Shyamala Indu Nair had just finished addressing the Saturday afternoon PTA meeting at Vivek College on her favourite two topics:
1) Students should be shielded from exposure to sex education of any kind and,
2) African students should not be admitted to the college.
She was always worried that some Black man might some day make a pass at either her or her daughter Rohini. The very idea of a Black man touching her smooth, wheatish Indian skin revolted Shyamala. Her innate racism ran deep. One day she was buying vegetables at the market in Shantinagar with her friend Malati. At the market that day, there were 3 African students buying plantain. Malati remarked how athletic and well built the African youths were. Shyamala was infuriated and admonished her by saying, "You pagal (stupid person), shoes are for feet and cap for head!" By that she meant that Blacks and Indians MUST NEVER, THEY ARE AT THE OPPOSITE END OF THE SPECTRUM, LIKE SHOES AND CAP ON THE HUMAN BODY. These were the qualities/sentiments she strictly passed on to Rohini.

Shyamala Nair (46) was a very prim, proper, conservative Nair Hindu woman, from a middle-class family. The 5’5”, 59kgs lady was still a good looker. Her long black hair, brown eyes and firm set of 34Cs turned many a head. Shyamala, although outwardly very proper, liked to tease men in a subtle fashion and, on three occasions during her 16 year of widowhood had enjoyed wild but brief affairs while her family were kept in the dark. Her only child, Rohini, had been born 9 months after an abusive marriage to a guy called Mohanlal. Indeed, although very conservative, Shyamala proudly thought of herself as “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets”, not that she would ever say that publicly. She often masturbated 3-4 times daily!

Striding back to her seat to muted, embarrassed applause, Shyamala sat down and smoothed out her salwar while feeling the coolness of the metal folding chair on her naked bottom. She got a thrill BY going without panties in public, occasionally. Her sister Ramadevi said that going out without wearing panties gave her ideas for masturbating!

After the meeting Shyamala picked up her daughter from home and, together they went to Thakur mall, eventually stopping at Chroma and McDonalds for a light dinner. Shyamala disapproved of her daughter’s choice in clothing. Rohini (19), a shapely girl like her mom, stood 5’4” and weighed just 55kgs. She liked to wear sexy clothing in a deliberate attempt to attract attention. Today she wore a thin, low-cut pink blouse tied in a knot under her compact breasts showing plenty of cleavage due to her ample breasts. If Shyamala was bothered by the excessive show of cleavage, she would have been even more upset had she known Rohini also wore no panties under her skin-tight jeans. Like her mother, Rohini had acquired a liking for shaving her young pussy. On her feet were white leather sandals. In Shyamala’s opinion it was a rather cheap display but chose not to get into the usual argument today.

Enjoying her Coke at McDonalds while chiding Rohini for crossing her legs suggestively in public; Shyamala noticed several Black men sitting at the table across from them. Disgustingly, the blacks appeared to be ogling Rohini. Shyamala marched straight over to them, ordered them on their way, marched back to her seat, paid the bill and, in a huff, went out and booked a rickshaw to take them to the beach.

Shyamala and Rohini continued their afternoon drive not noticing another rickshaw tailing them in the distance. Soon, at Rohini’s request, they pulled off at a small, secluded beach in Bandra. The rickshaw driver parked just past the sign that read “Beach Closed – Use at Your Own Risk”. Strolling down to the water’s edge they didn’t notice that the other rickshaw had stopped alongside theirs. Nor did they notice the 3 big Black men step out, rub their crotches and leer in the women’s direction. The men lounged against Shyamala’s rickshaw waiting for the women to return and debating how something amongst themselves.

Walking back to the rickshaw, one arm around her daughter, the other hand holding her sandals, Shyamala abruptly stopped. Her eyes went wide, butterflies danced in her belly. In shock, Shyamala stared at the 3 big Black men leaning against her rickshaw, grinning at her and Rohini.

