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I unexpectedly hear a hot conversation of two young girls that inspire me to do something that I'd never even considered before.
This story is written for Lucy, a sexy young woman who recently sent me a personal message after reading one of my xnxx stories. Lucy has smallish breasts, a thin waist, and a nice round ass. Thinking about Lucy's ass and what I want to do to it makes my cock throb. Lucy likes stories about young women, bondage, and torture. This story is totally fictional. Lucy, I hope that you enjoy the story.

This story is about how a raped a little red haired girl named Lucy. Before I raped Lucy, I had never even thought about doing anything that might get me into serious trouble. A series of unlikely events lead to my actions, maybe it was destiny. I still can't figure it out. I shouldn't have done it, but couldn't stop myself. It was the most exciting sex filled night of my life, let me tell you about it.

It all started over a year ago. It was early spring, my wife and I had spring fever. We decided to go to a sportsman exposition for something to do. We also were looking for an outdoor activity to do after it warmed up in a few months. At the expo, there were booths related to hiking, mountain climbing, biking, hunting, fishing, and just about any outdoor adventure that you could think about.

My wife enjoyed the freebies that they gave at the booths, and she also entered several drawings. We stopped at a booth that had a variety of water adventures. You could rent house boats and tour Lake Powell, Lake Mead, or Flaming Gorge. They also had a variety of rafting trips, and kayak schools. My wife put my name in the contest box, the winner would receive a free two day rafting trip for two.
A few days later I came home from work and my wife informed me that we had won the rafting trip.

The trip was scheduled for the weekend before Memorial day. My wife was afraid of going on a whitewater adventure, so I asked my 20 year old son if he wanted to go, but he other commitments. Then, I asked my 18 year old daughter Katy, if she wanted to go, and she was thrilled with the idea.

Katy and I drove 600 miles and spent the night in a town near the departure point of our rafting trip. On Memorial Day, Katy wanted to run in a huge 10K run. The morning that Katy and I were going to leave on the rafting trip, Katy wanted to do a training run. Katy talked me into letting her run the five miles between our motel, and our departure point.

I drove ahead to our departure point, Water Adventure Center and Katy started her run. When I arrived it only took a couple of minutes to check in, so there was time to kill before Katy arrived. The Adventure Center had a sales area where you could buy supplies and take care of all the business details of the trip. I looked around the building and saw that there was a hallway that lead to the back of the building. Down the hallway, there were several benches where people could set, some restrooms, and a stairway that lead up to a small dining area. I decided to go up and wait in the dining area.

I bought a cinnamon roll and set at the edge of the dining area. The upper floor was not walled in, it had a railing around the perimeter that allowed you to see the lower floor. I had only been at my table a minute or two when two young women came out of the bathroom. The one girl had long brown hair and a stunning figure, her breasts were full and firm. The other girl had shorter straight red hair. The red haired girl had smallish breasts, a thin waist, but her ass flared out. Her full round ass barely fit in her tight jeans. I thought both girls were stunning in their own way. If the girls had looked up, they would have seen me, but they didn't look.

The two girls sat down on a bench and started chatting. The girls were practically sitting right under my feet. I could easily hear what they were talking about. The girls conversation immediately caught my attention. I sat as quiet as a mouse. I couldn't believe what the girls were talking about, and that I was lucky enough to be in the perfect location to hear their every word.

I soon figured out that the sexy brunette was named Janet, and the red haired girl with the hot ass was named Lucy.

Janet and Lucy's conversation went something like this:

Lucy: Come on Janet, tell me what you and David did last night, I've got to know.

Janet: Lucy, why do you HAVE to know?

Lucy: Well you know how my dad is, he won't even let me near a boy. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know anything about sex.

Janet: Well, if your dad didn't keep you locked up, I think you'd know everything about sex.

Lucy: ( Giggling reply. ) Come on Janet, quit wasting time, my pussy's getting wet thinking about what you did with David last night.

Janet: Your pussy's always wet, so what's the difference.

Lucy: Come on Janet, quit stalling, if you want your pussy licked good and hard tonight you better tell me about last night right now.

Janet: OK, OK, don't get hostile! I went over to Dave's house, and his parents left and went to a party.

Lucy: Oh boy, you got fucked didn't you?

Janet: Well yeah, I did. As soon as Dave's parents left, he said that he wanted to show me something on his computer. We went to his bedroom and he got on some porn site and started looking at some porn pictures. David was showing me pictures and videos of guys fucking girls in the ass.

Lucy: DID HE?

Janet: Settle down Lucy!

Lucy: Well, did you let him!

Janet: I told him no way, but, in the back of my mind I was toying with the idea of letting him do it. Lucy, he was so worked up looking at those pictures, well, it sort of turned me on too. I never thought I wanted to do that, but Dave's enthusiasm sort of got me a little curious, and made my pussy start dripping.

