This story is for DauhterSabine, but I hope that you all enjoy it as well.
Fucking Sylvia with her face pressed against Sabine’s hip whilst Sabine drunkenly masturbated was the last straw.
I decided I had to put the brakes on this Sabine situation before it really got out of hand, but who was I kidding? It was already way out of hand.
Fortunately circumstances conspired to help me reign myself in.

After spending the first year at her new school proving herself, Sabine had finally been asked to join a rather exclusive club composed of all the best field hockey players.
Apparently, as she explained to me over breakfast and her first hangover the next morning, that “sleep over” had been some kind of an initiation, and that’s why she had come home drunk, but now that she was “in” nobody could ever make her drink again, and she assured me emphatically, looking a little pale, and maybe even a little green, that she was done with drinking for a long, long time.
Since she’d been so honest with me I decided that the hangover was punishment enough, and let her slide on this on.
“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson about drinking too much?” I’d asked, fixing her with a crooked grin.
“Yes sir.” She’d responded, holding her head, and moaning in agony.
In any case, I’d have felt a little hypocritical punishing her after what a naughty boy I’d been.

The practical upshot of all this was that Sabine started spending a lot of time with her new mates.
Sleep overs, slumber parties, hair dying parties, clothes dying parties, girls night out, They had lots of names for them, but it all added up to me having the place to myself, a lot.
Sylvia became a regular fixture at my place.
In fact for a while there it got to where she was spending more time with me than at her own place.
She was more, or less my sex slave after that night I’d fucked her in my daughter’s room, on my daughter.
,Now that I think about it, in the past she had always been the more daring, and kinky of the two of us, and I suppose that made her feel sexually dominant in the relationship, and that was not what she really wanted.
All of this left her feeling anxious, and unsatisfied, thinking that she and I could never get it together.
That first night when I’d throat fucked her so forcefully had made her reconsider, the night of the “sleep over” when I’d taken her every which way had almost convinced her, but later that morning when I’d fucked her hard whilst making her smell my passed out daughter’s pussy had made her want to submit to me completely.
It was as if now that I had proven myself more hardcore than she, I was somehow worthy of her worship.
Of course now that she considered me sexually dominant I had to stay ahead of her, and this was no mean feat, believe you, me.
However, it kept me busy, and although I did often think about her, especially while ejaculating, I managed to keep my hands off of Sabine.
The situation continued well into the next school year, which was quite a relief actually.
My sexual attraction to her not withstanding, I really loved my daughter, and agonized over her mental, and emotional health.
I was still on the fence as to whether or not I’d already screwed her head up, but I felt pretty sure that if I did the things that I wanted to do with her, it wouldn’t be healthy, for either of us.
At least, that was my thinking at the time.
Sylvia and I had more threesomes that year than in the previous five years.
I noticed that she seemed to have come up with this policy of the younger, the better, and when I asked her about it, she said, “Do these concubines not please my lord?”
That was another kind of strange thing about Sylvia’s submission too me, she started using all this Elizabethan English, and calling me her lord.
At first it threw me a little, but in short order I grew to like it, a lot.
I mean there is just something kind of cool about knowing that you can grab a woman by the hair, pull out your cock, stick it in her face, commanding, “Pleasure me.”, and her response will be to say, “As is thy will my lord.” before giving you some of the most awesome head that anyone has ever had.
Did I mention that she was an English teacher? Oh my yes.
In point of fact she taught at Sabine’s school, but more on that later.
I only bring it up now to try and explain why she would think it was a cool idea to speak this way.
Of course she’d known all this stuff for years, but only now that she had decided to “serve” me had she thought that it was a good idea to employ it.
I want to call it her pathology, but that makes it sound like there was something wrong with her, and I gotta tell ya, from where I was sittin’, there was nothing wrong with her.
One night she brought over this cute blond with a tight little body, called Jenny, and she looked so young that I just had to ask her, “How old are you?”
“Nineteen.” She’d answered confidently, and something about the way she said it, almost insisting on it, made me doubt it.
We were alone on the sofa because as soon as we’d arrived, and the introductions were out of the way, Sylvia had announced, “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable.” and left the room.
After asking her age I took a good look at her.
Sylvia had her dressed, (She liked to dress them for me) in the slutty schoolgirl outfit.
You know, the plaid skirt, little white shirt, unbuttoned, and tied just under the tits, with stockings, garters, and high heels.
She had a lean athletic body, with the cutest little A cups, and long slender legs.
Her hair was in pigtails, and I swear to god that she actually had braces on her teeth.
Maybe she was nineteen, but she looked a lot younger, and as much as I feel like a pervert for admitting this, it really turned me on to think that she very well could be younger than Sabine.
“So,” I asked, fixing her with a wry smile. “You ever been in a threesome with a man, and a woman before?”
“Nope.” She quipped, smiling, and blushing a little. “First time.”
“Well,” I said, smiling a little broader, and stretching my arm out on the sofa behind her. “We’ll try, and make it memorable for you.”
She blushed, and giggled, then looked up as Sylvia reentered the room wearing my red silk robe that barely covered her bottom, and didn’t really cover her front.
It was one of my standing orders in action.
As soon as she’d made it clear that she was more or less under my command, I’d insisted that from then on whenever she entered my home she was to strip immediately, she could wear the red robe, or nothing at all, to which she happily obeyed.
As she stood in the doorway, the way the robe draped over her full breasts cast the rest of her body in shadow.
“What?” she asked, and then leaned on the door frame so that the robe slid open revealing one of her voluptuous breasts, her nicely tanned tummy, and her clean shaven labia.
I was the only person allowed to shave her by the by, another one of my orders.
“You two haven’t started without me?” she teased, regarding us with a big grin.
 At this Jenny burst into a hysterical fit of giggles, and blushed such a cute shade of red that I couldn’t help but chuckle a little myself.
Sylvia gracefully crossed the room, and sat down on the other side of Jenny, saying, “Aw, are we feeling shy?”
She had placed her one arm over mine at the back of the sofa while she gently caressed Jenny’s thigh with the other hand.
Jenny giggled again, and said, “Yes miss, I’m sorry, I mean Sylvia.” as she turned even redder.
Sylvia ran her hand up Jenny’s body, slipped a hand into her shirt, and was gently massaging one of her pert little titties as she said sweetly, “It’s okay honey; you don’t have to be shy.”
Jenny giggled again, bit her lip, darted me a few furtive glances, and then turned an even deeper shade of red before managing to get, “I know.” out of her mouth.
She began to moan softly in between giggles as Sylvia continued to play with her perky little breast, and began delicately kissing the side of her face.
I decided that it was time to get to it, so I unzipped my fly, and pulled out my cock.
Jenny looked over, and then yelped in surprise at seeing my hard, naked penis, and then tentatively reached for it, drawing her hand back before giggling even more. 
"It's okay baby." Sylvia whispered in her ear, grasping her hand, and placing it on my thick meat.

