I know just where it is. It will cost you $3 US." I got in and paid him. He drove around the corner and down about one block and pulled up in front of a rundown building with a hand-lettered sign over the door that said Club Pussy Cat. I shook my head at having been taken by the driver and stepped out of the cab. The large black man at the door stepped up to me and asked if I liked young girls and told me that this was the best place to see the best ones on the island. He said that there was a $2 cover charge. I paid him and went in.

He followed me and guided me to a small both facing a raised stage. He told me that the next show was about to start and that he would send a waitress over to take my drink order. The lights were dim but I could see that there were around 20 booths around the stage staggered in two rows and most of them had one or two men in them. A few also had a woman. All but one of the females looked black in the very dim light. A very small, very young black girl dressed in a very skimpy outfit walked up to my booth and slid in next to me. "Hi Mister. I'm Tanika. Would you like to take me to my bedroom?" I was shocked but excited about how forward she was. I looked at her in the dim light. I thought she was cute. She was about 4'10" with perky B-cup tits that were mostly showing at the neckline and bottom of her blouse. I guessed that she was about (16). Just the way I pictured my dream girl except that I had never had my thoughts making my dream girl be black. She probably had a waist measurement of about 20 inches and could not have weighed more than about 90 pounds. Like I said I am 52 and 6'1" and weigh 220# so there was a big difference.

"Not right now. I want to watch the show. Thanks honey." " Buy me a drink and I will stay with you till you are ready Mister." Tanika said as she put her little hand on my crotch and gave my erection a squeeze. "You have a very nice cock Mister." I bet I blushed. The waitress was there right away and Tanika said that she would have champagne. I said a rum and coke. Mine was $2 and hers was $5. I paid and a couple minutes later they arrived. I am willing to bet that her $5 champagne was ginger ale but I didn't care. I went to hand the waitress a dollar tip. When I did she bent forward so I could put it between her very exposed tits. When I slid it in between them she wiggled her chest back and forth gave me a big smile and thanked me.

As we took the first sips of our drinks the stage lights come up a little and a tall thin black girl of maybe about 17 came on stage. She was wearing a long black dress that was split way up on the sides. Slow music started playing and she started dancing. Tanika was rubbing her hand up and down my cock. I was afraid that I was going to come in my pants so I stopped her movement but left her hand on my cock. She gave it a little squeeze and it jumped under her hand. Tanika leaned over and said that if I wanted the dancer to take something off I should put a dollar on the stage. Off came the long gloves that she was wearing. As she danced more dollars, as well as their local money, were tossed up on the stage and each time she would take something more off till she only had her spike heel shoes on. She was about 5'10" tall and skinny as a twig with hardly any difference in size between her chest, waist and hips. It was like the old joke about a perfect 36 being 12 - 12 - 12. Then the music stopped and the large black man that had let me into the club came on stage. She walked over to him and slowly undressed him. Soon he was standing there naked with a limp cock that must have been 7 inches. The bar tender said loudly, for all to hear, that if everyone would throw $5 on the stage she would suck him off. Just about everyone did and the music started again and the dancer dropped to her knees in front of the huge black male. She reached out and stroked his cock and kissed the head of it. We all watched it grow to a massive 9-inch club. The dancer opened her mouth and slipped the huge head in to her red painted lips. She stroked his shaft and put her mouth further onto his tool. Then in one movement she pushed forward till her nose was in his pubic hair and his giant cock slid down her throat. He bent his head back and moaned. She pulled it out to where only the head was still in her mouth and then pushed all the way back again. She bobbed up and down on him like this for several minutes till he started to groan loudly. Then she took it out of her mouth and stroked it rapidly, aiming it at her face till he came with a massing orgasm and shot a huge load of snow white cum all over her black face and tits. He reached down and scooped two large fingers full off her chest and fed the cum to her waiting mouth where she sucked the cum covered fingers like she had sucked his cock. She then went around the stage collecting bills from the men at the edge. Each time she took one she would place it in the cum that covered her where it stuck like wall paper. Then she was gone and everyone cheered.

