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Not my opwn story but written by Jim Davis and SensualKink
Note: Credit for this really goes to Jim Davis.
Without his brilliant original, this would not have
been possible. I've been a fan of the series for a long
time. I hope no one minds me trying to pick up the
thread. I would welcome any feedback or ideas. Enjoy.


The sound of Peggy in the bathroom that morning was one
I'd become very familiar with in the early years of our
marriage. There was no mistaking it - it didn't take a
scientist to figure out what was going on. The evidence
was more apparent when she returned to our room and sat
down next to me on the bed.

My wife's breasts stretched the front of her nightgown
taut across her darkened nipples and areolas. The pebbly
patches of flesh capping her swollen tits were big
around as the palm of my hand, and her nipples stuck out
like thumbs through the sheer fabric. Peggy looked like
she could nurse a calf with those things. I stared at
them in wonderment - like I'd seen them for the first

She pulled her nightgown over her head then, causing her
fat tits to tumble free and quiver like water balloons -
slapping together until they finally came to rest. She
looked down at herself and watched my reaction as I
gasped at the sight of her. My wife's tits weren't the
only things that were swollen. Her belly looked like it
did when she was 3 months along with our youngest twins
- she was already showing a little bulge.

Yes, it looked like Peggy was pregnant again. But how
could that happen, I wondered - and show up so quickly?
She had been on birth control, (or so I thought) and I'd
been pulling my prick out of her before I came, to watch
my more copious loads slap across her tits and face.

I even remembered her bitching about her last period -
just a month ago - how heavy and painful it was. And
yet, there she sat before me - visibly pregnant. How
could I not have noticed? At that moment, I realized how
neglectful I'd been - and how consumed I was with my
overdeveloped 9-year-old daughter. Meagan - and her
growing tits - was all I'd been able to see that past

Peggy held her head down then - she had a sheepish look
on her face like a kid caught red-handed at some sort of
mischief. I could see she wanted to tell me something.
"Bill honey, I don't know how to say this but..."

I stopped her, leaned over and hugged her to me. I told
her she didn't have to tell me anything that I had
perfectly good eyes and that she certainly was an
eyeful. "That's not it sweetie, it just that. I know
exactly when it happened - I can always tell when I'm
getting pregnant and... oh dear God Billy, I'm so

I held Peggy in my arms and told her she had nothing to
be sorry about - that I was the one who should be sorry
for bringing the family to this weird place.

I sensed that there was something else Peggy wanted to
tell me, but I was late for work and I had plenty to
catch up on. I remembered that Maggie had scheduled a
"study family" interview for me - the Hatfields. They
were the latest in a long series of family interviews I
was conducting to determine a pattern of physical
development in the younger girls.

I wanted to learn as much as I could - as quickly as I
could - about the combination of drugs my family (and
countless others) had ingested. I needed to know the
full potential impact on them, from a physical as well
as behavioral standpoint. I'd already seen some of the
effects on my family, first hand. I shuddered to think
of how much more was in store for them, and how quickly
the additional changes would take place.

On the way to the Hospital, I pondered my latest
discoveries: Over the past 10 years, the average age
when girls hit puberty had dropped - considerably. For
reasons yet unknown to me, that downward trend had
accelerated during the past 18 months, and it
corresponded with a marked increase in pregnancy among 9
and 10 year old girls.

The situation could best be described as epidemic - all
it took was a visit to the local grade school to confirm
my research findings. And I had done just that after I
first saw the data. It was one thing to plot statistics
on a graph, and quite another to see the trend in real
life. Half the 4th graders I saw in the hallway were
waddling behind a belly that completely overwhelmed
their young bodies. That meant they were barely 9 when
they conceived - maybe even younger.

Among the 5th graders, the percentage was even more
staggering. I wanted more accurate data on the older
girls, so I did a head count with the school principal.
83% of the 10 year olds were visibly pregnant. There was
no way to tell about the ones that weren't showing -
short of administering a pregnancy test - but I
suspected a lot more of them would soon have trouble
buttoning their jeans.

Many of the older girls, like the 4th graders I'd seen,
were carrying more than twins in their huge bellies. The
principal pointed out dozens of them at full term with
their SECOND pregnancy. I couldn't help but wonder what
combination of chemicals these kids had ingested - and
if my own children would end up like them. I hoped the
Hatfields would provide more insight.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I was taken aback
by this new study family - and their daughter Molly.
When I arrived, she was seated on the couch in my
conference area. Next to her was a boy of about 10, who
I guessed to be her brother. Their parents had seated
themselves at the conference table next to the couch,
and looked over at the two children - beaming with

On either side of the parents sat two other children -
twin sisters, who appeared to be a year or so younger
than the boy. Like many of their classmates, the two
were quite swollen with child - their chairs were pushed
back a good two feet from the table to accommodate their
enormous middles. The pretty children smiled sweetly at
me as they lazily rubbed their bulging tummies. One of
them, introduced as Ellie, appeared to be quite taken
with her father.

It was little Molly Hatfield that grabbed my attention
though - and held it. Her parents became quite amused as
they watched me stare at her - with my jaw hanging open,
and my eyes bugging out. My gaze was not lost on Molly
either - she looked me right in the eye and flashed an
impish grin as she began to stroke her brother's
swelling cock through his pants leg. As I continued to
stare at the little girl, I appreciated the boy's
predicament - you'd have to be in a coma to avoid an
erection around Molly.

She had the loveliest flaxen blonde hair I'd ever seen -
thick, golden and flowing past her shoulders. I got lost
in her pretty freckled face and big blue eyes - until I
saw the rest of her. Like so many girls in the valley,
Molly had been blessed with abundance in my favorite
area - her breasts were HUGE in proportion to her little
body. She was bra-less, and I could see her fat nipples
and areola poking out the front of her crop-top like
spigots. I just kept wondering... how on earth?

As my eyes traveled downward, there was evidence that
new life was growing in Molly - but just the beginnings
of it. Her cut-off jeans were way too tight to button,
and her bare midriff bulged deliciously over the
waistband, splaying the zipper open to each side. Like
Meagan, the kid had one of those huge fat "outie" belly
buttons. It stuck out of her knocked-up tummy like a big
nipple. She saw me looking at it and giggled, flicking
her fingers over the thing. The fact she was pregnant
helped explain the size of her breasts - but it was
still hard for me to comprehend.

None of this would have shocked me of course - except
for one variable - and I kept staring at her in
disbelief. Her pretty teenaged mother was snickering at
that point, and she finally broke the silence. "Looks
like you're a might taken with our young-un, huh Doc?
She's kinda over-growed for her age." I nodded my head
in agreement, without taking my eyes off the little
girl's tits. Her mother continued.

"Happened 'bout a year ago - her little tops got awful
tight from her titties a-swellin' up - and she just kept
on a-growin'. Fore long, she needed her'sef a big ole
bra-zeere like her sisters. Our boy Johnny couldn't keep
his hands off her no more by the time them tits o'hers
got so big. He's pretty well growed his-self - but I
guess ya can see that." Again, I nodded in agreement as
the boy's cock crawled down his pants leg. "He done made
our Molly even bigger. I guess ya can tell she's gonna
be all swole up with young-uns 'fore long."

I was close to drooling as I watched the well-endowed
pregnant child rub her brother's enormous prick. The
head of it had reached his left knee - and his jeans
were about to give way. I finally mustered the ability
to stammer out a question: "H... how... how old is

Her mom got a nice chuckle out of it before I got a
reply. "I could tell you was bustin' a gut tryin' to
figure that out. She ain't no older than she looks Doc -
jus' turned 7 last week. Yer eyes ain't lyin' to ya. She
done growed up quicker than most, that's all. The young-
un's a eyeful, huh?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing - but my eyes told
me it was true. It struck me right away how young she
looked - that's why I kept staring in disbelief. I just
didn't think it was possible for a girl that age to be
so... developed - and already knocked-up! But it WAS
possible - the evidence was right in front of me - and I
couldn't take my eyes off her. She was simply beautiful
- stacked out of her ever-lovin' mind - and PREGNANT for
God's sake. It took me a minute to fully comprehend what
I was looking at - to appreciate it in the context of
everything I'd seen before.

I was looking at a pregnant first grader.

I was looking at a knocked-up 7-year-old girl with tits
the size of her head.

Apparently, Molly was a horny little thing too. Heaven
only knows what insane mixture of hormones was coursing
through the little girl's veins. She simply couldn't
keep her hands off her big brother. She ran her little
hand up and down the length of his cock then - faster
and harder, and it had quite an effect on the boy. Molly
started giggling when she noticed what she'd done.

"Mama, I done got Johnny's thang all swole up again...
LOOK!" Molly's mom seemed mildly annoyed at her
daughter's behavior, but I could tell she'd grown
accustomed to it. "You young-uns behave yerselves, you
hear me? You ain't at home ya know!"

Her words fell on deaf ears - and Molly proceeded to
unzip her brother's jeans, right there on my office
couch. In no time she had the boy's fat cock out - and
she was yanking on the thing like a girl possessed. She
worked the boy into a frenzy - wrapping both her little
hands around the shaft of his overgrown dick and pumping
on it.

The angry purple head of the boy's big prong looked
about to burst when Molly let go of it suddenly. She
stood up then, and looking me right in the eye, yanked
her cut-offs down around her ankles and stepped out of
them. She turned around to face her brother and climbed
up on the couch - straddling his lap. She had no panties
on, so I could see her plump little bottom wiggling with
her every move. Molly propped her hands on his shoulders
while he lifted her up by the hips. He positioned her
hairless little pussy above the head of his big swollen
prick and eased the tip of it inside her.

The boy was trembling he was so horny - and he wasn't
the only one. Little Molly was glistening from the juice
running down the insides of her pretty thighs - she was
dripping, sopping-wet horny for her big-dicked older
brother. She eased herself down on his shaft then, as I
gasped at the sight of it all. The boy's prick was the
size of his forearm by then - but his pregnant 7-year-
old sister was taking it up her pussy like a bitch in
heat. The kids were ravenous for one another.

Molly had her tongue in his mouth then - they started
sucking face as she slid up and down on his pole like a
little mink. With no regard to where they were or who
was watching, the boy began to fuck the living shit out
of his cute little sister. Her pussy lips were stretched
to the point I thought she'd split open - they were all
swollen and red, and hugging his shaft like a glove. He
looked so HUGE moving in and out of her little hole. But
she just kept fucking him - moaning and whimpering as
she moved faster and harder - then I saw the boy's face
twist up. At the pace they were going, I wondered how
the boy could hang on to his load.

Molly's moaning got loud then - she was wiggling her
butt so fast it was a blur - jacking him off with her
little pussy. He was yanking her up and down his bloated
cock in rhythm with her movements as she pumped her
pelvis back at him - and talking about how good it felt.
"Johnny... I kin feel you a'growin up inside me... I
like it when you git this big... Oh Johnny, you done got
HUGE!... It feels so GOOD up in me - kin ya feel it
Johnny?... oh... OH... it feels like you gonna BUST!" I
sat there in awe as his massive cock slammed in and out
of the horny little girl.

