For the last four years I'd badgered my wife Shyamala to give herself to a Black man. The thought of really of watching my wife being fucked by a big Black man turned me on. I was developing gay feelings and I wanted an excuse to hold a massive black cock, suck it and hopefully get him to fuck me up my ass eventually.

At age 47, she was very resistant to the idea of being with another man, especially a Black man. But the other morning she became interested and her resistance to fucking a Black man weakened almost instantly. This special morning she took the elevator in our building Punarvasu in Mumbai, it was really crowded and Tekalani the young Black student who lived on the sixth floor was pressed up behind against her. He was so close to her that she was able to smell his odor and feel his thick body all over her back.

Shyamala told me that she was really turned-on feeling the student's body pressing hard and close to her body. According to Shyamala she felt, Tekalani's long cock just between her ass and legs in the elevator! She couldn't believe that his cock was actually that thick or long. My wife was sure that he'd pressed up against her body more than was necessary and that she'd enjoyed the feeling immensely.
Discussing the Black student only fueled our fantasies and we decided that we'd both try to fuck him.

Tekalani is a very big, Black young man, about 6 feet 8 inches and with a massive size 13 shoe, which incited both feelings of fear and excitement simultaneously within us. Although she felt very attracted to the student's sexual odor, the thing she felt pressed between her ass and legs on the elevator, felt so hard and big. Shyamala also told me that afterwards, she'd sometimes imagined herself being serviced by the big African student as she day dreamed.

For a very long time I'd imagine looking at her little pussy after being serviced by a big Nigger cock and see how stretched it had become! I told her that I'd love to see the student fuck her and that also I'd enjoy watching her being fucked with his long black cock. Shyamala was afraid that she might find his cock irresistible once he serviced her, and that she might want him all the time as she became addicted to the massive cock.
I reassured her that I'd always love her and that, if she'd fuck him I'd like to lick them both clean of their spunk afterwards, even getting Tekalani to penetrate my ass for good measure.

We decided to call him down to our 5th floor apartment for dinner one evening. Shyamala wore her most expensive saree for the occasion. When Tekalani finally arrived at our apartment, Shyamala opened the door with a welcoming smile and I went down and kissed his feet as soon as he had taken off his shoes, sucking the big toe of his right foot as a signal of my intentions!
Shyamala then kissed his feet in turn to complete the welcome. As I kissed his feet, I sucked his big toe and my cock started dripping pre cum, he detected our intimate affection. I then asked him to have a drink of brandy with us, brandy we bought in Goa.

The young Kenyan student, who was only 18 years-old, was wearing a pair of very tight Nike shorts exhibiting a large bulge in the groin.
He immediately came and sat on the couch between the two of us. We started to talk but he was primarily admiring Shyama’s nice breasts, her red lips and her good-looking face. He could hardly keep his eyes from her. I made sure I touched his legs as we casually chatted, inadvertently passing my hand over his bulging cock.

I had some East African music playing and he finally asked me if he could dance with my wife. I told him that, he could and they danced several times. I could tell they were exited as they danced with each other feeling their bodies so close together. Shyamala went to the bathroom several times; I assumed her pussy was getting wet from sexual arousal. Tekalani also went to the bathroom, so I asked Shyamala if she was turned-on by Tekalani. She was hesitant but I could tell that she was very excited and she agreed to see what would unravel.

After he returned they danced several more times, each time it seemed they were getting closer. At one point ……I noticed that he was whispering something in her ear while as they continued dancing closer and closer, at the end of that particular song, Shyamala started unbuttoning her blouse….I could only assume she was feeling hot, although the air conditioner was turned up fully!

He began caressing her ass as they danced. My wife seemed to be very receptive to his caresses and started showing teeth, her signal of approval.

Shyamala started unbuttoning her blouse, feeling hot, despite the air conditioner being turned up fully??????

I noticed when Tekalani wrapped his hands around Shyamala’s waist, then slid one hand down to her tight ass. He pulled her to him while thrusting his pelvis into her belly. She felt the distinct bulge of his big penis, and was surprised again at just how big it felt. The student's long black cock was not yet fully erect and yet she felt the big cock through her saree. After this she became very excited! Shyamala couldn't believe how big his black tool felt.