Tanika rubbed my cock again and softly asked me if I was ready to go to her bedroom yet. I was more than ready and told her yes. She looked over at the bar tender and he came to the booth. He said that I could go with Tanika for a half of an hour and she would do anything that I wanted for $20 US. I took out my money and paid him. Tanika took my hand and put it under her skirt and rubbed it on her crotch so I could feel how wet she had gotten her panties. She slid out of the booth and took my hand as I slid out and she lead me to a hallway the had many doors off of it.

She passed several doors and then opened one and told me that this was her room and pulled me in. Inside was a queen bed and night stand and one dresser and a sink. It was neatly kept. Tanika started to remove her clothes and I helped her. Then she hopped on the bed and spread her legs and said, "Fuck me good, Mister. Do you want a rubber?" I told her that I did not. Then I told her that we had plenty of time and that I wanted to talk a little first. I asked her how old she was and she said that she had turned (16) about two months ago. I asked how long she had been doing this and she told me that on her twelfth birthday her mother had gotten her this job and the next day she had moved here. The man that fucked me first, the day after I got here, paid $100 and gave me a $20 tip. She said that it was nice to have her own room and some sexy clothes. At home she shared a run down two-room house with her parents and five brothers and sisters. She was the oldest so the first to get to come here to the club. She had a smile on her face as she spoke about it. She said that after the first man took her cherry, for the first month the man who owned the club spent a lot of time with her teaching her how to fuck and suck Misters and to speak good English. After her training she had been with 10 Misters before me.

I want you to fuck me good now Mister. She reached over and unbuckled my belt and started to undress me. I was in heaven. I was about to fuck a cute petite (16)-year-old girl without having to worry about getting in trouble for doing it. As she pulled down my under pants, letting my rock hard 6 inch erection spring out, I knew I was about to get what I had been hoping for such a long time but not daring to try to really get. Tanika told me that I had a very nice cock and that she wanted it in her real bad. She lay back and spread her legs and with her little hands pulled her ebony pussy lips apart exposing her wonderful pink insides. This squeezed her small but well formed chocolate tits together and I could not resist reaching down and kneading them. They were so nice and firm and just a perfect handful. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and they grew large and hard. I couldn't help but moan with my own pleasure. "Not yet." I told her "I want you to suck my cock like the dancer did on stage." She did not look happy but bounced up onto her hands and knees in front of me and put my cock head in her mouth and sucked on it. She slid about 2 inches in and out of her mouth but that did not satisfy me. I put my hands behind her head and pulled her to me till my cock touched the back of her throat. She gagged a little but did not pull away. I got a good rhythm going and after a couple minutes of fucking her head on my cock I pulled her firmly to me and shoved my shaft down her throat and held her there till she ran out of air and pushed at my hips to get herself off my cock. She gasped and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I smiled at her and told her what a good job she had done and that I was ready to fuck her pussy now. She smiled and quickly jumped back on her back with her legs pulled up and apart. I looked at her tiny body and her cute shaved, or still naturally bare, pussy and knew it was time for me to get what I had been wanting for so long, a pre-teen fuck toy. I could see that her crack was soaking wet. "Spread your cunt open for me Tanika." She did as I told her and I got between her legs and put the tip of my cock to the opening of her cunt. For just a moment I rubbed my cock head on her clit and she gasped. Then with one shove I buried myself deep in her hot, tight little girl pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, slamming myself balls deep into her with every stroke. I was ready to come much sooner than I wanted to be. I wanted to do this all night. As I felt my balls tighten and tingle I pulled out of her cunt and moved up next to her head and told her to suck me some more. She hesitated but I grabbed her hair and pulled her to my cock. She opened her mouth and I fucked it like it was her cunt. After a few strokes I filled her mouth with more cum than I had made in the last several months combined. I held her on my cock and told her to swallow my cum. After a short time she saw that she had no choice and swallowed my load of hot salty sticky cum. I took my cock out and held her to me and told her what a great job she had done and that I thought she was a wonderful girl. She smiled and said "Thank you Mister, I like it very much. You are the best fucker ever." but I could tell that she was happy it was over. There was a knock at the door and the bar tender said my time was up. Tanika said what she was trained to say. "Mister, we can have some more time if you want. Pay another $10 and you can watch my mother eat your cum out of my cunt."

