"Alright." It was all I could answer. It may have just been in my mind, but I could tell my voice was trembling.

Dad turned and I watched the top of his head disappear. My heart was racing, my body filled with dread. Pulling my shirt on, my hands fumbled while trying to slip back into my pants.

In a strange way, the walk down to the lower level was both the longest and shortest of my life. Dad was in the dining room, his hands laced on the table top.

"Have a seat." He said, flatly.

Pulling a chair out, I did as I was told.

The silence was uncomfortable. I don't think having Misty blow me right in front of my father could have made me feel more uneasy. His eyes were locked on me, but my own eyes couldn't lift themselves from the floor.

"I talked to your mother today." He started, referring to my stepmom. I remained silent. "Sounds like she had quite a scare last night."

"Yeah?" I squeaked out.

"She seems to think she walked in on something she shouldn't have." Dad let a long pause fill the room. "Was she right?"

Of course, Dad was undoubtedly talking about his wife interrupting her daughter and I's passionate scene. When the knock came to the door, we barely had time to cover up.

"I, I...guess." I stuttered.

"Mhmm." Dad said, hard. "Well, let me tell you something, son...if that girl gets pregnant, it's your ass."

It took me a minute to process this. Dad must've noticed my somewhat shocked expression.

"We're not stupid." He said. "You two have been clawing at each other for too damn long for there not to be something going on."

I nodded, ashamed.

"Ain't you got anything to say?" Dad asked.

"I just...I'm sorry, Dad." I murmured.

"I'm gonna tell you right now...I don't wanna see it, I don't wanna hear it, I don't even want to think it's going on. But, at the same time, I know I can't stop it." He said.

"So, you're ok with this?" I asked.

"No. I'm not. To me, that's my daughter and your sister. Still, I know that with both of you living here, it's bound to continue." He said.

I nodded again.

"Alright then." He breathed. "Like I said, I don't wanna see it, hear it, or think it's going on. You have a door. Lock it."

My eyes finally hit his.

"That's all." Dad said as he stood.

I quickly rose from my own seat and bolted back upstairs, to my room. The mixed feeling of embarassment, shame and excitement rushed over me. I played the entire conversation in my head over and over again. I'm not sure how much time passed before my door opened and in stepped Misty.

Her breasts were positively smashed inside a tight, white polo shirt. She had on another denim skirt, short as ever.

"Hey." she smiled, shutting the door behind her.

"Lock that." I said, pointing to the door.

Misty did as she was told before making her way over to me.

"I'm about to leave. You wanted to see me?" Misty sat down on my bed next to my body.

"I always want to see you." I smiled, leaning up for my kiss. With a smile, Misty obliged. "I can't believe you're leaving me."

"Oh, God. It's just for one night, silly." Misty smiled.

"I know, but I'm gonna miss you so much." I said, getting another kiss or two.

"Mmm. I'm gonna miss you, too." She giggled, our kisses becoming more passionate.

My hand crept up her thigh, under her skirt.

"I thought you were just going to Trisha's?" I asked.

"That's right." Misty answered.

"Then why aren't you wearing panties?" I questioned, feeling her hot slit.

"Well, when you said you wanted to see me, I wasn't sure what you had in mind." That was an honest answer.

"You know what I want." I said with a smile.

Biting her lip, Misty began to tug the sides of her skirt up, exposing more leg every second. Finally, her sweet, sweet pussy was visible.

As I dug myself into my bed, getting more comfortable, Misty moved to straddle my waist. Her fingers danced over my zipper, sliding it down. Before I knew it, my boxers were being lifted, my shaft being drawn out.

I watched the expression on her face as she scooted her body forward, lining herself up. She looked happy.

My hands were digging into her hips as she impaled herself. The familiar feeling of her insides surrounded my now-throbbing cock.

Misty's hips began rocking back and forth, my hands assisting her along the way. I loved feeling of sliding in and out of her.

We kept this up for several minutes. I noticed Misty looking at the clock.

"We've gotta rap this up, sport." She said. "It's about time for me to leave. Are you close?"

"Not really." I said.

"Here..." she trailed off.

Misty dismounted me and moved her body down the matress. Gripping my shiny shaft, she pumped with quite a bit of speed. Her mouth opened, taking me in, as she continued pumping.

Now, normally blowjobs, to me, are amazing. It may sound stupid, but I was just too disappointed. The great sensation was there, but I knew it would never do. The thought of not getting any 'alone' time later just bugged me too much.