The parents were watching their children with a curious
combination of pride and yearning - especially the
father. He was looking at Molly like a starving man
might look at a juicy steak. Molly turned to look at her
father with that same impish grin she'd given me earlier
- never missing a stroke as she fucked her brother
silly. She knew she was turning her father on. Molly's
mother noticed the unspoken communication between the
two - it seemed like this was business as usual. She
looked at him and giggled - egging him on.

"You might as well go ahead... it ain't like the Doc
never seen nothin' like this before - and you gonna bust
anyways - I know Ellie's been foolin' with ya." The man
stood up to reveal a hard throbbing cock that dwarfed
the one fucking Molly. The thing stood out at a 45
degree angle from his groin - and he could barely reach
the head of it with his fist as he manipulated himself.
It did not look human.

Apparently, one of his very pregnant daughters had been
jacking him off under the conference table. He'd become
quite aroused - to the point he was in pain. This was a
man clearly in need of some release. As he walked toward
Molly, I could see his face screw up in that twisted
mixture of pain and passion. Watching his pregnant 7
year old daughter get fucked - her big tits bouncing,
and that big dick slamming into her was a lot to bear.

He managed to hang on until he got up next to Molly. He
reached for the back of her head, grabbing a handful of
hair and yanking her toward him. Molly's little mouth
was open and waiting - her tongue hanging out, and ready
to lap at his grossly distended cock head. The kid had
obviously done this before. She made short work of her
task - slurping at the bulbous head of her father's big
prick as he smeared pre-cum all over her sweet lips. He
jammed her head down on it, trying to force it past her
lips, but it wasn't working.

Molly did her best to get the man's cock head in her
mouth, but the size of the thing made it damn near
impossible - it belonged on a horse. At one point, the
tip of it barely made it past her lips - but her mouth
looked like it would split open at the corners. She
contented herself by lapping at it with her tongue like
it was an ice cream cone - all the while keeping a
steady rhythm with her brother's gyrations beneath her.
The kid was stuffed at both ends with fat throbbing cock
meat - and she seemed to be in heaven.

"Doc, you gotta see this - get on over here" her mother
beckoned from the table across the room. I'd been seated
at my desk - across from all the action on the couch,
and all I could see of Molly was from behind - her butt
bouncing up and down, and her brother's cock splaying
open her stretched out pussy lips. She wanted me to get
a view from the side. The girl was about to bring her
lovers to climax, and I didn't want to miss a thing.

"Do it on my titties Pa - they done got bigger for ya -
LOOK!" Molly wasn't kidding - her big boobs jutted out
from her little body like footballs - bloated from all
the excitement. Her nipples were engorged as a nursing
mother's. The kid looked like she would burst - and so
did her father as he watched her slurp on the head of
his massive prick - the big, gnarly purple veins on his
shaft looked about to pop. The man couldn't take it
anymore - but he had other ideas about where he wanted
to send his cum.

He grabbed his daughter by the back of the head and once
again tried to force his cock in her mouth. He might as
well have tried to stuff a baseball bat in there. The
child stretched her lips as wide as she could, but still
only managed to get an inch of it in before he let go.
The big man held his daughter's head with one hand as he
pumped furiously on his grotesque member with the other.

And then it happened - his load ripped through the
length of his big penis and a geyser of cum exploded in
the little girl's mouth. It came out of her - all of it
- as quickly as it spewed into her.

The kid couldn't handle the volume or the force of the
man's eruption - she was spitting and coughing, about to
gag on his load as it came belching out of her little
mouth - dribbling down her chin - spilling with a wet
splat on her big boobs. And it kept coming... and
coming. The more he spewed into her - the more it came
belching out of her mouth and spilling onto her fat
swollen tits.

Molly's brother had become quite excited at the sight of
his little sister's tits covered in cum - and he picked
up his pace considerably. As she was getting her face
fucked, the boy was yanking her up and down on his prick
even faster than before - and she was wriggling her
pussy up and down his tool like she couldn't get enough
of it. They were making loud slurpy sucking noises as
the boy just fucked her brains out. His face screwed up
again, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he lost his
load inside her.

It wasn't - and Molly announced the event at the top of
her healthy lungs - spitting more of her father's cum
out on the process. "OH Johnny... I FEEL it! You done
CUM in me!" The announcement inspired another volley of
jism to erupt from her daddy's prick - it slapped across
her face and hair as the rest of it drooled out the
corners of her sweet mouth. It hung there for a minute
before dribbling in gooey strands onto her swollen

And Johnny just fucked his prick into her harder -
dumping so much cum in his pregnant little sister that
her pussy began to belch it out. It slopped out all over
the boy's balls, and formed a puddle under his butt as
she kept fucking her hips back down on him. My couch was
ruined. And I couldn't help but think the same of that
poor child's vagina. The boy's prick was fatter than his
wrist at that point - and he kept FUCKING her - pumping
her full of more sperm as she finished slurping the last
of her father's.

After several long minutes, the boy's thrusts subsided,
and the poor little girl collapsed onto him, his prick
still buried deep inside her. The kid was simply
plastered with cum - inside and out - and she was
grinning from ear to ear. She sat up and tugged at her
father's big schlong with both hands then - as if trying
to coax more cum out of him.

It worked.

I thought the man had long since finished - but
obviously Molly knew better. It came as no surprise to
her as another volley of sperm went up her pretty nose.
After a little sneeze, the child giggled and looked up
at the man. "You done made a big ole mess Pa. Jus' look
at me. You got me all cummed-up."

She began to work her pussy up and down the boy's prick
again, squirming and writhing on it until her whole body
shook in an uncontrollable orgasm.

It was the first of a series.

I watched in awe as the little girl came again and again
- moaning and pumping her brother's cock with her
stretched out pussy. She finally collapsed on the boy
again, and her mother went over to cover the children
with a blanket. (Maggie was very thoughtful about
keeping all the comforts of home at the clinic.) They
were fast asleep in less than five minutes.

I had my usual barrage of questions for the couple -
about their children, their ages, their parents, their
own relationship and so forth. The proud parents, it
turned out, were father and daughter - Molly's young
mother being a product of the man's union with HIS
mother. The man had impregnated his daughter with all
the children present that day, and 3 younger ones that
they'd left with their grandmother. I'd been too busy
ogling Molly to notice, but after she stood up, I
noticed that her young mother was knocked up once again.

It took a minute to sink it - the girl had just turned
19, was already mother of 7, and she was visibly
pregnant - AGAIN. And I thought Peggy and I moved
quickly! The father had also knocked up the two girls
sitting next to them at the conference table - which
meant that at age 32, he would be a great grandfather -
in less than a month.

Then there was the amazing development of their youngest
daughter. How her breasts first made an appearance at 5
- how her period started right after her 6th birthday -
how she developed an uncontrollable urge to fondle any
big dick in sight - nursing at the head of it like a
baby. After months of teasing, her big brother simply
couldn't help burying his fat prick inside the little
girl and impregnating her. Once they started, the mother
said, they would go at it 4 or 5 times a day - all over
the house. It came as no surprise when Molly's pants
grew tight.

Aside from the abnormal degree of incest in the family,
there was another clue that shed light on her special
development - Molly had been allowed to nurse at her
mother's breast until she was 3 years old. The child
simply demanded it, her mother said, and after she
started walking, Molly would sneak into bed with her
parents and find her mom's nipple - suckling, as the
pretty teenager lay asleep.

The mother reported that as she grew older, Molly
consumed huge volumes of dairy milk - just as she had
the whole time she'd been nursing the child. Clearly,
there was a connection here - but there was no way to
quantify the effect this had on either girl's hormonal
balance, so I was back to square one.

One thing I knew for sure - I would never be the same
after watching Molly get fucked eight ways to Sunday.
The vision of that little girl with her big tits and
pregnant tummy - bulging out of her clothes and
plastered head to toe with cum - still gives me an
uncontrollable hard-on.

Never again would I look at a girl her age without
wondering what she'd look like all knocked-up with a
pair of big swollen tits. Molly would be attending the
same elementary school as my own little girls, I'd
learned - so I would probably see the kid again - along
with her little classmates. There would be a whole lot
MORE of Molly to see in a few months - and I shuddered
to think what would happen if even more girls her age
began to exhibit that level of development. I didn't
know if I could stand it.

Dutiful Nurse Maggie showed up just in time to usher the
family out. Molly's father went over to retrieve the
girl who was still collapsed on her brother. They were
still joined by the foot long stretch of cock buried
inside the child's vagina. Even in her sleep, it looked
like Molly was squirming - wriggling on the boy's prick
again - bringing it back to life.

The man gathered her up in the blanket, easing her up
off the boy at just the right angle for his cock to flop
out and land with a wet splat on his thigh. Molly gave a
little whimper, but nuzzled her head into her father's
shoulder and went back to sleep. I could see the boy's
cum oozing out of her well-fucked pussy - dribbling in
stringy globs onto my office carpet.

The boy's mom came over to the couch to help her son
clean up and get his pants on, as Maggie watched wide-
eyed. He began to grow hard again, from his mother's
attentions. He was moaning as she gently dried the globs
of cum and girl juice off him. "That feels good Mama,"
the boy uttered, and his big cock grew fat as his
mother's wrist. The young woman slapped at him
playfully, "Now don't you start again Johnny - I'll take
care o'you when we git home."


As the family left, I found myself with a boner that
snaked down the leg of my pants, throbbed wildly and
hurt like a sonofabitch. Watching that young girl clean
up her even younger's son's cum and gently roust his
cum-covered sister to leave made me think of the little
girl in the bathroom I had drowned in cum. I tugged at
the python in my pants and tried to get myself presentable
to go back out into the clinic.

That was when Maggie walked in. She had a sly grin on her
face and my cock was like insemination radar. It throbbed
wildly and caused a tearing pain at the top of my cock
from the way it was bent downward into my trouser leg.
She rubbed her bulging belly, the buttons on her white
nurse's blouse pulling to let her smooth tummy peek
through. Her breasts seemed even larger to me today.
She had 4 buttons undone at the top and her inviting
cleavage spilled out of her top obscenely.

"Well, well, well," she grinned, closing the little
conference room door behind her. I noticed it didn't
have a lock on it. "I think Billy got all excited
watching that little girl get a fat cock shoved up her
pussy and a bath of hot cum, didn't he?"

She sidled up to me until her pregnant belly touched mine.
"And whaddya know? Here stands Maggie with a pregnant
belly and set of big ol tits. I bet you'd like to see
them wouldn't you Billy? Wouldn't you like to see my
big pregnant tits right now?"

I tried to protest, nervous about someone being able to
just walk in on us. There were so many things running
through my head lately that I felt too guilty cheating
on Peggy. There were more important things to worry
about right now.

Maggie placed her finger on my lips and shushed me. Her
other hand slid down my leg and squeezed my turgid cock.
"Ooh Billy! I can't believe this but I think it's even
BIGGER now!" She pushed her bulging tummy into me and
trailed her finger down my chin and neck until her
painted nail was (very easily) popping buttons on her
blouse open, one by one. Each pop gave me a better view
of her even more massive tits, flowing up and out of her
lacey bra.

