This is part 2 of the short story entitled "Master." This portion of the story takes place a few hours after the events in part 1.
copyright 2009 Nicola Matthews. All Rights Reserved. The following is Part 2 to the short story entitled "Master" taken from the book Temptation by Nicola Matthews.

Notes: I do not normally write in the present tense. With that said, I apologize for any discrepencies in the verb tense. I have been through the text a few times trying to correct everything, but I am only human. I ask that if you like the story to please place a vote and leave comments. Constructive comments only please.

The party lasted well into the early morning hours, with everyone slowly pairing up and making their way into the various guest rooms. Master, Harris, Gina, and I were some of the last ones to take our leave, finally excusing ourselves from the general populace around three in the morning to relax in the hot tub for a while. I slink out of my dress and shoes to slither into the bubbling water, leaving only my small leather collar on. Gina soon joins me, handing me a glass of merlot before sliding into the soothing water beside me, her blonde hair piled high on her head. I smile my thanks to her, my blue eyes moving over her nude body, taking in her rounded hips and full breasts. She has green eyes, the color of a perfect emerald, her skin the same peaches and cream flawlessness that covers my own body.
I move closer to Gina to make room for Draven and Harris, both who are sipping their own glass of merlot. Gina puts her arm around me, her fingers lightly stroking the top of my breast. I smile, leaning my head to rest on her shoulder. Of everyone here, I am the most submissive, even considering Gina to be dominant over me. But Draven is my master, and I am not allowed to do anything without his consent. Everyone recognizes Draven as being the dominant in the group. We would all be taking our lead from him, but so far nothing had been called off-limits.
Harris stretches out beside Master, his brown eyes half closed as his gaze rakes over Draven’s nude body, taking in the pierced nipple and dragon tattoo. I watch Harris, amused at his smitten attentions to my master. I know for a fact that it is all Harris can do to keep his hands off of Draven. Harris is by far from being a small man compared to my tiny frame, but Draven towers above all of us, standing more than six feet. Harris is well toned without being overly muscular, his lips full.
Movement beneath the water catches my eye. Harris is stroking his hard cock, not shy in the least of making his desires known. I watch, fascinated, the heat immediately flooding my pussy. A small hand slides between my thighs, the fingers finding their way easy into my throbbing wetness. I gasp, taken off guard by the sudden caress. I turn to Gina, her lips finding mine. A small moan escapes my mouth as her fingers slide in and out of me, stroking the flames higher. I slide into her lap, my own hands molding her breasts. I break the kiss to take one nipple in my mouth, suckling eagerly at the hard peak. Gina wraps her free hand in my hair, holding me closer, her head thrown back. My own fingers soon search out her throbbing pussy, her body bucking beneath me. Her moans of pleasure grew, her body frantically riding my hand. As her release grows close, I bite down on the taunt nipple, ripping a scream of pleasure from her mouth as her pussy floods my hand with her juices.
My own release is near, but suddenly strong arms wrap themselves around my waist, pulling me from Gina. I let out a yelp of resistance, struggling against the hands to get back to Gina. Master is laughing, pulling me back against him. I could feel his hard cock against my back, and I groan, my body still on fire with unreleased passion. “You’ve already gotten off once tonight, my little one,” he whispers in my ear, a trace of laughter in his voice. I whimper this time, my entire body begging for release. I silently pray that Master does not intend to let that one time be all that I am allowed for this night. The thought of having to stay in such a state the rest of the evening is enough to make me want to weep.
Master steps out of the hot tub, pulling me with him. The only light was the fading moon and dozens of candles set around the tub. Nearly shrouded in shadows is a heavy layer of fine tulle hanging at one end of the patio. Master pulls me to this veiled curtain, parting the folds to reveal a gazebo wrapped in blooming jasmine and netting. The floor is piled high with velvet and satin cushions. In the middle of the gazebo hangs a metal hook and shackles. It is to this that my master leads me, shackling my hands above my head. From this angle I can see the entire hot tub and patio along with most of the gazebo.
Master grazes his fingers across my buttocks, sending shock waves of pleasure through me. I arch my back as a small moan of pleasure escapes my mouth. But Master does not stay with me, but leaves me shackled in place as he returns to the hot tub. He sits on the edge, dangling a leg on either side of Harris. He motions to Gina, who immediate goes to him. Master pulls Gina into his lap, her legs straddling his waist. Master grips her buttocks in one hand, the other wrapping in her hair, pulling her head back, forcing her to arch her back so that he could place one full breast in his mouth.