My cock twitched at her touch, and she squealed, then started panting in an irregular pattern as she tested her grip, exploring the shape, and texture of my penis, staring at it as if she'd never seen one before.
This whole situation was turning me on so much that when she gave me a good squeeze, a little stream of precum flowed out of the tip of my cock, and onto her hand.
"Oh my god, are you cumming?" she exclaimed.

Sylvia, and I both laughed, and I said, "No sweetie, that's just lube."

"I-I didn-didn't know guy-guys did that to-to-too." Jenny stuttered as Sylvia slid her hand down, and started rubbing her pussy through her little white cotton panties.

I untied her shirt, leaned over, and took one of her hard little nipples into my mouth, suckling as she began slowly stroking my cock.
"God this is-is hot." Jenny panted as Sylvia, and I both went to work on her.

I could see, and smell her sweet young juices soak through her panties as Sylvia's nimble fingers gently, yet firmly played over her little vagina.
Her breath became quick, and shallow as I massaged her tiny breast with my hand whilst continuing to lick, and suck on her hard little nipple.
Sylvia then slipped her arm down off of the back of the sofa, grasped the back of Jenny's head, pulling her over, and thrusting her tongue into Jenny's mouth.
I leaned back from her chest to watch them kiss, and the way that Sylvia purred with pleasure, as Jenny moaned in an excited, almost frightened tone, somehow made her hand feel even nicer as it jacked me off.
Sylvia looked over at me as she broke from their kiss, and then pointed Jenny's head at my crotch.
"Look at that fat juicy cock in your hand." she said in a salacious voice, looking me in the eye, "Why don't you give it a kiss pet."

