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My name is Paul; I am a thirty-six year old professional man. My wife is Katie; she is thirty-four with a great body, long blond hair, and a very aggressive sexual appetite. We were married fifteen years ago and have one daughter Mandy, who just turned thirteen last week. Like her mother, Mandy has long blond hair and by the age of eleven her pubescent features began quickly filling out. Mandy is one of those preteens whose body development is definitely advanced. At just eleven, she had firm little tits and required a training bra. I should have known better and kept a closer watch as she got older, but imagine our surprise when Mandy, a sixth grader at the elementary school, came up pregnant about five months ago at the tender age of twelve.

I had never really looked at Mandy in a sexual way, but had noticed her tits growing and her hips and ass taking on that seductive shape of a young woman. Katie had told me when Mandy started her periods, about two months after she turned eleven. We discussed birth control at that time, but at eleven? Certainly we had a couple of years for that decision. Of course, like many fathers who have young daughters, I did notice some of Mandy’s friends who were developing into perfect little cock teasers.

I also had noticed that Brad, a high school kid from down the street, was hanging around the house a lot, but I thought nothing of it. Since he was the oldest kid in the neighborhood, at just sixteen, he spent a lot of time playing with the younger kids in the neighborhood and everyone thought he was just a great kid. He had known Mandy since she was seven and always treated her very nice. He was never mean like most older kids are towards younger kids.

What we didn’t realize was that Mandy had been giving up her preteen pussy to this likeable high school jock after school. Thinking about it now, how could I blame the poor kid? Mandy wore little tube tops, loose t-shirts, and short-shorts or mini skirts with her young ass cheeks hanging out most of the time. Just like most of the other pubescent girls in the neighborhood, Mandy enjoyed showing off her pert developing little tits and tight round ass to the older boys who enjoyed looking at these young girls. The girls certainly enjoyed the attention they could command by swinging their tight asses around. Katie and I are not prudes and we did allow Mandy to reasonably express herself as she sought fit.

Mandy often pranced around the house with just panties on, the same as Katie had always done since we were together. We were always liberal when it came to wearing clothes inside the house. I had taken more than a few peeks at Mandy’s young charms and would elicit a smile from her now and then when I got caught looking, but I didn’t think about going any further than that. Until now of course.

Once Mandy began showing, we decided to home school her until after the baby was born to spare her from any nonsense at school. Katie and I would then adopt the baby and raise it as our own and Mandy could return to school, on full birth control of course.

Last week Mandy came downstairs wearing just a thin white thong panty. Her swollen tits and belly sticking out proudly in front of her. I looked at her and felt my cock twitch as I watched her sweet, bare, pregnant, little-girl ass walking around the house. I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked knocked up at only thirteen. I looked closely at her young pussy as she walked by and noticed that she must keep it shaved bald, since all I could see under her belly was her swollen pussy lips and clit through the almost transparent material of her skimpy panties, which seemed at lease one size too small for her growing body.

“Hi Dad.” She said as she walked by watching me stare at her bare ass.

“Take a picture it lasts longer.” She said sarcastically as she looked back over her shoulder with a wicked smile.

“Maybe I should.” I replied. “You know, I took pictures of your mother when she was pregnant with you.”

A very short conversation ended with Mandy bringing me our new digital camera. I took a few generic pictures of her showing off her bulging preteen belly and large, stiff tits. As the session progressed, she started making more sexy poses.

“How’s this.” She would say as she changed positions revealing more of her young, panty-clad pussy. She would pull the panties into her pussy lips or to the side exposing the lips to me. They looked very smooth and soft.

At one point she was sitting on the sofa with her hips thrust forward and her fingers hooked into her little thong. I could clearly see her pussy and the obvious wet spot forming on the thin material. Her nipples were standing straight up and looked like they were going to split open.

“Do you like this Dad?” She asked, as she moved one hand up and cupped her bloated tit rubbing the taught nipple with her thumb.

“This is making me awful horny.” Mandy said to no one in particular as she massaged her bulging tit.

The wet stain on her panties was growing and making them even more transparent. My cock was now raging hard in my trousers, I was developing my own wet spot as the precum oozed from my cock. I didn’t know what to do or say. My little girl was allowing me to take pictures of her nearly-naked pregnant body while she felt herself up. It didn’t take long for her to notice the hard-on in my pants. Mandy continued rubbing her body and ran her fingers repeatedly over her swollen and now very wet pussy.

