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I had agreed to take my wife and daughter downtown to go shopping. It wasn’t the first thing on my mind, but I didn’t want them in that part of town alone. It had become somewhat unsettled this summer and I felt it necessary to accompany them.

My wife is 34 years old and a stunning five foot nine inch blonde. Her hair is shoulder length and she has a trim body with nice firm tits and the tightest of asses, with long legs. In fact, since giving birth to our daughter Samantha, Sammi for short, her hips and ass look even better.

My daughter Sammi just turned eleven just last week and was anxious to spend some of her birthday cash on some new clothes. My wife, Amy, dressed as contemporary as any twenty-something girl and always wore sexy looking clothes. Sammi had picked up this habit early on, wearing tight clothes amplifying her new feminine curves and bumps that had begun to appear. Sammi just recently began wearing a training bra to keep her nipples from poking out from the small bumps that will someday be nice firm tits. But she did not always wear a bra. Tonight was one of those times she was not into wearing a bra. I had begun to notice how she liked to turn the heads of boys, and men, as they walked by her.

When I got home they were ready to go. Sammi was wearing a very short pair of white shorts that clung to her tight round ass and a thin baby blue tank top that clung to her small tits allowing her aureoles and nipples to show through. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties since I did not see any panty lines through her tight shorts as I looked at her pert little ass. I was well aware that lots of men’s heads would be turning tonight.

We spent almost two hours shopping and I was relieved when it was time to go. I was tired, as we walked back to the car two black men approached us and one grabbed me and forced my arms behind my back and struck me on the head with something heavy. The other took out a knife and told the girls to be quite. I didn’t know exactly what was happening. I thought maybe they just wanted money.

We were forced down an alley to a small room in the basement of a building. There were several chairs and a large bed in the room. The girls were crying and begging not to be hurt. I started to speak and was hit in the head again, making me see things fuzzy. The man in charge told me to be quiet and told the girls to stop crying or they would beat me until I was dead. Amy was taken away to an adjoining room.

It did not take me long to realize that they wanted to rape the girls. The older man stood staring at Sammi and it was clear he had a massive hard on. As I tried to get free, I was tied to a chair that was bolted to the floor facing the bed. It was becoming clear this was not the first time these men had done this. They were very organized and proceeded very methodically.

The older man grabbed Sammi and dragged her to the bed. When she screamed, he slapped her and told her to shut up if she wanted to live. He was feeling her ass through her tight shorts and rubbing her young pussy through the very thin material. The crotch was forced tightly into her pussy. Sammi did her best to resist as she was tied spread eagle on the bed. It was then I noticed the other man approaching her with a small syringe. As Sammi struggled he injected the contents into a vein in her left arm. Sammi soon relaxed and stopped struggling. She quickly appeared stoned and seemed to start enjoying the continued rubbing of her preteen tits and young pussy. I could only imagine Amy was already drugged in the next room and what was happening to her.

The older man, who’s name apparently was Mike, untied Sammi after she very willingly agreed not to struggle with her captors. Mike talked with her about all kinds of sexual acts, which to my surprise, she seemed to comprehend. She admitted to masturbating since she was 10. Something her friend Jessica had shown her. She also admitted that Jessica and her had eaten each other’s pussies and cum in each other’s mouths. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sammi has lost all of her inhabitations and was freely talking about her limited sexual exploits. She admitted, to their joy, she was still a virgin. She wanted to have sex with Billy, a boy in her class, but he always came in his pants when she touched his penis. My little girl was acting like a seasoned slut and was now flirting with these black rapists. I watched as she looked very intently at Mike as he pulled his large black cock out of his pants.

The men looked at me and smiled.

“I bet your dad would like a piece of this tight, hot pussy.”

Sammi looked at me with wide glassy eyes and an air of anticipation.

“Do you daddy, do you want my little, tight pussy?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. I just looked away as the other man left the room and Mike continued feeling my daughter up and began kissing her deeply.

When I looked back I watched in shock as my preteen daughter was stroking Mike’s hard cock. It was at least 8 inches of hard black meat leaking precum all over Sammi’s contrasting white hand.

All I could hear was the two of them moaning. I have to admit, by this time I was getting aroused watching my daughter handling that black fuck stick. Apparently, Mike was giving Sammi instructions on what to do and how to make him feel good.

The next instructions were for Sammi to come over and check my cock, which was hard as a rock.