I had not come in her pussy but I agreed and went to the door and gave the bar tender another $10. He opened the door wider and in came an older woman. She was a little heavy and saggy. She looked 40 but was probably 30. I was sure that it was not really Tanika's mother but it didn't matter. She was already naked and went straight to the bed without saying a word. Tanika got on the bed and put her legs on either side of the woman's head and lowered her girl cum filled pussy to the woman's face. It was only Tanika's cum and a little of my pre-cum as I had come in her mouth. The new woman started licking and sucking on Tanika's cunt and after a couple of minutes something I had not expected happened. Tanika raised up a little and rapidly rubbed her clit. Then she let out a scream as she had a hard orgasm and sprayed the woman's open mouth and face with streams of her girl cum. Tanika was a squirter. The first I had ever been with. The woman swallowed what was in her mouth and went to the sink and washed off what was all over her face and left. She had never said a word. I guess that this is the job that is left for the girls when they get older. We got dressed and Tanika asked me if I would come back and do it again with her. I told her that I would think about it. I gave her another $10 and told her not to tell the bar tender, that it was just for her. She smiled and got up on her tiptoes and gave me a little kiss and a big smile. We walked out and I started to leave when the bar tender said that he wanted to talk to me. I sat at the bar and he gave me another drink. "On the house. Did you like Tanika?" I said very much and that I might be back for more.

"How would you like to take her home with you to be your house keeper and sex slave? For $10,000 I can get her to St. Thomas where you can buy her a ticket and take her home because she would already be in the US with all the right papers. Think about it. She is a very nice girl and a great piece of ass. She would like to be your little girl and fuck toy." I told him that I would consider it and went out to catch a cab back to the condo, as it was late. It was the same cab driver and he asked, "Did you enjoy the club sport?" I told him that I did very much and we went back to my resort. I got to my room at about 1am and went to sleep with wonderful thoughts on my mind.

I woke at about 9 o'clock with a raging hard on. The bright sun was shinning in my window and I went over and looked out the sliding glass doors at the people on the beach. It wasn't very full yet but most were tourists walking the beach nude. Some had great bodies and others should have put their clothes back on. I stood in front of the closed doors and watched the people and the beach. This was sure a lot different than my small town home in upstate New York. I thought of the night before as I watched the day arrive and I masturbated. Soon I felt a tingle in my balls and picked up the pace. I shot my wad all over the sliding glass doors. I watched it slowly run down the glass making sticky translucent trails to the floor. I went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth and cleaned up my mess. I made a decision.

The bar tender had given me a card with his name and the club phone number on it. I looked at it and thought. Tanika was legal here but back in the states I could get in a lot of trouble for bringing her in, not to mention the penalty for fucking with an underage girl. I decided to go for it. I called my bank and told them to wire me $10,000. Then I called the number on the card and asked what we had to do for me to take Tanika home with me. The bar tender told me to come to the club right after lunch, before it opened. I arrived at the club at about one. I walked and almost chickened out a couple of times along the way. When I entered the bar the bar tender was there as was one other man who was introduced as the owner of the club. We shook hands and he told me to sit down and he had the bar tender bring us drinks. The owner said, "Tanika is one of our prettiest girls and you have made a wonderful choice. She has only been with us a short time so she is tight and fresh. But you know that. She is very willing and was trained very well by myself. You will have many years of great use of her." I asked what we needed to do now and was told that I was to give him the $10,000 and he would see that she would be at the St. Thomas airport with the proper paperwork when I left. I told him that the money was on it's way but I did not feel comfortable giving it to him up front. We agreed that I would give him $1,000 now and the rest at the St. Thomas airport. I gave him the money as I had that much with me and he told the bar tender to get Tanika. They came out from the back. Tanika had on the same clothes as when I first saw her the night before. The owner told her that I was her new Mister and that I was taking her to the United States. She dropped the bag that she was carrying and ran over and gave me a big hug. Thank you Mister. I love you. She came up to about my armpits so it was easy to bend over and give her a little kiss on top of the head. I told her that she should call me Nick. She looked up in my eyes. "I love you Mister Nick." I laughed and hugged her. the bar tender told me that everything she owned was in her bag and that I could take her with me now.