Lucy: I'd try it in a minute, but I wouldn't let him know that I really wanted it.

Janet: I'll bet! You'd probably throw David on his back, grab his cock, kneel down and run it right up your little ass.

Lucy: No I wouldn't! I've got this fantasy where I tell the man no way, but he doesn't listen. The man then ties me up and slowly runs a finger up my ass telling me that his cock is next. Then, the man rips my clothes off and starts fondling me. He does all sorts of nasty things, pinches my nipples, spanks my ass and well, you can imagine what else! When the man pulls his pants off he has this huge cock. I protest, plead and beg, but the man just squirts a little lube on my ass and then his cock. My pussy literally drips when I imagine him sinking his cock in my ass.

Janet: Well, I believe that part about your dripping pussy. Lucy, who's this man in your fantasy?

Lucy: (Shyly) I can't say.

Janet: Come on, I have to tell you every little detail whenever David fucks me, and you can't even tell me who you fantasize about.

Lucy: Oh okay, I think about Mr. Cranson doing that to me.

Janet: Mr Cranson? Your next door neighbor? I mean he's pretty good looking but he's got to be like 45 years old.

Lucy: Well, he is good looking, and he has a really big dick.

Janet: What, how do you know about that?

Lucy: Well, I've seen it a couple of times.

Janet: Your kidding, when did you see it?

Lucy: Well, I didn't actually see him naked, but I know he's got a really big dick.

Janet: Lucy, you've got to tell me how. I mean after all the stuff I've told you, its only fair.

Lucy: Alright, alright, last summer my dad borrowed a saw from Mr. Cranson. Dad made me take it back to Mr. Cranson. Well, it was really hot that day when I took the saw back, I just had on a pair of tight shorts and a tee shirt. I rang the door bell and nobody answered. I rang the door bell one more time, but nobody came to the door. I was about ready to leave and Mr. Cranson showed up at the door, all he had on was a pair of running shorts. Mr. Cranson said, “sorry Lucy, I was in the shower when the door bell rang.” Mr. Cranson invited me in and I gave him the saw. I don't think Mr. Cranson had any underwear on, and he was still a little wet. You could sort of see his cock through his wet shorts.

Janet: Well, what did he do?

Lucy: Well, he didn't really do anything, but he caught me staring at his cock. I got embarrassed and looked away. Mr. Cranson thanked me for bringing the saw back and I sort of shyly said, “your welcome.” Then, I stole another look at his shorts, and there was a huge bulge in it.

Janet: Was it standing straight up?

Lucy: No, it was sort of bent over and had his shorts pushed way out. I know he saw me looking at it. I stared for several seconds before I looked away. I don't know, I just couldn't quit staring at it.

Janet: How big was it?

Lucy: I don't know exactly, I know it was a lot bigger than your vibrator.

Janet: Do you really have the hots for Mr. Cranson?

Lucy: Well, why not? My dad won't let me get near any boys my age and Mr. Cranson obviously wants to fuck me. I really want to see that cock of his. A couple of times I've been in our back yard when Mr. Cranson is working in his yard. I'll pretend that I don't know Mr. Cranson is out there and give him a good view of my ass. Mr. Cranson will look forever if I pretend that I don't see him. After a while, I'll pretend that I finally see him and go over and say hi, he always has a huge bulge in his pants. I know that he sees me checking it out. I just know it!

Janet: What do you fantasize doing with him?

Lucy: Oh, I can't tell! ( Lucy blushes.)

Janet: Come on Lucy, TELL ME, and I'll finish my story about David and me. You'll really like this one!

Lucy: Well, I do want to hear about you and David. Oh, okay, I know this is going to seem a little weird, but I've got this fantasy that Mr. Cranson takes me in his basement and he's got this.....oh man...this is stupid!

Janet: LUCY!

Lucy: AH, he has this secret room in his basement. You know, sort of a hidden door that he opens up. Mr. Cranson gets me in his basement and the next thing I know he's got the secret door open forcing me into his sex chamber. Its a sex room, you know, whips, chains, all sorts of weird stuff.

Mr. Cranson puts me in some chained handcuffs, and leg manacles. He spreads my legs good and wide, then takes a long long look while he mumbles something about my hot ass. Then he spanks my ass and puts nipple clamps on me. Mr. Cranson notices my swelling vulva and glistening slot. I can't hardly say it, but, Mr. Cranson takes his pants off and he has this huge rock hard cock. Mr. Cranson licks my dripping pussy and then fucks me hard doggy style. After he's finished he makes me suck on it with pussy juice and cum all over it. Eventually, he shoots cum all over my face, and finally he takes my ass. I protest telling him that its too big, but he doesn't listen. I bang myself with my fingers at night thinking about Mr. Cranson doing that to me. I think about it all the time. I swear Janet, I want to fuck somebody, anybody so bad, I can't stand it anymore.

