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first date
This guy started dating this girl who was a huge boxing fan. She loved everything that had to do with the sport. He on the other hand, knew nothing of boxing, so apon arriving for thier first date, he learned what he could in the short time he had. Dinner went surprisingly well as he managed to stumble through the evening's conversation. impressed, she invited him to her home for a night cap. Once inside, she quickly took all her clothes off, layed back on the couch, and opened her legs in the spead eagle position, exposing her pussy. She had a tattoo on the inner thigh of each leg, a picture of "Mike Tyson" on one thigh, and a picture of "Evander Holyfield" on the other. She said, "How do you like my tattoo's?" He looked in confusion for a moment and said, "Honestly, I don't know who the two on the sides are, but the one in the middle looks like "Don King".
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