She was so excited by this big Nigger man …he was so black and big that she felt very even more excited looking at the contrast between their skin colours.
Being very attracted to his sexual odor and the thing she felt between her legs which was getting harder and bigger. My wife slid her hands over his back, feeling his well developed muscles, and rubbed her body closer against his cock to get a better idea of its size.
Shyamala felt a rush of sexual excitement as she realized she had to feel that big student's cock inside her body ……feeling very weak and very, very wet between her legs.

Tekalani whispered in her ear, "I want to fuck you badly." She answered him with her mouth by kissing him very passionately right in our own living room in which I had dimmed the light. Tekalani and Shyamala knew I was watching and therefore must have approved of their actions as their bodies came closer to one another.

Returning to the couch, he told me that he wanted to fuck my wife, the effects of the brandy, or something she whispered to him while dancing I thought. He knew damn well that dinner was not ready and my hot wife was aroused to bursting point. From the way I sucked his toe when he entered the flat, he knew that I'd enjoy seeing my sweet wife being fucked, by his massive young big black cock. The student winked and smiled knowing he was going to take care of her little Indian pussy.

I willingly agreed and they sat on the couch next to me as they both automatically began kissing one another passionately. I could hear both them practically panting as they necked.
Tom pressed his thick lips to my little wife's sweet mouth, and hungrily fucked her mouth with his tongue.
"Oh, Tekalani, baby," she murmured. "Honey... Tekalani, Ohhh, God, baby!" They continued kissing as they felt one another's private parts. Both were panting hard and fast.
"Oh, God!" she moaned in a soft, thick sound as his big black hand reached beneath her saree which was beginning to work its way up her wheatish legs.

My wife's saree soon rode up completely leaving her tiny bikini panties, remaining between his long black fingers and her pussy. The black student moved the crotch of her tiny black panties aside as he began to feel Shyamala's tight little hole with his long black finger.
"I want you so much". She whispered as he reached between her legs and massaged her hot slippery pussy.

At the same time, Tekalani licked her ear and whispered, "I wanted to fuck, your little pussy so badly since I felt you against me in the elevator that morning.” Shyamala removed her blouse completely, giving Tekalani free access to her soft breasts.

"Oh, Tekalani, baby, I also wanted you ever since I felt your masculine body that morning."

My wife started to moan, "Please Tekalani hold my pussy baby! Ooooooohhh! I really need you. Tekalani, I really like it!" she moaned passionately, pressing her body closer to Tekalani's big hands and body. "Oh, daddy, kiss me! Kiss me please!” Tekalani's lips again came down and covered her mouth as his tongue snaked into her mouth. She whimpered like a bitch in heat with the sound being muffled by his lips.
"Oh, yes!" she whispered. "Yes, yes!" He slid his tongue around within her mouth, then over the top of her tongue, caressing it. The young Black man began rubbing her pussy through her panties, my wife moaned.
"I'm getting so hot.” She remarked. She yearned for his long black cock between her legs and she wished that he'd take her little Indian pussy!

They couldn't keep their hands away off one other. Their hands went around each other's head as they kissed passionately on the couch right in front of me! Tekalani held her very tightly against his long body and rubbed his hips against her groin. The student's cock was become hot and hard. He needed her little Indian pussy around his big black cock. My wife's tongue sloppily licked his thick lips and tongue, darting quickly back and forth.

Tekalani's long tongue kissed her mouth, carefully sliding in and out between her small lips. My wife began squealing with passion as her entire body pressed against his. Shyamala's face and lips were all over his face! Her breasts mashed against his hard, muscular chest, her thighs, legs and belly pressed into his. She moaned passionately as they held one another tightly. He held her so tight that, she could do nothing but moan and whimper as his hands stroked her back. His left hand slid down onto her ass, covering it, squeezing and kneading the soft, buttocks as he inserted his middle finger deep in her ass. His wide lips pressed and covered her lips with a firm pressure.

