Lying here in my bed, I am brought back to reality by someone approaching.
‘What the fuck’, its 3:00 AM in the morning ... who would be coming all the way down here at this time of day. I listen to the footsteps; I don’t recognize those ghostly movements. This stranger is at my bedroom door. I cannot see; it is pitch - black. I hear the switch click but there is no light; it burnt out and I have not replaced it.
“Johnnie, you in here?” .....................
“Yes.” .............. Karen, my older sister.
“How come the light doesn’t work bro?”
“It burnt out and I never changed it. .... Come in if you like.”
I hear moving feet so I put my hand out to touch her when she is close to the bed ...I don’t want her stubbing her toe on the box spring ... I have no legs on my bed. Karen nears and my hand touches her dress, she stops. Karen reaches down and takes my hand. I guide her to the bed, a couple of feet away, Karen sits on the bed. I have already pulled back the bed covers. I sleep in the nude usually, tonight though I am in my boxers.
“Jeez; it’s cold down here Johnnie.”
“Flip you legs up and I’ll throw the covers over them.”
Karen moves her legs onto the bed. I cover her completely, from head to toe. She pushes the covers off her head with a giggle; you little shit.” ... she calls me. I have slipped my arm under her pillow and bring my arm under her neck and around her; holding her shoulders. I pull Karen close to me with a huge hug.
“I love you sis.”
“I love you too Johnnie.”
I pull Karen’ lower body toward me; I feel her legs; her feet are freezing cold.
“Brrrrrrrrrrr .... Jesus sis, you’re freezing.”..... With that I pull her legs tight to my legs, hooking one leg over hers to warm her legs and feet. My bare legs are contacting Karen’s bare calves’ and feet.
It does get cool in the basement.
Karen has her arms tucked in between us. I’m holding her body tight to mine; she seems comfy. We cuddle for maybe ten minutes, maybe more. I never noticed. What I did notice was my cock getting hard. I lay with my sister, holding her tight, warming her, my lust growing for her.
Karen and I talked a bit, about nothing in particular. Karen had come to see how I was doing, the concerned sister routine spurred on by booze. Eventually the conversation petered out.
I love Karen. I call Karen my older sister, but actually I am older than her, she is second to me in age; Karen just acts very responsible all the time. Karen would be 36.
She wore a knee length dress, not tight to her form, the kind middle aged women wear. Her dress afforded me a cushion of clothing; as her dress bunched up in front of her; hiding my hard cock.
Karen had been drinking. I too had been drinking but not to the extent that she had been. Karen fell asleep in my arms. I hold her close during her sleep, and I am hard all this time. I wanted to cum on her dress but refrained because it would have left a mess on her dress.
I slowly and gently moved my hard cock against her dress covered body. I moved about until I could feel myself rubbing her bone. Karen slept while her brother slowly dry fucked her belly; gathering sexual momentum.
Moving my hand from behind the small of her back to her hem, I move that hand under her dress past her hips to the small of her back; and lay it to rest on her bare skin above her panty line. I touch my sister’ body as she sleeps in my arms. Caressing her lovely back, her spine, her waist; and finally I caress her cheeks. I walk my fingers thru her geography enjoying her smooth skin.
Karen wore a pair of panties with a waist band but no elastic band where her legs entered her panties. Karen' panties lay high up on her cheeks; they are lacy. Holding Karen tight to me and on her side; affords me the opportunity to slide her panties off her bottom on one side. Her hip resting on the mattress prevents me from moving that side of her panties off her ass. I rolled back pulling her slightly on to me; lifting Karen’ hip off the mattress; down her body went those sleek panties all the way to her knees. Karen never made any protest of my taking her panties off. I raised my foot to hook her panties with my toe; sliding those sexy panties of hers past her knees; down her calves to her feet. With one final push, over her ankles and past her feet, her panties are mine. Letting Karen lay on her side on the mattress again, I reach down with my hand and pull those panties to my nose. God she smells clean. Karen’s panties cover my face; breathing through her panties; what an erotic moment. I am in love with her.
..... Inhaling air thru her panties. Again and again I smell her panties; the light scent of her womanhood; the exciting feel of her panties on my face. The unbelievabe euphoria that goes with knowing who's panties these are; what a rush.
My beautiful middle aged sister’ bum is naked under the sheets in my bed. Holding Karen, I run my hand over her bare bum, touching this exceptional woman' bum for the first time. I move myself away from her; giving my hand greater mobility in my exploration of Karen’s bare bum. I slid my fingers along her bum crack, such an intimate thing to do to this woman. Gently touching her ass; I feel up my sister’s naked ass, feeling the gentle curves of her fit body. My sister has no fat, just like mom I thought.