Mandy then suddenly slipped her fingers into her panties and pulled them off right in front of me as I continued to take the forbidden pictures of her young girl charms. I now had an unobstructed view of her bald, shaved pussy and her puffy, pink pussy lips that glistened with moisture.

“Come on over here Daddy.” She said, reaching a hand out to me.

As I approached her she reached up and undid my belt and pants. I stumbled over some type of verbal resistance, only so that later I could say that I did object to molesting my only daughter.

“It’s ok daddy, I’m so horny, and so are you. I’ve always dreamed what it would be like with you. I want you, I love you. I wish you had been the first one to fuck my little pussy. I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I first played with my pussy when I was ten.”

I had been missing out on this hot young pussy for over two years, how stupid am I?

Mandy was now frantically fingering her pussy as I set the camera down and removed the rest of my clothes. I stroked my cock a few times and then took her hand and lead her to my bedroom. We jumped onto the king-size bed Katie and I share and I took her into my arms kissing her passionately on her lips sliding my tongue into her hot little mouth. My hands slid down over her swollen tits to her bulging pregnant belly and finally to the wet love hole between her supple young legs. I slid my finger easily into her hot young pussy. It was really tight and I wondered how she was going to deliver a baby out of such a narrow, tight vagina. I immediately felt the need to help her stretch it out before she was due to deliver. By fucking her on a regular basis it would definitely help her when it came time to deliver the baby. Great logic, I thought to myself.

I put my tongue on her engorged clit and licked her pubescent secretions like a horny teenager. It was the sweetest pussy I ever tasted. Mandy was now thrashing wildly on the bed pinching and tugging her hardened nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh yes………, eat me daddy, eat my pussy, that’s soooooooo fucking gooooooooooooood!!!!! My daddy’s eating my pussy!!!”

I thrust a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her as I sucked her very young clit. Something her mother always enjoyed. As I felt the slightly ribbed wall of her upper vagina, I stroked her to an explosive orgasm.

“Oh Daddy!!!!! I’m cumming…………., finger me harder, ohhhhh eat me!!!!!”

I felt her juices run onto my finger and hand as I licked her clit as fast as I could, and as I thrust my finger in and out of her spasming cunt. It was then I realized that Katie was standing in the doorway of the bedroom. She had the digital camera in her hand and was looking at my pictures I had taken earlier. When I saw her I felt lightheaded, like I was going to pass out. I was waiting for her to start screaming at me, but then I realized she was smiling as I sat up with Mandy’s cunt secretions on my face and hand. Katie came over and gave me a kiss, licking Mandy’s cunt cream off of my face.

“I knew you weren’t going to be able to ignore her forever.” She said to me sexily. “These are interesting pictures, is one of them for this year’s Christmas cards?” She asked laughing.

Katie then walked over and gave Mandy a kiss on her lips. “Did it feel good baby?”

“Oh yes mommy, I had a really big cum while daddy ate my pussy out.”

“Yes, your dad eats pussy really well.” Katie said, as she took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it back to life.

“You know, it’s not polite to leave your Daddy with a hard-on honey.” Katie said.

“Daddy will you stick it in me, p…….please?”

“If it’s ok with your Mom, this is her personal love tool.” I said, referencing my hard seven-inch, dripping cock, hoping that Katie would appreciate my comment, but give her approval so that I could fuck my little Mandy’s hot love box.

“Please mommy, let daddy fuck my horny little girl pussy, it’s been so long since I had a hard cock in there.” Mandy actually begged her mother to stick my cock in her young pussy.

“So Paul, would you like some young pregnant pussy from your only daughter?” Katie asked as she leaned down and teased the tip of my pulsing cock with her tongue. “She’s so young and tight, are you sure you would like that?

“Yes baby I would, it will help stretch her pussy for when the baby comes.” I responded, feeling I needed to somehow justify my case for fucking my daughter’s young, baby-bald pussy.

“Well, you better get started, it looks like she’ll need a lot of fucking to stretch that tight twat.” Katie said, as she ran her fingers through Mandy’s wet slit causing Mandy to shudder in wanton anticipation.

“Please daddy, stick your big hard cock in my hot pussy, look its all wet for you!!!!”