"Oh, Tekalani, baby," she murmured. "Honey...Tekalani. Ohhh, God, baby!" She moaned weakly as his tongue continued to slide between her lips as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. She kept her small lips slightly opened as she eagerly sucked his thick long tongue with her own small mouth. Pulling his tongue from her mouth he then licked her all over her face.

Her entire face was now coated by the student's saliva! Shyamala was still sucking on his thick lips back with wild sexual abandon. His erection was so hard that she could now feel just how long and thick and hard the Black student's organ really was!
His long thick cock pressed into her belly and my wife could feel his big hot sword pressed against her stomach almost reaching her breasts! He was a "big" man in more ways than one! His big black hand found her nice tight ass covered only by a pair of tiny black panties. Her firm ass was soon exposed to his pleasure. My wife assisted by lifting her legs up in order for his big hands to caress her ass better. He felt her firm ass beneath her tiny black panties with his big hand.

She moved as he caressed her pussy and she moaned slightly as she felt his long finger went inside her split between her legs. "Honey... baby. Ohhh, God it feels so good!"
He inserted his middle finger into her hot slit and pushed it deep into her wet hole, his finger was much thicker and longer than her husband's cock, she thought. "Honey... Tekalani. Ohhh, God, baby!
Locating her sensitive little bud Tekalani thrust his long and thick finger in and out of her tight little pussy. She squeezed her thighs together and trapped his finger between them.

The big buck felt the muscles on the inside of her bare thighs tighten against his finger, and her ass squirmed on the seat as the pleasure built between her legs. He fondled her pussy lips and with his long finger. "Oh boy, that feels really good!" she said, as she relaxed against his chest. Then she took his erection within her petite hands as he allowed her to learn how to masturbate a man to a climax. The sight of my wife totally revealed amazed me. He played with her clitoris before sticking his long black finger inside her wet pussy again.

"Mmm. Yes," Shyamala panted as she trembled with excitement. The student's fingers continued playing with her little pussy between her thighs, as she spread her legs to expose her pink pussy opening.
Shyamala began moaning tenderly having his long finger inside of her tiny pussy. She had a big orgasm just from the student's stimulating of her hot pussy.
"Please Tekalani. Ohhh, God, baby!" I could see that her mind was spinning with lust and desire as she felt his hard finger pressing into her.
Tekalani slid his hand down her flat stomach, onto the waistband of her panties and cupped the thin slit. He began gently stroking her drenched protruding pink pussy lips.

That was all she could take. "Oh, yes!" she whispered. "Yes, yes!"
She commanded him to "PLEASE put your finger just there, BABY PLEASE! I'm coming BABY," gently pulling away from him. She gasped in ecstasy. "Oh... I'll just.... just.... Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned as her first orgasm hit her like a truck. She came for a long time, still rubbing until she finally came down. "Mmmmmm, I feel so good right now...
Oh, yes baby!" He ran his long black finger delicately between her pussy lips, slowly, until he came to the entrance of her cute little hole.

He slid down upon his knees, sliding his tongue down to her tiny wet pussy. The sweet musky smell of his sweat filled her nostrils, intoxicating her as she sucked the air harder, and faster. The student buried his wide nose into the depths of her verdant pubic hair as his long tongue snaked between her lips of her now steaming cunt. She could feel the juices running down her thighs between the crack of her ass.

The Black man began to lap at her cunt in earnest! By now Shyamala’s breasts were fully exposed. “Oh, yes baby!" she whispered. "I love you! Yes, yes!" She put one hand between her legs, and began stroking her hot pulsing clit. She came, moaning as her body shook as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