Janet: Oh man, that's hot, I think I want Mr. Cranson too! I've got a little surprise for you tonight, it might help you quit thinking of Mr. Cranson for a few hours.

Lucy: Oh Janet, I can't wait, you're so nasty. Come on Janet, its your turn, what happened last night?

Janet: Well, after showing me the pictures David started pulling my clothes off and he got me on the bed. It wasn't long and he was fucking me from behind, doggy style.

Lucy: Didn't he lick your pussy first?

Janet: Well yeah he did.

Lucy: Janet, please don't leave out the details.

Janet: Well, he pulled my pants off and sort of drug my ass over the edge of the bed. David put his forearms between my thighs and spread my legs. He wrapped his hands up to the small of my back and lifted my ass in the air as he spread my legs. Then, he started licking my pussy and rubbing my asshole with the tip of his nose. He didn't lick me very hard at first, but when I started getting juicy, he really went at it. AND, he was just grinding his nose into my asshole, I really liked that.

Lucy: Oh man, my panties are getting soaked. I hope I don't get a big wet spot.

Janet: I started to whimper a little bit and David pinned my legs to the side of the mattress. Then David stood up and rammed his cock into my pussy. He really fucked me hard and the bed started moving across the floor. David just hammered me, it made this slapping noise every time he bottomed out. It was really good, but David was so horny he only lasted a minute or so.

After he was done, he didn't pull out. He kept me pinned to the bed. After a minute or two, he started to stroke me slowly. His cock started getting harder and harder. He rammed me fairly hard for a little while. My pussy was so wet from my juices and his load of cum. David wiped up a little of our sex juice, and then he started fingering my asshole. I told him no way, but he slowly pushed a finger in. I protested, but secretly, I was loving it. I guess it was a little like your fantasy of what you want Mr. Cranson to do.

Lucy: Hurry up Janet, finish the story, David and his dad are in the parking lot, if you don't tell me now, I'll have to wait till tonight to hear what happened..

Janet: David pulled his cock out of my pussy and lined it up on my asshole. I didn't really think that he'd be able to get it in. I said, “David, NO, NO, you can't, its too big.” It surprised me but he got it in. He stroked me slowly for a few strokes but he soon went crazy, he was moaning, “OH MAN, THAT'S SO GOOD, AHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Lucy: Did it hurt?

Janet: Not really, he isn't really that big, he isn't as big as my vibrator.

Lucy: Did he do it for a long time?

Janet: ( Laughing! ) NO, I couldn't believe it, he'd just cum a minute or two earlier, I thought he'd last a long time, but he was so turned on he came faster than the first time.

Lucy: (Laughing hard. ) Did you like it?

Janet: Well, I'm not sure, he didn't do it long enough. I think it would be fun to try again. I know one thing, David was so turned on that it just sort of turned me on too. I'm sure that he wants to try again as soon as he can.

Lucy: Oh look, David and his dad are coming in the door.

I sat there silently as Lucy and Janet got up to meet David and David's dad. My cock was throbbing; my mind was racing. I wanted to take Janet and Lucy right then and there. I watched the two sexy girls walk across the shop to meet their companions. My eyes zeroed in on Lucy's tight jeans, and her perfect ass. I could see a sizable spot of moisture and I knew that I wanted to be Lucy's Mr. Cranson. I knew that I'd love fucking Janet, but my thoughts of Lucy were totally out of control. I knew some way, some how that I'd HAVE to conquer that hot assed girl.

I snapped back to reality when I heard, “hi dad, I made it.” I hadn't even noticed Katy walking down the hall or up the stairs. It was time to get ready to load the rafts and get ready for the rafting trip. I thought to myself that Janet and Lucy would probably go on a completely different trip than Katy and I. Perhaps they would go and learn how to use a kayak, or maybe go up to the lake and take a house boat trip.

I was wrong, not only were Janet and Lucy going on the same trip as us, they ended up in the same raft. There were a total of three rafts in our group. There was a guide assigned to each raft and seven or eight more people in each raft. In our raft we had our guide, Bruce, a tall 30 year old man named Andy, David, David's dad aka Kenny, Janet, Lucy, Katy and me. I couldn't believe my luck, not only would I get to go on a fun rafting trip, I was going to get to stare at Lucy's sexy ass bounce through the river all day long.

The only bad part that I could see was the weather. Here it was just a week before Memorial Day, but it was unbelievably cold up in the high mountain canyons. It was drizzling lightly and you could see your breath. I swore if it got much colder the drizzle would turn to snow. Bruce said something about record cold temperatures for the time of year, and I believed him.