"Mmmm...your cock sure feels like it could use some relief
Billy." she began pinching it and stroking up and down. I
was so horny now, I knew I was going to fuck the shit out
of her and it was all I cared about. "You're just a dirty
fucking old man who loves little girls aren't you?" She
giggled popping the last button and letting her useless
blouse fall from her shoulders.

"You just love those sweet young things with their tummies
bulging, full of babies. Their angelic little faces with
those heavy tits hanging below them? Hmmm?"

My knees were shaking and I was afraid she was going to
make me cum down my leg. She had me pegged for sure.
The sight of pregnant little girls with hips they shouldn't
develop for years made me ache with lust. Their hair in
pigtails and grotesquely proportioned tits bursting out
of their shirts. And those round bellies. A stain of
pre-cum formed on my pant leg and my balls felt like
they must be as big as balloons.

Maggie had me up against the table now, fumbling to get my
pants open and pulled down. She released the center clasp
on her bra and her voluptuous tits flopped out, huge
nipples hypnotizing me as they traced circles in the cold
air and grew and grew. "Oh Maggie!" I moaned.

She kissed me lightly on the lips. "Oh Billy! I'm gonna
fuck you five times a day. And each time my belly and my
tits are gonna be bigger and bigger! I'm gonna walk around
all day with your sticky cum leaking out of my pussy. I'm
gonna bathe in your hot cream, rub it all over my tits and
my smooth tummy. Where my baby's growing. Don't you wish
it was your sperm that was growing a baby inside me?"

My drawers and briefs fell and she gripped my rigid cock
tightly. I was panting with lust, drooling to get my lips
on her enormous nipples. "Pretty soon, I'll be able to
squirt warm milk all over your cock and lick it off. Won't
you like that?"

"Oh yes..." I croaked, fighting my urge to throw her down
violently and fuck her until she screamed for mercy. My
hands ran over her ample ass and up her back. Then I
smoothed it over her tummy, hissing at the feel of her taut
skin, bulged out by pregnancy. She pulled my cock up so it
was squeezed between me and her fat belly, rolling and
rubbing her pregnant tummy all over my throbbing member.

She cradled my head and laughed as I attacked her huge
nipples making love to them with my mouth. "I'll bet you
walk around at home with a hard-on all the time don't you?
I've seen your wife. And those girls!! My god Billy, how
it must turn you on to see all those little girls and their
big tits busting out of their little girl clothes!" She
cradled my head and directed me from one pulsing nipple
to the other. "I saw them down at the clothing store
yesterday and they're all so adorable, proudly walking
around sporting their big new titties. Daddy's little

Thoughts of Meagan entered my mind. Of my little girls
sucking my cock, riding my dick, taking my loads of hot
sperm in their pretty little pussies. I was seriously in
danger of spewing my cum all over both of us. Maggie noticed.

She giggled, "You DO get turned on by those little girls
of yours don't you?" She was gyrating around now, my mouth
on her tits and my big cock throbbing on her belly getting
her really hot. The amount of pre-cum leaking from my
pisshole and slicking up her belly was as much as I used to
ejaculate in sperm before the changes started taking place.
"I'll bet you just love it when your wife has to get them
bigger and bigger bras don't you? The only thing that would
be better is if you could stick your big cock in them and
get them pregnant with your seed, wouldn't it?"

I moaned uncontrollably at the truth of her words, biting and
pulling on her nipples. My hands gripped her ass and I tried
to pull her onto my raging cock.

"Oooh, Maggie hit a nerve didn't she lover?" She pushed me back
onto the table and I kicked my shoes and pants off quickly. She
stood there at the edge, her big belly pressing against my balls
The table top was ice cold on my swollen nuts but her belly was
warm. She took my huge cock in both hands and stroked it firmly.
"Daddy wants to fuck his little girls. Squeeze their fat tits
and fill their little pussies with cum!"

She used a chair to help her climb up on the table. She looked
beautiful above me, with her fat tits jiggling and swaying about.
She wasn't wearing any panties and she began rubbing her sopping
cunt up and down the underside of my aching cock, soaking my
balls with her juices. She bent low over me, letting her rock
hard nipples trail over my chest. She was teasing me for not
giving her my cock whenever she wanted it. I gripped her arms
in savage lust as she giggled and wiggled her ass around.

I needed to be buried in her hot pussy so bad. She brought
her smiling face near mine and breathed heavy. I looked deep into
her eyes, anticipating that sweet moment when she would wiggle
her sloppy cunt over my aching head and give me relief. "So
when is Daddy gonna give his little girls a good fucking
and make them pregnant?"

Despite my lust, her words brought out my sense of shame
and I couldn't look at her. It was one thing to be in the
safety of my own home sharing those wonderful moments with
my girls. It was quite another to have it aired in public
with someone who (despite our past intimacies) was
practically a stranger.

She read the truth in my eyes and gasped. "Billy! You've
already done it! Haven't you?" I didn't answer, I just
tried to move so I could get my dick in her. I hoped that
once we started fucking she would shut up about this. But
she wasn't about to forget it now. "You dirty fucker!" she
laughed in glee. "You've already fucked one of them! Which
one?" My head was rubbing in her slick lips now. I kept trying
to thrust up into her but she kept raising her butt, trying
to get me to look at her. She grabbed my chin and made me
face her.

I saw wonder and lust in her pretty eyes. She gasped softly.
"All of them?" I nodded, just wanting to be inside her.
Anything now if she'd just fuck me. She groaned at my
admission, rammed her hot pussy down on me and began to kiss
me furiously. I shuddered as her hot cunt slid around me, a
moan escaping my mouth around her desperate kisses.

"Oh baby," she cried, swiveling her hips so her pussy rammed
up and down all the way over my shaft. "It turns me on so
much to think of your big dick fucking those sweet little girls!"
She sat back and got her feet under her and began hopping madly
on my cock. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back the
huge load that was boiling in my balls. She threw her head
back almost triumphantly and her flesh jiggled everywhere.

"Oh, Billy! I saw them all downtown yesterday. I can just
imagine those pretty little faces covered in cum, with your
hot seed making babies grow inside them!" She lost herself
in a shattering orgasm that flooded my cock and balls with
steaming creaminess. She clawed my ribs and rode me like
a madwoman.

I was mad with lust and I grabbed her meaty hips, ramming her
down on me relentlessly. "I fucked them! I fucked them all!"
I growled. "Meagan fucking seduced me and I came all over her
face and tits."

Maggie moaned "Yes! Yes!" and had another orgasm.

"Then they all wanted it," I cried, fucking her in a blur.
"I gave them all my cock. I filled their mouths, covered
them all in hot cum and pumped enough of my sperm in their
little pussies to give them each a litter of puppies!" I was
giving voice to my fantasy, loving how it drove Maggie wild.
And, a part of me knew that I was only expressing what would
soon be a reality. Eventually, I *would* fuck each one of my
girls and proudly watch my seed grow within her.

Maggie fell on me, shaking from her intense rapid-fire
orgasm. I roughly turned her over, lifted her by the
heels and savagely fucked the shit out of her. We were
both a sweaty mess, her fat ass squeaking across the table
top. I could feel a massive load coming. She could too. She
clawed her fat tits and squealed in ecstacy.

"And you know the best part?" I asked. She cooed, "What
baby? Please tell me! Please!" She was rubbing her clit
hard and fast, working herself up to an orgasm so it would
coincide with mine. I rammed her harder than ever ready
to shoot my load now. "They all stopped taking the pill!
If they weren't pregnant before, they sure as fuck are
now!!" She exploded with another orgasm and so did I.

I rammed deep inside her. I could feel my cock lurching.
I gasped in the profound pleasure that washed through me.
I couldn't see, but it felt like I must be unleashing a
torrent of cum with each surge of my prick. I had NEVER
felt anything like this before.

"Oh Billy!" she cried. "Oh baby, I can feel it! There's so
much cum! I wish you could make ME pregnant." I pulled out
to ram her again and a huge amount of thick, white cream
spilled out of her pussy accompanied by farting noises.
"Oooohhhhh! Fill me with your cream baby!!! Mmmmm! It's
so warm and thick, filling my pussy!"

MY cock kept spewing. I just had to see, so I pulled it out.
Amazed, I looked down and watched as my foot long cock,
nestled in her swollen pussy lips jumped repeatedly. Long
ropes of thick, goo erupted from my head and laced Maggie's
body. "Oh yes!" she bellowed, swiveling her messy cunt
lips up and down below me. She lifted her head to watch
my mighty cock spew more and more of my fiery cum all over
her. She rubbed the sticky, pearly mess all over her fat
belly and tits. Much of it made it to her face and she
playfully tried to catch it like a kid catching snowflakes.
It laced her hair, covered her and she was beautiful.

Finally, the length of the squirts dwindled and my cock
subsided into burbles and then oozes of thick jism.
I was shuddering with the magnitude of my orgasm. It had
been the most pleasurable experience of my life. Maggie
moaned and writhed, her hands smearing what looked like a
gallon of spermy icing all over herself.

I leaned my shaking elbows on her bent knees and panted
like I'd just run a marathon. She was moaning and lifting
palm-fulls of thick goo to her lips and slurping it up
hungrily. It was such a turn on my cock just kept jumping
and dripping cream. I was shocked to realize that it
would not be very long before I could do it to her all
over again.

"Oh Billy, that was so wonderful. I love your cum so much!
Look at how much is in my pussy too! I bet my baby is
swimming in your white cream. Mmmmmm! Slurp, slup, gulp.

I looked down to see a white river of my ball cream oozing
from her pouting pink lips and it made me throb even more.
I took my aching cock and played in the thick puddle that
was gathering under her ass.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "Scoop that onto my tummy so I can eat
it too!" she cooed hoarsely. I obliged her, feeling proud
at the prodigious load I had shot. She moaned and writhed
when I held my cock at her pussy lips and let her push
a slimey mix of our cum all over my cock. I then stood up
and very carefully walked around the table. "Ooooh, feed
me your cum Billy!" she yearned.

I held my head over her open lips and tilted my cock down.
The thick slime slid off my huge penis and gathered on her
tongue. She played with it, rolling her tongue around and
showing me our love mixed together before she swallowed it

I sank into a chair, watching her like some twisted goddess
of every man's desire to have his cock and cum worshipped
by a woman. She cleaned up as much as she could and fed
herself. Then she squatted on the table and pissed slime
into her palm repeatedly and licked it up, laughing at the
lust it induced in my wide eyes.

"We better go get cleaned up, sugar.The feds are snooping
around. And that's all we need is to explain us fucking
like animals on the table along with everything else, eh?"

And my cock deflated like a spent balloon. How WAS I going
to explain everything? I was part of what was going on
here in Fertile Valley now. Not just an innocent bystander
anymore. My heart raced, not with lust now, but with
sheer panic. What was I going to tell Peggy? I had
possibly impregnated two of our daughters now!