We left the club with her walking one step behind me. We went about a block down the street to a little restaurant. I told Tanika that she could order anything that she wanted. She ordered for both of us as our waitress did not speak any English. Tanika eat every bite of her meal and finished before I did. I paid and we walked to the resort. Again she followed one step behind me. As we went past the front desk the staff smiled and said hello. After I shut my condo door behind us Tanika looked around and then said that she had never seen anything so beautiful. She asked if it was all mine. I told her that it was mine to use while I was there and that my house was even bigger but maybe not as fancy. I told her to come to me and I picked her up and kissed her on the mouth for the first time. As I put her back down she reached for my belt and started to take my pants off. As they and my underpants hit the floor I stepped out of them. She was already on her knees putting my cock in her mouth. It only took her a few seconds to get me hard. I told her to take all of my cock into her mouth. She got about half of it in and started bobbing up and down on it. After a few strokes I put my hands behind her head and pulled her fully onto my stiffened shaft. She gagged a little but it went down her throat. "You need to do that without my help." I told her. She nodded but could not talk with my cock buried balls deep in her mouth. I held her and fucked her face. She knew now how I wanted it and was able to take a gasp of air each time only my cock head was in her mouth. Soon I was ready to come. I told her to take a deep breath and then I held her tight to me as I shot my load straight down her throat. I could feel her neck muscles tighten around my shaft as she tried to swallow and that just helped to milk the cum form deep in my balls. When I was drained I pulled out and she gasped for air. I stroked her hair and told her how great of a job she had done. "Thank you Mister Nick. I am happy you are happy."

We rested for an hour or so and then put beach towels around us and headed for the shore. We put our towels on the beach and walked nude down the beach. There were several other black and white couples on the beach so we did not draw much attention. I remember seeing one couple in particular. It was a white woman probably in her 50's with a black boy in his mid teens. He had a soft cock hanging down that must have been 10 inches soft. She had her hand on his ass as they walked towards one of the resorts. I put my arm around Tanika's shoulders and every once in a while would reach down and fondle one of her breasts. Holding her hand I turned and led her into the water. I asked her if she could swim and she said that she could. We splashed around in the warm calm clear water. The water was up to her shoulders but only to the bottom of my chest. I turned her so her back was to my chest and put my hands under her armpits and threw her up and out as far as I could. She swam back and used my cock as a handle to pull herself the last foot or so to me. We did this several times, laughing and enjoying ourselves. The next time I picked her up I did not throw her but held her with her head at the same level as mine. I kissed her neck and she moaned. Her legs floated out in front of her and I eased her down to my waiting cock. When she realized what I was doing she reached down and lined me up to her opening. I let her down more, impaling her on my fuck stick. I walked out so just her head was above water. Then I lifted her up and pushed her down time after time bouncing her fully on to me. A few people on shore watched as her head popped up and down just above the water. Shortly after I came, my cum floated up to the surface. She giggled when she saw it and scooped some of it up and slurped it down.