His hands rubbed up and down her thighs, pushing them even further open, forcing her to spread her legs for him. Unashamed, she did. Looking down at her pussy to watch as he stared into her crotch.
She gasped as he suddenly lowered his tongue into her hole licking along her slit of her little pussy. She stared in bug-eyed shock as he slowly peeled her tight pussy lips open between his thumbs and began slurping at her cunt.
"Oh, yes baby!" she whispered. "I love you yes, yes!"
His tongue rode across her pink flesh, his saliva making it glistened and shown. I had never before eaten her out and neither had her few previous dates. She'd remained a virgin until her twenty-first birthday and had only been screwed twice before marrying two years later.
My wife had never been fucked like this or licked like this before! His nose ground into her clit as he shoved his tongue deep within her pussy. She gasped as a wave of pleasure poured into her loins.
Shyamala already had her breasts exposed to him.
At first she couldn't believe it. But as he continued to suck and slurp and lick on her pussy the feeling grew until she could no longer control herself her mind and her body were responding totally to his caresses.
What was happening? What was her body doing? She clenched her teeth! Sweating as she tried desperately to hold off the pleasure that was surging through her veins. Her body was overwhelmed with lust! Her breasts beginning to swell, her nipples were hard. She was bewildered and helpless before the sexual onslaught.
She couldn't believe that she was being tongue fucked by this big Black man right in front of her husband.

"Oh, God! "I love you! Yes, yes!" she moaned in a soft, thick sound. "Oh, my God!" She gasped as she was pierced, and looked down to see the student's finger disappear into her tight pussy. He could feel the heat from her pussy. He ground his knuckle against her pussy lips, before pumping the thick digit within her guts as he pulled her clitty between his lips and sucked furiously. This Indian bitch sure had a juicy little pussy and an incredible tight firm little ass, he thought.

She groaned aloud, turning a deep red when she realized that her husband was right in front of her watching. The student chuckled, as he felt her legs go rubbery and limp feeling a blast of hot sexual energy blow through her belly to his long finger and tongue. Her mouth opened and closed helplessly as her eyes fluttered. Her body was enveloped within powerful sexual haze. Her skin sparkled with electricity and her nipples hardened like rocks, threatening to split apart. "Noooo! Nooooo! Oh, yes!" she whispered.
"Yes, yes!" she moaned. He shoved his tongue back into her crotch, his hands now gripping her buttocks, squeezing them, his fingers kneading the hot, firm flesh as his mouth sucked on her gash.
"Ohhh, God!" she whispered. "Ohhh, Tekalani!" He opened his mouth wide and closed it over her entire pussy mound before locking his lips tight and sucking for all he was worth. Tekalani lapped at her flowing twat like a child licks a lollipop.

"Oh, daddy you make me feel so hot down there!" she told him as her breathing grew harder and louder. She was cumming and she never felt like that before! She was lost to his tongue and finger within her. "I love you baby, I never knew Black men were sooooo good, or else I would have fucked a nigger long before now!" she moaned her eyes fluttered in ecstasy.

I remained sitting across the couch as I observed this Big black man service my lovely sweet wife. She didn't even notice me. She was lost to lust having his long thick finger and tongue between her legs.
Lifting her off the couch as he cradled her in his arms and kissing her deeply, tasting themselves on one another's mouths. Tekalani led her to our bedroom, ordered her to undress and laid her on the bed.

The student undressed himself and lowered his body onto his knees in front of her, then pulled her against him with his face nuzzling against the side of her throat.

"Oh, yes!" she whispered. "Yes, yes!" Shyamala panted for breath, as she held his thick cock with both hands. "Please Daddy! Please put it inside me I beg you Please fuck me!" she begged him. The big Black student gently pressed Shyamala back down on the bed, then down onto her back. He then took off her saree and bra completely and slowly, ran his big hand up her thighs. Her breathing became faster and her thighs quivered slightly with each stroke. Shyamala's pretty lips and tongue licked him all over his thick lips and face.
Again he pressed his thick lips to my wife's sweet mouth as she opened her mouth and hungrily attacked his tongue with her's.

She moaned, the sound muffled by his lips. He slid his tongue over the inside of her mouth, then over her tongue, caressing it. This kiss went on for a few minutes, until both had to stop in order to get their breath back. She looked so adorable with her face flushed, and her eyes shining. She opened up her legs wide and allowed the big head of his long black rod to touch her hairy Indian pussy while he kissed opened her mouth greedily... Shyamala began a cascade of moans.

My wife begged him to fuck her! “Please fuck me with your BIG Nigger cock! I want your Nigger cock inside my little Indian pussy! PLEASE baby, I needed it! In... in my little cunt, I need you inside me!!! I BEG YOU baby!" Tekalani then asked me if I wanted my wife fucked with his black cock.