She blushed, and giggled again, then bit her lip as Sylvia gently guided her head toward my throbbing tool.
I placed my hand with Sylvia's on the back of Jenny's head, and looked down to see her looking up at me as her soft lips planted a sweet sucking kiss on the tip of my penis.
I smiled down at her, and she giggled again before sticking her tongue out, and licking the head of my cock, rubbing, and stroking it, again, as if she were exploring new territory.
Before long she took the head into her mouth, suckling gently as she pumped the shaft with her hand, cooing softly.
Sylvia slid down on the floor in front of us.
“Yeah, that's it.” she panted eagerly. “suck it.”

As she pressed her tits against my thighs, leaning in to lick the shaft, as Jenny sucked the head.
I still had the one hand on the back of Jenny's head, and with the other I grasped Sylvia's head, pulling her hair out of the way so that I could see better.
“Now Jenny, you be a good girl, and share.”

She pulled her mouth off with a pop, and giggled before offering it to Sylvia who immediately took it into her mouth up to Jenny's hand, slowly working her way back up, licking, and sucking, until just the head was in her mouth.
Then she looked me straight in the eye, bobbing up, and down on my hard cock as Jenny looked on in awe, and wonder, clearly impressed by what she was seeing.
So when Sylvia pulled her mouth off of me with a slurp, and offered it back too her, it was with some trepidation that she took my throbbing manhood into her mouth, and tried imitate what she'd seen.
She bobbed her head a few times, and then came up fast, gagging a little.
“Whoa, take it easy sweetie.” Sylvia cautioned, rubbing Jenny on her neck as she coughed a little. “You've got to breath through your nose. Here I'll show you.”
She gave my cock a couple of more good sucks, and then came up saying, “you wanna cover your bottom teeth with your tongue, and here, look at this.” She opened her mouth, displaying a big pool of saliva on her tongue, pointing at it, and nodding before taking my thick meat back into her mouth, and slowly sucking half my length in, and out, rubbing my shaft furiously with her tongue.
I hissed, and grunted to show Jenny that Sylvia was doing it right, and because Sylvia was doing it: right.

It was thrilling to be a teaching tool for a professional educator.
I just think a young girls education is so important, don't you?
Sylvia once again pulled her mouth off of me with a loud slurp, offering me to Jenny who took me into her mouth, licking, and sucking her way down slowly, before coming up the same way a little faster, and before long she was bobbing her head up, and down like a pro.

“Sssss, oh yeah, that's a good girl Jenny.” I panted, sliding my hand across her head, and grasping one of her pigtails. “You're a quick study, I like that.”

She looked up at me, seeming to giggle with her eyes as she sucked my cock in, and out of her mouth.
Sylvia grinned up at me, and said, “Am I a great teacher, or what?”

I chuckled as I watched her little student give me head, “Yes, you're the best.”

Jenny took her mouth off of my cock, and offered it too Sylvia again who greedily accepted.
I spent a good half an hour that way, just kicked back, and watching as this dark haired, tan, and voluptuous woman, shared the occasional instruction, and my swollen prick, with this pale, skinny, blond girl.
It was fucking glorious.
However, as much as I was enjoying having my cock sucked, and let's face it, who doesn't love that? I knew that Sylvia was probably getting anxious to lick that little girl's pussy.
Besides, I was a kind of eager to crack that honey hole myself.
I pushed both of their heads away gently, and stood up before standing up before looking down at Sylvia, and saying, “Thou hast done well kind shrew.” picking up on her little old English game. “Now bring the wench too my bed chamber,” I ordered, stripping off my clothes as I walked toward the bedroom. “I would ravish her.”

“Yes my lord.” Sylvia replied with a smile, and Jenny looked at both of us like we had a screw loose, but that was okay, she was getting fucked that night regardless.
Sylvia stood up, and then grasped Jenny's hands, pulling her to her feet, bent down, and threw Jenny over her shoulder.
Jenny yelped, and then giggled as Sylvia slapped her on the ass, and said, “You heard the master. It's time for your ravishment.”

She brought Jenny into the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and then looked to me for further instructions.
Without missing a beat I said, “Give her a thorough tongue lashing.”

