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Bella Blythe was left at home again , Lucius was attending too business in Paris and would be gone for the next two weeks. And that Prude Narcissa was out shopping, not even bothering to invite her ward. There Handsome son was out in the gardens today but Bella didn’t have the patience to trudge round the Malfoy Mansion for hours to find him. she thought of freedom ragingly as he stole another glance at his flustering Nanny . Her slightly wrinkled features drooping into a worrisome frown.
Bella’s nanny, Percy , had been her only constant companion through all her years as an orphan , and even before her mother had died she had never failed to take her of Bella , Even when the ministry of magic had battered down her door and killed Althea Blythe as she slept.
Bella thought often about her mother who was killed when she was 9, she had never known her father so had never really bothered with him, but her mother was always on her mind. Percy sensed Bella’s mind beginning to wonder and bobbed over to Bella’s on the windowsill , when Bella didn’t even look up at Percy , she clicked her fingers angrily in Bella’s face.
Bella jumped
she said looking startled. Percy put her chubby hands on her round hands and gazed down at her charge who was now wearing a rather smug grin.
“ Perhaps , it would be good for you to get out of your room Miss Blythe, its not normal for a girl of your age to be cooped up like this”
Bella scoffed at this “perhaps you should talk to the mega bitch…”
“ey, theres no need for that Isabella, Narcissa Malfoy was good to keep you” Percy cut in sharply frowning.
“I would have rather stayed at my mothers , with my books” said Bella holding up her copy of the new testament.
“now now, this is a fine Mansion..”
“It isn’t a spec on my mothers House” Bella spat getting angry that Percy was trying to defend such a cruel woman as Narcissa Malfoy.
“I know but…”
“But nothing, the Woman is a heartless Bitch and I would rather live in a box” Percy shook her head. But dared not say anything else to anger Bella , but Bella was now raging and ready for a fight, it didn’t take her long to realise that she wouldn’t get one from Percy. She jumped up causing Percy to stumble back and almost trip over the rug, she didn’t give time for Percy the time to respond she was out of her bedroom door and down the spiral staircase within minutes.

Her wand was out as soon as she new Percy wasn’t fallowing her, with flicks of her wrists she was sending fireballs cascading up the walls of the malfoys mansion they rolled up passionately and after reaching the ceiling fell into the open air and sizzled and crackled into a dazzling array of oranges and yellows , before disappearing into nothing.
The long corridor she was walking down was almost empty save a few old moving portraits of the Malfoy and Black family, tutting and shaking there heads at Bella in another one of her moods. At the end of the corridor there was another staircase , she flew down them almost knocking over a house elf that was stood idly at the bottom.
“stupid creature“ spat Bella as her wand sent out another fireball , the House elf looked startled and made a sharp exit through one of the doors longing the long corridor . This corridor was so much different that the other , it was truly Showing the wealth of Lucius a rich green wallpaper lined the walls, wooden tables all had Silver snakes and exotic plants covering them . On the wall opposite the stairs was a picture of Narcissa , feeling the rage well up inside her she pointed her wand at the egotistical woman sat in the portrait her eyes gazing down at Bella, it would have been better if Narcissa was in the picture but it didn’t matter.
As Bella’s wand began to glow, she felt a strong arm wrap around her slender waist and pull her backwards , a hand went up to grab her want as she stamped her foot hard and elbowed who ever was grabbing her , he made a grunt but kept a tight hold.
“stop it Bella” Draco shouted clutching her closer to him. Her wand made a crackling sound as it shot a flash of red at Narcissa, but Draco had a tight hold and the the flash hit a near by plant pot and shattered in to a thousand tiny peices .
“fuck you , basterd” Bella screamed as she began to fight back . she used her other hand to reach round and slap Draco hard in the face . he shook it off and squeezed her wrist tighter until she gasped in pain, her fingers became limp and he took his chance to grab her wand. Once he had it he pushed her out of the way unleashing his own wand and firing a warning shot into the air. Bella still in shock stumbled back and tripped over her long ,black, expensive robes.
“What the Fuck are you playing at you fool” he screamed at her, her green eyes just stared at him as she said nothing.
When Bella had finally recovered she stood up , she was much shorter than Draco, but with her black hair flowing down her back like a waterfall and sharp green eyes standing out from her light olive skin, she was very imposing.
“Give me my wand” Bella finally commanded , but Draco just shook his head.
“Now!” she yelled raising her hand and stepping closer to Draco. He didn’t move, the hand that Bella was holding out pulled back , and went to strike Draco’s face once more , but he was quicker than Bella and he had caught her arm gripping it fiercely he pulled her closer to him, Bella was trying to wiggle herself free but as he came closer , fear overwhelmed her and she was still , he put his mouth near her ear “Don’t Be a Bitch” he breathed he bent down and kissed her neck tenderly and she lent backwards into him, closing her eyes, but he let her arm drop down her side and he stalked down the hall towards the door he had come out of , taking Bella’s Wand with him into his study. Bella stood speechless , her feet glued to the floor .
The house elf she had knocked over had come back to the hall , to see what all the commotion was about, he eyed Bella cautiously as she marched towards Draco’s study “what the fuck are you looking at” she yelled as she entered.

The Study door slammed shut behind her, the room was dimly lit. down the further end of the room , Draco was leaning against a desk with his back to her. “what the fuck is wrong with you” he spat as Bella looked around him for her wand there was no sign of it.
“your Fucking mother” she spat, she clenched her fists as Draco whirled round to face her, his blonde hair danced as he did so.
“Don’t Bella” he whispered , it was then that Bella noticed Draco had a burst lip, she smirked , it was probably her handy work.
She glided over to him gracefully, “I’m sorry” was all she could say as she lifted his chin and planted a little kiss , he licked his lips, then kissed her back.
Then all of a sudden he was on her, his arm was wrapped tightly around her waist ,his mouth was kissing her roughly. Bella pushed him away , “no , not here Draco”
“I Want you , now!” he pulled her round , and pushed her up against the table he was now blocking her exit , his left hand was unbuttoning her robe while his right was holding Bella firmly in place. Bella lifted her hand and slapped Draco in the face causing him to let go for a moment as he did Bella tried to move out of his way , he grabbed hold of her long hair and pulled her back, causing Bella to let out a scream.

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2010-05-17 06:29:41
3ou best hope that Harry Potter Fans don't read the fanfiction, both Bella and Draco were out of character, Bella should have been the one taking charge of the situation. Thb it was kinda shit. Better luck next time!

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2010-05-17 06:25:23
totally unbelievable!

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