I told him to please fuck her and I'd love to observe my wife being served by his long and thick cock. Shyamala kept begging for his Nigger cock. "Where, where do you want this black cock Indian bitch?” he asked.

"I want it in my little Indian pussy, please put inside me; I need you inside my cunt. I want it in my cunt NOW!!!!!"

And soon he was into position between her legs on top of her. He guided the head of his big 12-inch rod into her tight and willing pussy. Tekalani placed the head of his long cock at the entrance of her little pussy. She spread her legs as wide as humanly possible, inviting Tekalani to take the treasure between her thighs. Shyamala's clit erect and clearly visible, as she begged for his big Nigger cock!

Tekalani tried to stick his long and thick cock into her hole, which was pretty difficult - she had such a tight little opening, it could not enter so I quickly grabbed the bottle of skin cream and lubricated his cock.
"Oh, God that feels so good”. The Black student replied, the cock was very hard and his long cock was dripping a few drops of precum. I'd like to eat that juice I thought to myself. But my Shyamala was not in a position to share his big cock. She kept begging Tekalani to "fuck her with his big Nigger cock!!"
"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!" She screamed!

He slowly caressed his now very erect member as he watched her open her legs even wider still. He buried twelve inches of thick black cock in her with one mighty thrust causing her to jerk, shiver and convulse on our own bed. Her head whipping back at first, then falling forward onto the bed from the sudden pain.

I've never seen my wife so exited! Tekalani had impaled his long cock deep between her legs. He knelt between her open thighs and pressing his groin forward, his frighteningly long cock sliding between her thighs, the shaft pressing up against her thick pubic mound. His heavy, black body pressed against her's. He gripped her left thigh and raised it off the bed, pulling it high. He pulled his hips back and brought his cock out from between her thighs, then, keeping her legs open with his; he pressed his thick, moist cockhead against her cunt slit and rubbed it back and forth.

Tekalani fucked her like a machine with a steady in and out tempo. My wife felt the pressure mounting as Tekalani's cockhead pressed against her pussy ….. in and out in a steady rhythm. She felt her pussy lips spreading as the Nigger’s cock forced its way up between them.
She sobbed again, "Baby, it’s so hot, hard and big OOOHHH! Ohhh! Oh! Ohhh, I’ve never been fucked like this before!!!!!" she moaned. He bent and crushed his lips against her's again, his tongue sliding into her opened mouth with intimate freedom. He ground his hips against her, his hard, muscular thighs bruising her's, his big hard organ twisting and turning deep with her belly.

My wife was breathing so hard and fast that she became light headed. Her legs were spread wide apart in order to accommodate his action better. She trembled with abandoned lust as she felt his male organ deep inside her pussy mound. He pressed it up harder, forcing it up into her soft, pulpy cunt mound, mashing it up into her slit, sawing it against the delicate pink flesh within. "Please Baby it hurts so good don't stop, I needed this." she sobbed.
"Baby you got one tight pussy," he groaned. "Yes, Baby you got a tight, hot pussy." "No," she whimpered. "Noooooooooooo.” My little wife had never before been fucked like this before. His hand, the one under her ass, gripped the tip of his cock. He humped against her, swinging his massive cock back and forth between her thighs, pressing it up against her cunt slit. He ignored her cries as his cock, hard and thick, moved into her. She gasped in pain and pleasure as her tight pussy was forced to spread open wide before his onslaught.

"I love you baby," she moaned as his cock pumped lightly against her snatch, using short strokes, forcing it a little bit deeper each time.
She cried out, her back arching, her body attempting to jerk closer to him as his cock pressed into her hot quivering pussy. She squirmed and thrashed frantically before giving a cry of pain, excitement and surrender as she felt her Indian pussy filled into previously unknown depths within her vagina.