“Yes my lord.” she responded enthusiastically as I removed the rest of my clothes.
Then she knelt down, spread Jenny's legs, pulled aside the sopping wet crotch of her panties, and proceeded to eat her little pussy like a woman starving.

I stood by, and watched for a while, slowly stroking my cock as Sylvia savaged this pretty little girls tender young vagina.
Jenny went from panting, and cooing to moaning, and hissing to burying her hands in Sylvia's hair, and chanting between heavy breathes, "Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod." in pretty short order.
Needless to say, Sylvia was good, and watching her make this sweet bit of tail quiver, and writhe was making me want to get in on the action.

I crouched down behind Sylvia, sliding the smooth silk of the robe up her curvy hips, and around her waist as she lifted her ass, presenting her wet, and ready pussy to me.
She moaned, licking Jenny's pussy more insistently as I slowly entered her, grasping her firmly by her big, beautiful hips.
As I slid into her hot cunt I slipped my hands around her sweet round ass, grasping a cheek in either hand, and spreading them so as to go in as deep as possible.
Then I began rubbing my hips against her ass in slow circles, twirling my cock around inside her slick hole.
"Uuhhh, oh shit." Sylvia moaned, looking back at me.

"What are you looking at?" I asked gruffly, pulling out to the tip, and giving her a nice slap on the ass. "Eat that fuckin' pussy ya slut."

She instantly buried her face back in Jenny's crotch, licking, and sucking with a vengeance as I began fucking her, my hips slapping hard against her ass.
Jenny raised her head up off the mattress, and looked at me with a gaze that said she longed to be where Sylvia was.
She slid her little feet up to Sylvia's hip, and I grasped one in each hand.
I could feel her delicate little toes curl in my hands as she began to cum again, and although it was obviously a struggle, she refused to break eye contact with me as I continued to pump my cock into Sylvia's sweet pussy.
"Oh shit!" Sylvia cried out, laying her face against Jenny's tummy, her cunt flexing around my thrusting cock as she too began to climax.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sylvia suddenly begin to turn her head from me, and toward Jenny, and back, and again, and again, a little faster each time.
Obviously she was catching this intense eye contact between jenny, and myself because she moaned, “Woo-wo-would my lord taaake her now.”
I immediately dropped jenny's feet, laid my chest against Sylvia's back, and nibbling on her ear, snarled, “When I've finished giving you yours my sweet.” as I slid a hand up her body, and buried it's fingers in her hair whilst the other hand slipped across her hip and in between her her legs, rubbing her stiff clitoris.
Of course she was in the middle of an orgasm, but even still, she almost started to chuckle, but then was suddenly seized by a fit of sporadic panting, matching the sudden sporadic clenching of her pussy, and I tried to match it with the stroke of my cock because I could tell she was building up to something big.
Then, almost as if on cue, she began grunting hard as her cunt squeezed me tight as she squirted.
I thrust all the way up inside her, and rubbed my hips in a circle against her ass, twirling my dick around inside her as I whispered, “Yeah, that's it. Cum on my cock you fucking slut.” pulling her head up off of Jenny's tummy by her hair, which, if anything, caused her to get off even harder.

I suddenly felt wet lips kissing my forehead, and little feet pushing against my upper back.
I looked up, and realized that Jenny had wrapped her legs around both of us, and leaned forward enough kiss my head, her hands grasping the edge of the mattress.
'God damn this girls flexible!' I thought to myself , the combination of that, and Sylvia's powerful climax making it difficult for me not to cum myself.

As soon as I was satisfied the Sylvia had finished her orgasm I pulled my cock out, pulled her from between Jenny's legs, and laid her on the floor.
“Now you can watch me take her.” I snarled, and then turned around, attacking Jenny's wet little vagina with my mouth.
She squealed, and bucked her hips as I licked, and sucked at her sweet young pussy, spreading her labia open with my fingers as I slid my tongue through her creamy slit, swirling it all over her stiff clitoris, and then slipping it into her hot little hole.
I pushed my tongue into her as for as I could, and felt a barrier.
I backed my head up, spreading her lips so that I could see if what I had just felt with my tongue was what I thought it was, and sure enough there before my eyes, just inside her pussy, was a fleshy little plug.
I was so surprised that I just blurted out, “You're a virgin?”