Rohini stopped too, and worriedly said, “Uh oh. Mommy??”

Deciding to bluff, Shyamala looked sternly straight at the men and said, “What are you doing? That’s my rickshaw. Move along. Git! Go! Now!”

The biggest one scratched his crotch, looked at the rickshaw then looked at Shyama, slowly, from top to bottom and back up again. His eyes shifted to Rohini’s very tight jeans, stopped at her white cleavage then shifted back to Shyamala. Leering, he said, “Your rickshaw? Why, this is my rickshaw. Ain’t it bro’s?” Grinning, leering heads nodded as the men stepped forward and surrounded the Indian women.

Rohini shrank against her mother seeking reassurance. None came. Shyamala’s voice quavered, “Please go away. Just leave us alone.”

“Go away? We just got here”, replied the Black man. Grinning, he added, “Bro’s, this whore don’t like Niggas.” His beefy hand came up and slammed against Shyamala’s cheek sending her sprawling on the ground, her salwar hiked up to the top of her legs revealing a glimpse of her smooth wheatish inner thighs. The man grinned wider, planted his foot between her legs to prevent her from getting up and laughed, “The old whore got some legs. Bro’s you want a old whore?”

Shyamala started shaking. Rohini stared at her mother sprawled on the ground. Rohini stared at the group of Black men surrounding her and her mom. She said, “Mommy?” then added in a weak voice, “Help?” as strong hands seized her arms and wrenched them roughly behind her back. A muscular arm went around her waist, the hand resting on her bare tummy, playing with her exposed belly button. Rohini’s face blanched.

Seeing this, Shyamala screeched, “Oh god! Get your hands off my daughter you disgusting Black bastards!”

That simply earned her a second vicious slap across the face as another of the men angrily yelled, “Whore! You want us to let your mother-fucking whore of a daughter go, you jus better make us real happy. WHORE!!!”

A third man added, “Shut your whore face bitch. We like Indian bitch asses. You fuck our Black asses and we’ll let your bitch daughter go. Get up and let us see your sorry old whoring ass.”

Sprawled on the sand, feeling sickened to the core, Shyamala pleaded, “Anything! Anything! Just let Rohini go! Please!”

The tallest, meanest looking Black man growled at Shyamala, “You better make us real happy or we’ll take your fucking daughter apart.” He nodded at the others and two of them tied Rohini’s hands to a large tree branch hanging over the parking area. Her toes didn’t even touch the ground. Her belly heaved with fear but she was relieved that they had agreed to spare her. Unfortunately, the man holding her tummy continued to play with her belly button.

One man yanked Shyamala to her feet then pushed her right back down to her knees. She felt one of her salwar legs rip at the knee. The vicious man who had struck her first grabbed and twisted her hair to force her to look up and said, “My dick is all swelled up. You better lick it to make it feel better.” With that, he dropped his pants revealing his long, hard black rod sticking straight out at Shyamala’s horrified face.

Shyamala, fighting nausea, shuddered with revulsion as she tried to avoid looking at the huge 13 inch black cock. Another slap on her face and she started sobbing in despair as she slowly, reluctantly opened her mouth. The man immediately jammed his pulsating rod into her mouth forcing it to the back of her throat, nearly gagging Shyamala. She couldn’t pull her head back because someone was holding it firmly in place, indeed, they began pushing her head forward and then pulling it back again.

The man holding her head barked, “Squeeze his balls bitch.”

Shyamala half-heartedly extended her hand to cup the man’s sack and slowly squeezed as his cock rhythmically slid back and forth in her mouth. She was willing to do anything to protect her virgin daughter.

One of the Black men called out to Rohini, “Your whoring mother looks hungry. Bet she eats lots of black cocks everyday.” That was followed by raucous laughter.

Rohini watched wide-eyed as the thick black cock entered her mother’s mouth. It was at least three the size of her boyfriend’s member. The other Black men had all started dropping their clothes and she was astonished to realize just how runty her boyfriend’s cock really was.