Gripping her thigh again, forcing it up and back, his hand caressed the soft skin as he drove his cock deep into her belly. Her wide-open eyes stared off into space as she jerked helplessly! Her mind shaking and spinning, her body helpless against his.
She'd never been fucked like this! She'd never felt this heat between her legs. "Please kiss me my love." She sobbed quietly as she felt his cockhead bludgeoning into the very end of her pussy! She could even feel her pussy lips clinging tightly around his shaft. She was willingly impaled on his long, thick male organ, and clung to him; her arms gripping his shoulders with her legs were around his waist.

Shyamala's ass was totally at the mercy of his thick long black cock. No, she thought, its better with my eyes closed. She closed her eyes again, preferring the mental image her mind provided, as the young Black man began its rhythmic thrusting.
It felt so hot and big! Especially down below where it counted the most. Right now Shyamala was feeling so hot between her legs that she thought she would ignite!

"Slower and a little deeper honey," she whispered, wrapping her slender legs around the warm body of the tireless Nigger fucking her little pussy and pulling it tighter against herself.
The thrusts of the long black dick slowed down slightly and went deeper within the warm moist cavity of my wife's vagina as the African student accommodated her command.
"Oh, yes... yes, ohhhh, yes," my wife moaned as she once again opened her eyes, seeing and feeling the big Black man covering her slender Indian body as she surrendered herself completely to her mounting passion. She slowly, deliciously, approached the threshold of her climax, her first ever. Hopefully it would be one of those multiple orgasms she'd read about so many times in novels.
"A little faster...," my wife gasped. The young Nigger boy increased his speed to meet her increasingly urgent demands.
"Oh, yesssss... I'm cumming NOW!"

The young student responded to her command code, thrusting as deeply as his thick long black penis would permit before shooting a pulsating stream of warm, hot, liquid deep within my wife's waiting womb.

For a woman of 47 years of age this was the best orgasm she had ever had. It was perfect in every way. As the hot liquid splashed against her waiting cervix, coherent speech or thought became impossible as she suddenly exploded through the threshold of mere pleasure and into a series of orgasms that flowed throughout her body with wave after wave sheer utter ecstasy heightened by unintelligible mumble.

Tekalani’s thrusts slowed before briefly stopping, allowing my wife's momentarily overloaded senses to calm down slightly before beginning the cycle again. My wife closed her eyes and gently embraced the big black man's warm back, savoring his still firm penis within her. It was as good... no, it was BETTER than she could have ever imagined!!!
She gave a startled cry as he drew his long dark sword of a cock back, shocked by the sensation as it slid backwards across her pussy lips.
She protested as he took his cock out. Tekalani asked her, "How do you like my cock?"
"I love it and I love you too Baby," she replied. “Africans are the best lovers!!!”
Then he pushed forward and his big tool sunk back within her belly yet again, drawing a groan of protest. She continued clutching his shoulders and waist like as if she was about to fall from a high altitude. His hard sweaty body rubbed up and down against her's as he began to slide his cock in and out of her newly opened pussy tunnel.

Continuing to fuck her while throwing his hips into her, ramming his cock down her fuck pipe with powerful strokes. She grunted again and again, and moaned in delight. She came again, then again, then yet again! Riding each high into the swirling mists of sexual bliss, falling back, only to catch the next wave upwards.

She closed her eyes and shuddered as his movements grew steady, his hard black flesh scraping against her pubic lips as he pumped his organ up and down inside her body. This big Nigger stallion was fucking her, and she was really enjoying his hot cock up her tiny pussy.

The frantic beating of her heart increased somewhat with the realization that his cock was feeling bigger as he increased his tempo. Shyamala followed the movements of his organ inside her, unnerved at how clearly her body expressed every sensation as his hardness as he moved up and down within her soft pink tunnel. It was strange to feel something this large actually moving inside her body.
Her pussy lips, she noted, were moving up and down and dragged by the motion of his organ, now being pulled out, then being pushed in. They clung tightly to his hard shaft as it pumped up and down.
Both his hands went down to her buttocks, brutally squeezing them as he jerked her up against him. His cock moved faster inside of her as his hips struck her thighs with bruising force, jarring her body. His cock was slicing back and forth furiously.