Jenny blushed a deep red, and bit her lip as she slowly nodded her head.
I looked over at Sylvia, and cupping her pussy in her hand, she smiled at me, asking, “Does this not please my lord?” still panting a little.

I just gave he a big grin in reply, and then I turned to Jenny, and asked, “Are you sure this is how you want to lose your virginity?”

“Oh yes, please.” she begged desperately.

That was good enough for me.
I got to my feet, bending my knees so that my hard cock was at the same level as her virgin pussy on the edge of the bed.
I grasped one of her thighs, pulling it tight against me as I took my stiff penis in the other hand, and began rubbing the head in between her thick, moist lips.
My precum, and her teen juices allowed the head of my penis to slide easily through her lips, and placed me right at the entrance to her virgin hole, and I pushed forward just enough for the tip to enter.
She gasped, and came up off the mattress, propping her self up on her elbows, staring at the tip of my dick lodged in between her hairless labia with her mouth wide open.

I guess at this point Sylvia decided that she needed to get back into the action because she jumped up on the bed, and crouched down behind Jenny, caressing her perky little breasts, and kissing her cheek as she whispered, “Mmmmm, you're gonna get fucked now my pretty.”

I pushed in a little further until the head made it all the way in, and pressed hard against Jenny's hymen.
She stared down in between her legs at my hard cock lodged in her swollen little pussy with her eyes wide, and her mouth hanging open as I began to work the the head in, and out, of her slick, tight little hole.
Hugging one thigh close to me, I reached down with my other hand holding her other thigh in place on the bed, as she pushed against me with her hips, almost involuntarily trying to get more of my cock inside of herself.

It was a struggle to keep from just shoving it all the way up into her perfect virgin pussy, but I wanted to make sure that she was really ready, and so I methodically stretched her open with the head, preparing her to take it all.
The first time for most girls is just awkward, and hideous, and I was determined to make Jenny's first time glorious.
She already had a strong sex drive, and if I fucked her good, and proper I felt sure that she would go on to have brilliant sex for the rest of her life.
Maybe I was giving myself too much credit, but that was my thinking as I rhythmically tapped her little virginal barrier with the tip of my dick, her thick young vagina squeezing me unmercifully.
“Okay,” I panted. “This might hurt a little bit sweetie.”

She grasped hold of the side of the mattress, and gritted her teeth, nodding vigorously at me as if to say, “I'm ready, do it.”
I gave a firm push, and after a slight bit of pressure on the tip of my penis, pop, her hymen ripped, and my cock slipped halfway into her, now slick with blood as well as pussy juice.
She gasped, and her eyes got even wider as we all just froze in place for a second, but then she began to pant heavily, reaching down, and wrapping one hand around the bottom of my shaft whilst rubbing her clit furiously with the other.
“It's in me, it's in me.” She giggled, her eyes tearing up with the intensity of it all, and the feeling of her tight little pussy flexing around my hard cock was making me crazy with lust.
I pulled her hand away from my shaft and thrust in deeper, delighting in the way that whimpered, and moaned as I buried it all the way inside of her

Sylvia watched us for a moment, and then hopped down off of the bed to stand on her hands, and knees next to me.
“Pull it out for a minute Eric.” she insisted. “Let me clean the blood off so you can really fuck her good.”
I didn't want to leave Jenny's perfect little pussy, but Sylvia was right, blood made a poor lubricant, so I slowly pulled out, and as soon as the head popped out Sylvia began licking the blood, and cum from my stiff prick.
I decided that while she did that, I'd clean Jenny's pussy, and bent down, and began licking the blood from her sweet, pink, and swollen little flower.
Jenny was speechless as she watch all this transpire, squealing and moaning with delight as I cleaned her little cunt.
The slightly metallic taste of her blood mingled with her sweet pussy juice made for an interesting flavor, and I couldn't get enough.
Jenny was still rubbing her stiff little clitty as she grasped my head with her other hand, and Sylvia, having licked all the blood off, was now sucking me off, bobbing her head up, and down on my cock.