I joined Maggie in the shower and we shared a very sensual
time, soaping and washing each other. She tried to console
me as she could see I was distressed. It helped only a
little but I almost became aroused again while nuzzling
her sopping wet tits.

She was satisfied now and ready to get down to work. She
positively beamed and glowed. I was worried about our
relationship. In my mind, it was becoming about more than
just animal lust. People in a small town would talk. Just
one more thing to add to the list of recent worries.

We decided to drive over to the farm I had passed the
other day. I thought that maybe by amassing enough
evidence I could keep the feds busy with their
investigation and divert any unwanted attention to my
own family, my own indiscretions. I was probably fooling
myself, but my scientific instincts still had me fired
up with curiosity (and a little outrage) at what was
being perpetrated in Fertile Valley. I wanted to get to
the bottom of this.


I left the shower in the lab with Maggie. She had a fresh
uniform laid out and took her sweet time getting dressed.
She was enjoying my appreciative looks. My flaccid cock was
freshly washed and hung a heavy 8" soft. I looked down and
hefted my balls. "Man, my balls are huge!" They were definitely
much larger than before. If my cock had not also grown accordingly,
I'd be worried that I had some sort of threatening condition.

Maggie, wearing only a thong and white stockings so far, came
over and slid her hand beneath mine, squeezing my nuts. "Mmm!
I just hope they make another load like that SOON! Maybe we
should stop and get you some fuel. We have to make sure your
engine keeps running! I have big plans for you before the day is

My cock began to perk up. Was there nothing that could stop it? It
was amazing how soon I could get it up again. I could tell I was
capable of unleashing another load too. Not a monster gusher like
the one I just soaked Maggie with, but a load of fresh, hot cum
nonetheless. But Maggie was right. The rigorous sex and losing that
much fluid would very quickly begin to fatigue me. It HAD to. I
agreed that maybe we should get something to eat. "After all, you're
eating for two now," I smiled, lifting my limp penis and rubbing it
over her distended belly button. "At least two!"

She smiled proudly, her dark hair shimmering. I could see her nipples
rise up in real time and her tits seemed to swell. I better head this
off or we'd never get to Fertile Valley Farms today. It turned out
there was no need. Just then, the door to the lab opened and a
frazzled Trudy Wilson (the social worker) slipped in, pressing her back
against the door to close it.

It was too late to hide our undressed state, so I took Trudy's moments
of initial shock as an opportunity to look her over. I had been so
distracted by Maggie's swollen tits and belly at our first meeting
that I had not fully appreciated Trudy's beauty. She was very short
and compact. Her cute, wide face was framed by golden hair that she
kept pulled in a ponytail. As the day went on, attractive ringlets fell
in front of her ears. She wore a pair of large glasses of a style that
went out in the 80's. I had never seen her in anything but a business
suit, but looking at her now I could tell she had a tight little figure
with curves that seemed exaggerated by her small stature. She was cute
with blue eyes that sparkled despite her usually serious mien. She
had a small-town innocence and pleasant tan on her flawless complexion.
I couldn't believe I'd never noticed her before. Then again, her choice of
apparel screamed 'Don't notice me!'

Her cute cheeks flushed as she took in the sight of Maggie and I
facing each other naked. "Uh..." was all that came out. She gripped
a clipboard and a bottle of water tight to her chest and seemed
somewhat out of breath. She followed Maggie's arm down to where she
was still rolling my egg-sized nuts in her fingers and I saw Trudy's
eyes pop open when she saw my enormous prick. "I uh...I uh..."

Maggie snickered. "Trudy honey, you act like you've never seen a cock
before. Come over here and have a closer look if you like." I hit
Maggie on the arm and turned my back to Trudy, grabbing my clothes
and quickly getting dressed. I was surprisingly calm. I was also very
much aroused by the thought of sinking my cock into Trudy's compact
frame until her girl-next-door personality gave way to a screaming
slut. "You were looking for us Trudy?"

"Uhh...yes doctor..." she stuttered, clearly very uncomfortable but
not excusing herself. When I had my pants back on I turned with a
concerned look. It must be important, and she looked like she'd been
running from something.

"What's wrong Trudy?" I asked, putting on my shirt, all business again.
I mouthed to Maggie to get dressed and she grimaced playfully, clearly
wanting to 'play' some more.

Trudy eased somewhat when she focused on the matter at hand. "I-It's the
feds," she whispered. "They're grilling Jimmy out there. They're scary!
I think we're in trouble...?" She seemed unsure, like she was not at all
certain if she could be found guilty of something or not. It made me
wonder about Trudy. She didn't look pregnant, but that didn't mean
anything. Yet.

Maggie began pulling on her tight uniform and bra. I tucked my shirt in and
sat in a chair to restore my shoes to my feet. "What kind of questions are
they asking him, Trudy?" Like I didn't know already.

Trudy eased now, setting her clipboard on the nearest counter. She nervously
fiddled with her water bottle and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the
label. She opened it and took a long swallow. Poor Trudy. she would be a
horny minx in no time now. I could have tried to stop her, to tell her what
that water would do to her. But I realized in that moment how far gone I was.
I wanted Trudy to drink it. I wanted to see her tits blow up like balloons.
And I wanted to be the one to give her a hard cock and fill her tight pussy
with cum. Cum that would impregnate her and cause her belly to grow and grow...

"Well, doctor..."

"Bill, call me Bill, please."

"Oh...Bill. Ok. Well...Bill. They're out there yelling about all the young
girls and...well, you know... their condition. They're threatening to throw
the whole staff in jail!" She fidgeted nervously, on the verge of tears.

I jumped up and went to her. I put my hands on her shoulders and talked to her
soothingly. "Listen, Trudy. You haven't done anything wrong. You've always
been a professional in a very difficult situation. You have nothing to be
afraid of. I'll vouch for that."

Maggie snorted and gave me a look that said, 'Yeah, like your word will carry
much weight when they find out what you've been up to.' She was right.

"I know, I know," Trudy said. She was shivering. She looked so small and fragile.
My cock began to pulse and fill with blood. I had a vision of Trudy in pigtails,
dressed like a schoolgirl, twisting at the hips and licking a lollipop, huge
disproportionate tits bursting out of a white blouse. A smile on her face that
said she couldn't wait to feel my hot semen filling her cunt. I shook my head
to clear it.

She was clearly still disturbed. "Look...Bill. I just want to get out of here.
I just need to think. I can't deal with this right now." My eyes fell to the
soft skin at her neck and the two modest buttons that were undone. I soaked in
the sight of her smooth skin and wondered what I'd find if I just unbuttoned
her blouse...My lust was rising and I was having a hard time concentrating.

I felt Maggie's firm grip on my wrist. She pulled me away. "Bill, we've got to
get the fuck out of here." I couldn't tear my eyes away from Trudy, and she was
looking at me now with a speculative, far-away gaze. "NOW!" Maggie insisted,
clearly jealous.

Her jealousy shifted my focus. I liked it that Maggie felt possessive of me. It
made me want to tease her and provoke her into a frenzy of jealous lust. But
now was not the time. "Right, let's go." I grabbed my jacket and Maggie went
to fetch her notes and purse.

"Take me with you!" Trudy blurted. She reddened after saying it. This girl was
really scared. I was beginning to get the feeling that Trudy had a hard time
thinking for herself when the shit hit the fan. "I can't get to my car without
them seeing me. It's parked right in front of the window at the reception area!
Please, just get me out of here. Please?"

"Bill and I have work to do," Maggie snapped. She was being so territorial! It
almost made me laugh. Then the thought of talking to the Feds hit me. Maybe
Trudy had her own reasons to be scared. Maybe between the three of us we could
come up with a plan.

"Please?!" Trudy begged. She raised the shaking bottle to her lips again. Maggie,
well aware of what was in that water, gave me a withering look.

I shrugged. "Three heads are better than two," I said sheepishly. "You have your
own reasons for figuring out what to tell the feds." I nodded toward Maggie's
bulging belly she was so proud of. She reddened, furious with me. Trudy blushed
furiously and looked away. Maggie sighed but finally relented.

"Fine," Maggie snapped, pushing Trudy out of the way. "Let's head to the back lot.
That's where I'm parked." I took Trudy by the elbow and rushed her out behind

"Thank you, Bill," Trudy whispered. Her little voice so close to my ear sent a
shiver of lust down my spine.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and smiled. "You're quite welcome Ms.

Her face was beautiful as it broke into a smile. "Oh, you can call me Trudy!"
I let my fingers get just the barest sense of the curvature of her ass before
pulling them away. Despite all my troubles, I found myself able to think of
nothing but how I was going to get Trudy impaled on my cock.


I was a bit surprised. Maggie was driving a pickup truck today. Maggie had
led us across the parking lot at a brisk pace. I couldn't keep my eyes off
her jiggling ass the whole way. Trudy noticed and said softly, "She's very

"So are you," I countered. Trudy blushed and gave me a cautious smile. 'This girl
has been hurt before,' I thought to myself. I wished I could keep my mind on
something besides sex.

"I'm nothing special," Trudy said. "Now your wife is really pretty...." She
stopped herself and hesitated, glancing at me as if she'd made a mistake.
She was so cute when her cheeks flamed red. "I-I'm sorry," she whispered.

"It's ok," I sighed. I placed my hand on her back again. "I love my wife, but
we have both been...straying a little lately." My thoughts went to my son Peter,
squirting loads of thick cum all over Meagan's tits in the bathroom. He had done
that to Peggy! And if my libido were any indication, Peggy had probably fucked
the shit out of him multiple times now. Hell, she was probably doing Adam as well.
"She is very pretty," I mumbled, trying to picture Peggy in my mind and reign
in these wild thoughts. But my mouth took over and I blurted, "But you're as
pretty as either one of them Trudy."

Trudy made a sympathetic sound and looked up at me with compassion when I
talked about my marriage. When I gave her the compliment she blushed and
lowered her eyes bashfully. She was too shy to openly enjoy the comment.
I almost ripped her skirt off and banged her right there on the hot asphalt.
I let my hand trail down to her ass, heart racing, able to think of nothing
but how to get my cock inside her. I smiled with embarrassment at my marriage
predicament and gave her a look that said I was grateful for her sympathy.
I was seething with lust as she made no move to stop my hand resting on top
of her jiggling ass cheek. Her clothing purposely hid her figure, but I could
now feel a very shapely, very firm ass cheek. Visions of what she would look
like on all fours with that bubble butt in the air made me throb wildly.

"Do you really think I'm pretty?" she asked, looking up at me.

I stopped by the door to the truck and took her wide face in one hand. "Does
this answer your question?" I husked, taking her small hand and placing it on
the throbbing hard-on she had caused me. She gasped, jerking her head to look
down at the gigantic bulge running down my pant leg. "You are truly
beautiful," I said.

Maggie slammed her door and grouched, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's a fucking
beauty queen. Can we go now?"

I reached for the door and placed my hand firmly on her jutting ass as she climbed
into the truck. She jumped and almost hit her head when I let my fingers trail
down to her crotch. I climbed in beside her, closing the door and immediately
rested my hand on her wide, meaty thigh. She seemed very uncomfortable and
kept glancing at Maggie.

