We lived on the edge of Plantation Rose Hall in Guyana. The village was a predominantly East Indian one with a few scattered Black people; as a result, the few Black Men present were in great demand by the Indian women. I was 13, horny as hell and to boot, my mom had figured out I was fucking our older neighbour, Auntie Violet. She had one of the sweetest asses in the entire Guyana. When she lived at Fyrish Village, she fucked regularly with a Black Boy called Glendon Harris. Her husband teacher Murray was an alcoholic, so he was unable to fuck her. Mommy, being the nosy person she was, waited one evening and figured out just about when I would be fucking the woman. You see I would spend an hour or two over her house most evenings, chatting, I had told my mom. But her intuition figured it out.

She had busted me with my dick in this 38-year-old woman and had embarrassed us both. Mom slapped Violet and pushed me off of her. I felt like shit, standing there with a raging 5-inch, soaking wet dick, staring in my mom's face.

Mom didn't tell it. That was good. Auntie Violet would see me come home in the evening and she'd quickly walk inside her house, not to return to her veranda that evening.

It had been one week since the incident. As I came in this evening from my friend Mohini's house, working on math assignments, I was overjoyed.

I saw Uncle Papo's tractor in the driveway. He was always good to me, being my mother's oldest brother-in-law. He had always told me, "Surprise me sometimes Chuck!"

I had a report card chocked full of A's. I knew Uncle Papo would give me $10 each for such performance. I eased into the backdoor, report card in hand and big smile on my face and then walked to the Living Room, where I knew he and mom would be talking. Whoa!! I was taken aback by the sight. Mom was on her knees at the edge of the sofa, sucking Uncle Papo's 3 inch cock. She was naked and Uncle Papo had her huge tits in his hands, massaging them as mom gobbled on his 3inch, tiny, black cock. No wonder his wife Auntie Betlin found satisfaction in Black Men. She was a corpulent woman with a very deep pussy and a voracious appetite for rough sex…..something a puny, diminutive 3 inch cock couldn’t provide!!!

Uncle Papo had his head laid back, facing the ceiling. His eyes were closed and all I could hear from him was "uugh. Uugh. Suck that dick Rosie. Suck that
Dick, tell me it is big, please."

Now, he speeded up his assault on mom's mouth. He dropped one tit and grabbed her head with his right hand, pushing her up and down. He was cumming now. Mom let her left hand drop to her pussy and started to rub
it, moaning as she worked his dick with her right hand, extracting all of his cum.

All of a sudden, Uncle Papo opened his eyes and stared at me, trying to stand up and cover himself.

"KENNY!" he yelled. Mom looked back with huge eyes, and jumped to her feet, calling my name.

"Uncle Papo, Mommy!" I yelled back.

Mom had dropped cum over her tits when she called my name. She looked a mess, cum over her tits, down her chin and on the couch and linoleum. She covered her bush with the left hand and her right arm gathered up her tits as she ran past me and out of the room. Uncle Papo turned his back to me and started pulling on the drawers that were gathered around his ankles, stumbling toward the couch and catching the arm of it for balance.

"Man, I'm going to tell daddy, I'm going to tell my daddy Uncle Papo. He's your brother in marriage and you're fucking my mother?"

"Wait a minute Kenny!" Uncle Papo shouted. Mom had slammed the bathroom door and I could hear water running. I guessed she was washing cum off her body.

I ran out the back door, through the back yard and to my friend, Mr. Sohan's house, two doors away.

"Hey Doc," Mr. Sohan called out. "What you smoking today?"

"I got a joint of red bud," I told him.

"Let's go in the house and fire that motherfucker up," Mr. Sohan said.

He was good for chatting with. Most folks left Mr. Sohan alone because they said he had gone crazy in due to STD’s.

But he and I talked about everything. He
stayed to himself and he let me bring girls to fuck at his house – as long as I brought him a little weed every now and then.

Mr. Sohan was 42, used bad English and cussed a lot. He used "motherfucker" in every sentence.

We started smoking the joint and I said little because of what I had just seen. I was mature, but the scene kept playing in my mind.

"What's wrong Doc?" Mr. Sohan asked. "You seen it today, didn't you?"

"Saw what?" I replied.

You caught her didn't you? Your mama, you know?" Mr. Sohan asked.

I couldn't contain it. I told him what had happened.