“Oh daddy, your cock is so hard!” She exclaimed, as she pulled my 7 inches out from my pants.

“Go ahead baby girl, make him feel good,” Mike said, as he lay back on the bed with his massive hard on sticking straight up.

Sammi started stroking me slowly.

“You don’t have to do this Sammi.” I said to her. But she ignored me and looked into my eyes. Looking at me I saw the empty look of a cock whore in a drugged state of mind.

“You never look at me Daddy, I dress so sexy for you and you never look at me.” She said very distantly and sadly. “I have wanted you to touch me like you touch mommy since I turned 10. But you don’t want me like my friend’s daddies want them.”

I felt as though I had let her down. Christ, this wasn’t a puppy I didn’t get her. She was sad because I didn’t fuck her pre-teen pussy. How did I miss that?

As she continued stroking me, Mike came over and offered his swollen cock to her willing mouth. She sucked his black rod without missing a stroke on my rock hard baby maker.

“I think daddy likes being jerked off by his little girl?” Mike said. Sammi nodded her agreement as she used her other hand to play with her dripping little girl cunt.

Mike pulled Sammi’s top and shorts off as she now kneeled in front of me sucking a big nigger dick with nothing but a skimpy white thong on. I felt my balls begin to churn looking at her pert little nipples as her blond hair swung back and forth as she sucked that dark cock and jerked me off. I could tell it was getting close for Mike too. He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of my daughter’s mouth. I watched as his rock hard cock leaked precum as it stood out straight from his body.

“Please, don’t stop, let me suck you off.” Sammi begged.

“Oh little girl, it’s time for you to suck daddy’s cock while I fuck your virgin, pussy.”

“Really, you want to fuck me?” she asked wantonly.

“Yea baby, I want to fuck you from behind and maybe you can suck your daddy at the same time.”

“Oh yea, that would be cool. I just want someone to cum in my mouth.”

With that, Mike positioned himself behind Sammi’s tight little 11 year-old ass as she knelt in front of me. Then with one strong pull he ripped her little lace thong off.

“Hey, that’s my sexiest underwear!” she exclaimed in shock.

“Don’t worry, you wont need them anymore tonight. We’ll get you plenty more anyway.” Mike said.

Sammi immediately took me into her mouth and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I ever experienced. I couldn’t believe I was having my 11 year-old daughter sucking my cock like a ten dollar whore.

Mike finally lined his black rod up to Sammi’s soaking wet cunt. I watched as he slid it up and down her bald pussy slit and with one thrust he slammed into my baby girl’s unprotected, virgin pussy, forever taking her virtue from her.

I was watching this thinking how much I would have liked to take her virginity.

Sammi let out a slight whimper, but soon was fucking back against Mike’s brutal thrusts. I could only imagine that the drugs must have dulled any pain Sammi experienced as he ripped through her maidenhead.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I wanted to reach out and touch Sammi’s little tits, but my hands were still tied behind me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was now a willing participant in my eleven year-old daughter’s rape.

It was then I noticed my wife Amy and the younger man, Jerrod, watching the action. Amy has been tied up and a ball gag inserted into her mouth. She stood at the doorway looking at her daughter being deflowered by a black man’s cock while sucking on her own father’s manhood. Amy was naked and it was then I noticed she had a dildo stuck up her pussy and when she turned slightly, also had one up her ass. She looked on with a sexual lust I never saw before. It was that sight along with Sammi’s blond hair in my lap that sent me off shooting a load of hot cum into my only daughter’s hot mouth.

“Ohhhhh Sammi, I’m going to cum baby!!!!” I screamed, as my load shot into her hot, little mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed every drop and cleaned my cock.

“Ohhh daddy that was great, I loved your hot cum in my mouth, ahhhhhh I think I’mmmmm cummmming tooooooooooo….”. I watched her convulse on the black cock in her tight pussy as she fell forward on her hands and knees.

“I’m going to cum baby girl, put my black seed into your womb.” Mike grunted, as he pushed harder and deeper into her. He held on to her small waist for dear life.

“Oh yes, come on you big black stud, I bet you can’t make me pregnant.” Sammi said, as she chided him on. “Come on, show me what a man you are, knock my virgin pussy up!!”

It was then I first realized maybe he could get her pregnant.

“Oh yea, here it comes, little girl.” Mike’s black cock shot off into her unprotected pussy pouring his black seed into her womb.

“I feel it, I feel it! Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m cumming again!!!!!!!!” Sammi yelled out.