We packed our gear in waterproof bags and started on our trip. At first the river was in an open valley and was fairly smooth. The river had a lot of water in it, and Bruce told us that the river was probably at its peak runoff. After an hour we started to get into some small canyons, the open valley was replaced by reddish rock walls that surrounded us. The river started to buck and roll the raft much more than it had when we departed. It was a lot of fun, and the scenery was spectacular. I couldn't see Janet's full breasts rocking with the raft, she had too many coats on, but Lucy's sexy ass caught my eye quiet frequently. I couldn't decide which I liked looking at more, the canyons, or Lucy's ass.

My mind drifted between the beautiful scenery and the girl's morning conversation. To be honest, the girl's conversation was about all I thought about. I watched Lucy's ass at every chance. I knew that I'd probably never get a chance to act out on my fantasies, but still, it was all that I could think about. My eyes surveyed the canyons and the river, but my mind was consumed with the girls nasty conversation. I thought and thought of different scenarios of getting Lucy alone with me, none of my ideas made any sense.

Bruce and the other guides found one small patch of sand to pull the rafts onto just before noon. We stopped and had lunch. Everybody was enjoying the scenery, but not the frigid weather and the icy river water. Katy and I enjoyed conversations with others in our group, but it was easy to tell that Lucy was shy, especially when it came to talking to the men in our raft. I tried talking to Janet and Lucy a little bit, as did my daughter Katy. Janet was warm and friendly; Lucy was friendly, but she was also shy and not very talkative.

After our short lunch we headed back down the river. The river rolled and bucked more in this section of the river than it ever did in the morning. For a short time, I forgot all about Lucy's ass. The river was really throwing our raft around, and this was my first rafting experience. To be truthful, the river was a beast. I was scared, and didn't want to drown in that frigid river.

It seemed like we were totally out of control in our raft. Katy and I were in the back of the raft, sometimes we were five or six feet lower than the people in the front of the raft. At other times we were way above them. After a little while we hit a stretch where the raft only swelled up and down a couple of feet. Our guide, Bruce, told us that we had to go through two more stretches of bad rapids before we hit our evening camping spot.

I looked down the canyon and could see a narrow black walled canyon a short distance down the river. I remember what I read in a book about John Wesley Powell. Powell said that they learned that the dark walled canyons had the hardest rocks, and the worst rapids. Powell and his men often got out of their boats and carried them around the worst rapids if they could. Soon, Bruce confirmed my fears when he said, “the next set of rapids are the worst that we'll see on the entire trip.”

When we entered the black narrow canyon I couldn't believe what I saw. The people in the front of the boat looked like they were shooting straight up in the air. Soon Katy and I were taking the rapid ride to the top of the wave. I could see in Katy's eyes that she was scared, and I'm sure she saw the same fear when she looked at me. Unfortunately the first huge wave wasn't the last one that we would encounter. There was a whole series of roller coaster waves in front of us.

Janet and Lucy were just in front of Katy and me. I could tell they were scared too. At this point I wasn't thinking about Lucy's hot ass, I was just praying to live another day. I gazed down the river to see when we would get out of these horrible rapids. In the corner of my eye, I could see Lucy lurching forward, she was going over the side of the raft. I stabbed my arm towards Lucy and managed to grip the back of her coat. I managed to grab Lucy's coat, but in the process lost my balance. I didn't save Lucy from plunging into the icy river, instead, I joined her.

Lucy and I had life jackets on, but the river still dunked me repeatedly. I'm not the worlds best swimmer, and even if I was, I wouldn't have been a match for those rapids. When my head popped above the surface of the water for the third time, there was a bag floating down the river next to me. I frantically grabbed the bag. After I latched onto the bag my head stayed above water most of the time. I gathered my senses and saw Lucy swimming for a sand bar. It was easy to see that Lucy was very athletic and a good swimmer.

Lucy soon swam, to the beach. I frog kicked and thrashed my way behind her, still clutching to my bag. Lucy was sitting on the sand bar when I crawled up the bank behind her. I asked, “are you alright.” Lucy told me that she was fine, but we were both shivering violently. I thought getting tossed into the frigid river and almost drowning was a horrible experience until a thought popped into my head. I thought, “we're alone!”

I dragged my plastic bag away from the river and opened it. Inside the bag there was a small tent and a sleeping bag. I told Lucy, “at least we have some shelter and a sleeping bag.” Lucy asked, “well, who gets the sleeping bag?” I told Lucy that we'd have to share the bag , and she immediately protested that she couldn't get in a sleeping bag with me. I told her that she had too, if she didn't, she could get hypothermia.