Shyamala felt powerful hands grip the top of her blouse. One man held her in place as another tore the seam of her expensive blouse down the back also revealing her still pretty and smooth back. The same man grabbed her bra strap yanked at it only to have it snap back in place against her soft skin.
4) So he used two hands and ripped it apart at the clasp.

Poor Shyamala wept as she kneeled with the huge black cock fucking her mouth. Her blouse, in tatters, hung down at her sides as a rough hand gripped her broken bra and ripped it off causing her some pain as the cups scraped at her breasts.

The huge cock pulled out of her mouth and Shyamala’s arms were pulled behind her back as the men finished tearing off her blouse leaving her naked from the waist up, her firm melons swaying from the rough treatment. Looking around she saw three naked black bodies converging on her, three large cocks waving at her in delight. Three angry faces menacing her.

Her eyes met Rohini’s. Although she had protected Jenna’s virginity, she hoped Rohini’s first glimpse of a naked male would not be too great a shock for her daughter.

Two sets of hands grabbed her salwar trousers and with a violent wrench tore it off her revealing her lack of panties.

She heard one laugh jeeringly, “Hey your mommy ain’t got no panties. She just waiting for some good black cock.” Then, looking closer, he added, “A naked pussy! Girl, your mother knows just what black cocks like: naked Indian pussy. How many black cocks does your mother eat everyday?”

One of the men lay on his back, his engorged black member sticking straight up. Several pairs of hands grabbed Shyamala’s arms and hair forcing her over his cock; forcing her down onto his waiting cock. Shyamala, unable to protest, felt his repulsive member enter her pussy. She was pushed down hard causing considerable pain as the cock rammed up into and violated her Indian’s only pussy. Her eyes squeezed shut to protect her from the pain.

Next she was forced to lean forward where another massive black cock waited for her to suck. She didn’t know if it was the same cock she had already sucked but her reluctance to open her mouth again earned her yet another belt across the face. That worked; her mouth opened instantly to let the vile thing in.

Meanwhile, leaning forward with a cock in her mouth while sitting on another cock, Shyamala felt a third cock tapping her bum. It rubbed up and down the crack of her ass until it had left enough wetness to allow it to force its way inside her firm ass cheeks.

Poor Shyamala almost passed out when the cock entered her ass. This was her worst nightmare: being raped by a gang of filthy Black men. Her head spun as one cock fucked her mouth while she sat on another that seemed to go up inside of her further than any cock had ever gone before while her ass was violated by yet another repulsive black cock.

As the three cocks pounded Shyamala without mercy, she felt another pair of hands slapping her exposed ass cheeks. Yet another pair of hands grasped her firm breasts and started squeezing them too hard, alternating with very hard pulls on her nipples as if they were trying to milk a cow. The man fucking her mouth grabbed her long black hair and kept yanking her head back and forth. She fervently hoped Rohini was not being forced to watch. Hopefully Rohini had been able to look away or, at least, keep her eyes shut.

Rohini looked on in awe. She liked fondling her boyfriend one on one. She had heard of three ways. But here was her mom being forced to do a four way!! The black cocks were so big! Their balls hung down so far! Rohini stared in fascination as she hung from her tree branch.

Rude remarks, violent thrusts. Shyamala tried desperately to keep her sanity during this horrid humiliation. Soon she felt the body under her shudder and she knew that his corrupt seed had erupted into her. Seconds later a loud yell from behind told her that more corrupt seed had spurted into her ass. She prayed that it wouldn’t happen but, soon, it did: the vile cock in her mouth shot a load of hot, salty, sticky cum into her mouth. It dribbled out the sides of her mouth as she tried not to vomit.

Seconds later, all three black men pulled out of her and stood up allowing her to collapse onto the sand, her ordeal finally ended.

