I had dreamed and imagined making love to mommy ever since I started masturbating.
One fateful evening, I walked into the house and found her sitting on the sofa.
Daddy was away for the week, at the opening of the new hospital in the Mackenzie.
Usually the living room main lights were switched on but that night the house was in muted darkness. I heard her soft sniffling and knew something was amiss. I rushed to her and saw the tears. I was taken aback by her distress and knelt on the floor before her, taking her hands into mine.
"What is it mommy?" I asked her.
"Are you ill?" I continued, getting really worried.
I suddenly realized that my mother was looking at me. She neither answered nor responded as she slowly extracted her hands from mine. I was confounded by mommy's reaction.
I could feel her rejection and it traumatized me. I stood up and sat beside her, not touching her.
Then she spoke for the first time. "I found your notebook in the pocket of your trousers when I did the laundry," she said, not looking at me.
I felt my face flushing. Which notebook, I wondered?
"I did not mean to intrude into your privacy but the book was wet and I wanted to dry out the pages.....I'm in shock Kenny, you think of me that way," she said in a trembling voice.
My heart dropped when I realised immediately what my mother was referring to. It was my very personal small pocket notebook where I had entered every detail of my fantasy after masturbating and when I was lying in bed. I knew the risks of keeping such a diary. If ever it was exposed, it would be devastating, and I had been extremely careful, thus far, in concealing it. I had thought about burning it, but I felt it was a part of me I could not destroy.
In my haste yesterday to see daddy off to Mackenzie, I had put the notebook in my trouser’s pocket and left it in the laundry basket. And now, I had to face the woman I was fantasizing about in the notes.
My mind was racing frantically recalling what I had written. The entries started the day I saw her naked. And each time I masturbated, I wrote about what I did to her. Kissing her lips, sucking her nipples and kneading her breasts, kissing her vaginal lips, her anus, fuckin her inn all holes and her swallowing my sperm. I even imagined the black boy Bynoe ejaculating prematurely on seeing her sexy body; this was documented in graphic details.
"You look so innocent and decent, but in truth you are A......I can't bring myself to say it," she said, breathing deeply.
I sat silently, my world shattered. I knew there was nothing I could say in defense of myself. I had gotten news that two of my school friends, Amarnath and Amarjeet, twin brothers, had gang fucked her the month before when she visited their mother Subaghi to give measurement for a new dress. If she became nasty, I was going to use that fact to my advantage to get reprieve.

My hand reached out to her, seeking her understanding and forgiveness.
As she felt my touching her, she flinched and Rosalind struck out, hitting me with a hard slap on the face, as she uttered the word "you pervert". She could feel the sting in her hand as she saw my clutched face.
Mommy sat mesmerized by the force of her action. She knew that she had struck me a terrible blow. She could see the dark imprint of her slap appearing on my right cheek. Her heart melted and went out to me. It was the first time she laid her hands on me in anger, since I was a baby.
"Kenny, oh Kenny, what have I done," she cried out, reaching out and clasping me to her.
I felt the harshness of her slap and it hurts, both physically and emotionally.
When mommy hugged me, my head rested on her chest as tears glistened in my eyelids. I loved her so much and I had betrayed that bond.
Mommy looked into my eyes and saw my tears slowly running down my face. She kissed my cheek gently, as though to sooth away the pain and hurt.
The closeness of her affected me, even in such situation. As her lips caressed my cheek, I felt the softness of her breasts against my chest. It intoxicated me.
I said softly, "Please forgive me, I love you so much."
It was a pleading cry for redemption as mommy kissed my forehead and eyes.
My palm touched mommy's face and we looked into each other's eyes. It was a moment of unspoken words and longing. I turned my face and my lips pressed gently against her cheek.
Our lips touched. Mommy pulled back momentarily but I held her head, not with force but tenderness as I brushed my lips onto hers. My tongue went between her lips and she returned my longing.
Although she had initially been disgusted with what she read, and had put down the notebook, she had returned to read it again, and again, in detail. It had shocked her but a small part of her mind had taken it every detail of my sexual wanting of her. She was confused. It was something she only read in adult novels but it was her own son and his fantasies she was reading about.
She was not deeply religious but incestuous tendencies never crossed her mind, especially not with me her favourite son.
Daddy was a good man and loved her, but after the birth of me, their sex life had been what it was before my birth. They still made love once a week but the intensity was fairly mild, or muted. He tried to spice up her life by encouraging her to flirt with Black men……Without the neighbours seeing them.
My lips were vibrant and full of desire as we kissed more passionately..
Mommy pulled away from me in sudden realization, shamed and embarrassed at what we were doing. "No, please, don't...," she gasped.
But I had unbuttoned her blouse when they were kissing and had spread it open. Mommy looked down as my hands moved in to lift her bra upwards, releasing the mounds of her full breasts, freeing them.
The touch of my hands on her nipples made her sick in her stomach. She gasped as the sensitive nerve ends responded to a man's hands. She tried to tell me to stop but words stuck in her throat as she realised that her own son was kneading the softness of her breasts. The pleasure that shot up through her only made her breathe in deeply.
I was trembling as I caressed mommy's breasts, we could only stare at each other as I held her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, feeling them hardened and standing out erect.