He bit down on the side of her neck, marking her, as he hammered his loins into her relentlessly. Shyamala's face was pressed into his shoulder as she clung onto him for dear life as his motions forced her body to jerk back and forth on the bed. Not that she could fall, she thought, not with the way he was holding her. Surely he would catch her. He was practically lifting her off the bed as it was.

Tekalani took his long black dick out and turned her around. She willingly and eagerly got onto her hands and knees, groaning and moaning as if she were a bitch in heat.
"This is the way you like it, don't you Indian bitch" he whispered placing her on legs and knees. "On all fours with your ass waving in the air?”

"Your whore Indian wife really enjoys being fucked like a dog, huh?" He asked me, while mounting her as a dog would mount a bitch in heat. "Come and suck my Nigger dick before I fuck your wife like a dog." He commanded me, well; I was more than willing to follow his command. Being very excited I couldn't just stand by idly watching my sweet wife whore herself out to this strange black cock any longer!
Positioning myself beneath my wife's pussy. I begged the big nigger fucking my own wife to suck his cock. And then it began to spurt! The heated lava-like flow shooting like liquid flames deep up into her bowels, blasting up into her belly, ripping through her hungry, receptive ass in never-ending spurts. Over and over again the white flow erupted from the throbbing, flood swollen head of the huge, black shaft.

Shyamala's ass was filled to the brim with his cum as her inside was draining slowly out streaming in a warm flood down both sides of her crevice.
It trickled into twin streams down her vaginal lips into my waiting mouth.

He continued cumming and cumming. Tekalani put his big black dick up and down over the hungry lips of her ass, soothing the lust-inflamed passage with a lubricating ooze of cum. He pulled the big organ out, hanging it over my face and I licked cum coated head.

"MMMM." It tasted so good! Tekalani let me clean the head of his big cock while he finger fucked my wife gaping hole. He tasted so GOOD. When every precious drop had been milked from his thick, pumping penis, when every hot spurt had been sucked down into my mouth where it mingled luridly with the matter of my wife's intestines……it tasted so good. I felt my tongue gripped by her still tightly clenching pussy, she was very excited!

Tekalani pulled his long rod from my greedily sucking mouth with a popping sound as I did my best to continue slurping and returned it deep inside her belly. The Nigger cock made an audible sloshing noise as he banged into her now stretched pussy.

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhh," she groaned. He began to thrust with long strokes, while I licked the underside of his ebony shaft and across her sluttish pussy at the same time. Her cries grew louder as her pussy lips swelled and swelled, his tool suddenly disappeared altogether, and in another sweet moment he drove his big rod into her as deeply as she could possibly take it as she hung around Tekalani in a spasm of pleasure.

"Oh, daddy, I'm coming again! Ohhh! Baby you fuck me so well! Please! Always fuck me like this please don't ever stop! Oh, yeah! Your cock feels so good inside my belly! Oh, DADDY, I'm cumming again!!!"
Then she heard a gurgle of excitement from him and he jammed her down hard, his cock punching against her cervix with enough force to make her cry out. He held her against him, shaking slightly, and Shyamala knew his sperm was gushing up into her cunt again.
This knowledge filled her with renewed passion and excitement! She could feel the hot black baby juice squirt inside her body.
"Oh!" She felt his hot Nigger cum all the way through her Indian debauched pussy. She felt it spurting inside; moaning in ecstasy, for it meant that they had accomplished the final betrayal of her husband and the end of the delicious fucking. But she had enjoyed the ride.
Tekalani permitted her spasm to overtake her before busting his own nut within her waiting pussy. I was able to catch the overflow from both orgasms. He continued to cum and cum within her pussy with the overflow dripping into my mouth.
She reached around to grasp his buttocks and squeezed them tightly, as another spasm shook her. I smiled down at my disheveled and satisfied wife, watched as her life force seemed to drain from her. She fell limp over me.

The student knew she was cumming hard because he could feel the walls of her little pussy contracting around his long cock.
Continuing his fucking motions until she stopped thrashing around, about 3 or 4 orgasms later. His hand gripped her head again as he chewed hungrily at her mouth. His lips roved across her face, less gentle now. His lips kissed her voraciously, his tongue slid and rasped against her soft flesh, as he bit down lightly, fast little nips to her ears and cheek and throat.