Lucy wanted to build a fire, but we didn't have matches, and all of the scraps of wood in the area were soaked to the core. I told Lucy, “I don't think a boy scout could build a fire with this wet wood.” I pitched the tent and put the bag inside. I told Lucy that we better get in the bag, but she refused. I told Lucy to have it her way, but I was going to get in the bag and warm up. Lucy said that she'd just sit in the tent, and I could have the bag. She claimed that she would be alright in a few minutes.

I took off my drenched boots and then removed the boot laces. Lucy asked me why I took the laces out of my boots. I lied to Lucy and told her that if I took the laces out and opened the boots as far as they would go, they would dry out faster. To myself I thought, “I don't have rope to tie Lucy up with, but the laces should work just fine.”

I started peeling off my wet clothes and Lucy asked me what I was doing. I told her that I'd never warm up in wet clothes. She told me that it wasn't proper for me to strip in front of her. I told Lucy, “if you don't like it, just don't look.” I finished taking my clothes off, my entire body was covered with goose bumps, and I shivered uncontrollably. Lucy was in no better shape than I was. My cock had shriveled to a miniscule size and my balls were completely withdrawn. I probably looked like a castrated three year old. As I crawled into the sleeping bag, I saw Lucy peek at my naked body. I was embarrassed and thought to myself, “I'll bet Lucy thinks, he's no Mr. Cranson.”

I soon quit shivering and started to warm slightly. I watched Lucy shiver, and she was almost blue. It only took me a few minutes to warm up, but Lucy continue to shudder and shake. I started to think about Lucy and her morning conversation with Janet. My cock started to grow; I reached down and started massaging my cock, thinking about fucking Lucy's perfect virgin ass. I wondered if Lucy's pussy was as juicy as Janet claimed. I wanted Lucy and urged her to get into the sleeping bag with me.

Finally Lucy relented and started to crawl into the bag with me. I stopped Lucy and told her that she couldn't get into the bag with wet clothes on. Lucy became annoyed, and her shyness seemed to disappear when she told me, “I'm not taking my clothes off for you, you pervert.” Lucy was so cold her teeth chattered when she talked. I simply told Lucy, “take your clothes off or stay out there and freeze.” Then I told Lucy I lie, “this doesn't have anything to do with sex, or me being a pervert, this is survival.” Lucy finally relented and agreed to take her clothes off, as long as I didn't look.

I agreed to close my eyes and Lucy started to take her clothes off. I felt Lucy unzipping the bag and I opened my eyes. Lucy hollered, “you said that you wouldn't look!” I countered, “you peeked at me, and you still have your bra and panties on.” Lucy began to protest, but I'd had enough arguing with her. I jumped out of the sleeping bag and went after Lucy. Lucy tried to retreat, but there was no where to go in the small tent.

I tackled Lucy and grabbed her silky white v-crotch panties. Lucy made a weak and futile attempt to prevent me from ripping her panties off. Seconds later I threw her silky panties too the side. I stared at Lucy's almost smooth vulva, the only thing that kept it from looking like a prepubescent pussy was a light stubble of reddish colored hair. I wanted to dive on Lucy's muff and devour it, but it was too cold out of the sleeping bag.

Lucy's bra was next. It took me a few seconds to unsnap it, but removing it from Lucy's B cup chest was no problem. Lucy's breasts weren't very big, but the cold frigid conditions had Lucy's nipples standing erectly. Lucy's nipples were amazingly big and seemed out of proportion to her breasts. I wanted to pinch, pull and suck on them. If Lucy fantasized about nipple clamps, my fingers would have to do, and maybe my teeth too. Lucy's breasts and the rest of her body were covered with giant goosebumps. I ordered Lucy into the bag.

Lucy quickly crawled into the bag, and I got a view of Lucy's perfect ass, my cock started standing up some more. Then I knelt in front of her, putting my growing cock in front of Lucy's face. It wasn't small and shriveled anymore, it was long and thick now. Lucy said nothing but she stared at my cock and wouldn't look away for a second. I knew she secretly wanted it as badly as I wanted her perfect ass. As Lucy stared, my cock stood at steeper and steeper angles. I started crawling into the bag and Lucy had another protest, she said, “OK, we can be in the bag together, but we have to be back to back.”

I agreed to Lucy's condition, and crawled into the bag. I knew it wouldn't take me long to break my promise and start my assault on Lucy. Laying back to back with Lucy made things extremely crowded and uncomfortable in the sleeping bag. I really didn't mind being back to back with Lucy for a few minutes, I had something to do. Before I crawled into the bag, I discretely grabbed my boot laces. As soon as I got into the bag, I tied the laces together and then tied a sliding loop on one end of the rope. If Lucy didn't cooperate, I could tie the little hotty up and the easily have my way with her.

Laying back to back was extremely uncomfortable. You had to lay with your legs completely straight to fit in the bag. I started rubbing my cock thinking about what I wanted to do next. The tip of my cock began to ooze. I couldn't wait any longer, it was time to attack.

