How It All Began
If you have read my “Zack and Sam” stories you will know that at the dinner party I encountered two brothers called Mark and Steven and that Mark was in total control of his older brother. How this happened is quite a story which Steven told me one day
They were born two years apart Steven first and were close enough to be brothers as well as friend. They were both athletes and developed strong bodies.
Mark was small and nuggetty and Steven was tall and so well developed and tanned..Steven had a beautiful face and he spent many times being sucked off by teenage schoolgirls who craved their mouths on his hot cock.He did not fuck them yet but didn't mind licking and fingering a girl till she came
It all started on Steven’s 16th birthday. Their parents had thrown them a party and that was to be followed by a sleepover. Steven got on great with his younger brother and had no issue with him being there. There were a lot of guys there from the swim squad and after watching a couple of films they all stretched out in sleeping bags on the lounge room floor. Eventually everyone fell asleep
At about 2am Mark woke and noticed that Steven and a young blond called Greg were no longer in their sleeping bags. Mark got up and looked around upstairs and then quietly went downstairs. As he came close to Steven’s bedroom he could hear someone moaning. He went to his bedroom, grabbed his camera and snuck back to his brother’s room. Gently pushing the door open he saw in the dark his brother on his knees sucking Greg’s cock.Quickly he took a photo and as Steven tried to protest Greg grabbed his head and Mark took some more shots. Mark was very careful not to get Greg’s face in the shots. Mark turned the light on and sat down as Steven bought Greg to the edge of orgasm. Greg grunted and shot his load into Steven.Greg let go of Steven’s head and sat down on the bed.
“Well, well, well’Mark said.”Looks like I have something that makes you mine.”Mark showed Steven the photos all of which only showed Steven’s face and him sucking a cock.”I’m sure you wouldn’t any all the guys at school to see these”
“Or the rest of the swim team” Greg said lying back.”So Mark what’s first for your big brother?”
“Oh “said Mark as he lowered his shorts exposing his semi hard cock.”I think I will have what you’ve just had”
“Oh no Mark “Steven said “Please no Mark. I’m your brother”
“Not anymore Steven “Greg said laughing ‘You’re now his sex slave and you will do everything he says or your pic will be everywhere”
Then he turned to Mark and asked if Mark minded if he stayed and watched.Mark said it would be fine and told Steven to start working on his cock.So Steven took his brothers cock in his mouth and started to suck. He worked his tongue on the shaft and the head and licked his brother’s hairless balls. Mark got very hard in his brothers mouth and ordered him to stop and then crawl over to the bed and start sucking Greg. Steven did so still on the ground on all fours as Mark came up behind him and got on his knees. He put his cock at the entrance to Steven’s ass and began to push it in .Steven tried to protest but he was ordered to keep working on Greg’s dick.Mark pumped in and out increasing the speed until he felt like he was going to shoot and held his cock deep into Steven and splattered his cum on Steven’s ass walls. Greg who had taken more pics of Steven being fucked exploded again into Steven’s mouth
The photos that Greg took made sure you could see that Steven was getting it up his ass but not by who. Steven was trapped and he knew it. For the next two years Mark did every depraved, humiliating, degrading and sexual thing he could think of. When Steven turned 18 under Marks orders Steven bought whips, restraints and electric devices that Mark used on Steven. Mark even ordered things on the internet using Steven’s card.Mark loved to piss on his brother and forcing him to drink the hot sting fluid and lap up on all fours any he dropped like a dog
One day a parcel turned up and Mark waited till his parents went out one night. He ordered Steven to strip naked and then handcuffed Steven’s wrists behind the handsome young box. He then opened the box and pulled out a cock cage which he fastened onto Steven and then put the key on a chain around his own neck.
“I have heard you wanking off at night. The pain and humiliation really turn you on you sick bitch”Mark sneered at Steven “So from now on you will need to beg for relief and don’t even bother begging for 10 days because the answer will be no and a day will be added”
Steven hung his head “oh and by the way “Mark continued “Greg wants to fuck you. I said yes and he will be around tonight. We must see if we can find some other guys who might want to use you. I was thinking of homeless and deros that could really use a young fit man like you. I was also thinking of leaving you naked in a nuthouse ward and see the results after all I’m in charge aren’t I?’
Steven looked at his younger brother. He was crushed, naked and helpless. His eyes were full of tears and he nodded “Yes Master”
Mark had Steven exactly where he wanted and he was going to enjoy this.


2010-05-18 18:25:09
the story kinda wyremindes me of what I'd like to do to my step brother and his whole team and group of frinds, but I like sucking as much as being sucked.. Sometimes wish to suck and play with more than a couple..anonomys.

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2010-05-12 03:57:35
amazing, please write more, and please use some more detail

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