My roaming hand found the top of her crack again; sliding along this smooth curved pathway. My hand moves past her bum hole, finding her most treasured place. Moving between her thighs from the rear; my hand is covering my sister’s pussy. So soft, so smooth, not wet or sticky, my fingers glide about her, soaking up the feel of her sex.
Pulling Karen’ leg up and over my leg, giving my fingers easy access to her. In my finger goes, entering my sleeping sisters cunt. So warm, so soft, such a sexy thing to do. I love the violation. Keeping my finger inside my sister; not moving it, I want to cherish this moment of violating her.
I remain motionless for minutes, my finger feeling her pulse, feeling the tightness of her opening around my finger.
Karen snores, not load, but in a cute female way. I am holding her tight; I am loving my sister; and I have my finger in her pussy. I am so horny I hurt; I keep dry fuckng Karens stomach, I know I've leaked pre-cum onto her dress. I can't help it, she feels so good.
Letting Karen roll onto her back, I move her right leg outward as I pull away. She comes to rest on her back with her legs open. My right hand makes its way to her naked pussy, travelling under her dress and lifting it up to her waist. I feel Karen’s bare leg against mine.
Karen lay’s on her back; legs open some, my right hand rubbing her pussy. Moving my fingers about her body, feeling everything Karen’ processes between her legs. Slipping a finger into her opening; wetting the tip of my finger. I feel her lips; both sides, inside and outside, clit to her bottom; not missing one square cm... Returning to the opening of her vagina; I slip in a finger, out slips that finger; she is so warm, she is tighter than I expect.
I move two fingers into her. “Oh yes” ... I say to myself.
I felt Karen up for several minutes; finger fucking my drunken sleeping sister. I marvelled at the feeling of fingering her hole. What a wonder a woman’s vagina is.
Several times I taste Karen, placing my fingers in my mouth.
I pull my arm out from under Karen’s neck; pushing myself upward; I position myself above Karen’s body; between her legs.
I’ve slipped my boxers off.
I press the head of my cock against the opening to her vagina; stopping; enjoying this feeling. I move, pressing slightly inward, enveloping my cock head with-in her lips; moving slowly; churning like a swizzle stick; going round and round and round. Slowly, I gain access to Karen’ pussy; the head is in. Rimming my sister’s cunt; using my cock head. .... feeling her muscle restraining me, I hold, stopping myself from entering her. I love the pressure of her opening as it holds my cock head.
Karen still sleeps. I move forward to kiss her mouth ... sliding in-ward.... the warmth of Karen’s cunt ... God, she feels so good.
I kiss Karen as my cock makes its way inside my lovely sister. Sliding inward, cherishing every blessed moment of my taking her. Inch by inch I discover Karen.
Karen sleeps, but her snoring has stopped; my cock is inside her.
God blessed me with an 8 ½ inch thin cock. I fill my lovely sister Karen with my slendid cock; I feel her deep; gently I massage her with my cock. ............................. She stirs. ............................... I continue fucking my sister; my cock head finds bottom near her cervix.
Karen suddenly stirs, and wakens.
“Oh ........ Oh honey, that feels so good. ................. Oh, Ed I love you.”
.................... One shallow stroke; a second shallow stroke; a third shallow stroke; and Karen moans. .......................’’ Oh that feels so good.’’
Up on my hands, Karen feels a cock inside her, and except for our legs, our body’s barely touch.
Again, I deliver my cock in shallow stokes; my drunken sister responds.
... ... ... ...
... I pull back, then slide the full length of my splendid cock it Karen.
.......... [I hear a gasp]........
“OH! ....... JOHNNIE..... JOHNNIE ...GOD NO! ...Johnnie stop ...... please stop.”
Sis pushes against me but to no avail.
She’s pinned. I push her face roughly to the right.
I ram my cock deep into her cunt ...pushing roughly against her. I feel her response. She cries out with pleasure..... I’m sure.... in a muffled moan.
I find her mouth and force two fingers into her mouth.......
“God your cunt feels good .... Best cunt I’ve fucked in a long time.”
Karen tries to move her head but I hold her head firmly pushed to the right. She pushes hard with her entire body against me; I am bigger, stronger, and driven.
I fall silent.....holding my struggling sister Karen. In half a minute her strength wanes. Johnnie’s splendid cock nestles against Karen’s cervix. Her struggles create motion adding to my lust, and hers.
I am hard as hell and in complete control of myself. I move ever so slowly, touching Karen deep in her womb. I feel the unmistakable motion of a woman’s hips when aroused. Her body betrays her mind; the animal within my sister yearns for my splendid cock to fuck her.