It didn’t take me long to get Mandy on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy-style, my favorite position. Also, I didn’t want to risk crushing the poor girl’s bulging belly trying to fuck her missionary style. I lined my rock-hard cock up to Mandy’s wet pussy hole. I slowly pushed into her, balls deep in one long stroke. Mandy began moaning as Katie got down under her and sucked on her hard engorged nipples and gently rubbed her bloated pregnant belly. Katie kept telling Mandy how sexy she was and how lucky she was to have daddy cock in her young cunt.

I fucked Mandy faster and faster as Katie took off her own skirt, she didn’t have any panties on, only the thigh high stocking that she usually wore to work. As she continued sucking Mandy’s nipples and massaging her stiff tits, I watched Mandy pull Katie’s thighs over her head. Katie then positioned her neatly trimmed pussy so Mandy’s little mouth could get to it. It was extremely difficult trying not to cum watching Mandy eat my wife’s, Mandy’s own mother’s, hot woman pussy.

“Oh god!!” I screamed. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in your little pussy sweetie!!! I can’t hold it anymore, this is so fucking hot!!!!!”

With that I deposited a gigantic blast of cum into Mandy’s pregnant thirteen year-old belly. I had never cum so hard as I screamed out with each painful contraction of my balls. I vaguely heard Katie and Mandy also announce their own mutual sexual release.

“Oh, oh, oh, I feel your hot daddy sperm shooting in me, I’m cumming again…………..!!” Her voice was muffled as she screamed into her mother’s wet pussy.

“Oh Mandy baby, mommy’s cumming on your tongue, lick it up baby girl!!!!!”

We all held each other for quite a while. It was then I learned that Katie had been having sex with Mandy for several weeks now. Since Katie and Mandy always had a close relationship, Mandy had come to her feeling extremely horny and not being able to get herself off as good as she used to by just masturbating. She asked her mother what to do. That’s when Katie started masturbating her, then giving her oral sex to get her to cum hard to relieve the sexual tension building up in her young pregnant body. They had frequently engaged in hot sixty-nines since. Mandy then asked about getting a hard cock and that’s when the two girls came up with the plot to get me involved in their encounters. Katie thought I might resist for a while longer, but eventually would give in.

Since that first day I have had several lovely encounters with Mandy alone and with Katie and Mandy together. I love fucking my daughter’s young pussy while Katie watches. I know Katie like to watch me fuck Mandy.

It was a quiet Saturday evening, Katie was gone for two days to a business conference. Mandy had her friend Jenny over for a sleepover. Jenny was also thirteen years old and had the silkiest long red hair I had ever seen on a young girl. She had freckles on her fair skin, adding to her innocent look of a little girl. She has small developing tits and a cute tight ass with long lean legs. Her tight, round ass accentuated her fine legs. She is one of the neighborhood girls who also enjoys showing off her hot body to anyone who will look. In fact, last Halloween she came over dressed up as a prostitute. She wore a tight short skirt with a garter belt and fishnet stockings. When she bent over you could see she had a thong on, revealing the cheeks of her firm little ass. She certainly has a hot body.

I was watching some TV after dinner when the girls came downstairs. Mandy was wearing a sheer teddy that came down to just below her crotch, she was not wearing any panties with it. Jenny was wearing a pink thong and a matching bra that was almost see-thru. The girls were going about their business and said a casual hello as they walked by.
“Jenny, you better be careful around boys dressed like that, you’ll end up like Mandy.” I said laughingly as I stared at both of their young, tight asses as they walked by. My cock began stirring in my shorts as I lusted for some sweet young pussy.

“No, my mom has me on birth control pills so I’m safe to fuck.” Jenny responded rather proudly, with a big smile on her face, showing off her braces with bright pink bands on them. Girls with braces look so sexy I thought to myself. When I was a kid people made fun of girls with braces. Now it was considered hot by most guys. It makes them look so innocent and if I was right, Jenny was certainly not innocent. I wondered if she could suck a cock with them not shredding it.

The girls started whispering to each other and giggling. My cock was hard and uncomfortable as I tried to keep it concealed. As I tried to watch TV, I overheard some of the muffled conversation between the girls.

“No, he would never want to do that with me.” I heard Jenny whisper to Mandy.

“Ssssshhhh, yes he would, I promise.” Mandy replied softly into Jenny’s ear.