I complained to Lucy and said, “laying back to back isn't going to work, it's too uncomfortable.” Then I rolled over and snuggled up to Lucy making sure that my cock nuzzled into the crack of Lucy's full round ass. Lucy squealed and asked, “what are you doing?” I calmly said, “this is more comfortable, much more comfortable.” At the same time I began stroking my cock up and down the crack of Lucy's ass.

Lucy began to struggle and tried to arch away from me. I wrapped an arm around Lucy and cupped her stomach then I firmly sucked her ass back to my cock. Lucy began to squirm frantically. When Lucy began to struggle, I reached up and grabbed one of her nipples, pinching and pulling it hard, Lucy yelped in pain. At the same time, I chastised Lucy telling her, “settle down or I'll pull it harder next time.

Lucy continued struggling and squirming so I grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it hard. Then I pinched her other nipple and gave a hard pull. I didn't let go of Lucy's nipple and she yelped in pain. I taunted Lucy and told her, “go ahead and fight, you need to warm up anyway, but it won't do you any good to fight, I'm going to fuck you hard, I'm going to fuck you in your ass.”

Lucy protested and said that I was crazy. She threatened that she'd have me imprisoned after we got rescued. I didn't believe Lucy and continued my assault on her. I started rubbing her stomach and thighs with my hand while I continued grinding my cock on the crack of her ass. Lucy's skin began to smooth as her goosebumps disappeared.

I commanded Lucy to spread her legs open, but she wouldn't comply. I pinched and pulled Lucy's nipple harder than ever and told her, “spread em, or I'm going to pull your nipples right off your boobs.” Lucy moaned in pain and she spread her legs. I put my cock between Lucy's thighs and started dry humping. Lucy started rambling about how I couldn't get her pregnant, and about how she was a virgin.

I told Lucy, “I won't get you pregnant.” Then I told her that I didn't believe she was a virgin. I hadn't dry humped Lucy very long and my cock started get wet, as did Lucy's thighs. I chided Lucy and said,”for somebody who doesn't want to fuck, you sure have a wet pussy.” Then I told Lucy that I'd have to check out her claims of virginity.

I put my hand down to her thighs and started stroking them. I told her that if it weren't for her pubic stubble, she'd look like a little virgin girl. Then I started massaging her vulva and chided her some more, “for a girl who doesn't want to fuck, you sure have a huge camel toe, don't you?” Lucy whimpered, “you're crazy!” I said, “yes, crazy for your hot ass.” I couldn't believe how wet my fingers were getting, this girl's pussy was a sloppy mess.

I placed the tip of my finger on Lucy's opening and told her, “well little virgin, I think I'll look for your hymen.” My finger began to slip into Lucy's warm silky tunnel, it slipped in easily. I growled at Lucy, “well, your hymen must be deeper than most girls.” I pushed my finger in to the hilt, and still found nothing. I taunted Lucy again saying, “I'm going to have to find something to probe a little deeper virgin girl, I can't seem to find your hymen yet.”

Lucy pleaded, “stop, stop, you can't do it, you can't!” My finger tip found Lucy's gspot and I rubbed it slowly and firmly as the palm of my hand slowly ground on Lucy's bulging clit. I told Lucy, “oh I don't think it will be any problem getting my cock in your pussy, no problem at all.” Lucy squealed, “you know that isn't' what I mean.”

Lucy continued to struggle and squirm, but I could tell that her fight was just a notch below a full fledged panic. I pinched and pulled on Lucy's nipples again, telling Lucy, “your nipples look like cherries sitting on top of your creamy white breasts.” I slipped a second finger into Lucy's pussy and taunted her, “for a virgin who doesn't want to fuck, you sure have one hot wet pussy.”

I couldn't wait any longer and muttered to Lucy, “I've got to fuck you, I can't wait any longer, I've got to fuck you now!” I pulled my fingers out of Lucy's dripping pussy and wiped my fingers on my cock. I rubbed the bulging head of my cock on Lucy's slit and she screamed, “no, you'll get me pregnant!” I grumbled at Lucy, “I don't think so.” With that I firmly pulled Lucy's stomach and ass towards me while I arched into her. My cock sank into her hot wet pussy, and easily slid into her love tunnel, it was warm and wet, it was wonderful.