“My, my, doesn't my old Indian bitch like thrashing around!” he remarked. Finally, after yet a couple more orgasms, she flopped down onto the bed. She didn't know how many times she reached her climax as for her mind was torn asunder by the blistering, raging whirlwinds of sexual ecstasy, and after a final gut wrenching, mind blowing orgasmic explosion, he got on the bed beside her and held her closely, relishing the feel of her soft, supple skin against his own black skin.

"I love you, Tekalani," my wife told him. Afterwards, he pulled my wife close to him, and after sharing another sweet kiss with her, she asked him, "did you like me, daddy?"…he nodded his approval.

She came again, and he pushed into her deep and hard and shot his load deep within her belly. He then commanded that I licked both of them clean. Spreading her legs and diving my head between their legs I wildly sucked Tekalani's sperm from her pussy and drove them both to two more orgasms before I came up for air. I was enjoying myself too much to hold back.
I held them deep inside and milked their juices into me until I was sure I'd all their juices in my mouth... They embraced, falling asleep while I sucked his big Nigger cock and her stretched Indian pussy. We all slept in the same bed until next morning.
As they went for a shower together, I went and made breakfast for both of them.

From the girlish giggling in the bathroom, I sensed that Tekalani was fucking Shyamala again, and she was enjoying the massive black meat with joyous abandon. This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship with the young African student.

When Shyamala went to Mayapur on a pilgrimage for 10 days, Tekalani and I slept in the same bed during this period and he fucked me every night.

He skipped college during that period and we acted the part of husband and wife throughout. I even went to the extent of wearing Shyamala’s saree, her nail polish and lipstick. Tekalani was the perfect husband, and I the obedient, submissive wife to my virile African prince. The way he fingered my ass all day, and kissed me with his thick lips made me realise the pleasure Shyamala enjoyed from his long fingers and muscular lips. Tekalani helped me to put on my lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner; he was cooperative in every way a woman would have wished.

As a reward, every night when we went to bed, I sucked his big toes and kissed his feet. That aroused him for sweet passionate sex.

One evening at about 8:45 PM, we had run out of milk, so we decided to go down to the milk bar in Surya Shopping Complex and buy 2 litres of milk. I wore my saree as usual; Tekalani was dressed in his trade mark vest and shorts. The milk vendor commented, “Madam, I’ve never seen you and your husband here before, you must be new?”
I replied, in my most effeminate voice ever, saying I was a doctor and my husband was a computer engineer, to which he replied, “Professionals are always welcomed in this neighbourhood, irrespective of their race, it was time we got an injection of class.” I thanked him for his liberal, 21st century views.

On our way back to our flat, I could tell that Tekalani was aroused by the show I had put on. In the lift to the fifth floor, he kissed me passionately. As soon as we entered the flat, he bent me over the sofa and fucked my ass ruthlessly.

It was an honour to be his wife. That night in bed, we made plans. I told him when he returned to Eldoret in Kenya, I could follow him and we could live like man and wife. He said he would consider such a magnanimous gesture………..I’m still waiting for his reply!

I was sad when Shyamala phoned and said that she was on her way home, the fun was about to end. As she entered the house, I was in the bathroom busily removing my nail polish and washing the lipstick off. Tekalani opened the door for her and greeted her in a way which we both approved.

I was fucked up my ass from the age of 12, this tenacious addiction to being buggered by a stiff black cock has remained with me into adulthood and I do not intend to abandon it ever!!……. Despite having scores of black partners, Tekalani was the best I’ve ever had. This made me conclude that:


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2013-06-09 02:55:05
sell her to will regret it!!!!

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2013-04-27 12:48:02
SOME LIBERAL HUSBAND??? I wonder what his plans are, must be something sinister???

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2013-01-26 02:39:46
typical....the Indian man recoginises the limitation of his sexual prowess

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2012-06-02 05:35:11
Here in Kenya, it is a regular sight to see affluent Indian women driving into the Kibera slums in their Mercedes, Land Cruisers and Range Rovers to have cheap and uninhibited sex with young, well endowed and virile black youths.

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