Gina groans, pulling him closer to her. Master pulls her hands behind her, holding them in one hand. Gina murmurs something, but she does not resist the restraint.
Master is blocking my view of the tub, but I can tell that Harris has turned around and is facing my master. A moment later his hand snakes out and into Gina’s hair, pulling her head to the side, allowing him access to her neck. Harris lowers his mouth to the tender flesh, biting her hard enough to draw blood. He feeds then, but his brown eyes look at me. A shudder of delight dances up my spine. I envy Gina, being between the two of them.
Master moans, throwing his head back. His long black hair flows down his back, covering the dragon tattoo. Harris continues to watch me, finally wrenching his mouth away from Gina’s neck. She has a beautiful imprint of Harris’s teeth, and I moan myself, wanting to join them.
Master lies back, pulling Gina up to straddle his head, allowing him access to her pussy, which he takes full advantage of. Harris moves to take Master’s hard cock into his mouth, teasing the tip with his pierced tongue. Harris’ eyes never leave my face, watching me from beneath long lashes.
I am so horny now that I am nearly crazed with my own unfulfilled needs. I bite my lip to keep from screaming, practically dancing around. The inside of my thighs is drenched with wetness from my pussy. It is not fair that I am not allowed to join. I want all of them, all at once, and I want them now. But what I get is to watch the three of them together, their moans of pleasure blending into the sounds of the night.
Harris moves away from my master and walks slowly towards me. I swallow hard, my pussy throbbing with every heartbeat. Harris lowers the chains but does not release me. Instead he has me kneel, attaching leather straps to my legs just beneath my knees. The straps are attached to metal rings embedded in the wooden floor of the gazebo. I am now immobilized, my arms stretched above my head and my legs strapped to the floor, my knees opened up as wide as my body will allow. Harris looks down at me, his fingers running lightly through my hair. I watch him, my blue eyes wide, shaking with lust and excitement.
The gentle hands in my hair turn rough, his fingers wrapping into my hair, pulling me towards his hard cock, forcing it into my mouth. His cock is about the same length as Master's, but its girth is much wider than any I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Despite the sizeable cock being forced so roughly into my mouth, I readily accept the treat, sucking eagerly on his member, immediately rewarded with his groans of pleasure. I whimper from time to time, the water from the Jacuzzi that still sparkles on my skin soon being replaced by fresh beads of perspiration. Harris thrusts himself faster against my mouth, his body tensing a moment before he shoots his load into the back of my throat, my mouth reflexively swallowing his cum. Withdrawing his cock from my mouth, Harris kneels in front of me, kissing me deeply, his tongue running over my own, the smooth metal of his tongue ring in contrast with the slightly rougher texture of his tongue.
I gasp as his fingers find the throbbing center of my pussy, the tips rubbing over my clit. “Harris,” his name is little more than a whisper. My entire being is on fire, the wetness from my pussy moistening the insides of my thighs halfway down to my knees. I am shaking with my need, small whimpers escaping my mouth as Harris continues to kiss me.
Another set of hands wrap themselves into my hair, hands that are much less gentle than Harris’s had been. My head is wrenched back, my master now standing over me. I look at him with wide eyes, but he only gives me a glance before moving his attention to Harris. “Has my slave pleased you?” he asked.
Harris swallows before answering in a hoarse voice, “Not nearly enough.”
Master only smiles, leaning down to grab hold of Harris’s chin, forcing his head up to allow Master to kiss him. The sight of my master kissing Harris immediately causes the fire in my body to burn brighter, my already throbbing pussy now aching with need. I feel Gina’s small hands encircle me from behind, molding my breasts. Another groan escapes me, turning into a whimpering plea for fulfillment.
Master releases Harris, chuckling a bit under his breath, his eyes glazed with the same passion I see echoed in Harris’s expression. Master unshackles my hands, leaving Harris to release my legs. Master settles down with Gina, allowing her to suckle at his cock. My master can go all night without gratification for himself, preferring to hold off on his own final release as long as possible. But as my luck would have it, Harris was capable of multiple orgasms in one sitting.