"Ah, it's ok." I said, running a hand over Misty's head. "You can go."

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yeah. It's fine." I replied.

Misty continued pumping me for a few more seconds before letting go and standing. Rolling off the bed, I stood as well.

"I'll be home early tomorrow. Promise." She said as she pulled her skirt back into a more natural position.

With my cock still out for the world to see, I wrapped my hands around her lower back and pressed against her hard.

"I'll be waiting." I told her.

My hand was creeping up the back of her skirt, grabbing some ass as we kissed.

When we finished, she straightened her hair and walked out the door. I collapsed onto my bed.

As the hours passed, I missed Misty more and more. It was around 10:30 when my phone started to vibrate.

Misty: So...I kind of miss you.
Me: I really miss you, too.
Misty: lol what are you doing?
Me: Nothing at all. What about you?
Misty: Getting ready for bed.
Me: Already?
Misty:'s not what I thought it was going to be.
Me: What do you mean?
Misty: Like...I thought we were going to be doing something over here...but Trisha's boring.
Me: Then come home.
Misty: I can't do that! She'd get mad.
Me: Ugh. Please?
Misty: Miss me that much?
Me: You have no idea.

A few minutes passed, and I feared that maybe Misty had actually fallen asleep.

Picture message.

I opened it. Misty was standing in front of Trisha's bathroom mirror, her pajama bottoms pulled down, her tank top pulled up. Her lower lip was pushed out, looking sad.

I thought it was amazing.

Pulling my own pants down, I snapped a picture, which I then sent to her.

Misty: Oh. What's that from? lol
Me: Frustration.
Misty: I think Trisha just went to sleep.
Me: Really?
Misty: Yeah...
Me: So sneak out.
Misty: I have another idea...
Me: What?
Misty: Why don't you sneak over?
Me: Really?
Misty: YEAH.

That's all it took. In a flash, I had some shorts on, was in my car, and headed for Trisha's.

I made sure to park a little ways down the street before creeping up to the door. I sent Misty a text, letting her know I was there.

I heard the door click before creeking open.

Misty's face was barely visible in the dim security light, but I knew she was smiling. She waved her hand, telling me to come in.

Once the door shut behind me, it was totally black. A hand gripping my own was my only source of direction. I felt Misty sit down, so I felt around. I figured we were on a couch.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could tell we were in the living room. The thought of Trisha's parents walking through at any second only excited me more.

"Ready to finish what we started?" Misty whispered.

I didn't answer. Instead, I pushed her onto her back, sliding my shorts off immediately. With my lips meeting hers, I ground my crotch into her. My cock brushed against the fabric of her pajama bottoms, erecting me.

Pushing her tank top up, my mouth attacked her stiffened nipples. Misty did her best to muffle her moans.

My hands were busy sliding her pants down. We took a momentary pause to solve the problem entirely, ripping them off and tossing them aside.

With her legs spread, I gripped myself and pushed in. Now, I was the one moaning.

My movements were slow at first. Apparently, Misty didn't have that kind of time. Her legs began to dictate the speed.

My mouth had since moved and was now assaulting her neck. I could feel my cock becoming more and more slippery with every thrust.

Her heels digging into me was becoming uncomfortable, and slowly so she could follow, I raised myself. I could feel, and vaguely see, Misty roll onto her stomach. I stood, stepping behind her.

Misty planted her knees onto the floor, bending her top half over the seat of the couch. I kneeled, running my hands over her fleshy ass cheeks.

Spreading them wide, I pushed myself back in. God, I loved Misty's pussy.

By now, she was as wet as she could be, leaving little resistance to my fierce thrusting. The sound of my balls smacking against her echoed throughout the house, but I didn't care.

I knew I was about to explode, but I didn't want to end it that way. Quickly pulling out, I hit the couch, pulling Misty up with me. Sitting upright, I pulled Misty down onto me.

I gripped her hips as she wiggled them around. Soon enough, she began bucking back and forth, sending my body into shock.

With a grunt, my balls drained, shooting their contents into Misty's body. My lips were pursed as I did everything in my power to not scream with joy.

The sweat on my body cooled as my breath came back to me. Misty slid off to the side, resting her head back. My hand gripped and massaged her inner thigh as her own continued to fondle me.

Suddenly, the light flipped on, leaving us blind.

"Uh..." we heard, " am I interrupting something?"


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