A hand on her hair twisted forcing her onto her back. A maliciously smiling face said, “You ain’t done yet whore. It’s my turn again. Suck my balls while I fuck your Indian tits. Old bitch, you better suck good.” He lowered his ball sack into her mouth, laid his hot, throbbing cock between her breasts and started thrusting. Someone kicked her a couple times until she started sucking his balls. The balls filled her mouth and she could feel each ball roll on her tongue. Disgusting! But she sucked as hard as she could to please the hoodlum lest he punished her with another belt across the face.

He squeezed her breasts hard against his thrusting cock with one hand while the other hand cruelly twisted, pulled and pinched her nipples until they became puffy from the punishment. Soon she felt hot sticky liquid spew onto her stomach, leaking into her belly button.

As the man got up, Shyamala felt her legs being pulled apart as the another Black man crouched down and pinched and slapped her naked pussy. When he was satisfied that he had made her pussy sufficiently pink from the slapping he rammed his cock into her, lay on top of her, smiled into her face and kissed her lips roughly.

By now, Shyamala could only stare into the malice filled dark face as he thrust back and forth in an entirely emotionless fashion. His large muscles prevented her from making any kind of movement as he used her bald pussy as if he owned it. After several minutes he smiled more broadly, closed his eyes, uttered one simple grunt and squirted his juice into her aching pussy. Shyamala didn’t realize it at the time but his seed-laden juice soon found her ripe egg and triggered cell division.

Pulling out of her, he turned to the watching Rohini, smiled and said, “We done with your old whore of a mother. Now we want fresh young Indian meat.”

Rohini’s eyes widened. Her stomach churned. Her heart pounded. She realized they had lied. Despite her mother’s sacrifice, they were going to ravage her body anyway!

Shyamala just lay on the ground too exhausted and hurt to move. Cum leaked from her lips, pussy and ass. More cum congealed on her stomach. She was completely naked except for the shredded salwar trousers still clinging to her legs. This was the worst day of her life. Tears streamed down from her eyes as she realized Rohini was about to endure the same ordeal she had just gone through.

Approaching the ashen-faced Rohini, the hard muscled Black man gripped her thin, low-cut pink blouse and slowly untied the knot holding it closed. Her firm, compact breasts heaved into sight and swayed slightly as the Black man laughingly pushed her body so it swung gently from the branch. He began slapping her tender young Indian melons until they turned bright pink. Her nipples hardened from the slapping.

The man turned to the other gang members remarking, “See bro’s. Indian bitch’s titties are hard. Means she’s hot. Means she wants to taste hard black cock.” A round of jeers and guffaws followed.

Rohini tried to protest but was silenced in the same way as her mother; with a cruel slap across the face.

Another of the men stepped up, looked her up and down with a leer, grabbed her tight jeans and viciously tore it off. The expensive jeans lay in shreds on the ground. Rohini twisted and turned in a vain attempt to prevent the evil gang from seeing her naked, shaved, white pussy.

One of the men called out, “This whore got no panties either. Look at that bare pussy. Meow!”

Rohini watched wide-eyed, trembling as one of the huge cocks came closer. The body attached to the cock grabbed her, pulled her close and lifted her legs until she was forced to wrap them around his waist, his rock-hard cock pressing against her naked pussy. Wasting no time, he pulled her roughly against his body, forcing his cock deep into her pussy; much farther than her boyfriend had ever pushed his finger. Rohini gasped and tears started flowing down her cheeks.

The man kept her tight against his body as he thrust trying to force his way further into her dry pussy. She couldn’t move. His muscles were far too strong. Thrusting back and forth he quickly squirted his remaining seed into her, relaxed and released her body to let it once again sway from the branch.

Rohini felt another body attached to a hard cock rub against her from behind. Thick, strong arms went around her belly. The hard cock pushed against her ass seeking the entrance hole. Luckily the cock was still wet from ramming her mother. It forced its way into her bum hole without excessive pain and the arms held her belly in a vice-like grip. As the man moved his ramrod in and out of her ass, another black man mashed her compact breasts and a third man stroked her cheeks tenderly, alternating with stinging slaps while chuckling all the while.