"Where do you want to eat?" Maggie asked. I had a pang of worry, wondering if
there was any place in town that didn't serve tainted food. But, when I
thought about what the additives did to women, my cock throbbed all the
harder. All I wanted to do was fuck Trudy. And Maggie too for that matter. I
looked over at Maggie and shrugged. She glanced down at my hand and I could
tell she was furious. But she smiled sweetly and turned to Trudy. "Trudy?
Why don't you tell Bill about your new girlfriend? She just moved in with
you didn't she?"

Trudy blushed and nodded. Maggie cackled and threw the truck into gear. We
could see the shiny, new cars the feds were driving parked at the clinic
entrance as we hightailed it out of there. I found myself wishing I knew
more about cars. If I disabled their vehicles, it would give us some time.
I just knew I was headed for jail. It made me reckless. "I apologize," I
breathed in Trudy's ear, sliding my hand back to my lap. Visions of Trudy
naked and writhing as another woman ate her pussy danced behind my eyes.

Glancing at Maggie nervously, Trudy grabbed my hand and pulled it back. She
did me one better. She slid it under her skirts so I could squeeze and
caress a large expanse of her juicy thighs. Trudy sat rigidly, looking out
the windshield and glancing at Maggie as I smoothed my hand over her succulent
legs and let my fingers brush her panties. She tensed each time I did.

Maggie pulled into the same burger joint I had sent samples from. She turned
to me with a defiant look. We both knew what was in the food here. I pulled
out my wallet and threw it to her. "Here, it's on me." Trudy only wanted a
milkshake, but Maggie and I were famished. While she was placing the order,
I moved my fingers to Trudy's steaming crotch. Her eyelids fluttered as
I rubbed her pussy through the thin cotton fabric. Soon, she became very
moist and began to rock her hips with my motions. One hand clenched my wrist
and the other clawed the seat beside her.

I pulled my hand free and raised my sticky fingers to my lips. She smelled
divine! I closed my eyes and took a long sniff. Then I sucked her juices
from my fingers. She watched with her mouth ajar and whimpered softly. "You
taste delicious," I said, returning my hand to her steaming crotch.

Maggie had finished ordering and pulled up to the drive-thru window. She
almost hit the side of the building watching me sample Trudy's juices.
"Bill, you're barking up the wrong tree," Maggie smirked. "She doesn't do
cock, do you sweetheart?" Waiting at the window, Maggie scooted over and
pressed her tits against Trudy's shoulder. She pushed her lips to Trudy's
ear and said softly, "I can tell you from first hand experience, Billy.
Trudy licks a mean pussy, but she's not into dick."

Trudy blushed again and looked down. I pulled my fingers out from her skirt again,
grabbed Maggie's hair and forced my fingers into her mouth. Maggie looked at
me, wondering if she should play along and maybe get some dick again, or let
her anger control her and pull away. Something about Trudy's scent was
intoxicating though, and once Maggie took a whiff she slurped my fingers
clean eagerly. "Maybe we should just have Trudy for lunch," I joked. Maggie
moaned softly and began nuzzling and kissing Trudy's ear and neck. Trudy's hand
instinctively slid between Maggie's thighs searching for her fiery cunt.

I lifted her skirt up to reveal her wide, smooth thighs and the soaked cotton
panties in between. Trudy was cooing softly and panting as Maggie ravished her
neck and rubbed her own pussy against Trudy's seeking hand. Trudy let me
spread her knees and I pulled the soaked fabric aside to reveal a beautiful
shaved pussy. It reminded me so much of one of my girls I groaned in lust.
"Oh man! What a pretty little pussy!"

Trudy spread even wider and I rubbed two fingers over her delicious, outturned
pink lips. She was positively sopping wet. I felt her hand slip over my cock
again and moaned deeply. "Seems she still has an interest in cock after all,"
I sighed.

Maggie began to unbutton Trudy's blouse and whispered in her ear. "Take his cock
out honey. Wait til you see it, it's fucking beautiful! Then we can both suck
on it and squirt his hot cum all over our food!"

"Yes!!" I hissed, as both of them now stroked the long bulge in my pant leg.
"Perhaps Trudy would like a protein shake instead!" I had never talked like
this. Things were really changing. Finding out Trudy was a lesbian sent jolts
of excitement through me. I was imagining all kinds kinky situations the three
of us could indulge in. I helped Trudy's small hand get my zipper down and slid
my trousers free. My poor cock was sticking out of my briefs and down my thigh.
I yanked them down and it popped free, all 12 inches springing to attention. I
couldn't believe how aroused I was so soon.

Trudy's little fingers closed around my shaft and she moaned in surprise. I
settled back in the seat, my huge cock standing up proudly before me and
guided Trudy's hand up and down it, letting her feel the whole length of it.

"Mmmmmm!" Maggie cooed, slipping her lips over Trudy's and engaging her in a
deep, wet kiss. Just then the drive-thru window slid open with a loud noise.

"That'll be 12.85 ma'am," a young voice said.

Maggie jumped back and faced the teenage boy at the window. He had acne, a bad
complexion, and he was wearing one of those silly headsets. His eyes widened
a bit when he saw my enormous cock standing straight up before me. Then his
eyes quickly took in my hand still playing with Trudy's wet lips and Maggie's
enormous cleavage in the truck window. He just smirked and gave me a knowing

In the background I could see other teenagers racing around filling orders and
waiting on customers. It was a busy place. Every teenage girl I saw was
grotesquely pregnant, bulging bellies challenging the capacity of their
gaudily colored work shirts to hold them in. At the counter, a huge grizzled
man with a wild beard was waiting for his order and on her knees before him
was a young girl sucking his enormous cock. She couldn't have been more than
about 6 or 7 and she was licking and slurping his huge, fat penis right in the
middle of the restaurant! This town never ceased to amaze me. Women and men
around them were smiling knowingly, as if they were appreciating the little girl
asking her daddy cute questions instead of giving him a blowjob!

Maggie fumbled my wallet open and handed the lad a twenty. "Keep the change," she
said and took our order as he handed it through the window. "Have a nice lunch,"
the teen smiled suggestively and he winked at me.

Flustered and embarrassed, Maggie threw the truck into gear and sped off. "Shit!"
Maggie cursed. "That boy lives in my building!"

I laughed. "Well, I guess you've piqued his interest..." Maggie looked at me
and then a shit-eating grin crossed her face. I could tell she was thinking
about fucking the teenager. "Working at that place, I can only imagine..." I
suggested, not wanting to tip Trudy off to our secret about the fast food.
Maggie positively beamed and headed out of town.

Trudy was rubbing her pussy quite unabashed now. Her sparkling blue eyes were
fixated on my cock and she eagerly stroked its full length. "It's so big!"
she whispered. The smell of hot food overcame my lust and I realized I was
famished. Trudy's hand stroking me was helping me relax a little.

"Goddamned right," Maggie agreed. She kept an eye on us, looking not only at
my cock with her usual lust, but also eyeing Trudy's ample thighs, pretty
pussy and exposed cleavage with lust as well. I got excited all over again
thinking about the possibilities.

Maggie was holding onto Trudy's milkshake and trying to drive. Annoyed, she
thrust the frosted cup at Trudy. "Here."

Trudy turned to her, in a daze of lust. She had to decide whether to stop
playing with her sopping cunt or take her hand from my cock. I smiled when
she lifted her messy fingers and took the cup from Maggie. I reached across
Trudy and opened the bags. I quickly pulled a burger out of its wrapper and
began wolfing it down, ravenous. "Do you need a straw?" I asked Trudy.

She flicked the lid off her cup and let it fall to the floor. "Nope," she
smiled and took a mouthful of the chocolate shake. "Mmmmm...Their shakes
are so good. Want some?" she offered, looking up at me. Her hand was still
thrilling me with soft strokes up and down my cock.

Maggie frowned at the drips of milkshake that spattered her seat. Then she
sighed in frustration. "I've got to get these panties off. They're soaked
and I don't have another pair." Struggling to keep the truck on the road,
she lifted her ass off the seat and tugged at her thong with one hand.

"Here, lemme help," Trudy said. She wedged the milkshake between her soft
thighs and squealed. "Ooooh! That's cold on my pussy!" I took hold of the
cup for her and she leaned over to help Maggie get her panties down. While
she did so, I found the fastener for her skirt and undid it. Maggie was
having a difficult time and the truck lurched back and forth. Trudy giggled.
The narcotics in the water and milkshake were probably affecting her now.

I took hold of her skirt and panties, pulling them down over her ass. She
looked over her shoulder at me and grinned. She levered her hip off the
seat and I worked them down her shapely legs to the floor. Maggie was
cussing as her thong got tangled around her feet. The truck lost speed as
Trudy stretched over to help Maggie get the garment untangled. The car
behind us tooted its horn in frustration.

Trudy was giggling, Maggie was cussing mad and the truck kept lurching as
Maggie tried to keep our speed up. Me, I was dumbstruck by the beautiful
ass on the seat before me. Trudy's tanned ass was awe-inspiring. It was
so full and perfectly shaped. I had never seen anything so lovely. Her
hips were wide and her thighs were thick and firm. It was all I could
do not to jump on top of her and fuck her silly. I settled for running
my hands over her supple skin. I squeezed handfuls of ass flesh and felt
a thrill of excitement at the sight of pouting pussy sandwiched between
her tender legs, and of the pretty, wrinkled anus nestled deep in the
the crevice her large cheeks.

I place my hand on Trudy's back to hold her down and playfully rubbed the
icy cup over her pert cheeks. She squealed and wriggled, making Maggie's
predicament even worse. "Bill!" Maggie shouted. Enjoying myself, I twisted
the cup down in between Trudy's succulent thighs and nestled it against
her hot pussy. Her right leg bent in reaction and hit the dashboard. Now
she was spread wide for me. I rubbed the frosted cup up and down over her
beautiful pussy lips and into the crack of her ass. She squealed and
wriggled but my hand kept her bent forward, face resting against Maggie's
stockinged thigh.

"Ok, ok!" Maggie grouched, finally get one foot free of the thong and
resuming our journey. Trudy seemed quite content to remain with her
head on Maggie's thigh and her ass in the air. Her supple ass flesh was
covered in goose pimples and she worked her ass against the cup as I
slid it up and down. Maggie spared a moment to look over and see what I
was doing to her.

Trudy had worked one arm around Maggie's backside and the other was gently
stroking Maggie's knee. Her head lay on Maggie's wide thigh. She worked her
left knee under and slid it behind me on the seat. Now Trudy was basically
kneeling on the front seat, her ass facing me and her head in Maggie's lap.
"Mmmm. Lunch time." I groaned. I moved the cup away and bent my head to take
a long lick of Trudy's delicious pussy, running my tongue all the way up
between her butt cheeks and taking a swipe of her pretty wrinkled anus.
"Delicious!" I smiled, smacking my lips.