After having cleaned the blood off, I kept licking, and sucking for a little while, the sweet taste of this young girl's pussy, and Sylvia's skilled mouth on my dick were two things I wanted to enjoy for a little while longer, but once she was good, and juicy again, I almost couldn't wait to get back in there.
I slipped my head out from under Jenny's hand, standing back up on, and taking my cue, Sylvia pulled her mouth off of my cock, and began guiding it back towards Jenny's hot, wet pussy.
As the head slid in Jenny grabbed her thighs with a moan, and Sylvia grasped one of those hands, encouraging her by saying, “Yeah sweetie, take that fat cock.”
She seemed to be as excited as Jenny about her deflowering, and her enthusiasm was infectious.

I pumped my cock half way into her quickly five times, and then slowly went all the way in twice bfore pumping it in half way five more times.
She gave out a loud squeal as I thrust into that tight, wet cunt balls deep two times fast, and then pulled out to the head, rolling my hips teasingly as I asked, “Are you ready to get fucked hard now baby? Huh?”

“Yes, please.” she begged. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I leaned down, and grasped hold of Jenny's slender body, and as she threw her arms around me I started thrusting my hard cock into her sweet little pussy like a demon.
We were both grunting, and moaning as our bodies slapped together, and Sylvia got behind me, laying across my back.
She grabbed my shoulders, and as I felt her tits press against my back she started thrusting her hips, pushing against my ass as if she were helping me fuck Jenny.
Before long I felt Sylvia's pussy juice running down the crack of my ass.
This was really making her hot, and she was moaning almost as loud as Jenny, and myself.
“Oh god,” Jenny cried. “I'm gonna cum.”

I started fucking her even harder, and soon she was quivering beneath me, and as her wet little pussy began flexing around my thrusting tool I could feel my own orgasm coming fast.
“I fuck, I'm gonna cum.” I grunted, preparing to pull out, but Jenny wrapped her legs around Sylvia, and I.

“Cum inside me. I'm on birth control.” she gasped. “Cum inside me please.”

That was good enough for me.
“Hereitcomes, hereitcomes, hereitcomes.” I grunted, and then went as deep into her little pussy as I could, and as my cock began pumping my thick, hot sperm into her, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I began grunting like an animal to the rhythm of my orgasm.
“Uuuugghhh, uuuugghhh, uuuugghhh, uuugghhh!” I grunted as Jenny's tight cunt milked my cock, and the three of us pressed our sweaty bodies together.
One of Sylvia's hands shot down in between her legs, I could feel her rubbing her wet snatch, and as the last of my cum drained into Jenny's sweet little pussy she started getting off too.
I thrust my tongue into Jenny's mouth, kissing her deeply as Sylvia quivered, and moaned on top of me.

Once Sylvia's orgasm finished we all just laid there for a moment panting, sticky, and content.
Sylvia was kissing my neck, and I was planting little kisses all over Jenny's pretty face, when she suddenly began to cry.
I looked back at Sylvia, but the way she arched her eyebrows said that she was as confused as I was by this development.
“What's wrong sweetie?” I asked tenderly, squeezing her tight.

“Nothings wrong.” she wept. “It's just all so amazing.”
She stretched her arms out to embrace Sylvia, and myself, squeezing us both a little tighter with her long legs, and between sobs she said, “Your both so incredible, and this is so much better than I ever imagined it could be. I think I'm in love with both of you.”

“Awww, that's so sweet.” Sylvia cooed. “I want to eat that cream pie ducks, let's have it.”

This seemed like a damn fine idea to me, so I grasped Jenny's wrists, pressed them against the mattress, licking the tears off of her face as I slowly withdrew my cock from her sweet little honey hole.
In the meantime Sylvia had slid down off my back, and positioned herself between our legs so that as soon as the head of me dick left Jenny's cunt she was sucking my cum out of her.
I hopped up on the bed placing my cock in Jenny's face, and despite having just had a massive orgasm I still had about a half a stock, and that soon swelled into a full erection as in between sniffing, and weeping from joy, and moaning from Sylvia's mouth working on her, she did her best to lick my cock clean.
Pretty soon she was quivering, and practically screaming as Sylvia brought her to orgasm yet again with her mouth, and it was a beautiful thing to behold.
As soon as she began to come down I couldn't help but shove my cock into her mouth chanting, “Suck my cock little girl. Suck it good baby.” running my fingers through her hair, and slowly pumping my hips, as she gamely complied.

Things just went on from there, and needless to say we had a damn fine time together, in fact they wore me out to the point that when I finally woke up Sylvia was standing at the end of the bed fully dressed.
“Where's Jenny?” I asked sleepily, looking around.