I told him what had happened. Mr. Sohan now told me he knew it all along. He also told me about two other guys who were fucking my mom in my father's house while he worked. One was Uncle Walter Thompson, a 60- year-old Black Guy whom I never liked, but Indian women said he had a sweeeeet knobbly cock. The other was Sonny Pete, a street corner hustler of about 35, another Black Man. I was outraged.

"I didn't want to tell you Doc because I felt like that wasn't my place. But now that you seen it with your own eyes, you got your mama and your uncle right where you want them," Mr. Sohan said. "Man, I know women. Your mama's probably got all kind of fuck ideas hid in her head somewhere. She can't help it. She's hot natured and your daddy can't fuck her enough."

I went home. On the way I passed several friends at Tapo's house playing cricket. They told me my mom and uncle had been looking for me the past two hours.

I walked in the house and they both started talking. Uncle Papo was the first.

"Kenny, baby what you saw was wrong. We got carried away," my uncle said.

My mom stood there with her head hanging down, teary-eyed and really sad looking. I wanted to reach out and hug her, but I was too angry. I made my demands because I knew my dad would be home any minute.

"OK, I won't say anything. But I want $100 a month from you Uncle Papo. And mama, I want to bring my girlfriends home to visit and you leave us here for a
couple of hours and not say nothing about what I do," I blurted out.

They both agreed as Uncle Papo went into his pocket, fishing out the large wad of money he carried.

He gave me $150 today and hugged me, getting assurance
that I would keep the secret.

Mom couldn't stare me in the face. I was about to run it in really good.

"I don't want y'all doing that no more. And Uncle Papo don't come over here unless my daddy's at home from now on," I said.

Uncle Papo agreed and he left, saying he had to go and water his vegetable plot at Seawell Village. I wished when he reached he found Auntie Betlin and Mr Barclay fucking between the banana plants…as they often did…I was going to get my own anodyne revenge.

Mom stood there in the kitchen, wearing a blue pant suit with a white turtle neck sweater. She was staring at the floor, trying to explain herself and I stood off
from her, listening.

"Mommy, let me say this. I don't want you messing with Uncle Walter or Sonny Pete no more," I said.

Mama's eyes widened as they jetted up and her jaw dropped in disbelief.

"I know all about them mama. I saw you with them, right there in the front room. You ought to be ashamed," I snapped at her.

She started crying something awful and came to embrace me in a hug. I pushed her away.

"Please Kenny. I'm sorry. I don't know why I did it. I don't know. I know it was wrong, but please don't think bad of me," she pleaded, coming to hug me again.

I stepped away and went to my room furloughly. About that time dad rode into the yard.

They went to dinner at Rampat because mama hadn't cooked. I told them to bring me back something because I had homework to finish. They brought two rotis and curried chicken, which I did not eat, I did not feel hungry.

I then went to Mohini's house up the street. Her parents were out, the mother Auntie Irene, visiting someone at the hospital, and her father, Berbie, drinking as usual. So we fucked for a while. I came twice, she came three times and I went home. Mommy and daddy were already in the bed. They had been fucking, which was a good thing.

As I got ready to bed down, daddy came to my room across the hall from theirs and told me he'd be leaving the next evening, Friday, to attend a conference in Georgetown for hospital work.

He'd be back late Monday. Cool, I thought because on Saturdays, I usually leave home around three in the evening and return just before midnight.

Saturday rolled around and the day passed by as mommy walked around the house with her short, yellow sun dress.

She was built. At 5'7'', she was really fine for a 31-year-old woman. She had no fat and was athletically built. She had huge, sort of muscular things and long, hairy legs, which she shaved regularly…but neglected her pussy.

All the girls loved her because she was so cute with that little button nose, the long black hair and big tits that were like globes.

At 3 p.m., I went to pick up my girlfriend, Pearlie. This was a routine. We'd go out to the market, catch a movie and hang out with the other students at the ferry stelling alley, then return home. Oh, we also got time to fuck on Saturdays. My folks knew it would be late before they heard that squeaking bicycle of mine pull into the yard.

I told mommy bye, I'd see her later.

I left. After market and midway through the movie, Pearlie, who was on her period, started cramping really bad. She was hurting.

So we left. It was about 6:30 when we reached her house. Her parents were sitting on the porch sipping tea. We chatted a while and I excused myself so
Pearlie could take her pain medicine and rest.

I figured I would sit in tonight. As I rode to the house, I saw Sonny Pete's bike parked on the coconut tree from my house. Now I knew why Mr. Sohan knew so much. Guys parked their bicycled there and went through the back yard to see my mommy.

