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I love to see that black meat as it goes in and out of my smooth, Indian pussy. Having one in me just makes me cum so hard! But due to having teenaged sons in the house and being upstanding citizen in the community and the wife of the District Chairman. I had to be real careful about when and where I meet these black men. I would never want anyone to see me or know that I was fucking Black Men. For this reason, I usually went to the nearby town and find a secluded hotel to use during the day while my sons were in school. But I did have one guy who came over every once in a while. The neighbors thought he was a plumber when I invite him over. I told the neighbors that I need to call a plumber to fix some piping when I’d have him come by. If they only knew!!!! His name was Stuarty, 10 years younger than I was, and I had him about twice a month. He has a massive, black cock and I love having him fuck me with it, in every hole. He was so big that I had trouble at first taking all of him. When he was inside me, he filled every inch of my hot pussy with that massive pole. It gave a woman a nice secured feeling. My pussy had begun to stretch; now my husband Sydney had noticed it and remarked that I was getting big. In fact his 3 inch cock found it to be too cavernous for enjoyment. He was gradually losing interest in sex as a result!!

Stuarty knew my cravings and also knew about my fascination with the mirrors. He will put on a show with me as I watch his huge cock sank into me. He knew I loved to see him going inside me. When I was with him, I loved him to penetrate me in the doggie style position as I watched his black cock sliding into my Indian pussy.

The day before I called him and asked him over, I knew my son would be at school and I would arrange the mirror on the dressing table the morning he was to come. He told me that he would be here that next morning. I masturbated that night and used one of my big 12 inch cucumbers, just thinking of his huge black cock, knowing I would be getting it the next day.

He arrived that morning just as he said he would. I met him at the door with nothing on but a flimsy little dress. As I opened the door for him, I smiled said, "Glad you could make it. I have missed you so much, my Sweeeet Nigger.”

I went in front, in order to tease him. In the past he had joked about putting his huge cock in my ass but we both knew that would never happen due to his large size cock. I did not want to go to hospital for stitches!

"Are you ready for some of this active black snake?" He asked. Without hesitation I quickly covered the sofa with bed sheets so that his thick Negroid sperm won’t soil them then jumped up onto the sofa and positioned my ass in the air so I could have a good view in the mirror, I told him "Yes have wanted some of your cock for days. Now get up here where you belong you beast!" He climbed up onto the sofa and got in position behind me taking my hips in his big hands as he started to pull me back against his hard cock. I looked at the mirrors as I saw his huge, black cock sliding to me, it was heaven!!!!
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Did he have another big black cock for me? I asked myself as I felt the presence of someone standing at the side of my bed. "OK, now take his cock and suck on it. Let him see what a great little cock sucker you are." He told me as I reached out to find that cock. I put my hands out and found a good sized one, not as big as his, waiting for me. I felt the smooth, hot skin in my hand as I guided it to my hungry mouth. I knew it was not a Nigger’s cock.

"Ok, Mommy. Now suck my cock." Came a voice as I opened my eyes. "Take this
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Stuarty told him, "See. I told you she would suck your cock. I think she likes it, too." I nodded my head yes as I took my son's cock, sucking on it as I gripped the young flesh he had to offer me. I was hungrily sucking on him and feeling Stuarty as his black cock filled my hot pussy. I didn't care whose cock it was in my mouth at the moment. All I knew was that I had two cocks in me and loved every second of it! This was what I needed, two cocks filling me; even if one was my own son's.

Stuarty’s cock was fucking my wet pussy sweetly. I was on the verge of cumming as Stuarty threw that black prick to me while my son started to erupt, his flow flooding my mouth as he came. His hot cum filling my throat as I sucked all of it, milking it for every drop of his juice. It tasted so good and he was really fucking my mouth as his big
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“Mommy you have no idea how many times I have masturbated to the thought of me fucking you!" he said. "And now I have caught you fucking that black cock, from now on I will be fucking you too, regularly!"

I had my mouth over the huge cock head. It took both hands to go around it and feed me as I slurped on it. It was huuuuuge! "Isn't this better than those 12 inch cocks you have been fucking all your life?” He asked. I nodded my approval. "I know you enjoyed anal sex. I love it too! I would love to have Daddy come home and catch the three of us fucking, you on your hands and knees, me pumping my dick in you. You sucking this sweet Nigger.

You look like a proper Coolie whore I always thought you were!!! Today I find out for real…. He will feel jealous and will hang himself with a rope.” Pulling my mouth away from Stuarty's black as I shot my hot pussy juice all over his young cock. "Oh, Yes, baby! I would love for you to take my ass every day. We will have lots of time for that in the future. Now fuck me! Fuck me hard my loving son!" I said, driving my ass down harder onto his young cock as I took Stuarty's big, black cock into my mouth once again as the cum from my pussy flooded from me and covered my son's young cock. This was the start of a long lasting relationship with my second son Kenny.

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Indian men in such societies signalled to their Black neighbours that they wanted them to fuck their wives, by singing out.... "NEIGHBOUR, NEIGHBOUR, LEND ME YOUR MORTAR....MY PLANTAIN IS GETTING COLD, COLD" they left home!

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the crowded conditions under which Indians lived on the sugar plantations led to such incestuous relationships...They were treated worst than the plantation animals, the mule were better housed. The niggers were freed and had their own homes, so, fucking a nigger was a status symbol...WHICH BECAME AN ADDICTION FOR MOST INDIAN WOMEN!

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most of the stories not true it is imagination

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