“I took her home already.” she chuckled, kicking her shoes off, and unbuttoning her shirt. “We sure wore you out didn't we? But still, I'm impressed.”

“Well thank you.” I said with a crooked grin.

“No,” she laughed. “I'm impressed with the way you deflowered Jenny.”
She finished undressing, and hopped up on the bed with me, saying, “I think you're ready.”

I pulled up the sheet, looked down at my rapidly swelling cock, and said, “Almost.” wry smile, and a waggle of my eyebrows.

“No silly.” she giggled, lightly slapping me on the chest. “I mean I think you're ready for Sabine.”

I felt my throat tighten up, and I suddenly felt nervous, and agitated as I stuttered, “Wha-what-what are you, uh, talk, um, talking about?”

“Oh come on sweetie, don't play dumb with me.” She scolded me humorously. “You want her, and she obviously wants you too. I mean,” she went on, chuckling. “Andy? How stupid do you think I am?”
My jaw dropped, and then slowly started moving up, and down. I wanted to respond, but I couldn't think of anything to say.
Sylvia filled the gap with, “Jenny was a stranger to you, and you treated her with a great deal of tenderness. I just think the Sabine would benefit from that kind of tenderness from her father, and...” I finally cut her off.

“Look, I'm not fucking my daughter!” I blurted out. “That's just crazy.”

“Okay love.” she sighed. “I shan't bring it up again, but if it's not you, it'll be someone who doesn't love her nearly as much.”

Besides making me extremely nervous, all this talk about fucking Sabine was also making me very horny, so I threw Sylvia on her back, entered her forcefully, and started fucking her hard.
We both knew that there was more going on here than a simple morning quickie, but to her credit she just wrapped her legs around me, and fucked me back.
Even for what had become an intense sexual relationship, this was a really hot fuck, soon we were both panting hard as I thrust my throbbing cock into her fast, really pounding her pussy, and Sylvia had three orgasms before I finally filled her cunt with a big load of cum.
“Uuuugghh, uuuggghhh, uuuggghhh, uuuuggghhh.” I grunted as I emptied my seed into wet, flexing hole.
I finally collapsed on top of her feeling drained, and Sylvia wrapped her arms around my head, and squeezed me with her legs as she chuckled, “Well good morning!”
I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit too as she pressed my face against her tits, and my cock nestled inside her cum filled pussy.
She rolled me over onto my back, and as our breathing began to slow she kissed my face, and whispered, “Fancy a coffee love?”
I nodded with a sigh, and my softening dick popped out of her, followed by a stream of cum.

Sylvia got up, and went into the kitchen.
I put my arms behind my head, trying hard not to think about my daughter Sabine, and how much I wanted her, but I wasn't doing a very good job.
Sylvia came back in, handed me a cup of coffee, and then proceeded to lick the cum off of my cock, and balls.
I sipped my coffee as I watched her clean me off, and I smiled at how good I had it.

Once she'd finished she cuddled up next to me, and said, “Remember the other day when you said you might be looking for another job?”
It was true that I hadn't been able to hustle up nearly as much free lance work as I had in previous years, and was seriously considering finding another source of income.

“Yeah, what about?” I asked, giving her a sip from my cup.

“Well,” she began, seeming to measure her words. “I happen to know that among other things you also have a BS in physical education, and you may not know this, but the school is looking for another field hockey couch, and I think that would be perfect for you.”

“How so?” I inquired suspiciously.

“Sabine's had such an active social life lately,” she explained. “and this would give you an opportunity to spend more time with her.”

“Sylvia.” I said warningly, but she cut me off.

“No, no, that's not what I mean.” she corrected me. “This is her last year, and then it's off to University. This will give you a chance to to spend some time together in a safe environment. I mean, you'll be coaching her team. What could possibly happen?”

Looking back on it now I realize that, “What could possibly happen?” was practically the definition of famous last words, but at the time it seemed to make a lot of sense.
The fact was that I did miss spending time with Sabine, and this seemed like a great way to be more involved in her life without having to worry about my desire for her.
If I had known at the time where this would lead would I have taken the job?
I honestly can't say, but the fact is that I did apply for, and with Sylvia's help, was given tho position, which as it turned out, put me one huge step closer to taking my daughter Sabine.


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