I parked my bike behind his and straight away went through the back yard and eased my key into the lock.

I walked in the house and Al Green's "Simply Beautiful" was playing up really loud. I looked around and then headed to the living room. The door stood cracked. I was floored at what I saw.

Sonny Pete was between my mother's legs eating her pussy with such rapacity. He was sitting on the floor, the same place where mommy sat when she sucked Uncle Papo's dick. She had her head back and her eyes closed, rubbing that bald spot on his head with her left hand. Her right hand was rubbing her left tit and tweaking her nipple as the large right tit lay cradled in the joint of her right arm.

The yellow sun dress was crumpled around her stomach. Her lavender panties lay on the floor beside Sonny.

Man, her pussy was hairy! How did a man get his dick into that thing without cutting the head?

I felt my dick stiffen. I had watched a couple of minutes and they didn't know I was there. I walked away, disgusted and angry. He had just ejaculated; I could see his massive cock resting on her curvaceous ass with thick Nigger sperm slathering it.

Then I turned around and anger took over. I pushed the door open and they both jumped straight up. Before either could say a thing, I punched Sonny Pete in the
mouth, knocking that 5'5'' bastard to the floor. I then started kicking the hell out of him. He was naked, so felt every kick full force. The size of his cock also heightened my rage……innate jealousy I guess!!!

Mommy stared, trying to straighten her clothes as she tried to stand between us and thwart my assault on the bastard. In my rage, I pushed her to the couch from which she bounced and fell to the floor as I continued whipping Sonny's ass.

After a few select cuss words and more punches, I smelled a foul aroma. Sonny had shit his pants. I was satisfied with the blood that flowed from his mouth and
the swelling of his face and eyes.

I had a momentary flashback to the day, four years ago, when my dad had caught mommy kissing Sonny Pete in the front room when he came home unexpected. He had beat Sonny unmercifully. My brother, Clem, who now was at college 65 miles away, and I had stopped him from killing this fool.

That day dad beat my mama so bad that we called our grandparents to stop him beating. Mommy had two black eyes, a busted lip, and bruises over her entire body and she looked like hell. It was four days before she could leave the house the beating was so severe. Dad had left home for three days out of anger and we were all sick after that. Later on, he apologized and we understood the anger.

Dad had flipped when he came home and caught Sonny in his house, trying to fuck his wife. No woman should invite another man into her husband's home. That's playing with death and it's stupid. She was excoriated by all in the family and became an anathema. Yet her untrammelled penchant for Black Men continued to this day!!! She had a voracious appetite for huge black cocks, it was preternatural really.
I could imagine the disparagement daddy felt.

I escorted Sonny out of the back door. He could hardly walk. I had kicked him in the balls countless times and I could imagine how he felt.

There standing in my back yard was Mr. Sohan, his police baton in his hand.

"You alright Doc?" he asked.

"Yea, Mr. Sohan. I'm fine. I was taking this punk to his bicycle," I replied.

Mr. Sohan looked at Sonny Pete and shook his head. He stood in Sonny's face and waved his baton.

"Look crazy motherfucker. I don't get into your business. But you a damn fool sneaking into that man's house fooling with his wife. You lucky your crazy ass
ain't dead. If I ever hear of you coming back to this place, I'm busting your head, som-bitch," Mr. Sohan said. "Damn man. You stink Nigger, is it the smell of Rosalind shit on your cock, your natural odour or did you shit your pants. Oooh eeeh. You a stanky motherfucker man. Get your ass on to your bike. And if you ever fool with Doc again, I'm killing your ass."

Sonny begged Mr. Sohan and assured him he'd not come looking for revenge against me and he'd never fool with my mother again.

"I don't blame you. That boy done whipped your ass something bad man. You look like you're headed to the damn funeral home," Mr. Sohan said.

Sonny left. Mr. Sohan and I chatted briefly and he told me not to be too hard on my mother. He said try to be understanding because she let her need of sex
With Black Men override her common sense. I agreed I wouldn't.

"Remember, that's your mother. Yea. She made a couple dumb ass mistakes, but don't judge her. Don't be hard. She needs your support now. She don't need you throwing up in her face that she fucked up, she already knows it Kenny Boy. And it's tearing her apart. Don't be hard on her," Mr. Sohan said.

When I got back in the house, mommy sitting on the kitchen floor crying and shaking. She was butt naked, with the shock, I could see her wide, recently fucked pussy.