The feeling of hot cum splashing in her underage pussy put her over again. I could only watch Sammi have her second massive orgasm as Mike pumped his black baby seed into her fertile preteen womb.

When they were done, Sammi crawled over to the bed, threw herself down, and rolled onto her back exhausted. Her young pussy gaped open with her cum and Mike’s sperm running out of it. By then my cock was hard again wishing I could have her young snatch.

Amy was now writhering around and moaning uncontrollably. Jarrod removed the ball gag and untied her hands. He then took out his cock and stroked it.

“What do you want to do?” He asked Amy.

“Please, I want to cum.” she said as she took the dildo in her pussy and began shoving it in and out. I never seen her more turned on. She then came forward looking lustfully at her sexually abused daughter, knelt between Sammi’s outstretched legs, lowered her head and began eating out her own daughter’s cum filled cunt. Sammi raised her head and urged her mother on.

“Oh yea mom, that feels great, Oh yea I’m so fucking horny. Eat me mom!!”

She then looked over to Jarrod. “I could use some more drugs and a big black cock in my mouth.”

Jarrod obliged by giving her another dose of the drug as well as some cocaine to snort. It was so hot watching my daughter being injected and snorting cocaine while Amy continued eating her cum filled pussy.

I then begged to be let loose. My cock was already leaking precum.

“Not yet.” Mike said. “We get first dibs on the pussy, you have all the time in the world.”

Jarrod pulled the dido out of Amy’s ass and replaced it with his stiff cock. Amy continued to stuff the dildo in her pussy as she brought Sammi to another orgasm with her tongue. I wanted to fuck Sammi, right now. I began begging them to let me fuck her.

“Now daddy, our guests should be first.” She said smiling at me as she fingered her pussy while standing in front of me. “You really want this, even after I was raped by a black cock?” she asked.

“Yes baby, I love you, I want to fuck your little pussy.” I was so overcome with lust and jealousy I just had to have it. I would do anything as my cock took over any thought process.

“Why didn’t you ever try and get me before?” She asked. “I was always horny and thinking about you when I fingered myself. I thought you didn’t think I was pretty enough to fuck.”

“Of course your pretty, and sexy.” I responded quickly.

I was then even more jealous. How could I have missed out on such a golden opportunity.

Sammi continued to tease me while her mother was being fucked in the ass only a few feet from her.

“You know daddy, you could get in a lot of trouble for wanting to fuck pussy this young. You don’t want to get in trouble do you? I know men like bald pussy like this, and it is soooooooooooo tight.” She teased, as she slid a finger in her wet pussy.

“Please don’t tease me baby, let me fuck you, you know I love you and you would never tell.”

“I don’t know daddy, are you going to let me date boys, and use drugs like tonight?”

“Yes, as long as you do it the right way.” I don’t believe I just said that. But I wanted, no I needed, her eleven year-old pussy.

“Let me eat you, please, anything, my cock is about to explode.” I begged Sammi.

“In a little while.” She said, as she turned back to Mike who was now lying on the bed.

She went to him and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard.

“I need more seed in me. I want your black baby.” She told him.

She straddled Mike and lowered herself onto his cock and rode him hard.

Meanwhile Jarrod was about to cum and pulled his cock from Amy’s tight ass, pulled the dildo from her pussy and slammed his spurting cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh yea, here’s a baby for you, slut.”

“Oh yessssss, cum in me.” She screamed.

“Yes mommy take it, let’s have babies together!” Sammi screamed from the bed as she orgasmed around Mike’s thick cock which was shooting another load of hot sperm into her fertile young preteen womb.

A short time later I was shown a very well done video of me getting sucked off by my 11 year-old daughter. The men released me with the understanding that my wife and daughter belonged to them now. Otherwise they would make sure that no one ever finds them and the video would go to the police. On the other hand, if I cooperated along with Amy and Sammi, I would be welcomed to come back and play with any of the “stable” girls, as he called them.

I returned several times a week to fuck underage girls. I found their hot, tight pussies just too appealing. It seemed that Sammi and Amy enjoyed themselves. Both had become hard drug addicts in the few short weeks they were at the stable. They would do anything to get their daily fix. I really longed to fuck my baby though. Up till now Mike had refused. I watched many videos of her and Amy’s depravity. Sammi was gang banged by six black men as her mother helped. Another video was of Sammi and another younger girl in a hot lesbian encounter. It seemed that Sammi like to eat bald pussy almost as much as her dad.