Harris is already hard again, and I eagerly take him into my mouth, sucking him again. But Harris is not content with this for long. He pushes me off of him, laying me down on my back. He pushes my legs back, running his tongue over my pussy and clit, wrenching a moan of pleasure from me. The first ripple of orgasm shoots through my body, causing my back to arch as Harris delves one finger into my wetness, his tongue lapping back and forth across my clit. I scream out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm courses through my body, my pussy pulsing around Harris’s hand.
My body barely has time to recover before Harris flips me over, pulling me to my hands and knees. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my already swollen lips, and I groan, leaning back into him, begging him to take me. He pushes into my wet pussy, his large cock filling me as no other had. Harris is gentle, easing himself into me, but I do not want gentle. I push myself backwards, taking his cock fully into my pussy, a gasp of pleasure and pain intermingling. Harris groans, pulling himself out only to shove himself back into me again and again, his thrusts getting faster and harder each time.
Another orgasm rips through me, wrenching scream after scream of pleasure from my mouth. Harris tenses over me, soon adding his own groans of pleasure as he spills his seed deep within my body.
I slowly realize that Master is riding Gina as Harris had ridden me, her moans subsiding as her orgasm ends. Master is gentle with Gina, as she is not use to the master/slave relationship. But it is not enough for him, his eyes darting over to me. I know what my master needs, what he wants, what he craves, and he has trained me to give that to him without question.
I crawl to him on my hands and knees, my head lowered, taking back up my position as his slave, his toy. As I reach his side I flatten myself onto the pillows, a sign of respectful submission. Master sighs happily as he moves away from Gina, wrapping his hand in my hair and dragging me back to the Jacuzzi, forcing me to crawl beside him. I whimper as he shoves me into the tub, thinking I must have done something wrong to displease him. But as he rubs his hand roughly between my legs, I realize that I smell like Harris, his cum still on my body. Master has only shared me once with another man, and he did the same thing then, explaining that I should smell like no other man save him.
I endure the rough treatment, his hands rousing the flames of passion in my body. A small gasp escapes me, and I glance up at him, only to quickly lower my gaze. Satisfied, Master pulls me from the Jacuzzi, beckoning for me to follow him back to the gazebo. I do as he tells me, licking my lips as I see Harris and Gina together on the mounds of pillows. Her hunger sated, Gina retires to one end to watch, leaving me with Master and Harris.
I know from speaking with Harris that he would rather be much harsher with a woman, but Gina is not so interested in the slave relationship, so he has not had the pleasure of a willing slave. Tonight, however, Master will teach him to be a good Dom, and I am more than willing to be his slave.
Master shackles my hands to the set of rings in the floor of the gazebo. I sit there, my head bowed, waiting for what Master would do next. He pulls out a small leather case, his traveling case which holds his favorite flogger and whip, one of my favorite collars and leashes, and a few pairs of handcuffs. I tremble with anticipation as Master pulls out the small whip, handing it to Harris. I spare a quick glance at Harris, only to see his coffee brown eyes looking back at me with the same anticipation that grips my own body. I lower my eyes, enjoying the sense of excitement growing in my body.
My master pushes me down onto the floor, having me lean forward so that my back is bear. I am not one who overly enjoys flogging or whipping, it being used as a punishment on me when I do not please my master. I know the rules, and I abide by them, but I occasionally forget myself while caught up in the grip of passion, things like not looking at Master without permission, not touching him without permission, not speaking unless spoken to. These rules I often forget, and it has brought forth several fitting punishments from Master, including a few floggings.
“The point of punishment is not to hurt your slave, but to remind her that you are master, and your rules must be followed without question. A good slave knows what is expected, knows how to please his or her master.” Master tells Harris this in a quiet voice, the whole time stroking his hands over my back and buttocks. I tremble beneath him, never tiring of his touch. “As a good master, you must learn what your slave likes and dislikes, so as to better please her and yourself, and to know which punishments work best.” Master wraps his hand in my hair, wrenching my head back. I moan, looking at Master with undisguised longing and hunger.
Master leans towards me, rewarding me with a deep kiss. I whimper when he pulls back, but I do not say anything as this would displease him. He lets go of my hair then, taking a seat next to Gina. “She is yours until the sun rises,” Master tells Harris quietly. “The only rule I give to you both is that you do not flat out ask her what she wants and does not want, but to find out on your own.” Master pours himself another glass of merlot, standing, offering Gina his hand. He hands the key to the shackles to Harris, nudging me with his foot. “You will do as he says, treat him as if he were me, is that understood, Mia?”