Maggie was pouting as I returned my tongue to Trudy's sopping pussy and
eagerly licked her swollen lips. She tasted musky and delicious. The
pungent scent of her anus I also found to be very arousing. Trudy lay very
still, sighing contentedly. I could see Maggie's tits swelling up. The
whole thing was turning her on. I returned the cold milkshake to Trudy's
pussy and crack causing her to jump and squeal. With my other hand I reached
over and hefted one of Maggie's tits. She made out like she was going to
ignore me until I found the bulging nipple beneath her heavy bra.

I pinched and pulled at it, then moved to her other breast to do the same.
I couldn't believe how her huge nipples were able to push out the fabric
of her bra so much. Her cheeks flushed and the tension in her shoulders
eased somewhat. She didn't object when I popped the buttons of her blouse
loose. "Billy!" she protested, looking around as we drove right through

I pulled her blouse open and searched for the clasp between her boobs.
"Like anyone in this town would care," I said, popping the clasp
expertly. Her huge tits flounced out and I felt an electric thrill at
the sight of them. She bit her beautiful lip as I pulled and twisted on
her nipples with relish. I ran my fingers over the creamy surface of her
heavy tits, tracing the faint outlines of veins beneath her perfect skin.

Trudy was whimpering and wriggling at the touch of the ice cold cup now.
I removed it and had an idea. I bent to lick Trudy's chilled pussy and
anus briefly, then I reached over and placed the cup under Maggie's right
breast. She grinned when she saw what I was doing. Her hands tightened on
the wheel and she jumped when I pressed the cup to her engorged nipple. I
twisted it around then pulled it away, leaving a creamy brown topping on
her huge pap. I wanted to lick and suck her clean but I couldn't reach.

"Oh fuck!" Maggie cooed, watching chocolate ice cream drip from the end of
her nipple to land on Trudy's cheek. Trudy glanced upward and, seeing
Maggie's magnificent tits bobbing over her head, gasped and pushed her head
up with one arm. This action pushed her ass (and me) back and I took a
swallow of the shake, wishing it was Maggie's nipple I was feasting on.

Trudy look over her shoulder, her wide ass and pussy clearly displayed for me
and smiled. She wagged her tail, obviously wishing me to continue pleasuring
her. "Thanks!" she giggled, then bent her head to Maggie's nipple and gently
licked it clean. Maggie gasped with pleasure and slid her right hand between
her legs. Trudy got her other arm up Maggie's back and held herself up on the
seatback. Then she reached behind her and asked me for the cup. I obliged,
thankful to have both hands free so I could spread her sweet ass apart and
ogle her pretty little anus.

Her head touching the ceiling, Trudy arched her back to present her shapely
ass to me and squealed with delight as she dribbled thick milkshake onto the
top of her ass crack. A big dollop slid between her cheeks and over her anus.
Groaning with lust, I bent and caught it with my tongue before it reached her
pussy. She moaned with lust and her fat, firm butt cheeks jiggled as my warm
tongue swirled the ice cream over her wrinkled butt hole. I slurped loudly
as it turned to liquid and let my tongue tickle her sphincter. Then she bent
forward again and repeatedly dipped Maggie's pulsating nipples into the cup
and licked them clean of the sugary topping. "Oooh, you sweet sweet girl!"
Maggie cooed, frigging her pussy quickly between her legs. It seemed Trudy
was an expert titsucker.

Another idea struck me and I asked Maggie, "Are you hungry?" She grimaced at
my double entendre.

"You're the one who should eat," Maggie said. The implication was clearly that
I was going to need my strength. Very soon. I was still famished, so I retrieved
the paper sacks from under Trudy and fished out the smashed contents. Trudy
kept busy licking Maggie's tits and pulling Maggie's fingers out of her lap to
slurp the hot pussy juice from them. Maggie was cooing softly to her. Things like
"Would you like to eat my pussy? It's so hot and wet now. It's been a long time
since you tasted Maggie's pussy and now I'm all pregnant." Trudy's anus was pulsing
before me as she writhed in passion. She gently kissed and licked all over Maggie's
bulging belly. The two of them were driving me wild with lust. I wished there was
some way I could get up on my knees and slip my cock into Trudy's pretty pussy.

"Oh honey, that's it," Maggie sighed. "Suck my belly button!" I could hear Trudy
slurping it and I was so jealous I hadn't though of it first. Maggie's hand was
in her lap and she was rocking her hips, close to bringing herself off. "Unnhh!
I wish you could lick my pussy. I'm going to cum baby!"

The truck lurched as Maggie came, panting and whimpering, her thick legs jiggling
wildly. It was just a teaser though, only serving to put her in an overcharged
sexual state. She cooed and moaned and bit her lips incessantly. I almost dropped
the other burger I was wolfing down when Maggie jerked the wheel and sped up a
side street. "Maggie, where are you going?" I asked.

"I have to find somewhere to stop," she said with a squeak in her voice. "I just
have to stop!" She was fidgeting like someone who has to pee, looking around wildly
for someplace secluded.

I forced the last bite of burger down and took up the piping hot French fries in
the greasy container. I could feel my hunger slowly evaporating as I stuffed my
face. Trudy's beautiful backside gave me an idea. I took a couple of french fries
in my fingers and slowly worked them into Trudy's pussy. Her puffy pink lips were
beautiful and visibly wet. Her anus pulsed as she pushed back against me and the
fries slid home. Trudy moaned at the new sensation of hot fries on her chilled
pussy and I dipped and swirled them until they were soaked with her creamy

"Let me," Trudy quietly said to Maggie. She replaced Maggie's hand with her own
and began vigorously pumping her fingers between Maggie's thighs. Maggie sighed
with some relief and paused at a stop sign. We were in a residential neighborhood.

I pulled the french fries from Trudy's pussy and stuffed them into my mouth. My
cock lurched at the wonderful taste. Animal fat, salt and the tangy flavor of
Trudy's hot pussy. It was like an epiphany.

"Ah! I can't stand it, Billy! Where can we go?" Maggie whined, writhing in her
seat, nursing skirt hiked up over her meaty hips.

Ignoring her question, I prepared another bundle of fries in Trudy's pussy. Her
juice was visibly leaking and running down her tender thighs now. "Here," I
said around my latest mouthful. Maggie turned to me, a frantic look on her face.
"Pussy juice," I mumbled, stuffing the fries in her mouth. Realization hit her
as her lips closed on the fries and she began munching them hungrily. A moan
escaped her as the taste filled her mouth. Trudy somehow managed to get her face
inserted upside down between Maggie's legs. Maggie shuddered as Trudy's expert
mouth went to work on her pussy.

"Head for the farm," I told her. "Plenty of places to stop outside of town."

Maggie sighed in frustration and gingerly used her right foot to set the
truck in motion. She had her left leg raised up beside her now, trying to
give Trudy access without compromising the position of her right leg,
which she needed to drive. Trudy's pretty anus moved around before me like
a hypnotizing eye as Trudy dove into Maggie's cunt with relish. I could hear
the messy sounds coming from between Maggie's legs. Maggie whimpered and
gripped the wheel, eyelids fluttering every few minutes as Trudy elicited another
subtle orgasm from her. This was quickly followed by the sound of Trudy slurping
Maggie's prodigious cum as it leaked from her pregnant pussy.

I reached over and took the milkshake from Trudy before she spilled it in her
single-minded quest to suck Maggie dry. Maggie seemed much better now, at ease
and enjoying the attention she was getting. She was still charged with lust but
the frequent orgasms Trudy was pulling from her aching pussy made it possible
for her to keep driving. I swirled the contents of two containers of hot fries
in Trudy's messy cunt, feeding Maggie and myself until they were gone. Maggie
fed some to Trudy as well, cooing, "Here sweetie. Fries dipped in your sweet
pussy!" Trudy wolfed them down with soft moans then I heard her muffled voice
say, "Dip some in your pussy for me." And so it went until the fries were gone.
I then dribbled cold ice cream into her crack repeatedly and slurped her anus
clean. I had never licked a woman's ass before and Maggie watched me working
my tongue into Trudy's.

"Oh Billy that is so hot!" Maggie cooed. She watched me lube Trudy's anus with
ice cream then work my finger slowly into her. Trudy moaned, wriggled. I became
incensed with lust and painted Trudy's ass with ice cream, licking her fat
round cheeks clean repeatedly. Maggie was licking her lips and I knew she
wished she could bend over and join me. I had never tried anal sex before, but
this girl's pretty asshole was making a believer out of me. I couldn't get the
thought of ramming my cock into her tight ass out of my mind. And the best part
was, you couldn't get a girl pregnant that way! I was fiercely interested now.
Wondering if anal sex was satisfying to a woman as well. It could solve a lot
of problems in this town. And in my own home!

"Oooh, Billy! She has such a pretty butt doesn't she?" Maggie was watching my
finger slip in and out of Trudy's sphincter hungrily. She took her free hand,
sticky from her own creamy cum, and smoothed it over Trudy's narrow back and
big firm butt cheeks. Trudy's tight anus gripped my slick digit and actually
pulled outward whenever I withdrew it. I could only imagine what it would
feel like to bury my cock in something so soft and tight. I pulled my finger
out and offered it to Maggie. To my surprise, she whimpered with lust and
slurped my finger into her mouth, sucking it dry. she looked into my eyes
as I withdrew my finger and I grinned, "You've done this before."

Maggie blushed but grinned back. "Can you blame me?" she asked innocently. I
responded by lowering my tongue to Trudy's anus, slipping it in and out
repeatedly. I looked up and Maggie licked her lips. I could feel Trudy
working her ass muscles, gripping my tongue. She was moaning deep in her
throat now, shivering with excitement. I ran my wet tongue down her crack and
buried my nose in her anus as my mouth found her hot pussy. She strained
against me as I slavered all over her wet lips and then slid my tongue deep
inside her. She was hot and tangy and I extended my tongue and explored her
every crevice until my jaw ached. The strong scent of her pungent anus in my
nose was like an aphrodisiac. It promised forbidden pleasures and my throbbing
cock was definitely up to the task.

I popped my thumb into Trudy's anus while my tongue ravished her creamy pussy.
I focused on her clit as I felt Maggie making a turn. Trudy began to cry out,
straining against me. My tongue wriggled over her clit relentlessly and I slurped
it with my lips until she finally came. Her whole body shivered and she
wailed like a siren. I worked my thumb around inside her warm asshole, hoping to
widen it out. I was determined to fuck her sweet ass.

I was not ready for what happened next. Trudy cried out like she was in labor
and hot cum literally erupted from her pussy. I felt a tasty stream of the thin,
steaming liquid fill my mouth. I was so surprised I merely paused and most of
it ran out of my mouth, soaking my shirt. I could feel her bearing down, squeezing
my finger in her ass and squirting stream after stream of liquid into my surprised
face and down my throat. The taste was delicious, musky and exotic.

At first I had been worried that is was piss, but once I tasted it I recalled vaguely
that some girls squirted when they came. Trudy was obviously one of those. Once I
had experienced the taste, I swallowed what she gave eagerly. It was delicious, hot
and nasty. Maggie was whimpering as she brought the truck to a stop and killed the
engine. "Oh Billy, I should have warned you," she giggled. "Isn't it wonderful?"