I piston in and out of her like this was my last fuck. I pump her cunt like a mad man. She feels my cock driving into her; it’s more like rape than fucking; it’s so hot to get a reaction from her hips... I pound on my sister Karen. Pushing and grinding against her pubic bone and her crotch.
I stop; with my cock buried deep in her, I sense her need is strong. I tease her by not moving.
... ... ...
Teasing Karen; her hips move sporadically; and with each thrust driving her bum against the mattress; she reacts. Karen hungers for my cock; she responds with quick, jerky, fucking motions.
I move my finger in her mouth, fingering her mouth.
.... ... ...
Whispering....... “Let's have some fun sis.”...... I push my finger deep into her mouth; “Suck on my finger, don’t make any noise or I’ll ruin your marriage.”.............
Karen lets out a small noise. I wait....... “Suck.”........ Slowly Karen sucks on my finger.
“That’s a good girl.” .... I whisper.
My cock is so hard it is stretched to the max, and it aches.
“Open your legs wide sis.” Karen does nothing. I pull back part way; ram my cock deep into my reluctant sister. She jumps.
“Open your legs wide sis.” Karen does nothing, I pull back part way. Karen’s legs move apart.
“Wider.”.... I whisper into her covered ear.
“ N oo ..... ... e “ .... She says, with my finger in her mouth.
Whispering; “If Ed comes in here Karen I will tell him we have been fucking and this is not the first time.” ... “Spread your legs wider, I want a good fuck from you.”
Another inaudible whimper from my middle aged, good looking sister.
Karen pushes my finger from her mouth; whispering, “Please John, let me go, I won’t say anything.”
I look at the clock-radio: Whispering, “Five minutes Karen; I want five minutes with you. Or so help me God I will destroy your life.”
Fortunately the basement is cool so we do not sweat. ... I move off Karen and reposition myself, leaving only a sheet and one blanket on us with room for her legs to be displayed outside of the cover.
I move on top of Karen; who has not tried to get up; and I take her. One thrust; deep, Karen jumps some, but makes no noise. With her legs spread wide I have freedom to fuck her cunt to my satisfaction. Karen will thank me later, they all do; well, almost all.
Long; smooth, and penetrating strokes; going deep each thrust, staying in a few seconds, touching her deep; withdrawing nearly the full length of my 8 plus inches. Piston stroke after piston stroke until I know she can no longer help herself. My sister’s barriers have crumbled; Karen is going to cum all over my splendid cock. Her legs lock around me; her mouth seeks mine; her kisses wet, sexy, and sloppy. She is frantic now, her hips fucking.
Whispering; “Suck on my finger, it will keep you quiet.”
Karen pulls my finger into her mouth, and sucks my finger, pulling it deep into her mouth. While her hungry belly ravishes my cock; her spasms are almost like a mouth about my cock; and she never utteres a word. I want more from her.
Karen’s orgasm stops.
I whisper: “One more time honey."
Karen starts to whisper something when I slide my cock into her up to the hilt. Karen gasps; I move slowly in her, hot, hot, box. Karen comes right away; she’s so sensitive.
I slowly fuck her; moving in deep; toying with her sex drive. I ask for more, she gives right away; and cums. Her orgasm is quiet, yet intense. Each time Karen cums her body shakes while she inhales in short indiscernible gasps. I love her little gasps, so sweet and yet so telling.
I feel Karen move her legs outside the sheet, and point her toes toward the ceiling. Her legs spread into a beautiful wide “V”, hands holding her legs; just as I had asked her too. She is so fucking hot with her legs up and open, I am in heaven, all the way.
Burried deep in her, driving Karen harder and harder; I'm bursting to explode inside her. I feel Karen's legs wrap around me, squeezing my hips, controlling my penetration; holding me tight; we move as one.
Karen' hands take hold of my face, I feel a passionate kiss, she engulfs my mouth with her lips.
My cock erupts inside my sister; Karen' body goes ridgid; after that it is mostly a blurr. My euphoria is centred on the sex between me and my sister. I cum, an cum, and cum; and I feel Karen' orgasm.
..... .......
I lay on Karen for a minute or so; rolling off her to her right side.
" I love you Karen."
....... .........
Karen rolls toward me: "John, you forced me." ...... [ she pauses ]
Karen takes my face in her hands, she kisses me lightly on the cheek.
"Johnnie, ........ ." .... [ she pauses ]
"You will be very careful around me; do not to let this night draw suspicion to us."
"I love you John, don't ever force me again. That being said, I have tasted you and it was good."
I'll want it again, with discretion. ......... do you understand John."
.......... ..........
"Karen, can I keep your panties?"
"Oh you; ... OK!" ..... she giggles.
........ .........
Karen leaves my room. I watch her silhouette move toward the nightlight.
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