I nod my head, saying quietly, “Yes, Master, I will obey him as is your wish.” Master kisses me on the top of my head, taking his leave, Gina following behind him.
I continue to kneel, waiting for whatever Harris plans to do. The sudden feel of the flogger being drawn down my back causes me to jump. I stifle a small yelp of surprise. He had done little more than draw the ends of the flogger across my skin, but it was an action that I was not expecting. The light touch of the flogger sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine. I remain kneeling, my eyes downcast as is Master’s rules. I continue to abide by these rules, as they are most common among the master/slave relationship.
My body is shaking with anticipation. I have spoken with Harris enough to suspect that he has a very dark side, one that enjoys inflicting pain on another on a much deeper level than my master does. I have spoken with Master regarding this, both of us agreeing beforehand that it was a chance I was willing to take. Master is very good to me, but change is good from time to time.
Harris bends down and unshackles my hands and unbuckles the straps holding my legs down. I still do not move from my kneeling position even as Harris wraps his hand in my hair, pulling it tight in his hand. I gasp, the pain bringing tears to my eyes. Harris brings his face close to mine, a rather evil-looking smile on his face. His tongue traces the outline of my lips. My own tongue licks my lips as he pulls back, releasing my hair. I still do not move. Harris cracks the whip above me a few times, each loud ‘pop’ causing me to shudder. I could feel the disturbance of the air as the whip moves. And then he brings the whip down hard upon my back. The burning sting causes me to let out a small squeal, me instinctively slapping my hand over my mouth to muffle the sound. Again and again Harris brings the whip down upon my flesh, each blow bringing with it a new searing pain and a thin line of blood. With each blow I thought surely this would be the last one, yet Harris kept raining them down on my back, my shoulders, my buttocks. I lost count after the fifteenth one, my iron will soon broken to the point to where I was soon crying and begging Harris to stop, something I had never done before. Too late I realized that these words were exactly what Harris was trying to beat out of me.
I stay kneeling, the tears still streaming down my face, my back on fire and my entire body shaking from the silent sobs and the pain. I hear Harris laughing darkly, enjoying the pain that he has inflicted on my body, revealing in the blood that the whip has drawn and the sound of my cries. He straddles my back, his hard cock brushing across the bruised skin as he bends down to run his tongue over the trails of blood.
A gasp escapes me, the change from burning pain to the feel of his silken tongue on my skin such an extreme that I soon find myself forgetting the pain and enjoying the petting he bestows upon me.
Without warning Harris grabs a handful of hair and drags me back to my feet. He does not say a word as he shackles my arms above my head. He binds my feet to the rings in the wooden floor, pulling them as far apart as my hips will allow. He then pulls the chains attached to my hands until I am stretched out and standing on my tiptoes.
I moan as my joints creak in protest at such rough treatment. Harris disappears behind me, returning seconds later with a ball gag which he forces into my mouth. He is breathing hard, his body shaking with the excitement he is feeling. My own body shudders at the memory of our conversations. Harris has told me in intimate detail all the demented things he would like to do to a slave if he were ever given the opportunity. I know that Harris is basically a very loving man, but he has allowed me into the darker side of his personality. And giving that this is his one chance to unleash his perversions onto his object of obsession is putting me into a very dangerous situation. I know that returning to his life with Gina will be very difficult for him once he lets his darkness out into the light.
I do not judge him. I have been extremely lucky in finding Master, to have one who is both gentle and loving and willing to bestow unequal amounts of pleasure upon me. But after peeking into the deep pit of Harris' imagination, I readily admitted to Master that I would love to delve into the darker side of human slavery. It is a side that Master has no taste for, but he is more than willing to share me with Harris to see how far my limits can be stretched.
A sharp slap to the face brings me out of my reverie. I realize that I have been staring straight ahead as I recalled the events leading up to this night. I drop my eyes, muttering my apologies around my gag. Harris picks up a large flogger that I have never seen before. The handle is so large that Harris' hand just can wrap around it.
"I did not give you permission to speak," he hisses at me before swinging the flogger and landing a blow dead center across my breasts. I scream around the gag in my mouth, my whole body jerking with the pain. Harris moves his hand back and I watch in horror as the flogger swings towards my body again, landing a second hit across my breasts. Tears well up in my eyes and spill down my cheeks as a third and fourth blow land on my already tender breasts. My sobs are chocked off by the gag in my mouth. My breasts ache from their rough treatment.