When she saw me she jumped up and started to try and hug me. I pushed her back and begged her not to touch me.

Mama's crying got more frantic and she sat in a chair at the kitchen table, crying and saying to herself, 'what am I going to do.

What am I going to do? What am
I going to do?'

Mama was so upset she had forgotten to put on her panties. I stood near the stove, arms and legs crossed and just stared at her, taking in the sight of her full
badly kept black pussy bush. I could see the pink lips standing open from the excitement Sonny had placed on her. She didn't even think about it. All she had her mind on was getting caught a second time, fucking up on my dad and getting caught.

Mom rose to her feet and tried to hug me. Again, I pushed her away and told her to leave me alone.

She cried even harder, turning her little light brown face red.

"Why won't you hug me Kenny? Why are you treating me like this?” she said, attempting again to hug me and having her approach rejected.

Mommy then walked away, to the cupboard and grabbed a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. She had never been a drinker other than an occasional glass of rum and coke. As she tried to pour a glass of vodka, she trembled. What I noticed most was the silken sun dress had formed a crease and half her ass was exposed, showing me plenty as she leaned her head onto the cupboard, still crying with vodka in one hand.

Sure, I looked at it and it looked good. But I was still plenty angry and I was tired from whipping her boyfriend's ass. I went to my room, closed the door and
Thought about my girlfriend, then I took a nap. It must have been about 8 p.m. when I laid down. I snoozed lightly and around 10 p.m., was awakened by a flash of light peering into my room.

I didn't open my eyes. Instead, I glanced through half open eyes at my mother standing in the hallway, the door cracked about 2 inches and her staring inside. I
wondered what was happening, if she was trying to sneak out to go fuck someone.

I continued to fake sleep and made out a motion of her right hand. It was rubbing her crotch.

As my senses came together, I understood. I had a hard on and was laying on my back with my hand inside my drawers. It was pushing the front of my Fruit of The Looms to the maximum.

I got a wicked notion. Still feigning sleep, I pulled my hand from my drawers, letting my dick slip out. It now was pointing toward my chest. It was a huge, raging 5-inch hard on that I and the grown women I had fucked really admired.

I brought my hand to my stomach and continued.

Now, with half of my cock in plain view, mama kneeled on the floor outside the room, still watching and rubbing her crotch.

Suddenly, I felt sorrow for her instead of anger. She was a plain and simple nymphomaniac. I maintained my stare through nearly closed eyes wondering why she was doing what she did.

I turned over, yawning and the door eased completely shut. I listened and heard her click the lock on her own door, just across the hall.

I rose from my bed wearing only drawers and a tee shirt. I eased my door open and listened at her door.

"Awww. Uuumph. Uuum. Ummm," I could hear her saying softly. I figured she was crying again. Being about 10 p.m., I was prepared to go out and ask Mohini if I could go fuck her.

But then I reached down and turned the knob on mom's door. As I opened it, she lay there pretending as I had, to be asleep.

She had bathed and put on her long pink cotton nightgown. She was lying on her right side, with her left hand inside the gown, clutching her pussy. She was
playing possum and couldn't remove her hand from her cunt because I had abruptly entered. I know what I listened to for several minutes outside her door
moments earlier.

I had to be the man this evening. I was hard as a rock and my dick was trying to bust my drawers.

My courage was high.

"Mommy, are you asleep?" I asked, nudging her shoulder. She said nothing as she laid there, eyes closed. Her robe was open at the bottom, where her hand clutched her pussy. But remember, she couldn't move the hand because I had opened the door rapidly and she had to continue faking her sleep.

I then made up my mind; I needed to save her from herself.

I pulled off my drawers and that 5-inch slab sprung free, so hard that it slapped my belly like "pop."

I climbed into the bed, laid her flat on her back, all the while, mama not saying anything and still faking sleep.

I opened her robe, pushed her hand to the side and guided the head of my dick through the thick black mat of hair, plunging in as much as I could straight forward.

"Oooh. Kenny! What are you doing? You can't do this Kenny. I'm your mother baby," mama said. "Kenny, get up. Stop this right now! Let's talk about this honey! Are you crazy?"

"I'm saving you from yourself," I told her, as I positioned myself to ease more of my length into her.

Mommy was breathing hard saying "Uuumph. Awwww, uumph."

Now she was throwing her pussy upwards, to meet my thrusts.

I locked into a kiss with her, sucking her sweet tongue, savouring the taste of the mint flavored toothpaste she had used earlier.