After a short while the girls finished up what they were doing and went up to Mandy’s room. In a few minutes I heard Mandy call for me.

“Dad, can you come up here for a minute please.”

Not knowing what was up, I jumped up, went upstairs and found Mandy and Jenny lying on her large queen-size bed. Jenny had her bra off and was wearing just her little panties.

“No, he won’t do it, stop!” I heard Jenny say in a low voice as I entered the bedroom.

“Daddy, Jenny and I were thinking that maybe you might, well you know, wanna fool around with us a little tonight.”

Jenny looked mortified and hit Mandy on the shoulder. My cock immediately sprang to life as if it had a mind of it’s own. As I stood there contemplating this magnificent offer, I heard Jenny say, “I told you he wouldn’t want to do it with me.” She said dejected, trying to cover her young tits.

“No, that’s not true at all.” I said reassuringly, as I walked towards the girls. “I would love to be with you Jenny, I think you’re so sexy and I’ve had a massive hard-on all night just thinking about you.” I winked at Mandy just to make sure she wouldn’t get mad at my comments that I directed towards Jenny. Mandy winked back as she licked her sweet lips.

“You do, let me see.” Jenny said tentatively, sitting up on the edge of the bed as I approached her.

I dropped my shorts exposing my hard seven-inch cock to Jenny. She reached out excitedly and took it into her hand rubbing precum over the head. Suddenly she dropped her head down to suck it into her mouth. Jenny gave me an excellent blowjob, even with her braces, she was very careful, but before I could cum I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back on the bed pulling her panties off those long sexy legs, revealing her tight pussy with just a light patch of red hair above her now very wet slit. I moved next to her on the bed and sucked her little girl nipples into my mouth as I fingered the outside of her moistening pussy.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good.” Jenny moaned.

Katie had her teddy pulled up over her pregnant belly and was frantically fingering her young pussy as she watched me molesting her thirteen year-old best friend.

“Please fuck me Mr. H., please I need it inside me so bad!!!!” Jenny begged.

I rolled her over onto her hands and knees, as I wanted to fuck her young pussy doggy style while looking at her sexy tight ass. Jenny also positioned herself so she had access to Mandy’s love box with her tongue. I grabbed Jenny’s small hips with my hands and placed my cock at the entrance to her tight pussy and slowly pushed into her. Her tunnel was silky smooth and gripped my cock like a vice as I slowly slid in, all the way up to her immature cervix. I slowly fucked her and played with her little girl tits. It was obvious that Jenny’s mom made the right decision about birth control because there was no way this hot little girl was a virgin. She was fucking me like a pro. Jenny leaned down and was eating my daughter’s bald snatch as she pushed back to each thrust of my hard cock into her tight baby canal. Mandy played with her engorged tits and was moaning like a bitch in heat as Jenny licked her and shoved her tongue into her pussy.

I felt my cum boiling and was ready to give this little girl’s pussy a cum bath. That’s when Mandy cried out with her first of many orgasms.

“I’m cumming, Oh God I’m cumming!!!” Mandy yelled.

I started pumping faster as Jenny lifted her head from Mandy’s cunt.

“Oh Mr. H., I’m going to cum too, fuck me harder!!! Oh god, I love eating your pregnant pussy Mandy, it tastes so fucking good, oh fuck me harder!!”

I was thrusting as fast as I could when Jenny screamed out; “Oh yessssss, I’m cumming, shoot it in me, put your sperm in me, I want to be your slut tonight!!!!”

I started to feel my cum rising up my cock on its way to the entrance of this very young girl’s womb. Looking down at Jenny’s tight ass while I held her slim hips was too much as I contemplated that I was fucking this young thirteen year-old girl. Her smooth skin and tight pussy was heaven to my already overly heightened senses.

“Oh Jenny baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your pussy sweetheart, its too late, I can’t stop it!!!”

I slammed my cock all the way in and held it against her cervix as I shot a rope of seed into her thirteen year-old womb. I felt little Jenny thrashing as I shot my gooey sperm into her. We both collapsed onto the bed and we all slept together nude.

I am sure that we will all have lots of fun in the future. We also have a lot to tell Katie when she gets home. I’m sure she would love to eat Jenny’s young cum-filled pussy.

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She took me with her and left dad.

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