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I am writing about some things that have gone on recently in my sex life with my gorgeous Wife Robin and our friend Heather.
It was a Friday morning and Robin my Wife had me up and off to the store for supplies early, for a big surprise she had planned. She planned a night at home, cooking out, having some beers and relaxing. As she hands me the list for the store, she pulls me close and kisses me deep. As she does this, she reaches down and grabs my cock through my shorts. Robin smiles at me and tells me that when I get back from the store, she was going to suck my cock until every drop of my hot cumm was in her mouth. Then suddenly pulling away and pushing me out the door, with a very mischevious smile on her face, Robin says go, go, and hurry back.
As I walked through the store, I looked over the list and on there was a note. It read,
" Honey, tonight I have plans for you and I, so I need you to do what I say and get exactly what I need on the list, Love you, xoxoxo".
Wondering what she was up to, I decided to call her and see what she was doing at the house. The phone rang and rang, but she never answered. I was curious why she didn't answer, so my mind wondered while I shopped. What could she be up to that would keep her from answering the phone. I thought maybe she decided to take a shower, or maybe she had went outside. Then my mind wondered to the thought that maybe she decided to play with her pussy. Maybe she was laying on our bed, with her pussy spread and her fingers working over her swollen clit. Realizing as I walked through the store I was getting a hard on, I looked over the list again. Whip cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce, Ice cream, ice, sodas, and some other stuff. As I shopped, I wondered to myself, what the hell is she up to. Giggling to myself, I decide to call the house again to see if I can reach her. This time the phone is busy, so I figure cool, I'll try again in a minute and I should get her. After walking through the store and collecting the goods I was instructed to get, I made it to my truck and started to put the groceries in, and my phone rings. It was Robins cell ring. I answered it and it's Robin telling me the house phone was out. She said she had some things to do, and sorry she had missed me. Robin asked what I needed and I told her I was wondering what she was up to, so I thought I would call. Robin told me, never mind that, I would find out soon enough.
That's when Robin told me that I needed to go and pick up her friend Heather, who couldn't get a ride to work. Now just so it is clear, Robin is smoken hot, with brown hair, gorgeous eyes, nice tits and an ass that is just amazing. Robin has some hot friends, but Heather in particular was hot, and from what we could tell, somewhat open and dirty minded. She has long brown hair, nice tight small tits, a wicked tight ass, just yummy. Robin and I had discussed while having sex, Heathers body, how hot she was and what we would like to do to her. So as I drove to pick Heather up, my mind wondered some. Before I knew it, I was getting hard again, so I focused on diving and figuring out where I was supposed to go.
Not knowing where Heather lived, I had to drive around a bit. Finally I called home to ask directions again and no answer again. Not sure what to do, my phone rings. I look down and it is an unknown number. Not sure what is up with the phone at home, I answer it and it's Heather. She asks me where I am and as I tell her I am lost, she laughs and proceeds to give me instructions on where to go to get her. With that, she says bye and she will see me soon.
Finally getting to Heather, I pull up and go to her apartment. As I knock on her door, I hear her yell from inside to come on in. Hearing this, I stepped in and closed the door behind me. As I looked around, Heather was no where to be found. I called out for her, and she said she was in her room and to come on in. She said she still needed to finish getting ready. So I walked down the hallway and stepped in to her room. Heather was standing in the mirror, with only a sheer white bra and a tight sheer white g-string. I said to her, "oh excuse me" and went to turn around, when Heather said, no, stay. Come in and relax, I will be ready in a minute. With that, I sat on her bed and watched this gorgeous brunette stand in front of me, with only her g-string and bra on. What an ass let me tell you. I was getting so hard, especially after Robin teasing me before I went to the store, the thoughts I was having and the thoughts I had on the way to pick Heather up.. Suddenly I thought, Oh shit, the stuff in the truck. I told Heather there was ice cream in the car and I should get it in the refrigerator soon, or I would be in trouble. She looked over and said I should go get it, she may be a few more minutes getting ready. As I walked down stairs to the car, I called home to let Robin know of the change in plans and that it would be a few minutes longer until I got back home. No answer again? Now I was somewhat worried, but figured the phone was still down, and maybe she was working on her plans for the night. Not thinking anymore of it, I got the ice cream and went back to the apartment.