I could get no more than half of my dick into her. The remaining part felt like it would burst open if I couldn't get it seated. But she was dry beyond the
three inches or so.

I arose from the bed, withdrawing as mom, not sure of what I was doing started begging, "please Kenny. Don't stop. Don't stop baby."

I left the bed, cutting on the lights so I could take in all of her view. Then I l got back in the bed, laying my head between her legs, sticking my tongue into her pussy. The light pink colored lips which had been thin earlier in the day, were now dark red and thicker. They were engorged inside with blood from the
slight fucking I had given her.

I found her clit and while licking deep inside her pussy and she moaned, bucked and called my name softly, I held two finger onto her vagina to give me clear
access to her small little pink clit.

I sucked her clit and she took a deep breath, becoming more animated. "Aww damn Kenny. Aww damn baby. It's so good. It's so good baby. Oooh baby, my pussy feels sooooo good," she said.

Mom grabbed my head as I was eating her pussy, lapping from top to bottom, licking as far as I could inside her hole, and sucking and licking her clit altogether. She was in ecstasy as my hands tweaked her nipples and
rubbed the huge tits.

Now mom used both hands to push the back of my head. She was holding me firm in her crotch or pussy as I drank her juices and prepared her for my complete entry.

She screamed as she hit the first orgasm, yelling my name, telling me it was my pussy.

After confirming through the discharge of hot slightly salty juices that she had cummed, I climbed back on top of her, spreading her thighs with my knees and re-entering her vagina.

The look in her eyes, the way she stared so intently into my eyes, I had only seen once. It was when I took my girlfriend's virginity. But it was entrancing.

We locked stares as I tried to balance my frame so I didn't place too much weight on her. I supported my weight with my hands until I had gotten almost halfway in. She grabbed me and pulled me close, So, I used my elbows now, trying to push all 5 inches into her, 3 of which had entered.

"Take your time Kenny. Take your time baby”. She advised.

As I enjoyed the fucking, I remembered, everyone else she had been with had 3 to 12 inches, so I was midsized, I’m sure she realised that. There was 2 inches of new pussy waiting for me and I didn't need to rush it.

After 15 minutes and her cumming twice more, I cummed, spraying gobs into her, making her flinch and go into the yelling of my name once more. We lay there, kissing, caressing and rubbing one another. She was in utter fulfillment, as was I.

I had laid her on the side, ready to enter her from the back. I pulled out and laid still.

Mommy and I continued to fuck from the rear as I'm watching my dick disappear into the most lovely pussy I'd ever seen. She cummed, I cummed and we rested a few minutes, then got up and took a shower together and I fucked her from the back as we did so.

She cummed as did I again. But neither of us was satisfied. It was not quite midnight on Saturday night. We were hungry and decided after the shower we'd go to the kitchen for breakfast, come back to bed and fuck more.

That way, we'd have strength to fuck the next morning before we had to get up.

On the way from the kitchen, I had mom to pull off her panties and I finger fucked her all the way to the bedroom, as that lavender skirt rode up her big, pretty thighs. She was more than wet when we walked through the door.

We hit the bed, fucked in all positions and about 3 a.m., fell asleep. Next morning about 10 a.m., I could smell coffee brewing in the kitchen. But the pair of lips that surrounded my dick was the big stimulator.

Mom was sucking my dick without abandon. I had never cummed in a woman's mouth before. This morning was my first time and it was heavenly.

We went to the market, came home and cooked and fucked. I fucked mom seven times that day. I didn't know I had so much energy.

We fucked like that every chance we got. At least five times a week we had hard fuck sessions like that. I either fucked mom or got blow jobs every day for the
next two years.

And when I graduated high school, lucky for us, my scholarship was delayed a year so I opted to stay at home, keeping the fire hot for my dad though he didn't know it.
By the way, I resumed my fucking of Auntie Violet. She's now 46 and has some of the best pussy I ever had.

Now, I'm 40, and have a family of my own. Mom and dad do their fair amount of traveling. Dad works 40 hours or less a week, thought he doesn't have to. And every so often mommy feels the heat and she calls me up and I go by, or she comes to see me and I give her the king sized hotdog therapy, in her pussy, mouth or sweeeeeet ass, depending on her mood..

It's been a great thing too. You see, she hasn't had an affair on dad since we started. I'm confident that we chose the lesser evil over her being out of control and getting caught. This way we can keep the family together always.

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