"Oh Kenny," she cried out my name softly.
"God, I love you mom," I said my eyes telling my ultimate desire as my lips moved down and captured her nipples, sucking them tenderly.
"Oh God," Rosalind uttered shakily holding my head as I suckled her.
I took her by the hand and made her stand. Mommy could only follow my lead. As I sat on the sofa, I unzipped her long skirt and pulled it down around her ankles. Before she could protest my arms circled round her buttocks, pulling her close, my face pressed between her thighs.
My lips closed onto her hidden mound, protected by her sheer nylon panties. I kissed the soaked material, breathing in the womanly odor of a mother's love discharge. The musky smell and taste heightened my sexual craving for this woman. I slipped her panties down and my mouth was on her flesh. Mommy threw her head back as bolts of unadulterated pleasure course through her being. My tongue rasped from her vaginal lips to her clitoris. Mommy stood on her toes, opening her centre for me. She raised one hand to stifle the moan escaping from her mouth when my tongue penetrated her vagina.
I slowly tongue fucked her.
When she could not take anymore, her knees buckled and she began to drop to the floor.
I held her up by the waist.
I stood up and holding her hand, led her to my room. I was still fully dressed while mommy was naked from the waist down, her blouse opened and her bra still hanging around her breasts.
When we stepped into my room, I closed the door. Standing behind her, I removed her blouse and bra. I quickly took off my clothes. Standing naked, I turned mommy to face me. She looked at me, nude for the first time in 10 years. Her eyes widened when she noticed my manhood, hard and stiff. It was pulsating, my girth was wide and the smooth head was oozing precum.
With my arm around her waist, I led her to my bed.
Mommy knew I was going to fuck her. Her mind was troubled with the incestuous relationship but she had never experienced such exquisite pleasure of being made love to, by her son.
When I made her lie on the bed, she looked up to me and said, "Not in my pussy, I can't live with that."
"I'll use protection mom, I know you can be pregnant," I said urgently.
"It's not that, just don't do it there, which is.......," she could not finish the sentence.
"Please mommy, I want you so badly," I pleaded.
I crept up on the bed, my hands feverish as I caressed her body. My lips sank onto her nipples, sucking and running my tongue on them until she writhed with exquisite agony. She thrust up her hips and I straddled her. My mouth captured her wet mound as I began to suck her secretions into his mouth.
I moved further down and licked her ass. My tongue probed the crinkled orifice until I managed to insert the tip into her. I tasted and smelt her earthy odor and I almost came with lust.
Wetting my middle finger with her vaginal discharge, I rubbed the tiny opening and pushed it in. Rosalind groaned at the penetration and I her anal muscle gripped my finger. She gasped at the illicit taboo I was administrating her but her mind was consumed with perverted acceptance of his act.
In her heightened erotic state, mommy succumbed to whatever I desired.
When I placed my erect cock on her anal opening, she clasped her buttock cheeks together and spread them wide. Even in her throes of insatiable sexual need, she had never been ass fucked before by someone so young.
But I could not be denied. I had come this far and my engorged penis was dripping precum onto her opening. Kissing her back, I soothed her with assurances that I would never hurt her. I told her to just relax and spread her hips and I’ll do it very slowly.
The insertion of my turgid head brought sweat to her forehead. There was a burning sensation in her bottom as I lodged the head in. I just held her and did not move, letting her get used to the intrusion.
Mommy felt the same as the night the Black Boy took her virginity at the village’s water well, only this time it was I, her son, and in her anus.
For about five minutes, I just kissed her neck and kneaded her breasts with one hand and I finger fucked her pussy with the other. Then seeing that she was breathing normally, I pushed in slowly. Mommy trembled slightly as the fullness increased in her rectum. Gradually, she felt my balls pressing against the softness of her buttocks and knew that I was deep inside her.