Trudy's orgasm subsided and I lifted my wrecked face from behind the arcs of her
gorgeous ass cheeks. "I think that qualifies as dessert, don't you?"

Maggie laughed and pet Trudy's gasping, sweaty face tenderly. "You gave him a big
surprise didn't you darlin? I think he liked it." Trudy was still moaning and
writhing with lust. Maggie turned back to me and winked. "I think it's time you
gave her a surprise of your own." Knowing how much Maggie loved my cock, I knew
how much it took for her to suggest I fuck Trudy first.

I was beginning to get that bloated feeling in my balls again. I wasted no time. Maggie
had pulled off the road on a dirt track hidden from the highway by a stand of trees.
I pushed my door open and stood on the running board. I had to hold the top of the
door frame to keep from falling and my aching cock slapped Trudy's ass and slid all
over her sticky cheeks. "Help me, Maggie," I grunted. I bent my head to see Maggie,
eyes alight, bending over to take my leaking cock in her sweet lips. She got her knees
under her, straddling Trudy's head, she slid her face up my cock inch by inch. Her
hands groped Trudy's fat ass and pulled them apart. I rammed my cock down her throat
loving the feel of my bloated balls rolling over Trudy's wet pussy.

"Please!" Trudy begged breathlessly. "Please don't hurt me! It's been a long time and
you're so big! Please be careful!" Despite her fears, Trudy was swiveling her hips
obviously aching to have her pussy stuffed with cock. Maggie sucked hard on my cock
her own ass sticking up in the air now. Overcome with lust I thrust my hips forward,
desperate to fuck something. Maggie gagged and came off my cock trailing thick
strings of mucous. "Easy big boy! Let's get you in this sweet pussy." I paused and
looked down to see Maggie peeking over Trudy's cheeks to aim my sticky head at
Trudy's pussy. Trudy tensed and Maggie bit her lip concentrating on what she was
doing. The sight of her huge tits rolling around on Trudy's sweaty back was lovely
and I throbbed wildly. Finally Maggie lined us up and I felt Trudy's tight pussy
part for me.

I tried to be gentle but the words coming from her mouth drove me crazy. "Oooh! I
feel so full!" And I only had a few inches in her. She was so hot and tight. I
could feel her juices trickling down the sensitive skin of my veiny shaft. "Oh
yes! I forgot how good it feels. Fuck me Bill! Fuck me with your big cock!" She
began pushing back on me. I reached down and stroked Maggie's dark hair as she
licked the top of Trudy's crack and worked her thin tongue down to her pulsing

Trudy's cunt was almost painfully tight. It felt so good. The sights and smells
were driving me wild. I stroked about half my enormous cock into her, ogling
her tight pussy as my girth stretched it and visibly pulled it in and out with
each stroke. Deeper and deeper, I worked it slowly steadily into her. She was
crying out shrilly now, clawing the seat, her head firmly wedged between Maggie's
white thighs. Maggie eyed me lasciviously and tongued Trudy's wet, wrinkled anus.

"Fuck her Bill!" Maggie egged me on. "Give it to her. Give her every inch of that
monster!" Maggie reached behind her and popped the door open. She carefully climbed
out of the truck and shed every bit of her clothes. She looked so beautiful
standing there in the sun with her heavy tits and upturned nipples, her belly
curving out in front of her. She smiled knowingly and rubbed her belly as I gripped
the door frame and pumped my aching cock deep into Trudy's tight pussy.

Maggie threw her clothes into the floorboard then climbed back in, but this time she
eased her ass in first. Leaving the door open, she sat on the edge of the front seat
and lay back. Trudy was up on her hands and knees, each of my strokes sending a jolt
through her. Seismic waves that traveled through her pert butt cheeks and thick legs.
Her back was arched like a cat. She whimpered and moaned like a whore as I fucked her
but Maggie was able to make her understand what she wanted. Maggie somehow got
herself under Trudy and slid beneath us in a 69 position. Trudy had to place her right
leg on the floor of the truck. Maggie hooked her right leg over the steering
column. I looked down and saw her pretty face in flashes beneath the sight of
my midriff slamming into Trudy's jiggling butt cheeks. Maggie's hands came up and
smoothed Trudy's sweaty skin, up and down her back and all over her sweet cheeks.

Trudy instinctively bend her head between Maggie's thighs and rubbed her moaning
face in Maggie's pussy. Maggie smiled gratefully and writhed beneath her. "Fuck
her Billy. I've got a front row seat!" Maggie teased. I felt her face lift up
and she began to slurp and suck the joining of my slick pole and Trudy's succulent
lips. I groaned at this new sensation, feeling my massive balls hit Maggie in the
eyes. Maggie got her hands on my bare ass and held me buried to the hilt in Trudy's
pussy. Then I felt her hot lips and tongue on my balls. Maggie groaned sucking
each testicle into her mouth as I throbbed deep inside Trudy. "Oh, Maggie, you're
going to make me cum."

Trudy was emitting sharp, staccato whimpers and trying to move so she could keep
fucking my cock in and out of her. I heard Maggie's voice from below, "Billy, you
have to pull it out so she can squirt." I shuddered at the feelings as I eased my
cock out of Trudy's cunt. I looked down over my enormous, slimy cock and was
amazed to see Maggie plant her mouth on Trudy's pussy. Maggie gripped her sweet ass
to hold on and Trudy shrilled with lust, swiveling her fat ass over and over again.
Trudy's hot juices flew wildly and Maggie close her eyes. I could hear Trudy's
squirts filling Maggie's mouth, then see them spill over and spray everywhere. It was
one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. I rubbed my aching head over Trudy's anus
until her squirting subsided. Maggie's face and forehead were soaked with cum. She
dropped back to the seat with a satisfied smile and licked her lips. It was so

I lowered my giant cock until it rested on her forehead and Maggie smiled, extending
her tongue to give me a bath. I slid my cock all over her face and then let her
suckle my balls. I needed a moment to recoup, since I'd been on the verge of cumming.
I wanted to give them both a fucking they'd never forget. Trudy was panting and
working her ass again, desperate to have my cock in her. "Keep her busy," I told
Maggie. "Your turn."

I walked around the front of the truck, feeling a thrill as cars whizzed by not far
away. And there I was walking around in broad daylight with 12" of cock preceding
me. It was liberating. I opened the door and was met with Trudy's face, wisps of
golden hair stuck to her face by sweat. Maggie was having at her pussy again and
Trudy looked up at me with a pained expression. I rescued her glasses, which were
about to fall and threw them on the dashboard. "Unh!" she whimpered. "My pussy's
on fire Bill! I've never been this hot before. Please fuck me again!" Taking her
jaw in my hand I gently kissed her face. It was covered with Maggie's cum and
she smelled divine. I whispered, "I will soon. But Maggie's earned a good
fucking too. As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to fuck you silly and fill your
hot little pussy with cum. Would you like that?" She murmured affirmatives and
clenched the seat as Maggie worked her swollen pussy toward another explosion.

Maggie's head was all the way at the other end of the seat and I didn't want to
interrupt her pussy-eating. So, I climbed into the truck setting my right knee
on the seat and my left leg braced on the floor. I was going to have to get
Maggie's pussy up off the seat to get inside her, but the sight of my insanely
long cock in proximity to Trudy's face would not be denied. I needed to see her
cute lips wrapped around my cock.

"Maggie? Before I fuck you, I'm going to need a good cock-sucking. I want you to
reward Trudy when she does a good job, ok?"


Trudy squinted without her glasses and I lifted my cock until the head rested on
her lips. "Ok, Trudy. Open wide, I want to see you suck my cock." I saw Maggie's
head fall to the seat as she stopped pleasuring Trudy. The little blonde's fiery
cunt forced her to writhe and fidget with need. Tentatively she opened her pretty
mouth. "That's it, take my head in your mouth. We'll start easy." I reached behind
her and pulled the hair tie out of her ponytail. With no glasses, her hair falling
free and her sweet, round ass sticking up behind her, she looked as good as any
porn star.

She looked up with blurry vision in alarm when my cock began to pulse. I guess she
thought I was going to cum. I pushed her hair behind her ears. "Don't worry. That
was just the effect of your beauty on me. It makes me very horny to see you like
this." In response, Trudy sucked her cheeks in and 2 inches of my cock disappeared.
"That's it, swirl your tongue around. Especially underneath. Aahh! Very good!"

She put both hands on the seat in front of her and moaned gently twisting her head
around and swathing the end of my cock with her tongue. "Hold still," I said. "Stick
your tongue out." I wanted to see what she looked like with my pre-cum filling her
tongue. "This is just my pre-cum, but I want to see you swallow it." She looked
nervous but Maggie had begun to gently lap at her cunt lips again. I milked my
cock from the base several times and slick, clear liquid oozed from my enormous
urethra onto her tongue. "That'a girl." I rubbed my head all over her lips and face.
"Swallow it."

She pulled her tongue into her mouth and considered it for a moment before swallowing
it down. "Mmmm. That tastes good!" she smiled. Maggie immediately diddled her clit
and Trudy cooed, rocking back and forth. "Now it's time to really suck this thing,"
I said, popping my fat head between her lips. I pushed my hips forward until my cock
hit the back of her throat. "Suck! Use your tongue! That's it!" Maggie was working
her pussy again and Trudy did her best to please me. "Let's see how deep we can go."

I grabbed her hair on each side of her head and Maggie began giving her instructions
on how to resist the gag reflex. I slid down her throat and he eyes crinkled and
teared. She pushed on my abdomen with one hand but I held my cock down her throat
throbbing at the thrill of it all. I had never done anything like this and I
recognized a part of me that wanted to fuck her throat relentlessly until she puked.

It took plenty of coaxing but Maggie helped and I managed to get a good 8" stroking
down her throat. I could see my huge cock making her throat bulge out with each
stroke. Maggie had one hand on her own pussy, twiddling her clit and spreading her
pussy lips apart. It was clear she was ready for some cock now. I spent a few more
minutes relishing the sight of Trudy (now eagerly) slurping her mucus from my dick
and using her lips and tongue all over me. She may make a cocksucker yet. I would
explore that later.

I lifted Maggie's left knee and draped it over my shoulder. She extended her other
leg until her foot was propped on the steering column. This way, her ass came up
off the seat and I was able to slip my messy cock into her now-familiar pussy.
Maggie groaned loudly as I penetrated her and dove into Trudy's dripping pussy
again. Trudy lifted herself up by the seatback again and watched my cock slide into
Maggie's pussy with relish. "Oooh! It's so big! Look at it all disappear inside her!"

I gave Maggie a few good, deep strokes and she began to cum. I pumped her hard and
fast and she had a shattering orgasm that flooded me with hot cum inside her pussy.
I held my cock deep until it subsided then pulled it out and offered it to Trudy. She
smiled as if she'd never thought of doing something so nasty then began to lick my
sticky rod like a kitten.

I drew her mouth back down to Maggie's sloppy pussy with my cock and we played together
in her lips. I was feeling like I could hold off on cumming now so I gave it to
Maggie good over and over. Each time Maggie came, Trudy took my place to slurp and lick
her clean, diddling her clit and getting her hot for me again.