I started stroking Lucy hard and fast as she squirmed to get away from me. Lucy wasn't struggling as hard as she could have, it was so exciting. I ran my fingers over Lucy's clit as I fucked her, her juices made my fingers glide over her bulging clit. At the same time, I kissed Lucy's neck and nibbled on her ears, growling into them, “you're one good fuck for a virgin girl, are you sure you haven't done this before.” Then I grunted and said, “OH GOD, I'm going to CUMMMM, AHHHHHHH, AHHHHH, UHHHHHHHH!” Lucy screamed and struggled harder than she ever had, screaming, “NO, NO, YOU'LL get me pregnant!” I held Lucy tight as I groaned and pumped her full of cum. Lucy complained, “you promise not to get me pregnant and then you fill my pussy with cum, how could you?” I told Lucy, “settle down, I'm shooting blanks, I got fixed when Katy was little, and I'm going to fuck you all night long.”

A few minutes later I pulled my cock out of Lucy's pussy and told her that I wanted her to suck me off. She told me, “no way you old pervert, you're going to be in big trouble when we get rescued.” I replied, “I'm not asking you to suck my cock, I'm telling you.” Once again, Lucy replied, “no way you old pervert, you can't make me.” I replied, “oh really, we'll see about that.”

I unzipped the sleeping bag and Lucy inquired what I had in mind. I didn't say anything to Lucy as I flung the sleeping bag open. Lucy's skin was no longer covered with giant goose bumps, instead it was smooth and silky looking. I picked up the boot laces that I had hidden earlier. Lucy's eyes widened as she started to retreat, she screamed, “no way you old pervert.” I had tied a loop in the end of the boot lace earlier, and quickly slipped it over one of Lucy's wrists. Then I wrenched Lucy's arm behind her back as she called me a pervert one more time. Lucy continued to threaten me as I grabbed her second arm and finished securing her.

Once again, I asked Lucy, “are you going to suck your pussy juice off of my cock.” Lucy screamed back, “you're crazy, let me go!” Then she called me a pervert again. I grabbed Lucy and picked her up, then I kneeled down on one knee. With my other leg, I placed my foot flat on the ground, then placed Lucy's stomach on my upper leg. Lucy's perfect creamy ass was draped over my upper leg. I told Lucy, “last chance, suck my cock, or I spank your ass.”

Lucy hollered, “let me go, let me go right now!” I asked for the last time, “are you going to suck me off?” I smacked Lucy's ass cheeks firmly with my open palm three times, then asked her, “have you changed your mind?” Lucy fumed, “let me go you stupid pervert!” I told Lucy that I was tired of talking and started spanking her ass firmly. As I spanked Lucy, I spread her legs and let my finger tips dip between her legs. Sometimes my finger tips touched her dripping slit. As I spanked Lucy's ass, her perfect white cheeks began to redden, and my cock started growing as I looked at her perfect little hole.

Finally Lucy whimpered and said, “stop, stop, I'll suck your cock if you stop.” I told Lucy, “that's more like it.” I made Lucy kneel on her knees and brought my cock to Lucy's lips. Lucy said, “I don't know what to do, I've never done this before.” I told Lucy to run her tongue up and down on the under side of my shaft and to flick its sensitive ridge. Then I had Lucy trace circles around the head of my cock with her tongue and finally had her start sucking on my cock.

Lucy learned quickly and soon I was moaning loudly, “oh yeah, suck my cock, suck it hard, oh yeah!” Lucy did everything that I told her to do. I didn't know if Lucy's lips felt better than her wet pussy, but did know that I was ready to shoot another load. I wrapped my fingers around the back of Lucy's head and pulled her down onto my cock as I arched into her. Lucy gagged a little but kept on sucking vigorously. I quivered and said, “oh yeah, suck it, suck it good, oh yeah, I'm cumming, swallow it like a good little girl.” Lucy swallowed every drop that my pulsing cock gave her, all I could do was grunt and rise up on the tips of my toes. I thought to myself nobody could suck cock that good if they weren't turned on and loving it.

My mind drifted back to the conversation that Lucy and Janet had that morning. I knew what I wanted next, I knew what I wanted more than anything in the world.

I made Lucy lay face down and told her that she was a good little girl. I told her if she passed one more test, I'd let her loose. I started kissing Lucy's beautiful full ass cheeks and she squirmed. I lifted her ass in the air and ran the tip of my tongue softly over her clit. I teased Lucy's clit with my tongue and rubbed the crack of her ass with the tip of my nose. I slid my finger over Lucy's gaping slit and it was still extremely wet. It was easy to dip my finger in her hot wet hole.

I pulled my finger out of Lucy's pussy and started rubbing her puckered little asshole. Lucy recoiled and warned me, “oh no, don't even think about it, there's no way that I'm going to let you do that.” I replied, “that's all I've been thinking about all day long, ever since I first saw your hot ass early this morning.” Lucy replied in a stern voice, “I'm not kidding, you better not try it, you'll be sorry.” I took my wet finger and poked Lucy's asshole slowly and firmly. My finger slipped in to my relief, Lucy hollered, “stop right now you dirty old man.”