Her boyfriend had never taken her ass before and she didn’t like it at all. She tried not to picture the black rod violating her ass but vivid pictures kept running through her head anyway. It sickened her.

The body clasping hers suddenly stiffened and jerked. His cum flooded into her ass. As he pulled out, Jenna could feel his cum start to slowly drip out of her ass. She felt so humiliated.

Then two men used her at the same time. One in her pussy, one in her ass sandwiching her between them. The one in front, grinning, kissed her roughly forcing his tongue into her soft mouth.

The cock in her bum thrust, the cock in her pussy pulled back. The cock in her pussy thrust, the cock in her bum pulled back. Back and forth the two cocks thrust. Rohini could hardly breathe sandwiched between them as she was, with a tongue violating her mouth.

Desperately she counted to one hundred before finally feeling the two bodies stiffen as they unloaded their remaining seeds into her disgraced body.

The last man looked at her and said, “Aw, I just want a good suck.” He eyed her up and down, looked at the branch and appeared deep in thought. At last he smiled, untied her arms, lifted her down, turned her upside down and proceeded to tie her ankles to the branch. Now poor Rohini hung upside down from the branch, her long blond hair streaming to the ground. The man looked satisfied.

Stepping up to her, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face close to his raging cock, “Enjoy baby. I’ll tear you to shreds if you don’t give me a good suck.”

Rohini, shaking, terrified opened her mouth to receive the quivering black rod. She felt its warmth as it entered her mouth. Her boyfriend had always been too afraid to ask her to suck him. Now a complete stranger, a Black man was receiving her first suck. The cock slid across her tongue, lodging in her cheek. It thrust back and forth and Rohini felt his big ball sack slapping against her forehead as he thrust. She was sure she wouldn’t live through this debasing ordeal. Yet she continued to suck in desperation until finally a gush of hot, salty slime blasted into her throat. As he withdrew she coughed and choked, the slime oozing out of her mouth.

The gang, having finished, just left Rohini hanging upside down, her hair dragging on the ground.

Dressing, three got back in the rickshaw and commanded the driver to go.

Some time later, when Shyamala had recovered enough to look up, she saw her poor, ravaged daughter, her virginity stolen prematurely dangling upside down from the tree. Stumbling over, she managed to get Rohini down and they held each other close, trembling at their horrid plight: naked, Black men’s cum all over them, how could they ever hold their heads up again?

After about an hour they staggered to the edge of the beach and entered the water to wash off the disgusting cum that still stuck to their skins.

At dusk they crept away from the beach, where a fisherman saw them and summoned his wife to bring clothes. He advised them to go to the Police.
That would be even more humiliating. Besides, the gang were all blacks; who can tell one black from another, they could have fled the country by then??

Several weeks later Shyamala and Rohini both realised, in horror, that they were both bearing the gang’s babies. Shyamala arranged expensive abortions at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, the total cost of the two abortions was 80,000 rupees. To this day, they get nightmares of being attacked by rustic Black Men. However, during daylight, while showering, Shyamala often masturbates while thinking of a massive black cock impaling her. During such periods of sublime pleasure, Shyamala often wondered what was so bad about Black Men? She soon found out that she got more intense orgasms when she imagined a black cock fucking her.....compared to that of an Indian man!

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This little bitch was spotted with her mother recently on Gorai Beach in Mumbai. They were in the company of three African students. They were seen entering a beach-side hut with the black boys!!!!!!...WHAT DID THEY DO IN THERE????? THEY NEVER LEARN, THE ADDICTION TO NIGGER,S COCK IS SO PROFOUND

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In this age oh Kali Yuga, it is written in the ancient Hindu Scriptures that the Black Man will rule the world. Such debauched behaviour is proving this to be correct. Hence the Indian acceptance of the Negroid race for sex, friendship, tolerance and business.

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I find this story racist and offensive

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