Harris reaches between my legs and rubs his fingers across my pussy. He pulls his hand back and inspects the wetness on his fingertips before popping each finger into his mouth. "Ahh, Mia my dear, you are not only a good slave but a pain whore as well."
I hang my head in shame, not realizing just how horny I had become until he brought my attention to it.
A disturbing chuckle brings my eyes up to see Harris looking at the flogger in his hand. I do not like the evil twinkle in his eyes. Even as he lowers his hand and moves toward me I do not fully understand what his intent is until I feel the tip of the flogger handle at the entrance to my pussy. I gasp, shaking my head furiously. But Harris only grins at me darkly, suddenly shoving the entire handle of the flogger into my sopping wet pussy. I scream as the handle disappears inside of my body, the six inch diameter stretching me beyond anything I thought imaginable.
My breathing increases as I squirm around in a vain attempt to get the intruding object out of my body. But Harris holds the flogger in place with his left hand as he grasps my chin in his right hand, forcing me to look at him as he whispers, "Oh, no, my dear Mia. You agreed to this and Draven has given me permission to do anything, and I do mean anything, to you that I want. And right now, I want you to ride this flogger handle as if it were Draven's cock."
He let go of my chin long enough to remove the gag from my mouth. "Please, Harris, take it out. It's too big."
Harris slowly shakes his head, his hand returning to my face. "The only way you are getting this out of that dripping cunt of yours is to cum for me. Then, and only then, will I even contemplate removing it from your body." He lets go of my chin and grabs the handle with both hands. "Now ride it, Mia. Tell me how much you love it."
He begins moving the handle in and out of my body slowly. I can feel every bump and ridge of the handle as Harris forces it into my body over and over again. The rough texture adds even more sensation to my already overexcited nerves. Despite my body being stretched to its limits, I find that my pussy is responding to the rough treatment. I gasp as Harris increases his tempo, thrust the handle up into my body harder and faster with every stroke. I groan as I feel the tension building up inside of my body faster than I would have thought possible.
"That's it, Mia. Cum for me," Harris whispers hoarsely, his cock bouncing with each thrust of his arm. "Tell me how much you want it."
By now Harris is shoving the handle into my dripping cunt as hard and as fast as he can, each upward thrust lifting my body up until I look like a rag doll dancing on a string.
"Yes, Harris, harder," I grunt as I feel the pressure boil over until finally I tumble off the edge into the most powerful orgasm of my life. I scream as my body jerks, my pussy spraying its juices all over Harris' hands and arms. But he does not stop shoving that handle into my body until I finally go limp, my screams of pleasure quieting down.
Harris lets go of the handle but does not pull it from my body. Instead he unshackles me from my chains, shoving me face down onto the pillows. And then without warning he shoves the throbbing hardness of himself into my ass, bringing a scream of both pain and surprise from my lips as he drives his cock deeper into my body with each passing thrust. With everything that my body had just endured, I did not think it was possible for me to orgasm again. But within seconds I am shoving myself back into him, feeling the tension once gain build with alarming speed.
“Harris, please,” I beg him for more, but my body is already impossibly full with him in my ass and the handle of the flogger still shoved in my pussy. And yet I eagerly accept each thrust as he pushes himself deeper and harder and faster into my body, ripping screams of pleasure from my mouth as my body reaches orgasm again and again.
His left hand grabs hold of my upper arm, pulling me from all fours to my knees, his right hand wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back. A growl of pleasure emits from deep within his throat, his body growing rigid as he shoots his load deep into my ass, at the same time sinking his teeth into the soft skin of my neck, breaking the skin so that he may lick at the blood that forms. A final moan of ecstasy mixes with his as my wet pussy pulses around the flogger handle, my ass milking the last few drops of cum from his cock. Our breathing is ragged as we collapse onto the pillows that surround us.
I am vaguely aware of Harris getting up and planting a light kiss on my lips before gently removing the flogger from my abused cunt. I must have fallen asleep for it seemed like only a moment later that Master appears by my side, helping me to my feet and dressing me before carrying me to the car. The horizon is beginning to change to a golden pink as Master points the car towards home. My body is bruised and still wet from the passion of my lovers….but I am content knowing that I am safe in my master’s arms once again.

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