I began to fuck her slowly. The feeling was something entirely different for her. It was intoxicating and yet so dirty.
I held the softness of her full breasts in my hands as my cock ejaculated my sperm deep inside her ass. Mommy's mouth opened wide as she took in deep breaths as she felt my release. Her fogged mind could hardly comprehend what we had done. The fullness she felt lodged in her bottom was throbbing as I kept fucking deeply into her, even after I had stopped spurting. She was gasping as her orgasm subsided. I released my hold on her breasts and my still hardened penis squeezed out of her. She felt an emptiness and her anus still gaped open, as my youthful sperm drained out, dripping between the cleft of her buttocks. She groaned softly, feeling both the slight pain and intense pleasure my thick girth had caused her. During the act of buggering her, I had one finger stretching her pussy, for extra stimulation. She liked it and it slackened as she reached her climax.

She felt an emptiness and her anus still gaped open, as my youthful sperm drained out, dripping between the cleft of her buttocks. She groaned softly, feeling both the slight pain and intense pleasure my thick girth had caused her
I held her tight in my arms, my body bathed in sweat, pressed against her back. I kissed her shoulders and slowly extricated my body from hers.
Sitting up beside her, I caressed my mother’s buttocks and inn a lewd motion, I spread her hillocks. Her anus had closed and the pink opening looked as small as I watched a thin film of my cum dribbled out of her.
I wondered how I had managed to penetrate her there. I lifted a finger and scooped a film of sticky cum. I rubbed it gently onto her anus and pushed my middle finger deep into her. I noticed spots had appeared on her ass cheeks, due to hormonal imbalance I surmised.
Mommy moved her buttocks away and uttered drowsily, "Don't." My sexual craving for her was sill unabated.
Her anus closed and the pink opening looked as small as I watched a thin film of my cum dribbled out of her. Spots appeared on her ass cheeks. Due to hormonal imbalance I surmised
I knew she was exhausted and did not try to pursue my intentions. It was a struggle to control thee desire to kiss her wet anus as I was unsure of her reaction. Instead I pulled the blanket and covered her. I kissed her on the cheek and left her in my bed to recuperate.
As I stood under the shower, I was still in awe over what transpired between mommy and I…….. SHE IS A GREAT WOMAN, I’LL ALWAYS LOVE HER!!!!

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the crowded conditions under which Indians lived on the sugar plantations led to such incestuous relationships

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most of the stories not true it is imagination

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In these societies, the husband's abysman libido drove the women to such inncestuous liaisons....IT KEPT THEM SANE AND PREVENTING THEM FROM TURNING TO PROSTITUTION

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