That evening, after supper, we went back to the condo and stripped again. The whole rest of that trip we never wore clothes in the condo or on the beach. I was remembering when I saw her squirt as she came on the other woman's face. I decided I wanted to try that to see what it is like. I lay Tanika on the bed and started sucking on her tits. Her nipples got big and hard and she moaned. I bet I could make her come just by doing that but I had other plans. I worked my way down her little flat stomach to her pussy and slid my tongue between her folds. She jumped as my tongue found her clit. I licked her and stuck my tongue up her hot twat for several minutes till she was rolling her head back and forth yelling in her native language. I rolled over and set her on my face. I opened my mouth wide and sucked hard on her opening while licking the inside as deep as I could. Soon she yelled and shook hard and sprayed her cum into my mouth. She gave me more than a mouthful and some of it leaked down my cheeks onto the mattress. She collapsed onto the bed and I swallowed all of her nectar. It was thin and slightly sweet as well as slightly salty. I could tell that occasionally I may want to do this again. Tanika was still half passed out when I rolled over between her legs and easily drove myself deep into her. I pumped for several minutes and told her I was ready to come. Tanika squirmed out from under me and turned and put my cock in her mouth and sucked my seed from my shaft. She was learning that every time I came, no mater how I was fucking her, I wanted to come in her mouth. It was not that I was afraid to get her pregnant but just that that is how I like it most. After I was empty and limp we cuddled up and went to sleep.

The last couple days of the trip went pretty much the same. The morning of the last day I took her back to the club and met with the owner. He asked how I was enjoying her and I said that she was great. He asked for the rest of his money and I said that I would not give it to him till we were in St. Thomas. I grabbed a cab to the airport and took the short flight to St. Thomas where I would catch my primary flight home. I hoped the club owner would show up with Tanika and not just keep my $1,000 because I was gone. If that happened there would be nothing I could do but it would have been worth the money just for what I had during the last few days. I had finally gotten to act out on what I thought was just a fantasy of fucking a very young girl. I went down to the dock near the airport where I was to meet them and shortly after I got there a boat pulled up and Tanika jumped off and gave me a big hug. The club owner followed just behind her. We said our greetings and he gave me the paperwork showing that she lived in the US and also gave me the web site where I could get her birth control pills. I gave him the rest of his money and he laughed and told me not to wear her out too quickly. We went into town where I bought her some regular street type clothes for the trip. Tanika held onto me much of the time. You could tell that she was excited but also a little nervous. So was I because when we got home I would be breaking a lot of laws. We went to the airport and soon boarded the plane. Of course she had never been on a plane. She asked if she could have the window seat and I let her. She squeezed my arm very tight as we took off, and again when we landed. In between, she never looked away for the window. She did reach over during the flight and put her hand on my crotch but I had to move it away and tell her not to do that in public.