Heather had told me to just come on in and not to knock, so I did. To my surprise, Heather was on her couch in the living room, still in her G-string, but no bra this time. Heather told me to put the ice cream away and then asked me to come help her, she said she broke her bra strap and wondered if I could help her fix it, so she could get off to work.
As I sat next to her, I looked at her gorgeous firm natural tits and couldn't help but to let out an approval. It came out as yummmy. Heather said thanks and asked me if I wanted to touch them. I told her no, I can't, Robin! She looked at me and said, it's ok! Joking Heather tells me, I know you would just end up squeezing and sucking my hard nipples anyway.. Surprised she said that, I was blushing, then suddenly Heather said fuck it, come here, I want to feel your hands and mouth on me. Without any further invitation needed, I leaned in and pulled Heather close to me as I sucked her hard nipples, nibbling on them, sucking them hard and deep, while squeezing her tits hard, pinching her nipples lightly, then harder. Heather moaned and told me how good it felt. I could tell she was getting hot, her breathing was quicker and she was flush. Still in her sheer white panties, I moved a hand down and worked it over her pussy. Feeling her pussy all wet through the material, she moaned as I stroked my fingers over her pussy. Her moans and whispers in my ear were so hot. She was driving me crazy. Heather told me she had been wanting some cock bad and that Robin had told her how good of a fuck I am.
Looking up at her, I said we needed to hurry. Robin was expecting me back soon. Heather said ok and told me we should go in the room. I said, I meant we should get to the house and that I was sorry. Putting her finger to my mouth, telling me hush, she said not yet, she stood up and said follow me, I have something to show you. Following her sweet ass into her room, I walked in and sat down on her bed. Heather bent down in front of me, showing me that ass and wet pussy, covered in those tight white dripping wet panties. She placed a video in the player, then came and sat with me. She said she wanted me, leaned in and kissed me. I wanted to feel her tight body against mine and I wanted to taste her, but I was worried about Robin. Heather said no worries I would like the video, so watch close k. Suddenly she was pulling my pants open to free my rock hard cock. I watched as she took my cock into her hot mouth. It felt so good. As I watched her, then the video, I could see it was two women kissing, then undressing each other. As I looked closer, I recognized the women, it was Robin and Heather. Stunned and so fucken turned on I could barely contain myself, I looked at Heather to ask about it, when Robin suddenly stepped out of the closet. Giggling and telling me "surprise", Robin came over and knelt next to Heather, then pulled her mouth from my cock and kissed her deep. As I watched, I glanced back at the video, it was Robin fingering Heather.
Turned on to the maximum, I told them they were in trouble. Heather liked this and told Robin they should get a spanking. Agreed, they bent over the bed and told me to punish them. Seeing those two gorgeous asses with only g-strings on, I worked each one slowly, squeezing it, slapping it softly, then harder, then hard enough to where I was leaving hand marks. Heather would moan loud as I did this, to the point where she finally said enough, and turned, going to her knees, she went back to my cock, sucking it deep and hard. She was gagging on it, over and over. Looking at me the whole time, moaning on it, spitting on it, getting it all wet. It felt so fucking good. Robin told me she hoped I liked her plans for this Friday night. With that, she said she had met Heather here earlier and the two of them fucked while I was at the store and lost. Giggling, she said she wanted to see my reaction to another woman flirting with me and then seducing me. Robin told me I was a good boy for being so good and not completely going for it, but also a bad boy for playing even a little bit. Then she said that she was happy though, because now I was going to get to fuck them both. Heather was still sucking my cock so deep, I couldn't hold back and told Robin, "I'm cumming, I'm cummming so hard in her mouth". Robin told Heather to get all of it, but make sure to share. That she did. Fuck Heather sucked me dry, taking each drop. Then they kissed, sharing it between them. What dirty girls. Robin told Heather she was a good girl and now my turn. With that, Robin grabbed Heather by her hair and pulled her to her pussy. Robin told her to eat it and fucking eat it good bitch. Shocked at how my wife was treating Heather, but turned on as well, I noticed Heathers wet pussy in the air, doggie while she ate Robins pussy. Robin was moaning, telling Heather how good her mouth felt on her clit. Moaning into her pussy, Heather wiggled her ass as I reached over and slid a finger into her wet, super tight pussy. Robin looked at me and told me to fuck her, to fuck Heathers pussy good and hard while the bitch ate her pussy.