It was about 3 months after the girls were first taken that Mike agreed to let me have Sammi. I walked into the room to find her sitting on the bed dressed in a garter belt and stockings with a see-through bra and matching thong panties. She was shooting up what I assumed was heroin in her arm. When she was finished, she laid back on the bed.

“Hi Daddy,” she said. “I’m glad you’re here. I heard you still want to fuck me.”

“Yes Baby, I do, you look so sexy.” I said, as my cock grew hard.

That’s when Sammi stood up and I noticed that her tits had grown substantially. I also noticed her belly was swollen below her belly button. My god she was knocked up!

She then massaged her tits. “Do you like them Dad? They grew really fast now that Mike has me pregnant. I can’t wait to have his baby. He told me that I should be able to have 3 or 4 before I’m sixteen.”

I couldn’t believe my baby was such a whore now. But I was so horny looking at her swollen tits and pregnant belly. I went to her and kissed her on the lips as my hands wandered over her stiff tits and hard nipples. I reached back unhooked her bra and removed it. I dove into her nipples sucking them as hard as I could.

“Ohhhh Daddy, you are horny, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes honey, I want your bald little pussy and to fuck you hard.”

Sammi reaches down and pulled the thong off of her little girl hips exposing her bald preteen pussy.

“I started growing hair, but Mike shaves it off for me.” Sammi said matter of factly.

“I heard you like to fuck all of the young girls here. How old was the youngest?” She asked me with a genuine curiosity as she stroked my cock through my pants.

I looked at her as she rubbed her pussy. “I think ten.” I said.

I have a surprise for you. She walked over opened a door and brought in a young girl dressed the same as her in a garter belt and stockings.

“This is Mandy and she just turned nine. She’s my best friend.”

I recognized her as the girl from Sammi’s girl-girl video. The two girls started kissing and feeling each other up.

“Daddy, I just love her pussy, I want you to have a taste.”

Mandy lay on the bed and Sammi licked her bald cunt as Mandy moaned her obvious approval.

Sammi stood up. “Gee daddy isn’t that a great pussy. I bet you would like to fuck her, huh? Only nine years old and willing to take your cock. I wish you would have given me your cock when I was nine.”

I took my finger and ran it through Sammi’s wet cunt lips. Sammi reached down and pulled my pants down as I stepped out of them. My cock sprung up and she took it into her mouth sucking it as I pushed her back onto the bed. She seemed disappointed I wouldn’t let her suck it anymore. As I looked down at her bald pussy and swollen stomach I pushed my cock into her. It was not as tight as I expected, but then again I’m sure she is getting fucked very well every day.

I started fucking like a madman. Her blond hair framing her angelic face. I was fucking my pregnant eleven year-old daughter’s bald cunt and sucking her swollen tits. I did not last long, I shot my sperm into her thinking about the black baby growing inside her. When I finished, I fucked nine year-old Mandy doggy style while she ate my sperm from Sammi’s hot pussy.

I do not regret what happened to us. I am a regular visitor to the stable and get to fuck all of the new young girls. I have an unlimited supply of underage girls to fuck. How could I complain? I was addicted to pre-teen pussy.

In the following weeks I returned one night to find Sammi the headliner for a bondage session for the regulars at the stable. Sammi was dressed in a garter belt and stockings with no panties or bra. Her pregnant belly was very prominent now. A black man led her into the room and tied her hands together above her head as she stood for everyone to see. She seemed very groggy, but it must be the drugs.

You must never disobey slut!” the black man yelled at her. She did not seem to respond. He then took out a riding crop and began violently beating Sammi. She responded weakly as he whipped her legs, ass and her swollen tits. The seven men assembled to watch had their cocks outs and were jerking off.

Sammi was covered with welts as she was cut down and placed on the floor. Three men took turns fucking her in every hole. When they were done she was covered in sperm. By the end Sammi was screaming to be fucked hard. I had not seen Amy for a couple of weeks and did not really know what happed to her.

I have become a sex addict myself, and still enjoy fucking my daughter and the other young girls at the stable. I recently participated in the rape of a 7 year-old girl and enjoyed it immensely. Sammi gave birth to a black girl and returned to the stable within a few months. She now only fucks black men until she gets pregnant again. There are four preteen girls with black babies and they like to go to the mall dressed like sluts pushing their baby carriages. They get lots of looks from horny old men who would love to have a piece of their young, well-used snatch.

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