Maggie's thighs were shaking and she looked pretty well fucked. It was time to return to
Trudy. I slipped my cock into her pretty mouth and told her I was going to fuck her
again. She looked so beautiful with her golden hair falling onto her tan shoulders and her
big, smooth ass rising up behind her. I stroked my cock in her sweet lips and she
now instinctively tried to swallow it whole. Grinning, I took beckoned her forward
to the edge of the seat. I took her wide cheeks in my hands and kissed her repeatedly,
softly. She whimpered and melted, put her arms around me and hugged me.

I held her and watched Maggie get out from under Trudy and reach behind the seat. She
blew her hair from her eyes and winked at me when she found an old, thick
comforter. I wondered how many times she had used that for an impromptu fuck with
some boy around town. Trudy's flushed, cum-sticky face came up to meet mine. She
was close to trembling and there was need in her eyes. "I want you to cum inside me,"
she whispered.

"Are you sure?" I asked, getting her blouse and bra off of her so I could finally get
at her tits. They were tanned as well, about the size of large apples. They were firm,
flawless and topped by small, dark nipples. I throbbed wildly at the thought of those
tits and her smooth, tan belly bulging out from a load I deposited in her.

She nodded, biting her pretty lip, looking so perfect and succulent kneeling naked on
the seat before me. "Please?" she asked, eyes full of hope. "I want you to make me

I was speechless, even though I already knew I was going to pump her so full of cum it
would be coming out her ears. I was appalled at how quickly thoughts of Peggy came
and fled my fevered mind. I looked down and my cock was visibly pulsing quickly, like
a impregnating machine. I steady trickle of clear pre-cum ran from the end and Trudy
cooed with delight. "I'll take that as a yes!" she giggled.

Maggie had climbed out of the other side of the truck and quickly laid out the blanket
in the dirt, partially shaded by the truck. "C'mon, Billy," she said, excitedly. "Lay
her down right her and fuck her!" Maggie looked around a little nervously and rubbed
her hands together. Her dark hair shimmered in the bright sunshine and her obscenely
bloated tits wobbled above her bulging belly. I took Trudy in my arms and carried her
over. She squealed in delight, my huge hard cock poking her soft ass as we went.

I set her down on the blanket and took a moment to stand over Trudy. I had possibly
impregnated my daughters and now I was about the impregnate Trudy. And it bothered
me not the least. I stroked my newly enlarged penis and playfully flung drops of
pre-cum at Trudy. She giggled and ran her hands excitedly over her sexy, tanned
body. Maggie wasted no time positioning herself over Trudy's head and lowering her
prodigious backside. Trudy smiled eagerly and Maggie planted her sopping cunt right
on Trudy's face.

Heart racing with excitement, I knelt between Trudy's short, wide legs and spread her
knees. Maggie bent over and ravenously slurped Trudy's clit as I positioned my head
at Trudy's cunt and slid it inside her. Maggie's fat tits and belly were mashed into
Trudy's so she could swivel her wet cunt all over Trudy's face and still be able to
reach our union with her lips. She cooed and wriggled around flicking her tongue at
the point where my fat cock was splitting Trudy open and stroking deeply into her.
"Oh Billy! Your cock looks so good. Shoot a big load in her pussy and make her

Maggie's words drove me on and I fucked Trudy mercilessly. Each time I saw her torso
tense up, I pulled my cock out. Maggie's hungry mouth and my cock were then treated to
a gushing stream of her hot cum. Maggie did her best to slurp it all up and clean my
cock but my thighs and balls, Trudy's thighs, Maggie's whole face and the blanket
ended up soaked. Maggie had a few shuddering orgasms of her own. She would raise up
and ride Trudy's face, mashing her huge tits and pulling at her long nipples, face
to the sky, screaming in unbridle passion.

I was getting close to cumming and I could feel the bloated load in my balls like
a dam about to break. I had Trudy's hips off the ground, holding her under the
knees, slamming my cock all the way into her. I paused briefly to ease my cock
almost completely out of her and she shrilled as hot cum sprayed around it. Her
body shook violently and her muffled screams emanated from between Maggie's
jiggling thighs. The sight of Trudy's curvy hips and thighs, so soft and jiggle,
covered with a patina of sweat, skin so dark and smooth, sent me over the edge.

I gripped her legs hard and drove into her, an orgasm like no other crashing over me.
Cries and growls that I had no control over escaped my lips and I fucked her so
hard that the cry from her throat was punctuated by each sharp stroke. Then I
threw back my head and bellowed from my gut, holding her knees high and leaning
into her, buried to my balls in her.

I felt my cock begin to lurch and the pleasure of orgasm racing through every inch
of me was almost too sweet to bear. Maggie sat back on her haunches, Trudy's soaked
face nestled between her knees, and crooned, "Oh baby! He's filling you with his
cum! Do you feel it? Soon you'll be pregnant like me!" Somewhere in the back of my
mind, the analytical part of me had decided to keep count of the number of gushes
erupting from my cock. One...two...three...four...five...six... I could feel that
each of them was more semen than I used to pump in one load. I looked down and
thick, white cum began to ooze out around my cock. Trudy was clawing Maggie's
thighs and ululating incessantly.

"Pull it out Billy! You'll drown her! And I want my share!" Maggie cried. She leaned
forward with a wild look and I ripped spurting cock out of Trudy and into
Maggie's waiting hands. 10...11...12...13... spurts more. A loud splat as cum
erupted from Trudy's battered pussy. Arcs of semen, so thick and sparkling white
in the shimmering sunlight. They leapt out of my cock like a hose, audibly
splattering into Maggie's face and open maw. What was just dribbling out between
squirts had already coated Trudy's bald pussy and began to pool on her taut brown
belly. Maggie jerked on me firmly, gurgling and swallowing what she could.
"Mmmm. That's it baby. Drown me in your cum!"

At twenty thick ropes of creaminess I lost count and felt I might lose consciousness.
It was my most intense orgasm magnified exponentially and extended for what must have
been a full minute. As the flow died down, Maggie hungrily licked and kissed the
gobbets of puffy jism that still emerged from my head and filled the summer air
with obscene slurping and moaning. I cried out and shuddered as her nasty tongue
tickled my urethra and swathed my over-sensitive head.

Maggie was a fucking mess, thick strands of my sticky cum hanging from her jaws
and hair, dangling obscenely in the air. One eye was plastered and her whole
lower face was a mask of cum. She slurped and sucked my head and I let go Trudy's
knees and grabbed her head roughly. I sank my cock into her throat and she gagged
streamers of snot-cum exploding from her nose. I felt more cum in my balls and
by bearing down, I could tell I pumped a few more small spurts directly into her

Maggie took it like a trooper, sneezing her airway clear and panting through her
nose until my orgasm subsided. When I finally let her go, I fell back on my
haunches, breathing like I'd just run a marathon. Maggie collapsed onto Trudy's
belly with a splat and her chest heaved for air. Even then, I could see and hear
her slurping pearlescent rivers of ball cream into her lips. Once she caught
her breath, she moaned and rubbed her face all over Trudy's belly slurping up
long strings of sticky goo. "Oh Billy!" she cooed from her bubbly lips.

I reached down and scooped up thick fingerfulls of my hot cream from under Trudy's
ass and let them spill onto her tummy. Maggie lifted up and climbed off Trudy's
face. Trudy lay in a daze. When she looked down toward me she whimpered, "That
was unreal!" She got her elbows under her and looked down between her shivering
thighs. "Oh my god..."

Maggie lay beside her, rubbing thick goo into her tits and belly. She took what
was on her face and massaged it into every inch of her cheeks and neck. Then she
began to bathe Trudy's entire sexy body with it. Rubbing it all over her belly,
ribs and tits. Finally, she slurped up big mouthfuls and brought them to Trudy's
quivering lips. "I've never done that before..." Trudy balked, looking up at
Maggie with distaste. Maggie grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her lips.

I continued to catch what was farting out of Trudy's ravished cunt and dumping
it on her belly. I knew Maggie was filling Trudy's mouth with my cum and they
were playing with it with their tongues. It was so beautiful. Maggie kissed
Trudy so passionately that when she stopped, Trudy was left wanting more.
Evidently Trudy had swallowed my cum. Maggie returned to her belly and slurped
up a mouthful. Trudy obediently opened her mouth like a baby bird and Maggie
let a long stream of glistening semen spill from her lips.

Maggie coaxed her with whispers I couldn't hear but Trudy smiled proudly when
she swallowed the large load. They continued like this for quite a while, until
all that was left of my cum was a large stain on the blanket beneath Trudy's
ass and a quickly-drying layer of stickiness all over their bodies.

"And now you know what it's like to get fucked by a real man," Maggie said,
reclining on one elbow next to Trudy. They both looked down at me with
satisfied smiles. I had to shake my head in disbelief. This was like some
twisted fantasy. But the cooling effect of the summer breeze reminded me
it was all too real.

Trudy caught me staring at her cum-coated belly and she smiled deeply, rubbing
her slick skin proudly. Now I'm going to have a big belly and a huge pair
of tits just like Maggie."

"You sure are sugar," Maggie smiled, kissing her forehead in an almost motherly way.
"And Billy's going to fuck us both silly every day!"

"Yeah!" Trudy agreed and they laughed.

"And the bigger our bellies get," Maggie continued. "The bigger our titties
get, the more we're going to turn him on! He'll have to be fucking one of
us all the time!" They both cracked up, quite pleased with themselves.

My heart sank. I knew it was true. There was no way I could resist. I had
become the worst kind of incestuous adulterer. Trudy obviously knew the
time was right, so she was surely pregnant. I felt like I was falling into
an abyss. An abyss of unimaginable pleasure and decadence that I wouldn't
crawl out of even if I could.

A sane part of my mind still hoped I could find a solution to all of this.
It railed against the part of me that knew it was too late. The part of me
that knew I was headed to divorce and jail. Seeing the look on my face,
Maggie quietly got up and headed for the truck, mussing my hair as she passed
me. Easy for her to be in high spirits. A grown woman fucking a young man
was nowhere near as taboo as a father impregnating his children.

Maggie hefted a large jug of water over the side and dutifully cleaned us all
up as best she could using the blanket for a washcloth. When we finally
returned to the truck, our senses were saturated with the remnant smells
of cum and fast food. It should have made me ill, but instead it made me
hungry. As Maggie backed the truck up and pulled onto the high way again,
Trudy lay her head on my shoulder and sighed contentedly. I gazed out the
window, the wind whipping my face felt soothing. Like a sinister virus,
wicked thoughts kept nagging at the back of my mind, 'I wonder how long it will
be before I can conjure up a load like that one again? What would Meagan look
like after I came like that all over her cute face and firm, bloated tits?
I could drown all the girls at once with a load like that."

We raced down the highway headed for the farm and I turned to Maggie and said,
"Hey, is there somewhere to eat on the way?"

They both broke into hysterical laughter and I couldn't help but join them.

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they released a sort of comic version of the story through randy dave


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