As I worked my cock into Heathers pussy, I could see her eat my Wife's pussy. Robin was so wet I could see her juices running down her ass. It was so hot to see Robin getting it on with another woman right in front of me. Looking into her eyes, we looked at each other as I slid my cock into Heathers tight wet pussy. Hearing Heather moan into Robin's pussy, I went deeper and harder, then harder and deeper, until l was balls deep in her hot pussy, pounding her hard and long. My cock was so wet and creamy from her pussy, I was able to fuck her with long deep strokes, filling her hole over and over and over, with hard thick cock like she wanted. Heather was screaming for me to fuck her, while she tried to eat Robins pussy. Robin told her to shut up and lick her pussy, pulling her hair, Robin pulled Heathers head into her pussy, smothering her this time, making her lick it. Seeing this was so hot. I couldn't believe we were fucking Heather like we had fantasized about. Suddenly Robin screamed out "I'm cumming, eat my pussy bitch, I'm cumming, oh my god, fuck yeah, make me cumm". Robin shook hard, pulling Heathers mouth into her. Robin kept shaking, while I kept fucking Heather hard and deep. Running my thumb over Heathers asshole, then slipping it in. Heather started to shake and moaned out of Robins pussy that she was cumming. When Robin heard this, she told me to drill her. Doing as I was told, I stepped it up and I pounded Heather, fucking her hard, hard enough to make her squirt all over. Her pussy juice went everywhere, soaking my cock and balls and the bed. Robin said fuck yeah, cheering me on for fucking her so good. Heather was shaking so hard, I had to hold her hips to keep her close enough. Robin kissed her and told her how hot it was to see her get fucked by me. With this, I pulled my cock out of Heathers pussy slowly, then worked it over her asshole. It was so wet from her juices and me fingering it, I worked the head of my cock in slowly, leaning in to kiss her back. Robin looked at Heather and asked her if she had been fucked in the ass before. With a deep grunt and moan, she said no, but it felt fucken good. Hearing this, I went deeper, stretching her tight asshole, filling her deep with my cock. As I pumped my cock in and out of her tight ass, Robin moved under her and began to lick her pussy. This sent Heather over the edge and she came again, shaking and screaming out how fucken good it felt. Finally I lost is and filled her ass with my cumm.
Collapsing on the bed, we all took a break for a few minutes. As we did this, I looked over to see the video still playing. This time I was really surprised, it was Robin, tied up while Heather and another girl fucked her with strap on dildo's. I was locked on and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Robin asked me if I liked what I was seeing and before I could answer, she slipped her hand from her wet pussy straight to my mouth. She told me not to worry, and that I was now going to be getting a lot of pussy and that I needed to get used to watching her fuck other women, because she liked it and that Heather was her slave, which meant she was there to be used however she deemed fit. Being a smart man, I agreed with this and took full advantage of the situation. I took Robin and Heather and told them to bend over the bed again. Once they were in position, I fucked each of them, one at a time, in there hot tight dripping wer pussies, then in there tight asses, until they both came again, then I came hard, showering my cumm over there asses. This was a Friday night I wont forget anytime soon.
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