I ignored Lucy's demand and replied, “oh that's tight, I don't know if I can get my cock in there, but I've got to try.” Lucy shouted, “stop it right now, this isn't funny.” I got on my knees and slipped my cock in Lucy's pussy again. Lucy's pussy felt so good, I almost forgot what I had in mind, but finally told her, “I think its lubed up good enough to go in now.”

It was time to find out if my cock would fit in Lucy's tight little ass. I put the tip of my cock on Lucy's asshole, and she lunged forward and fell flat on her stomach. I swatted Lucy's ass two hard smacks and told her that if she did that again, I'd warm her ass up with a good hard spanking. I pulled Lucy's back to a kneeling position and repositioned my cock. Lucy protested and I grabbed her ass cheeks in silence, spreading them slightly. I pushed slowly and firmly as I spread her perfect cheeks. To my relief, the head of my cock disappeared into Lucy's ass. I moaned, “its in.”

To my surprise, Lucy said nothing as I grabbed her hips and slowly but firmly worked my cock into her hot asshole. Lucy was silent except for a light moan or two as I started stroking her. The sliding got easier and easier with every stroke but her ass gripped me tighter than I'd ever been gripped before. I reached around Lucy and lightly place my fingertips on her clit. I massaged Lucy's wet clit slowly but firmly as I fucked her ass.

Soon I was pounding Lucy's ass hard and fast. The fronts of my legs slapped Lucy's ass with a smacking noise. Lucy started moaning and grunting, I'm not sure what she said. I hammered Lucy's ass for several minutes, then I couldn't take it any more. When I came my legs got weak and I was spent.

I untied Lucy and we curled up into the sleeping bag and went to sleep. It was a deep and blissful sleep for me. I think I would have slept long into the next day except for an arousing sensation. I woke up and felt Lucy's arm wrapped around me and her hand was playing with my cock. When Lucy knew that I was awake, she said, “I can't believe how little it was when you first took your clothes off, and how big it is now.” Then she asked, “how does it do that?” I simply said, “cold weather makes it shrink and hide, your hot little ass makes it grow to the biggest I've ever seen it.” Lucy giggled, then I told her, “you better quit playing with it, or I'm going to use it on you. Lucy giggled again.

Lucy and I still had several hours to wait until the next rafting group showed up in late afternoon to rescue us. I peeked out the tent and told Lucy, “it looks like a nice day, do you want to go skinny dipping in the edge of the river?” Minutes later, we'd had enough of the frigid river water and were racing back to the tent. Lucy's goose bump covered ass looked like it needed some warming up.

As Lucy and I started to crawl back in the sleeping bag, she giggled and said, “I'm not afraid of you peewee!” I replied, “just wait, you might have more to worry about than you think.” Lucy and I made love all morning, but in the afternoon, we were starving and couldn't wait to be picked up. We talked about having a long overdue supper, but in the back of my mind, I was worried about how I'd literally raped Lucy.

Getting nervous, I asked Lucy, “you're not going to tell on me, are you?” Coyly Lucy replied, “oh I don't know, I might.” I swallowed hard and tried to think of what to do next. After a minute of silence Lucy continued, “I might tell on you, after all you tied me up and raped me, but maybe, ….... well maybe, if you let me tie you up and show you how it feels, well, I'd probably just keep it quiet.”

I couldn't believe what she'd said and tentatively asked her, “are you kidding?” Lucy replied, “no, I've never been more serious, and, we've got one more night to camp out before we get out of this canyon.” I couldn't believe my luck and quickly agreed to Lucy's demand.

Finally in the late afternoon, Lucy and I were rescued. Lucy and I devoured our supper and enjoyed meeting all of our rescuers. One of the rescuers asked Lucy, “was it horrible been stranded out here.” Lucy's reply aroused me, she said, “no, actually it was a lot of fun, I just wish that my friend Janet would have gotten tossed out too, she would have enjoyed it.”

Later that night when Lucy and I were in our tent she quickly tied me up. She looped my boot laces around my upper thighs, and put another loop around the base of my cock and balls. Then, she tied my arms next to my side and made me lie flat on my back. It was heaven, and it was torture at the same time.

I asked Lucy, “do you really think that Janet would have liked being with us?” Lucy slowly pulled off her bra and panties, then straddled over my face. My cock began to swell. Lucy replied, “shut up slave dog, shut up and lick my pussy, lick it good, real good, or I'll spank your ass good and hard.”

The night was wonderful. One of the best things about it was that I learned that Lucy and Janet live only 25 miles from me. They want to get together sometime. I go and play golf in their town severall times a year, but that's another story.

Lucy, I hope you enjoyed this story. I've enjoyed reading your nasty stories, but your nasty messages are even better. Maybe later this summer, I can tell you about the time that I went golfing, but didn't quite make it to the course. Thanks again Lucy!

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