After landing we picked up my car and drove the hour and a half to my home. On the way I told her that she could touch my fun parts and she gently rubbed my cock and balls as she looked out the window at the new sights. She had never seen any place that did not have palm trees and the trace of snow on the ground was a thrill to her. We had to stop so she could touch it. It was probably all that she would see till next winter as spring was just starting. We arrived at the house. I opened the garage door with the opener and drove in. When we entered the house Tanika ran from room to room looking all around. "Is this all yours?" she asked. I told her that now it was all ours. I bought the house with what I had left after my divorce. It is an 1800 sq ft three bedroom ranch on 5 acres so I was not worried about our privacy. It has a very large master bedroom with a master bath that has an oversized spa tub and a walk-in shower that will easily hold six people and it has. When Tanika stopped checking everything out, she calmed down and came back to me. "This must be heaven" she said. I told her to take her clothes off and she quickly started to. "When we are home alone you are never to wear any clothes unless I tell you to." "Yes Mister Nick." Tanika replied. After she was naked she started to undress me. I let her finish and then I took her by the hand and led her to the king sized bed in the master. She jumped on the bed and rolled back and forth giggling as she did. I got on my knees on the bed and she came to me and promptly swallowed my cock. She was learning what I like and how to do it the way I like it. She sucked me till I filled her mouth. She showed me her mouth full of my cum and then swallowed it. For the next week we fucked like mink. Every chance we got and every way we could think of. Every time, I came in her mouth. I spent as little time as I could at work. She never left the house that week and never had any clothes on. When I was at work she would clean the house and watch television, which she had only seen at the resort condo before. I got some porno DVDs to show her. I especially picked some that showed anal to get her ready for me to fuck her ass for the first time. One night I got out the KY and put a little on my cock head and rubbed some on her butt hole. She knew what was coming and had seen women on the DVDs enjoying it but she was nervous. I put her on her knees with her head down on the bed and got between her legs. I put one finger to her tight rose bud and worked it in. "Oh, that feels funny." I worked two of my finger in her bum for a minute then took them out and replaced them with my cock. I gently pushed till the tip of my cock just entered her and stopped and rubbed her back and told her how wonderful she was. I pushed a little harder and felt her being opened up. "Ouch, that hurts." she said. I told her that it would hurt a little the first few times but she would come to enjoy it like the girls in the movies. Then I pushed further into her ass. She fell flat on the bed and I went with her, driving my cock the rest of the way into her tight ass. She yelled in pain but I did not stop. I started pumping my erection in and out of her backside. She cried but I kept it going. Soon she stopped crying and started pushing back onto my cock. I added a little more KY to keep us from getting raw and started to pound away in her ass as hard as I do in her pussy. She was starting to enjoy it and I could tell that I would be able to make her come by fucking her ass. But I was going to finish before I got her off. As I was ready to come I pulled out and took her by the hair and pulled her face to my cock. She pulled back but I told her sharply to suck my cock and she could tell from the tone of my voice that she had no choice. She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in and came almost immediately. I kept pumping till I had pumped all of my seed into her mouth. After we were done she told me that she did not like that and asked me to come in her ass the next time. I told her that she would do me any way I wanted her to and that I did not want to hear her complain again. We went to sleep but she did not cuddle that night.

Several days later I couldn't keep my secret any more and told a couple of my guy friends at work about my trip and Tanika. They were shocked but I could see the bulges in their pants. A couple days later I invited them over for some "poker and poke her" as I put it. That night after work I walked into the house with Bill and Jack. Tanika was in the other room and when she heard me come in she ran to meet me as she always did and she was naked as she always was. When she saw that I had other people with me she stopped dead in her tracks, put her arms over her private parts and ran down the hall. "Tanika, come here." I called. She slowly came back into the room with a bath towel in front of her. "Drop the towel and put your hands down and say hello to Bill and Jack. They are going to be your friends too. Tanika did as she was told. Hello Mister Bill and Mister Jack. I told her that we were going to play cards and told her to sit on the couch while we did. Bill and Jack looked at her and at me and Bill said, "You lucky SOB, she is just as good as you said. You say that she is only 12 ?" Yep, I said and we sat at the table in the family room to play. After a few minutes I told Tanika to get us a drink. She got up and went to the kitchen. The guys could not take their eyes off of her. I could have looked at their cards and they would not have known. Tanika came back with rum and cokes and served us. Bill and Jack each rubbed their hands on her ass as she did and she smiled at them and went back to the couch and sat with her legs folded. Bill and Jack are both about 30 and look a lot alike. Both are about 6 feet tall with brown hair and pretty good builds. After a couple more hands of poker I said to Tanika, "Tanika, you are so sexy that I bet all of our cocks are hurting. Why don't you get under the table and suck us all off?" "Yes Mister Nick" was her reply as she dropped under the table. "Do me last." I told her. "Guys, take 'em out." Then came the sound of three zippers. We kept playing but every little bit you would hear her head hit the bottom of the table as she bobbed up and down on a cock. She did Bill first. When he came he put his cards down and closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his cum was sucked out of his cock. Then she moved over to Jack and repeated the process. When Jack came he started flexing his hips into her sucking mouth and almost knocked the table over. Last it was my turn. Tanika's first move was to swallow my cock to the balls and hold it down her throat for almost a minute while licking the underside with her tongue. Finally she came up for air and then repeated what she had done. It was the best she had ever sucked me and she got me off in record time and never lost a drop. She went back to the couch and waited.

I gave us a few minutes to recover and then asked who wanted to go to the bedroom for some more fun. Everyone got up and Tanika and I led the way. When we entered the room I pulled the blanket off of the bed and Tanika hopped up on it. "I want you guys to see something great." I went to the night stand and gave Tanika a vibrating dildo from it and told her to make herself come. She took it from me and turned it on. First she sucked it to get it wet and then rubbed it on her clit. Her body jumped at first touch. She ran it up and down her slit a few times and then sucked it again before shoving up into herself. She pumped it into her pussy at a rapid pace while rubbing her clit with her other hand. She started bouncing her hips up and down and rolling her head back and forth and moaning. Then she pulled the dildo out and started rubbing and slapping her clit hard. Her cunt exploded sending huge squirts of her cum flying over a foot in every direction. Tanika put the vibrator back in her pussy and pumped herself slowly and she came down from the hard orgasm that she had just given herself. We had all removed our clothes as we watched and were hard again and stroking ourselves. I could see that Bill was the biggest of us being maybe about an inch longer than me and Jack was about the same as me. Tanika got up and pulled the soaked sheet off of the bed and threw another one from the closet over it. I told Bill to lay on his back on the bed. When he did Tanika climbed on top facing him and dropped her cunt down onto his cock. I motioned to Jack and he climbed in front of her to get sucked again. They both started fucking her. Jack was in heaven when Tanika's first move was to swallow him to the balls. She sure had learned well and fast. As they pumped into her I put some KY on my fingers and moved behind her and worked two fingers into her ass. Then I told everyone to stop for a minute and I climbed behind her and pushed my cock up her ass. Now instead of yelling in pain she let out a loud "OH !" and pushed back. "OK, everyone back at it." was my command. Jack came first and shot his load down her throat then got off the bed to watch the action. I was next and as I felt that I was ready I pulled out and went to her face so she could finish me with her mouth. She sucked my cock that had just come out of her shit hole without question and I filled her mouth with my cum. She showed it to me before swallowing it. Bill was ready to come and she felt him getting ready and started to get off him to suck him to a finish. "Don't stop. I want to fill your pussy with my cum." Tanika looked at me and I nodded yes. She dropped herself back onto Bill's shaft and rode him like he was a bucking bronco. Bill yelled and slammed into her and filled her with his sperm. Tanika came at the same time and soaked Bill's privates with a load of her cum and his that she washed out onto him. After they calmed down we all got up and shared the big shower, cleaning ourselves up. In the shower Tanika gave us each one last little suck to make sure that our cocks were completely clean. We all dressed and the guys told Tanika what a wonderful young girl she was and thanked her for the best fucking they had had in a long time. I think they really meant it. Then they left and we went to bed. It was the first time Tanika had been with more than one man and I told her how good she was and that I was very happy with her. She said, "Thank you Mister Nick. I liked it too. I hope I did just what you wanted." The next day at work both Bill and Jack told me that they never dreamed that a 12-year-old girl could be such a great fuck.

One night about a week later I came home from work planning to tell Tanika that I had invited some more friends over, the next night. I walked into the house and saw that it was a total mess. There were chairs tipped over and beer bottles and caps all over the place. Then I saw that there were cum puddles on the kitchen table and the couch had a big cum spot on it. I went into the master bedroom. The middle of the bed was deeply soaked with a huge amount of Tanika's girl cum and there were several puddles of male cum near it. I looked in the master bedroom and on the mirror, in lipstick, was a message that said, "Thank you Mister Nick. I will always love you. Goodbye." I never saw Tanika again.

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